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Log Fire quotes by Mark Haddon
#1. Most men wanted to tell you what they knew. The route to Wisbech. How to get a log fire going. David made her feel she was the one who knew things. He #Quote by Mark Haddon
Log Fire quotes by Muriel Maufroy
#2. Gratitude is a gift, too! she realizes. It multiplies a hundred times the desire to thank. It's is like becoming aware of coolness of the breeze in the middle of summer, or of the warmth of log fire in the middle of winter. It makes each cell long to sing. #Quote by Muriel Maufroy
Log Fire quotes by Matt Ridley
#3. Suppose you had said to my hypothetical family of 1800, eating their gristly stew in front of a log fire, that in two centuries their descendants would need to fetch no logs or water, and carry out no sewage, because water, gas, and a magic form of invisible power called electricity would come into their home through pipes and wires. They would jump at the chance to have such a home, but they would warily ask ho they could possibly afford it. Suppose that you then told them that to earn such a home, they need only ensure that father and mother both have to go to work for eight hours in an office, travelling roughly forty minutes each way in a horseless carriage, and that the children need not work at all, but should go to school to be sure of getting such jobs when they start to work at twenty. They would be more than dumbfounded; they would be delirious with excitement. #Quote by Matt Ridley
Log Fire quotes by John Wyatt
#4. There are many ways of attaining the various levels of human bliss. But one of the highest states of mental, spiritual and physical happiness is readily reached by way of a good meal, pleasant company, and easy seats by a good log fire. (Preferably there should be a vague impression of cold weather in the night outside your cosy room) The cares of the world are lost . There is a magical presence . You feel love for all humanity. Every remark made by your friend is a precious pearl of wisdom, and everything you say , encouraged by the warm smiles of your companion, is the essence of all your years of struggle and experience. You can suddenly recall incidents of the past, vivid-ly, and they take on a meaning which they never had before. #Quote by John Wyatt
Log Fire quotes by Lori Reed
#5. Believe it or not working in libraries is very similar to working on an ambulance or a fire truck. You take care of a lot of homeless people, you sometimes have to clean up things that require latex gloves, you always wear comfortable shoes, and you put out a lot of "fires"! #Quote by Lori Reed
Log Fire quotes by Destiny Booze
#6. An invisible fire scorched the bottoms of her hands, the feel reminding her of raw energy and stealth, and she tried to jerk away, unable to do so because the man held her in place. He would surely kill her now. No one touched a lion and lived to tell about it. #Quote by Destiny Booze
Log Fire quotes by Red Barber
#7. Running like a bunny with his tail on fire. #Quote by Red Barber
Log Fire quotes by Jean-Jacques Rousseau
#8. How many centuries must have elapsed before men reached the point of seeing any other fire than that in the sky? #Quote by Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Log Fire quotes by Sarah J. Maas
#9. Breakfast, it seems, is the only meal any of us are decent at. And this one" - she jabbed a thumb in Rowan's direction - "only knows how to cook meat on a stick over a fire." Lysandra #Quote by Sarah J. Maas
Log Fire quotes by George R.R. Martin
#10. therefore, he should have seven champions, Queen Visenya decided. Thus did the Kingsguard come into being;|She would choose the knights herself.|Ser Richard Roote; Ser Addison Hill, Bastard of Cornfield; Ser Gregor Goode; Ser Griffith Goode, his brother; Ser Humfrey the Mummer; Ser Robin Darklyn, called Darkrobin; and Ser Corlys Velaryon, Lord Commander. #Quote by George R.R. Martin
Log Fire quotes by Bhavya Kaushik
#11. You were the colors to my monochrome life. My morning light and my midnight dream. Flawed, yet whole. You used to think that you weren't enough – but you were enough for me. You were my first everything. My fire. My tornado. You were the eye of my storm. The moment I saw you, I knew you were going to destroy my life. But I let it happen. There was just something magical and outlandish about playing with fire that I couldn't resist. I wanted to be as close as I could to the idea of destroying myself. It didn't happen out of the blue. Day by day – moment by moment, I started to lose myself. With every kiss, you took away a part of me. Until one day, I woke up and I wasn't myself anymore. I never thought that a disaster could be so damn beautiful. I don't regret it. But I regret waking up next to an empty bed and how unceremoniously you left when the damage was done. I saw your picture today, holding someone else's hand. And it made me realize that some disasters don't make a sound. Not every destruction stands still. Some of them might walk right past you. #Quote by Bhavya Kaushik
Log Fire quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#12. Love set the soul on spiritual fire. #Quote by Lailah Gifty Akita
Log Fire quotes by John F. Kerry
#13. Not to wax nostalgic about the 1970s, but back then people got upset when they saw injustice. They got tired of seeing our air, land and water polluted. They were shocked when the Cuyahoga River in Ohio was polluted so badly it caught fire. And on one great day 20 million Americans marched all across this land. Politicians had no choice but to take notice. #Quote by John F. Kerry
Log Fire quotes by Aprilynne Pike
#14. No - the light in Tamani's eyes was much more than a reflection. It was the fire that melted her anger and devestated her resolve, every single time she saw it. #Quote by Aprilynne Pike
Log Fire quotes by Neil Gaiman
#15. This land was brought up from the depths of the ocean by a diver," said the fire. "It was spun from its own substance by a spider. It was shat by a raven. It is the body of a fallen father, whose bones are mountains, whose eyes are lakes. #Quote by Neil Gaiman
Log Fire quotes by Annie Dillard
#16. Take a quick dip, relax with a schnapps and a sandwich, stretch out, have a smoke, take a nap or just rest, and then sit around and chat until three. Then I hunt some more until sundown, bathe again, put on white tie and tails to keep up appearances, eat a huge dinner, smoke a cigar and sleep like a log until the sun comes up again to redden the eastern sky. This is living ... . Could it be more perfect? #Quote by Annie Dillard
Log Fire quotes by Wisława Szymborska
#17. Some People

Some people flee some other people.
In some country under a sun
and some clouds.

They abandon something close to all they've got,
sown fields, some chickens, dogs,
mirrors in which fire now preens.

Their shoulders bear pitchers and bundles.
The emptier they get, the heavier they grow.

What happens quietly: someone's dropping from exhaustion.
What happens loudly: someone's bread is ripped away,
someone tries to shake a limp child back to life.

Always another wrong road ahead of them,
always another wrong bridge
across an oddly reddish river.
Around them, some gunshots, now nearer, now farther away,
above them a plane seems to circle.

Some invisibility would come in handy,
some grayish stoniness,
or, better yet, some nonexistence
for a shorter or a longer while.

Something else will happen, only where and what.
Someone will come at them, only when and who,
in how many shapes, with what intentions.
If he has a choice,
maybe he won't be the enemy
and will leave them to some sort of life. #Quote by Wisława Szymborska
Log Fire quotes by Ryunosuke Akutagawa
#18. What especially moved him was the corpse of a child of twelve or thirteen. He felt something like envy as he looked at it, recalling such expression as "Those whom the gods love die young." Both his sister and his half-brother had lost their houses to fire. His sister's husband, though, was on a suspended sentence for perjury.

Too bad we didn't all die. #Quote by Ryunosuke Akutagawa
Log Fire quotes by Muhammad Ali
#19. I'm more at home with my log cabins than I am in my house in Cherry Hill. #Quote by Muhammad Ali
Log Fire quotes by Rebecca Solnit
#20. It's tempting to ask why if you fed your neighbors during the time of the earthquake and fire, you didn't do so before or after. #Quote by Rebecca Solnit
Log Fire quotes by Myrtle Brooks
#21. Faithful I have sought to be in all my ways Since my conception in fire and in water.
"To be a fount of wisdom and purity of spirit
Far more prized than veins of gold and silver
And to this my soul has aspired.

"Not due to my own pursuits
That man named me the Faithful Elder.
A Higher Oath than mine has fixed
My pleasant boundaries
And the times of my bursting forth into the open
Not of my choosing.

"The countenances of multitudes I have beheld
And have seen them take delight in my greeting.
They throng close to my doorway
Men, women and children
Eager witnesses of my mystery.

"From every corner of the earth, bringing
The languages of ancient lands upon their lips
And their spices upon their garments.

"And what they find takes on a meaning of its own
Within each
Amidst the resplendent pillar. #Quote by Myrtle Brooks
Log Fire quotes by Salvador Espriu
#22. Tree

I dreamt you invisible majesty
hovering above the face of all things.
Rooted in the pain of ash,
mere man, I bore you, sepulchre,
dead father, silently, within,
called out to you the windswept words
of lost millennia, words that kindle rage.
You never answered me. You left me
fearing night, hidden fire, leaping flame,
tree God in the night. #Quote by Salvador Espriu
Log Fire quotes by Abbott Eliot Kittredge
#23. Oh! for this baptism of fire! when every spoken word for Jesus shall be a thunderbolt, and every prayer shall bring forth a mighty flood. #Quote by Abbott Eliot Kittredge
Log Fire quotes by Leonardo Da Vinci
#24. Wood feeds the fire which burns it. #Quote by Leonardo Da Vinci
Log Fire quotes by Margaret Mitchell
#25. Yes, Melanie had been there that day with a sword in her small hand, ready to do battle for her. And now, as Scarlett looked sadly back, she realized that Melanie had always been there beside her with a sword in her hand, unobtrusive as her own shadow, loving her, fighting for her with blind passionate loyalty, fighting Yankees, fire, hunger, poverty, public opinion and even her beloved blood kin. Scarlett felt her courage and self-confidence ooze from her as she realized that the sword which had flashed between her and the world was sheathed forever. #Quote by Margaret Mitchell
Log Fire quotes by Charles Haddon Spurgeon
#26. Let us set apart special seasons for extraordinary prayer. For if this fire should be smothered beneath the ashes of a worldly conformity, it will dim the fire on the family altar, and lessen our influence both in the Church and in the world. #Quote by Charles Haddon Spurgeon
Log Fire quotes by George Bernard Shaw
#27. I have my own soul. My own spark of divine fire. #Quote by George Bernard Shaw
Log Fire quotes by C.S. Pacat
#28. To the alliance,' agreed Alexon, the words echoing back from those seated around the fire. To the alliance. Charls saw Lamen lift his cup and incline it towards the Prince, who echoed his gesture, the two of them smiling a little. Lamen, #Quote by C.S. Pacat
Log Fire quotes by Claire Fullerton
#29. What is the fire of inspiration that resides within, if not something to follow along a path? #Quote by Claire Fullerton
Log Fire quotes by Rumi
#30. If your knowledge of fire has been turned to certainty by words alone, then seek to be cooked by the fire itself. Don't abide in borrowed certainty. There is no real certainty until you burn; if you wish for this, sit down in the fire. #Quote by Rumi
Log Fire quotes by Kate Meader
#31. He was the hottest guy she had ever
seen, so out of her league they hadn't invented his league yet. It was like Future League of Hot Guys We Can't Place Because They're Too Fucking Hot. #Quote by Kate Meader
Log Fire quotes by George R R Martin
#32. What is the song of ice and fire?" "It's no song I've ever heard. #Quote by George R R Martin
Log Fire quotes by Max Brooks
#33. Lies are neither bad nor good. Like a fire they can either keep you warm or burn you to death, depending on how they're used. #Quote by Max Brooks
Log Fire quotes by Rudolfo Anaya
#34. The body is not important. It is made of dust; it is made of ashes. It is food for the worms. The winds and the waters dissolve it and scatter it to the four corners of the earth. In the end, what we care most for only lasts a brief lifetime, and then there is eternity. Time forever. Millions of worlds are born, evolve, and pass away into nebulous, unmeasured skies; and there is still eternity. Time always. The body becomes dust and trees and exploding fire, it becomes gaseous and disappears, and still there is eternity. Silent, unopposed, brooding, forever. #Quote by Rudolfo Anaya
Log Fire quotes by Anupama Chopra
#35. The mix of soft-focus glamour,Mills and Boon romance and the inevitable feel-good ending is here, but what marks these films is an authentic core.Genuine, unaffected moments, long absent from 70mm movie content, are back. #Quote by Anupama Chopra
Log Fire quotes by Kate Quinn
#36. I undertake to be burnt by fire, to be bound in chains, to be beaten by rods, and to die by the sword. #Quote by Kate Quinn
Log Fire quotes by Lukman Faily
#37. If you have a problem, if you have a fire in your house, would you want - don't want your neighbors to give you a hand? That's what we have. #Quote by Lukman Faily
Log Fire quotes by Alejandra Pizarnik
#38. Everything makes love with silence.
They promised me a silence
like fire, a house of silence.
Suddenly the temple is a circus
the light a drum. #Quote by Alejandra Pizarnik
Log Fire quotes by Monique Wittig
#39. I am with fire between my teeth and still nothing but my blank page. #Quote by Monique Wittig
Log Fire quotes by Harry Triguboff
#40. I fire very little because I try to be very careful when I select people. If you know how to select, you don't fire often. #Quote by Harry Triguboff

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