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Losing And Moving On quotes by Carmen DeSousa
#1. You'll never get to the happily ever after if you don't move past the current chapter ... #Quote by Carmen DeSousa
Losing And Moving On quotes by Cecil Baldwin
#2. Sometimes you go through things that seem huge at the time, like a mysterious glowing cloud devouring your entire community. While they're happening, they feel like the only thing that matters and you can hardly imagine that there's a world out there that might have anything else going on. And then the glow cloud moves on. And you move on. And the event is behind you. And you may find, as time passes, that you remember it less and less. Or absolutely not at all, in my case. #Quote by Cecil Baldwin
Losing And Moving On quotes by Aleksandra Mir
#3. I was a lousy academic. I spent most of my time in the cafeteria. But I met fantastic people from all kinds of fields; law, medicine, history, and they eventually dispersed all over the world to do their fieldwork. I liked the way these people committed to the long term in a sincere, visionary way. Their projects weren't about "next season." They were ten-year commitments. They were lifestyle choices that had traditions of fieldwork built into them - moving around, living on location, discipline, a real rigor for research. #Quote by Aleksandra Mir
Losing And Moving On quotes by Mandy Hale
#4. We can let go of the person or love or friendship without letting go of the lesson. #Quote by Mandy Hale
Losing And Moving On quotes by Nicki Minaj
#5. When you're working and you're busy and you're successful, no matter what, something suffers, whether it's your relationship with your mother, your relationship with your whole family. Certain things suffer and take the back burner, not because they're on the back burner in your heart but because the world just moves so quickly. A lot of people, when they're chasing their dreams, they have to leave people they love. #Quote by Nicki Minaj
Losing And Moving On quotes by Kevin Leman
#6. Men tend to focus on the present and the future, and they like to present possibilities wether they're realistic or not. They are often fast moving and risk takers. Contrast that with women, who tend to focus on the present and the past due to their relational abilities, and since they use both sides of their brain, they tend to think more realistically and in detail about tasks that need to be done. As a result, they are usually more cautious and less risk taking. Put the two together and it's easy to see why you and your son will sometimes disagree or even clash. (22) #Quote by Kevin Leman
Losing And Moving On quotes by Philip Guston
#7. Usually I draw in relation to my painting, what I am working on at the time. On a lucky day a surprising balance of forms and spaces will appear ... making itself, the image taking hold. This in turn moves me toward painting - anxious to get to the same place, with the actuality of paint and light. #Quote by Philip Guston
Losing And Moving On quotes by Alison Moyet
#8. With the exceptional talent that is Guy Sigsworth as producer and collaborator, we have recorded a collection of original songs that sees me moving away from a generic line up and back into the world of a programmer. Born of reconstructed improvisation I like to think of it as Prog-Pop, but I also like to think of big dogs as small horses. So don't hang on to that thought long. Unless, of course, you think it astute of me in which case I am right #Quote by Alison Moyet
Losing And Moving On quotes by Tess Vigeland
#9. For me, even if the path isn't clear, I feel much better today waking up and working hard and heading forward in some direction than being at times where I was before when I was just flipping the same switch every single day and not really moving forward. I don't live my life based on a guarantee, because I don't buy it. Anything can happen. A #Quote by Tess Vigeland
Losing And Moving On quotes by Brian Evenson
#10. I don't always know what's going to go on in terms of the mood of the story. Sometimes I start with the mood, but sometimes I just try to work toward discovering it. But I do think often there's a mood or unsettling quality, in which the reality of the world seems to be taken away, that I really love, and it's something that I almost always unconsciously move toward. #Quote by Brian Evenson
Losing And Moving On quotes by Noomi Rapace
#11. When I was a teenager, I was like, 'Something is wrong with me. I don't fit in. I'm not like everybody else.' So, I always knew that I wanted to explore and move on, but it was completely unexpected, the way it happened. #Quote by Noomi Rapace
Losing And Moving On quotes by Arthur Machen
#12. There are sacraments of evil as well as of good about us, and we live and move to my belief in an unknown world, a place where there are caves and shadows and dwellers in twilight. It is possible that man may sometimes return on the track of evolution, and it is my belief that an awful lore is not yet dead. #Quote by Arthur Machen
Losing And Moving On quotes by Tony Campolo
#13. I, for one, am quite willing to join the 'forgive, forget and move on' crowd, but it does make me wonder if Evangelicals are going to sound believable when they say that they tend to vote Republican because of their religious commitments to the family. #Quote by Tony Campolo
Losing And Moving On quotes by Jonathan Brown
#14. We have been in Victoria for 3 years now after moving here from Vancouver. Victoria is a great place to live and we plan on staying especially as the kids are now in school. #Quote by Jonathan Brown
Losing And Moving On quotes by Christina Baldwin
#15. Millions of people are joined in the knowledge that writing brings insight and calm in the same way that prayer, meditation, or a long walk in the woods does. They have discovered that writing allows the racing mind to move at the pace of pen and paper or the pace of typing on the waiting screen - that journal writing is a spiritual practice. #Quote by Christina Baldwin
Losing And Moving On quotes by Cindy Vine
#16. Betrayal eats into you like maggots on road-kill. Forgiveness is an illusion, because you can never forget what was done to you. You're stuck in that moment; you haven't got 4 x 4 in your car, so there's no moving on away from the deep pit of sadness and hurt. It dominates your every thought, every waking moment, dragging you down. #Quote by Cindy Vine
Losing And Moving On quotes by Efrat Cybulkiewicz
#17. You can be a good daughter or you can be a good mother, but you can't be both. It is your decision and it is yours only. #Quote by Efrat Cybulkiewicz
Losing And Moving On quotes by Scott Walker
#18. I'm not so in with the prescriptive avant-garde agenda. I can do that sort of thing, but I feel that I'm still interested enough in song structure. When I look at a lyric on the page, the lyric is alive to me, looking like soldiers in a field. I can move it around, and it's very black-and-white. #Quote by Scott Walker
Losing And Moving On quotes by Joan Marques
#19. As a human cohort we are beautiful, yet flawed
We do things that we regret and some that we applaud
While we're moving on there is no need to become vain
Let's enjoy the sun today – tomorrow may bring rain #Quote by Joan Marques
Losing And Moving On quotes by John Bingham
#20. Believe that you can run farther or faster. Believe that you're young enough, old enough, strong enough, and so on to accomplish everything you want to do. Don't let worn-out beliefs stop you from moving beyond yourself. #Quote by John Bingham
Losing And Moving On quotes by Hilary McKay
#21. Make a wish," said Indigo.
Rose made a wish and then asked, "Why?"
"That's what I always do. Wish on the moving ones."
"Does it matter how fast they move?"
"I don't think so."
"Can you wish on airplanes, too?"
"Oh, yes. #Quote by Hilary McKay
Losing And Moving On quotes by Dominic Riccitello
#22. The problem wasn't that I loved you. It was that you loved me and then I loved you. Then one day you stopped while I still did. #Quote by Dominic Riccitello
Losing And Moving On quotes by Charles  Williams
#23. The image of a wood has appeared often enough in English verse. It has indeed appeared so often that it has gathered a good deal of verse into itself; so that it has become a great forest where, with long leagues of changing green between them, strange episodes of poetry have taken place. Thus in one part there are lovers of a midsummer night, or by day a duke and his followers, and in another men behind branches so that the wood seems moving, and in another a girl separated from her two lordly young brothers, and in another a poet listening to a nightingale but rather dreaming richly of the grand art than there exploring it, and there are other inhabitants, belonging even more closely to the wood, dryads, fairies, an enchanter's rout. The forest itself has different names in different tongues- Westermain, Arden, Birnam, Broceliande; and in places there are separate trees named, such as that on the outskirts against which a young Northern poet saw a spectral wanderer leaning, or, in the unexplored centre of which only rumours reach even poetry, Igdrasil of one myth, or the Trees of Knowledge and Life of another. So that indeed the whole earth seems to become this one enormous forest, and our longest and most stable civilizations are only clearings in the midst of it. #Quote by Charles Williams
Losing And Moving On quotes by A.E. Via
#24. Fuck me. Austin." Michaels grunted at the first couple inches of penetration. Judge hissed a satisfied, "Yes." Michaels plunged in until his balls nestled against the soft fur on Judge's ass. Michaels moaned low, his voice raw and rough. His pace didn't match his dirty talk. The in and out tempo was slow and easy. Michaels used Judge's thick shoulder to drive in deeper each time. He angled to the right, his dick had already mapped out Judge's erogenous zones, and Michaels hit one every time. "Goddamnit," Judge rumbled, beneath him. "I love you." Michaels sighed over the moist skin at the base of Judge's neck. "Do I feel good, babe?" Michaels whispered, his lips moving against Judge's temple, his tongue licking out to claim the beads of sweat that slid across his brow. "Austin, #Quote by A.E. Via
Losing And Moving On quotes by John McCain
#25. I appreciate the decision made by Gov. Brewer to veto this legislation. I hope that we can now move on from this controversy and assure the American people that everyone is welcome to live, work and enjoy our beautiful State of Arizona. #Quote by John McCain
Losing And Moving On quotes by Rebecca Solnit
#26. In those moments of moving through the streets with people who share one's beliefs comes the rare and magical possibility of a kind of populist communion ... At such times it is as though the still small pool of one's own identity has been overrun by a great flood, bringing its own grand collective desires and resentments, scouring out that pool so thoroughly that one no longer feels fear or sees the reflections of oneself but is carried along on that insurrectionary surge. These moments when individuals find others who share their dreams, when fear is overwhelmed by idealism or by outrage, when people feel a strength that surprises them, are moments in which they become heroes - for what are heroes but those so motivated by ideals that fear cannot sway them, those who speak for us, those who have power for good? A person who never feels it is condemned to cynicism and isolation. In those moments everyone becomes a visionary, everyone becomes a hero. #Quote by Rebecca Solnit
Losing And Moving On quotes by Jimmy Carter
#27. In the year 2000, the solar water heater behind me, which is being dedicated today, will still be here supplying cheap, efficient energy. A generation from now, this solar heater can either be a curiosity, a museum piece, an example of a road not taken, or it can be just a small part of one of the greatest and most exciting adventures ever undertaken by the American people: harnessing the power of the Sun to enrich our lives as we move away from our crippling dependence on foreign oil. #Quote by Jimmy Carter
Losing And Moving On quotes by Joe Torry
#28. Being a military child, we moved a lot and we developed different vernaculars from moving from the south, to the Midwest, and seeing the world. Going from New York to California and from Jamaica Queens to the South, I was always the new kid, or had the army crew haircut. I expected people to pick up on me. My brother kinda stole all of my old jokes. He got his inspiration from me. #Quote by Joe Torry
Losing And Moving On quotes by Julianne Moore
#29. I actually think acting is a form of self-hypnosis. You have to be hyper, hyper aware of what's going on around you. You have to know where the lens is, what the shot is, and where you're moving. And then you have to trick yourself into an emotional state where you believe this stuff is actually happening. #Quote by Julianne Moore
Losing And Moving On quotes by Juan Felipe Herrera
#30. A pen is different from the pad, the key, moving your fingers across a screen. I like both. I like to work on sketchbooks, big old white sketch paper. I like how that feels, and I like to put different media on it. Then there's the phone, smartphone, iPad: It's the new page, and it's not the same page anymore. #Quote by Juan Felipe Herrera
Losing And Moving On quotes by David Levithan
#31. Answerless questions can destroy. Move on. - A #Quote by David Levithan
Losing And Moving On quotes by Mark Mittelberg
#32. Wise, spiritual faith - the kind I'm advocating - is a commitment of trust based on solid, though incomplete, evidence that we're believing in the right things and moving in the best direction. #Quote by Mark Mittelberg
Losing And Moving On quotes by Jonathan Franzen
#33. There was another world below - this was the problem. Another world below that had volume but no form. By day the sea was blue surface and whitecaps, a realistic navigational challenge, and the problem could be overlooked. By night, though, the mind went forth and dove down through the yielding - the violently lonely - nothingness on which the heavy steel ship traveled, and in every moving swell you saw a travesty of grids, you saw how truly and forever lost a man would be six fathoms under. Dry land lacked this z-axis. Dry land was like being awake. Even in chartless desert you could drop to your knees and pound land with your fist and land didn't give. Of course the ocean, too, had a skin of wakefulness. But every point on this skin was a point where you could sink and by sinking disappear. #Quote by Jonathan Franzen
Losing And Moving On quotes by Dana Brunetti
#34. If you're a writer, write. You just keep writing. And if you're a filmmaker, you keep doing what you can to keep telling your stories; you don't stay on the one. Keep moving forward and doing what you can to tell whatever story you can tell, be it via writing, be it via filming it. #Quote by Dana Brunetti
Losing And Moving On quotes by Sean  Parnell
#35. Everything was silent except for his heavy breathing. Steele tugged the helmet off and heard frantic voices coming closer.
He hit the riser release, stripped the 1911 from his chest, and held the pistol at the ready. Outside the voices were getting

"He is in here!" someone yelled in Arabic.

"Kill him, kill him!"

The door flew open, revealing a man with an AK-47 who stood there scanning the interior. Steele waited for him to step inside,
then dropped him with a shot to the skull. He scrambled to his feet. There was no time to grab his rifle from his pack - the
only thing he could do was press the attack. Moving to the door, he saw three more men running toward him, their chests heaving
and fingers on the triggers. The closest man saw him step out. He wasn't expecting one man to attack and his eyes widened
in surprise.

"Not today, boys."

Steele fired the first round too fast and it hit his target in the hip. The round spun him like a top, but Steele frowned,
knowing he had rushed the shot. He settled automatically into a shooter's stance and reengaged the first target before shifting
fire to the other two.

Thwap, thwap, thwap.

The suppressed 9mm bounced from chest to chest, sending a hollow point mushrooming into each. All three men were down before
the first casing tumbled to the ground. Steele step #Quote by Sean Parnell
Losing And Moving On quotes by Susan Dennard
#36. As Aeduan stalked through the oaks of the Contested Lands, his pocket felt light without the arrowhead. He hadn't realized how accustomed he'd grown to its weight. To its iron presence.

But now it was gone, and that was that. No dwelling on it. Simply moving forward. #Quote by Susan Dennard
Losing And Moving On quotes by Joe Johnston
#37. Anonymity is a wonderful thing if you can hang on to it. I live in Pasadena where we try to keep the movie people out. We discourage them from moving in our neighborhood and if they do we burn effigies on their lawns. #Quote by Joe Johnston
Losing And Moving On quotes by LeBron James
#38. As a man, if you got a problem with somebody, you sit down face to face and you talk to them eye to eye. And you hash it out and move on, #Quote by LeBron James
Losing And Moving On quotes by F Scott Fitzgerald
#39. And that taught me you can't have anything, you can't have anything at all. Because desire just cheats you. It's like a sunbeam skipping here and there about a room. It stops and gilds some inconsequential object, and we poor fools try to grasp it - but when we do the sunbeam moves on to something else, and you've got the inconsequential part, but the glitter that made you want it is gone. #Quote by F Scott Fitzgerald
Losing And Moving On quotes by Jo Baer
#40. A painting is an object which has an emphatic frontal surface. On such a surface, I paint a black band which does not recede, a color band which does not obtrude, a white square or rectangle which does not move back or forth, to or fro, or up or down; there is also a painted white exterior frame band which is edged round the edge to the black. Every part is painted and contiguous to its neighbor; no part is above or below any other part. There is no hierarchy. There is no ambiguity. There is no illusion. There is no space or interval (time). #Quote by Jo Baer
Losing And Moving On quotes by Tammy-Louise Wilkins
#41. What's the difference? You ask me
The difference is, a smile touches my lips
When I remember both the memory of you entering my life
And the memory of you leaving my life #Quote by Tammy-Louise Wilkins

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