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Lucky Moment quotes by Jeff Goins
#1. Successful people are just as "lucky" as the unsuccessful. The difference is they do something remarkable with their lucky moment while the rest of the world sits around, waiting for the next lucky streak to come. #Quote by Jeff Goins
Lucky Moment quotes by Erik Pevernagie
#2. When we are fairly observant and overly patient, a vibration of happiness might crop up unwittingly, as we capture the "timelessness" of a lucky moment and a sparkle of a stray instant, unexpectedly, enraptures our life in a blaze of color and splendor. ( "Happy days are back again" ) #Quote by Erik Pevernagie
Lucky Moment quotes by Jeremy Irvine
#3. You can be the best actor in the world, but if you don't have that one lucky moment, it kind of doesn't matter. There are a lot of amazing actors who will never get the chance to prove themselves because they won't have that one lucky moment. #Quote by Jeremy Irvine
Lucky Moment quotes by Jewel
#4. I'm trying to be in the moment and really enjoy my pregnancy. I feel really lucky. #Quote by Jewel
Lucky Moment quotes by Erik Pevernagie
#5. Let us find inner freedom in each lucky moment that we encounter, like a sun-basking butterfly that finds peace on a cherry blossom petal. ("I seek you") #Quote by Erik Pevernagie
Lucky Moment quotes by Edward Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Baron Lytton
#6. The public man needs but one patron, namely, the lucky moment. #Quote by Edward Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Baron Lytton
Lucky Moment quotes by Kit Harington
#7. I find you can lose yourself in an acting sense in a fight far more easily than you can in a dialogue scene, and I love that about it. We try as actors all the time: we strive just to completely sort of lose ourselves in the moment, and we never quite get there, but in a fight, you can do it in seconds; that is what I love about it. #Quote by Kit Harington
Lucky Moment quotes by Dominic Riccitello
#8. And I wonder if the moment I die will know it's the moment I die. #Quote by Dominic Riccitello
Lucky Moment quotes by Ira Glass
#9. I'm trying to make perfect moments. And those generate meaning. If you go deep enough in how to make a moment, very quickly you come to how narrative works - to what we are as a species, how we've come up with telling stories in scenes and images. #Quote by Ira Glass
Lucky Moment quotes by Mehmet Murat Ildan
#10. People are often daydreamers which is why when you see something strange on your way, you must thank to it because it liberates you from the world of dreams by waking you up! Welcome to the world of reality, welcome to this very moment we are in! #Quote by Mehmet Murat Ildan
Lucky Moment quotes by Virginia Woolf
#11. The idea has come to me that what I want now to do is to saturate every atom. I mean to eliminate all waste, deadness, superfluity: to give the moment whole; whatever it includes. Say that the moment is a combination of thought; sensation; the voice of the sea. Waste, deadness, come from the inclusion of things that don't belong to the moment; this appalling narrative business of the realist: getting on from lunch to dinner: it is false, unreal, merely conventional. #Quote by Virginia Woolf
Lucky Moment quotes by Michael Vito Tosto
#12. The moment a mind closes is the moment it can no longer evolve. Intellectual inertia soon follows. I suppose that in many ways this is one of my main objections to theism; it assumes that all questions are already firmly answered. There is no room for curiosity. A closed question does not lead to other questions. Thus, there is no progression, no evolution, no molting. This is no good for me. I want to evolve. I want to progress. I want to molt. And I want to keep learning about the real mysteries of this Universe. #Quote by Michael Vito Tosto
Lucky Moment quotes by Andy Murray
#13. I've always been lucky enough to just play tennis, so I never actually had a job when I was growing up. #Quote by Andy Murray
Lucky Moment quotes by Rick Pitino
#14. I try not to get too low. I fight adversity as hard as I can fight it, not to get too low. When good things happen, I don't really embrace it. I just say it's a lucky day. #Quote by Rick Pitino
Lucky Moment quotes by Rachel Joyce
#15. Mothering had come so naturally to Maureen. It was as if another woman had been waiting inside her all along, ready to slip out. She knew how to swing her body so that a baby slept; how to soften her voice; how to curl her hand to support his head. She knew what temperature the water should be in his bath, and when he needed to nap, and how to knit him blue wool socks. He had no idea she knew these things and he had watched with awe, like a spectator from the shadows. It both deepened his love for her and lifted her apart, so that just at the moment when he thought their marriage would intensify, it seemed to lose its way, or at least set them in different places. #Quote by Rachel Joyce
Lucky Moment quotes by Lynda Cohen Loigman
#16. Abe was a lucky man. He told himself that every morning while he dressed and every night before he went to sleep. Abe wasn't religious but every day he thanked God for his beautiful wife, his four healthy sons, his brother and his business. Sometimes he left out his brother, but only when Mort was being a pain in the ass. #Quote by Lynda Cohen Loigman
Lucky Moment quotes by Trish McCallan
#17. For a moment she was convinced she was still dreaming. That she'd fallen asleep while reading one of JR Ward's Brotherhood of The Black Dagger romances and had inserted herself into a dream based on the book. Any moment now he was going to start growling Mine Mine Mine and let loose with some spicy bonding scent. Or flash a massive set of fangs. #Quote by Trish McCallan
Lucky Moment quotes by John Daido Loori
#18. If you know the music the moment the violin string begins to vibrate, then you know how to navigate through the forest of brambles and entanglements with freedom and ease. If, on the other hand, you think that with practice the forest of brambles and entanglements will altogether disappear, then right from the beginning you are hopelessly entangled and won't find your way. #Quote by John Daido Loori
Lucky Moment quotes by Eckhart Tolle
#19. When you say "yes" to the "isness" of life, when you accept this moment as it is, you can feel a sense of spaciousness within you that is deeply peaceful. #Quote by Eckhart Tolle
Lucky Moment quotes by Jana Kotaishova
#20. We are all guests on this earth. We come and we go. All of us. The oppressors and the oppressed, the weak and the strong. We are all here for a mere moment. #Quote by Jana Kotaishova
Lucky Moment quotes by David Deida
#21. Right now, and in every now-moment, you are either closing or opening. You are either stressfully waiting for something - more money, security, affection - or you are living from your deep heart, opening as the entire moment, and giving what you most deeply desire to give, without waiting. #Quote by David Deida
Lucky Moment quotes by Henri J.M. Nouwen
#22. Anger, resentment, jealousy, desire for revenge, lust, greed, antagonisms, and rivalries are the obvious signs that I have left home. And that happens quite easily. When I pay careful attention to what goes on in my mind from moment to moment, I come to the disconcerting discovery that there are very few moments during the day when I am really free from these dark emotions, passions and feelings.

Constantly falling back into an old trap, before I am even fully aware of it, I find myself wondering why someone hurt me, rejected me, or didn't pay attention to me. Without realizing it, I find myself brooding about someone else's success, my own loneliness, and the way the world abuses me. Despite my conscious intentions, I often catch myself daydreaming about becoming rich, powerful, and very famous. All of these mental games reveal to me the fragility of my faith that I am the Beloved One on whom God's favor rests. I am so afraid of being disliked, blamed, put aside, passed over, ignored, persecuted, and killed, that I am constantly developing strategies to defend myself and thereby assure myself of the love I think I need and deserve. And in so doing I move far away from my father's home and choose to dwell in a "distant country. #Quote by Henri J.M. Nouwen
Lucky Moment quotes by Willa Cather
#23. Antonia had always been one to leave images in the mind that did not fade - that grew stronger with time. In my memory there was a succession of such pictures, fixed there like the old woodcuts of one's first primer ... She lent herself to immemorial human attitudes which we recognize by instinct as universal and true ... She was a battered woman now, not a lovely girl; but she still had that something which fires the imagination, could still stop one's breath for a moment by a look or gesture ... All the strong things of her heart came out in her body, that had been so tireless in serving generous emotions. #Quote by Willa Cather
Lucky Moment quotes by Thich Nhat Hanh
#24. We are children of the Earth, made of all the same elements and minerals. We contain mountains, rivers, stars, and black holes. In every moment of our life the cosmos is going through us, renewing us, and we are returning ourselves to the cosmos. We are breathing the atmosphere, eating the earth's food, creating new ideas, and experiencing new feelings. And we are emitting energy back into the cosmos, in our thinking, speech, and actions, in our out-breath, in our body's warmth, and in releasing everything we have consumed and digested. In this very moment many parts of us are returning to the earth. We don't return to the earth and cosmos only when our body disintegrates. We are already inside the earth, and the earth is inside us. #Quote by Thich Nhat Hanh
Lucky Moment quotes by Andre Kertesz
#25. The moment always dictates in my work. What I feel, I do. This is the most important thing for me. Everybody can look, but they don't necessarily see. I never calculate or consider; I see a situation and I know that it's right, even if I have to go back to get the proper lighting. #Quote by Andre Kertesz
Lucky Moment quotes by Graham Greene
#26. I want men to admire me, but that's a trick you learn at school
a movement of the eyes, a tone of voice, a touch of the hand on the shoulder or the head. If they think you admire them, they will admire you because of your good taste, and when they admire you, you have an illusion for a moment that there's something to admire. #Quote by Graham Greene
Lucky Moment quotes by C.S. Lewis
#27. But please, please - won't you - can't you give me something that will cure Mother?'
Up till then he had been looking at the Lion's great feet and the huge claws on them; now, in his despair, he looked up at its face. What he saw surprised him as much as anything in his whole life. For the tawny face was bent down near his own and (wonder of wonders) great shining tears stood in the Lion's eyes. They were such big, bright tears compared with Digory's own that for a moment he felt as if the Lion must really be sorrier about his Mother than he was himself.
'My son, my son,' said Aslan. 'I know. Grief is great. #Quote by C.S. Lewis
Lucky Moment quotes by Judith McNaught
#28. Is there a bird among them, dear boy?" Charity asked innocently, peering not at the things on the desk, but at his face, noting the muscle beginning to twitch at Ian's tense jaw.
"Then they must be in the schoolroom! Of course," she said cheerfully, "that's it. How like me, Hortense would say, to have made such a silly mistake."
Ian dragged his eyes from the proof that his grandfather had been keeping track of him almost from the day of his birth-certainly from the day when he was able to leave the cottage on his own two legs-to her face and said mockingly, "Hortense isn't very perceptive. I would say you are as wily as a fox."
She gave him a little knowing smile and pressed her finger to her lips. "Don't tell her, will you? She does so enjoy thinking she is the clever one."
"How did he manage to have these drawn?" Ian asked, stopping her as she turned away.
"A woman in the village near your home drew many of them. Later he hired an artist when he knew you were going to be somewhere at a specific time. I'll just leave you here where it's nice and quiet." She was leaving him, Ian knew, to look through the items on the desk. For a long moment he hesitated, and then he slowly sat down in the chair, looking over the confidential reports on himself. They were all written by one Mr. Edgard Norwich, and as Ian began scanning the thick stack of pages, his anger at his grandfather for this outrageous invasion of his privacy slowly became amusement. #Quote by Judith McNaught
Lucky Moment quotes by Chuck Ragan
#29. I've always written songs to use music as a form of therapy or as a way to look at my obstacles or my memories from a different perspective. It's always helped me realize the grass isn't always greener and how I need to live more in the moment. My songwriting is a documentation of whatever's happening in my life at that point in time. #Quote by Chuck Ragan
Lucky Moment quotes by Alexander Pope
#30. Love, free as air, at sight of human ties,
Spreads his light wings, and in a moment flies. #Quote by Alexander Pope
Lucky Moment quotes by Arthur Herman
#31. The cattle raid, the creach, was not only a test of leadership and honor, celebrated in bardic song. It also paid a tidy profit, when the clan could charge ransom to return the stolen cattle. The term in Scots was blackmail - mail being the word for "rent" or "tribute," and black the typical color of the Highlander's cattle. Blackmail determined the rhythm of life in many parts of the Highlands. Some observers estimated that at any given moment the average chief had half his warriors out stealing his neighbor's cattle, and the other half out recovering the cattle his neighbors had stolen from him. #Quote by Arthur Herman
Lucky Moment quotes by Tom Hiddleston
#32. If you play it straight it's funny - the best comedy is always played straight down the middle. The adjustment is understanding from the screenplay that a moment is hilarious. #Quote by Tom Hiddleston
Lucky Moment quotes by Lucinda Williams
#33. As it turns out, now is the moment you've been waiting for #Quote by Lucinda Williams
Lucky Moment quotes by Christian Hosoi
#34. God always puts somebody in your life at the right moment. #Quote by Christian Hosoi
Lucky Moment quotes by Cathryn Louis
#35. Sometimes a moment of clarity shines so brightly, you have no choice but to walk into the light - or hide under the rug. #Quote by Cathryn Louis
Lucky Moment quotes by Rachel Naomi Remen
#36. A colleague told me that he thinks of his life as an orchestra. Reclaiming his integrity reminds him of that moment before the concert when the concertmaster asks the oboist to sound an A. 'At first there is chaos and noise as all parts of the orchestra try to align themselves with that note. But as each instrument moves closer and closer to it, the noise diminishes and when they all finally sound it together, there is a moment of rest, of homecoming.'

'That is how it feels to me,' he told me. 'I am always tuning my orchestra. Somewhere deep inside there is a sound that is mine alone, and I struggle daily to hear it and tune my life to it. Sometimes there are people and situations that help me to hear my note more clearly; other times, people and situations make it harder for me to hear. A lot depends on my commitment to listening and my intention to stay coherent with this note. It is only when my life is tuned to my note that I can play life's mysterious and holy music without tainting it with my own discordance, my own bitterness, resentment, agenda, and fears.'

Deep inside, our integrity sings to us whether we are listening or not. It is a note that only we can hear. #Quote by Rachel Naomi Remen

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