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Love You So Much quotes by Anna Zaires
#1. I love you," he said softly, his hand stroking her back. "And I'll do anything for you. You know that, right?"
Mia smiled, her heart overflowing with emotion. "I love you more..."
"That would be impossible," he told her, and the intensity in his voice startled her. "I love you so much it hurts. #Quote by Anna Zaires
Love You So Much quotes by Penny Reid
#2. I love you so much, and I miss you. I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you, Cletus Winston." "I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you, Jennifer Sylvester. #Quote by Penny Reid
Love You So Much quotes by Amal El-Mohtar
#3. I am sad because I love you, because I love you so much, and because I am not a bee to buzz with you lightly. I am not a flower, not a tree, not a rain-hewn stone. I am not a storm or a cresting wave, not a thorn or a vine. I am not the sun stinging the water, not the moon on the snow. I am not a star in the dark. I am not the dew-wet wind, not the cloud-stained dawn. I am only a girl, a small, plain girl, a girl who must smear her lips in honey to be found sweet. #Quote by Amal El-Mohtar
Love You So Much quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#4. All the fires of hell could burn for a thousand years and it wouldn't equal what I feel for you in one minute of the day. I love you so much there is no pleasure in it. Nothing but torment. Because if I could dilute what I feel for you to the mil­lionth part, it would still be enough to kill you. And even if it drives me mad, I would rather see you live in the arms of that cold, soulless bastard than die in mine," Merripen said to Win. #Quote by Lisa Kleypas
Love You So Much quotes by Katie McGarry
#5. I love you." So much that sometimes it hurts.
Noah tilts his head down, and his nose skims against mine. "You're my whole world, Echo. #Quote by Katie McGarry
Love You So Much quotes by Natsuki Takaya
#6. I love you. I love you just the way you are. I love you so much!" ~Kyo #Quote by Natsuki Takaya
Love You So Much quotes by Jessica Sorensen
#7. It's because you aren't thinking very clearly tonight."
"I know. Being Drunk is weird."
"Oh my god. I love you so much. Especially when you say stuff like that."
"Like what?"
"Nothing. Never mind. Although I'm dying to know why your shoe is green. #Quote by Jessica Sorensen
Love You So Much quotes by J.D. Robb
#8. For once, he slept first. She lay in the dark, listening to him breathe, stealing a little of his warmth as her own body cooled. Since he was asleep, she stroked his hair.
"I love you," she murmured. "I love you so much, I'm stupid about it."
With a sigh, she settled down, closed her eyes, and willed her mind to empty.
Beside her, Roarke smiled into the dark.
He never slept first. #Quote by J.D. Robb
Love You So Much quotes by S.C. Stephens
#9. I want you so much. I want you forever. Forgive me ... I love you so much. #Quote by S.C. Stephens
Love You So Much quotes by Roan Parrish
#10. Don't you know? Don't you know how crazy I am about you?" My hands fist in his shirt and I stare into his eyes, blinking slowly. I guess I did know, but I never imagined he might say it. He cradles my neck in his hand, thumb stroking my nape. "I - I love you so much." He says it quietly, but it's like a bomb going off. #Quote by Roan Parrish
Love You So Much quotes by Carrot Quinn
#11. I love you", says the doug-fir. "I love you so much." I can feel the tree there, the tree underneath me the tree all
around me, the tree inside of me. The trees holding each other holding the soil holding me. The trees more patient than
anything, save the ocean. The trees with the long view. I can feel their pity- "Little mammal", they say, "with your two legs.
Running around saying Where Do I Belong. Making value judgments on the wind, the flowers in the springtime, the
shapes of the stars. Little mammal with your trembling heart. I am your home and I love you and I will always be here. #Quote by Carrot Quinn
Love You So Much quotes by Debra Anastasia
#12. I'm so happy to see you. I love you so much. Thank you for waking up," Livia spoke quickly but calmly, trying to capture Blake's attention. #Quote by Debra Anastasia
Love You So Much quotes by Sophie Monroe
#13. Julia Kline, you've spent your whole life running and all you've done is run farther away from the love that's been waiting for you all along. The first time you smiled at me with your two missing teeth you had my undivided attention. When you laugh, I want to laugh with you. When you cry, I want to be the one to hold you. When you said you loved me, you highjacked my heart forever. They say that love is the condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own. Your happiness is what I will spend the rest of my life striving to give you. I love you so much. Will you do the honor of marrying me? #Quote by Sophie Monroe
Love You So Much quotes by Gillian Flynn
#14. She leaned forward on the table and said, I know we are having a tough time. I still love you so much, Nick, and I know I have a lot of things to work on. I want to be a good wife to you, and I want you to be my husband and be happy. But you need to decide what you want. #Quote by Gillian Flynn
Love You So Much quotes by Chad Kultgen
#15. We drive down the road in complete silence for a few miles listening to 50 Cent. As soon as he tells us that he's into having sex, he ain't into making love, Casey turns the volume down and begins telling me the following information: " I love you so much. We're going to have the best life together. I can't wait." Every word she says makes me feel a little more like faking a stroke and pretending to lose all memory of who I was, but it's not until she looks me in the eye and says in all seriousness, "You're my soul mate," that I realize I am not going to marry her. #Quote by Chad Kultgen
Love You So Much quotes by J. Kenner
#16. I love you, Nikki. I say it with every touch, with every look, with every breath that I take. I love you. I love you so much it hurts. #Quote by J. Kenner
Love You So Much quotes by C.L. Clark
#17. Rye touched her face tenderly. The effort to control himself was maddening. "I love you so much and someday I want this to be right and special. #Quote by C.L. Clark
Love You So Much quotes by Alexander Chee
#18. So then, sometimes you are not out of ideas. Sometimes you are afraid of the idea you have. This idea, it is an imposter. It will ravage your life. Undo all your hard work. Destroy you. You're sure of it. At the least it will humiliate you.

Are you really not inspired or are you afraid of being the person who will write the thing that will come if you sit down with the idea you have? Who do you need to love you so much that you will hide this idea from you and act like it doesn't exist?

Which is to say, sometimes you need to be destroyed. The person you are is in the way and the person you will be is waiting on the other side of the shell that you call you. #Quote by Alexander Chee
Love You So Much quotes by S.C. Stephens
#19. Making a sound that was both a laugh and a sob, Kellan stared into his son's eyes. "Hey, little man," he whispered. "I'm your dad, and I love you ... so much." Voice quavering, he added, "I'm so glad you're here. #Quote by S.C. Stephens
Love You So Much quotes by Alan W. Watts
#20. [W]hen our love for others is based simply on mutual need it becomes strangling - a kind of vampirism in which we say, all too expressively, 'I love you so much I could eat you!' It is from such desiring that parental devotion becomes smother-love and marriage holy deadlock. #Quote by Alan W. Watts
Love You So Much quotes by Abigail Roux
#21. Come here," Zane whispered, and dragged Ty closer, kissing him gently as his palm slid against Ty's cheek. "I love you. So much." Ty #Quote by Abigail Roux
Love You So Much quotes by Debra Anastasia
#22. I love you so much, I think there are burn marks on my heart. #Quote by Debra Anastasia
Love You So Much quotes by Debra Anastasia
#23. Okay, how's this? I've been to Heaven and Hell. I've seen the whole world, but the only thing that makes me want to live is this: being inside you. I love you so much. You're all I see. #Quote by Debra Anastasia
Love You So Much quotes by Jordan Deen
#24. Why can't you understand that I love you so much, that not being able to touch you hurts? I can't stand the fact that I can't get into your thoughts. Haventon is gone to you, but it's also gone to me. I miss it so much. It feels like my heart's been ripped out from my chest. #Quote by Jordan Deen
Love You So Much quotes by Penny Reid
#25. Your birthday gift to me is to place me in the middle of an art heist so that I can taser someone?" He nodded, smiling, looking very proud. "Thank you, Alex. I mean it. I ... I just love you so much. #Quote by Penny Reid
Love You So Much quotes by Samantha Young
#26. I love you... So much I want to kill you sometimes. #Quote by Samantha Young
Love You So Much quotes by L.A. Fiore
#27. Even from her distance, Darcy heard Trace yelling at Ember loud enough to shake the building.

Kyle leaned up against the wall with a slight grin on his face. "Understand now?"

"Yeah, she's going to go deaf."

"Probably, but she totally had it coming."

"It must be nice to have someone love you so much to shout at you until you're disabled," Darcy said almost dreamily. #Quote by L.A. Fiore
Love You So Much quotes by Cassandra Clare
#28. I love you so much, so incredibly much," he went on, "and I forget when you're close to me, I forget who you are. I forget that you're Jem's. I'd have to be the worst sort of person to think what I'm thinking right now. But I am thinking it. #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Love You So Much quotes by Julie         Miller
#29. He wished he had some witty, romantic comeback. But he was the man he was, and words had never been a gift. "How about Delgado? I want to marry you. I want to be a daddy to this baby." He touched his forehead to hers and his heart spilled out. "I want… Oh, God, Jose… I love you so much. I love this baby. I was so scared I was going to lose you and I was never going to get the chance to tell you that I finally wised up and believed what you knew all along."

She lifted one hand to stroke his jaw with her soothing touch. "That we were meant to be together?"

"That I can love - that I do love. You." He turned his face to press a kiss into her palm. "Hell, honey, I've got nothing without you. I am nothing without you. #Quote by Julie Miller
Love You So Much quotes by Santonu Kumar Dhar
#30. I love you so much. Our love is eternal. #Quote by Santonu Kumar Dhar
Love You So Much quotes by Katee Sackhoff
#31. Science fiction fans are awesome - they love you so much that they'll watch anything you do, even if it's complete crap. I never dreamed that I would go to conventions and sit down and have coffee with a Klingon. It's so weird, but it's my life. #Quote by Katee Sackhoff
Love You So Much quotes by Taya Kyle
#32. March 28, 2005
I am so ready to be home I have already gone into autopilot mode. Just counting the days, waiting for that big bird to take me home. I am sorry to hear that you are not feeling good. Hopefully getting off the pill will help. Hopefully when I get home I can help with your emotions. Whatever you need, just tell me. I want to make things easy for you when I am home. At least as easy as possible. I love you so much gorgeous. Glad to hear your dad has busted his ass to help us out so much. We are so lucky with our family, I couldn't have married into a better one. Not to mention couldn't have married a better woman, cause there is none better. I also got an email from your niece. It was a PowerPoint slide that was real cute. It had a green background with a frog, and said she missed me. Sweet, huh. If she didn't forward a copy to you, I can. Oh, about the birth control: You said you wanted ten kids anyway. Change your mind yet? What is Bubba doing that has changed? Is he being a fart or is he just full of energy? I'm sure when I get home you will be ready for a break. How about after I get to see you for a little while, you go to a spa for a weekend to be pampered? I REALLY think you deserve it. You've been going and going, kinda like the Energizer Bunny. Just like when I get home for sex, we keep going and going and going and going and, you get the point. Hopefully you at least smiled over that. I always want you to be happy, and want to do whatever it takes t #Quote by Taya Kyle
Love You So Much quotes by Jennifer Ashley
#33. You have to stop, sweetheart," Fellows said. "Because I love you so much, it's killing me. #Quote by Jennifer Ashley
Love You So Much quotes by E.L. James
#34. I hug him tightly. "I can't imagine my life without you, Christian. I love you so much it frightens me." "Me, too," he breathes. "My life would be empty without you. I love you so much. #Quote by E.L. James
Love You So Much quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#35. As she watched while Gabriel sorted through the medicine spoons, she decided to take the bull by the horns. "You probably already know this," she said bluntly, "but I love you. In fact, I love you so much that I don't mind your monotonous handsomeness, your prejudice against certain root vegetables, or your strange preoccupation with spoon-feeding me. I'm never going to obey you. But I'm always going to love you." The #Quote by Lisa Kleypas
Love You So Much quotes by Barack Obama
#36. Michelle, I love you so much. The other night, I think the entire country saw just how lucky I am. Malia and Sasha, we are so proud of you - and yes you do have to go to school in the morning. And Joe Biden, thank you for being the best Vice President I could ever hope for. #Quote by Barack Obama
Love You So Much quotes by Tyrese Gibson
#37. My ex-girl told me, "I love you so much, and I know it's just a phase you're going through." When a woman comes at you like that, you look at her as being so mature because she understands if I'm cheating, it's not her problem, it's mine. When a man cheats, it's not a reflection of what she's not. #Quote by Tyrese Gibson
Love You So Much quotes by Lane Kiffin
#38. People ask me what Nick (Saban) says to me on the sidelines. It is just, 'I love you so much. Can we just run some.' #Quote by Lane Kiffin
Love You So Much quotes by Multatuli
#39. I love you so much that I'm glad I never met you. #Quote by Multatuli
Love You So Much quotes by Terry
#40. Do the best for you, live well with you, and love you so much #Quote by Terry
Love You So Much quotes by Ariana Reines
#41. Just meat on a stick with the vague sense that somewhere between lavish femininity
And state violence lay a mediocre thing called liberty.
Still, to be able to sleep at all's a procedure of waking. Everybody
Has to live somewhere being that we are here where most
Of us are not welcome. Did you know transcendental
Homelessness was a thing. But I dreamed this dream
On a physical mattress. On an actual floor in a room with a door
That I pay and pay for. If you write you can forge
A substance that is other than the woman of substance
You are. If you do it to such a point you can find
Yourself declining substance altogether. It happens. It is a danger. But there will
Always be the idea of a bath or a sleep in a bed or a dream
In the head of a woman who is even beautiful visibly
Or at least groomed, or somewhat fresh
Or like that most domestic of bugs the cockroach
Dragging his ponderous suit of armor across the floor
Or clean sheets when it's raining and I love you so much
And I think Gimme Shelter, which is a movie I've never seen. #Quote by Ariana Reines
Love You So Much quotes by Nancy Horan
#42. I love you so much. I love you enough that I want to stay separate from you. You're an extraordinary man, Frank Wright. I could so easily lose myself in your world and never make a world of my own. And where would that leave us? We'd both be bored stupid. #Quote by Nancy Horan
Love You So Much quotes by James Patterson
#43. you'll see, jαne,' he promised her. 'you'll forget me, αnd it won't hurt tomorrow. besides, you sαid it yourself: love meαns you cαn never be αpαrt. so we'll never be αpαrt, jαne, becαuse i love you so much. i'll αlwαys, αlwαys love you. #Quote by James Patterson
Love You So Much quotes by Rainbow Rowell
#44. I love you so much. Too much. I feel like it's going to spin me off my axis. #Quote by Rainbow Rowell
Love You So Much quotes by Nicholaa Spencer
#45. You never told me you love me." He said bitterly.

Alynna looked down. If only Cullan knew, she is saying those words every time she lays her eyes on him, when she thinks of him, when she watches him on his sleep...

And right this moment.

I love you so much, Cullan, it hurts. #Quote by Nicholaa Spencer
Love You So Much quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#46. You are the greatest wife of all times and I love you so much more' said my husband, Jeremiah Nii Mama Akita #Quote by Lailah Gifty Akita
Love You So Much quotes by Jessica Kristie
#47. I can't love anymore.
Except for you...
I love you so much it hurts to breathe. #Quote by Jessica Kristie
Love You So Much quotes by Annabel Joseph
#48. What I really wanted to say to him was: I love you. I love you. I love you. But you scare me so bad. But I love you. I love you. I love you so much. #Quote by Annabel Joseph
Love You So Much quotes by Jane Harvey-Berrick
#49. But my beautiful boy was broken. I eased my hand free from his and leaned down to brush a kiss across his lips, sealing a promise that I'd made to him. "I love you so much. So much. You brought magic into my world the first day I saw you, and every day since - even when we were apart and I didn't want to remember. I won't let them take the magic away, Kes. I won't." I kissed him again, feeling the soft prickle of stubbled cheeks. "I'll be back tomorrow, because you'll never be rid of me. Not ever." And if I listened very carefully, I could hear his heart beating out a message, Love you more. #Quote by Jane Harvey-Berrick
Love You So Much quotes by Adriane Leigh
#50. I love you," I whispered.
"I love you so much more. #Quote by Adriane Leigh
Love You So Much quotes by Denise Hunter
#51. I love you so much, Shay Brandenberger. I want you to be my wife because you choose to be, not because of some cockamamie accident. I want to love you the rest of your life. I want to be a father for Olivia . . ." He reached out and palmed the side of her belly, a tiny smile hitching up his lips. "A father for our child. #Quote by Denise Hunter
Love You So Much quotes by Catherine Of Aragon
#52. Lastly, do I vow, that mine eyes desire you above all things. #Quote by Catherine Of Aragon
Love You So Much quotes by Sanjida Kay
#53. Hello my darling,
I'm your real father. I've been searching for you ever since you were stolen from me. I love you so much.
Daddy #Quote by Sanjida Kay
Love You So Much quotes by Jonah Hill
#54. I love my parents. But I'm almost 28 and it's not fun to be asked, 'What are you doing today? What do you want for dinner? When are you going to be home?' It just makes you feel like a kid. It's this juxtaposition of feeling annoyed and really lucky to have people who love you so much. #Quote by Jonah Hill
Love You So Much quotes by Juliette Cross
#55. I kissed his scruffy check, my heart pounding like mad. "I love you. So much. I love you."

His mouth tipped up on one side. "I know."

"Oh, my God, Mateo. Did you just quote Star Wars to me?"

He grinned. "I sure did. #Quote by Juliette Cross
Love You So Much quotes by Abbi Glines
#56. Love you more than anyone or anything I've ever known. You've somehow become the song inside of me. It's because I love you so much I'm going to walk out of your life and allow you to heal and find someone worthy of you. #Quote by Abbi Glines
Love You So Much quotes by William Goldman
#57. I love you,' Buttercup said. 'I know this must come as something of a surprise to you, since all I've ever done is scorn you and degrade you and taunt you, but I have loved you for several hours now, and every second, more. I thought an hour ago that I loved you more than any woman has ever loved a man, but a half hour after that I knew that what I felt before was nothing compared to what I felt then. But ten minutes after that, I understood that my previous love was a puddle compared to the high seas before a storm. Your eyes are like that, did you know? Well they are. How many minutes ago was I? Twenty? Had I brought my feelings up to then? It doesn't matter.' Buttercup still could not look at him. The sun was rising behind her now; she could feel the heat on her back, and it gave her courage. 'I love you so much more now than twenty minutes ago that there cannot be comparison. I love you so much more now then when you opened your hovel door, there cannot be comparison. There is no room in my body for anything but you. My arms love you, my ears adore you, my knees shake with blind affection. My mind begs you to ask it something so it can obey. Do you want me to follow you for the rest of your days? I will do that. Do you want me to crawl? I will crawl. I will be quiet for you or sing for you, or if you are hungry, let me bring you food, or if you have thirst and nothing will quench it but Arabian wine, I will go to Araby, even though it is across the world, and bring a bott #Quote by William Goldman
Love You So Much quotes by A.M. Madden
#58. Leila, I love you so much that it's sometimes hard for me to breathe. You have changed my life. You have altered every cell in my body. You completely own me. By simply staring into my eyes, you can bring me to my knees. I want you to know, I will do everything in my power to make you happy. I will laugh with you. I will cry with you. I will keep you safe. I will remind you how much I love you every day for the rest of our lives. #Quote by A.M. Madden
Love You So Much quotes by Penelope Ward
#59. I love you so much. But I can't bear to be with you if your heart isn't in this with me. #Quote by Penelope Ward
Love You So Much quotes by J.D. Robb
#60. I saw you, and that's all it took. Sometimes I can't breathe, I love you so much. #Quote by J.D. Robb
Love You So Much quotes by Scaachi Koul
#61. She used to call me on the phone and scream, "I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, I AM GOING TO CHOP YOU INTO PIECES SO SMALL, YOU WILL BE A POWDER AND NO ONE WILL FIND YOU. #Quote by Scaachi Koul
Love You So Much quotes by Claudia Gray
#62. He breathed out, not quite a laugh or a sob.
God, yes. Bianca, I love you so much. Even if I never see you again, even if we walk out of here into an ambush you set up with your parents,
I am always going to love you. #Quote by Claudia Gray
Love You So Much quotes by Andrea Randall
#63. God, I miss you.
I love you so much, Natalie, and when I get home I'm going to keep loving you until you tell me to stop. But don't, please. Don't tell me to stop.
I love you.
With everything.
- Ry. #Quote by Andrea Randall
Love You So Much quotes by Dorothy L. Sayers
#64. And what do all the great words come to in the end, but that? I love you- I am at rest with you- I have come home. #Quote by Dorothy L. Sayers
Love You So Much quotes by David Nicholls
#65. Dexter, I love you so much. So, so much, and I probably always will. I just don't like you anymore. I'm sorry. #Quote by David Nicholls
Love You So Much quotes by Marcia Cross
#66. I've had the time to go through all the life phases with my parents, from being a bratty teenager, pushing them away, to saying later on, 'Oh my God, I can't believe what you did for me - thank you. I love you so much.' #Quote by Marcia Cross
Love You So Much quotes by Youngjae
#67. I love you so much that it feels like the universe will explode, for as long as it takes for the oceans to dry up, so much that I don't care if my soul burns to ashes. #Quote by Youngjae
Love You So Much quotes by Pepper Pace
#68. Christopher, baby, I love you. Completely. I love your looks and everything else about you."
She felt his hand enclose around hers. "I know you do. Ashleigh ... I love you so much that it scares me. Everything I do, I have you in mind. #Quote by Pepper Pace
Love You So Much quotes by Lauren James
#69. I love you. In every life, I love you. I love you so much. #Quote by Lauren James
Love You So Much quotes by Malorie Blackman
#70. I'm too breathless, too overwrought to say anything in reply. I cling onto him, my arms around him, loving him so much I think I'll die of it. Can he hear my scattered thoughts? Or just read what I'm feeling in my eyes? Just one look to drink me in. Just a touch to eat me up. Carry me away. Your hands are so hot against my skin, burning me wherever you touch. But don't stop touching me. Never stop loving me. Oh Callum, I love you so much. And what you're doing to me.. My blood is on fire. Each kiss, each caress robs me of another piece of my heart, another part of my soul. There's no you and me anymore. There's just us- as one. I return your kiss, our lips pressing together harder and harder, until I can't tell where I stop and you start. Lost in a dream and carried onwards and upwards, until we're both so high we're touching heaven. Knocking on heaven's door. #Quote by Malorie Blackman
Love You So Much quotes by Georgette Heyer
#71. He shut the door, and stood looking across the room at her. 'Cressy, what did you mean when you told that harridan that your affections were engaged?'

The colour deepened a little in her cheeks, but she replied lightly: 'Well, she talked so much like someone in a bad play that I became carried away myself! Besides, I had to say something to convince her! I could see she didn't quite believe me when I said I wasn't going to marry your brother.'

He let his breath go in a long sigh, and walked forward, setting his hands on her shoulders, and saying: 'You don't know how much I have wanted to tell you the truth! Cressy, my dear one, forgive me! I've treated you abominably, and I love you so much!'

Miss Stavely, who had developed an interest in the top button of his coat, looked shyly up at this. 'Do you, Kit?' she asked. 'Truly?'

Mr Fancot, preferring actions to words, said nothing whatsoever in answer to this, but took her in his arms and kissed her. Miss Stavely, who had previously thought him unfailingly gentle and courteous, perceived, in the light of this novel experience, that she had been mistaken: there was nothing gentle about Mr Fancot's crushing embrace; and his behaviour in paying no heed at all to her faint protest could only be described as extremely uncivil. She was wholly unused to such treatment, and she had a strong suspicion that her grandmother would condemn her conduct in submitting to it, but as Mr Fancot seemed to #Quote by Georgette Heyer
Love You So Much quotes by Ayn Rand
#72. I love you so much that nothing can matter to me - not even you ... Only my love- not your answer. Not even your indifference #Quote by Ayn Rand
Love You So Much quotes by Laurell K. Hamilton
#73. Jean-Claude's eyes widened just a bit. 'Ma petite, you have had a busy night, I see.' His French accent was as thick as I'd heard it in a while, which meant he was feeling strong emotions that he couldn't quite hide, but he was trying. I appreciated the effort, because the accent alone meant that what he wanted to say was his version of, You are covered in blood and worse, which means you were in horrible danger and probably nearly died … again! How can you keep risking yourself like that when I love you so much? #Quote by Laurell K. Hamilton
Love You So Much quotes by Gaston Leroux
#74. Does he love you so much?" "He would commit murder for me. #Quote by Gaston Leroux
Love You So Much quotes by Siobhan Davis
#75. Ax." Sadie is breathless as she caresses the angular lines of my face. "I love you so much. You're my whole world. You know that, right? #Quote by Siobhan Davis
Love You So Much quotes by The Hippie
#76. I realized that I don't want to try to change you in order to be with you. That's not fair to you. And I deserve to share my life with someone who's on the same path as me, and right now, that's not you. But I need you to know that you have been such a strength and a comfort to me when I had nothing and," I started to cry, "I love you so much. You truly are my best friend. I don't want to have to imagine my world without you in it. But if following my truth creates that, then know that I will always love you no matter what you choose to do with your life. #Quote by The Hippie
Love You So Much quotes by A.E. Via
#77. Yes," Green cried. "I do love you. I love you, Mark. Fuck. Love you so much, baby. #Quote by A.E. Via
Love You So Much quotes by Zoey Leigh Peterson
#78. Love isn't: I love you so much that I need to possess you and control you and be the source of all your happiness. Love is: I love you so much that I want you to have everything you need, even when it's hard for me. #Quote by Zoey Leigh Peterson
Love You So Much quotes by Heather Dixon Wallwork
#79. Bramble's lips were tight. Her fists still shook.

"Take it back," she said. She gazed at the floor, but the words whipped. "We don't want the picture. We don't want your charity. Take it back!"

Teddie drew himself up to his full, towering taffy height.

"N-dash it-O!" he said. "It's not charity and I won't take it back! It's a gift! A gift, dash it all! Because I liked your mum! And I like your sisters! And you, Bramble! I love you!"

The words echoed. Everyone's hands clasped over their mouths, and they stared at Lord Teddie, who panted but kept a tight chin up. Bramble's lips were still pursed. They were white.

"Young man," said the King gently. "Your ship leaves soon?"

Azalea guessed that, with the fiasco of everything, the King had annulled any arrangements between Bramble and Lord Teddie. Lord Teddie's entire taffylike form slumped. He turned to go, all bounciness dissolved.

"Do you mean it?"

Lord Teddie turned quickly. Bramble's lips remained tight, but her gaze was up, blazing yellow.

"Gad, yes," said Lord Teddie. "I love you so much, my fingers hurt!"

"Oh!" Bramble slapped he hand over her mouth and doubled over. "Oh-oh-oh-oh!" She shook. It was hard to tell if she was crying, or coughing, or ill. "Oh!"

In a billow of skirts, Bramble leaped. It was a grand jete worthy of the Delchastrian prima ballerina. She landed right on Lord Teddie, who had no cho #Quote by Heather Dixon Wallwork
Love You So Much quotes by Christina Lauren
#80. I didn't know," he whispered. "I didn't know I could love you so much. #Quote by Christina Lauren
Love You So Much quotes by Helo Matzelle
#81. God, why do You love me?"
"God, when do You love me?"
"How do You love me?"
"God, am I good enough for You?"
"God, when will I get to see You?"
"Then I will know You here, and in Heaven?"
"I love you, God."
He always replies,
~ excerpt from "Halo Found Hope" Chapter 21, HOPE FOUND #Quote by Helo Matzelle
Love You So Much quotes by Stephen King
#82. I love you so much, dear. #Quote by Stephen King
Love You So Much quotes by Suanne Laqueur
#83. I love you so much," he said. But his voice was hoarse and the first two words got lost. You so much. It settled into his heart like a creed. He said it again. "You so much." She turned her head up to him. "So much you," she said. #Quote by Suanne Laqueur
Love You So Much quotes by L.J. Shen
#84. I love you," she whispered. "I love you so much that I hated you for a while. And now that I know that you are damaged, I love you even more. Perfect things are not relatable. Unbreakable is fascinating, but not lovable. You're breakable, Dean Cole. I'm going to do my best to keep you whole. #Quote by L.J. Shen
Love You So Much quotes by Nathan Clarkson
#85. I think God is out there in the dark right past the spotlight, watching me perform this song called life. He knows I'm under-qualified, scared,not good enough, not even normal.
But I don't think He's waiting for mistakes or counting the mess-ups. I think He's a Parent waiting to jump to His feet in applause. And when it's all done, when I'm finally walking toward Him, I don't think He is even going to remember the keys I missed or the mistakes I made. Instead I think He is going to run to embrace me and say, "I'm so proud of you. You were amazing! I love you so much. #Quote by Nathan Clarkson
Love You So Much quotes by Drake
#86. You don't even have to ask twice, you could have my heart or we could share it like the last slice. #Quote by Drake
Love You So Much quotes by Lena Dunham
#87. I tell Jack by accident. We're talking on the phone about unprotected sex, how it isn't good for people with our particular temperament, our anxiety like an incorrigible weed. He asks if I've had any sex that was "really stressful," and out the story comes, before I can even consider how to share it. Jack is upset. Angry, though not at me. I'm crying, even though I don't want to. It's not cathartic, or helping me prove my point. I still make joke after joke, but my tears are betraying me, making me appear clear about my pain when I'm not. Jack is in Belgium. It's late there, he's so tired, and I'd rather not be having this conversation this way. "It isn't your fault," he tells me, thinking it's what I need to hear. "There's no version of this where it's your fault." I feel like there are fifty ways it's my fault. I fantasized. I took the big pill and the small pill, stuffed myself with substances to make being out in the world with people my own age a little bit easier. To lessen the space between me and everyone else. I was hungry to be seen. But I also know that at no moment did I consent to being handled that way. I never gave him permission to be rough, to stick himself inside me without a barrier between us. I never gave him permission. In my deepest self I know this, and the knowledge of it has kept me from sinking. I curl up against the wall, wishing I hadn't told him. "I love you so much," he says. "I'm so sorry that happened." Then his voice changes, from pity to som #Quote by Lena Dunham
Love You So Much quotes by Mariana Zapata
#88. My rib cage clenched all of the organs and muscles within it. It pulsed, full of life and warmth and gummy bears and glitter. This was... I don't know how to explain it - it was like Christmas morning when you were a kid. It was everything I'd wanted.

Each of his thumbs curved over the shells of my ears. "That's my girl."

His girl.
After all the crap that I'd gone through today, there couldn't have been three better words to hear.

Well, there were three other words I'd like to hear but I'd take these from him. That didn't mean that he was the only one who knew how to give. He'd given enough. My bones and heart knew that there was nothing for me to fear. I loved him and sometimes there were consequences of it that were scary, but it - the emotion itself - wasn't. I knew that now.

What kind of life was I living if I let my fears steer me? This was a gift I'd forgotten to appreciate lately. For so long I'd been happy to just be alive but I had Dex. I had my entire life ahead of me, and I needed to quit being a wuss and grab life by the balls. In this case, I'd take his nipple piercings.

"What'cha thinkin', Ritz?"

I held my hands out for him to see how badly they were shaking. "I'm thinking that I love you so much it scares me. See?"

Dex's thumbs tipped my chin back so that I could look at his face - at his beautiful, scruffy face. "Baby." He said my name like a purr that reached the vert #Quote by Mariana Zapata
Love You So Much quotes by Morgan Rhodes
#89. I love you, Cleo," he said, the words finally coming to him, with no effort at all because of how true they were. "I love you so much it hurts."
Her eyes widened. "What did you just say?"
Magnus almost laughed. "I think you heard me right. #Quote by Morgan Rhodes
Love You So Much quotes by Victoria Scott
#90. I love you, Charlie," I say. "I fucking love you so much. #Quote by Victoria Scott
Love You So Much quotes by Cindi Madsen
#91. I do love you. I love you so much I can hardly breathe, and I don't know how we'll work everything out, but I want to. I've never wanted anything more. #Quote by Cindi Madsen
Love You So Much quotes by Lisa De Jong
#92. I had a dream about you."
"You looked so pretty like always, and you were coming toward me in a white dress. The closer you got to me, the more you cried. And when you were close enough, I grabbed your hand."
" ... After the minister said a prayer, I told you how beautiful you were."
"Asher- "
"I told you that every star in the sky was made for you, and they were, Kate. You light up my world even in my darkest moments.
I told you that I loved you over and over again because I do, Kate. I love you so much, and the thought of leaving you alone is killing me more than cancer ever could." #Quote by Lisa De Jong
Love You So Much quotes by Samantha Towle
#93. Please don't go. Just stay, talk to me, we can work this out. I know we can. I would never cheat on you – I swear to you. Just believe me, please. I love you so much. You're the only person I've ever loved. And I know I've screwed up with the drugs, but I would never cheat on you. You're my best friend. You're my everything. #Quote by Samantha Towle
Love You So Much quotes by Jodi Picoult
#94. I imagine the touch of someone who loves you so much, he cannot bear to watch you sleep; and so you wake up with his hand on your heart. #Quote by Jodi Picoult
Love You So Much quotes by V. Theia
#95. Tell me you love me," he demands.

"Gray. God. I love you so much. #Quote by V. Theia
Love You So Much quotes by C.S. Lewis
#96. But then of course I know perfectly well that He can't be used as a road. If you're approaching Him not as the goal but as a road, not as the end but as a means, you're not really approaching Him at all. That's what was really wrong with all those popular pictures of happy reunions 'on the further shore'; not the simple-minded and very earthly images, but the fact that they make an End of what we can get only as a by-product of the true End.
Lord, are these your real terms? Can I meet H. again only if I learn to love you so much that I don't care whether I meet her or not? #Quote by C.S. Lewis
Love You So Much quotes by Jamie McGuire
#97. I fucking love you!" He grabbed each side of my face,
slamming his lips against mine. "I love you so much,
Pigeon," he said, kissing me over and over.
"Just remember that in fifty years when I'm still kicking
your ass in poker," I giggled.
He smiled, triumphant. "If it means sixty or seventy
years with you, Baby ... you have my full permission to
do your worst."
I raised one eyebrow, "You're gonna regret that."
"You wanna bet?"
I smiled with as much deviance as I could muster. #Quote by Jamie McGuire
Love You So Much quotes by John Lennon
#98. Love is all, love is new, love is all, love is you. #Quote by John Lennon
Love You So Much quotes by Karina Halle
#99. I love you Perry," he whispered, mouth moving in my hair. "I love you so fucking much. And I'm losing myself. I'm losing myself to you and I don't care anymore because there's never been a better feeling in the whole fucking world. I love you. So much. Too much. Always. #Quote by Karina Halle
Love You So Much quotes by Ilsa Madden-Mills
#100. This ... this means everything. We are everlasting. Fucking forever. I love you so much. Seeing my words for you on your body makes me insane for you. #Quote by Ilsa Madden-Mills
Love You So Much quotes by Chloe Walsh
#101. Because I'm in love with you, that's why. You think it's all about the baby, but you don't see. You don't get it. I fucking adore you. I love you so much it burns. #Quote by Chloe Walsh
Love You So Much quotes by Emma Chase
#102. I want to be a better man for you and because I love you so much, I actually believe I can be. #Quote by Emma Chase
Love You So Much quotes by Lauren  Hunter
#103. What expression?"
"The one you have on your face right now."
"You mean the one that says I love you so much I wish I could die for you if I could? The one that says I want to take your pain away and show you how much it's possible to love a human being more than life itself? #Quote by Lauren Hunter
Love You So Much quotes by Annie Brewer
#104. I love you so much it hurts. #Quote by Annie Brewer
Love You So Much quotes by J.R. Ward
#105. You know," he said, "this is why I love you so much."
Her tone was heartbreakingly warm. "What do you mean?"
You don't ask me to go inside because it's cold. You just want to make it easier for me to be where I want to stand. #Quote by J.R. Ward
Love You So Much quotes by Rachel Van Dyken
#106. When I say I love you, I mean I love you so much it hurts to be close to you, it hurts to be away from you. I hurt all the damn time because my stupid heart has decided for one reason or another that it can't survive without being next to yours. I don't know what the hell you've done to me, but I'm a disaster. I'm broken for you and I never want to be fixed. And it hurts like hell because when you kiss me, I know you think of him. When I kiss you, all I see is you, all I feel is you."

A tear slid down her cheek.

"When you touch me, a part of my heart breaks off, because in the back of my mind I'm always aware that the way you define the touch and the way I feel it are two totally different things. Trace, I love you. I love you. I" - my voice cracked - "I am in love with you."- Chase #Quote by Rachel Van Dyken
Love You So Much quotes by M.B. Wynter
#107. I love you so much."
"You wanna try telling me that sober? #Quote by M.B. Wynter
Love You So Much quotes by Soojung Jo
#108. I don't understand this--when people love you so much they are willing to get rid of you. I think if I loved someone that much I'd want to stay with them. It doesn't make sense that love would make a mother leave, and I wonder when this mother will love me that much too. I get the idea that love might be something to both desire and fear, and maybe if we don't love each other too much I won't have to go away again. I wonder why love works for everyone else, but it doesn't work for me. #Quote by Soojung Jo
Love You So Much quotes by Christina Lauren
#109. You're so fucking beautiful, I didn't say. I love you so much, I didn't say. #Quote by Christina Lauren
Love You So Much quotes by A. Meredith Walters
#110. I just love you so much. Sometimes it hurts #Quote by A. Meredith Walters
Love You So Much quotes by Love The Stacks Bookstore
#111. Thinking about all the authors I love who wrote flawed books. You authors are such an enigma to me. Why do I love you so much? #Quote by Love The Stacks Bookstore
Love You So Much quotes by Kanye West
#112. Why not start figuring out ways to change the way we treat each other? The way we talk to each other, the way we talk about each other. To love each other. You know it starts off with self-love. We have to love ourselves before we can love anybody else.

And the media from day one, from when you were little ass kids, they teach you not to love yourself. They take something out of you and they try to sell it back to you...Something that you've been fighting for your entire life that's taken from you as a child. That you always had inside of you. That's self-love.

That's why I love you so much, cause as everybody knows, I love me so much. #Quote by Kanye West
Love You So Much quotes by Katie MacAlister
#113. You think I am very cute, you think me sexy, as well. I can read your thoughts, remember.
I hoisted myself up and slid across his body. You are conceited, arrogant, and domineering, everything I dislike in a man.
And you are independent, stubborn, and heedless, everything I dislike in a women.
I slid my hands under his back and kissed his dampened lips. So why is it that I love you so much?
He smiled a smug, masculine little smile and captured my legs with his.
Because I love you, and to be loved by a Dark One is enough for any woman.
I pinched him in a particularly vulnerable spot and allowed him to kiss me with all the sexy arrogance he had. #Quote by Katie MacAlister
Love You So Much quotes by Taylor Jenkins Reid
#114. I love you," he says. "I love you so much. I love waking up with you on Sunday mornings when we don't have any plans. And I love coming home to you at night, seeing you reading a book, bundled up in a sweater and huge socks even though you have the heat up to eighty-eight degrees. I want that for the rest of my life. I want you to be my wife. That's what I want."

I want to tell him that I want that, too. Ever since I met him I've wanted that, too. But now everything is different, everything has changed. And I'm not sure what I want at all.

"But I don't want you to share those things with me because you have to, because you feel it's right to honor a promise we made months ago. I want us to share all of that together because it's what makes you happy, because you wake up every day glad that you're with me, because you have the freedom to choose the life you want, and you choose our life together. That's what I want. If I don't give you the chance to leave right now, then I don't know," he says, shrugging. "I just don't think I'll ever feel comfortable again. #Quote by Taylor Jenkins Reid
Love You So Much quotes by Frank O'Hara
#115. Oh god it's wonderful
to get out of bed
and drink too much coffee
and smoke too many cigarettes
and love you so much #Quote by Frank O'Hara
Love You So Much quotes by Nicole Krauss
When I'd come in, she'd call me into her bedroom, take me in her arms, and cover me with kisses. She'd stroke my hair and say, 'I love you so much,' and when I sneezed she'd say, 'Bless you, you know how much I love you, don't you?' and when I got up for a tissue she'd say, 'Let me get that for you I love you so much,' and when I looked for a pen to do my homework she'd say, 'Use mine, anything for you,' and when I had an itch on my leg she'd say, 'Is this the spot, let me hug you,' and when I said I was going up to my room she'd call after me, 'What can I do for you I love you so much,' and I always wanted to say, but never said: Love me less. #Quote by Nicole Krauss
Love You So Much quotes by Abeba Habtu
#117. I love you so much, Sahra. You will do wonderful things. Have courage and believe in yourself. #Quote by Abeba Habtu
Love You So Much quotes by Annie Brewer
#118. Well, then- Before I can finish his lips are on mine fervently and I return his kiss as our mouths move together in a slow rhythm. I wrap my arms around his neck tightly. He grasps my face between both of his warm hands, then pulls back to look at me.
You don't know how happy you just made me, Gracie. I love you. I fucking love you!
Yes I do because it's the same feeling you give me. I love you so much Carter and I want to move in with you and see you every day and wake up next to you every morning. #Quote by Annie Brewer
Love You So Much quotes by Monica James
#119. I love you so much. I surrender everything I am to you Ava Thompson. #Quote by Monica James
Love You So Much quotes by Lily Morton
#120. I love you so much, so much," he mutters. "It's always been you. It always will be. #Quote by Lily Morton
Love You So Much quotes by Cambria Hebert
#121. I love you so much, B." "Times two, baby," I murmured. "Times two. #Quote by Cambria Hebert
Love You So Much quotes by Alexandra Bracken
#122. I think I'm losing it - I don't know what's happening, what happened, but I look at you, I look at you, and I love you so much. Not because of anything you've said, or done, or anything at all. I look at you, and I just love you, and it terrifies me. It terrifies me what I would do for you. #Quote by Alexandra Bracken
Love You So Much quotes by Tabitha Suzuma
#123. As she chats away, the candlelight is reflected in her pupils, making them shine like cats' eyes. When she smiles, her nose crinkles and dimples appear in her cheeks. I look at her, stare at her, and I think: I wish I could pick you up and put you in my pocket. I wish I could carry you with me all the time, safe and warm. I wish there was a way I could be with you all the time, every hour of every day. Each time you smile, it's like the first time all over again, and my heart flutters in my chest. I want to reach out and hold you – it's like a physical ache. I want to stroke your face and kiss your eyelashes and feel your skin and smell your hair. I love you. I love you so much. And it hurts. I don't know why. #Quote by Tabitha Suzuma
Love You So Much quotes by Tami Hoag
#124. I love everything about you. Don't you ever think I don't. Even when you make me mad, I love you so much I can hardly stand it. #Quote by Tami Hoag
Love You So Much quotes by Kristen Proby
#125. I love you so much I ache with it," he whispers as if each word is painful to admit. "And I'm afraid you'll destroy me before all is said and done. #Quote by Kristen Proby
Love You So Much quotes by Nell Zink
#126. On one occasion when she was feeling edgy and exhausted and her cartilage ached the way it sometimes did, she stopped off at the memorial park on her way home. It was the biggest public open space in the country. She drove up and down the long rows of granite grave markers set flush to the grass singing, "If you are going to San Francisco," thinking about smothering Byrdie and taking the car and just running away. Her life could start over as it was meant to start – but how was that, pray tell? As a lesbian? What about those two or three months of fixation on sleeping with Lee? Is that what lesbians do? She looked back at Byrdie asleep on the back bench seat and said, "Byrdie boy, I love you so much. #Quote by Nell Zink
Love You So Much quotes by Georgia Cates
#127. You're surrendering your all to me, and I can't think of anything more beautiful than that. I once thought of you as my beauty from pain - when I thought I'd never see you again - but you're something entirely different. You're my beauty from surrender because that's what you're doing - relinquishing the person you once were to give yourself to me wholeheartedly. And I love you so much for it. I couldn't think of a better gift to give your bride. #Quote by Georgia Cates
Love You So Much quotes by Mia Sheridan
#128. I love you, Lily of the Night. I love you so much. I'm going to love you forever,
In the darkness, or in the light. #Quote by Mia Sheridan
Love You So Much quotes by Dylan Thomas
#129. I love you so much I'll never be able to tell you; I'm frightened to tell you. I can always feel your heart. Dance tunes are always right: I love you body and soul: - and I suppose body means that I want to touch you and be in bed with you, and i suppose soul means that i can hear you and see you and love you in every single, single thing in the whole world asleep or awake #Quote by Dylan Thomas
Love You So Much quotes by Lorraine Heath
#130. Stay."

The strangled word, spoken in anguish, tore at her heart, ripped through her resolve. She swiped at the tears raining over her cheeks and slowly turned, forcing the painful truth past her lips. "I can't stay. I can no longer give you what you want. I can't give you a son."

Dallas stepped off the veranda and extended a bouquet of wildflowers toward her. "Then stay and give me what I need."

Her heart lurched at the abundance of flowers wilting within his smothering grasp. She shook her head vigorously. "You don't need me. There are a dozen eligible women in Leighton who would happily give you a son and within the month there will be at least a dozen more - "

"I'll never love any of them as much as I love you. I know that as surely as I know the sun will come up in the morning."

Her breath caught, her trembling increased, words lodged in her throat. He loved her? She watched as he swallowed.

"I know I'm not an easy man. I don't expect you to ever love me, but if you'll tolerate me, I give you my word that I'll do whatever it takes to make you happy - "

Quickly stepping forward, she pressed her shaking fingers against his warm lips. "My God, don't you know that I love you? Why do you think I'm leaving? I'm leaving because I do love you - so much. Dallas, I want you to have your dream, I want you to have your son."

Closing his eyes, he laid his roughened hand over hers where it quive #Quote by Lorraine Heath
Love You So Much quotes by S.C. Stephens
#131. I hid this one in the hopes that you would find it long after I'm gone. I hope you find this months from now, when I'm still out there, on the road, away from you. I can't imagine what the time apart has done to us. I'm hoping we're closer.
I'm hoping we're more in love than ever. I'm hoping that when I come back, you'll move in with me. In all honesty, I'm hoping that when I come back you'll agree to marry me someday. Because that's what I want, what I dream about.
You, mine, for the rest of my life. I hope you feel the same ... because I don't know what I would do without you. I love you so much. But, if for some reason we're not closer, if something has gotten between us, please, I'm begging you ... don't give up on me. Stay. Stay with me. Work it out with me. Just don't leave me ... please.
I love you, always, Kellan #Quote by S.C. Stephens
Love You So Much quotes by K. Ancrum
#132. I never said I didn't feel the same," Jack said harshly. "Just because I don't see the kingdom doesn't mean it doesn't still exist," Jack said furiously. "As long as one of us remembers it, it still counts. We decide the end of the game, not them. Not anyone else. You're so stupid, August. You're so stupid and I love you so much. #Quote by K. Ancrum
Love You So Much quotes by Cornelia Funke
#133. And this time he would have said it, right? I love you. So much. Too much. But that was forbidden. For all time. The Elf would take his heart in payment. #Quote by Cornelia Funke
Love You So Much quotes by Deborah Harkness
#134. I don't expect you to have no regrets about who you've lost along the way. How could you not have been loved before, when I love you so much? #Quote by Deborah Harkness
Love You So Much quotes by Kelley R. Martin
#135. Em, I love you so much it hurts. I would do anything for you. I'd die for you, and I know you'd do the same, so don't you dare stand there and tell me you'd rather have a lifetime of nothing special than a few years of something extraordinary. #Quote by Kelley R. Martin
Love You So Much quotes by Lara Adrian
#136. I love you so much ... I don't want to live a single moment without you at my side. #Quote by Lara Adrian
Love You So Much quotes by Shelly Crane
#137. See! A hot guy kissed me and I didn't even care because I love you so much! #Quote by Shelly Crane
Love You So Much quotes by Margaret Mitchell
#138. I love you, your courage and your stubbornness and your fire and your utter ruthlessness. How much do I love you? So much that a moment ago I would have outraged the hospitality of the house which has sheltered me and my family, forgotten the best wife any man ever had - enough to take you here in the mud like a - "
She struggled with a chaos of thoughts and there was a cold pain in her heart as if an icicle had pierced it. She said haltingly: "If you felt like that - and didn't take me - then you don't love me."
"I can never make you understand. #Quote by Margaret Mitchell
Love You So Much quotes by Georgia Cates
#139. I love you so much, Laurelyn. I swear I do. #Quote by Georgia Cates
Love You So Much quotes by Richelle Mead
#140. I smiled at her, but that brooding cloud still hung over me, even as I lay there so full of happiness. I had never thought I could love another person this much. I also never thought I'd live in such fear of losing another person. Was that how everyone in love felt? Did they all cling tightly to their beloved and wake up terrified in the middle of the night, afraid of being alone? Was that an inevitable way of life when you loved so deeply? Or was it just those of us who walked on a precipice who lived in such a panic?
I brought my face a mere whisper from hers. "I love you so much."
She blinked in that way I'd come to recognize, when she was afraid she might cry. "I love you too. Hey." She slid one of her hands up and rested it on my cheek. "Don't look like that. Everything's going to be okay. The center will hold."
"How do you know?"
"Because we are the center. #Quote by Richelle Mead
Love You So Much quotes by Elizabeth Rudnick
#141. I will not ask you for forgiveness. What I have done is unforgivable. I was so lost in hatred and revenge. I never dreamed that I could love you so much. You stole what was left of my heart. And now I've lost you forever. #Quote by Elizabeth Rudnick
Love You So Much quotes by Lucy Robinson
#142. Dear Fran
I'm watching you sleep. You are sucking your thumb. (We're going to need to talk about this.)
I can't pretend you look like a delicately slumbering princess, because you don't. Apart from the thumb business you are twitching around like a ferret and about ten minutes ago you pulled the entire duvet over yourself and left me with nothing. But I've never loved you more than I do right now.
I love you so much. I hope we can have a life together. There's so much I want to say to you. Please wake up soon.
Freddy x #Quote by Lucy Robinson
Love You So Much quotes by Esther Hicks
#143. I Love you so much, I don't care what you think. #Quote by Esther Hicks
Love You So Much quotes by Susan Wiggs
#144. I know you got your heart broken but I know the heart can heal, too. And I know what it feels like to love again. I love you so much, I can't sleep at night. Sometimes I forget to breathe. And in a hundred years, that's never going to change. #Quote by Susan Wiggs
Love You So Much quotes by Greg Brown
#145. You shoulda married someone, a whole lot more like you
drink coffee in the little cafes, and you could go out shopping too.
I shoulda married someone, who likes to camp and fish, and make love for two days straight, And you say, "don't you wish".
You drive me crazy, with all the things you do and do not do. Umm, I love you so much, I'm gonna drive you crazy too. #Quote by Greg Brown
Love You So Much quotes by David Nicholls
#146. With failing bravado, Dexter tried to laugh. "You sound like you're dumping me!"
She smiled sadly. "I suppose I am in a way. You're not who you used to be, Dex, I really, really liked the old one. I'd like him back, but in the meantime, I'm sorry, but I don't think you should phone me anymore." She turned and, a little unsteadily, began to walk off down the side alley in the direction of Leicester Square.
For a moment, Dexter had a fleeting but perfectly clear memory of himself at his mother's funeral, curled up on the bathroom floor while Emma held onto him and stroked his hair.Yet somehow he had managed to treat this as nothing, to throw it all away for dross. He followed a little way behind her. "Come on, Em, we're still friends aren't we? I know I've been a little weird, it's just..." She stopped for a moment, but didn't turn round, and he knew that she was crying. "Emma?"
Then very quickly she turned, walked up to him and pulled his face to hers, her cheek warm and wet against his, speaking quickly and quietly in his ear, and for one bright moment he thought he was to be forgiven.
"Dexter, I love you so much. So, so much, and I probably always will." Her lips touched his cheek. "I just don't like you anymore. I'm sorry."
And then she was gone, and he found himself on the street, standing alone in this back alley trying to imagine what he would possibly do next. #Quote by David Nicholls
Love You So Much quotes by Thich Nhat Hanh
#147. When you love someone, the best thing you can offer is your presence. How can you love if you are not there? #Quote by Thich Nhat Hanh
Love You So Much quotes by Beverley Hollowed
#148. Melanie O'Leary" he said as he kissed her lips softly. "I love you so much."
"I love you too, Sam Cooper." Melanie replied and smiled.
"Forever and always?" He asked.
"Forever and always." She replied. #Quote by Beverley Hollowed
Love You So Much quotes by Taya Kyle
#149. April 13, 2005
It was so nice to be able to talk to you tonight. I miss you something terrible. I can't wait to be with you again, especially the truck ride home while I am teasing the hell out of you. Yea! I love you so much baby. About the computer, how much is too much for a new computer? I got an email through eBay that a guy is willing to sell me that computer I wanted because the winning bidder didn't pay up, but he wants 2500 for it. I know when I get something in my head that I want, I usually don't care too much about the price, so I want a sanity check. The computer is an Alienware computer with 2 gigs of ram and 120 gigs of hard drive. It's top of the line, but is it too much? I know you can bring me back to earth if I am over-anxious. Anyway, I love you so much, baby. I will call you again tomorrow night for me, day for you. Take care of yourself and think about the ride home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #Quote by Taya Kyle
Love You So Much quotes by Tarryn Fisher
#150. I love you so much, and there are so many things that I didn't get to tell you. I was so scared of the way you loved me, Caleb. #Quote by Tarryn Fisher
Love You So Much quotes by Sara Naveed
#151. I don't want to let you go. Not now. Not ever." While she said this, tears streamed out of her eyes. "I'm here with you. Always," he murmured softly against her hair. "I love you, Ahmar. I love you so much," she whispered. #Quote by Sara Naveed
Love You So Much quotes by John Green
#152. I love you so much and I just want you to love me like I love you #Quote by John Green
Love You So Much quotes by M. Leighton
#153. You are the most amazing man I've ever met and I love you so much I sometimes feel like I can't contain it inside my chest. Don't ever say I deserve better. You are the best there is. #Quote by M. Leighton
Love You So Much quotes by Sylvain Reynard
#154. Hello, Spring Roll. I'm your daddy and I've been waiting to meet you for a long time. I love you so much. #Quote by Sylvain Reynard
Love You So Much quotes by Koushun Takami
#155. You're so kind, Kazuhiko. That's what I like about you."
I like you, too. I love you so much."
If he weren't so inarticulate, Kazuhiko could have said so much more. How much her expression, her gentle manner, her pure untainted soul meant to him. How important, in short, her existence was to him. But he wasn't able to put into words. He was only a third-year student in junior high, and worst yet, composition was one of his worst subjects. #Quote by Koushun Takami
Love You So Much quotes by Julie Anne Long
#156. I love you so much i can hardly tell my own heart from yours anymore, and I've never said it to another woman in my life as it's never until now been true. #Quote by Julie Anne Long
Love You So Much quotes by Stephenie Meyer
#157. Dad, I wrote. I'm with Alice. Edward's in trouble. You can ground me when I get back. I know it's a bad time. So sorry. Love you so much. Bella. #Quote by Stephenie Meyer
Love You So Much quotes by Philip Ridley
#158. I love you so much I could burst into flames. #Quote by Philip Ridley
Love You So Much quotes by Laurelin Paige
#159. He settled his hand at my jaw, his thumb tracing the line of my lower lip. "Of course, I do, precious." His tone was uneven but sincere. "You're my everything. I love you. I love you so much. #Quote by Laurelin Paige
Love You So Much quotes by Erin McCarthy
#160. Why?" she whispered. "Why should I dance with you?"
"Because I love you. Because I love you so much I'm willing to do whatever it takes to make it go differently this time." ... "Because we should be a married couple, because I never wanted to not be married to you. Because all these men out here dancing with their wives can't possibly love them as much as I love you. Because for me, there is only one woman, and I'm sorry to break it to you, but you're it. #Quote by Erin McCarthy
Love You So Much quotes by S.C. Stephens
#161. I was remembering all of the reasons why I love you so much. I was appreciating everything you do, and everything you are. I was falling in love with you, all over again. #Quote by S.C. Stephens
Love You So Much quotes by Haemin Sunim
#162. It's okay that you have flaws. How could our lives be as clean and white as a blank sheet of paper? Life naturally takes its toll on our bodies, our minds, and our relationships. rather than choosing a life in which you do nothing for fear of making a mistake, choose a life that improves through failure and pain. And shout out loud to your struggling self, I love you so much #Quote by Haemin Sunim
Love You So Much quotes by Jocelyn Davies
#163. I love you,' he said. His voice shook with effort. 'I love you so much, it's like my whole life was just leading up to the moment I met you. And then as soon as I did, I lived in fear, every day, that you would be taken from me.' He looked down. 'I just never thought you'd be the one to do it. #Quote by Jocelyn Davies
Love You So Much quotes by J.R. Ward
#164. I love you so much…" she declared, "that it doesn't hurt. #Quote by J.R. Ward
Love You So Much quotes by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
#165. She threw up her hands. "All right. Why not?"
Why not?"
His arms fell to his sides. "That's it? I pour my heart out. I love you so much I've got freakin' tears in my eyes. And all I get in return is 'Why not'?"
What did you expect? Am I supposed to fall all over you just because you've finally come to your senses?"
Would it be too much to ask?" ... He'd begun to glare at her again, his eyes growing stormier by the minute."When do you think you might be ready? To fall all over me, that is. #Quote by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
Love You So Much quotes by Kate Winslet
#166. I went up to Meryl Streetp and said 'I love you so much I want to tongue kiss you' And she said 'OK'. #Quote by Kate Winslet
Love You So Much quotes by A.E. Via
#167. Oh my fucking god. You are the sexiest thing in the world. Looking at you like this. Offering yourself to me. Jesus Christ. Thank for trusting me. I love you so much." Day panted out his gratitude while pushing his finger all the way in, simultaneously stroking his own cock. He couldn't help it. His cock was dark red and angry, needing release now. God #Quote by A.E. Via
Love You So Much quotes by Maya Banks
#168. I love you so much, Eden. You're a miracle. My miracle. A gift I never dreamed of receiving. I'm so damn grateful for it. #Quote by Maya Banks
Love You So Much quotes by Denise Hunter
#169. Did I tell you how beautiful you look tonight?" "Only about a dozen times." He turned her in his arms and took her face in his hands, his thumbs brushing her cheeks. Their breath mingled together. "It's true. You're beautiful and amazing, and I love you so much. I'm the luckiest man in the world." She turned a kiss into his palm. "I love you too. I'm going to make you the happiest husband ever." "I already am." The #Quote by Denise Hunter
Love You So Much quotes by Rachel Van Dyken
#170. You are my little girl. I love you so much. I would do anything for you. You are mine. Do you understand, Natalee? You are my flesh and blood and there is nothing on this Earth that is more important to me. #Quote by Rachel Van Dyken
Love You So Much quotes by Katie Ashley
#171. God Em, I love you so much it hurts," came his pained whisper in her ear.
"I know. I love you so much, too. #Quote by Katie Ashley
Love You So Much quotes by Leisa Rayven
#172. I love you," he murmurs as he rests his head on my shoulder. "I love you so much. Don't leave me. #Quote by Leisa Rayven
Love You So Much quotes by Jessica Shirvington
#173. You smell of winter dew at the first crack of dawn and when you use your power it feels like being submerged in the most intoxicating vanilla cream that I lose myself in it every time and … and you were beautiful,‟ he blurted out, catching us both by surprise. But he went on, ignoring the fact that my hand was still slipping. „So stunning in that dress the other night I could hardly look at you it hurt so much. You are the thing I dread in myself, Violet, because … I love you so much that I can‟t trust myself. I‟d die for you, give up all my power for you, I‟d give my soul in an instant, even if it meant I had to spend eternity in torment - just for one moment with you as mine. Wanting you consumes me. I dread you because I know the risk but I‟m so selfish I want you anyway. I‟d take you even though it could kill you #Quote by Jessica Shirvington
Love You So Much quotes by Maggie Berkley
#174. Morgan, Morgan, Morgan. You push me away, hurt me and leave but I love you so much. Why are you trying to kill me? Every time I touch you, every time I see you, you kill me a little more." Ty to Morgan, after restraining her after a fight. #Quote by Maggie Berkley
Love You So Much quotes by Rein Scott
#175. Wiping my sleeve over my eyes, I clear the tears and smile at her. "Yea. I'm great." Leaning over the bed, I lay a gentle kiss over her mouth. It's not meant as a sexual kiss, rather a reverent kiss to show her how much I love her. But, if that didn't convey my message, I move to her ear and whisper. "I love you so much. Thank you for this baby." I bury by head in her neck while still holding her hand tightly. Her free hand strokes my head and tangles in my hair. #Quote by Rein Scott
Love You So Much quotes by Taylor Jenkins Reid
#176. I love you so much, sweetheart. So, so much. And it's in part because of things like that. You're an idealist and a romantic, and you have a beautiful soul. And I wish the world was ready to be the way you see it. I wish that the rest of the people on earth with us were capable of living up to your expectations. But they aren't. The world is ugly, and no one wants to give anyone the benefit of the doubt about anything. When we lose our work and our reputations, when we lose our friends and, eventually, what money we have, we will be destitute. I've lived that life before. And I cannot let it happen to you. I will do whatever I can to prevent you from living that way. Do you hear me? I love you too much to let you live only for me. #Quote by Taylor Jenkins Reid
Love You So Much quotes by Sabrina Jeffries
#177. How can you have such faith in me?" he asked hoarsely. "How can you believe in me when I've given you no reason?"
"You've given me plenty of reasons, but there's only one that matters. I love you, Oliver. I can't help myself. That is my reason."
He began to shake, his eyes glistening with unshed tears.
"I love you," she repeated as she kissed his cheek. "I love you." She kissed the other cheek, now damp, though she wasn't sure whether from her tears or his. "I love you so much." She brushed his lips with hers.
He held her back to search her face. "God help you if that is a lie," he said in an aching voice. "Because those words have sealed your fate. I'll never let you go, now. #Quote by Sabrina Jeffries
Love You So Much quotes by S.J. Kincaid
#178. That's lucky?" Tom repeated bitterly. "Lucky now means 'worst case scenario ever,' then. That's great. Good to know."

"Sir," Blackburn corrected.

"You outrank me. You shouldn't call me 'sir.'"

"Raines, you'll address me as 'sir' or I will stick you back down in that cell next to the census device until 'sir' is the only word you remember."

Tom bristled. He'd never hated someone so much. "Sir, yes, sir. I'll use 'sir,' sir. Is that all, sir?"

"Oh, I'd say that's all. Get into the simulation with the others." Blackburn jabbed at his forearm keyboard. "It irritates me just looking at you."

Back at you, Tom thought. #Quote by S.J. Kincaid
Love You So Much quotes by C. JoyBell C.
#179. What does a spiritual person look like? An illiterate farmer can be much closer to God than a learned scholar of theology. One day, many people will say, "God I did this for you and I did that for you and I learnt this about you and I learnt that about you; so I deserve to be near you!" But God will say to these people, "I do not know you." Then a humble farmer whom nobody ever heard of, will come and he will say, "God, remember me? I found you in the fields every day, and we sang together!" And God will say to that man, "Come, sit on my lap, we belong together. #Quote by C. JoyBell C.
Love You So Much quotes by Catarine Hancock
#180. you were the flaming meteor
about to send me in smoke
but i kissed you anyways.

there's a burning crater on my lips
from your touch and
i think i may always be in love
with you.

we looked at each other like
we were the sun and the moon
and we knew we'd only eclipse for so long. #Quote by Catarine Hancock
Love You So Much quotes by Michael Brent Jones
#181. 8 second hug: Yes, eight seconds is a long time, and no, I am not recommending giving everyone an eight second hug. The shell we put up or mask we hide behind is made up of what we think logically think will keep us emotionally safe. Intuition is not fooled by shells or masks, intuition which is non-verbal communication bypasses whatever façade we put up, so that hearts can connect. This makes us feel vulnerable, because we can't hide out hopes and fears from being seen from other people's intuition. We may not remember the last time we felt an overwhelming feeling of belonging, but likely it was when we were the most vulnerable; like being held as a newly born infant, not aware that we were naked, and nothing we could do about it even if we did know, being held tightly in someone's arms who completely loved us.
It may not have been a parent or grandparent holding the newborn us, but if it wasn't, for sure it was the nurse there at the delivery, responding to our cry to be held. We resist the one thing that allows someone into our life - vulnerability, by cutting off the intuitions communication which is non-verbal. We often avoid eye contact, avoid letting people see us cry, and avoid allowing ourselves to be held.
I wish I had known earlier in life, what C.S. Lewis put so well in his book The Four Loves, "There is no safe investment. To love at all is to be vulnerable. Love anything and your heart will be wrung and possibly broken. If you want to make sure of kee #Quote by Michael Brent Jones
Love You So Much quotes by William Kent Krueger
#182. It seems to me that when you look back at a life - yours or another's - what you see is a path that weaves into and out of deep shadow. So much is lost. What we use to construct the past is what has remained in the open, a hodgepodge of fleeting glimpses. Our histories, like my father's current body, are structures built of toothpicks. So what I recall of that last summer in New Bremen is a construct of both what stands in the light and what I imagine in the dark where I cannot see. #Quote by William Kent Krueger
Love You So Much quotes by Eckhart Tolle
#183. Note: The mind is a superb interment if used rightly. Used wrongly, however, it becomes very destructive. To put it more accurately, it is not so much that you use your mind wrongly
you usually don't use it at all. It uses you. This is the disease. You believe that you are your mind. This is the delusion. The instrument has taken you over. #Quote by Eckhart Tolle
Love You So Much quotes by Kinky Friedman
#184. Most people, of course, spend their lives caring about the wrong things. The worry about South Africa or Nicaragua. They spend so much time finding themselves that they lose their taxicabs. They don't see that what kind of napkin you get at a delicatessen is a matter of much significance in the world today.
That's why they don't get linen #Quote by Kinky Friedman
Love You So Much quotes by Laurell K. Hamilton
#185. I have to clean up first. I'm still all sweaty and stuff from the crime scene." I realized he was wearing a white shirt and I might have dried blood on me. It made me draw back and look at the front of him.
"What is wrong, ma petite?"
"I may have dried blood and things on me, and you're wearing white."
He drew me back into his arms. "I would rather hold you close than worry about my clothes. The shirt will wash, or we can throw it away. I do not care."
I pushed back just enough to turn my face up, resting my chin on his chest so that I gazed up the line of his body, and he looked down so that our eyes met down the line of his chest. "I know you love me, but when you don't care about your clothes, I know it's true love for you." I grinned as I said it.
He laughed, abrupt, surprised, and for a moment I got to see what he must have looked like centuries ago before being a vampire had taught him to control his face and show nothing for fear it would be used against him by those more powerful than him.
I smiled up at him, held as close to him as I could with clothes and weapons still on, and loved him. I loved that I could make him laugh like that, loved that he felt safe enough to show me this part of him, loved that even when we were ass-deep in alligators, being with each other made it better. The alligators would be chewing on our asses either way, but with each other it was more fun, and we were more likely to be able to make a matching set of al #Quote by Laurell K. Hamilton
Love You So Much quotes by Philip Pullman
#186. To get the best out of life here ... Good grief. There's plenty of it about, so indulge. Give yourself some thing to remember. Fall in love. Fall out of love. Gamble. Get drunk. See how long you can stay awake. Go for long walks at night. Discover what you're afraid of doing, and then do it. #Quote by Philip Pullman
Love You So Much quotes by Corinne Michaels
#187. I'm not playing a game with you, and I'll use whatever means necessary to win your heart."
"And what if my heart isn't ready?"
"Then I'll wait for you, Devney. I'll wait until you realize that this isn't about a bet or anything other than us belonging together. I want us and you and everything that comes with that. I want to kiss you good night, wake up with you beside me, and love you the way you deserve. So, I'll wait for your heart to be ready because mine is ready enough for the both of us. #Quote by Corinne Michaels
Love You So Much quotes by Steve Wozniak
#188. Your first projects aren't the greatest things in the world, and they may have no money value, they may go nowhere, but that is how you learn - you put so much effort into making something right if it is for yourself. #Quote by Steve Wozniak
Love You So Much quotes by Mariam Gomaa
#189. no child is born they will grow and as they do they look for a way to be whole,a place to feel at home why are they not whole you ask, they are not whole because they have two eyes, two hands but only one heart so we look for the second. #Quote by Mariam Gomaa
Love You So Much quotes by Frances Hodgson Burnett
#190. If you tell stories, you like nothing so much as to tell them to people who want to listen. #Quote by Frances Hodgson Burnett
Love You So Much quotes by Georgette Heyer
#191. Léonie, you will do well to consider. You are not the first woman in my life."

She smiled through her tears. "Monseigneur, I would so much rather be the last woman than the first," she said. #Quote by Georgette Heyer
Love You So Much quotes by Adele
#192. Sometimes with pop music, you have to see it to love it. With soul music, it's sparse. There's nothing that's pretentious or planned. It's just so gutsy. #Quote by Adele
Love You So Much quotes by Jennifer Ashley
#193. When you love, especially with your heart, it comes upon you so fast, you don't have time to resist. #Quote by Jennifer Ashley
Love You So Much quotes by Cisneros Sandra
#194. Alone, all alone in the world, sad and small like a nightingale serenading the infinite. How could a love so tender and sweet become the cross of my pain? No, no, I can't conceive I won't receive your precious lips again. My eyes are tired of weeping, my heart of beating. If perhaps some crystal moment before dawn or twilight you remember me, bring only a bouquet of tears to lay upon my thirsty grave. #Quote by Cisneros Sandra
Love You So Much quotes by John W. Frye
#195. I used to be encouraged when, after a Sunday's message, people would say, "John, that was a good message. You showed me things from that verse that I never would have seen. I don't know how you do it. Thanks so much." Howard Hendricks called this postservice time "the glorification of the worm. #Quote by John W. Frye
Love You So Much quotes by Kristi Cook
#196. I've gotta go," I say, scowling at my phone.
"Now?" Ryder asks, tipping my chin up with one hand so that our eyes meet.
"Unfortunately. It's my mom. Lucy and Morgan are covering for me, but I've got to get back. I'm supposed to be at the drugstore."
"What are we going to tell them? Our moms, I mean?"
I shake my head. "We can't tell them anything. At least, not yet. Can you imagine the pressure they'd put on us if they knew? I mean, they already drive us nuts and they think we hate each other."
"You're right. So…we keep it a secret?"
"Not exactly. I've got to tell Lucy and Morgan. Just…not our parents, okay? Besides, think how fun it will be, sneaking around."
His eyes light with mischief. "Good point."
"Don't go getting any naughty ideas," I tease. "C'mon, walk me to my car."
He takes my hand and falls into step beside me, glancing down at me with a wicked grin.
"What?" I ask.
"Hey, you're the one who brought up 'naughty,' not me."
I poke him playfully in the ribs.
"I've got an idea," he says. "Let's pretend we've got to do a school project together. You know, say that we've been paired up against our will. We can make a big fuss about it--complain about having to spend so much time together."
"While we secretly do lots of naughty things?" I offer.
He nods. "Exactly."
I shiver, imagining the possibilities. Suddenly, I'm looking forward to those Sunday dinners at Magnolia Landing. And to Christmas #Quote by Kristi Cook
Love You So Much quotes by Rajesh Goyal
#197. Let your lousy & grody time before today be not an excuse for you to become completely antagonist or a crap. We all have our past, but let your past do not define you, shrink you down to less, destroy, deter or defeat you. Let all that has happened to you a day before fosters you further & blossom you into more. Let you make yourself ready to act on all those thoughts you have been pondering all the time. Let this be a good time for you to become a superhero, whatever that means to you. Let all your coming days surprise you with more laughter, smiles, love, fun, festivity, happiness & so on. Stay Healthy, Sufficient & Blessed! #Quote by Rajesh Goyal
Love You So Much quotes by Lee Westwood
#198. Yes, a Major would mean so much to me but I'm a great believer that if you work hard and in the right way, you will get what you deserve. #Quote by Lee Westwood
Love You So Much quotes by Stanley Victor Paskavich
#199. Love is so wonderful and free to give, and it's the one thing they can't make you pay taxes on. #Quote by Stanley Victor Paskavich
Love You So Much quotes by Siri Mitchell
#200. As the final bars of the dance were played, we bowed to the couples across from us and at our corners and then Mr. De Vries deposited me back at Aunt's side. Bowed. "Thank you ever so much, Miss Carter." "Thank you, Mr. De Vries." He stepped a bit closer. "Don't you think, since we spoke of . . . feathers and hatpins . . . that you could call me Harry?" I nodded. And as he left me at Aunt's side, I was smiling still. #Quote by Siri Mitchell
Love You So Much quotes by Abhijeet Sawant
#201. Even if you be Mendacious.. I know deep in your heart.. you don't wish to be one.. its just, you r acting so 'cos u not letting your heart flow.. and you think your Mendacious actions will make situations convenient to me..!! #Quote by Abhijeet Sawant
Love You So Much quotes by Preeti Shenoy
#202. Creativity is closely associated with bipolar disorder. This condition is unique . Many famous historical figures and artists have had this. Yet they have led a full life and contributed so much to the society and world at large. See, you have a gift. People with bipolar disorder are very very sensitive. Much more than ordinary people. They are able to experience emotions in a very deep and intense way. It gives them a very different perspective of the world. It is not that they lose touch with reality. But the feelings of extreme intensity are manifested in creative things. They pour their emotions into either writing or whatever field they have chosen (pg 181) #Quote by Preeti Shenoy
Love You So Much quotes by Michael Lee West
#203. Now that Olive was grown, I didn't know what to do with myself. You could build your life around one single thing, like a view or a child, but that was risky. You had so much to lose. #Quote by Michael Lee West
Love You So Much quotes by Haley Reinhart
#204. Depth on different levels is so important to me. You look at a band like The Beatles, all their material has so much depth to it. And I want people to be able to run away with my melodies and get lost in them and take the lyrics and be able to relate to them. #Quote by Haley Reinhart
Love You So Much quotes by The Doors
#205. Hello, I Love You"

Hello, I love you
Won't you tell me your name?
Hello, I love you
Let me jump in your game
Hello, I love you
Won't you tell me your name?
Hello, I love you
Let me jump in your game

She's walking down the street
Blind to every eye she meets
Do you think you'll be the guy
To make the queen of the angels sigh?

Hello, I love you
Won't you tell me your name?
Hello, I love you
Let me jump in your game
Hello, I love you
Won't you tell me your name?
Hello, I love you
Let me jump in your game

She holds her head so high
Like a statue in the sky
Her arms are wicked, and her legs are long
When she moves my brain screams out this song

Sidewalk crouches at her feet
Like a dog that begs for something sweet
Do you hope to make her see, you fool?
Do you hope to pluck this dusky jewel?

Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello
I want you
I need my baby
Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello #Quote by The Doors
Love You So Much quotes by Anjanette Delgado
#206. You think you'll be ok because in the end your mother will still be your mother. You don't know that she'll be changed. Loving you still, of course, but what you find out later is that her love now tastes different from all that time spent training to withstand distance, containing herself in order to live with impotence so strong, the phrase "so near and yet so far" was made for it. You think if you'd known all this you'd be able to live with the results of your choices, never again wondering what would've happened if you'd never left. #Quote by Anjanette Delgado
Love You So Much quotes by Jarod Kintz
#207. If you don't know what love feels like, you're in luck, because I just finished making a new pair of Love Gloves. They're lined with fur and are perfect for a cold February 14th winter day. I'll let you borrow them sometime, maybe even this summer. I recommend wearing them in conjunction with my Sensitivity Pants, which are so tight they show the emotion betrayed by your crotch. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Love You So Much quotes by Mary-Louise Parker
#208. I feel like movies, if there's any kind of budget whatsoever, there's so much sitting, and I really like to work. Otherwise my blood sugar just drops, you know, six hours sitting in a camper. #Quote by Mary-Louise Parker
Love You So Much quotes by Shawn Achor
#209. if you want to set the tone or mood, make sure you get some of the first words in. Think about it, which meeting would you prefer to attend? One that starts with "Let's get going because we have so much to do today and a lot of fires to put out" or one that starts with "I'm happy to see you all today - it's great that we have such a strong team working on these exciting new projects"? Same reality but a very different outlook. Then sit back and watch how people's engagement and motivation improve in response to your power lead. It's one of the most effective tools in this book. #Quote by Shawn Achor
Love You So Much quotes by Rachel Van Dyken
#210. What do you love more?" she teased. "My hair or my heart?" "Why give me only two choices? Don't leave out your legs, your laugh, the way you bite your lip when you're thinking, the feel of your breath on my face, the sound of your voice in the morning, the way you taste, the three freckles on your nose, the fan of your eyelashes, the caring spirit, the determined soul - so why stop at your hair and your heart? How do you expect me to choose? When what I love the most about you - is you. #Quote by Rachel Van Dyken
Love You So Much quotes by Idowu Koyenikan
#211. Don't run away from problems; instead, develop yourself so much that no matter what problem you encounter, you will have what it takes to overcome it. #Quote by Idowu Koyenikan
Love You So Much quotes by Eden Finley
#212. Honestly? I'm waiting for the memory of you kissing me to go away so I'm not tempted to do it again. #Quote by Eden Finley
Love You So Much quotes by Lea Thompson
#213. I love really crappy carnivals, where you think the ride is going to break. There's something so seedy about them. #Quote by Lea Thompson
Love You So Much quotes by Chuck Palahniuk
#214. How could you ever bring yourself to love so deeply if you truly knew how brief a lifetime could be? #Quote by Chuck Palahniuk
Love You So Much quotes by Mary Jane Hathaway
#215. So, does that make me your girlfriend?"
"Do you want to be?"
"I've never liked that word, actually. It sounds so juvenile. "
He shot her a worried look. "Is there another term you'd prefer?"
"I've always liked 'companion of my heart'. Or 'my better half'. Or maybe even 'the sun in my universe'. #Quote by Mary Jane Hathaway
Love You So Much quotes by Eddie Huang
#216. Figure it out!" We always had to figure it out, so you can, too! We didn't have the luxury of people explaining why I couldn't use my left hand or why his family had no money. We just figured it out. But love is a funny thing. #Quote by Eddie Huang
Love You So Much quotes by A.E. Via
#217. It had only been two days but Furi was looking forward to seeing Syn, kissing him, making love to him. Syn had called him each night and each night they'd jerked off together. When Syn had called him at two in the morning after finding the download Furi had put on his phone, he thought Syn had injured himself from coming so hard. Furi had downloaded his last masturbation video with Illustra to Syn's cell. The one in which he'd thought about his hot detective the entire time. Furi moaned into the receiver as Syn watched the video. When it got to the part where he'd looked at the camera and asked "Is this what you want?" He let Syn know that he'd been talking to him. Syn lost it right there on the other end of the line and it only took Furi a couple hard pulls to come right along with him. Furi #Quote by A.E. Via
Love You So Much quotes by Jiddu Krishnamurti
#218. When the mother and father love their children, they do not compare them, they do not compare their child with another child; it is their child and they love their child. But you want to compare yourself with something better, with something nobler, with something richer, so you create in yourself a lack of love. #Quote by Jiddu Krishnamurti
Love You So Much quotes by Adam Starks
#219. Pain is inevitable but so is joy. Too many of us resort to abject fear or anger due to our sufferings or unknowns in life. Remain steadfast by approaching discovery and love so you can embrace the present moment. The past can serve as nothing more than a lesson and the future can serve as nothing more than a notion. #Quote by Adam Starks
Love You So Much quotes by Kate Furnivall
#220. I'd rather have your lifeblood tainted than spilled on a forest floor.'
He said no more, just held her. 'I'm not worth it,' she whispered at last.
'Who says so?'
'I do.'
'Then you don't know what love is. #Quote by Kate Furnivall
Love You So Much quotes by Victoria Scott
#221. I'm so in love with you."
"'Course you are … I'm freaking outstanding. #Quote by Victoria Scott
Love You So Much quotes by Rumi

There was a woman who bore a child almost every year, but the children never lived longer

than six months. Usually after three or four months they would die. She grieved long and

publicly. "I take on the work of pregnancy for nine months, but the joy vanishes quicker

than a rainbow." Twenty children went like that, in fevers to their small graves. One night

she had a revelation. She saw the place of unconditional love, call it the garden or source

of gardens. The physical eye cannot see its unseeable light. Lamp, green flower, these

are just comparisons, so that some of the love-bewildered may catch a fragrance. The woman

saw pure grace and, drunk with the seeing, fell to the ground. Those who have the vision said

then, "This morning meal is for those who rise with sincere devotion. The tragedies you've

had came from other times when you did not take refuge." "Lord, give me more grief.

Tear me to pieces, if it leads here." She said this and walked into the presence

she had seen. Her children were all there, "Lost to me," she cried, "but not to you."

Without this great grieving no one can enter the spirit. #Quote by Rumi
Love You So Much quotes by Ted Hughes
#223. You solve it as you get older, when you reach the point where you've tasted so much that you can somehow sacrifice certain things more easily, and you have a more tolerant view of things like possessiveness (your own) and a broader acceptance of the pains and the losses. #Quote by Ted Hughes
Love You So Much quotes by John Clare
#224. I never saw so sweet a face. As that I stood before. My heart has left it dwelling place ... and can return no more. #Quote by John Clare

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