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Loving Parents quotes by Kit Harington
#1. I'm very lucky, I've got two very loving parents, still very much together, and always been very supportive. #Quote by Kit Harington
Loving Parents quotes by Nick Vujicic
#2. When I was 8 years old, I became depressed. I kept asking why I was born this way [without arms and legs]. I also worried about my future. At the age of 10, I tried to commit suicide because I felt like giving up. But when I imagined my loving parents crying at my grave, I decided to stay. #Quote by Nick Vujicic
Loving Parents quotes by George Kaiser
#3. Those who have won the ovarian lottery by being born in an advanced society to loving parents have a special obligation to help restore the American Dream. #Quote by George Kaiser
Loving Parents quotes by Irvin D. Yalom
#4. I explain to my patients that abused children often find it hard to disentangle themselves from their dysfunctional families, whereas children grow away from good, loving parents with far less conflict. After all, isn't that the task of a good parent, to enable the child to leave home? #Quote by Irvin D. Yalom
Loving Parents quotes by Victoria Moran
#5. Because love encompasses everything, nothing is unimportant, including tonight's dinner menu. Think about it for a minute. If you were pure love, the loving parent of all life, how would you want people to eat? #Quote by Victoria Moran
Loving Parents quotes by Banana Yoshimoto
#6. These women lived their lives happily. They had been taught, probably by loving parents, not to exceed the boundaries of their happiness regardless of what they were doing. But therefore they could never know real joy. Which is better? Who can say? Everyone lives the way she knows best. What I mean by 'their happiness' is living a life untouched as much as possible by the knowledge that we are really, all of us, alone. That's not a bad thing. Dressed in their aprons, their smiling faces like flowers, leaning to cook, absorbed in their little troubles and perplexities, they fall in love and marry. I think that's great. I wouldn't mind that kind of life. Me, when I'm utterly exhausted by it all, my skin breaks out, on those lonely evenings when I call my friends again and again and nobody's home, then I despise my own life - my birth, my upbringing, everything. I feel only regret for the whole thing. #Quote by Banana Yoshimoto
Loving Parents quotes by Barack Obama
#7. I believe there are too many children who need loving parents to deny one group of people adoption rights. A child will benefit from a healthy, loving home, whether the parents are gay or not. #Quote by Barack Obama
Loving Parents quotes by Hugh W. Pinnock
#8. A successful home is based on the love and helpfulness of children just as it is based on loving parents handling their responsibilities ... Be eager to forgive when problems arise at home. Help with your younger brothers and sisters when needed. You are their hero. #Quote by Hugh W. Pinnock
Loving Parents quotes by Roald Dahl
#9. Is she the only one at fault? For though she's spoiled, and dreadfully so, A girl can't spoil herself, you know. Who spoiled her, then? Ah, who indeed? Who pandered to her every need? Who turned her into such a brat? Who are the culprits? Who did that? Alas! You needn't look so far To find out who these sinners are. They are (and this is very sad) Her loving parents, MUM and DAD. And that is why we're glad they fell Into the garbage chute as well. #Quote by Roald Dahl
Loving Parents quotes by Aeschylus
#10. You'll see all other mortal sinners, the ones who flout the honor owed to gods or guests, or loving parents
you'll see them get the justice they deserve. For Hades holds men mightily to a strict accounting down below the earth; he sees all things, inscribes them within the book of his remembering. #Quote by Aeschylus
Loving Parents quotes by David Shafer
#11. And what about for the first eight, ten years of his life, when loving parents encouraged his obsession with dragons and secret worlds and animals in vests who poured tea and drove motorcars and who gave him to read Tolkien and Susan Cooper and the Brothers Grimm and Madeleine L'Engle and C. S. Lewis? Is a boy supposed to leave his imagination on the side of the road when he boards the bus to manhood? #Quote by David Shafer
Loving Parents quotes by Roxanne Roberts
#12. [Drug] Addiction is awful, the worst if it is your kid. Plenty of loving parents who did everything "right" find themselves with kids caught up with drugs, and plenty of absentee parents have kids who never touch the stuff. #Quote by Roxanne Roberts
Loving Parents quotes by Jim Morrison
#13. When others demand that we become the people they want us to be, they force us to destroy the person we really are. It's a subtle kind of murder ... the most loving parents and relatives commit this murder with smiles on their faces. #Quote by Jim Morrison
Loving Parents quotes by Richelle E. Goodrich
#14. Yes, there is a type of love that never dies, that never grows old or weary. It is selfless and unconditional. It is the love of goodly parents. #Quote by Richelle E. Goodrich
Loving Parents quotes by M. Russell Ballard
#15. Family councils, led by righteous, loving parents who are striving to teach their children to love and respect each other, can make a difference in creating a sense of discipline, order and loving cooperation in the home. #Quote by M. Russell Ballard
Loving Parents quotes by Lindsay Pearce
#16. Before it was decided that I was going to be adopted, my mother was going to abort me. I was born with tangled legs; they never thought I'd be able to dance ... without knowing it, as a child I overcame a lot thanks to really doting, loving parents and a great family and a hard work ethic on my part. #Quote by Lindsay Pearce
Loving Parents quotes by David Keith
#17. I'm a father myself for the first time in my life, and I had very very loving parents. #Quote by David Keith
Loving Parents quotes by Rudolph A. Marcus
#18. Growing up, mostly in Montreal, I was an only child of loving parents. #Quote by Rudolph A. Marcus
Loving Parents quotes by Natsuki Takaya
#19. There was something I wanted, something I envisioned, loving parents, a happy home with everyone smiling at me. A home that no one would ever want to leave, a warm place , a warm person. It exists, I know it does #Quote by Natsuki Takaya
Loving Parents quotes by Madeleine L'Engle
#20. Somehow or other, the loving parents had swallowed one of the Tempter's hooks, and the child was given total self-indulgence, which is far from free will. He still tempts. The ancient, primordial battle to destroy Community, to shatter Trinity, still continues. Creation still groans with the pain of it. Like it or not, we're caught in the middle. #Quote by Madeleine L'Engle
Loving Parents quotes by Emery Lord
#21. You know, some people act like every kid is entitled to two responsible, loving parents. I don't feel like that's a given. We're born alone, and we die alone. If you get an adult who's genuinely there for you, that's pretty lucky. #Quote by Emery Lord
Loving Parents quotes by Dayo Benson
#22. The pastor concluded by saying, 'Even if you have always had it perfect: loving parents, a loving spouse, and you've never been hurt or let down, that's great but it's still a poor representation of the love that God offers you. God will always love you stronger and deeper than any person ever can. #Quote by Dayo Benson
Loving Parents quotes by P.L. Travers
#23. Every child needs to have for itself not only its loving parents and siblings and friends of its own age, but a grown-up friend. #Quote by P.L. Travers
Loving Parents quotes by Amy Poehler
#24. We all have a tiny whispery voice inside of us, but the bad ones are usually at a lower register and come through a little clearer. I don't know where the good voice came from. It was a mix of loving parents, luck, and me. But ever since I was a small child, I would look at places where I wanted to be and believe I would eventually be on the other side of the glass. #Quote by Amy Poehler
Loving Parents quotes by Terry Leahy
#25. I had a very happy childhood and very loving parents. We didn't have much money and I suppose therefore you felt that anything you did you'd have to do on your own, so it does make you quite motivated. #Quote by Terry Leahy
Loving Parents quotes by Elin Nordegren
#26. In the beginning, you tamp down the animosity for the kids' sake. I'm not going to deny that I went through the wringer. But I don't think I doubted we'd end up here. That was always my dream, that the kids can have two loving parents that show respect for each other. And I feel that's what they have. #Quote by Elin Nordegren
Loving Parents quotes by Peter Kreeft
#27. In reality, the damned are in the same place as the saved - in reality! But they hate it; it is their Hell. The saved love it, and it is their Heaven. It is like two people sitting side by side at an opera or a rock concert: the very thing that is Heaven to one is Hell to the other. Dostoyevski says, 'We are all in paradise, but we won't see it'…Hell is not literally the 'wrath of God.' The love of God is an objective fact; the 'wrath of God' is a human projection of our own wrath upon God, as the Lady Julian saw - a disastrous misinterpretation of God's love as wrath. God really says to all His creatures, 'I know you and I love you' but they hear Him saying, 'I never knew you; depart from me.' It is like angry children misinterpreting their loving parents' affectionate advances as threats. They project their own hate onto their parents' love and experience love as an enemy - which it is: an enemy to their egotistic defenses against joy…

Since God is love, since love is the essence of the divine life, the consequence of loss of this life is loss of love...Though the damned do not love God, God loves them, and this is their torture. The very fires of Hell are made of the love of God! Love received by one who only wants to hate and fight thwarts his deepest want and is therefore torture. If God could stop loving the damned, Hell would cease to be pure torture. If the sun could stop shining, lovers of the dark would no longer be tortured by it. But the sun could soone #Quote by Peter Kreeft
Loving Parents quotes by Kailin Gow
#28. As an independent woman, you are not defined by your partners or your parents. You are defined by you. - STRONG: Powerful Philosophy for Timeless Thoughts by Kailin Gow. #Quote by Kailin Gow
Loving Parents quotes by Lauren Oliver
#29. This is the world we live in,
a world of safety and happiness and order, a world without
A world where children crack their heads on stone fireplaces and nearly gnaw off their
tongues and the parents are concerned. Not
heartbroken, frantic, desperate. Concerned, as they are when you fail mathematics, as
they are when they are late to pay their taxes. #Quote by Lauren Oliver
Loving Parents quotes by Stephanie Filardi
#30. Being joy is about loving all of what is here. #Quote by Stephanie Filardi
Loving Parents quotes by Charles Taylor
#31. We define our identity always in dialogue with, sometimes in struggle against, the things our significant others want to see in us. Even after we outgrow some of these others - our parents, for instance - and they disappear from our lives, the conversation with them continues within us as long as we live. #Quote by Charles Taylor
Loving Parents quotes by Jay Payleitner
#32. Author challenges parents to bridge the gap with maturing, more independent kids with what he calls "Knock and Pray". He says parents should invite their kids to unscheduled times to "pray ... big". #Quote by Jay Payleitner
Loving Parents quotes by India.Arie
#33. When I look in the mirror and the only one there is me
Every freckle on my face is where it's suppose to be
And I know my creator didn't make no mistakes on me
My feet, my thighs, my Lips, my eyes, I'm loving what I see #Quote by India.Arie
Loving Parents quotes by Channing Tatum
#34. It's just weird that for some people, art is a luxury. My parents had no artistic outlet. Some people pass down music to their kids, but I couldn't tell you what my mom's or dad's favorite song is. So when I started going out into the world, I was drawn to people who knew about movies, art, even fashion. #Quote by Channing Tatum
Loving Parents quotes by Craig D. Lounsbrough
#35. Love stands even when the desire to love doesn't. #Quote by Craig D. Lounsbrough
Loving Parents quotes by Ellen G. White
#36. God gave our first parents the food He designed that the race should eat. It was contrary to His plan to have the life of any creature taken. There was to be no death in Eden. The fruit of the trees in the garden was the food man's wants required. #Quote by Ellen G. White
Loving Parents quotes by Jerry Rice
#37. I think just what my parents instilled in me was hard work and being able to always go out there and focus and be 100%. I took that work ethic into the NFL and everyday I always gave 100% and never wanted anything to be handed to me. I wanted to earn it. And every time I stepped on that football field during practice I wanted to leave that football field with learning something about what the practice was about for me that day. #Quote by Jerry Rice
Loving Parents quotes by Sue Klebold
#38. Some parents damage their children, but that does not mean that all troubled children have incompetent parents. In #Quote by Sue Klebold
Loving Parents quotes by Jeremy Holmes
#39. Bowlby's conviction that attachment needs continue throughout life and are not outgrown has important implications for psychotherapy. It means that the therapist inevitably becomes an important attachment figure for the patient, and that this is not necessarily best seen as a 'regression' to infantile dependence (the developmental 'train' going into reverse), but rather the activation of attachment needs that have been previously suppressed. Heinz Kohut (1977) has based his 'self psychology' on a similar perspective. He describes 'selfobject needs' that continue from infancy throughout life and comprise an individual's need for empathic responsiveness from parents, friends, lovers, spouses (and therapists). This responsiveness brings a sense of aliveness and meaning, security and self-esteem to a person's existence. Its lack leads to narcissistic disturbances of personality characterised by the desperate search for selfobjects - for example, idealisation of the therapist or the development of an erotic transference. When, as they inevitably will, these prove inadequate (as did the original environment), the person responds with 'narcissistic rage' and disappointment, which, in the absence of an adequate 'selfobject' cannot be dealt with in a productive way. #Quote by Jeremy Holmes
Loving Parents quotes by Marcel Proust
#40. From that evening, Swann understood that the feeling which Odette had once had for him would never revive, that his hopes of happiness would not be realised now. And the days on which, by a lucky chance, she had once more shewn herself kind and loving to him, or if she had paid him any attention, he recorded those apparent and misleading signs of a slight movement on her part towards him with the same tender and sceptical solicitude, the desperate joy that people reveal who, when they are nursing a friend in the last days of an incurable malady, relate, as significant facts of infinite value: "Yesterday he went through his accounts himself, and actually corrected a mistake that we had made in adding them up; he ate an egg to-day and seemed quite to enjoy it, if he digests it properly we shall try him with a cutlet to-morrow,"
although they themselves know that these things are meaningless on the eve of an inevitable death. #Quote by Marcel Proust
Loving Parents quotes by Cassia Leo
#41. You're afraid of being vulnerable, physically and emotionally. You're afraid of loving completely. Most of all, you're afraid you'll live your whole life without ever being truly happy because you don't even know what it is that will make you happy. You're afraid of not being passionate enough or brave enough to live. But you are. You are brave because not only did you go to the library with me today, you were the one who insisted we go. #Quote by Cassia Leo
Loving Parents quotes by Daniel Goleman
#42. Emotional intelligence begins to develop in the earliest years. All the small exchanges children have with their parents, teachers, and with each other carry emotional messages. #Quote by Daniel Goleman
Loving Parents quotes by Christina Baker Kline
#43. My parents are a bedrock. And I have three complex, strong, and funny sisters who inspire and sustain me. #Quote by Christina Baker Kline
Loving Parents quotes by Sterling North
#44. Badly drawn, badly written and badly printed - a strain on young eyes and young nervous systems - the effect of these pulp-paper nightmares is that of a violent stimulant. Their crude blacks and reds spoil the child's natural sense of color; their hypodermic injection of sex and murder makes the child impatient with better, though quieter, stories. Unless we want a coming generation even more ferocious than the present one, parents and teachers throughout America must band together to break the 'comic' magazines.

But the antidote to the 'comic' magazine poison can be found in any library or good bookstore. The parent who does not acquire that antidote for his child is guilty of criminal negligence. #Quote by Sterling North
Loving Parents quotes by Annette Bening
#45. My parents were very supportive. They went to every show. And they never told me not to do what I was doing. #Quote by Annette Bening
Loving Parents quotes by Francis Bacon
#46. Why should I be angry with a man for loving himself better than me? #Quote by Francis Bacon
Loving Parents quotes by Cassandra Clare
#47. Izzy," said Jace, as they neared the pond, and she jumped up and spun around. Her smile was dazzling.
"Jace!" She flew at him and hugged him. Now that was the way sisters were supposed to act, Clary thought. Not all stiff and weird and peculiar, but happy and loving. Watching Jace hug Isabelle, she tried to school her features into a happy and loving expression.
"Are you all right?" Simon asked, with some concern. "Your eyes are crossing."
"I'm fine." Clary abandoned the attempt.
"Are you sure? You looked sort of ... contorted. #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Loving Parents quotes by Sophie Swetchine
#48. Loving souls are like paupers. They live on what is given them. #Quote by Sophie Swetchine
Loving Parents quotes by Minnie Maddern Fiske
#49. Among the most disheartening and dangerous of ... advisors, you will often find those closest to you, your dearest friends, members of your own family, perhaps, loving, anxious, and knowing nothing whatever ... #Quote by Minnie Maddern Fiske
Loving Parents quotes by Krystal Sutherland
#50. One day," he said, "everybody's gonna wake up and realize their parents are human beings, just like them. Sometimes they're good people, sometimes they're not. #Quote by Krystal Sutherland
Loving Parents quotes by Lourd Ernest H. De Veyra
#51. Every time we make jokes about how jologs someone's school is, we are not insulting the poor student's intellectual abilities but their parents' financial capacity. #Quote by Lourd Ernest H. De Veyra
Loving Parents quotes by Laurie Graham
#52. My parents never told me I was beautiful, and for one very good reason. I wasn't. When your child is a tubby, bespectacled little oddity, as I was, it's important not to give them false expectations. #Quote by Laurie Graham
Loving Parents quotes by Alicia Vikander
#53. I started off when I was seven years old doing musicals. I was in 'Les Miserables' and 'The Sound of Music,' and my mum's an actress. My parents divorced when I was young, and when she couldn't find a babysitter, I was in the wings, sleeping. #Quote by Alicia Vikander
Loving Parents quotes by Anthony Powell
#54. All right,' said Moreland, 'love, then. Is it better to love somebody and not have them, or have somebody and not love them? I mean from the point of view of action – living intensely. Does action consist in having or loving? In having – naturally – it might first appear. Loving is just emotion, not action at all. But is that correct? I'm not sure. #Quote by Anthony Powell
Loving Parents quotes by Joelle Carter
#55. I was almost tragically shy, like, clinically. I should've been admitted somewhere. I think my parents knew, but maybe they didn't think much about it. It's hard walking the Earth shy. You miss out on a lot. #Quote by Joelle Carter
Loving Parents quotes by John Green
#56. I came to the conclusion a while ago that there is nothing romantic or supernatural about loving someone: Love is the privilege of being responsible for another. It was, for a time, what kept me going: Each morning, for a little while, I got to feel the weight of the yoke on my back as I pulled the ancient cart of my species. #Quote by John Green
Loving Parents quotes by Alaa Al Aswany
#57. A mother loves her children unconditionally. However they wrong her, she'll carry on loving them. #Quote by Alaa Al Aswany
Loving Parents quotes by Paulo Coelho
#58. We love men because they can never fake orgasms, even if they wanted to.

Because they write poems, songs, and books in our honor.

Because they never understand us, but they never give up.

Because they can see beauty in women when women have long ceased to see any beauty in themselves.

Because they come from little boys.

Because they can churn out long, intricate, Machiavellian, or incredibly complex mathematics and physics equations, but they can be comparably clueless when it comes to women.

Because they are incredible lovers and never rest until we're happy.

Because they elevate sports to religion.

Because they're never afraid of the dark.

Because they don't care how they look or if they age.

Because they persevere in making and repairing things beyond their abilities, with the naïve self-assurance of the teenage boy who knew everything.

Because they never wear or dream of wearing high heels.

Because they're always ready for sex.

Because they're like pomegranates: lots of inedible parts, but the juicy seeds are incredibly tasty and succulent and usually exceed your expectations.

Because they're afraid to go bald.

Because you always know what they think and they always mean what they say.

Because they love machines, tools, and implements with the same ferocity women love jewelry.

Because the #Quote by Paulo Coelho
Loving Parents quotes by Kimberly McCreight
#59. Sometimes, it feels like he's trying to rebuild our lives out of matchsticks. And I do love him for that. But loving someone isn't the same thing as understanding them. #Quote by Kimberly McCreight
Loving Parents quotes by Guy Lafleur
#60. It's nice to see the young ones 7, 8, 9 years old. It seems like they know you through their parents. #Quote by Guy Lafleur
Loving Parents quotes by Hermann Hesse
#61. He saw merchants trading, princes hunting, mourners wailing for their dead, whores offering themselves, physicians trying to help the sick, priests determining the most suitable day for seeding, lovers loving, mothers nursing their children - and all of this was not worthy of one look from his eye, it all lied, it all stank, it all stank of lies, it all pretended to be meaningful and joyful and beautiful, and it all was just concealed putrefaction. The world tasted bitter. Life was torture #Quote by Hermann Hesse
Loving Parents quotes by Jon Kabat-Zinn
#62. My father was a world-class scientist and my mother was a prolific painter. I could see that my parents had completely different ways of knowing and understanding the world, and relating to it. My father approached things through scientific inquiry and exploration, while my mother experienced things through her emotions and senses. #Quote by Jon Kabat-Zinn
Loving Parents quotes by Laura Miller
#63. Brooke was always my summer. She'll always be my summer. And I had already made my choice a long time ago. Loving Brooke was what I was made to do. #Quote by Laura Miller
Loving Parents quotes by Barry Long
#64. Pornography is just 'fast-food feminine energy', it will always leave you wanting more, with little or no nutritional value. There is nothing ful-filling about pornography, it pales in insignificance to a fully embodied loving woman. #Quote by Barry Long
Loving Parents quotes by K.D. West
#65. At that moment, in the temple of her lovers' tangled limbs, Lea felt the presence of the Divine close by, immanent and imminent - everywhere and everywhen - and it was a sublime feeling, one that made her feel infinitely powerful and infinitely small, both at the same time.

A good fuck can make even an agnostic see God - a fact that explained Lea's parents' fascination with Tantra, something about which Lea thought as little as possible. #Quote by K.D. West
Loving Parents quotes by Toba Beta
#66. Youngsters tend to save the whole world
while their parents struggle to save theirs. #Quote by Toba Beta
Loving Parents quotes by Gene Edwards
#67. Collect yourself in His presence with the one purpose and intent of loving Him. Come to Him as one who is giving himself to God. Behold Him in the most inward recess of your spirit that you can find. #Quote by Gene Edwards
Loving Parents quotes by Anne Bishop
#68. He gave her one. "It is totally unfair," he said in his most severe voice, "to engage in a snowball fight when only one combatant can make snowballs." He waited, loving the way her eyes sparkled. "Well?" Even without reading the thoughts beneath it, he could tell her touch was filled with laughter. Daemon bent down, gathered some snow, and learned how to make a snowball from snow too fluffy to pack. This, too, was similar to a basic lesson in Craft - creating a ball of witchlight - yet it required a subtler, more intrinsic knowledge of Craft than he'd ever known anyone to have. "Did the Priest teach you how to do this?" he asked as he straightened up, delighted with the perfect snowball in his hand. Jaenelle stared at him, aghast. Then she laughed. "Noooo." She quickly cocked her arm and hit him in the chest with her snowball. The next few minutes were all-out war, each of them pelting the other as fast as they could make snowballs. When it was over, Daemon was peppered with clumps of white. He leaned over, resting his hands on his knees. "I leave the field to you, Lady," he panted. "As well you should," she replied tartly. Daemon looked up, one eyebrow rising. #Quote by Anne Bishop
Loving Parents quotes by Carrie Cross
#69. This next house is a classic. It was built in 1908." Ms. Knight was a realtor trying hard to sell us a house, and my parents thought that the one she just showed us had stunk. My mom made a note on her clipboard #Quote by Carrie Cross
Loving Parents quotes by Winifred Holtby
#70. But questioning does not mean the end of loving, and loving does not mean the abnegation of intelligence #Quote by Winifred Holtby
Loving Parents quotes by Maggie Stiefvater
#71. The water horses are hungry and wicked, vicious and beautiful, hating us and loving us. #Quote by Maggie Stiefvater

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