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Lust quotes by David Wong
#1. Even if someone decided that the infection rate down there was something less than one hundred percent, and if they could go to a mountaintop and shout it to the world, it wouldn't matter. Because the people want this. They want their neighbors to be monsters. It's why we lust over news stories of mothers murdering their children, and run after conspiracy theories about a government full of greedy sociopaths. If the monsters didn't come, we would have willed them into existence. #Quote by David Wong
Lust quotes by David Mitchell
#2. Speak to me about power. What is it?"
I do believe I'm being out-Cambridged. "You want me to discuss power? Right here and now?"
Her shapely head tilts. "No time except the present."
"Okay." Only for a ten. "Power is the ability to make someone do what they otherwise wouldn't, or deter them from doing what they otherwise would."
Immaculée Constantin is unreadable. "How?"
"By coercion and reward. Carrots and sticks, though in bad light one looks much like the other. Coercion is predicated upon the fear of violence or suffering. 'Obey, or you'll regret it.' Tenth-century Danes exacted tribute by it; the cohesion of the Warsaw Pact rested upon it; and playground bullies rule by it. Law and order relies upon it. That's why we bang up criminals and why even democracies seek to monopolize force." Immaculée Constantin watches my face as I talk; it's thrilling and distracting. "Reward works by promising 'Obey and benefit.' This dynamic is at work in, let's say, the positioning of NATO bases in nonmember states, dog training, and putting up with a shitty job for your working life. How am I doing?"
Security Goblin's sneeze booms through the chapel.
"You scratch the surface," says Immaculée Constantin.
I feel lust and annoyance. "Scratch deeper, then."
She brushes a tuft of fluff off her glove and appears to address her hand: "Power is lost or won, never created or destroyed. Power is a visitor to, not a possession of, those it empowers. The #Quote by David Mitchell
Lust quotes by Tom Robbins
#3. Romantic love is ambulatory by nature, and it must be anchored in strata more stable than lust if it's to last. Marital disintegration is accelerated when only one, or neither, party is grounded and growing, or growing at different rates or in different directions. As I became increasingly interested in cultural matters, matters of the mind and spirit, my teenage bride waxed more and more materialistic. #Quote by Tom Robbins
Lust quotes by Brian D. McLaren
#4. and somehow, the more we would face our own demons of pride, greed, and lust, the more gentle and kind we would become toward others, the less judgmental, the less harsh, the more empathetic, because we realize as never before that everyone is pitched in an invisible inner battle, and the battle isn't easy for anyone. #Quote by Brian D. McLaren
Lust quotes by Rousas John Rushdoony
#5. Man as an Idea in neoplatonist religion is again an abstraction, less a monster and more a bad joke. The religious idea of man is of a bodiless being who works to undo his flesh, deny his appetites, and to rise above the ordinary requirements of the body. This abstraction has a horror of the material world as a kind of fatal allure seeking to corrupt his soul. But no man finds himself more beset by lust than the man who tries to deny he is a man. #Quote by Rousas John Rushdoony
Lust quotes by Philip Roth
#6. Many farcical, illogical, incomprehensible transactions are subsumed by the mania of lust. #Quote by Philip Roth
Lust quotes by Pope John Paul II
#7. On one hand the eternal attraction of man towards femininity (cf. Gn. 2:23) frees in him-or perhaps it should free-a gamut of spiritual-corporal desires of an especially personal and "sharing" nature (cf. analysis of the "beginning"), to which a proportionate pyramid of values corresponds. On the other hand, "lust" limits this gamut, obscuring the pyramid of values that marks the perennial attraction of male and female. #Quote by Pope John Paul II
Lust quotes by Mia Asher
#8. I'll say because each marriage is different and people cheat for so many different reasons. Some people cheat because they can, because they know they won't get caught, because of boredom or lust, because it's their way to reach out, show that they need help - to ask for help.
Whatever your reasons, before you end your marriage, make sure you're aware that there's no going back. #Quote by Mia Asher
Lust quotes by Alice Clayton
#9. It wasn't love or lust, but something we both recognized as a possibility of something. It was so pure, so uninhibited … We just threw ourselves into it. These moments that were little pockets of perfection. It was like nothing else mattered. Just us. #Quote by Alice Clayton
Lust quotes by Tim Fargo
#10. Chemistry is great, but eventually your relationship moves out of the laboratory. #Quote by Tim Fargo
Lust quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#11. You don't know about Travis Fimmel? Oh, sister, you are deprived. He the finest man alive. (Simi) You lust for men? (Xirena) Well, I certainly don't lust for women. (Simi) No, I mean you lust for humans? (Xirena) Well, don't you? (Simi) Ew! What have you don't to her? You have corrupted a good demon! (Xirena) #Quote by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Lust quotes by Aleksandr Voinov
#12. And so he sat, waited in the silent night, occasionally checkin his watch to stay awake, and letting his mind wanter once more. Across the decades, across the countries and across the wars. His family, his friends, the sex he'd shared and the love he'd known. Lust and laughter, anger and jealousy, and a thousand other things, and he smiled in the end. If they got him this time, at least he had lived and he regretted nothing. (Dan) #Quote by Aleksandr Voinov
Lust quotes by Wesley Hill
#13. I know that whatever the complex origins of my own homosexuality are, there have been conscious choices I've made to indulge - and therefore to intensify, probably - my homoerotic inclinations. As I look back over the course of my life, I regret the nights I have given in to temptations to lust that pulsed like hot, itching sores in my mind. And so I cling to this image - washed. I am washed, sanctified, justified through the work of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. Whenever I look back on my baptism, I can remember that God has cleansed the stains of homosexual sin from the crevasses of my mind, heart, and body and included me in his family, the church, where I can find support, comfort, and provocation toward Christian maturity. #Quote by Wesley Hill
Lust quotes by William Shakespeare
#14. Antioch, farewell! for wisdom sees, those men blush not in actions blacker than the night, will 'schew no course to keep them from the light. One sin, I know, another doth provoke; Murder's as near to lust as flame to smoke. Poison and treason are the hands of sin; Ay, and the targets to put off the shame. Then, lest my life be cropped to keep you clear, By flight I'll shun the danger which I fear. #Quote by William Shakespeare
Lust quotes by Fiona Thrust
#15. I was hot and horny as hell.
Which was typical of me. I'm twenty-five, and I'm healthy, and a healthy girl is always thinking about sex. #Quote by Fiona Thrust
Lust quotes by George R R Martin
#16. Trueborn children are made in a marriage bed and blessed by the Father and the Mother, but bastards are born of lust and weakness. #Quote by George R R Martin
Lust quotes by M.S. Willis
#17. She was a slave to his lust, while he was a slave to her pain. #Quote by M.S. Willis
Lust quotes by Rick Warren
#18. God made every one of us a sexual being, and that is good. Attraction and arousal are the natural, spontaneous, God-given responses to physical beauty, while lust is a deliberate act of the will. #Quote by Rick Warren
Lust quotes by R.A. Salvatore
#19. They broke the hug and shared a tremendous kiss, all sloppy and loud, full of fun and full of lust, as only dwarves could do. #Quote by R.A. Salvatore
Lust quotes by LaToya Hankins
#20. Love and lust are both four letter words that start with L, but they don't appear in the dictionary side by side so we shouldn't have to think they go hand in hand in life. #Quote by LaToya Hankins
Lust quotes by Vi Keeland
#21. Dickhead. He makes a beeline for Kate, not even seeing the other women who are right in front of him. Tunnel vision. He wants her bad.
Where have I seen the look on his face before? Oh, yeah. In the mirror. #Quote by Vi Keeland
Lust quotes by Molly Harper
#22. Sophisticated and complicated and able to color-coordinate a room like you wouldn't believe. I craved him with a bone-deep lust I'd once reserved exclusively for Godiva truffles. #Quote by Molly Harper
Lust quotes by Megan Hart
#23. This is the truth. I have been in love. I have been in lust. I've made good choices and bad ones, I have been smart and I've been stupid. But I have never in my life felt the way I do now, here, with Will. #Quote by Megan Hart
Lust quotes by Sequence Kye Kenneth Young
#24. His walk and stare. Was as poisonous as the air after a nuclear bomb. #Quote by Sequence Kye Kenneth Young
Lust quotes by Mary MacLane
#25. I Don't Know whether lust is a human coarseness or a human fineness: I don't know why death holds a so sweet lure since it would take away my Body: I don't know that I wouldn't deny my Christ, if I had one, three times before a given cockcrow: I don't know on the other hand that I would: I don't know whether honor is a reality in human beings or a pose: I don't know that I mayn't be able to think with my Body when it is in its coffin. #Quote by Mary MacLane
Lust quotes by Toni Morrison
#26. Marriages performed within,' read the sign next to the coffeehouse door, underneath in small letters a verse that combined warning with a sales pitch: 'When lawless lust hath conceived it bringeth forth sin. #Quote by Toni Morrison
Lust quotes by Billie Holiday
#27. Lust may be in the heart, though it be not seen by others; as guests may be in the house, though they look not out at the windows. #Quote by Billie Holiday
Lust quotes by Ayn Rand
#28. He, the man of violent energy and passionate ambition, the man of achievement, lighted by the flame of his success and flung into the midst of those pretentious ashes who called themselves an intellectual elite, the burned-out remnants of undigested culture, feeding on the afterglow of the minds of others, offering their denial of the mind as their only claim to distinction, and a craving to control the world as their only lust ... #Quote by Ayn Rand
Lust quotes by John Adams
#29. The law no passion can disturb. 'Tis void of desire and fear, lust and anger. 'Tis mens sine affectu, written reason, retaining some measure of the divine perfection. It does not enjoin that which pleases a weak, frail man, but, without any regard to persons, commands that which is good and punishes evil in all, whether rich or poor, high or low. #Quote by John Adams
Lust quotes by Andrew Kadziolka
#30. For some, it is vain.
For others it is lust.
With the right person it is spiritual. #Quote by Andrew Kadziolka
Lust quotes by Ron Brackin
#31. Greed and Lust never say, "Enough! #Quote by Ron Brackin
Lust quotes by Kiki Archer
#32. I feel like I look at her and get lost in her eyes. #Quote by Kiki Archer
Lust quotes by Patti Smith
#33. The Bible is very resonant. It has everything: creation, betrayal, lust, poetry, prophecy, sacrifice. All great things are in the Bible, and all great writers have drawn from it and more than people realise, whether Shakespeare, Herman Melville or Bob Dylan. #Quote by Patti Smith
Lust quotes by Michael Bassey Johnson
#34. Mother said, haven't you seen older boys of your age, that you should take your rotten hands and play with my son's penis?
I held my mouth, and i really stiffled a giggle. Now i understood the bloody vexation and the reckless act performed by our housegirl.
She was fondling my infant part, and i knew she was horny and lost in the act. #Quote by Michael Bassey Johnson
Lust quotes by Yukio Mishima
#35. Do I, then, belong to the heavens?
Why, if not so, should the heavens
Fix me thus with their ceaseless blue stare,
Luring me on, and my mind, higher
Ever higher, up into the sky,
Drawing me ceaselessly up
To heights far, far above the human?
Why, when balance has been strictly studied
And flight calculated with the best of reason
Till no aberrant element should, by rights, remain-
Why, still, should the lust for ascension
Seem, in itself, so close to madness?
Nothing is that can satify me;
Earthly novelty is too soon dulled;
I am drawn higher and higher, more unstable,
Closer and closer to the sun's effulgence.
Why do these rays of reason destroy me?
Villages below and meandering streams
Grow tolerable as our distance grows.
Why do they plead, approve, lure me
With promise that I may love the human
If only it is seen, thus, from afar-
Although the goal could never have been love,
Nor, had it been, could I ever have
Belonged to the heavens?
I have not envied the bird its freedom
Nor have I longed for the ease of Nature,
Driven by naught save this strange yearning
For the higher, and the closer, to plunge myself
Into the deep sky's blue, so contrary
To all organic joys, so far
From pleasures of superiority
But higher, and higher,
Dazzled, perhaps, by the dizzy incandescence
Of waxen wings.

Or do I #Quote by Yukio Mishima
Lust quotes by John Dolan
#36. I took the plug out of the chemical bath of lust that my wits were soaking in and waited for it to empty. I smoked a cigarette while I contemplated the return of reason. #Quote by John Dolan
Lust quotes by Shannon Lynette
#37. Your presence resembles a dirty martini,
she only drinks it when she's thirsty. #Quote by Shannon Lynette
Lust quotes by Adrienne Rich
#38. I'd call it love if love didn't take so many years but lust too is a jewel. #Quote by Adrienne Rich
Lust quotes by Stephen King
#39. That slit was the object of every man's lust - the heterosexual ones, at least - but it was frequently an object of their inexplicable scorn, distrust, and hate. You didn't hear that dark anger in all their jokes, but it was present in enough of them, and in some it was right out front, raw as a sore: What's a woman? A life-support system for a cunt . #Quote by Stephen King
Lust quotes by Laurell K. Hamilton
#40. Say you'll go caving this weekend." The leather coat crinkled and moved as he tried to move closer to me than the seat belt would allow. He could have reached out and touched me. Part of me wanted him to, which was sort of embarrassing all on its own. I started to say no, then realized I wanted to say yes. Which was silly. But I was enjoying sitting in the dark with the smell of leather and cologne. Call it chemistry, instant lust, whatever. I liked Richard. He flipped my switch. It had been a long time since I had liked anybody. Jean-Claude #Quote by Laurell K. Hamilton
Lust quotes by Remy De Gourmont
#41. Extraordinarily excessive sensuality it may be .. but it all comes down to the same thing in the end, and one means is surely as good as another, since the end obtained is always the same. In any case the exceptional, endlessly repeated, is no different than the banal; and unceasing recapitulation can add nothing, in the end, to the sum of experience. I am weary and hopeless three times the dupe. Why have you trained me in the shame of abominable sins? #Quote by Remy De Gourmont
Lust quotes by Henri J.M. Nouwen
#42. Addiction" might be the best word to explain the lostness that so deeply permeates society. Our addiction make us cling to what the world proclaims as the keys to self-fulfillment: accumulation of wealth and power; attainment of status and admiration; lavish consumption of food and drink, and sexual gratification without distinguishing between lust and love. These addictions create expectations that cannot but fail to satisfy our deepest needs. As long as we live within the world's delusions, our addictions condemn us to futile quests in "the distant country," leaving us to face an endless series of disillusionments while our sense of self remains unfulfilled. In these days of increasing addictions, we have wandered far away from our Father's home. The addicted life can aptly be designated a life lived in "a distant country." It is from there that our cry for deliverance rises up. #Quote by Henri J.M. Nouwen
Lust quotes by Emile Zola
#43. She would have cursed the Almighty had she been able to shout out a blasphemy. Providence had deceived her for over sixty years, by treating her as a gentle, good little girl, by amusing her with lying representations of tranquil joy. And she had remained a child, senselessly believing in a thousand silly things, and unable to see life as it really is, dragging along in the sanguinary filth of passions. Providence was bad; it should have told her the truth before, or have allowed her to continue in her innocence and blindness. Now, it only remained for her to die, denying love, denying friendship, denying devotedness. Nothing existed but murder and lust. #Quote by Emile Zola
Lust quotes by Piet Hein
#44. Hint And Suggestion : Admonitory grook addressed to youth
The human spirit sublimates
the impulses it thwarts;
a healthy sex life mitigates
the lust for other sports. #Quote by Piet Hein
Lust quotes by Marquesate & Vashtan
#45. If I told you that I wanted to spend my days and nights with you, live with you, as my partner, because out there, in Hell, I realised that you mean the world to me? That you are my sanity, my laughter, my lust, my love, my comfort, my day and my night, my heat and cold and everything? If I told you that, would you think that translates to 'convenient'? #Quote by Marquesate & Vashtan
Lust quotes by Carson McCullers
#46. The world that jibes your tenderness / Jails your lust. #Quote by Carson McCullers
Lust quotes by Steven Millhauser
#47. But what struck me was the book-madness of the place
books lay scattered across the unmade bed and the top of a battered-looking desk, books stood in knee-high piles on the floor, books were crammed sideways and right side up in a narrow bookcase that rose higher than my head and leaned dangerously from the wall, books sat in stacks on top of a dingy dresser. The closet door was propped open by a pile of books, and from beneath the bed a book stuck out beside the toe of a maroon slipper. #Quote by Steven Millhauser
Lust quotes by S.E. Jakes
#48. He walked back around and faced Prophet for a long moment, before putting a hand on his shoulder and pushing down. "On your knees." His voice sounded husky to his own ears. Rough too, and his throat was thick - with lust, with a million other emotions that only intensified when Prophet sank down as ordered and tugged at Tom's zipper with his teeth. Tom threaded his hand in Prophet's hair and pulled him back. Pulled his own zipper down with his free hand, slowly, exposing his piercings one by one as he freed his cock. "That what you're looking for?" "Yeah, Tommy," Prophet murmured. "Fucking let me." Tom #Quote by S.E. Jakes
Lust quotes by Bono
#49. David was "a star, the Elvis of the Bible." An unusually for such a rockstar with his lust for power, lust for women, lust for life, he had humility of one who knew his gift work harder than he ever would. #Quote by Bono
Lust quotes by Fiona Thrust
#50. He pulled my head back further, and I could hear his ragged breathing as his mouth came close to my ear, sounding so desperate for me.

God, I was turned on so much… #Quote by Fiona Thrust
Lust quotes by Katherine McIntyre
#51. Despite the gentlemanly kiss, a ferocity burned behind his gaze promising something primal. #Quote by Katherine McIntyre
Lust quotes by Christopher Poindexter
#52. Never ever go by the book. They will want you to, but you musn't. If the lust is too strong, tear one page from a hundred books and make your own way. There is no formula for life, no equation on how to be a human being. #Quote by Christopher Poindexter
Lust quotes by H.M. Ward
#53. I've tired so hard to stay away from you, buy your soul is so powerful. It can't be ignored. It calls to me. It's like trying to resist every lust you've ever suffered - all at once. I feel that every time I see you. #Quote by H.M. Ward
Lust quotes by Francis Ford Coppola
#54. Everyone knows the phenomenon of trying to hold your breath underwater - how at first it's alright and you can handle it, and then as it gets closer and closer to the time when you must breathe, how urgent the need becomes, the lust and the hunger to breathe. And then the panic sets in when you begin to think that you won't be able to breathe - and finally, when you take in air and the anxiety subsides ... that's what it's like to be a vampire and need blood. #Quote by Francis Ford Coppola
Lust quotes by Julie Halpern
#55. So love is possible at the Loony Bin. Or, at least, lust. #Quote by Julie Halpern
Lust quotes by J.A. Huss
#56. I'm not fully hard yet, but that's only because I don't feel the rush of lust right now. I feel the glow of love. #Quote by J.A. Huss
Lust quotes by Cherry Adair
#57. Her heartbeat went from fear-frantic to lust-induced, manic tom-tom in a tenth of a second. "Sebastian." A frisson ran from her temple to her toes and the tight place inside her chest unfurled as she breathed his name. "Are you real?"
In response he plunged his fingers into her wet hair. Gripping her head in a hard palm, he took her mouth in a rough, carnal kiss that left nothing to the imagination. She knew precisely what he wanted because ever since that night, she'd been wanting it, too. She responded with equal passion, snaking her hand around to the back of his neck and holding him in place as she thoroughly enjoyed her first real-world kiss in way, way too long.
His mouth left hers, and she whimpered in protest. "Come back; I wasn't done."
"Patience is a virtue." He nibbled her earlobe, making her shudder, then swirled his hot, wet tongue in her ear until she arched her neck with a thick moan. His mouth, tongue, and teeth made her forget where she was for just a little while. Made her forget where she was and what was about to transpire.
Sebastian shifted his head the few inches required to plunder her mouth again. She saw fireworks behind her closed lids as he dragged his firm mouth back and forth across hers before plunging his tongue back to duel with hers.
Dizzy with lust and longing, heart about to burst out of her chest, Michaela couldn't - forgot to - draw a breath and ripped her lips from his to drag in lifesaving oxygen. "You're t-tortu #Quote by Cherry Adair
Lust quotes by Jessica Sorensen
#58. He stops rocking the cage. "Oh, come on, Callie. It won't be fun if we don't rock it. In fact, the more we rock it, the better it'll feel." His voice drops to a deep whisper. "We can rock it nice and slow or really, really fast." ...
"Do I have your permission to rock away and give you the ride of your life?" Why does it feel like he's secretly talking dirty to me? "Yeah, go ahead, rock it nice and hard," I say without thinking, then bite down on my lip as the dirty section of my brain catches up with me. Honestly, I didn't even know that side existed. #Quote by Jessica Sorensen
Lust quotes by Don Marquis
#59. What man calls civilizationalways results in desertsman is never on the squarehe uses up the fat and greenery of the eartheach generation wastes a little moreof the future with greed and lust for riches #Quote by Don Marquis
Lust quotes by M. Leighton
#60. Cash winks at me from in front of the stove and pure lust twitches in my lower belly. There's no denying this man is hot. Effing hot. Probably hotter than the stove he's cooking on. #Quote by M. Leighton
Lust quotes by Giana Darling
#61. Men forget to treat women with tender affection and platonic encouragement. Lust was no worthy substitute for pure care. #Quote by Giana Darling
Lust quotes by Oscar Wilde
#62. Each narrow cell in which we dwell
Is a foul and dark latrine,
And the fetid breath of living Death
Chokes up each grated screen,
And all, but Lust, is turned to dust
In Humanity's machine. #Quote by Oscar Wilde
Lust quotes by Marion Milner
#63. Like a fierce wind roaring high up in the bare branches of trees, a wave of passion came over me, aimless but surging ... I suppose it's lust, but it's awful and holy like thunder and lightning and the wind. #Quote by Marion Milner
Lust quotes by Atrocitus
#64. Do you hate?

The most powerful hate is not born out of ignorance or prejudice or a perceived threat. Those three are fear in disguise.

The fury that fuels my corps ignites from personal pain. Those whose lives were ravaged by greed, lust and control wield the crimson light.

The rings replace our damaged hearts. They beat for them. And they keep us alive only to hate. #Quote by Atrocitus
Lust quotes by Nenia Campbell
#65. Some plants were pyrophytic and only germinated when ravaged by fire. Gavin had scorched her with the savagery of his cruel passions until she had been conditioned to bloom in the flames. #Quote by Nenia Campbell
Lust quotes by Giambattista Vico
#66. How, for example, after liberating themselves from servitude to the religion of God, the creator of the world and of Adam, which alone could hold them within duty and, therefore, within society, did the impious life of those first men from whom the gentile nations arose bring them to disperse in a ferine wandering through the great forest of the earth, grown dense through saturation by the waters of the Flood? And how, constrained to seek food and water and, even more, to save themselves from the wild animals in which the great forest must unfortunately have abounded, with men frequently abandoning their women and mothers their children, and with no way of reuniting, did their descendants gradually come to forget the language of Adam and, without language or any thought other than that of satisfying their hunger, thirst and the foment of their lust, deaden all sense of humanity? #Quote by Giambattista Vico
Lust quotes by Virginia Woolf
#67. To evade such temptations is the first duty of the poet. For as the ear is the antechamber to the soul, poetry can adulterate and destroy more surely then lust or gunpowder. The poet's, then, is the highest office of all. His words reach where others fall short. A silly song of Shakespeare's has done more for the poor and the wicked than all the preachers and philanthropists in the world. #Quote by Virginia Woolf
Lust quotes by Jonathan Mills
#68. But it is strange and I think quite wrong that conservative Protestantism, which used to repudiate the tradition of celibacy, is now assuming that celibacy is the right way of life for a large number of men as a matter of course simply because they aren't 'heterosexual' - that is, because they lack the commitment-phobic lust that prompts other men towards all attractive women regardless of marriage covenants. Similarly, Roman Catholic authority, which used to teach that a special grace was required for a life of celibacy, now teaches that celibacy is the right way of life for such men as a matter of course, as though they were incapable of giving and receiving the love and friendship that many women seek from marriage far more than anything else #Quote by Jonathan Mills
Lust quotes by Norah Wilson
#69. And heaven help him, there was that pain again, the one that pierced him to his very marrow and started all that emotion bleeding out of him.
Dammit, he loved her.
He'd been denying it for weeks now, but he could deny it no longer.
Not the giddy drug of infatuation. Not the mind-blowing drive of unadulterated lust. Not the bone-deep need to possess.
It was all of those things wrapped up together, but so much more. It was simple, really. She had somehow become all that mattered. #Quote by Norah Wilson
Lust quotes by Andy Stanley
#70. individual does. Here's the difference: Eventually a leader's lust for progress overwhelms his reluctance to take risks. In other words, failure to move things forward is the type of failure most feared by the leader. For the leader, failure is defined in terms of missed opportunities rather than failed enterprises. #Quote by Andy Stanley
Lust quotes by Nina Cassian
#71. Since you walked out on me I'm getting lovelier by the hour. I glow like a corpse in the dark. No one sees how round and sharp my eyes have grown how my carcass looks like a glass urn, how I hold up things in the rags of my hands, the way I can stand through crippled by lust. No, there's just your cruelty circling my head like a bright rotting halo. #Quote by Nina Cassian
Lust quotes by Steven Barnes
#72. Someone asked me about the difference between love and lust. Hmmm. That will take a little thought. How to tell the difference? Well, for guys, if she looks better AFTER you've made love to her than before, that might be love. If you find yourself itching to get out the door afterward, probably just lust, y'know? #Quote by Steven Barnes
Lust quotes by Fathima Fabeela
#73. Probability of helping someone with your tongue is low #Quote by Fathima Fabeela
Lust quotes by T.A. Roth
#74. If we were alone, he would have thrown me up against the nearest wall, and holy hell, I would have let him. #Quote by T.A. Roth
Lust quotes by Graham Greene
#75. For if this God exists, I thought, and if even you – with your lusts and your adulteries and the timid lies you used to tell – can change like this, we could all be saints by leaping as you leapt, by shutting the eyes and leaping once and for all: if you are a saint, it's not so difficult to be a saint. It's something He can demand of any of us, leap. #Quote by Graham Greene
Lust quotes by Saint Augustine
#76. Lust indulged became habit, and habit unresisted became necessity. #Quote by Saint Augustine
Lust quotes by George R.R. Martin
#77. Love is madness, and lust is poison. Keep your maidenhead. You'll be happier for it, and you're less like to find yourself in some dingy brothel on the Rhoyne with a whore who looks a bit like your lost love. #Quote by George R.R. Martin
Lust quotes by J.C. Reed
#78. I'd let him get under my skin, and now he had started to occupy my every thought. #Quote by J.C. Reed
Lust quotes by Dominic Riccitello
#79. It was love. It was lust. It was just between us. The passion, the desire, the fire. The way we held on in so little time and his eyes when he saw me for the first time. #Quote by Dominic Riccitello
Lust quotes by Dominic Riccitello
#80. I love and I lust and it really doesn't matter if they love me back because sometimes that's what love is. #Quote by Dominic Riccitello
Lust quotes by Jewel
#81. Being idolized and being torn down felt oddly similar. They both made me feel alone.
Friendship and trust should be earned, and when you're famous, people seem to want to give them to you whether you've earned them or not, and it felt dishonest to me. Fame was not real. It was all a projection - fame made me a blank canvas that people projected their love, lust, troubles, self-worth, and desire upon.
Fame and power do not change us, they amplify us. #Quote by Jewel
Lust quotes by Neil Gaiman
#82. If you move and act in the material world, then the material world acts on you. Pain hurts, just as greed intoxicates and lust burns. We may not die easy and we sure as hell don't die well, but we can die. If we're still loved and remembered, something else a whole lot like us comes along and the whole damn thing starts all over again. And if we're forgotten, we're done. #Quote by Neil Gaiman
Lust quotes by Dominic Riccitello
#83. I never expected to fall in love. I never expected to float or fall a thousand feet and create the crevice I called my life. But the thing with crevices, there's always a top and always a bottom. And the feeling of appreciation when you look from the top and understand how fast it can all come crashing down - it's more than beautiful and more than words could ever explain. #Quote by Dominic Riccitello
Lust quotes by Udny Yule
#84. In our lust for measurement, we frequently measure that which we can rather than that which we wish to measure ... and forget that there is a difference. #Quote by Udny Yule
Lust quotes by Jim Morrison
#85. We have assembled inside this ancient / and insane theatre / To propagate our lust for life / and flee the swarming wisdom / of the streets #Quote by Jim Morrison
Lust quotes by James Alexander Thom
#86. To read Lucia St. Clair Robson is to learn while being thoroughly entertained. Last Train from Cuernavaca puts us through the tragic violence and political treachery of the Mexican Revolution and its consequences so intimately that we feel hunger, lust, thirst, grief, and saddle sores, and admire anew the awesome durability and courage of the people of Mexico
especially the women. #Quote by James Alexander Thom
Lust quotes by Anya Wylde
#87. Men in lust can get creative. #Quote by Anya Wylde
Lust quotes by George Orwell
#88. But you could not have pure love or pure lust nowadays. No emotion was pure, because everything was mixed up with fear and hatred. Their embrace had been a battle, the climax a victory. It was a blow struck against the Party. It was a political act. #Quote by George Orwell
Lust quotes by Jess Riley
#89. It's only physical, she reminded herself. Just lust. Some kind of twisted, mutual escape valve. And those physical things, with no love or respect or loyalty to bind and preserve them, had a short shelf life. They were limited-time offers. Three months, tops. #Quote by Jess Riley
Lust quotes by Rucy Ban
#90. After a few seconds of scraping, I realize what he has isn't a trail, it's a whole forest! Ack! Weren't all men supposed to shave their chest and stuff nowadays? Whatever happened to having fuzz-free Hollywood heroes as role models? At least my embarrassment is completely foregone by the irritation at his lack of upkeep. The only thing distracting me now is that heady mix of musk, shaving cream and a distinctly ... male scent. And God knows that is one seriously jeopardizing distraction. Especially with a whizzing needle in one's hand. #Quote by Rucy Ban
Lust quotes by Suzanne Steele
#91. We are poison to one another, a dangerous brew of lust and lies that threatens to obliterate us and anyone in our path.
--Novak #Quote by Suzanne Steele
Lust quotes by Everance Caiser
#92. Just another case of sometimes. Sometimes fates plans are different from your own. Sometimes the beautiful things are right in your reach but you settle for things that are good enough to make you happy. Sometimes people that should be trying harder than ever, give up on you. Sometimes feelings are so strong that you decide its time to give up. Sometimes giving up is the worst thing you can do. Sometimes people think it'll all work out. Sometimes people think it'll get better in time. Sometimes people do what they can do today, tomorrow. Sometimes the most beautiful emotions are the ones that are most neglected. Sometimes people mistaken love for lust. Sometimes people miscommunicate. Sometimes people say things that they don't really mean. Sometimes people say things that they mean and just say them wrong. Sometimes people think they've moved on. Sometimes people think that they will never move on. Sometimes people share they're lives with people that they don't really love. Sometimes people let the people they really love pass through they're lives. Sometimes people chose to stay alive. Sometimes people chose to live. #Quote by Everance Caiser
Lust quotes by Genesis P-Orridge
#93. After thee accumulation of too much history we have lost our innocence, we cannot easily believe in any explanations. We describe rather than feel, we touch rather than explore, we lust rather than adore. #Quote by Genesis P-Orridge
Lust quotes by Eric Jerome Dickey
#94. Physical attraction was about aesthetics, not sexual performance, not mental stimulation. Without a mental connection, a remarkable sexual performance yielded no lifelong guarantees. It was only lust. And lust was not love. #Quote by Eric Jerome Dickey
Lust quotes by Corrie Ten Boom
#95. If you want to hear God's voice clearly and you are uncertain, then remain in His presence until He changes this uncertainty. Often much can happen during this waiting for the Lord. Sometimes, He changes pride into humility; doubt into faith and peace; sometimes lust into purity. The Lord can and will do it. #Quote by Corrie Ten Boom
Lust quotes by Eric Bishop-Potter
#96. I catch sight of Janice. Her eyes are so full of excitement that I half expect her to jump up and down. This is something she'll never forget, I tell myself. As an old lady with all the spirit knocked out of her and nobody believe in she'll remember a happy day in July when a horny young guy strutted his stuff and made her heart beat fast. #Quote by Eric Bishop-Potter
Lust quotes by Anna Santos
#97. Annabel," I whispered in her ear, making sure not to touch her. Her heartbeat accelerated, her skin got the chills, and her pupils dilated, not to mention how delicious she smelled and how the excitement only increased the scent. My own body got tense and aroused. "Let your guard down and trust me. Nothing will happen that you don't want to happen. I'm not trying to get you drunk or trick you. I just want to get to know you better."
"Shane," she replied with her sexy, hot, and alluring voice that sent spirals of lust down my spine. "I have nothing against sleeping with you. I'm fully dressed for that. #Quote by Anna Santos
Lust quotes by BS Murthy
#98. Isn't it strange that the emotions of love and the afflictions of lust are look-alike, bewildering women from discerning the lover from a seducer, and unfortunately for them the language of love and the dialect of lust have a common alphabet causing this confusion. #Quote by BS Murthy
Lust quotes by Susan Cartwright
#99. ShanTu said that we must set the soul free from the body and its lusts. Having thus got rid of the foolishness of the flesh, we shall be pure. While an admirable goal, the sisterhood has not found this practical. For whatever purpose, body and soul are joined. Denying one's bodily lusts is about as effective as prohibition, which is to say not effective at all. #Quote by Susan Cartwright
Lust quotes by Deepak Ranjan
#100. Don't have the power to make someone happy…?' I
'I have the power, the desire… But No marriage, No girlfriend stuff… When I feel like doing something crazy, I can pay and get a girl in bed… No emotions, no argument, and no expectations, just I want to fuck and fulfil my desire, that's it…! Darling, there is nothing like 'LOVE', everything revolves around the four lettered word – 'FUCK', understood…?' he explained naughtily. #Quote by Deepak Ranjan
Lust quotes by Dianna Hardy
#101. He could have watched her all night. He could watch her for an eternity and still never be able to capture the essence of what it is that makes 'love'. #Quote by Dianna Hardy
Lust quotes by Hillary Wen
#102. I am a woman who's passionate about life. Perhaps too full of passion for the majority of the world to understand. I lust for adventure and stories; I feel everything. I'm a lover and a fighter. I fight for what I love and I love what I fight for. I yearn for what is more than life, and I live beyond that yearning. #Quote by Hillary Wen
Lust quotes by Michael Dobbs
#103. Nothing lasts, not forever. Not laughter, not lust, not even life itself. Not forever. Which is why we make the most of what we have. #Quote by Michael Dobbs
Lust quotes by Marian Lanouette
#104. Lust starts with chemistry. Love starts with trust and respect. #Quote by Marian Lanouette
Lust quotes by James Ussher
#105. Lust is the base of most physical ills, and like a tapeworm in the system, it feeds on our best energies and vitality. #Quote by James Ussher
Lust quotes by Timothy Keller
#106. The Bible's solution to a bad marriage is a reorientation to the radical, spousal love of Christ communicated in the gospel. "You shall not commit adultery" (Exod 20:14) makes sense in the context of his spousal love, especially on the cross, where he was completely faithful to us. Only when we know this sacrificial, spousal love of Christ will we have real fortitude to combat lust. His love is fulfilling, so it keeps us from looking to sexual fulfillment to give us what only Jesus can. #Quote by Timothy Keller
Lust quotes by Chris Hedges
#107. The danger is not Islam or Christianity or any other religion. It is the human heart - the capacity we all have for evil. All human institutions with a lust for power give their utopian visions divine sanction #Quote by Chris Hedges
Lust quotes by Taylor Rhodes
#108. Wrap him up in floral wallpaper, wishing the envelopes I seal were his lips, leaving hickeys like stamps to show where he's been. #Quote by Taylor Rhodes
Lust quotes by Tertullian
#109. A holy woman may be beautiful by the gift of nature, but she must not give occasion to lust. If beauty be hers, so far from setting it off she ought rather to obscure it. #Quote by Tertullian
Lust quotes by J.A. Huss
#110. It's a once-in-a-lifetime thing. It's a change-my-life-forever thing. It's a falling-in-love-and-lust thing. It's a recognizing-my-best-friend thing. And it's the day I decide - this girl is mine. Forever. #Quote by J.A. Huss
Lust quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
#111. When I heard the Earth-song / I was no longer brave; / My avarice cooled / Like lust in the chill of the grave. #Quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson
Lust quotes by Shay Dawkins
#112. Love yourself' is not 'Lust yourself. #Quote by Shay Dawkins
Lust quotes by Slavoj Zizek
#113. No wonder that tantra is so popular today in the West: it offers the ultimate "spiritual logic of late capitalism" uniting spirituality and earthly pleasures, transcendence and material benefits, divine experience and unlimited shopping. It propagates the permanent transgression of all rules, the violation of all taboos, instant gratification as the path to enlightenment; it overcomes old-fashioned "binary" thought, the dualism of mind and body, in claiming that the body at its most material (the site of sex and lust) is the royal path to spiritual awakening. Bliss comes from "saying yes" to all bodily needs, not from denying them: spiritual perfection comes from the insight that we already are divine and perfect, not that we have to achieve this through effort and discipline. The body is not something to be cultivated or crafted into an expression of spiritual truths, rather it is immediately the "temple for expressing divinity. #Quote by Slavoj Zizek
Lust quotes by Jeanette Winterson
#114. Infatuation. First Love. Lust.
My passion can be explained away. But this is sure: Whatever she touches, she reveals. #Quote by Jeanette Winterson
Lust quotes by Anne De Gandt
#115. I hide myself to avoid others; but the lust for life reasserts itself, through the boredom or in the inflection of distress. It's an escape, a tuneless melody, a painless lament. Broken line of a poem missing its author, writing of a deconstructed life, scar of a wound still open, the pain of living without love or being loved tarnishes desire, dulls the look, weakens the heart. #Quote by Anne De Gandt
Lust quotes by Desiderius Erasmus
#116. The Stoics define wisdom to be conducted by reason, and folly nothing else but the being hurried by passion, lest our life should otherwise have been too dull and inactive, that creator, who out of clay first tempered and made us up, put into the composition of our humanity more than a pound of passions to an ounce of reason; and reason he confined within the narrow cells of the brain, whereas he left passions the whole body to
range in.
Farther, he set up two sturdy champions to stand
perpetually on guard, that reason might make no assault,
surprise, nor inroad ; anger, which keeps its station in
the fortress of the heart ; and lust, which like the signs
Virgo and Scorpio, rules the appetites and passions. #Quote by Desiderius Erasmus
Lust quotes by Leslie Jamison
#117. In Madame Bovary, Félicité the maid is always scuttling away from some new abuse at the hands of her self-involved mistress. She seeks sweetness as consolation: "since Madame always left the key in the sideboard, Félicité took a small supply of sugar every night and ate it when she was all alone in her bed, after she had said her prayers." How could sugar still be necessary after prayer? It offers salve to the physical body, immediate comfort, something the flesh can trust while the spirit is being patient. Think of the sadness of two women living in the same house, both hungry for stolen increments of different pleasures - text and lust and sugar - both keeping these pleasures secret because they are ashamed to admit their hungers. #Quote by Leslie Jamison
Lust quotes by Giovannie De Sadeleer
#118. When two eyes are on two people, it is lust. But when two eyes are on one person, it is called love. #Quote by Giovannie De Sadeleer
Lust quotes by Debra Anastasia
#119. Cole had never been good with physical affection until her. Now his heart burned with their closeness - so much bigger and better than lust was this love. #Quote by Debra Anastasia
Lust quotes by Michael Bassey Johnson
#120. Lovemaking is a big grammatical error, i think it should be, LustMaking. #Quote by Michael Bassey Johnson
Lust quotes by Flannery O'Connor
#121. The virtue of hope, in Enoch, was made up of two parts suspicion and one part lust. #Quote by Flannery O'Connor
Lust quotes by Duane Michals
#122. You can't see fear or lust; you can't photograph someone's anxieties, how disappointment feels. Photographs are approximations. #Quote by Duane Michals
Lust quotes by Brodi Ashton
#123. There's no such thing as 'epic love'. But there is such a thing as 'epically bad decisions based on something believed to be love, but is most likely lust. #Quote by Brodi Ashton
Lust quotes by Gabrielle Zevin
#124. Theo looked at me with his smoldering Jesus eyes, and the Catholic schoolgirl in me crossed her legs. #Quote by Gabrielle Zevin
Lust quotes by Peter Grey
#125. The cult of the Virgin Mary enabled the worship of the Goddess to flourish, albeit in a cauterised form. As I keep repeating in a mantra, sex is power. The Virgin was a method of turning the sexual impulse of Christians back into the Church and onto the figure of the crucified Christ. I would describe this as a particularly unsavoury form of magick. This is the use of repression and misery as a spiritual battery. This enslavement of the worshipper's natural desires is the exact opposite of the natural and healthy lust for Babalon.

With the resolutely chaste Mary in position, churches had a surrogate Goddess back in the house. Christ knows, they needed one. To sell Christianity to the fans of the God who dies and is reborn (like the crops in the fields) the Church used statues of Mary and Jesus that were rather close to those of Isis and the Child Horus. This mother/son icon propaganda was like a Pepsi taste test for the wavering pagans. They failed.

It requires other women to keep women as slaves stripped of their sexual power. The BVM did that job. She was the only role model that you could fixate upon.

As a Goddess she is a clitoridectomy. If you lift her skirt you can see the coarse black thread where she has been snipped and stitched. The thread is plaited from the beard of Jehovah himself. This is not a woman anymore. Look under the hem and learn. #Quote by Peter Grey
Lust quotes by Katja Millay
#126. When you look at her what do you feel? ... Joy, fear, frustration, longing, friendship, anger, need, despair, love, lust?"
"Yes, what?"
"All of it. #Quote by Katja Millay
Lust quotes by Nicole Simone
#127. I believe in finding a man who can be your best friend, because once the lust fades, friendship is what will hold the foundation of your marriage together. #Quote by Nicole Simone
Lust quotes by John Everson, Siren
#128. In his mind he saw Ligeia standing naked on the top of the point, breasts jutting out in the dark like beacons of lust. A human lighthouse of doom. #Quote by John Everson, Siren
Lust quotes by W. Somerset Maugham
#129. I only wanted to suggest to you that self-sacrifice is a passion so overwhelming that beside it even lust and hunger are trifling. #Quote by W. Somerset Maugham
Lust quotes by Laurell K. Hamilton
#130. Lust has less logic than love, sometimes, but it's easier to fight. #Quote by Laurell K. Hamilton
Lust quotes by Jessica-Lynn Barbour
#131. We dreamt of a crappy apartment somewhere
Making love while we let the midnight air
Flow through the open window, into our closed hearts
Left bitter from heartbreak and too much time apart #Quote by Jessica-Lynn Barbour
Lust quotes by Neale Sourna
#132. My characters push the limits of the envelope when it comes to passion, love, and lust. They can be as elegant and distinguished as Lizzie's Darcy, or as wild and unrelenting as Cathy's Heathcliff; sometimes all in one bold personality. I also believe there is a wider universal mosaic on our planet than mere black and white. My contemporary healer/surgeon in the novel 'Hobble' is half Native American (Mayan Mexican + Peruvian, plus Scottish) and his lover is African American (African + European + American Indian). My people see the world differently; they're often mixed race or of a race, color, or nationality not normally associated with nor depicted in romantic and erotic novels or films as central, positively sexual, and realistic. #Quote by Neale Sourna
Lust quotes by Pearl S. Buck
#133. And listening to all the things they would do if they had these things, Wang Lung heard only of how much they would eat and sleep, and of what dainties they would eat that they had never tasted,and how they would gamble in this great tea shop and in that, and what pretty women they would buy for their lust, and above all, how none would ever work again, even as they rich man behind the wall never worked. #Quote by Pearl S. Buck
Lust quotes by Anonymous
#134. Do the time, energy, and passion with which I pursue my own interests match the intensity of my faith, obedience, and love for God and others? Is my life mysterious? Or do I live, love, and lust like the rest of the world? #Quote by Anonymous
Lust quotes by Lust (DreadLock Monsta)
#135. In this world of stars, I just want to be different #Quote by Lust (DreadLock Monsta)
Lust quotes by Claire C. Riley
#136. You and I, Mia. We have needs that must be attended. I will look after yours, and you will look after mine." He sighs, and his fingers move to his suit jacket and deftly undoes the buttons, letting it fall open to reveal a smart black shirt and tie underneath. "I've waited for this moment for so long. #Quote by Claire C. Riley
Lust quotes by A.S. Byatt
#137. He had been violently confused by her real presence in the opposite inaccessible corner. For months he had been possessed by the imagination of her. She had been distant and closed away, a princess in a tower, and his imagination's work had been all to make her present, all of her, to his mind and senses, the quickness of her and the mystery, the whiteness of her, which was part of her extreme magnetism, and the green look of those piercing or occluded eyes. Her presence had been unimaginable, or more strictly, only to be imagined. Yet here she was, and he was engaged in observing the ways in which she resembled, or differed from, the woman he dreamed, or reached for in sleep, or would fight for. #Quote by A.S. Byatt
Lust quotes by Philip Larkin
#138. Boys dream of native girls who bring breadfruit,
Whatever they are ... #Quote by Philip Larkin
Lust quotes by Henry David Thoreau
#139. If it is the result of a pure love, there can be nothing sensual in marriage. Chastity is something positive, not negative. It isthe virtue of the married especially. All lusts or base pleasures must give place to loftier delights. They who meet as superior beings cannot perform the deeds of inferior ones. #Quote by Henry David Thoreau
Lust quotes by Rebecca Wadlinger
#140. Tell me again about the girl whose hands
have no color. Whose hands are completely
white. This time make them damned, or
untouched, or have her open a red umbrella
or point at some maple leaves and damned
near cry. Those hands. As freakish goes,
I wish I had a tail. Maybe then you'd know
how much I like you. It shakes me through,
damn through. It shakes me. When she carries
a peacock feather. When she touches her neck
or thighs. You're a person. It's not so bad.
You have hands. You are a person with hands
to hold things. Things you like. Tremendous
things. Tell me what you will hold today. I
know there is room for everything. There is no
need to be ceremonious. Tell what gets let go. #Quote by Rebecca Wadlinger
Lust quotes by Krista Ritchie
#141. Whether it's men, women - it doesn't really matter. The human race is filled with passion and lust. And to coin terms like heterosexuality, homosexuality or even bisexuality makes no sense to me. You are human. You love who you love. You fuck who you fuck. That should be enough - no labels. No stigmas. Nothing. Just be to be.
But life isn't that kind. People will always find things to hate. #Quote by Krista Ritchie
Lust quotes by William Shakespeare
#142. Love comforteth like sunshine after rain. #Quote by William Shakespeare
Lust quotes by Padmasambhava
#143. My father is wisdom and my mother is voidness.

My country is the country of Dharma.

I am of no caste and no creed.

I am sustained by perplexity; and I am here to destroy lust, anger and sloth. #Quote by Padmasambhava
Lust quotes by George Wither
#144. Lustful Desire (although 'twere rather fit To some brute creature to attribute it) Shall be presented in the second place, Because it shrouds a vile deformed face Beneath love's vizard, and assumes that name, Hiding its own fault with the other's blame. #Quote by George Wither
Lust quotes by Helen Argiro
#145. In the suburbs lust thrives and flourishes like an epidemic of lawn grubs during a heat wave. #Quote by Helen Argiro
Lust quotes by J.L. McCoy
#146. I'll just stay ten feet away from him at all times so I don't accidentally trip and fall and land lips first on his mouth. #Quote by J.L. McCoy
Lust quotes by Kellie Thacker
#147. Secretly," he mumbled in a quieter tone, "I've always wanted to know what it would feel like to lust, to hunger for something different. But I've never been able to imagine ever experiencing that kind of desire. #Quote by Kellie Thacker
Lust quotes by Sarah Price
#148. Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him. For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world. #Quote by Sarah Price
Lust quotes by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss
#149. Tis obvious that you're easily…" She paused, searching for a more sarcastic and descriptive word than "encouraged."
"Aroused?" he queried.
Erienne gasped. "Certainly not!"
"Have you changed your mind? You said at a twitch of a skirt…"
"I know what I said!"
"The subject seems to be on your mind quite a bit, my lady."
"I wonder why," she retorted with unmistakable satire. It was impossible to ignore the manly feel of him against her.
"Because you lust after my body?" he asked, feigning innocence.
Erienne caught her breath in outrage. "I am a married woman, sir!"
He heaved a laborious sigh. "Here we go again!"
"Oh, you buffoon! Why don't you leave me alone?"
"Did I ask you to follow me?" he protested.
She groaned aloud in frustration. "I'm sorry I did!"
"Were you bruised?" He snuggled her closer against his body. "You feel all right to me."
"Christopher, if I weren't so afraid of this horse, I'd slap you," she threatened.
"Why? I only inquired of your health."
"Because you make free with your hands! Now, stop that!" She threw away the hand that had settled on her thigh. "Don't you ever get tired of playing the rake?"
"The sport warms and excites me, madam," he said, chuckling in her ear.

-Erienne & Christopher #Quote by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss
Lust quotes by Manly P. Hall
#150. Though the modern world may know a million secrets, the ancient world knew one - and that was greater than the million; for the million secrets breed death, disaster, sorrow, selfishness, lust, and avarice, but the one secret confers life, light, and truth. #Quote by Manly P. Hall
Lust quotes by Cyrese Covelli
#151. Simple and predictable seem pretty darn tantalizing when you're a witch.
Lately, I've wished for a lot of things to be the way they were. Gone are my lust
for the macabre and the sweetly sinful fantasies of meeting a vampire. Something
about unconscious people slumped against the dark leather of the booths at
crimson made it less sexy. #Quote by Cyrese Covelli
Lust quotes by Steven Erikson
#152. Gods, I wish the world was full of passive women.He thougt for a moment longer, then scowled. On second thoughts, what a nightmare that'd be. It's the job of a man to fan the spark into flames, not quench it ... #Quote by Steven Erikson
Lust quotes by Amy Plum
#153. He ran his finger along my jawline and down my neck. The wait will be fun, but it's not going to be easy. #Quote by Amy Plum
Lust quotes by J.R.R. Tolkien
#154. In my story Sauron represents as near an approach to the wholly evil will as is possible. He had gone the way of all tyrants: beginning well, at least on the level that while desiring to order all things according to his own wisdom he still at first considered the (economic) well-being of other inhabitants of the Earth. But he went further than human tyrants in pride and the lust for domination, being in origin an immortal (angelic) spirit.* In The Lord of the Rings the conflict is not basically about 'freedom', though that is naturally involved. It is about God, and His sole right to divine honour. The Eldar and the Númenóreans believed in The One, the true God, and held worship of any other person an abomination. Sauron desired to be a God-King, and was held to be this by his servants; if he had been victorious he would have demanded divine honour from all rational creatures and absolute temporal power over the whole world. #Quote by J.R.R. Tolkien
Lust quotes by Alexandra Silber
#155. He loved her. He loved her because nature willed it. Because they were already united and of one body. The bare flesh on every part of her belonged to him. The scent emitting from her skin was his. #Quote by Alexandra Silber
Lust quotes by Frederick Buechner
#156. Lust is the craving for salt of a man who is dying of thirst. #Quote by Frederick Buechner
Lust quotes by Vladimir Nabokov
#157. The priest rose to take up the crucifix; at that, she strained her neck forward like someone who is thirsty, and, pressing her lips to the body of the Man-God, she laid upon it with all her expiring strength the most passionate kiss of love she had ever given. Then he recited the Miserateur and the Indulgentiam, dipped his right thumb in the oil, and began he unctions: first on the eyes, which had so coveted all earthly splendors; then on the nostrils, greedy for mild breezes and the smells of love; then on the mouth, which had opened to utter lies, which had moaned with pride and cried out in lust; then on the hands, which had delighted in the touch of smooth material; and lastly on the soles of the feet, once so quick when she hastened to satiate her desires and which now would never walk again. #Quote by Vladimir Nabokov
Lust quotes by A.E. Via
#158. Mmmm. Fuck yeah. Syn was so glad to see a glimpse of Furi's controlling side appear that it had him pumping his hips forcefully into the mattress while he pulled Furi's smooth cheeks apart and dove in, eating his hole with all the fierce animalistic lust he felt. "Yeah, Syn. Eat that fuckin' hole," Furi panted, lifting and rubbing his ass against Syn's face. Furi tasted better than the rich dessert they'd just consumed. Full of musk with a hint of his body wash. Syn knew he had to get that tight star to loosen up good so his lover wouldn't experience much discomfort, the same way Furi did for him. Syn didn't want to rush this, he had to calm down, they had all night. He slowed his energetic nipping to slow circles around Furi's pucker before dipping inside for his first deep taste. Furi's flavor was strongest there and it made Syn feel drunk. "Furi. #Quote by A.E. Via
Lust quotes by Matt Haig
#159. After a while, didn't you crave flaws? Love and lust and misunderstandings, and maybe even a little violence to liven things up? Didn't light need shade? Didn't it? Maybe it didn't. Maybe I was missing the point. #Quote by Matt Haig
Lust quotes by Garth Greenwell
#160. You can't speak to him, he said, if you speak to him, if you give any sign to him at all, he will come back; he has to stop existing for you. #Quote by Garth Greenwell
Lust quotes by Radhanath Swami
#161. Sex could be a gift of God, but when it becomes an obsession, it plunders all intelligence and people are driven to abominable acts to satisfy their lust. When passion is frustrated, people lose all good sense. #Quote by Radhanath Swami
Lust quotes by Geoffrey Wood
#162. When sex was something godlike, Lust was the profane curiosity that killed many a straying cat. Now, having removed mystery, Lust is less a long-standing, overpowering yearning, more a sudden craving of the appetite. Less quest, more impulse buy. #Quote by Geoffrey Wood
Lust quotes by Rick Warren
#163. It's not just what you eat that matters, it's what eats you. You can have all the right macrobiotics and organic food, but if your body is filled with resentment, worry, fear, lust, guilt, anger, bitterness, or any other emotional disease, it's going to shorten your life. #Quote by Rick Warren
Lust quotes by Emmanuel Aghado
#164. You know you're in lust when you're quick to fall into a reverie because dreams seem better than reality. #Quote by Emmanuel Aghado
Lust quotes by Amber M. Kestner
#165. I just never had a friend who cared as you do. My best friend Destiny doesn't understand me, she has a husband and a child. A life I have always wanted, but unfortunately, tables have turned to where I can't find that one guy I could love."
Angel felt bad for feeling lust for the straight woman. She should have known better.
"Jana, men have no idea what they are missing. You are as beautiful as they come and I would appreciate you more than any man would. #Quote by Amber M. Kestner
Lust quotes by Sarina Bowen
#166. I don't like you very much," she says in a small voice.
"You'll like me better when I've tied you to the bed in your parents' cottage."
She makes a noise that's half rage, half lust. Oh, I've got her number. I really do.
"I brought four neckties in preparation, Hermès, of course. Very silky. #Quote by Sarina Bowen
Lust quotes by Moses Ibn Ezra
#167. Lust should be stifled, for it cannot lead to truth. #Quote by Moses Ibn Ezra
Lust quotes by Jonathan Mills
#168. So it is in our HEART, not in our sexualness, that we human beings think and decide how to live - even if the decision is to indulge in venery of whatever sort. A man sees the complementarity of woman and man not through the eyes of lust but in his heart. Jacob's lust for Rachel distracted him from perceiving the virtue of Leah, a virtue to complement or complete his. It's in his heart, not through the lust of his eyes, that a man sees or learns to see the complementation of woman and man. If a man is 'homosexual' or has little lust toward attractive women, this is no obstacle to his perceiving woman as his complement or helper. #Quote by Jonathan Mills
Lust quotes by Howard Zinn
#169. An anonymous pamphleteer in Massachusetts, writing angrily after King George's War, described the situation: "Poverty and Discontent appear in every Face (except the Countenances of the Rich) and dwell upon every Tongue." He spoke of a few men, fed by "Lust of Power, Lust of Fame, Lust of Money," who got rich during the war. "No Wonder such Men can build Ships, Houses, buy Farms, set up their Coaches, Chariots, live very splendidly, purchase Fame, Posts of Honour." He called them "Birds of prey ... Enemies to all Communities - wherever they live. #Quote by Howard Zinn
Lust quotes by Joanna Shupe
#170. On one side of his brain, logic was standing on a chair, waving its arms to get his attention. On the other side, lust and yearning rubbed their hands together in unholy anticipation. #Quote by Joanna Shupe
Lust quotes by Lisa Gardner
#171. Her hand now rested on the top of her left thigh. Where she had the knife strapped, he guessed, and immediately felt his gut tighten with a shot of good, old-fashioned male lust. He did not know why an armed woman should be so arousing, but man oh man, this one was. #Quote by Lisa Gardner
Lust quotes by Stephanie Danler
#172. Lust rubied my blood, gave me the gait of an uncaught criminal, and I felt like I could walk forever. #Quote by Stephanie Danler
Lust quotes by Andrea Gibson
#173. And I say,
I crash in to things in the dark
Even when the lights are on
And I am wrong more often than I am writing
And even then, I am often wrong
But when my friends are in the bathroom at the bar
Rolling dollar bills in to telescopes,
Claiming they can see God,
I will come to you #Quote by Andrea Gibson
Lust quotes by Rick Yancey
#174. It occurred to me ... that aberrance is a wholly human construct. There were no such things as monsters outside the human mind. We are vain and arrogant, evolution's highest achievement and most dismal failure, prisoners of our self-awareness and the illusion that we stand in the center, that there is us and then there is everything else but us. But we do not stand apart from or above or in the middle of anything. There is nothing apart, nothing above, and the middle is everywhere - and nowhere. We are no more beautiful and essential or magnificent than an earthworm. In fact - and dare we go there, you and I? - you could say the worm is more beautiful, because it is innocent and we are not. The worm has no motive but to survive long enough to make baby worms. There is no betrayal, no cruelty, no envy, no lust, and no hatred in the worm's heart, and so who are the monsters and which species shall we call aberrant? #Quote by Rick Yancey
Lust quotes by Jodi Ellen Malpas
#175. It was another one of his enigmatic brainteasers that he never elaborated on. I should have pressed for more, but I was too busy being swallowed up by him. I was distracted from everything, blinded by lust and drowning in his intensity. He completely consumed me. #Quote by Jodi Ellen Malpas
Lust quotes by Amy Harmon
#176. It was love that made each touch feel like redemption and each kiss feel like rebirth. Not lust. Not pleasure. It was love that created joy. #Quote by Amy Harmon
Lust quotes by Anne Bishop
#177. Seven hundred years ago, Tersa had told [Daemon] the living myth was coming. Seven hundred years of waiting, watching, searching, hoping. Seven hundred heartbreaking, exhausting years. He refused to give up, refused to wonder if she'd been mistaken, refused because his heart yearned too much for that strange, wonderful, terrifying creature called Witch.

In his soul, he knew her. In his dreams, he saw her. He never envisioned a face. It always blurred if he tried to focus on it. But he could see her dressed in a robe made of dark, transparent spidersilk, a robe that slid from her shoulders as she moved, a robe that opened and closed as she walked, revealing bare, night-cool skin. And there would be a scent in the room that was her, a scent he would wake to, burying his face in her pillow after she was up and attending her own concerns.

It wasn't lust - the body's fire paled in comparison to the embrace of mind to mind - although physical pleasure was part of it. He wanted to touch her, feel the texture of her skin, taste the warmth of her. He wanted to caress her until they both burned. He wanted to weave his life into hers until there was no telling where one began and the other ended. He wanted to put his arms around her, strong and protecting, and find himself protected; possess her and be possessed; dominate her and be dominated. He wanted that Other, that shadow across his life, who made him ache with every breath while he stumbled among these feeb #Quote by Anne Bishop
Lust quotes by Virginia Alison
#178. You are the oxygen that inflames the lust in my soul... #Quote by Virginia Alison
Lust quotes by Abu Nuwas
#179. I bought abandon dearAnd sold all piety for pleasure.My own free spirit I have followed,And never will I give up lust. #Quote by Abu Nuwas
Lust quotes by Ayn Rand
#180. All the giants of the spirit whom I've broken. I don't think anybody ever realized how much I enjoyed doing it. It's a kind of lust. I'm perfectly indifferent to slugs like Ellsworth Toohey or my friend Alvah, and quite willing to leave them in peace. But just let me see a man of a slightly higher dimension - and I've got to make a sort of Toohey out of him. I've got to. It's like a sex urge. #Quote by Ayn Rand
Lust quotes by Sathya Sai Baba
#181. Sacrifice, so that you may be saved. You have to sacrifice, not a bleating sheep or a horse or a cow, but your animality, the bestial lust and greed, hate and malice. Sacrifice these and you earn the heaven of unflinching peace. #Quote by Sathya Sai Baba
Lust quotes by John Owen
#182. Let, then, the word be preached, and the sins of men will be rebuked, lust will be restrained, and some oppositions will be made against sin, though that be not the effect aimed at. #Quote by John Owen
Lust quotes by Roshani Chokshi
#183. Lust was one thing, but what she'd felt that night was a pull...the kind that keeps stars from falling out of the night sky. It was vast. It was unlike what she'd imagined. #Quote by Roshani Chokshi
Lust quotes by Virginia Woolf
#184. For Love, to which we may now return, has two faces; one white, the other black; two bodies; one smooth, the other hairy. It has two hands, two feet, two tails, two, indeed, of every member and each one is the exact opposite of the other. Yet, so strictly are they joined together that you cannot separate them. In this case, Orlando's love began her flight towards him with her white face turned, and her smooth and lovely body outwards. Nearer and nearer she came wafting before her airs of pure delight. All of a sudden (at the sight of the Archduchess presumably) she wheeled about, turned the other way round; showed herself black, hairy, brutish; and it was Lust the vulture, not Love, the Bird of Paradise that flopped, foully and disgustingly, upon his shoulders. Hence he ran; hence he fetched the footman. #Quote by Virginia Woolf
Lust quotes by Emma Winters
#185. His presence fogged my mind, warmed my blood, kept the darkness at bay – maybe because he was the darkness itself. #Quote by Emma Winters
Lust quotes by Anya Seton
#186. Miranda looked up at him through a haze of desire, her will consumed by a fierce crackling heat, just like the dry twigs of the old woman's fire. #Quote by Anya Seton
Lust quotes by J.M. Darhower
#187. Lust was his favorite sin, without a doubt. #Quote by J.M. Darhower
Lust quotes by Jeff X
#188. The wet, fleshy lips of his slightly open mouth were the origins of another unexpected reaction of mine to which I also gave in. I suddenly felt the emotional desire of kissing that mouth....
[T]hat sense of disgust that was invariably joined to the mere idea of kissing another male was not present now in the thoughts I kept turning in my mind about kissing him, and tasting the flavor of his sensuous lips. I also felt like nibbling the curve of his bony jaw and going down over his thick, muscular neck, to leave a trace of me in every pore of his terse skin, in a trail of lust and pleasure. #Quote by Jeff X
Lust quotes by Harper Sloan
#189. Having her in my arms feels like coming home. I am not one to believe in all that love at first sight bullshit, but even as cynical as I am, I can recognize something bigger than lust at work. My body wants her; that is no secret, but the level of want is borderline craving. I need her. Needing someone is not something I am used to. No, I am used to being needed ... something this woman clearly doesn't want. #Quote by Harper Sloan
Lust quotes by Truth Devour
#190. Your love is poetry in perpetual motion capturing my heart with centrifugal force. #Quote by Truth Devour
Lust quotes by Nenia Campbell
#191. It was as though he had awakened something inside her. All those desires she had felt in passing had culminated, growing deeper, hungrier, darker. #Quote by Nenia Campbell
Lust quotes by Tony Gaskins
#192. True Love gives you Peace! It doesn't consume you with anxiety, that's lust! #Quote by Tony Gaskins
Lust quotes by Jeremy Taylor
#193. Lust is a captivity of the reason and an enraging of the passions. It hinders business and distracts counsel. It sins against the body and weakens the soul. #Quote by Jeremy Taylor
Lust quotes by Kantor
#194. This pursuit of unavailable distant people has oedipal roots.
… fearing the consequences, they make certain that they fail at the attempt."
―Distancing, Kantor (p.115) #Quote by Kantor
Lust quotes by Susan Block
#195. Trust Kills Lust #Quote by Susan Block
Lust quotes by John Tillotson
#196. It is pleasant to be virtuous and good, because that is to excel many others; it is pleasant to grow better, because that is to excel ourselves; it is pleasant to mortify and subdue our lusts, because that is victory; it is pleasant to command our appetites and passions, and to keep them in due order within the bounds of reason and religion, because this is empire. #Quote by John Tillotson
Lust quotes by Florence King
#197. The joker in the deck of lesbian fidelity is female vanity: no woman of fifty is going to undress in front of a woman of twenty no matter how much she might lust for her. #Quote by Florence King
Lust quotes by Wendy Higgins
#198. Shoes. I needed to get on my tennis shoes. I scrambled through my things on the floor and found them, shoving my feet in and tying the knots. Of course Kaidan Rowe would know what freesia smelled like. He probably had to take a flower course during lust training.
"Going somewhere?"
In my peripheral vision I saw him standing in the bathroom door. I wouldn't meet his eyes, afraid they'd be as stormy as they were after our kiss.
I stood and looked at the clock. It was nine. "Yeah, I'm going for a run."
"Mind if I join you?"
I huffed out a determined breath and looked at him now. "Only if you'll do something for me."
He raised his eyebrows in response.
"Teach me to hide my colors. #Quote by Wendy Higgins
Lust quotes by Lora Leigh
#199. I'm really sorry, Nathan." Her accent thickened as she stared up at him, biting her lip nervously as she wondered how much he would pout.
Nathan could go all quiet, somber, and answer her in monosyllables that drove her insane. He would glare at her.
He would watch ball games. He would come to bed late. Late. After she went to sleep. And wouldn't give her any until the next morning. It really wasn't fair.
"Nathan, please don't be mad at me . . ."
"How did you hit my truck? How? It was sitting in plain view. Plain view, Sabella." He was getting angry. He only said her full name when he was really getting angry or really, really horny. And he was not horny. Okay, this wasn't good. She could do without for days. But she didn't like it.
She stomped her foot, glaring back at him in irritation. "If it weren't for you, I would have never hit it."
"Me?" He stepped back, shaking his head fiercely. "How the hell was this my fault?"
"Because you were cutting the grass, with no shirt, in sexy jeans and boots, and seeing your tight ass striding across the lawn made me horny. You distracted me. It's all your fault. If you dress properly things like this just would not happen, Nathan . . ."
He kissed her. It wasn't a gentle, easy kiss. It was rough and ready and smack full of lust as he jerked her against him, pressing his cock into her belly as she gasped in pleasure.
"You are so spanked." He picked her up, striding across the lawn, leaving her #Quote by Lora Leigh
Lust quotes by R.D. Ronald
#200. Around the outside of the room other beautiful women wearing little or nothing at all flitted between the infatuated, intoxicated men, sometimes luring them away for a private dance. The men would follow obediently, weighed down by lust and credit cards. #Quote by R.D. Ronald

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