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Lucci Music quotes by Steve Winwood
#1. Music is a science, in many ways it's mathematical. #Quote by Steve Winwood
Lucci Music quotes by Andrea Bocelli
#2. The nature of music is mysterious and so much so that it generates strong emotions within us. It moves along passages that reach the most intimate areas of our psyche without being tried by prejudices or influences of any kind. #Quote by Andrea Bocelli
Lucci Music quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
#3. Without music, life would be a mistake. #Quote by Friedrich Nietzsche
Lucci Music quotes by Roberta Flack
#4. Music comes first from my heart, and then goes upstairs to my head where I check it out. #Quote by Roberta Flack
Lucci Music quotes by Nick Hornby
#5. The Beatles were bubblegum cards and Help at the Saturday morning cinema and toy plastic guitars and singing 'Yellow Submarine' at the top of my voice in the back row of the coach on school trips. They belong to me, not to me and Laura, or me and Charlie, or me and Alison Ashworth, and though they'll make me feel something, they won't make me feel anything bad. #Quote by Nick Hornby
Lucci Music quotes by Joey Ramone
#6. To me, John Lennon and Elvis Presley were punks, because they made music that evoked those emotions in people. #Quote by Joey Ramone
Lucci Music quotes by Dave Brubeck
#7. I knew I wanted to write on religious themes when I was a GI in World War II. I saw and experienced so much violence that I thought I could express my outrage best with music. #Quote by Dave Brubeck
Lucci Music quotes by John F. Kennedy
#9. As a great democratic society, we have a special responsibility to the arts. For art is the great democrat, calling forth creative genius from every sector of society, disregarding race or religion or wealth or color. What freedom alone can bring is the liberation of the human mind and a spirit which finds its greatest flowering in the free society. I see of little more importance to the future of our country and our civilization than the full recognition of the place of the artist. #Quote by John F. Kennedy
Lucci Music quotes by Christopher Hitchens
#10. Islam makes very large claims for itself. In its art, there is a prejudice against representing the human form at all. The prohibition on picturing the prophet - who was only another male mammal - is apparently absolute. So is the prohibition on pork or alcohol or, in some Muslim societies, music or dancing. Very well then, let a good Muslim abstain rigorously from all these. But if he claims the right to make me abstain as well, he offers the clearest possible warning and proof of an aggressive intent. #Quote by Christopher Hitchens
Lucci Music quotes by Bobby Underwood
#11. Night had fallen on San Francisco. Once upon a time, the romantic city's evenings had brought with it the sound of Henry Mancini's beautiful Lujon, but now there was no music left for me. Claire had taken the music of my heart with her, and I hated her for that. Hated her almost as much as I still loved her… #Quote by Bobby Underwood
Lucci Music quotes by Oscar Wilde
#12. Whatever music sounds like, I am glad to say it does not sound in the smallest degree like German. #Quote by Oscar Wilde
Lucci Music quotes by Rashod Ollison
#13. All the men in Daddy's records sang of love with drastically imbalanced emotion. In the span of three minutes, they begged for it and kicked it to the curb. They turned to anybody, even to God, with a perpetual request: Please send me someone to love. But once they got it, love scrambled them. #Quote by Rashod Ollison
Lucci Music quotes by Echo And The Bunnymen
#14. In starlit nights I saw you,
So cruelly you kissed me.
Your lips a magic world,
Your sky all hung with jewels.
The killing moon
Will come too soon.

- The Killing Moon #Quote by Echo And The Bunnymen
Lucci Music quotes by Pete Rock
#15. It was very important, and I felt like music ran through my blood lines, with my father being a deejay and teaching me about records. I always thought vinyl was just intriguing. A black piece of wax that spins on a turntable and nothing but good sound comes from it. So that inspiration just keeps me going in hip-hop. #Quote by Pete Rock
Lucci Music quotes by Leigh Bardugo
#16. I don't like the idea of killing people, either. I don't even like chemistry."
"What do you like?"
"Music. Numbers. Equations. They're not like words. They ... they don't get mixed up."
"If only you could talk to girls in equations."
There was a long silence, and then, eyes trained on the notch they'd created in the link, Wylan said, "Just girls?"
Jesper restrained a grin. "No. Not just girls." It really was a shame they were all probably going to die tonight. #Quote by Leigh Bardugo
Lucci Music quotes by Sarah Ockler
#17. If I let him walk away now, we'll forever be a "just"; Just hockey player and skating coach. Just music swappers. Just friends. A not-quite-almost whose time passed through as quickly as the train, fading into the distance before it even had a real chance at staying, at becoming something more, because I didn't speak up. #Quote by Sarah Ockler
Lucci Music quotes by J.D. Robb
#18. You never had sex in a car."

"Yes, I have. You get ideas at least half the time whenever we're in the back of one of your limos."

"Not the same at all. That's a grown-up venue, a limo is. It's sophisticated sex. And here we are, crammed together in the front seat of a police issue, and the lieutenant is both aroused and mildly embarrassed."

"I am not. Either." But her pulse jumped, and her breath hitched when his thumbs brushed over the thin cotton covering her breasts. "This is ridiculous. We're adults, we're married. The steering wheel is jammed into the base of my spine."

"The first two are irrelevant, the last is part of the buzz. Music on, program five. Skyroof open."

She narrowed her eyes at him. "It's not going to work. It's uncomfortable and it's stupid. And I have to work in this vehicle."

"I can make you come in ten seconds."

She actually smirked at him. "Ten," she said, "nine, eight, seven, six, five . . . oh shit." She'd underestimated his quick hands, his skilled fingers. He had her trousers unhooked, had her wet and throbbing. And over. #Quote by J.D. Robb
Lucci Music quotes by Michael Richards
#19. Aerobics is a really whacked-out way to get going. The loud rock 'n' roll music and the teachers standing before you, doing the exercises and screaming into the microphone, "Go! Go! Go for the burn!" #Quote by Michael Richards
Lucci Music quotes by Adrian Young
#20. Basically, as a kid I grew up to a lot of good music, and part of my appreciation for music, from being a small child, was appreciating Jamaican music. #Quote by Adrian Young
Lucci Music quotes by Mark Lanegan
#21. You run the risk of falling on your face, but, again, music is an individual pursuit - it is made to please yourself first. #Quote by Mark Lanegan
Lucci Music quotes by Gene Stratton-Porter
#22. Elnora lifted the violin and began to play. She wore a school dress of green gingham, with the sleeves rolled to the elbows. She seemed a part of the setting all around her. Her head shone like a small dark sun, her face never had seemed so rose-flushed and fair. From the instant she drew the bow, her lips parted and her eyes fastened on something far away in the swamp, and never did she give more of that immpression of feeling for her notes and repeating something audible only to her. Ammon was to near to get the best effect. he arose and stepped back several yards, leaning against a large tree, looking and listening with all his soul.

As he changed position he saw that Mrs. Comstock had followed them, and was standing on the trail, where she could not have helped hearing everything Elnora had said. So to Ammon before her and the mother watching on the trail, Elnora played the Song of the Limberlost. It seemed as if the swamp hushed all its other voices and spoke only through her dancing bow. The mother out on the trail had heard it all once before from the girl, many times from her father. To the man it was a revelation. He stood so stunned he forgot Mrs. Comstock. He tried to realize what a great city audience would say to that music, from such a player, with a like background, he could not imagine. #Quote by Gene Stratton-Porter
Lucci Music quotes by Sean Lennon
#23. For me, songwriting is something I have to do ritually. I don't just wait for inspiration; I try to write a little bit every day. #Quote by Sean Lennon
Lucci Music quotes by Nigel Kennedy
#24. I've learnt new scales through playing different types of music, like Indian raga scales, gipsy scales and harmonically-based jazz scales. #Quote by Nigel Kennedy
Lucci Music quotes by Saul Williams
#25. Music has always pushed ahead social movements and can do much more than just dumb down a populace. #Quote by Saul Williams
Lucci Music quotes by Emil M. Cioran
#26. When modes of expression are worn out, art tends toward non-sense, toward a private and incomprehensible universe. An intelligible shudder, whether in painting, in music, or in poetry, strikes us, and rightly, as vulgar or out-of-date. The public will soon disappear; art will follow shortly.

A civilization which began with the cathedrals has to end with the hermeticism of schizophrenia. #Quote by Emil M. Cioran
Lucci Music quotes by David Foster Wallace
#27. The paradoxical intercourse of audience and celebrity.The suppressed awareness that the whole reason ordinary people found celebrity fascinating was that they were not, themselves, celebrities. That wasn't quite it. (....) It was more the deeper, more tragic and universal conflict of which the celebrity paradox was a part. The conflict between the subjective centrality of our own lives versus our awareness of its objective insignificance. Atwater knew - as did everyone at Style, though by some strange unspoken consensus it was never said aloud - that this was the single great informing conflict of the American psyche. The management of insignificance. It was the great syncretic bond of US monoculture. It was everywhere, at the root of everything - of impatience in long lines, of cheating on taxes, of movements in fashion and music and art, of marketing. In particular, he thought it was alive in the paradoxes of audience. It was the feeling that celebrities were your intimate friends, coupled with the inchoate awareness that that untold millions of people felt the same way - and that the celebrities themselves did not. Atwater had had contact with a certain number of celebrities (there was no way to avoid it at BSG), and they were not, in his experience, very friendly or considerate people. Which made sense when one considered that celebrities were not actually functioning as real people at all, but as something more like symbols of themselves. #Quote by David Foster Wallace
Lucci Music quotes by Lars Von Trier
#28. When I was younger, I was fascinated by David Bowie, for example. he had created an entire myth around himself. It was as important as his music. #Quote by Lars Von Trier
Lucci Music quotes by Billie Joe Armstrong
#29. That's where all good music comes from, I think - anything that's likely to have an impact on pop culture comes from a point where there's no expectation of it becoming anything other than personal. #Quote by Billie Joe Armstrong
Lucci Music quotes by C.G. Drews
#30. He wouldn't be kissable. He's piano keys and crumpled music trapped in his soul. Not kissable. Kickable. #Quote by C.G. Drews
Lucci Music quotes by Eminem
#31. I've accomplished enough with the music that I haven't had to go out there and do other things to over-saturate. #Quote by Eminem
Lucci Music quotes by Luther Allison
#32. Jonny Lang has the power to move the music into the next millennium by reaching the ears of a new generation. The great musicians have the power to break all of the 'isms'-race, age, sex, et cetera. Jonny Lang is one of those musicians. #Quote by Luther Allison
Lucci Music quotes by Ronnie Dunn
#33. People ask you all the time, 'Why do you do this? Why don't you quit, man, take your money and go home?' I just do it because I love making music. #Quote by Ronnie Dunn
Lucci Music quotes by Adam Lambert
#34. It's been a transformative period and I really wanted to make music from what I've experienced. #Quote by Adam Lambert
Lucci Music quotes by Martin Luther
#35. I have no use for cranks who despise music, because it is a gift of God. Music drives away the Devil and makes people joyful; they forget thereby all wrath, unchastity, arrogance, and the like. Next after theology, I give to music the highest place and the greatest honor. #Quote by Martin Luther
Lucci Music quotes by Elliott Carter
#36. I mean the public likes it more in Europe than they do here because the state supported organizations have felt that playing contemporary music was part of the education of the public. #Quote by Elliott Carter
Lucci Music quotes by Thom Yorke
#37. I think maybe since there isn't a great deal of access to the mainstream media and people don't understand the language of mainstream media, if you put music out there with lyrics that are loosely political, people absorb some of it and spit it back out. #Quote by Thom Yorke
Lucci Music quotes by Marie Rutkoski
#38. Then, quietly, he said, "I could do it."
"I could braid your hair."
Kestrel's pulse bit at her throat. She opened her mouth, but before she could say anything he had crossed the room and swept her hair into his hands. His fingers began to move.
It was strange that the room was so silent. It seemed that there should have been some kind of sound when a fingertip grazed her neck. Or when he drew a lock taut and pinned it in place. When he let a ribbon-thin braid fall forward so that it tapped her cheek. Every gesture of his was as resonant as music, and Kestrel didn't quite believe that she couldn't hear any notes, high or low. She let out a slow breath.
His hands stilled. "Did I hurt you?"
Pins disappeared from the dressing table at a rapid rate. Kestrel watched small braids lose themselves inside larger ones, dip in and under and out of an increasingly intricate design. She felt a gentle tug. A twist. A shiver of air.
Although Arin wasn't touching her, he was touching no living part of her, it felt as if a fine net had been cast over Kestrel, one that hazed her vision and shimmered against her skin.
"There," he said.
Kestrel watched her reflection lift a hand to her head. She couldn't think of what to say. Arin had drawn back, hands in his pockets. But his eyes held hers in the mirror, and his face had softened, like when she had played the piano for him. She said, "How…?"
He smiled. " #Quote by Marie Rutkoski
Lucci Music quotes by One Direction
#39. I always used to love singing. The first song I knew all the words to was 'Girl of My Best Friend' by Elvis. My dad introduced me to his music, and when I got given a karaoke machine by my granddad, my cousin and I recorded a load of Elvis tracks. I wish I still had them so I could have a listen. #Quote by One Direction

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