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Love For Your Son quotes by Cheryl Strayed
#1. No one can touch that love or alter it or take it away from you. Your love for your son belongs only to you. It will live in you until the day you die. #Quote by Cheryl Strayed
Love For Your Son quotes by Abhysheq Shukla
#2. Sometimes your vision won't make sense to people because it's too big for small minds. Keep it to yourself and make it happen. #Quote by Abhysheq Shukla
Love For Your Son quotes by Colleen Hoover
#3. If there's nothing inside a heart that can break, why does it feel like mine is going to snap in half when it's time for me to move next month? Does your heart not feel like


Samson's eyes scroll over my face for a moment. "Yeah," he whispers. "It does. Maybe we both grew heart bones. #Quote by Colleen Hoover
Love For Your Son quotes by Jennifer Probst
#4. You see, love is a funny thing. There are no guarantees, just the day-to-day and the moment. You make vows, hope for the best, and do your damnedest to love the person you're with. #Quote by Jennifer Probst
Love For Your Son quotes by Neale Donald Walsch
#5. You will not grow through guilt, but only shrivel and die. Awareness is what you seek. But awareness is not guilt, and love is not fear. Fear and guilt, I say again, are your only enemies. Love and awareness are your true friends. Yet do not confuse the one with the other, for one will kill you, while the other gives you life. #Quote by Neale Donald Walsch
Love For Your Son quotes by David Mezzapelle
#6. It is important to give value and to be of value. Invest in those who invest in you. When you do, your worth to that person will increase as they realize that in giving, they will receive. Do not allow anyone to take you for granted. Guard your value as a person. Choose wisely where you invest your time, money, and, most importantly, love. Everyone wants to feel valued and appreciated. #Quote by David Mezzapelle
Love For Your Son quotes by Laury Falter
#7. I am in love with you, Magdalene. What I feel for you is timeless. And when I die, when this body releases me, I will find you and I will be your eternal protector. #Quote by Laury Falter
Love For Your Son quotes by Dennise Cardona
#8. a deep love and passion for your business is having a plan. A plan is critical. Without this roadmap, you are apt to get lost. #Quote by Dennise Cardona
Love For Your Son quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#9. Would you like to hear a song while I cut your hair? There's one my sister Pandora and I wrote, called Pig in the House."
Looking intrigued, Bazzle nodded.
Cassandra launched into a sublimely ridiculous song about the antics of two sisters trying to hide their pet pig from the farmer, the butcher, the cook, and a local squire who was especially fond of bacon. While she sang, she moved around Bazzle's head, snipping off long locks and dropping them into a pail Garrett held for her.
Bazzle listened as if spellbound, occasionally chortling at the silly lyrics. As soon as the song was finished, he demanded another, and sat while Cassandra continued with My Dog Thinks He's a Chicken, followed by Why Frogs are Slimy and Toads are Dry.
Had Tom been capable of falling in love, he would have right there and then, as he watched Lady Cassandra Ravenel serenade a ragamuffin while cutting his hair. She was so capable and clever and adorable, it made his chest ache with a hot pressure that threatened to fracture something.
"She has a marvelous way with children," Garrett murmured to him at one point, clearly delighted by the situation.
She had a way with everyone. Especially him. He'd never been besotted like this.
It was intolerable. #Quote by Lisa Kleypas
Love For Your Son quotes by Barbara R. Duguid
#10. Father, thank you for your deep and endless mercy to rebels like us. We have trampled on the blood of your precious and only Son, time and time again. We know that we deserve your wrath, and yet when we approach you we find grace and mercy instead. Father, we cannot fathom the cost to your heart of pouring out so much anger on your perfect Son. Father, we are so grateful that you were willing to suffer so much for us. #Quote by Barbara R. Duguid
Love For Your Son quotes by Joanne Fedler
#11. You will need to stay calm as you witness the candy floss in your daughter's smile harden into brittle bitchiness. You will need to muster a new resolve as your son's fascination with Pokémon shifts to porn. You will have to recalibrate your mothering instinct to accommodate the notion that not only do your children poop and burp, they also masturbate, drink and smoke. As their bodies, brains and worlds rearrange themselves, you will need to do your own reshuffling. You will come to see that, though you gave them life, they're the ones who've got a life. They've got 1700 friends on Facebook. They've got YouTube accounts (with hundreds of sub- scribers), endless social arrangements, concerts, Valentine's Day dances and Halloween parties. What we have – if we're lucky – is a 'Thanks for the ride, Mum, don't call me, I'll call you,' as they slam the car door and indicate we can run along now. #Quote by Joanne Fedler
Love For Your Son quotes by Alfa Holden
#12. How do you know they aren't the one? At the first sight of total disregard for your hurt, your gut will feel uneasy. I'm reminding you to listen up. #Quote by Alfa Holden
Love For Your Son quotes by Roshani Chokshi
#13. I would rip the stars from the sky if you wished it. Anything for you. But remember to trust me. Remember your promise. #Quote by Roshani Chokshi
Love For Your Son quotes by Vincent Edwards
#14. Why blame love for the mistakes of your emotions. Blame yourself for calling your emotions love. #Quote by Vincent Edwards
Love For Your Son quotes by Carole Lombard
#15. I think marriage is dangerous. The idea of two people trying to possess each other is wrong. I don't think the flare of love lasts. Your mind rather than your emotions must answer for the success of matrimony. It must be friendship - a calm companionship which can last through the years. #Quote by Carole Lombard
Love For Your Son quotes by Meister Eckhart
#16. You should love, respect and regard all others as yourself; and you should feel that whatever happens to someone else, whether good things or bad, is happening to you ... If you love blessedness in yourself more than in another, this is wrong, for if you love blessedness in yourself more than in another, than you love yourself [instead of others], and where you love yourself, God is not your sole love, and that is wrong. #Quote by Meister Eckhart
Love For Your Son quotes by Charlotte Eriksson
#17. ... so this is for us.
This is for us who sing, write, dance, act, study, run and love
and this is for doing it even if no one will ever know
because the beauty is in the act of doing it.
Not what it can lead to.
This is for the times I lose myself while writing, singing, playing
and no one is around and they will never know
but I will forever remember
and that shines brighter than any praise or fame or glory I will ever have,
and this is for you who write or play or read or sing
by yourself with the light off and door closed
when the world is asleep and the stars are aligned
and maybe no one will ever hear it
or read your words
or know your thoughts
but it doesn't make it less glorious.
It makes it ethereal. Mysterious.
For it belongs to you and whatever God or spirit you believe in
and only you can decide how much it meant
and means
and will forever mean
and other people will experience it too
through you.
Through your spirit. Through the way you talk.
Through the way you walk and love and laugh and care
and I never meant to write this long
but what I want to say is:
Don't try to present your art by making other people read or hear or see or touch it; make them feel it. Wear your art like your heart on your sleeve and keep it alive by making people feel a little better. Feel a little lighter. Create art in order for yourself t #Quote by Charlotte Eriksson
Love For Your Son quotes by Emily Arsenault
#18. It seems to me there are things we should have talked about. Like, what happens if you think you've found the love of your life, but you notice, whenever you go into the city together, that he walks ahead of you in the subway station, and doesn't look behind for you until after he's gotten on the subway? And what if you find yourself wishing you did not have to tell him to wait for you? What if being with him starts to mean having to say those things..."Honey, what for me?" And you start to resent him making you do that in order to keep him walking by your side? #Quote by Emily Arsenault
Love For Your Son quotes by Sara Zarr
#19. There was a present on the front seat of Ethan's car, a Gap box tied with a white ribbon. "Happy birthday, Jenna," Ethan said, leaning over to kiss me, his lips cool from the iced chai he stopped for every morning. I opened the box and pulled out an orange sweater with a cream-colored stripe down the arms.
"Thank you. I love it."
"I know," he said, pulling away from the curb. "That's what you said when you handed it to me at the store and told me to get it for your birthday."
"I'm sorry," I said, holding the sweater in my lap. I knew he was just teasing, but I wanted to be the kind of person who could enjoy surprises. I wanted to be as spontaneous and free as everyone else seemed to be and not feel all the time like if I didn't follow some kind of specific map of daily life, disaster would be right there waiting. "I just...really liked it."
"And wanted to make sure you got it," he said, smiling. "So basically you're greedy."
"Basically. #Quote by Sara Zarr
Love For Your Son quotes by Jenny Han
#20. There's a Korean word my grandma taught me. It's called jung. It's the connection between two people that can't be severed, even when love turns to hate. You still have those old feelings for them; you can't ever completely shake them loose of you; you will always have tenderness in your heart for them. #Quote by Jenny Han
Love For Your Son quotes by Elizabeth Hoyt
#21. He came for me. But the Vicar never got very far with what he intended. I was not raped." A sudden, rather awful thought assailed her. "You do believe me, don't you?"

A wide grin spread across his handsome face. "Darlin', I don't believe in God, but I believe in ye."

"Michael, that's blasphemy," she chided, even as she couldn't keep the corners of her own mouth from turning up.

"No," he said, very serious now, "that's love. I hear ye, I believe ye, and I love ye, me darlin'."

She looked at him mutely, too afraid to ask.

But he nodded as he drew her into his arms. "I love ye, Silence O'Connor, with all me black heart."

"I don't think your heart is all that black." She smiled though tears sparkled in her eyes again. "I love you, too. #Quote by Elizabeth Hoyt
Love For Your Son quotes by Mahmoud Darwish
#22. Like a Small Cafi, That's Love"

Like a small cafe on the street of strange. -
that's love... its doors open to all.
Like a cafe that expands and
commas with the w.then
if it pours with rain its customers increase,
if the weather's fm, they are few and weary...
I am here, stranger, sitting in the comer.
(What color .e your eyes? What is your name?
How shall I call to you as you pass hy,
as I sit waiting for you?)
A small caa, that's love.
I order two glass. of wine
and drink to my health and yours.
I am carrying two caps
and umbrella. It is raining now.
It is raining more than ever,
and you do not come hA
I say to myself at last: Perhaps she who I was waiting for
was waiting for me, or was waiting for some other ma,
or was waiting for us, and did not find him/me.
She would sap Here I am waiting for you.
(What color are your eyes? What is your name?
What kind of wine do you prefer? How shall I call to you when
you pass hyl)
A small that's love... #Quote by Mahmoud Darwish
Love For Your Son quotes by Julia Quinn
#23. You'd never have gotten it right. You have to hit the door just so. It took me weeks to learn."
"And what were you doing sneaking out at night?" he demanded.
"I fail to see how that is your business."
"You became my business when you took up residence
in my house."
"Well, I wouldn't have moved in if you hadn'tkidnapped me!"
"I wouldn't have kidnapped you if you hadn't been wandering about the countryside with no thought to
your own safety."
"I was certainly safer in the countryside than I was at Prewitt Hall, and you well know it."
"You wouldn't be safe in a convent," he muttered.
"If you two lovebirds can stop snapping at each other," James cut in, "I'd like to search the study before
Prewitt returns home."
Blake glared at Caroline as if this entire delay were her fault, causing her to hiss, "Don't forget that if it
weren't for me-"
"If it weren't for you," he shot back, "I would be a very happy man indeed."
"We are wasting time," James reminded them. "The both of you may remain here, if you cannot cease
your squabbling, but I am going in to search the south drawing room."
"I'll go first," Caroline announced, "since I know the way."
"You'll go behind me," Blake contradicted, "and give me directions as we go along."
"Oh, for the love of Saint Peter," James finally burst out, exasperation showing in every line of his body.
"I'll go first, if only to shut the #Quote by Julia Quinn
Love For Your Son quotes by Gerard Butler
#24. My favorite scene was my dying scene, when I had to stand up and suddenly in that moment recall my wife and everything I stood for, and I say "My queen, my wife, my love" and I think of all my movies, that is the most powerful moment I ever had. In preparation for each take, I would scream at the ground, clench my fists, and scrape the ground, and cut all my knuckles and rip my nails... I would scream, and scrape, and scratch, and then I would stand and go "GO."
And they would film.
And it felt so visceral, and so powerful, and the next day, that was my last day of filming, the next day I was leaving Montreal and I went through US IMMIGRATION and the officer asked "what happened to your hands" and I said "I was just scratching the ground" and she took me for secondary questioning, and I missed my flight, and had to stay another day.
So the next day I wore gloves. #Quote by Gerard Butler
Love For Your Son quotes by Spider Robinson
#25. Certainly, all of us at Callahan's were heir to the tradition of the B-movie - and the A-movie for that matter - that any female who enters your life in a dramatic manner must be your fated love. #Quote by Spider Robinson
Love For Your Son quotes by Charlotte Bronte
#26. It is a long way to Ireland, Janet, and I am sorry to send my little friend on such weary travels: but if I can't do better, how is it to be helped? Are you anything akin to me, do you think, Jane?"
I could risk no sort of answer by this time: my heart was still.
"Because, he said, "I sometimes have a queer feeling with regard to you - especially when you are near me, as now: it is as if I had a string somewhere under my left ribs, tightly and inextricably knotted to a similar string situated in the corresponding quarter of your little frame. And if that boisterous channel, and two hundred miles or so of land some broad between us, I am afraid that cord of communion will be snapt; and then I've a nervous notion I should take to bleeding inwardly. As for you, - you'd forget me. #Quote by Charlotte Bronte
Love For Your Son quotes by Denton Welch
#27. When you long with all your heart for someone to love you, a madness grows there that shakes all sense from the trees and the water and the earth. And nothing lives for you, except the long deep bitter want. And this is what everyone feels from birth to death. #Quote by Denton Welch
Love For Your Son quotes by Carolyn Jewel
#28. He headed for the door but stopped halfway. "I love you, Sophie. I love you with my soul."
Her bare arms held up the duvet. "Don't ruin this, Banallt, please."
"I'm not a villain from one of your novels, Sophie." She stared at him, wide-eyed. "Unlike them, I can change. I have changed."
Unfortunately, she didn't believe him. #Quote by Carolyn Jewel
Love For Your Son quotes by Quinn Loftis
#29. How could I not fall in love with him," she asked. And on the tail end of her words, her bedroom door flew open and closed just as fast.

Jen bent over, panting heavily as she looked up at Sally.

"Hey Sally girl. Who we falling in love with?" Jen asked breathlessly.

"Jen, what's wrong?" Sally paused and then decided on a better question. "What have you done now?"

Jen stood up and took two deep breaths. Seeming to have regained her wind, she spoke quickly.

"First off, I've changed my mind. I don't want you to name your first born after me."

Sally interrupted. "Thank goodness for that," she muttered.

"I want you to name your entire freaking litter after me," Jen growled. "Do you know what I've been through?" Jen's arms were flinging around as she glared at Sally. "I did that little strip tease to try and keep things from escalating with the rest of the pack and Decebel was beyond pissed. I had to sneak out of the gathering room and make a run for it. I've been running through the freaking forest trying to throw him off by changing back and forth so that I could place my clothes that I carried in my freaking muzzle. CARRIED IN MY MUZZLE SALLY! I put them in different places to throw off him off my scent." Jen went over to Sally's window and was trying to judge the danger of using it as an exit. #Quote by Quinn Loftis
Love For Your Son quotes by Julieanne O'Connor
#30. There will be a time when love is beautiful and passionate and nothing else will exist but you and the person you love, and a time when love hurts so badly that you will wish you wouldn't wake up. I say this. Always, always, always approach love with the heart of the angel you were born with. Never become bitter and always know that pain goes away. Marry for love. But also choose to marry a man or woman who you love that treats you with the ultimate respect for your expression of who you are at your very core. Always see the good, appreciate every moment and remember that love lives on forever. #Quote by Julieanne O'Connor
Love For Your Son quotes by Debasish Mridha
#31. Sing just to express your love for life and everything around you. No reason is needed to sing. #Quote by Debasish Mridha
Love For Your Son quotes by Thomas S. Monson
#32. May I share with you a formula that in my judgment will help you and help me to journey well through mortality ... First, fill your mind with truth; second, fill your life with service; and third, fill your heart with love. #Quote by Thomas S. Monson
Love For Your Son quotes by Michael J. Sullivan
#33. Love is the degree to which you are willing to sacrifice your own interests for those of another. It doesn't matter what sex you are. It doesn't matter who you are, or were. It only matters that you care more for someone else than you do for yourself. It's when you eat minlatta with tarragon oil even when you hate pasta because someone with you enjoys it. It's when you value being alone more than anything but agree to move in with someone because they need you. And believe this, Ellis Rogers, for I am quite certain that love is most certainly when you push away the one person in all the world you want to be with because you think your thoughts would cause them pain. #Quote by Michael J. Sullivan
Love For Your Son quotes by William Goldman
#34. I say you are a coward and you are; I think you hunt only to reassure yourself that you are not what you are: the weakest thing to ever walk the Earth. He will come for me and then we will be gone, and you will be helpless for all your hunting, because Westley and I are joined by the bond of love and you cannot track that, not with a thousand bloodhounds, and you cannot break it, not with a thousand swords. #Quote by William Goldman
Love For Your Son quotes by L.J.Smith
#35. I just had a precognition, she told Anna silently,a stream of unspoken love and joy. You will be very happy. Your best friend says go for it.
Annas face was bright, as if someone had set a candle behind it. You're giving me permission?
I'm giving you an order! #Quote by L.J.Smith
Love For Your Son quotes by Bell Hooks
#36. Anger prevents love and isolates the one who is angry. It is an attempt, often successful, to push away what is most longed for - companionship and understanding. It is a denial of the humanness of others, as well as a denial of your own humanness. Anger is the agony of believing that you are not capable of being understood, and that you are not worthy of being understood. It is a wall that separates you from others as effectively as if it were concrete, thick, and very high. There is no way through it, under it, or over it. Certainly #Quote by Bell Hooks
Love For Your Son quotes by Billy Idol
#37. Rebel Yell"

Last night a little dancer came dancin' to my door
Last night a little angel came pumping on the floor
She said "Come on baby I got a license for love
And if it expires pray help from above"

In the midnight hour she cried- "more, more, more"
With a rebel yell she cried- "more, more, more"
In the midnight hour babe- "more, more, more"
With a rebel yell- "more, more, more"
More, more, more.

She don't like slavery, she won't sit and beg
But when I'm tired and lonely she sees me to bed
What set you free and brought you to me babe
What set you free I need you here by me

In the midnight hour she cried- "more, more, more"
With a rebel yell she cried- "more, more, more"
In the midnight hour babe- "more, more, more"
With a rebel yell- "more, more, more"

He lives in his own heaven
Collects it to go from the seven eleven
Well he's out all night to collect a fare
Just so long, just so long it don't mess up his hair.

I walked the world with you, babe
A thousand miles with you
I dried your tears of pain, babe
A million times for you

I'd sell my soul for you babe
For money to burn with you
I'd give you all, and have none, babe
Just to, just to, just to, to have you here by me

In the midnight hour she cried- "more, more, more"
With a rebel ye #Quote by Billy Idol
Love For Your Son quotes by John Henry Newman
#38. Without self-knowledge you have no root in yourselves personally; you may endure for a time, but under affliction or persecution your faith will not last. This is why many in this age (and in every age) become infidels, heretics, schismatics, disloyal despisers of the Church. They cast off the form of truth, because it never has been to them more than a form. They endure not, because they never have tasted that the Lord is gracious; and they never have had experience of His power and love, because they have never known their own weakness and need. #Quote by John Henry Newman
Love For Your Son quotes by Rhitwik Vashishtha
#39. To say her goodbye …!!

I knew there was something
In wink of your smile
In touch of your voice
With the hurt of good bye

Precious moments are not lasting long
Controlling my life
And I don't know why
I won't see her anymore
For long …

So much to say ..
But words are missing & time is running
To say her goodbye

The beauty of imperfect
Speechless moment
Was not enough for silent tears
To way back in this life

All my memories
Keeps you near brings me far
From home …

I ll remember ..
The silent whisper
To say her goodbye..
Waving hand to sky …
And a kiss to winds
I'll remember..!!

Rhitwik #Quote by Rhitwik Vashishtha
Love For Your Son quotes by Barry Goldwater
#40. None of us here in Washington knows all or even half of the answers ... If you love your country, don't depend on handouts from Washington for your information. If you cherish your freedom, don't leave it all up to big government. #Quote by Barry Goldwater
Love For Your Son quotes by Jodi Picoult
#41. The thing about a mom is that she's always there. She's the one who rubs your back when you have the flu, who manages to notice you have no clean underwear and does your wash for you, who stocks the refrigerator with all the foods you love without having to ask. The thing about a mom is that you never imagine taking care of her, instead of the other way around. #Quote by Jodi Picoult
Love For Your Son quotes by Arthur Miller
#42. Mother: What more can we be?
Chris: You can be better! Once and for all you can know there's a universe of people outside and you're responsible to it, and unless you know that you threw away your son because that's how he died. #Quote by Arthur Miller
Love For Your Son quotes by Ree Drummond
#43. On the ride back to my house, I asked Marlboro Man all about his parents. Where they'd met, how long they'd been married, what they were like together. He asked the same about mine. We held hands, reflecting on how remarkable it was that both his and my parents had been married in excess of thirty years. "That's pretty cool," he said. "It's unusual nowadays."
And it was. During my years in Los Angeles, I'd always taken comfort in the fact that my parents' marriage was happy and stable. I was among the few in my California circle of friends who'd come from an intact family, and I felt fortunate that I'd always been able to declare that my parents were still together. I was happy that Marlboro Man could say the same. It gave me some sense of security, an assurance that the man I was falling more in love with every day had parents who still loved each other. Marlboro Man kissed my hand, caressing my thumb with his. "It's a good sign," he said. The sun was beginning to set. We rode to my house in peaceful silence.
He walked me to the door, and we stopped at the porch step, my favorite porch step in the whole world. Some of the most magical moments had happened there, and that night was no different. "I'm so glad you came today," he said, wrapping his arms around me in an affectionate embrace. "I liked you being there."
"Thanks for having me," I said, gladly receiving his soft, sweet kiss on my cheek. "I'm sorry I wrecked with your mom in the car."
"That's okay #Quote by Ree Drummond
Love For Your Son quotes by Sarah Addison Allen
#44. Just So You Know

You fall in love with every book you touch. You never break the spine or tear the pages. That would be cruel. You have secret favorites but, when asked, you say that you could never choose. But did you know that books fall in love with you, too?

They watch you from the shelf while you sleep. Are you dreaming of them, they wonder, in that wistful mood books are prone to at night when they're bored and there's nothing else to do but tease the cat.

Remember that pale yellow book you read when you were sixteen? It changed your world, that book. It changed your dreams. You carried it around until it was old and thin and sparkles no longer rose from the pages and filled the air when you opened it, like it did when it was new. You should know that it still thinks of you. It would like to get together sometime, maybe over coffee next month, so you can see how much you've both changed.

And the book about the donkey your father read to you every night when you were three, it's still around – older, a little worse for wear. But it still remembers the way your laughter made its pages tremble with joy.

Then there was that book, just last week, in the bookstore. It caught your eye. You looked away quickly, but it was too late. You felt the rush. You picked it up and stroked your hand over its glassy cover. It knew you were The One. But, for whatever reason, you put it back and walked away. Maybe you were trying to be p #Quote by Sarah Addison Allen
Love For Your Son quotes by J. Raymond
#45. The truth about most people: they will never accept you as you are. You'll need to change. And I'm begging you, change. But only for yourself, and even if that means by yourself. Never bend for them. Don't calm your heart, don't scale back these dreams. Stay strange, lost your mind, finger fuck the rules, burn bridges if you must, and follow your insanity. Feel everything, it's telling you something. People will love you in bits and pieces, and hate you just the same. You'll always be too much for some, and not enough for others. They will never believe in you, as much as you do. And understand that you will never be a success in the eyes of a failure. There's a magic in you that most others can't believe in, simply because they haven't made sense of themselves. But you're magic, still. You've been that way all along. And even if the world changed everything in you, that much would always be true. #Quote by J. Raymond
Love For Your Son quotes by Rahman Baba
#46. I am a lover, and I deal in love. Sow flowers,
So your surroundings become a garden.
Don't sow thorns; for they will prick your feet.
We are all one body,
Whoever tortures another, wounds himself. #Quote by Rahman Baba
Love For Your Son quotes by Sheryl Sandberg
#47. You then will lean way in to your career. You will find something you love doing and you will do it with gusto. Find the right career for you and go all the way to the top. Start out by Aiming high. Try- and try hard. I hope you find true meaning, contentment, and passion in your life. I hope you navigate the difficult times and come out with greater strength and resolve. I hope you find whatever balance you seek with your eyes wide open. #Quote by Sheryl Sandberg
Love For Your Son quotes by Russell Brand
#48. If you feel how I felt, I have been taught a few techniques that might help you. Here's one for a kick-off: You have to forgive everyone for everything. You can't cling on to any blame that you may be using to make sense of the story of your life. Even me with my story of one nan that I love and another that I don't - that story is being used to maintain a certain perspective of mine, a perspective that justifies the way I am, and by justifying the way I am I ensure that I stay the same. I'm no longer interested in staying the same; I'm interested in Revolution, that means I have to go back and change the story of my childhood. #Quote by Russell Brand
Love For Your Son quotes by Peter Ackroyd
#49. A person who had no one would be well advised to cobble together some passable ghost. Breathe it into being and coax it along with words of love. Offer it each phantom crumb and shield it from harm with your body. As for me my only hope is for eternal nothingness and I hope it with all my heart. #Quote by Peter Ackroyd

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