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Macinnes Wood quotes by Jacqueline MacInnes Wood
#1. If you eat like crap all the time, quite frankly, you're going to feel like crap. #Quote by Jacqueline MacInnes Wood
Macinnes Wood quotes by Jacqueline MacInnes Wood
#2. Don't be afraid to be awesome. Sometimes being weird and different is good. When you think you're working hard, there is always someone else working harder, so always be yourself and know your stuff. #Quote by Jacqueline MacInnes Wood
Macinnes Wood quotes by Jacqueline MacInnes Wood
#3. I tend to pack light but still keep a large bag because I love to shop. For each destination I travel to, I like to buy something that the country or city is known for such as olive oil, truffle, jewelry, etc. I also like to buy perfumes because the smell brings me back to the memory of my travels. #Quote by Jacqueline MacInnes Wood
Macinnes Wood quotes by Jacqueline MacInnes Wood
#4. As I get older, the things that I want are starting to make more sense. Being able to travel makes me happy, and I am a person that lives in the moment. I also want to live a good life. Traveling makes everyday issues seem so much smaller and really changes my perspective on things. #Quote by Jacqueline MacInnes Wood
Macinnes Wood quotes by Jacqueline MacInnes Wood
#5. I was lucky to book a show pretty quickly after getting to L.A., but I struggled getting started in Vancouver. If I had gotten those earlier roles in Vancouver, I wouldn't have gone to L.A. to get the show that launched my career. #Quote by Jacqueline MacInnes Wood
Macinnes Wood quotes by Jacqueline MacInnes Wood
#6. I love Toronto, It's the best city. #Quote by Jacqueline MacInnes Wood
Macinnes Wood quotes by Jacqueline MacInnes Wood
#7. I'm a fighter, so when someone says 'no' to me, I try to figure out what I need to adjust to hear the yes. #Quote by Jacqueline MacInnes Wood
Macinnes Wood quotes by Charlotte Stein
#8. And yet I feel I have to ask: if this is all the case, and you are so little and so weak … why is it that I could feel your presence through five inches of wood? Can you tell me, invisible Alissa? Why are you – in silence – stronger and stranger than any woman I've actually met? #Quote by Charlotte Stein
Macinnes Wood quotes by Brett Hull
#9. My teeth have never been touched. Why did I tell you that? Knock on wood. I've got a few scars over the eyes, a couple on the chin, a few on the beak and one across the cheek. But my luck is running out. #Quote by Brett Hull
Macinnes Wood quotes by Loren Eiseley
#10. We are rag dolls made out of many ages and skins, changelings who have slept in wood nests or hissed in the uncouth guise of waddling amphibians. We have played such roles for infinitely longer ages than we have been men. Our identity is a dream. We are process, not reality, for reality is an illusion of the daylight - the light of our particular day. #Quote by Loren Eiseley
Macinnes Wood quotes by Maryrose Wood
#11. But was that not the task you set me? To defend the helpless against the strong?" "Indeed it was Master Weed. But who is to say who is helpless, and who is strong?" ... "If you seek the power to alter fate, you must also bear responsibility for the consequences. For you cannot change the fate of only one being; all fates are intertwined." "I performed the task," I protest. "I did what you bid me do." "You defended the weak from the strong." Larkspur speaks as if from far away. "But who will defend these poor weak infants against you!? #Quote by Maryrose Wood
Macinnes Wood quotes by Emma Donoghue
#12. Daughter, he said in a voice like old wood breaking, can you ever forgive me?
I could only answer his question with one of my own. Putting my hand over his mouth, I whispered, Which of us would not sell all we had to stay alive? #Quote by Emma Donoghue
Macinnes Wood quotes by Sam Taylor-Wood
#13. I love karaoke. I love maudlin country ballads. In another life, I'd be Loretta Lynn. #Quote by Sam Taylor-Wood
Macinnes Wood quotes by Natalie Wood
#14. I never saw film stars at home. We had no maid, no cook, no swimming pool. #Quote by Natalie Wood
Macinnes Wood quotes by Rudyard Kipling
#15. The Man went to sleep in front of the fire ever so happy; but the Woman sat up, combing her hair. She took the bone of the shoulder of mutton – the big fat blade bone – and she looked at the wonderful marks on it, and she threw more wood on the fire, and she made a Magic. She made the first Singing Magic in the world. #Quote by Rudyard Kipling
Macinnes Wood quotes by Rainbow Rowell
#16. No. 9 - The Wavering Wood I should take this one off the list. Fuck the Wavering Wood. #Quote by Rainbow Rowell
Macinnes Wood quotes by Barbara Wood
#17. Do not fear for me, for I was born only once and i shall die only once. #Quote by Barbara Wood
Macinnes Wood quotes by Brad Barkley
#18. She looked like she believed in something, or wanted to, and I hoped to hell it wasn't God, not in the way The Dad believes, because all that does is make him forced and desperate. No, it was something else, not just that I saw a pretty girl and just got all excited. I mean, yeah, that part is true, and she really was gorgeous, and the freckles covering her, the freckles on top of freckles all spread out and folding into one another made her skin look like it had grain and texture, like polished wood, like it would feel smooth to the touch, and so soft. I knew that. But it wasn't how she looked. #Quote by Brad Barkley
Macinnes Wood quotes by Beatrice Wood
#19. Very few people know how to work. Inspiration, everybody has inspiration. That's just hot air. #Quote by Beatrice Wood
Macinnes Wood quotes by Douglas Wood
#20. Unfortunately, all the cliches we see about Hollywood are true. #Quote by Douglas Wood
Macinnes Wood quotes by Victoria Wood
#21. I know I've got a degree. Why does that mean I have to spend my life with intellectuals? I've got a lifesaving certificate but I don't spend my evenings diving for a rubber brick with my pyjamas on. #Quote by Victoria Wood
Macinnes Wood quotes by Christine Bottomley
#22. Well, I've just played a midwife but never for a second would I think that I could ever deliver a baby! So, to that essence, it's still pretending. But it's worked out ok so far, touch wood, because you're doing so many different things - if you're playing a lawyer or someone medical, you can dip your toe into a lot of different things. #Quote by Christine Bottomley
Macinnes Wood quotes by Rob Wood
#23. Adversity and hardship are the building stones of character. How can you appreciate good times and savor happiness if you have never dealt with ill fortune, discomfort and sorrow. It's like a child learning the difference between hot and cold. RW #Quote by Rob Wood
Macinnes Wood quotes by Osip Mandelstam
#24. Take from my palms, to soothe your heart,
a little honey, a little sun,
in obedience to Persephone's bees.
You can't untie a boat that was never moored,
nor hear a shadow in its furs,
nor move through thick life without fear.
For us, all that's left is kisses
tattered as the little bees
that die when they leave the hive.
Deep in the transparent night they're still humming,
at home in the dark wood on the mountain,
in the mint and lungwort and the past.
But lay to your heart my rough gift,
this unlovely dry necklace of dead bees
that once made a sun out of honey. #Quote by Osip Mandelstam
Macinnes Wood quotes by Oliver Cromwell
#25. I would have been glad to have lived under my wood side, and to have kept a flock of sheep, rather than to have undertaken this government. #Quote by Oliver Cromwell
Macinnes Wood quotes by Ronnie Wood
#26. The blues echoes right through into soul, R&B and hip hop. It's part of the make-up of modern music. You can't turn your back on the blues. #Quote by Ronnie Wood
Macinnes Wood quotes by Tana French
#27. ... Obviously, I have always wished I could remember what happened in that wood. The very few people who know about the whole Knocknaree thing invariably suggest, sooner or later, that I should try hypnotic regression, but for some reason I find the idea distasteful. I'm deeply suspicious of anything with a whiff of the New Age about it - not because of the practices themselves, which as far as I can tell from a safe distance may well have a lot to them, but because of the people who get involved who always seem to be the kind who corner you at parties to explain how they discovered that they are survivors and deserve to be happy. I worry that I might come out of hypnosis with that sugar-high glaze of self-satisfied enlightenment, like a seventeen-year-old who's just discovered Kerouak, and start proselytizing strangers in pubs ... #Quote by Tana French
Macinnes Wood quotes by Victoria Wood
#28. If God had meant men to have children, he would have given them a PVC apron. #Quote by Victoria Wood
Macinnes Wood quotes by Clive James
#29. Too many of my friends are dead, and others wrecked
By various diseases of the intellect
Or failing body. How am I still upright?
And even I sleep half the day, cough half the night.

How did it come to this? How else but through
The course of years, and what its workings do
To wood, stone, glass and almost all the metals,
Smouldering already in the fresh rose petals.

Our energy deceived us. Blessed with the knack
To get things done, we thought to get it back
Each time we lost it, just by taking breath -
And some of us are racing yet as we face death.

Well, good to see you. Sorry I have to fly.
I'm struggling with a deadline, God knows why,
And ghosts keep interrupting. Think of me
The way I do of you. Quite often. Constantly. #Quote by Clive James
Macinnes Wood quotes by Yvonne Wood
#30. Never only exists in your head. Anything is possible. #Quote by Yvonne Wood
Macinnes Wood quotes by Colleen Oakes
#31. Dinah drew her sword, and with that, the former Princess of Wonderland and her black devil steed disappeared into the Twisted Wood, leaving nothing behind but a false trail and the distant whiff of a crown. #Quote by Colleen Oakes
Macinnes Wood quotes by Bryce Harper
#32. It's funny to me because everyone says I'm injury prone. That's hilarious to me because I've never blown a hammy or a shoulder or anything like that, knock on wood. #Quote by Bryce Harper
Macinnes Wood quotes by Zutty Singleton
#33. There were so many bands in New Orleans. But most of the musicians had day jobs, you know
trades. They were bricklayers and carpenters and cigar makers and plasterers. Some had little businesses of their own
coal and wood and vegetable stores. Some worked on the cotton exchange and some were porters. They had to work at other trades 'cause there were so many musicians, so many bands. It was the most musical town in the country. #Quote by Zutty Singleton
Macinnes Wood quotes by Terri Windling
#34. Rites–of–passage stories…were cherished in pre–literate societies not only for their entertainment value, but also as mythic tools to prepare young men and women for life's ordeals. A wealth of such stories can be found marking each major transition in the human life cycle: puberty, marriage, childbirth, menopause, death. Other rites–of–passage, less predictable but equally transformative, include times of sudden change and calamity such as illness and injury, the loss of one's home, the death of a loved one, etc. These are the times when we wake, like Dante, to find ourselves in a deep, dark wood - an image that in Jungian psychology represents an inward journey. Rites–of–passage tales point to the hidden roads that lead out of the dark again - and remind us that at the end of the journey we're not the same person as when we started. Ascending from the Netherworld (that grey landscape of illness, grief, depression, or despair), we are 'twice–born' in our return to life, carrying seeds - new wisdom, ideas, creativity and fecundity of spirit. #Quote by Terri Windling
Macinnes Wood quotes by Maggie L. Wood
#35. The faerie queen's compassion was even more frightening than her anger. #Quote by Maggie L. Wood
Macinnes Wood quotes by Gordon S. Wood
#36. As Oliver Ellsworth, the third chief justice of the United States, declared, "As population increases, poor labourers will be so plenty as to render slaves useless. Slavery in time will not be a speck in our country."42 The leaders simply did not count on the remarkable demographic capacity of the slave states themselves, especially Virginia, to produce slaves for the expanding areas of the Deep South and the Southwest. #Quote by Gordon S. Wood
Macinnes Wood quotes by Jeff Rice
#37. Then shouts from the direction of the doorway. I started to black out, kneeing him in the crotch to no effect and clawing in panic at his hands, the flesh sloughing off under my nails.

Then suddenly he straightened, and looked toward the door.

Schubert came charging through, his service revolver raised. Two more officers came right behind.

He whirled away from them as if to hide his ruined face. But he didn't hide it from me! He looked at me with what passed for a fixed and hideous grin, although it might have been the death rictus of his facial muscles. His voice was like a tinny rasp, hollow and unreal.

"When the world starts to chew itself up alive, and spits out its own guts... be it on your conscience, Mr. Kolchak!"

He staggered away. Schubert was yelling for me to stop him. I made a grab for his coat but it came off in my hand. The acid.

He bolted for what had been an outside window, now boarded up, and smashed through it.

We could hear his wail all the way down. And a distant, echoing clatter of falling wood... and glass... and bones. #Quote by Jeff Rice
Macinnes Wood quotes by Joseph Wood Krutch
#38. In the legends of the saints and the prophets, either a desert or a mountain is pretty sure to figure. It is usually in the middle of one or on the top of the other that the vision comes or the test is met. To give their message to the world they come down or come out, but it is almost invariably in a solitude, either high or dry, that it is first revealed. #Quote by Joseph Wood Krutch
Macinnes Wood quotes by V.C. Andrews
#39. Something creaked beneath me! A soft step on rotting wood!
I jumped startled, scared, and turned, expecting to see-God
knows what! Then I sighed, for it was only Chris standing in the gloom, silently staring at me. Why? Did I look prettier than
usual? Was it the moonlight, shining through my airy clothes?
All random doubts were cleared when he said in a voice
gritty and low, "You look beautiful sitting there like that." He
cleared the frog in his throat. "The moonlight is etching you with silver-blue, and I can see the shape of your body through
your clothes."
Then, bewilderingly, he seized me by the shoulders, digging
in his fingers, hard! They hurt. "Damn you, Cathy! You kissed
that man! He could have awakened and seen you, and demanded
to know who you were! And not thought you only a part of his
Scary the way he acted, the fright I felt for no reason at all.
"How do you know what I did? You weren't there; you were
sick that night."
He shook me, glaring his eyes, and again I thought he seemed a stranger. "He saw you, Cathy-he wasn't soundly asleep!"
"He saw me?" I cried, disbelieving. It wasn't possible . . .
"Yes!" he yelled. This was Chris, who was usually in such
control of his emotions. "He thought you a part of his dream!
But don't you know Momma can guess who it was, just by
putting two and two together-just as I have? Damn you and #Quote by V.C. Andrews
Macinnes Wood quotes by Luke Wood
#40. I wish I could paint the picture inside my mind for you #Quote by Luke Wood
Macinnes Wood quotes by Meister Eckhart
#41. All blades of grass, wood, and stone, all things are One. #Quote by Meister Eckhart
Macinnes Wood quotes by Beatrice Wood
#42. And I have exposed myself to art so that my work has something beyond just the usual potter. #Quote by Beatrice Wood

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