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Luckeroth Masonry quotes by Andrew Jackson
#1. Freemasonry is an institution calculated to benefit mankind. #Quote by Andrew Jackson
Luckeroth Masonry quotes by Albert Pike
#2. The Blue Degrees are but the outer court ... of the temple. Part of the symbols are displayed there to the initiate, but he is intentionally misled by false interpretation. It is not intended that he shall understand them, but it is intended that he shall imagine that he understands them ... The true explanation is reserved for the Adepts, the Princes of Masonry (those of the 32nd and 33rd degrees) #Quote by Albert Pike
Luckeroth Masonry quotes by Robert E. Dunn
#3. There is a little furnace within every heart that burns pain. It is formed by a masonry of scars as tick by tick the tireless mechanics of life strip the innocence bestowed upon us at birth. There are some in whom life builds the furnace small and controllable, a passionate heat to burn off the losses, the harsh words and petty disappointments, leaving us cleaner for it. There are others. There are those whose innocence is assaulted early and with such brutality, that it goes beyond all the boundaries of deities and angels to stray into the world of unfettered evil. They build their furnaces differently. #Quote by Robert E. Dunn
Luckeroth Masonry quotes by Hans Arp
#4. Already in 1915, Sophie Tauber divides the surface of her aquarelle into squares and rectangles which she then juxtaposes horizontally and perpendicularly as Mondrian, Itten and Paul Klee did in the same period, fh). She constructs them as if they were masonry work. The colors are luminous, ranging from the raw yellow to deep red or blue. #Quote by Hans Arp
Luckeroth Masonry quotes by Robin Sacredfire
#5. Whenever we talk about darkness and light, the terms seem so abstract that many consider the answers to be found in meditation and yoga, but I'm here to tell you that the answers are in the books you will never read, waiting all your life in the libraries you ignored and the bookstores you didn't visit. I'm here to tell you as well that you are your own Satan and evil can't possibly interfere more in your life than what you're already doing to yourself by remaining ignorant. Until you choose the light, darkness is your personal choice, and there's no reason to feel any empathy for you. #Quote by Robin Sacredfire
Luckeroth Masonry quotes by Joseph Fort Newton
#6. It is not strange that men of note and learning, attracted by the wealth of symbolism on Masonry, as well as by its spirit of fraternity perhaps, also by its secrecy began at an early date to ask to be accepted as members of the order; hence Accepted Masons. How far back the custom of admitting such men to the Lodge goes is not clear, but hints of it are discernable in the oldest documents of the order. #Quote by Joseph Fort Newton
Luckeroth Masonry quotes by H.P. Lovecraft
#7. The effect was that of a Cyclopean city of no architecture known to man or to human imagination, with vast aggregations of night-black masonry embodying monstrous perversions of geometrical laws and attaining the most grotesque extremes of sinister bizarrerie. #Quote by H.P. Lovecraft
Luckeroth Masonry quotes by James Wasserman
#8. In 1738, the Pope issued an encyclical banning all participation in Masonry under threat of excommunication. #Quote by James Wasserman
Luckeroth Masonry quotes by Benjamin Creme
#9. The New Religion will manifest, for instance, through organizations like Masonry. In Freemasonry is embedded the core or the secret heart of the occult mysteries, wrapped up on number, metaphor and symbol. #Quote by Benjamin Creme
Luckeroth Masonry quotes by Edith Wharton
#10. Apart from the pleasure of looking at her and listening to her
of enjoying in her what others less discriminatingly but as liberally appreciated
he had the sense, between himself and her, of a kind of free-masonry of precocious tolerance and irony. They had both, in early youth, taken the measure of the world they happened to live in: they knew just what it was worth to them and for what reasons, and the community of these reasons lent to their intimacy its last exquisite touch. #Quote by Edith Wharton
Luckeroth Masonry quotes by Anne Catherine Emmerich
#11. I saw also the relationship between the two popes I saw how baleful (evil; harmful) would be the consequences of this false church. I saw it increase in size; heretics of every kind came into the city (of Rome) Once more I saw the Church of Peter was undermined by a plan evolved by the secret sect (Masonry), while storms were damaging it. #Quote by Anne Catherine Emmerich
Luckeroth Masonry quotes by Charles Dickens
#12. There was no wind; there was no passing shadow on the deep shade of the night; there was no noise. The city lay behind him, lighted here and there, and starry worlds were hidden by the masonry of spire and roof that hardly made out any shapes against the sky. Dark and lonely distance lay around him everywhere, and the clocks were faintly striking two. #Quote by Charles Dickens
Luckeroth Masonry quotes by Robert W. Sullivan IV
#13. Simon Greenleaf's Masonic work documents the relationship between defining the Patriarch Enoch as a Pythagorean figure while linking the Druidical priestly presence through Phoenician exploration from Egyptian source. Thus Enoch brought the content of Masonic knowledge to a greater mystical perfection as he was deemed to have caused the emergence of the restoration of learning from the vault into solar Apollonian radiance through the application of Pythagorean learning to the inspiration of the new Republic through mathematics and the laws derived from it. The result was for Greenleaf a pre- critical logic of unfolding of the Logos envisaged by Salem Town along lines delineated in the L'Enfant-Latrobe District of Columbia template from the national capital into districts of Masonic Grand Lodge administration was devolved into districts, paralleling judicial and congressional districts, symbolically as an extension of the Latrobe-L'Enfant template just after the moral and political defeat of Jedidiah Morse and the Federalists in 1800 and theological attacks on Masonry and before the onset of the Morgan fervor in 1826. This period enables the historian to see a sequence of Masonic and mythic legal unfolding from legendary history which linked the emergence of Enochic design to civil religion through monumental architecture which also links the dynamism of a Third Age of Masonic "Aquarian" millennialism rooted in third age eschatology within its Tudor derivative of an articulat #Quote by Robert W. Sullivan IV
Luckeroth Masonry quotes by Brandon Garic  Notch
#14. I must learn to let go, let it all go, center myself and open my mind. The ideals, concepts and ideas of the self being separate from the whole of all consciousness must change. We are one large family, you are I, and I am you. #Quote by Brandon Garic Notch
Luckeroth Masonry quotes by Graham Hancock
#15. The fully qualified Indian marine archaeologists who had dived on the structure in 1993 had not hesitated in their official report to pronounce it to be man-made with 'courses of masonry' plainly visible -- surely a momentous finding 5 kilometers from the shore at a depth of 23 metres? But far from exciting attention, or ruffling any academic feathers, or attracting funds for an extension of the diving survey to the other apparently man-made mounds that had been spotted bear by on the sea-bed -- and very far indeed from inspiring any Tamil expert to re-evaluate the derided possibility of a factual basis to the Kumari Kandam myth -- the NIO's discovery at Poompuhur had simply been ignored by scholarship, not even reacted to or dismissed, but just widely and generally ignored. #Quote by Graham Hancock
Luckeroth Masonry quotes by Thomas Carlyle
#16. We have our little theory on all human and divine things. Poetry, the workings of genius itself, which, in all times, with one or another meaning, has been called Inspiration, and held to be mysterious and inscrutable, is no longer without its scientific exposition. The building of the lofty rhyme is like any other masonry or bricklaying: we have theories of its rise, height, decline and fall
which latter, it would seem, is now near, among all people. #Quote by Thomas Carlyle
Luckeroth Masonry quotes by Theodore Roosevelt
#17. From its origin to the present hour, in all its vicissitudes, Masonry has been the steady unwearing friend of man. #Quote by Theodore Roosevelt
Luckeroth Masonry quotes by Eamon De Valera
#18. Partition is after all only an old fortress of crumbled masonry - held together with the plaster of fiction. #Quote by Eamon De Valera
Luckeroth Masonry quotes by Brandon Garic Notch
#19. Set yourself on fire and the world will come to see you burn. #Quote by Brandon Garic Notch
Luckeroth Masonry quotes by William Howard Taft
#20. The prosperity of Masonry as a means of strengthening our religion and propagating true brotherly love, is one of the dearest wishes of my heart, which, I trust, will be gratified by the help of the Grand Architect of the Universe. #Quote by William Howard Taft
Luckeroth Masonry quotes by Jack Vance
#21. The Silver Samarsanda stood above the Jardeen, behind a line of tall pencil cypress: an irregular bulk of masonry, plastered and whitewashed, with a wide, many-slanted roof of mossy tiles. Beside the entrance five colored lanterns hung in a vertical line: deep green, a dark, smoky scarlet, a gay light green, violet, and once more dark scarlet; and at the bottom, slightly to the side, a small, steady yellow lamp, the purport of all being: Never neglect the wonder of conscious existence, which too soon comes to an end! #Quote by Jack Vance
Luckeroth Masonry quotes by Brandon Garic Notch
#22. Motivation gets you started, and inspiration keeps you going. #Quote by Brandon Garic Notch
Luckeroth Masonry quotes by Charles Francis Richter
#23. I usually point out that most loss of life and property has been due to the collapse of antiquated and unsafe structures, mostly of brick and other masonry. #Quote by Charles Francis Richter
Luckeroth Masonry quotes by William Howard Taft
#24. The precepts of the Gospel were universally the obligations of Masonry. #Quote by William Howard Taft
Luckeroth Masonry quotes by Pope Leo XIII
#25. Everyone should avoid familiarity or friendship with anyone suspected of belonging to masonry or to affiliated groups. Know them by their fruits and avoid them. Every familiarity should be avoided, not only with those impious libertines who openly promote the character of the sect, but also with those who hide under the mask of universal tolerance, respect for all religions, and the craving to reconcile the maxims of the Gospel with those of the revolution. These men seek to reconcile Christ and Belial, the Church of God and the state without God. #Quote by Pope Leo XIII
Luckeroth Masonry quotes by Christos Rodoulla Tsiailis
#26. Everything we know and believe about deity and divinity nowadays, is a direct origin of old civilizations. Everybody, Greeks, Saxons, Assyrians and Soumerians, all imitate the ancient ways of the first tribes of central Africa (Mason father to his son in The Omniconstant #Quote by Christos Rodoulla Tsiailis
Luckeroth Masonry quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
#27. Life lies behind us as the quarry from whence we get tiles and copestones for the masonry of to-day. This is the way to learn grammar. Colleges and books only copy the language which the field and the work-yard made. #Quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson
Luckeroth Masonry quotes by Angela Carter
#28. There had never been such roses as those that bloomed that summer. They clambered everywhere and dripped as if perspiring the heaviest most intoxicating perfume, which seemed to make the very masonry drunk. The senses fused; sometimes these roses emitted low but intolerably piercing pentatonic melodies which were the sound of their deep crimson colour and yet we heard them inside our nostrils. #Quote by Angela Carter
Luckeroth Masonry quotes by Friedensreich Hundertwasser
#29. A person in a rented apartment must be able to lean out of his window and scrape off the masonry within arm's reach. And he must be allowed to take a long brush and paint everything outside within arm's reach. So that it will be visible from afar to everyone in the street that someone lives there who is different from the imprisoned, enslaved, standardised man who lives next door. #Quote by Friedensreich Hundertwasser
Luckeroth Masonry quotes by Joseph Fort Newton
#30. Masonry superadds to our other obligations the strongest ties of connection between it and the cultivation of virtue, and furnishes the most powerful incentives to goodness. #Quote by Joseph Fort Newton
Luckeroth Masonry quotes by Joseph Fort Newton
#31. There came a day when the Masons, laying aside their stones, became workmen of another kind, not less builders than before, but using truths for tools and dramas for designs, uplifting such a temple as Watts dreamed of decorating with his visions of the august allegory of the evolution of man. #Quote by Joseph Fort Newton
Luckeroth Masonry quotes by Joseph Smith Jr.
#32. The secret of masonry is to keep a secret. #Quote by Joseph Smith Jr.
Luckeroth Masonry quotes by Henry Ward Beecher
#33. The church is no more religion than the masonry of the aqueduct is the water that flows through it. #Quote by Henry Ward Beecher
Luckeroth Masonry quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
#34. Come, see the north-wind's masonry, Out of an unseen quarry evermore Furnished with tile, the fierce artificer Curves his white bastions with projected roof Round every windward stake, or tree, or door. Speeding, the myriad-handed, his wild work So fanciful, so savage, naught cares he For number or proportion. #Quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson

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