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Famous Quotes About Lumine

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Lumine quotes by Lucretius
#1. The gods and their tranquil abodes appear, which no winds disturb, nor clouds bedew with showers, nor does the white snow, hardened by frost, annoy them; the heaven, always pure, is without clouds, and smiles with pleasant light diffused.
[Lat., Apparet divom numen, sedesque quietae;
Quas neque concutiunt ventei, nec nubila nimbeis.
Aspergunt, neque nex acri concreta pruina
Cana cadens violat; semper sine nubibus aether
Integer, et large diffuso lumine ridet.] #Quote by Lucretius
Lumine quotes by Andrea Cremer
#2. The Searcher scrambled backward from the couch onto the floor. "Oh my God."
Lumine smiled. "He's not taking calls right now. #Quote by Andrea Cremer

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