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Locus Online quotes by Jan Siegel
#1. I think people should take mythology much more seriously, because it tells us an awful lot about the history of the human race. We tend to dismiss it as 'fairy tales,' when it isn't. Fairy tales in themselves are about fundamentals of human nature. And they keep being reinvented in different ways. Fantasy acknowledges that, whereas a lot of modern literature is trying to distance itself from 'story,' never mind anything else. Which is why a lot of books are read by the critics, then people buy them, put them on their shelves, and don't really read them much, because they're not very interesting! #Quote by Jan Siegel
Locus Online quotes by K. Raveendran
#2. 90% of new business fail in the first three months of launching, due to lack of proper planning, wrong selection of niche/products and marketing platform. #Quote by K. Raveendran
Locus Online quotes by Kailin Gow
#3. Online sites who allow bullying and group harassment to continue after the victim notify the site about it, will one day be held accountable for not helping end a crime. - Strong by Kailin Gow about the Consumer Websites that Should Be Socially Responsible #Quote by Kailin Gow
Locus Online quotes by Dave Gahan
#4. The possibilities are endless now, with performing, getting your music online, getting your own website and getting your music out there. I think that's very cool and amazing. #Quote by Dave Gahan
Locus Online quotes by Jennifer Cosgrove
#5. -I'm also well aware how grossly inadequate Sec Ed is for straight kids, and it's an utter failure for gay kids. I don't care if it's embarrasing. If you have questions, ask.
-I have the Internet you know.
She arched and eyebrow. "And everything online i true? Never trust pron as your only resource, you're smarter than that, and those guys know what they're doing. You know I won't judge. And if you don't want to talk to me, I can put you in touch with someone you can talk to."
She tapped my arm until I lowered my hands and then raised finger numbre three. "Three, give me a hug, and I'll put you out of your misery. #Quote by Jennifer Cosgrove
Locus Online quotes by Edward Snowden
#6. The Internet I'd grown up with, the Internet that had raised me, was disappearing. And with it, so was my youth. The very act of going online, which had once seemed like a marvelous adventure, now seemed like a fraught ordeal. #Quote by Edward Snowden
Locus Online quotes by Jewel
#7. I sort of came out at the dawn of the Internet in the mid-90s and I think it helped break my career. I think I was one of the first artists to really benefit from the grassroots swell that can happen online. I don't know if I would have broken out without it. #Quote by Jewel
Locus Online quotes by Ron Chernow
#8. Once the brokerage house, rather than the bank, became the locus for American savings, that money would find its way into the stock market, because the broker was someone with a much higher tolerance for risk than the banker. #Quote by Ron Chernow
Locus Online quotes by Ernest Cline
#9. The ability to mute my peers was one of my favorite things about attending school online, and I took advantage of it almost daily. The best thing about it was that they could see that you'd muted them, and they couldn't do a damn thing about it. #Quote by Ernest Cline
Locus Online quotes by Mary Roach
#10. Editors are more concerned with the first chapters of a book; that's what everyone reads first in the bookstore or in the online sample. #Quote by Mary Roach
Locus Online quotes by Bruce Schneier
#11. Mug shot extortion sites turn this sort of thing into a business. Mug shots are public record, but they're not readily available. Owners of mug shot sites acquire the photos in bulk and publish them online, where everybody can find them, then charge individuals to remove their photos from the sites. #Quote by Bruce Schneier
Locus Online quotes by Max More
#12. According to the dictionary entry on extracellular matrix in the Biology Online resource, biologists have recently become aware of the fact that an organism's environment or substrate (e.g. extracellular matrix) can influence the behavior of cells quite markedly, possibly even more significantly than DNA in the development of complex organisms. The removal of cells from their usual environment to another environment can have far-reaching effects. #Quote by Max More
Locus Online quotes by David Amerland
#13. The dictum that "online you are the content you create and the content you share" takes on new shape and form and obviously power when it comes to Hangouts on Air #Quote by David Amerland
Locus Online quotes by Marina Warner
#14. I shop online because I don't like to try things on in front of an alien mirror. #Quote by Marina Warner
Locus Online quotes by Mark Hoppus
#15. There's no doubt that the ready availability of music online has created a thousand more opportunities than it's destroyed. #Quote by Mark Hoppus
Locus Online quotes by Tim Berners-Lee
#16. As more and more people awaken to the threats against our basic rights online, we must start a debate - everywhere - about the web we want. #Quote by Tim Berners-Lee
Locus Online quotes by Jeffrey Walker
#17. I think there's two ways to make money online. One way is by selling other people's stuff, the other way is by selling your stuff. #Quote by Jeffrey Walker
Locus Online quotes by Regina Spektor
#18. Luckily, there's enough people who have recorded songs that I can just go online and kind of figure out how to play them. #Quote by Regina Spektor
Locus Online quotes by Rory Bremner
#19. Genealogy is among the fastest-growing leisure pursuits in the U.K. Indeed, the urge to uncover the truth about our ancestors has proved so compelling that, when the 1901 census first went online, the website crashed after a million people logged on within hours of its launch. #Quote by Rory Bremner
Locus Online quotes by Jerry Saltz
#20. In 1998, Artnet was the site that convinced me that if my writing didn't exist online, it didn't exist at all. It showed me criticism's future. #Quote by Jerry Saltz
Locus Online quotes by Clifford Stoll
#21. Rather than bringing me closer to others, the time that I spend online isolates me from the most important people in my life, my family, my friends, my neighbourhood, my community. #Quote by Clifford Stoll
Locus Online quotes by Sugata Mitra
#22. My wish is to help design the future of learning by supporting children all over the world to tap into their innate sense of wonder and work together. Help me build the School in the Cloud, a learning lab in India, where children can embark on intellectual adventures by engaging and connecting with information and mentoring online. I also invite you, wherever you are, to create your own miniature child-driven learning environments and share your discoveries. #Quote by Sugata Mitra
Locus Online quotes by Joy Browne
#23. You're much more interesting when you're online - all of us are. #Quote by Joy Browne
Locus Online quotes by Robyn Carr
#24. * * * In the afternoon, when Grace was just about to ruin her dinner with a big bowl of popcorn while looking through various online floral arrangements on her laptop, there was a light tapping at her back door. She pulled the curtain to peek out through the window in the door and was shocked to see Iris. She opened the door. Don't newlyweds lay around in bed for several days after the wedding? #Quote by Robyn Carr
Locus Online quotes by Malcolm Turnbull
#25. Newspapers are busily experimenting with different models. Traditionally, and I suspect in hindsight very mistakenly, online news was free. And once given free access readers felt it was their entitlement. #Quote by Malcolm Turnbull
Locus Online quotes by Rachel Bloom
#26. I was doing these music videos online for a couple years, and they'd be doing well to varying degrees. And I released an album, and with the album, I released three new music videos, and one of them was featured on Jezebel. #Quote by Rachel Bloom
Locus Online quotes by Jaron Lanier
#27. Pop culture has entered into a nostalgic malaise. Online culture is dominated by trivial mashups of the culture that existed before the onset of mashups, and by fandom responding to the dwindling outposts of centralized mass media. It is a culture of reaction without action. #Quote by Jaron Lanier
Locus Online quotes by Kamala Harris
#28. Let's not build the policy around the abuse. That's not good policy. That's actually bad policy. Build the policy around the aspiration point. That's what we need to do when we're seeing abuse online. #Quote by Kamala Harris
Locus Online quotes by David Chiles
#29. Be Yourself: It is proper netiquette to act as you do in reality on the internet. #Quote by David Chiles
Locus Online quotes by FIFA Mobile Soccer Hack
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Locus Online quotes by Cris Mazza
#31. Ambition is something you turn into a plan to create an online personality, a brand, a network. #Quote by Cris Mazza
Locus Online quotes by Sarah McLachlan
#32. I'm not online. I'm not on Facebook much. I don't connect that way. #Quote by Sarah McLachlan
Locus Online quotes by Jessica Lange
#33. Digital doesn't interest me. It's too many steps removed from the actual tactile thing. I still read books. I don't read online. #Quote by Jessica Lange
Locus Online quotes by Jon Oringer
#34. I found it very helpful not to do the venture round. Instead, I started with very little money, a few thousand dollars, and I did every job myself. I was the first photographer. I was the first customer service rep. I was the first online marketing person. #Quote by Jon Oringer
Locus Online quotes by Terri Windling
#35. Rites–of–passage stories…were cherished in pre–literate societies not only for their entertainment value, but also as mythic tools to prepare young men and women for life's ordeals. A wealth of such stories can be found marking each major transition in the human life cycle: puberty, marriage, childbirth, menopause, death. Other rites–of–passage, less predictable but equally transformative, include times of sudden change and calamity such as illness and injury, the loss of one's home, the death of a loved one, etc. These are the times when we wake, like Dante, to find ourselves in a deep, dark wood - an image that in Jungian psychology represents an inward journey. Rites–of–passage tales point to the hidden roads that lead out of the dark again - and remind us that at the end of the journey we're not the same person as when we started. Ascending from the Netherworld (that grey landscape of illness, grief, depression, or despair), we are 'twice–born' in our return to life, carrying seeds - new wisdom, ideas, creativity and fecundity of spirit. #Quote by Terri Windling

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