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Los Buitres quotes by Ioan Gruffudd
#1. I'm really enjoying living in Los Angeles. It's a great city to live in. I'm living a very suburban domesticated lifestyle out there - a two bedroomed little bungalow with two cars, and we're just driving around, going to meetings here and there - it's lovely! #Quote by Ioan Gruffudd
Los Buitres quotes by Bill Dedman
#2. In Atlanta, with a large African-American population, Sosa is often considered a black man. In Miami and Los Angeles, with larger Hispanic populations, he is a Latino man, and the black label is rejected as robbing Hispanics of a hero. #Quote by Bill Dedman
Los Buitres quotes by Jay Leno
#3. California Governor Gray Davis visited an elementary school here in Los Angeles where he taught a class. I don't want to say he was unpopular but the kids gave him a wedgie and stuffed him in a locker. #Quote by Jay Leno
Los Buitres quotes by Greg Kinnear
#4. I'm very leery of show business, having been in Los Angeles for the last 10 years. Buzz is a dangerous thing that I've heard applied to a lot of people that I've since not heard of again. #Quote by Greg Kinnear
Los Buitres quotes by Sara Bareilles
#5. I think it was the perfect gestation time for this particular piece [ Sounds Like Me: My Life (So Far) in Song]. One of the songs that I considered talking about was "Manhattan," because it was chronicling the end of a long relationship that was part of the reason why I moved from Los Angeles to New York, which was such a life-changing decision. I don't regret that it's not in there, but that's one that I considered diving into, and I have little piecemeal snippets of writing about that floating around #Quote by Sara Bareilles
Los Buitres quotes by Lauren Conrad
#6. Dating in Los Angeles can be hard, which makes it all the better when you meet a really nice guy. #Quote by Lauren Conrad
Los Buitres quotes by Georgia Holt
#7. I went to work in a woman's home in Los Angeles as a mother's helper. I worked there about two years. Went to school with all rich kids. I was the only poor kid in the school, and I was already insecure. But my voice saved me because I sang in school, and I was real popular because of my voice. #Quote by Georgia Holt
Los Buitres quotes by Paul Beatty
#8. If New York is the City That Never Sleeps, then Los Angeles is the City That's Always Passed Out on the Couch. #Quote by Paul Beatty
Los Buitres quotes by Michael Heisley
#9. The handwriting is on the wall: if you want to have your franchises viable, then you can't have a situation where New York and Chicago and Los Angeles are doing very, very well, and some other teams are, but, I would say, a significant percentage of the teams in our league are struggling financially. #Quote by Michael Heisley
Los Buitres quotes by Steve Martin
#10. The Serzone is a gift from God that frees her from the immobilising depression that would otherwise surround her and seep into her body like a poisonous fog. The drug distances the depression from her, although it is never out of sight ... The depression she battles is not the newly acquired symptom of a young woman now living in Los Angeles on her own. It was first set in the bow in Vermont, where she grew up, and fired as a companion arrow that has travelled with her ever since. #Quote by Steve Martin
Los Buitres quotes by Karla Souza
#11. I've done about 15 movies and four television series in Mexico. My last two movies were the highest grossing in Mexican-cinema history - 'Nosotros los Nobles' and 'Instructions Not Included.' #Quote by Karla Souza
Los Buitres quotes by Connie Nielsen
#12. I trained with the FBI in Portland and I also had many conversations with female FBI agents in Los Angeles, as well. That was again something that also came in very handy for Basic, because I'd learned already how to handle a gun and how to behave just physically when you're in a situation, a threat. That was very good to know. #Quote by Connie Nielsen
Los Buitres quotes by Hank Bracker
#13. He was now wealthy beyond his wildest dreams and wanted for nothing, so Columbus retired to Valladolid, which at one time was considered the capital of Castile and Leon, a historic region of northwestern Spain. On October 19, 1469, Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand had been married at the Palacio de los Vivero, in the city of Valladolid, giving it great significance for Columbus. It was only a year and a half after retiring, on May 20, 1506, that Christopher Columbus quietly died. Dr. Antonio Rodriguez Cuartero, a professor of Internal Medicine at the University of Granada, stated that the Admiral died of a heart attack caused by Reiter's Syndrome, also known as reactive arthritis. He was only 54 years of age; however, he had been suffering from arthritis for quite some time prior to his death. #Quote by Hank Bracker
Los Buitres quotes by Marisa De Los Santos
#14. But every time, what brought me to my senses was my conviction that before a person dropped a new life into this world, she should probably get a real one herself. #Quote by Marisa De Los Santos
Los Buitres quotes by Greg Sestero
#15. Upon its debut, The Room was a spectacular bomb, pulling in all of $1,800 during its initial two-week Los Angeles run. It wasn't until the last weekend of the film's short release that the seeds of its eventual cultural salvation were planted. While passing a movie theater, two young film students named Michael Rousselet and Scott Gairdner noticed a sign on the ticket booth that read: NO REFUNDS. Below the sign was this blurb from a review: "Watching this film is like getting stabbed in the head." They were sold. #Quote by Greg Sestero
Los Buitres quotes by Tod Goldberg
#16. You don't see Los Angeles erecting a museum dedicated to the birth place of the Crips and the Bloods and the Mexican Mafia, with a special guided bus tour highlighting the rise of the crack trade, yet you can hop on a bus in Chicago tomorrow to see the famous locales of murders. I have to imagine there's some wonderful academic book on the sociology of this out there. #Quote by Tod Goldberg
Los Buitres quotes by Rose George
#17. In Los Angeles, half of all smog from sulfur dioxide comes in from ships. #Quote by Rose George
Los Buitres quotes by Alison Sweeney
#18. I know most Americans don't have this luxury, but we are in Los Angeles and are lucky enough to be able to grill outside almost all year long. It's my favorite way of preparation because it's so clean and it gives it such a great flavor. You need very little oil and the protein can be really cleanly prepared and perfectly cooked. #Quote by Alison Sweeney
Los Buitres quotes by Jim Irsay
#19. In a way, it's a great thing that I have the opportunity to stand at the crossroads of Los Angeles and Indianapolis, and stay right here, ... People say that reality is in the footsteps, and not the words. That, as much as anybody, gives you a chance to show your sincerity and commitment, and what you're all about as far as leaving a legacy. #Quote by Jim Irsay
Los Buitres quotes by Emily St. John Mandel
#20. On two separate occasions he's told people in Los Angeles that he's from Canada and they've asked about igloos. An allegedly well-educated New Yorker once listened carefully to his explanation of where he's from - southwestern British Columbia, an island between Vancouver Island and the mainland - and then asked, apparently in all seriousness, if this means he grew up near Maine. #Quote by Emily St. John Mandel
Los Buitres quotes by Kris Kidd
#21. In Los Angeles, everything is 100 percent organic, except the people. #Quote by Kris Kidd
Los Buitres quotes by Clay Shirky
#22. One of the problems with any kind of talking about the media landscape is that we've just been through an unusually stable period in which, for fifty years, English language media was centered in three cities - London, New York, and Los Angeles - around a very stable group of people working in a relatively stable set of media. #Quote by Clay Shirky
Los Buitres quotes by Conan O'Brien
#23. Big story at the Olympics regarding Michael Phelps. He stepped out with his girlfriend for the first time. She is a 25-year-old model from Los Angeles. Like every other model in L.A., She's dating an older retired guy. What's going on? #Quote by Conan O'Brien
Los Buitres quotes by Isabella James
#24. Before a big red carpet event, you can't find a pair of Spanx in a 200 mile radius around Los Angeles. #Quote by Isabella James
Los Buitres quotes by Marisa De Los Santos
#25. ... I laughed simply because being this particular person in this particular world at this particular moment was cause for joy... #Quote by Marisa De Los Santos
Los Buitres quotes by Spencer W. Kimball
#26. It's not possible that the problems of this world be resolved by the pesimists and sceptics whose horizons are guided by the obvious realities. We need men and women who think of things that have never been thought of and who dream of things that have never been dreamed of, and who ask, "Why not?"
[It sounds better in Spanish]
No es posible que los problemas de este mundo sean resueltos por pesamistas y esepticos cuyos horizontes esten guiados por las obvias realidades. Necesitamos hombres y mujeres que piensen en cosas que nunca se hayan pensado y que suenen en cosas que nunca se hayan sonado, y que se pregunten '?porque no? #Quote by Spencer W. Kimball
Los Buitres quotes by Frosty Wooldridge
#27. The brown toxic cloud strangling Los Angeles never lifts and grows thicker with every immigrant added. One can't help appreciate the streets of Paris will soon become the streets of LA. However, Paris' streets erupted while LA's shall sink into a Third World quagmire much like Bombay or Calcutta, India. When you import that much crime, illiteracy, multiple languages and disease-Americans pick up stakes and move away. #Quote by Frosty Wooldridge
Los Buitres quotes by Bruce Vilanch
#28. I have one rave 'New York Times' review framed next to a flop 'Los Angeles Times' review. And it's for the same show. These people watched the same show. That's what happens. They love it, they hate it. #Quote by Bruce Vilanch
Los Buitres quotes by J. Richard Singleton
#29. Los Angeles is a city made up of refugees from better cities. #Quote by J. Richard Singleton
Los Buitres quotes by Rafe Esquith
#30. When I have children that go home and mom and dad are not home because they're working, they're trying to get food on the table, and they come home to an empty house and they go to sleep in an empty house, there is no way that child can compete against a child from the west side of Los Angeles who both parents went to Stanford. Well, good for them, God love them. That's not an equal playing field. #Quote by Rafe Esquith
Los Buitres quotes by Will Estes
#31. I guess growing up I realized that there is really this huge epidemic in a city like Los Angeles, and many other cities, where they put down thousands upon thousands of animals every day. #Quote by Will Estes
Los Buitres quotes by Christian Serratos
#32. Dia de Los Muertos is a holiday that pays tribute to the dead and also celebrates life. So I thought, what better of an idea to bring it in with PETA and let people know how we can respect the living and the dead. Going vegetarian could be an incredible option for people if they would just educate themselves. #Quote by Christian Serratos
Los Buitres quotes by Rachelle Lefevre
#33. I volunteer with School on Wheels in Los Angeles, and I also tutor with Koreh L.A. #Quote by Rachelle Lefevre
Los Buitres quotes by Tyra Banks
#34. I tend to hang out with my friends in Los Angeles from high school. We know each other from back in the day. They still see me as just dumb Tyra. We have a strong bond. #Quote by Tyra Banks
Los Buitres quotes by Jenny Lewis
#35. Sometimes people come to my shows and think I'm a Christian artist, and they put their hands up in the air, like they do. But first of all, I'm a Jewish girl from the Valley, and I'm from Los Angeles. It's funny to be misinterpreted. #Quote by Jenny Lewis
Los Buitres quotes by Ice-T
#36. I've got a phone,
answer machine, TV set,
computer, hand grenade
- everything you need
to run a business in
Los Angeles. #Quote by Ice-T

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