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Loosing Friends quotes by William Golding
#1. I came to see you two- Words could not express the dull pain of these things. #Quote by William Golding
Loosing Friends quotes by George Horace Lorimer
#2. The easiest way in the world to make enemies is to hire friends. #Quote by George Horace Lorimer
Loosing Friends quotes by Noah Galloway
#3. Lunch with Jamie became a weekly event for several weeks. During that time I learned she liked the show The Walking Dead. So finally I got up the nerve to try to move beyond lunch.
"Every Sunday night I go to a friend's house and a group of us watch The Walking Dead. You should come over this Sunday." I already knew she had Sunday nights off from the radio station, so I thought this was a great plan. But she hesitated before finally saying, "I don't know. That sounds like a date. And I am a few episodes behind." I told her, "You haven't missed anything. Nothing that important." I was lying. She'd missed a lot of stuff. But she finally agreed. #Quote by Noah Galloway
Loosing Friends quotes by Jonathan Kozol
#4. I do get scared about the physical danger from drug dealers. But it's not in the same league as the danger I feel eating an $80 lunch with my privileged friends to discuss hunger and poverty. That's when my soul feels imperiled. #Quote by Jonathan Kozol
Loosing Friends quotes by P.G. Wodehouse
#5. Normally he was fond of most things. He was a good-natured and cheerful young man, who liked life and the great majority of those who lived it contemporaneously with himself. He had no enemies and many friends.
But today he had noticed from the moment he had got out of bed that something was amiss with the world. Either he was in the grip of some divine discontent due to the highly developed condition of his soul, or else he had a grouch. One of the two. #Quote by P.G. Wodehouse
Loosing Friends quotes by Rachel Aaron
#6. So far as I can tell, 'good dragon' is just another name for coldblooded sociopath," he said. "No friends, no trust, no love. Why would I ever want to live like that? It's not like any of you good dragons are happy. #Quote by Rachel Aaron
Loosing Friends quotes by Elaine Dundy
#7. I have never known anyone with less money and less visible means of getting hold of it. He had slept around everywhere, from the floors of friends' studios, to the Metro. There were days when he had literally no money at all, and after a string of such days he would go to the blood bank and sell his blood. More often than not he spent this money on tickets to the ballet. #Quote by Elaine Dundy
Loosing Friends quotes by Tony Blair
#8. We, therefore, here in Britain stand shoulder to shoulder with our American friends in this hour of tragedy, and we, like them, will not rest until this evil is driven from our world. #Quote by Tony Blair
Loosing Friends quotes by Newt Gingrich
#9. As a historian I understand how histories are written. My enemies will write histories that dismiss me and prove I was unimportant. My friends will write histories that glorify me and prove I was more important than I was. And two generations or three from now, some serious sober historian will write a history that sort of implies I was whoever I was. #Quote by Newt Gingrich
Loosing Friends quotes by Tony Gloeggler
#10. My brother was on his way
to a dental appointment
when the second plane hit
four stories below the office
where he worked. He's never
said anything about the guy
who took football bets, how
he liked to watch his secretary
walk, the friends he ate lunch with,
all the funerals. Maybe, shamed
by his luck, he keeps quiet,
afraid someone might guess
how good he feels, breathing. #Quote by Tony Gloeggler
Loosing Friends quotes by Martin McGuinness
#11. I lost a lot of friends at the hands of the British Army. The person who actually introduced me to my wife, Colm Keenan, was murdered by the British Army. He was a member of the IRA, but he was unarmed. #Quote by Martin McGuinness
Loosing Friends quotes by George R R Martin
#12. Keep friends at your back and foes where you can see them. #Quote by George R R Martin
Loosing Friends quotes by Rachel
#13. B*tches come and go but friends are for real. #Quote by Rachel
Loosing Friends quotes by Arthur C. Clarke
#14. Why, Robert Singh often wondered, did we give our hearts to friends whose life spans are so much shorter than our own? #Quote by Arthur C. Clarke
Loosing Friends quotes by Gigi Hadid
#15. In real life, I'm so goofy and super weird. I'm never mean, but people don't see the weird side of me. Like, I'll be dancing around. My best friends will always say that they wish others saw that side of me, when I'm doing a weird dance or weird faces or voices. #Quote by Gigi Hadid
Loosing Friends quotes by Sergei Dovlatov
#16. I had three long conversations with Marusya over a cup of coffee. She told me her whole rather silly story. To some degree we became friends. I like people like that
doomed, dying, helpless, and brazen. I always say, if you're in trouble, you're not sinning. #Quote by Sergei Dovlatov
Loosing Friends quotes by Philippos Syrigos
#17. Good friends are those who care without hesitation, who remember without limitation and who love even without communication #Quote by Philippos Syrigos
Loosing Friends quotes by Holly Black
#18. Oh, yeah?" Chris says. "Maybe you should tell your friends that you're an emotion worker instead of hiding it. Do you think they'll listen to you then?"
"How could you do this to me?" - Daneca
"It's not my fault you're a liar." - Chris #Quote by Holly Black
Loosing Friends quotes by Charles Dickens
#19. When ladies as young, and good, and beautiful as you are," replied the girl steadily, "give away your hearts, love will carry you all lengths
even such as you, who have home, friends, other admireres, everything to fill them. When such as I, who have no certain roof but the coffin-lid, and no friend in sickness or death but the hospital nurse, set our rotten hearts on any man, and let him fill the place that has been a blank through all our wretched lives, who can hope to cure us? Pity us, lady
pity us for having only one feeling of the woman left, and for having that turned, by a heavy judgment, from a comfort and a pride, into a new means of violence and suffering. #Quote by Charles Dickens
Loosing Friends quotes by Vaclav Klaus
#20. We served on the editorial board of a literary monthly called Face in 1968 and 1969. He was a young writer, and I was also interested in broad cultural issues. We agreed on all major issues and became friends. #Quote by Vaclav Klaus
Loosing Friends quotes by Alanis Morissette
#21. I grew up in a very masculine environment. So I was around a lot of men, my brothers and their friends. There was just a lot of guys around. #Quote by Alanis Morissette
Loosing Friends quotes by Leonard Mlodinow
#22. Chemicals were easier to procure than friends, and when I wanted to play with them they never said they had to stay home to wash their hair or, less politely, that they didn't associate with weirdos. #Quote by Leonard Mlodinow
Loosing Friends quotes by April Mae Monterrosa
#23. If a man tells you he's an asshole & that you deserve better, believe him...it's a warning. It's best you listen before he proves it to you. #Quote by April Mae Monterrosa
Loosing Friends quotes by Amy Andrews
#24. You think I need an orgasm to enjoy sex?" she demanded. "What are you, like fifteen?" She eyed him in disgust. "I can get my own orgasms just fine. Last night was not about me getting off. It was about comfort and solace. About helping you to forget for a while."

Ethan blinked as the full magnitude of her words pelted him like shrapnel. "Oh my God. It was a pity fuck? #Quote by Amy Andrews
Loosing Friends quotes by Chelsea Handler
#25. I've always had a big personality. I was trickier as a kid. I behaved erratically instead of consistently. I would have tons of friends, and then I would have no friends. I'd be with the cool girls, then the uncool girls. I migrated from group to group because I was bored or people got bored with me. I was very intense. #Quote by Chelsea Handler
Loosing Friends quotes by Randy Johnson
#26. It's hard to mix with a crowd when you're walking down the hallway and everybody else is a foot shorter. I remember hanging out with my friends, like at the mall, and thinking people were staring at me and talking about me. It made me turn inside myself. I became more shy and quiet. #Quote by Randy Johnson
Loosing Friends quotes by Tyler Joseph
#27. Josh is the guy in the band who's just so friendly and super, wanting to walk up to you and say, 'Hey, I'm Josh. I drum in this band, and I'm a big fan of you, and I really appreciate what you do.' Josh has all these great friends in the industry now. #Quote by Tyler Joseph
Loosing Friends quotes by T.H. White
#28. Perhaps he does not want to be friends with you until he knows what you are like. With owls, it is never easy-come-easy-go. #Quote by T.H. White
Loosing Friends quotes by Aesop
#29. I can't be friends with a man who blows hot and cold with the same breath. #Quote by Aesop
Loosing Friends quotes by Michael Buckley
#30. Welcome to the party," I say to them as more and more people gather to watch. "I'm telling my friends here that we have to fight together. We have to look after one another. This is about the end of the world, and we have to put aside our hate and fear of one another. If we can't learn to stand together by tomorrow, we'll all be lying together dead." - Lyric #Quote by Michael Buckley
Loosing Friends quotes by Ron Baratono
#31. The plan God has doesn't just involve us as individuals, but also the people who share part of our lives. Jesus was never alone; there were always people around him. He had friends, followers, and people He could depend on. Never be afraid, someone wants to listen in your time of need. Reaching our hands out, especially when we're hurting has the power to heal our hearts. #Quote by Ron Baratono
Loosing Friends quotes by Robin Talley
#32. My life was bigger than any one person. #Quote by Robin Talley
Loosing Friends quotes by Nile Rodgers
#33. The only person I have regrets about is Miles Davis. He and I had become good friends after we did a photo shoot, and coincidentally, we kept running into each other at parties and stuff. I regret not having written a hit for Miles Davis. #Quote by Nile Rodgers
Loosing Friends quotes by Ibn Hazm
#34. If there is someone in need whom you wish to help, whether the initiative came from him or from you, do no more than he expects of you, not what you might personally wish to do. If you overstep the mark, you will not deserve thanks, but blame from him and others and you will attract hostility, not friendship. #Quote by Ibn Hazm
Loosing Friends quotes by J.K. Rowling
#35. Is it true?" he said. "They're saying all down the train that Harry Potter's in this compartment. So it's you, is it?"
"Yes," said Harry. He was looking at the other boys. Both of were thickset and looked like bodyguards.
"Oh, this is Crabbe and this is Goyle," said the pale boy carelssly, noticing where Harry was looking. "And my name's Malfoy, Draco Malfoy."
Ron gave a slight cough, which might have been hiding a snigger. Draco Malfoy looked at him.
"Think my name's funny, do you? No need to ask who you are. My father told me all the Weasleys have red hair, freckles, and more children than they can afford."
He turned back to Harry. "You'll soon find out some wizarding families are much better than others, Potter. You don't want to go making friends with the wrong sort. I can help you there. #Quote by J.K. Rowling
Loosing Friends quotes by Eugen Herrigel
#36. I must only warn you of one thing. You have become a different person in the course of these years. For this is what the art of archery means: a profound and far-reaching contest of the archer with himself. Perhaps you have hardly noticed it yet, but you will feel it very strongly when you meet your friends and acquaintances again in your own country: things will no longer harmonize as before. You will see with other eyes and measure with other measures. It has happened to me too, and it happens to all who are touched by the spirit of this art. #Quote by Eugen Herrigel
Loosing Friends quotes by Matt Shea
#37. Are you saying we shouldn't be prepared? And I'm asking you that right now, Daniel ... Why would you be against people being able not only to be prepared to have food and water for their friends, but to defend themselves from looters and some of these degradation of society that happen in these crises? #Quote by Matt Shea
Loosing Friends quotes by Katie Price
#38. I stick to my own type when I go out, and I don't make friends with people just because they're celebrities. #Quote by Katie Price
Loosing Friends quotes by Avinash K. Dixit
#39. The nouveau riche flaunt their wealth, but the old rich scorn such gauche displays. Minor officials prove their status with petty displays of authority, while the truly powerful show their strength through gestures of magnanimity. People of average education show off the studied regularity of their script, but the well educated often scribble illegibly. Mediocre students answer a teacher's easy questions, but the best students are embarrassed to prove their knowledge of trivial points. Acquaintances show their good intentions by politely ignoring one's flaws, while close friends show intimacy by teasingly highlighting them. People of moderate ability seek formal credentials to impress employers and society, but the talented often downplay their credentials even if they have bothered to obtain them. A person of average reputation defensively refutes accusations against his character, while a highly respected person finds it demeaning to dignify accusations with a response. #Quote by Avinash K. Dixit
Loosing Friends quotes by Maria Franziska Von Trapp
#40. A refugee is not just someone lacking in money and everything else. A refugee is vulnerable to the slightest touch: he has lost his country, his friends, his earthly belongings. He is a stranger, sick at heart. He is suspicious; he feels misunderstood. If people smile, he thinks they ridicule him; if they look serious, he thinks they don't like him. He is a full-grown tree in the dangerous process of being transplanted, with the chance of possibly not being able to take root in the new soil. #Quote by Maria Franziska Von Trapp
Loosing Friends quotes by Edward Norton
#41. I've been friends with the guys in Radiohead for a lot of years, and I watch the way those guys work with incredible envy. Because whatever the slings and arrows of dealing with the record business, at the end of the day, they have total creative autonomy. They don't need a lot to do what they do, and Thom [Yorke] and Jonny [Greenwood] and the guys have their own joint in their hometown. #Quote by Edward Norton
Loosing Friends quotes by E. Stanley Jones
#42. Recognize negativism and inferiority attitudes as enemies - do not try to dress them as your friends. you will be tempted to look upon negativism as prudence and inferiorities as humility. Strip off those false cloaks and see these attitudes in their nakedness - as enemies of you and of your possibilities. #Quote by E. Stanley Jones
Loosing Friends quotes by Jean-Jacques Rousseau
#43. We no longer dare seem what we really are, but lie under a perpetual restraint; in the meantime the herd of men, which we call society, all act under the same circumstances exactly alike, unless very particular and powerful motives prevent them. Thus we never know with whom we have to deal; and even to know our friends we must wait for some critical and pressing occasion; that it, till it is too late; for it is on those very occasion that such knowledge is of use to us. #Quote by Jean-Jacques Rousseau

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