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Lorelai Rory quotes by Rory Miller
#1. And in some environments, talking like an overly-educated, holier-than-thou reformer is an automatic hook. Don't get any tribal feelings about that description, either. The most sanctimonious holier-than-thou people I know are progressive social activists, not religious zealots. (Ooooh. Look at all the labeling in that sentence!) #Quote by Rory Miller
Lorelai Rory quotes by Rory McIlroy
#2. Two years ago, of course, I was just a rookie and listened to everybody. In a way I am still a rookie. I'm only 23 and I'll be surrounded by great players who have played in a lot more Ryder Cups than myself. But the rankings say I am the best player at the moment and so that brings a responsibility. #Quote by Rory McIlroy
Lorelai Rory quotes by Rory Bremner
#3. I love anywhere new and different. That's the fun of travel. I've always loved driving through Spain, France and Italy - sometimes in an Alfa Spider. #Quote by Rory Bremner
Lorelai Rory quotes by Ashton Shepherd
#4. One of my favorites is one called 'Rory's Radio' that I wrote about my brother Jeff's best friend growing up - his name was Rory Dunigan. I dedicated my first record to my brother, who got killed in a car accident in 1999, and I really didn't have any songs on the first album about him, nothing on a personal note. #Quote by Ashton Shepherd
Lorelai Rory quotes by Rory McIlroy
#5. My dad's a scratch golfer and I've got the knack of seeing something and then replicating it. I saw my dad swing a club and I worked out how to do the same thing. My backswing and follow-through have been basically the same since I was two. #Quote by Rory McIlroy
Lorelai Rory quotes by Rory Freedman
#6. People in other cultures consume half the amount of protein that we do, yet they live longer, healthier lives. #Quote by Rory Freedman
Lorelai Rory quotes by Sandi Lynn
#7. I'm not broken. I'm shattered. I'm a million tiny pieces that would take longer than forever to piece back together."~ Rory #Quote by Sandi Lynn
Lorelai Rory quotes by Lora Leigh
#8. I was just curious." She shoved her hands into her pockets and gave Noah what she hoped was a sweet smile. "Just tell me what he did and I'll leave. Are you going to fire him? Can I watch?"
"Fine." Rory didn't look happy, that was odd enough. He looked angry at her, and he was never angry with her. And his smile. It was tight. All teeth. When had he turned into a full-grown man on her? He wasn't a kid brother any longer. "He was staring at your ass! Now you deal with it."
He turned and slammed out of the office, leaving her to stare at him in shock before she turned to meet Noah's amused gaze.
"He was lying to me," she said.
He grinned. Noah was absolutely entranced. Once again, he had to ask, though, what had happened to the Sabella he had known six years before. The one who never chipped a nail, and would have never, under any circumstances, butted into a male/male confrontation.
"You have a fine ass," he stated, and knew she wasn't buying it.
Her eyes narrowed. "And you're not going to tell me what he was chewing your ass over?"
Noah had to chuckle. "It was more in the way of a warning."
He was treading a fine line. Nathan wasn't as dead as Noah might wish; he still had habits that had once been ingrained. One of those habits? Twirling that damned wrench as he tried to figure out a particular problem beneath the hood of a vehicle.
She sniffed at his response. "Piss him off too far and I'll convince him to finally fire you."
#Quote by Lora Leigh
Lorelai Rory quotes by Ed Lynskey
#9. Payne sought clarification. "Vertical or horizontal?"
"Horizontal, of course."
"Sorry but I can't help you."
"Will you pipe down for a minute? Naturally she was dead since I work at a cemetery. Her face struck a chord though. So, I rummaged around in the old Rory memory bank, and Emily is what rings a bell. Didn't we go to school with an Emily? Tenth or eleventh grade, if I recall it correctly. #Quote by Ed Lynskey
Lorelai Rory quotes by Rory McIlroy
#10. You get thrown off balance out there. And I never recovered. Well, I haven't recovered yet. #Quote by Rory McIlroy
Lorelai Rory quotes by Rory Bremner
#11. I wish my father had lived longer. He died when I was 18. #Quote by Rory Bremner
Lorelai Rory quotes by Christopher Soto
#12. Rory, I want to say that death is what you've always wanted. But that can't be the Truth. [This time] we can blame it on me. I'll be the packing mule, carry all the burden. & you, you can be a child again; fold your church hands like dirty laundry [crease them tight]. Nobody has to know about us, not my father
nor yours --
No, not even God #Quote by Christopher Soto
Lorelai Rory quotes by Rory Stewart
#13. Democracy matters because it reflects an idea of equality and an idea of liberty. It reflects an idea of dignity, the dignity of the individual, the idea that each individual should have an equal vote, an equal say, in the formation of their government. #Quote by Rory Stewart
Lorelai Rory quotes by Rory McIlroy
#14. I'm afraid there are no replays or second chances in amateur or professional golf, and that's the way it should be. #Quote by Rory McIlroy
Lorelai Rory quotes by Rory Block
#15. I have gotten where I am today only because I have persisted against all odds for a long time. #Quote by Rory Block
Lorelai Rory quotes by Rory Miller
#16. It is better to avoid than to run, better to run than to de-escalate, better to de-escalate than to fight, better to fight than to die. #Quote by Rory Miller
Lorelai Rory quotes by Rory Sargeant
#17. Hope often suffers a grueling death on the crags of reality #Quote by Rory Sargeant
Lorelai Rory quotes by Kerrigan Byrne
#18. You are not a hole in my heart, you are the whole of my heart."
You said that when you met me, my eyes were dead. They were dead. I was dead. And if I lose you, they will be again. ... There's a darkness in me, Lorelai one I'm afraid will consume your light. But, God help me, I can't let you go."
That isn't how light works, is it? Darkness is easily overcome. Not light. The smallest hint of illumination ... can slip through the most infinitesimal crack. It is never the other way around." Chapter 22, page 246. #Quote by Kerrigan Byrne
Lorelai Rory quotes by Rory McIlroy
#19. On that Sunday of the Masters I remember turning on ESPN to find people talking about me. I switched over to the Golf Channel and people were talking about me. It was hard to escape. #Quote by Rory McIlroy
Lorelai Rory quotes by Rory Bremner
#20. Just when exactly does the Millennium begin? Some say 1999, some say 2000, and some say 2001. You wait a thousand years for one, and three turn up at once. #Quote by Rory Bremner
Lorelai Rory quotes by Rory Bremner
#21. When George Bush finally leaves the White House, the satire industry will briefly join the rest of the economy in recession. It will certainly be the end of an era. #Quote by Rory Bremner
Lorelai Rory quotes by Rory McIlroy
#22. This is the great thing about Northern Ireland. I walk down the street and people stop me and say things like, 'I know you. You're that wee golfer, aren't you?' I say, 'Yeah, that's me.' They say, 'Keep it up, wee man.' It's very funny and that's why I want to stay here as long as possible. #Quote by Rory McIlroy
Lorelai Rory quotes by Rory Power
#23. It's like that, with all of us here. Sick, strange, and we don't know why. Things bursting out of us, bits missing and pieces sloughing off, and then we harden and smooth over. #Quote by Rory Power
Lorelai Rory quotes by Sarah Robinson
#24. Trust is just a choice. Someone can't earn your trust if you don't choose to let them, to give them the chance to show you. #Quote by Sarah Robinson
Lorelai Rory quotes by Rory Bremner
#25. A lot of what I do - I have to try and make sense of things before I can make nonsense of them. #Quote by Rory Bremner
Lorelai Rory quotes by Penelope Ward
#26. Days are all we have, Rory. That's all life is... a bunch of days threaded together. All we can be guaranteed is today. No one knows what's going to happen beyond today. We should never make a decision on an assumed future, but rather on how we feel at this very moment. #Quote by Penelope Ward
Lorelai Rory quotes by Rory McIlroy
#27. If somebody asks me whether I'd rather sink the winning putt in the Ryder Cup or win a major, it's the major every day. World championship or Ryder Cup? Win a world championship. At the end of the day you're going to be remembered for what you achieve in an individual sport. #Quote by Rory McIlroy
Lorelai Rory quotes by Rory Stewart
#28. Genghis Khan's 'arrow messengers' could travel 450 kilometers a day. #Quote by Rory Stewart
Lorelai Rory quotes by Rory McIlroy
#29. I was very excited when I first started to travel so much. In fact, I was amazed that people were paying me to travel to play the game I loved. #Quote by Rory McIlroy
Lorelai Rory quotes by Rory McIlroy
#30. Home will always be Northern Ireland but my schedule means for the next few years I won't be there as much. I can't do the same things that I did a year ago. That is I'm something conscious of, but I'm not sad about it. It's fine. #Quote by Rory McIlroy
Lorelai Rory quotes by Rory Stewart
#31. It was a bit of a surprise when I became a Tory MP. My friends said it was a stupid idea. #Quote by Rory Stewart
Lorelai Rory quotes by Tim Farrington
#32. Put your other goddamned sock on, she said.
Instead, he took the first sock off. They stared at each other. It was so spectacularly absurd. She could feel the corner of her mouth twitching; she was close to laughing. Rory had used to do the same sort of thing; she'd spent a decade of her life being mollified by simple existential charm. #Quote by Tim Farrington
Lorelai Rory quotes by Rory Culkin
#33. People who work with me think I should cut my hair. They say casting directors are less likely to hire me with long hair - that they don't have imaginations and can't picture me looking normal. People literally have conference calls about my head when I'm not around. I mean, obviously I would cut my hair for an amazing part. #Quote by Rory Culkin

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