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Ludgate Construction quotes by Albert Camus
#1. Of whom and of what can I say: "I know that"! This heart within me I can feel, and I judge that it exists. This world I can touch, and I likewise judge that it exists. There ends all my knowledge, and the rest is construction. For if I try to seize this self of which I feel sure, if I try to define and to summarize it, it is nothing but water slipping through my fingers. I can sketch one by one all the aspects it is able to assume, all those likewise that have been attributed to it, this upbringing, this origin, this ardor or these silences, this nobility or this vileness. But aspects cannot be added up. This very heart which is mine will forever remain indefinable to me. Between the certainty I have of my existence and the content I try to give to that assurance the gap will never be filled. #Quote by Albert Camus
Ludgate Construction quotes by Albert Camus
#2. In every rebellion is to be found the metaphysical demand for unity, the impossibility of capturing it, and the construction of a substitute universe. #Quote by Albert Camus
Ludgate Construction quotes by Maynard Hershon
#3. Mybike handling qualities include on-a-rail tracking, almost as if the headset were too tight, and a high-strung, joyous agility. Frame geometry and construction integrity combine with the rider's caffeine consumption level to produce serendipitously disparate handling characteristics. #Quote by Maynard Hershon
Ludgate Construction quotes by John Pollack
#4. Language, be it remembered, is not an abstract construction of the learned, or of dictionary-makers, but is something arising out of the work, needs, ties, joys, affections, tastes of long generations of humanity, and has its bases broad and low, close to the ground. Its final decisions are made by the masses, people nearest the concrete, having most to do with actual land and sea. It permeates us all, the past as well as the present, and is the grandest triumph of the human intellect. - Walt Whitman #Quote by John Pollack
Ludgate Construction quotes by Roger Staubach
#5. At our company, our Design and Construction Consulting Service Team not only helps eliminate the risks inherent in the construction process, they typically save our clients 5% - 10% on overall construction costs. They also help make sure projects come in on time. #Quote by Roger Staubach
Ludgate Construction quotes by Andy Weir
#6. I still can't quite believe that this is really it. I'm really leaving. This frigid desert has been my home for a year and a half. I figured out how to survive, at least for a while, and I got used to how things worked. My terrifying struggle to stay alive became somehow routine. Get up in the morning, eat breakfast, tend my crops, fix broken stuff, eat lunch, answer e-mail, watch TV, eat dinner, go to bed. The life of a modern farmer. Then I was a trucker, doing a long haul across the world. And finally, a construction worker, rebuilding a ship in ways no one ever considered before this. I've done a little of everything here, because I'm the only one around to do it. #Quote by Andy Weir
Ludgate Construction quotes by Bell Hooks
#7. Within neo-colonial white supremacist capitalist patriarchy, the black male body continues to be perceived as an embodiment of bestial, violent, penis-as-weapon hypermasculine assertion. Psychohistories of white racism have always called attention to the tension between the construction of black male body as danger and the underlying eroticization that always then imagines that body as a location for transgressive pleasure. It has taken contemporary commodification of blackness to teach the world that this perceived threat, whether real or symbolic, can be diffused by a process of fetishization that renders the black masculine 'menace' feminine through a process of patriarchal objectification. #Quote by Bell Hooks
Ludgate Construction quotes by Aberjhani
#8. When we vote we participate in the construction of a context ... #Quote by Aberjhani
Ludgate Construction quotes by Shirley Jackson
#9. This house, which seemed somehow to have formed itself, flying together into its own powerful pattern under the hands of its builders, fitting itself into its own construction of lines and angles, reared its great head back against the sky without concession to humanity. It was a house without kindness, never meant to be lived in, not a fit place for people or for love or for hope. #Quote by Shirley Jackson
Ludgate Construction quotes by Octavio Paz
#10. The religion of art, like the religion of politics, was born from the ruins of Christianity. Art inherited from the old religion the power of consecrating things and endowing them with a sort of eternity; museums are our temples, and the objects displayed in them are beyond history. Politics
or more precisely, Revolution
co-opted the other function of religion: changing human beings and society. Art was an asceticism, a spiritual heroism; Revolution was the construction of a universal church. #Quote by Octavio Paz
Ludgate Construction quotes by Bettany Hughes
#11. In the Roman psyche the East had long been a place of danger, but also a place of plenty. The first Emperor Augustus famously said of Rome that he found a city built in brick but left it in marble – all that money had to come from somewhere. India was repeatedly described in Roman sources as a land of unimaginable wealth. Pliny the Elder complained that the Roman taste for exotic silks, perfumes and pearls consumed the city. 'India and China [and Arabia] together drain our Empire. That is the price that our luxuries and our womankind cost us.' It was the construction of the Via Egnatia and attendant road-systems that physically allowed Rome to expand eastwards, while the capture of Egypt intensified this magnetic pull. Rome had got the oriental bug, and Byzantium, entering into a truce with the Romans in 129 BC following the Roman victory in the Macedonian Wars that kick-started Gnaeus Egnatius' construction of the Via Egnatia, was a critical and vital destination before all longer Asian journeys began. #Quote by Bettany Hughes
Ludgate Construction quotes by Clark Gable
#12. They see me as an ordinary guy, like a construction worker or the guy who delivers your piano #Quote by Clark Gable
Ludgate Construction quotes by Savannah Stuart
#13. On a construction site sabotage could be potentially deadly. Alarm jumped through her. "Is anyone hurt?"
"No, thankfully. But… I need to be there."
"Then go. I've got my communicator and everyone knows I'm yours now anyway." She liked saying that she was his. He liked it as well if the smoldering look he gave her was any indication.
As the elevator made a soft ding, she leaned up and kissed him, not caring about the public affection. He didn't seem to mind either as he deepened the kiss for a little longer than was probably publicly acceptable.
When the doors opened, there were two males inside who didn't appear to be getting off - until Con growled at them. Without pause, they politely stepped off and let her get on. Even though there was enough room for about twenty warriors, apparently Con was feeling extra protective today.
She bit back a smile and blew him a kiss goodbye in full view of the two males. To her surprise his ears tinged red.
It was the last thing she saw before the doors closed. A short laugh escaped as she pressed the correct floor. #Quote by Savannah Stuart
Ludgate Construction quotes by Albert Laszlo Barabasi
#14. In retrospect, Euler's unintended message is very simple: Graphs or networks have properties, hidden in their construction, that limit or enhance our ability to do things with them. For more than two centuries the layout of Konigsberg's graph limited its citizens' ability to solve their coffeehouse problem. But a change in the layout, the addition of only one extra link, suddenly removed this constraint. #Quote by Albert Laszlo Barabasi
Ludgate Construction quotes by James Ellroy
#15. There's a beast in me. I destroy those I cannot control. I must be certain that those close to me share my identical interests. I'm benevolent within that construction. I'm ghastly outside of it. #Quote by James Ellroy
Ludgate Construction quotes by R.S. Vern
#16. There will always be road construction in life, and never a point when all the highways are fixed. Keep walking. #Quote by R.S. Vern
Ludgate Construction quotes by Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
#17. The real beauty of the building is seen when the right paints touch its walls #Quote by Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
Ludgate Construction quotes by Len Wiseman
#18. So I was drawing in a lot of the habit district in Brazil, put that together with an Asian influence, so there are a lot of different things in terms of architecture which assisted in the construction. Then every sci-fi movie I've grown up with from 'Blade Runner' to 'Aliens' and 'Star Wars.' #Quote by Len Wiseman
Ludgate Construction quotes by John Maynard Keynes
#19. Most men love money and security more, and creation and construction less, as they get older. #Quote by John Maynard Keynes
Ludgate Construction quotes by Danielle L. McGuire
#20. The enormous spotlight that focused on King, combined with the construction of Rosa Parks as a saintly symbol, hid the women's long struggle in the dimly lit background, obscuring the origins of the MIA and erasing women from the movement. For decades, the Montgomery bus boycott has been told as a story triggered by Rosa Park's spontaneous refusal to give up her seat followed by the triumphant leadership of men like Fred Gray, Martin Luther King, Jr., E. D. Nixon, and Ralph Abernathy. While these men had a major impact on the emerging protest movement, it was black women's decade-long struggle against mistreatment and abuse by white bus drivers and police officers that launched the boycott. Without an appreciation for the particular predicaments of black women in the Jim Crow South, it is nearly impossible to understand why thousands of working-class and hundreds of middle-class black women chose to walk rather than ride the bus for 381 days. #Quote by Danielle L. McGuire
Ludgate Construction quotes by Simon Van Der Meer
#21. Since then, I have worked with the group that commissioned and improved the ring and that is now preparing the construction of a second ring to increase the p stacking rate by an order of magnitude. #Quote by Simon Van Der Meer
Ludgate Construction quotes by Salvador Plascencia
#22. And if we had learned anything from this story it was to be cautious of paper
to be mindful of its fragile construction and sharp edges, but mostly to be cautious of what is written on it. #Quote by Salvador Plascencia
Ludgate Construction quotes by Peter Zumthor
#23. What I try to do is the art of building, and the art of building is the art of construction; it is not only about forms and shapes and images. #Quote by Peter Zumthor
Ludgate Construction quotes by James Hutton
#24. When we trace the part of which this terrestrial system is composed, and when we view the general connection of those several parts, the whole presents a machine of a peculiar construction by which it is adapted to a certain end. We perceive a fabric, erected in wisdom, to obtain a purpose worthy of the power that is apparent in the production of it. #Quote by James Hutton
Ludgate Construction quotes by Ernest Vincent Wright
#25. If you would only stop rating a child's ability by your own; and try to find out just what ability a child has, our young folks throughout this big world would show a surprisingly willing disposition to try things which would bring your approbation. A child's brain is an astonishing thing. It has, in its construction, an astounding capacity for absorbing what is brought to it; and not only to think about, but to find ways for improving it. It is today's child who, tomorrow, will, you know, laugh at our ways of doing things. #Quote by Ernest Vincent Wright
Ludgate Construction quotes by Stephen Greenblatt
#26. The patricians urge [Coriolanus] to set aside his most deeply held convictions for the purpose of getting elected. They want him to lie and to pander and to play the demagogue. Once he is securely in office, there will be plenty of time for him to resume his actual stance and to roll back the concessions that have been made to the poor. It is the most familiar of political games: the plutocrat, born into every privilege and inwardly contemptuous of those beneath him, who mouths the rhetoric of populism during the electoral campaign, abandoning it as soon as it has served his purposes. The Romans had boiled it all down to a conventional performance, comparable to a well-coiffed politician's donning of a hard hat at a rally held at a construction site... #Quote by Stephen Greenblatt
Ludgate Construction quotes by Thomas Jefferson
#27. Common sense is the foundation of all authorities, of the laws themselves, and of their construction. #Quote by Thomas Jefferson
Ludgate Construction quotes by Nick Bostrom
#28. Our demise may instead result from the habitat destruction that ensues when the AI begins massive global construction projects using nanotech factories and assemblers - construction #Quote by Nick Bostrom
Ludgate Construction quotes by Adam Carolla
#29. In my early 20s I was so miserable doing construction, I wanted something that paid money. I liked nice stuff. I liked cars and architecture, and things that cost money. I wanted to not swing a hammer, and make money ... and not do stuff that was dirty. I attempted to get into comedy. I started to do stand-up, but I wasn't very good at it. #Quote by Adam Carolla
Ludgate Construction quotes by Albert Einstein
#30. Some recent work by E. Fermi and L. Szilárd, which has been communicated to me in manuscript, leads me to expect that the element uranium may be turned into a new and important source of energy in the immediate future. Certain aspects of the situation seem to call for watchfulness and, if necessary, quick action on the part of the Administration. ...

This new phenomenon would also lead to the construction of bombs, and it is conceivable - though much less certain - that extremely powerful bombs of a new type may thus be constructed. A single bomb of this type, carried by boat or exploded in a port, might well destroy the whole port altogether with some of the surrounding territory. However, such bombs might well prove to be too heavy for transportation by air. #Quote by Albert Einstein
Ludgate Construction quotes by Tariq Ramadan
#31. The philosophical connection between the Islamic world and the West is much closer than I thought. Doubt did not begin with Descartes. We have this construction today that the West and Islam are entirely separate worlds. This is wrong. #Quote by Tariq Ramadan
Ludgate Construction quotes by Alexander G. Weheliye
#32. black studies illuminates the essential role that racializing assemblages play in the construction of modern selfhood, works toward the abolition of Man, and advocates the radical reconstruction and decolonization of what it means to be human. In doing so, black studies pursues a politics of global liberation beyond the genocidal shackles of Man.3 #Quote by Alexander G. Weheliye
Ludgate Construction quotes by Richard Wright
#33. Then, first of all, let us admit that there is no such thing as objectivity, no such objective fact as objectivity. Objectivity is a fabricated concept, a synthetic intellectual construction ... #Quote by Richard Wright
Ludgate Construction quotes by Henning Genz
#34. Bodies influence the space that surrounds them; they tell us whatever we can learn about that space. Does this mean that, possibly, there is no such thing as space by itself? Could it be that space is nothing but a theoretical construction invented for the purpose of giving the observed world an ordered framework? Could it be that we perceive as the reality of space is nothing but the influence of abstract laws of nature on the behavior of massive objects or bodies? That space is wedded to these bodies and will vanish if they do? This is a respectable position to take. For more than two thousand years, it has coexisted with the view of space as the primary stage that permits material objects to make their appearance. Natural philosophers who theorized about space can easily be charted on a scale between these two extreme positions. On the left is Thales of Miletus, whose "space" is nothing but one shapeless fluid; on the other side, there is Democritus, with his empty space in which material objects whir around. Leibniz on the left, Von guericke and Newton on the right.
Albert Einstein juxtaposed these two concepts of space as, on one hand, the positional qualities of the physical world (left) and, on the other, the container of all physical objects (right) in his left-hand case, there is no space without an object; on the right, such an object cannot be thought of except in conjunction with the space that surrounds it-thereby assigning to space a higher reality than t #Quote by Henning Genz
Ludgate Construction quotes by Paul Carus
#35. The truth us that other systems of geometry are possible, yet after all, these other systems are not spaces but other methods of space measurements. There is one space only, though we may conceive of many different manifolds, which are contrivances or ideal constructions invented for the purpose of determining space. #Quote by Paul Carus
Ludgate Construction quotes by Rick Riordan
#36. No doubt Carter would describe the underground city in excruciating detail, with exact measurements of each room, boring history on every statue and hieroglyph, and background notes on the construction of the magical headquarters of the House of Life.
I will spare you that pain.
It's big. It's full of magic. It's underground.
There. Sorted. #Quote by Rick Riordan
Ludgate Construction quotes by Kilroy J. Oldster
#37. No construction of thought represents a label, barrier, or a full stop. Each sentence, paragraph, and page represents an exploratory probe into the unknown; each statement is an act of experimentation, investigation, creation, and growth. #Quote by Kilroy J. Oldster
Ludgate Construction quotes by Virginia Postrel
#38. The Dallas model, prominent in the South and Southwest, sees a growing population as a sign of urban health. Cities liberally permit housing construction to accommodate new residents. The Los Angeles model, common on the West Coast and in the Northeast Corridor, discourages growth by limiting new housing. #Quote by Virginia Postrel
Ludgate Construction quotes by Vladimir Putin
#39. Where in the world have you seen construction people who do everything on time, with good quality and at minimal prices? Just give me one country like that. A country like that doesn't exist in the world, you know. There's not one such country anywhere in the world. #Quote by Vladimir Putin
Ludgate Construction quotes by Rachel Tucker
#40. We lived in Manhattan, which was unbearable sometimes because it was so noisy. There were sirens blaring, construction sites going, people shouting and swearing at each other. #Quote by Rachel Tucker
Ludgate Construction quotes by Shinzo Abe
#41. To protect people's lives and keep our children safe, we must implement public-works spending and do so proudly. If possible, I'd like to see the Bank of Japan purchase all of the construction bonds that we need to issue to cover the cost. That would also forcefully circulate money in the market. That would be positive for the economy, too. #Quote by Shinzo Abe
Ludgate Construction quotes by Fiction Factory Incorporated
#42. Where CREATIVITY is ALWAYS under construction! #Quote by Fiction Factory Incorporated
Ludgate Construction quotes by Max Heindel
#43. When passion has wrecked the body in one life, it is stamped upon the seed atom. In the next descent to rebirth, it is therefore impossible for him to gather sound material with which to build a brain of stable construction. #Quote by Max Heindel
Ludgate Construction quotes by Jarod Kintz
#44. A blanket, when taken to the top of a mountain and laid flat, could be painted orange and used as a landing pad for when the aliens come to earth to save humanity. The only problem is, with it being painted orange, what if the construction workers arrive before the extraterrestrials? #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Ludgate Construction quotes by Hermann Weyl
#45. It is impossible to discuss realism in logic without drawing in the empirical sciences ... A truly realistic mathematics should be conceived, in line with physics, as a branch of the theoretical construction of the one real world and should adopt the same sober and cautious attitude toward hypothetic extensions of its foundation as is exhibited by physics. #Quote by Hermann Weyl
Ludgate Construction quotes by Italo Calvino
#46. I, too, feel the need to reread the books I have already read," a third reader says, "but at every rereading I seem to be reading a new book, for the first time. Is it I who keep changing and seeing new things of which I was not previously aware? Or is reading a construction that assumes form, assembling a great number of variables, and therefore something that cannot be repeated twice according to the same pattern? Every time I seek to relive the emotion of a previous reading, I experience different and unexpected impressions, and do not find again those of before. At certain moments it seems to me that between one reading and the next there is a progression: in the sense, for example, of penetrating further into the spirit of the text, or of increasing my critical detachment. At other moments, on the contrary, I seem to retain the memory of the readings of a single book one next to another, enthusiastic or cold or hostile, scattered in time without a perspective, without a thread that ties them together. The conclusion I have reached is that reading is an operation without object; or that its true object is itself. The book is an accessory aid, or even a pretext. #Quote by Italo Calvino
Ludgate Construction quotes by John Darnielle
#47. Here and there, alone, reflecting, I'd bump up against what felt like a buffer zone between me and some vast reserve of grief, but its reinforcements were sturdy enough and its construction solid enough to prevent me from really ever smelling its air, feeling its wind on my face. #Quote by John Darnielle
Ludgate Construction quotes by Mengistu Haile Mariam
#48. One of the fundamental preconditions of successful socialist construction is to ensure the people's readiness to defend themselves from the ravages of probable regional or global wars on the basis of the balance of forces generating from the basic contradictions of our epoch. #Quote by Mengistu Haile Mariam

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