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Locally quotes by Suzanne Whang
#1. Supporting local farmers is important to me, which is not only good for the local economy and better for the environment, there is evidence that eating locally grown food strengthens your immune system. #Quote by Suzanne Whang
Locally quotes by Keith Hernandez
#2. You need to be locally relevant, globally consistent. #Quote by Keith Hernandez
Locally quotes by Wendell Berry
#3. But in fact as knowledge expands globally it is being lost locally. This is the paramount truth of the modern history of rural places everywhere in the world. And it is the gravest problem of land use: Modern humans typically are using places whose nature they have never known and whose history they have forgotten; thus ignorant, they almost necessarily abuse what they use. #Quote by Wendell Berry
Locally quotes by Anna Porter
#4. Unlike exotic fruit or fancy cars, democracy is best if it is grown locally. It may take root in the common desire of the people who choose to adopt it, but it cannot be imposed from the outside. #Quote by Anna Porter
Locally quotes by Betty Sue Flowers
#5. The emerging whole manifests locally. It manifests in particular communities, groups, and, ultimately, in us as individuals. #Quote by Betty Sue Flowers
Locally quotes by Sheryl Sandberg
#6. First, women must come across as being nice, concerned about others, and "appropriately" female. When women take a more instrumental approach ("This is what I want and deserve"), people react far more negatively. There is a saying, "Think globally, act locally." When negotiating, "Think personally, act communally. #Quote by Sheryl Sandberg
Locally quotes by Jill Douglas
#7. I'm not a nosy person, but I'm always thinking 'I wonder why he did that? I wonder why this week he was this much better than last week?' I'm always wanting to ask questions of people. I think my advice would be get involved locally and see where it takes you. #Quote by Jill Douglas
Locally quotes by Michael Frost
#8. It will place a high value on communal life, more open leadership structures, and the contribution of all the people of God. It will be radical in its attempts to embrace biblical mandates for the life of locally based faith communities without feeling as though it has to reconstruct the first-century church in every detail. We believe the missional church will be adventurous, playful, and surprising. Leonard Sweet has borrowed the term "chaordic" to describe the missional church's inclination toward chaos and improvisation within the constraints of broadly held biblical values. It will gather for sensual-experiential-participatory worship and be deeply concerned for matters of justice-seeking and mercy-bringing. It will strive for a type of unity-in-diversity as it celebrates individual differences and values uniqueness, while also placing a high premium on community. #Quote by Michael Frost
Locally quotes by Dick Thornburgh
#9. The powers of government exercised locally derive from a federal law authorizing government by consent in local affairs only, unless those affairs are otherwise governed by federal law. #Quote by Dick Thornburgh
Locally quotes by Mike May
#10. Renewable ethanol represents a clear opportunity to grow a significant portion of our own fuel locally and begin to break the hold imported fuels have on us. #Quote by Mike May
Locally quotes by Sheherazade Goldsmith
#11. Putting even one thing in your shopping basket that's locally produced or organic makes all the difference. It's a vote for the future, for animal welfare, for the environment, for your children's children. #Quote by Sheherazade Goldsmith
Locally quotes by Tyler Florence
#12. Locally produced foods - defined as those harvested within a 100-mile radius of one's home - have a lesser impact on the environment because of the decreased need for transportation from source to consumer. #Quote by Tyler Florence
Locally quotes by Naomi Klein
#13. Goods must once again be made to last, and the use of energy-intensive long-haul transport will need to be rationed - reserved for those cases where goods cannot be produced locally or where local production is more carbon-intensive. (For example, growing food in greenhouses in cold parts of the United States is often more energy intensive than growing it in warmer regions and shipping it by light rail.)45 #Quote by Naomi Klein
Locally quotes by Mark Lynas
#14. An outdated view still prevails that a low-carbon lifestyle requires immense personal suffering and sacrifice. In my view, nothing could be further from the truth. All the evidence shows that people who do not drive, do not fly on planes, do shop locally, do grow their own food, and do get to know other members of their community have a much higher quality of life than their compatriots who still persist in making the ultimate sacrifice of wasting their lives commuting to work in cars. #Quote by Mark Lynas
Locally quotes by Arlie Russell Hochschild
#15. Lee, who had borne the guilt of polluting public waters and been cheated by a dishonest official at a tax office, wanted to feel vindicated. The tax office was corrupt, and taxes themselves were connected to dishonesty, he felt.... At issue in politics was trust. It was hard enough to trust people close at hand, and very hard to trust those far away; to locally rooted people, Washington D.C, felt very very far away. ...[Everyone] felt like victims of a frightening loss--or was it theft?--of their cultural home, their place in the world, and their honor. #Quote by Arlie Russell Hochschild
Locally quotes by Anthony Marra
#16. On December 9, 1994, Yeltsin issued a statement ordering the Federal army to execute the disarmament of all illegal armed units in Chechnya, or as they were known locally, the government. #Quote by Anthony Marra
Locally quotes by Ryan Holmes
#17. Silicon Valley isn't the only game in town. Tech is increasingly decentralized. Around the world, new tech centers with younger companies are able to embrace a different approach to talent: recruit locally, identify homegrown prospects and, in a phrase, bring them along for the ride. #Quote by Ryan Holmes
Locally quotes by Clifford Geertz
#18. To see ourselves as others see us can be eye-opening. To see others as sharing a nature with ourselves is the merest decency. But it is from the far more difficult achievement of seeing ourselves amongst others, as a local example of the forms human life has locally taken, a case among cases, a world among worlds, that the largeness of mind, without which objectivity is self-congratulation and tolerance a sham, comes. #Quote by Clifford Geertz
Locally quotes by Wendell Berry
#19. We need to confront honestly the issue of scale ... You may need a large corporation to run an airline or to manufacture cars, but you don't need a large corporation to raise a chicken or a hog. You don't need a large corporation to process local food or local timber and market it locally. #Quote by Wendell Berry
Locally quotes by Andy Lally
#20. I like to encourage people to give locally. It's easy to find and call a local no-kill shelter and see what specific things they need, and believe me, all of them are always in need of something. #Quote by Andy Lally
Locally quotes by Tim Rice
#21. I recently declined to support a Conservative function because I'm so incensed about these wind turbines. Like all so-called climate-change doubters, I am very pro the environment, but I strongly believe that it is something that can only be cured locally. Some insane overall scheme isn't going to cure all the problems. #Quote by Tim Rice
Locally quotes by Neil Gershenfeld
#22. The real opportunity is to harness the inventive power of the world to locally design and produce solutions to local problems. #Quote by Neil Gershenfeld
Locally quotes by James Howard Kunstler
#23. Life in the mid-21st century is going to be about living locally. Be prepared to be good neighbors. Be prepared to find vocations that make you useful to your neighbors and to your fellow citizens. #Quote by James Howard Kunstler
Locally quotes by Kristin Kimball
#24. Mark came home late one frozen Sunday carrying a bag of small, silver fish. They were smelts, locally known as icefish. He'd brought them at the store in the next town south, across from which a little village had sprung up on the ice of the lake, a collection of shacks with holes drilled in and around them. I'd seen the men going from the shore to the shacks on snowmobiles, six-packs of beer strapped on behind them like a half dozen miniature passengers. "Sit and rest," Mark said. "I'm cooking." He sautéed minced onion in our homemade butter, added a little handful of crushed, dried sage, and when the onion was translucent, he sprinkled n flour to make a roux, which he loosened with beer, in honor of the fishermen. He added cubed carrot, celery root, potato, and some stock, and then the fish, cut into pieces, and when they were all cooked through he poured in a whole morning milking's worth of Delia's yellow cream. Icefish chowder, rich and warm, eaten while sitting in Mark's lap, my feet so close to the woodstove that steam came off my damp socks. #Quote by Kristin Kimball
Locally quotes by Eric Shinseki
#25. I do engage veterans. I meet with the veterans' service organizations monthly. It's a direct, no-holds-barred discussion. I travel to their conventions, where I speak to the veterans membership. I do travel. I've been to all 50 states. When I do, I engage veterans locally. So I get direct feedback from those veterans. #Quote by Eric Shinseki
Locally quotes by Vint Cerf
#26. With Internet technology you can capture a photo, a quote, or an article, store it locally and upload it into the Net more than once, if you wish, to multiple sites. Can you imagine then forcing the search engines to somehow not index that information? #Quote by Vint Cerf
Locally quotes by Joe Bastianich
#27. At Babbo, each dish grew out of a conversation, trying to put something forth that was new and different. It was a combination of culinary adventurism and the dining-room experience with respect for the classic but with an eye toward innovation. And it was about eating locally, whether produce or fish or meat. #Quote by Joe Bastianich
Locally quotes by Edgar Mitchell
#28. I think of the universe as the body of God, and the creative capability we see and can exhibit as the mind of God. I will use this phrase to describe our system, that it's a creative, intelligent, self-organizing, learning trial-and-error, interactive, non-locally interconnected evolutionary system. #Quote by Edgar Mitchell
Locally quotes by Malcolm Gladwell
#29. We form our impression not globally, by placing ourselves in the broadest possible context, but locally, by comparing ourselves to people in the same boat as ourselves. #Quote by Malcolm Gladwell
Locally quotes by Mark Hoppus
#30. Too many bands practice in their garage, play a couple of shows locally, and expect opportunities to appear from the sky. Bands have to push, work, grind, and struggle to make it happen on their own. #Quote by Mark Hoppus
Locally quotes by Felix Alba-Juez
#31. It is also worth noting that the earth gravitational field though locally 'vertical' is globally radial as the centrifugal field in the carrousel is. However, the big difference between the two is that the former decreases in intensity with distance from its center, while the latter increases its intensity with distance from the rotation center. But … (think about it a little), the farther from the center of rotation, the closer we are to the rest of the Universe! #Quote by Felix Alba-Juez
Locally quotes by Francis Ford Coppola
#32. I used to love going into local hardware stores, to look at little things they made locally. Nowadays it's harder, though you can still do it in Vietnam. #Quote by Francis Ford Coppola
Locally quotes by Mark Price
#33. Low-wage workers are also consumers. It's just common sense: when these workers have more take-home pay it leads to spending that trickles up to benefit many small, locally owned businesses. #Quote by Mark Price
Locally quotes by Dan Ariely
#34. Following imprinting, valuations become locally coherent, as the consumer attempts to reconcile future decisions of a "similar kind" with the initial one. This creates an illusion of order, because consumers' coherent responses to subsequent changes in conditions disguise the arbitrary nature of the initial, foundation choice. #Quote by Dan Ariely
Locally quotes by Jen Hatmaker
#35. Here is part of the problem, girls: we've been sold a bill of goods. Back in the day, women didn't run themselves ragged trying to achieve some impressively developed life in eight different categories. No one constructed fairy-tale childhoods for their spawn, developed an innate set of personal talents, fostered a stimulating and world-changing career, created stunning homes and yardscapes, provided homemade food for every meal (locally sourced, of course), kept all marriage fires burning, sustained meaningful relationships in various environments, carved out plenty of time for "self care," served neighbors/church/world, and maintained a fulfilling, active relationship with Jesus our Lord and Savior. You can't balance that job description. Listen to me: No one can pull this off. No one is pulling this off. The women who seem to ride this unicorn only display the best parts of their stories. Trust me. No one can fragment her time and attention into this many segments. #Quote by Jen Hatmaker
Locally quotes by Arthur Levine
#36. This is the generation that thinks of itself as global citizens but knows little about the world and acts locally. It is the most diverse generation in collegiate history with the strongest relationships between races but they have limited interest in talking about race or reaching across political or generational divides. #Quote by Arthur Levine
Locally quotes by Cameron Sinclair
#37. For me, I think the most exciting thing in architecture is the re-emergence of the locally-focused architect. #Quote by Cameron Sinclair
Locally quotes by Albert Allen Bartlett
#38. Can you think of any problem, in any area of human endeavour, on any scale, from microscopic to global, whose long-term solution is in any demonstrable way aided, assisted, or advanced by further increases in population, locally, nationally, or globally? #Quote by Albert Allen Bartlett
Locally quotes by Carl Sagan
#39. A new concept of god: something not very different from the sum total of the physical laws of the universe; that is, gravitation plus quantum mechanics plus grand unified field theories plus a few other things equaled god. And by that all they meant was that here were a set of exquisitely powerful physical principles that seemed to explain a great deal that was otherwise inexplicable about the universe. Laws of nature ... that apply not just locally, not just in Glasgow, but far beyond: Edinburgh, Moscow ... Mars ... the center of the Milky Way, and out by the most distant quarters known. That the same laws of physics apply everywhere is quite remarkable. Certainly that represents a power greater than any of us. #Quote by Carl Sagan
Locally quotes by Joel Houston
#40. If our worship is just great youth meetings, nice songs, lots of jumping around and a few CDs, then we're missing it. Our vertical expression must have a horizontal effect. So, we'll continue to worship, praise and honour God with heart, soul, mind and strength the best we know how, but the fruit of that must be a generation who are totally committed to reaching the lost and helping those who need help, locally and globally. #Quote by Joel Houston
Locally quotes by Eric Allman
#41. People optimize locally - that is, they do what's best for themselves. #Quote by Eric Allman
Locally quotes by Mario Livio
#42. This was undoubtedly one of symmetry's greatest success stories. Glashow, Wienberg, and Salam managed to unmask the electromagnetic and weak forces by recognizing that underneath the differences in the strengths of these two forces (the electromagnetic force is about a hundred thousand times stronger within the nucleus) and the different masses of the messenger particles lay a remarkable symmetry. The forces of nature take the same form if electrons are interchanged with neutrinos or with any mixture of the two. The same is true when photons are interchanged with the W and Z force-messengers. The symmetry persists even if the mixtures vary from place to place or from time to time. The invariance of the laws under such transformations performed locally in space and time has become known as gauge symmetry. In the professional jargon, a gauge transformation represents a freedom in formulating the theory that has no directly observable effects-in other words, a transformation to which the physical interpretation is insensitive. Just as the symmetry of the laws of nature under any change of the spacetime coordinates requires the existence of gravity, the gauge symmetry between electrons and neutrinos requires the existence of the photons and the W and Z messenger particles. Once again, when the symmetry is put first, the laws practically write themselves. A similar phenomenon, with symmetry dictating the presence of new particle fields, repeats itself with the strong nuclear force #Quote by Mario Livio
Locally quotes by Jay Samit
#43. With less and less television being watched live, consumers are enjoying the freedom to record at home or in the cloud, watch locally or on the go, and binge watch entire series that they never had the time to enjoy. #Quote by Jay Samit
Locally quotes by Gijs De Vries
#44. It's important that we work very closely with moderate Muslim forces locally, nationally and internationally. #Quote by Gijs De Vries
Locally quotes by Barbara Kingsolver
#45. If every U.S. citizen ate just one meal a week (any meal) composed of locally and organically raised meats and produce, we would reduce our country's oil consumption by over 1.1 million barrels of oil every week. That's not gallons, but barrels. Small changes in buying habits can make big differences. Becoming a less energy-dependent nation may just need to start with a good breakfast. #Quote by Barbara Kingsolver
Locally quotes by Greg Nickels
#46. It's obvious we can't ignore the problem any longer. Locally and nationally, we cannot wait to see how bad it gets. We need to act now. #Quote by Greg Nickels
Locally quotes by Dee L.R. Graham
#47. Thinking globally while acting locally is the habitual practice of many women all around the world. It is a habit we can preserve, revive, and practice consciously and articulately so that we and the women around us will take heart, develop pride in womanhood, and thrive. #Quote by Dee L.R. Graham
Locally quotes by Sarah Hall
#48. Nightmares of a capital city overwhelmed by tsunami, war or plague transfix us, but catastrophe is first felt locally, and there are many homes outside the city. #Quote by Sarah Hall
Locally quotes by Barbara Kingsolver
#49. Each food items in a typical U.S. meal has traveled an average of 1,500 miles ... If every U.S. citizen ate just one meal a week (any meal) composed of locally and organically raised meats and produce we would reduce our country's oil consumption by over 1.1 million barrels of oil every week. #Quote by Barbara Kingsolver
Locally quotes by Joan Blades
#50. A book reaches a different crowd of people. There are 50 different stories of very different individuals participating in their communities either locally or nationally in meaningful ways. #Quote by Joan Blades
Locally quotes by Tulsi Tanti
#51. One has to understand China correctly. Our management there consists of native Chinese, we produce locally and our suppliers also come from China. In this way, we too can also enjoy the cost advantages. #Quote by Tulsi Tanti
Locally quotes by Neil Farber
#52. I remember the university as being very encouraging, especially to experimentation. I think you always get a lot of musicians in any art community, and it seemed like a lot of people I knew worked on films that got made locally. #Quote by Neil Farber
Locally quotes by Lisa Cypers Kamen
#53. Sustainable happiness is important, because it not only elevate our own wellbeing locally, but also contributes to collective global flourishing. #Quote by Lisa Cypers Kamen
Locally quotes by Anthony Hitt
#54. Our new app increases the exposure of Engel & Volkers' premier services and properties to the growing number of iPad users who are researching their real estate markets, locally and globally. #Quote by Anthony Hitt
Locally quotes by Muhtar Kent
#55. The model of Coca-Cola is local, whether it's investing, partnering, sourcing, producing, or selling. We market and distribute locally; we pay taxes locally. And it works. #Quote by Muhtar Kent
Locally quotes by Harry Seidler
#56. From the early days of European migration to America, in the 17th Century, the prototype of buildings was based on English precedent, even if mostly translated into the locally available material in abundance: timber. #Quote by Harry Seidler
Locally quotes by Alex Kendrick
#57. People are looking at possibly doing some documentaries and also we have the first four films that will stay out there for the years to come. So, yeah, Sherwood Pictures will be around and my brother and I are certainly supporters of that. We can't wait to see what God does not only locally there at the church but what he has for us down the road as well. #Quote by Alex Kendrick
Locally quotes by Susan Wiggs
#58. The best honey comes from a source you know, and is processed without heat. Raw, unfiltered honey retains its royal jelly, bee pollen and propolis - three major sources of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. 1 cup of locally produced, raw organic honey 1 cup fresh squeezed lemon juice Additional water, about 2 cups 2-½ cups water Ice cubes or crushed ice 1 tablespoon dried culinary lavender Combine honey and 2-½ cups of water in a saucepan and bring to a boil, stirring to dissolve the honey. When the mixture reaches a boil, stir in the lavender and remove from heat. Let the mixture steep for 20 minutes. Strain the lavender from the liquid, then add the fresh lemon juice and an additional 2 cups of water. Use sparkling water if you wish. Pour into glasses full of ice and serve, garnished with a sprig of lavender or mint. [Source: Original] #Quote by Susan Wiggs
Locally quotes by Nick Earls
#59. I think one of the things the writers' festival does that is very good is that it brings writers from around the world and around the country and locally and puts them all in the one spot together, and that's what a lot of the world's great writers' festivals do. #Quote by Nick Earls
Locally quotes by Barbara Kingsolver
#60. Marketing jingles from every angle lure patrons to turn our backs on our locally owned stores, restaurants, and farms. And nobody considers that unpatriotic. This appears to aggravate Tod Murphy. We have the illusion of consumer freedom, but we've sacrificed our community life for the pleasure of purchasing lots of cheap stuff. Making and moving all that stuff can be so destructive: child labor in foreign lands, acid rain in the Northeast, depleted farmland, communities where the big economic engine is crystal meth. We often have the form of liberty, but not the substance. #Quote by Barbara Kingsolver
Locally quotes by Eddie Huang
#61. Every few months or so at home, Pops had to have Taiwanese 'Mian. Not the Dan-Dan Mian you get at Szechuan restaurants or in Fuchsia Dunlop's book, but Taiwanese Dan-Dan. The trademark of ours is the use of clear pork bone stock, sesame paste, and crushed peanuts on top. You can add chili oil if you want, but I take it clean because when done right, you taste the essence of pork and the bitterness of sesame paste; the texture is somewhere between soup and ragout. Creamy, smooth, and still soupy. A little za cai (pickled radish) on top, chopped scallions, and you're done. I realized that day, it's the simple things in life. It's not about a twelve-course tasting of unfamiliar ingredients or mass-produced water-added rib-chicken genetically modified monstrosity of meat that makes me feel alive. It's getting a bowl of food that doesn't have an agenda. The ingredients are the ingredients because they work and nothing more. These noodles were transcendent not because he used the best produce or protein or because it was locally sourced, but because he worked his dish. You can't buy a championship.
Did this old man invent Dan-Dan Mian? No. But did he perfect it with techniques and standards never before seen? Absolutely. He took a dish people were making in homes, made it better than anyone else, put it on front street, and established a standard. That's professional cooking. To take something that already speaks to us, do it at the highest level, and force everyone else to st #Quote by Eddie Huang
Locally quotes by Peter Robinson
#62. The Maze, that labyrinth of alleys called ginnels and snickets locally - tiny squares, courtyards, nooks and crannies and small warehouses that had remained unchanged since the eighteenth century. #Quote by Peter Robinson
Locally quotes by Oscar Hijuelos
#63. It's true that immigrant novels have to do with people going from one country to another, but there isn't a single novel that doesn't travel from one place to another, emotionally or locally. #Quote by Oscar Hijuelos
Locally quotes by James Aldridge
#64. Firstly, the Azerbaijanian struggle for a measure of autonomy and self-government is genuine and is locally inspired. The facts of history and existing conditions show that Azerbaijan has always been struggling to overthrow the feudal conditions imposed upon it (and upon the rest of Iran) by corrupt Iranian Governments.
Secondly, the extent of Russian interference appeared to be negligible. In our travels we saw few Russian troops, and in Kurdistan we saw none at all. The leaders of the Azerbaijanian Government are not Russians but Azerbaijanians, and with few exceptions their sole aim seems to be the recovery and improvement and economic reform of Azerbaijan. There may be some Russian influence by indirect means, but I would suggest that it is less than our own influence in Iran which we exercise by direct control of ministers, political parties, state financiers, and by petty bribery.
As for Kurdish Independence. The Kurds ask for an independence of their own making, not an independence sponsored by the British Government. Like the Azerbaijanians the Kurds are seeking real autonomy, and more than that, self-determination. Our present scheme to take them over and use them as a balancing factor in the political affairs of the Middle East is a reflection upon the honest of our intentions, and a direct blow at the spirit of all good men. #Quote by James Aldridge
Locally quotes by Eric Ripert
#65. California is lucky, the East Coast is lucky because we get great seafood and a lot of produce from Florida, locally in good weather, but in the winter we have to buy it. #Quote by Eric Ripert
Locally quotes by Sheryl Sandberg
#66. There is a saying, "Think globally, act locally." When negotiating, "Think personally, act communally." I have advised many women to preface negotiations by explaining that they know that women often get paid less than men so they are going to negotiate rather than accept the original offer. By doing so, women position themselves as connected to a group and not just out for themselves; in effect, they are negotiating for all women. And as silly as it sounds, pronouns matter. Whenever possible, women should substitute "we" for "I." A woman's request will be better received if she asserts, "We had a great year," as opposed to "I had a great year."20 But #Quote by Sheryl Sandberg
Locally quotes by R. R. Reno
#67. Denying themselves sweets and fatty foods, they cultivate a taste for fine wines and locally produced cheese. This is how we live: asceticism by day and hedonism by night, giving each god its due in its season. One #Quote by R. R. Reno
Locally quotes by V.S. Carnes
#68. She might not bring much gold from a fat pasha locally, but there are men in Israel who would pay handsomely for her safety. Even kill for it."
"And die for it?" Though he tilted his head in intrigue, he could not read Caine's expression. "What about here?" he asked softly, searching his features. "Any of those men here? #Quote by V.S. Carnes
Locally quotes by Suzanne Whang
#69. I'm a vegetarian who also eats some environmentally friendly seafood. But most importantly, I eat organic and locally grown foods whenever possible. It is both for health reasons and for preserving the environment. #Quote by Suzanne Whang
Locally quotes by Jonathan Franzen
#70. We may freak out globally, but we suffer locally. #Quote by Jonathan Franzen
Locally quotes by Jessica Hart
#71. I always believe in buying things locally; anything locally made is a big plus, along with organic materials. I try really hard to do that, and brands really pop out to me if I know they're trying to be environmentally friendly. #Quote by Jessica Hart
Locally quotes by Dov Davidoff
#72. My job as a comedian is to heighten awareness about locally grown produce, fight factory farming, and promote euthanasia, but in a funny way. #Quote by Dov Davidoff
Locally quotes by Guy Debord
#73. Cyclical time already dominates the experience of nomadic populations because they find the same conditions repeated at every moment of their journey: Hegel notes that "the wandering of nomads is only formal because it is limited to uniform spaces." The society which, by fixing itself in place locally, gives space a content by arranging individualized places, thus finds itself enclosed inside this localization. The temporal return to similar places now becomes the pure return of time in the same place, the repetition of a series of gestures. The transition from pastoral nomadism to sedentary agriculture is the end of the lazy liberty without content, the beg inning of labor. The agrarian mode of production in general, dominated by the rhythm of the seasons, is the basis for fully constituted cyclical time. Eternity is internal to it; it is the return of the same here on earth. Myth is the unitary construction of the thought which guarantees the entire cosmic order surrounding the order which this society has in fact already realized within its frontiers. #Quote by Guy Debord
Locally quotes by Bell Hooks
#74. He fate of the poor both locally and globally will to a grave extent determine the quality of life for those who are lucky enough to have class privilege. Repudiating exploitation by word and deed is a gesture of solidarity with the poor. #Quote by Bell Hooks
Locally quotes by Peter Watts
#75. Things get even messier when linked into networks, which can literally scatter one's mind even at today's rudimentary levels of connectivity. The "transactive memory system" called Google is already rewiring the parts of our brains that used to remember facts locally; now those circuits store search protocols for remote access of a distributed database.74 And Google doesn't come anywhere close to the connectivity of a real hive mind. #Quote by Peter Watts
Locally quotes by Orison Swett Marden
#76. Worry clogs the brain and paralyzes the thought. A troubled brain can not think clearly, vigorously, locally. #Quote by Orison Swett Marden
Locally quotes by Tina Turner
#77. Ike's problem was that he was a musician that always wanted to be a star; and was a star, locally, but never internationally ... so he then changed the name to Ike and changed my name to Tina because if I ran away, Tina was his name. It was patented as you call it. #Quote by Tina Turner
Locally quotes by Yann Martel
#78. We think we live in a global village. We don't. The world is a big and beautiful and incredibly varied place. It can only be known locally, with your two feet on the ground. We should stick to our own gardens, as Voltaire said. #Quote by Yann Martel
Locally quotes by Billy Graham
#79. Locally, I'll vote one way and nationally, maybe another. #Quote by Billy Graham
Locally quotes by Mark Monmonier
#80. The intriguing history of American applied toponymy includes a few notoriously unpopular sweeping decisions a year after President Benjamin Harrison created the Board on Geographic Names in 1890. Harrison acted at the behest of several government agencies, including the U.S. Geological Survey and the U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey, which was responsible for mapping the nation's coastline, harbors, and coastal waterways. Troubled by inconsistencies in spelling, board members voted to replace centre with center, drop the ugh from names ending in orough, and shorten the suffix burgh to burg. Overnight, Centreview (in Mississippi) became Centerview, Isleborough (in Maine) became Isleboro, and Pittsburgh (in Pennsylvania) lost its final h and a lot of civic pride. The city was chartered in 1816 as Pittsburg, but the Post Office Department added the extra letter sometime later. Although both spellings were used locally and the shorter version had been the official name, many Pittsburghers complained bitterly about the cost of reprinting stationery and repainting signs. Making the spelling consistent with Harrisburg, they argued, was hardly a good reason for truncating the Iron City's moniker--although Harrisburg was the state capital, it was a smaller and economically less important place. Local officials protested that the board had exceeded its authority. The twenty-year crusade to restore the final h bore fruit in 1911, when the board reversed itself--but only for Pittsburgh. In #Quote by Mark Monmonier
Locally quotes by Tyler Florence
#81. The concept of being a locavore, or one who chooses whenever possible to incorporate locally grown or locally produced food into one's nutrition plan, is of great importance. #Quote by Tyler Florence
Locally quotes by Jim Steele
#82. While it is wise to think globally, all organisms are affected locally! #Quote by Jim Steele
Locally quotes by Auberon Waugh
#83. Whatever happens, I must be back in Somerset by Dec 1 when Mrs Shirley Williams comes to address a rally of the Social Democratic party in Bridgwater. Suitably enough, this hellish woman has chosen the local Comprehensive School as her venue.
Rotten eggs and cowpats can probably be acquired locally, but stink bombs and more sophisticated devices should be brought with you. Hoax bomb calls and maniacal threatening letters should be addressed to Bridgwater Police Headquarters. Tea and biscuits will be served at halftime. #Quote by Auberon Waugh
Locally quotes by Paul McCartney
#84. Think globally, act locally. #Quote by Paul McCartney
Locally quotes by Wendell Berry
#85. The real improvements then must come, to a considerable extent, from the local communities themselves. We need local revision of our methods of land use and production. We need to study and work together to reduce scale, reduce overhead, reduce industrial dependencies; we need to market and process local products locally; we need to bring local economies into harmony with local ecosystems so that we can live and work with pleasure in the same places indefinitely; we need to substitute ourselves, our neighborhoods, our local resources, for expensive imported goods and services; we need to increase cooperation among all local economic entities: households, farms, factories, banks, consumers, and suppliers. If. we are serious about reducing government and the burdens of government, then we need to do so by returning economic self-determination to the people. And we must not do this by inviting destructive industries to provide "jobs" to the community; we must do it by fostering economic democracy. For example, as much as possible the food that is consumed locally ought to be locally produced on small farms, and then processed in small, non- polluting plants that are locally owned. We must do everything possible to provide to ordinary citizens the opportunity to own a small, usable share of the country. In that way, we will put local capital to work locally, not to exploit and destroy the land but to use it well. This is not work just for the privileged, the well-positioned, the #Quote by Wendell Berry
Locally quotes by Sam Newman
#86. Principles Principles are rules you have made in order to align what you are doing to some larger goal, and will sometimes change. For example, if one of your strategic goals as an organization is to decrease the time to market for new features, you may define a principle that says that delivery teams have full control over the lifecycle of their software to ship whenever they are ready, independently of any other team. If another goal is that your organization is moving to aggressively grow its offering in other countries, you may decide to implement a principle that the entire system must be portable to allow for it to be deployed locally in order to respect sovereignty of data. You probably don't want loads of these. Fewer than 10 is a good number - small enough that people can remember them, or to fit on small posters. The more principles you have, the greater the chance that they overlap or contradict each other. #Quote by Sam Newman
Locally quotes by Wendell Berry
#87. The securest guarantee of the long-term good health of both farmland and city is, I believe, locally produced food. #Quote by Wendell Berry
Locally quotes by Susan Dorothea White
#88. If you want to adopt an animal, please think of your local Animal Control Center where there are animals who need homes desperately, .. However .. it is vital to offer help to the shelters in the Katrina disaster area because they have little hope of being able to place animals locally as they are so overrun. #Quote by Susan Dorothea White
Locally quotes by Alfred Lin
#89. As an immigrant, my wish is that we fix immigration. At Sequoia, we've backed a number of exceptional founders that were born abroad but started their careers in the Valley. They've created immense value, but more importantly, massive numbers of jobs locally, nationally and globally. #Quote by Alfred Lin
Locally quotes by Kurt Vonnegut
#90. That, in my opinion, was the most diabolical aspect of those old-time big brains: They would tell their owners, in effect, 'Here is a crazy thing we could actually do, probably, but we would never do it, of course. It's just fun to think about.' And then, as though in trances, the people would really do it
have slaves fight each other to death in the Colosseum, or burn people alive in the public square for holding opinions which were locally unpopular, or build factories whose only purpose was to kill people in industrial quantities, or to blow up whole cities, and on and on. #Quote by Kurt Vonnegut
Locally quotes by Stephen Harrod Buhner
#91. The boundaries of these ecoranges, by the way, like the boundaries of all self-organized systems, are very porous. There is a constant flow of energy, and information, into and out of them. They are all tightly interwoven into the larger ecosystem of the Earth itself. Each acts locally, each acts globally. They are part of a highly complex and redundant system for maintaining the homeodynamis of the Earth. They develop more complexity over time, for the greater the complexity, the greater the ability to maintain homeodynamis. #Quote by Stephen Harrod Buhner
Locally quotes by Greg Egan
#92. My earliest memories are of CP4 - that's a Kähler manifold that looks locally like a vector space with four complex directions, though the global topology's quite different. But I didn't really grow up there; I was moved around a lot when I was young, to keep my perceptions flexible. I only used to spend time in anything remotely like this" - he motioned at the surrounding more-or-less-Euclidean space - for certain special kinds of physics problems. And even most Newtonian mechanics is easier to grasp in a symplectic manifold; having a separate visible coordinate for the position and momentum of every degree of freedom makes things much clearer than when you cram everything together in a single three-dimensional space. #Quote by Greg Egan
Locally quotes by Rebecca Solnit
#93. Wealth and power are also often disasters, with casualties and wreckage. Maybe what often gets called wealth in booms should mostly be imagined as impoverishment of the majority who don't become wealthy and often become displaced or priced out locally, served up with the collateral damage from the concentration of power, resources, and the control of place. #Quote by Rebecca Solnit
Locally quotes by Shizuko Gō
#94. From outside the shelter came children's voices. The shrill squeals brought the excitement of their unseen game into the opaque quiet of Setsuko's world and made her smile. "No war can go on forever. And human beings are the toughest creatures on earth, you know. There's no sense in being in a hurry to die. You MUST LIVE, whatever happens." Shoichi Wakui had squeezed her hand and told her this with an almost violent urgency, though his grasp was weak and his voice halting. Were those the Sugiwaras' children she could hear? The barber had had the presence of mind to rescue his kit when he fled through the flames of his burning shop, and now he was doing a brisk trade, seating his customers on cushions atop piled stones from the foundations. To house his family he'd put a lean-to against the railway embankment, barely enough to keep out the weather, but at least the children were no longer starving. Even in defeat the locally garrisoned soldiers all had some supplies of food, and while waiting to board trains for their hometowns from Yokohama Station they'd sit on the stone seat of the Sugawara Barbershop and have a good shave, leaving the children something to eat as payment.
Setsuko no longer felt the rage that had overwhelmed her at the disbanding ceremony. If they had fought on home ground, one hundred million Japanese sworn to die before they would surrender, those children would have had to die too. Those young lives and spirits would have been extinguished in terror #Quote by Shizuko Gō
Locally quotes by Ryan Holmes
#95. Tech companies have a finite lifespan: For the successful ones, an IPO or exit is never more than a few years off. But by recruiting locally and developing homegrown talent, companies can build something that remains after they're gone. People, skills and a culture of innovation persist. #Quote by Ryan Holmes
Locally quotes by Ron Conway
#96. I really don't have a lot of interest in national politics, and it's because I'm a skeptic. I think you can accomplish a lot more locally. I don't want to spin the wheels and not get anything done. #Quote by Ron Conway
Locally quotes by William Jackson
#97. I pitched my last children's show presentation in the mid 1980's. The era of locally produced children's shows was over and the networks were not and are not interested in children's television. #Quote by William Jackson
Locally quotes by Nikki Reed
#98. I do a lot of reading about food and the food industry, so I try to eat locally and go to the farmer's market. #Quote by Nikki Reed
Locally quotes by Jaime Lerner
#99. Sometimes the media gives us the impression that we are terminal patients, because of problems of global warmth or the ozone layer. And the people, they don't understand that they can could change this situation for the better if they could act locally in a city. #Quote by Jaime Lerner
Locally quotes by Mike Love
#100. I've always been very involved with environmental issues. I was fortunate to be one of the speakers at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janiero some years back, and Bruce Johnson and I served on the board of the Surfrider Foundation here at home. Locally and globally, we need to be doing everything we can to help Mother Earth. #Quote by Mike Love
Locally quotes by Mike Love
#101. One of the most important lessons we can glean from the environmental movement is to 'think globally and act locally.' #Quote by Mike Love
Locally quotes by John Culberson
#102. The border sheriffs are locally elected. They're accountable. They know the territory and the people. And they can respond the most quickly to what is a real national security emergency, because the border is unprotected. #Quote by John Culberson
Locally quotes by Neil Farber
#103. I don't teach. I don't think I could. I also don't really do anything else artistically, locally. #Quote by Neil Farber
Locally quotes by Zephyr Teachout
#104. You can have very big local government. By big, I mean very engaged government. Do you measure it in terms of the number of laws? Number of employees? You could make arguments for either one. I tend to think the axis of the size of government is the wrong concern. But I do think that situating power more locally is a legitimate approach. #Quote by Zephyr Teachout
Locally quotes by Robert Rodriguez
#105. I was from such a large family that when I first met my wife, I told her: 'You can go work outside of the house and I'll stay home and continue making my cartoon strips. Maybe I'll make some commercials nearby, you know I'll do anything locally, but I would love to just stay at home and raise the kids like I did when I was growing up.' #Quote by Robert Rodriguez
Locally quotes by Mari Donne
#106. Locavore?" But before he could answer, I figured it out. "Someone who eats food produced locally? As opposed to locovore, someone who eats crazy people? #Quote by Mari Donne
Locally quotes by C.S. Lewis
#107. Some of the miracles do locally what God has already done universally: others do locally what He has not yet done, but will do. #Quote by C.S. Lewis
Locally quotes by Bernard Wolfe
#108. Is deviation from the locally approved norms always and everywhere to be taken as disease? #Quote by Bernard Wolfe
Locally quotes by Jessa Gamble
#109. Why would you have a work day that does not respond to shorter or longer day length? There's something that we lose, taking our schedules away from that locally relevant rhythm. #Quote by Jessa Gamble
Locally quotes by William J. Clinton
#110. When I think about the world I would like to leave to my daughter and the grandchildren I hope to have, it is a world that moves away from unequal, unstable, unsustainable interdependence to integrated communities - locally, nationally and globally - that share the characteristics of all successful communities. #Quote by William J. Clinton
Locally quotes by Daniele Vare
#111. There is a birch-rod kept behind the looking-glass in the schoolroom, and every now and then it is brought out and used, for no reason that really matters. This generally happens when there is a yellow wind ... Most people in North China suffer from nerves during the winter months, when the air is so dry that one gets an electric shock every time that one touches metal, or takes off ones furs. The nervous tension becomes greater before a dust storm, known locally as a 'yellow wind. #Quote by Daniele Vare
Locally quotes by Matt Shea
#112. While I've been asked to run for Congress, I really believe we need to defend freedom locally. And by doing that, by just standing at the local level we can make a massive difference. #Quote by Matt Shea
Locally quotes by William MacAskill
#113. Another common recommendation is to turn lights off when you leave a room, but lighting accounts for only 3% of household energy use, so even if you used no lighting at all in your house you would save only a fraction of a metric ton of carbon emissions. Plastic bags have also been a major focus of concern, but even on very generous estimates, if you stopped using plastic bags entirely you'd cut out 10kg CO2eq per year, which is only 0.4% of your total emissions. Similarly, the focus on buying locally produced goods is overhyped: only 10% of the carbon footprint of food comes from transportation whereas 80% comes from production, so what type of food you buy is much more important than whether that food is produced locally or internationally. Cutting out red meat and dairy for one day a week achieves a greater reduction in your carbon footprint than buying entirely locally produced food. In fact, exactly the same food can sometimes have higher carbon footprint if it's locally grown than if it's imported: one study found that the carbon footprint from locally grown tomatoes in northern Europe was five times as great as the carbon footprint from tomatoes grown in Spain because the emissions generated by heating and lighting greenhouses dwarfed the emissions generated by transportation. #Quote by William MacAskill
Locally quotes by David Korten
#114. The proper goal of an economic democracy agenda is to replace the global suicide economy ruled by rapacious and unaccountable global corporations with a planetary system of local living economies comprised of human-scale enterprise rooted in the communities they serve and locally owned by the people whose wellbeing depends on them. #Quote by David Korten
Locally quotes by Andrew Mwenda
#115. Most problems in poor countries are locally generated even though international factors do play a role. #Quote by Andrew Mwenda
Locally quotes by Imelda May
#116. I'm a normal consumer but try to do the best I can. I try to buy locally, and I mostly avoid supermarkets. #Quote by Imelda May
Locally quotes by Willie Soon
#117. The close relationships between the abrupt ups and downs of solar activity and of temperature that I have identified occur locally in coastal Greenland; regionally in the Arctic Pacific and north Atlantic; and, hemispherically, for the whole circum-Arctic, suggesting that changes in solar activity drive Arctic and perhaps even global climate. #Quote by Willie Soon
Locally quotes by Rene Dubos
#118. Think globally, act locally": "Our salvation depends upon our ability to create a religion of nature. #Quote by Rene Dubos
Locally quotes by Taylor Phinney
#119. I raced locally for a year, went to Europe the year after and went to the Olympics the year after that. #Quote by Taylor Phinney
Locally quotes by Arthur Potts Dawson
#120. Be mindful of what supermarkets are doing and demand to see their business practices. Stop throwing away food. Compost as much as you can, eat as locally and as seasonally as you can. Share knowledge and information. #Quote by Arthur Potts Dawson
Locally quotes by Desmond Oshifeso
#121. Be the master of your craft in black and white, kick asses and run wild with it locally and globally. #Quote by Desmond Oshifeso
Locally quotes by Carlo Rotella
#122. I'm allergic to abstraction. Especially in my first two books, I was telling the story of the transformation of urban America, especially in the so-called "rust belt," and of the decline of the industrial city and the rise of post-industrialism. But I could only tell it as a series of locally inflected stories about particular characters at particular moments in particular landscapes. They are almost always creative characters: Writers, or musicians. These characters are often filled with some urge, and I am basically writing the biography of that urge. How does the urge to play the guitar find expression in certain styles, which are attached to certain institutions, and then to the city?

(Source: article discusses "The Art of Storytelling" in The European.) #Quote by Carlo Rotella
Locally quotes by Dale Watson
#123. The one constant in this ever changing music business is the heartfelt and "ear to the ground" Indie Record Stores that avid music fans and artists alike know they can count on to keep music thriving locally. I tour all over the world, and it's these Indie Record Stores that many times make or break a market. People will always want an "album" to hold, not just have downloaded, and Indies fill that need and then some. #Quote by Dale Watson
Locally quotes by Bruce Katz
#124. The many governments within a single metropolitan area are almost designed to fight among themselves because state law makes them largely dependent on locally raised tax revenues...People, pies, cars, rails, and the nebulous entity known as the economy might flow seamlessly across local boundaries, but sales and property tax dollars rarely do. #Quote by Bruce Katz
Locally quotes by Terry Pratchett
#125. Heinrich had a reputation locally for cunning, but Ankh-Morpork had overtaken cunning a thousand years ago, had sped past devious, had left artful far behind, and had now, by a roundabout route, arrived at straightforward. #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Locally quotes by James Howard Kunstler
#126. Phoenix and Las Vegas have grim long-term prospects. On top of oil-and-gas problems, they will have terrible problems with water and the ability to produce food locally. I suppose it shows how delusional the public is, and how our institutional controls have decayed - for instance, lending standards. #Quote by James Howard Kunstler
Locally quotes by Arabella Weir
#127. If I'm hunting down gifts, I like to buy locally. #Quote by Arabella Weir
Locally quotes by Wesley W. Yale
#128. Most blitz leaders have felt that by sacrificing a degree of intelligence or logistics support they gained a greater advantage in the areas of surprise or massing of effort at a critical point. No commander attacks unless he feels that he can win, though on occasion defeat locally may help to gain victory elsewhere. But the decision to attack means that the factors have all been weighed and that superiority lies in better morale, better control for the massing of effort or for quicker reaction, or better weapons. Control is often a more than adequate substitute for supply. There may be risk, but there is no rashness, where advantages outweigh disadvantages. #Quote by Wesley W. Yale
Locally quotes by James Balog
#129. Each of us can and must shift our behavior according to our ability. For some, that means changing diet, shopping locally, or putting solar panels on their house. For others, it means using their voice to inspire transformative change. #Quote by James Balog
Locally quotes by Norman Reedus
#130. I basically eat a lot of proteins, and I've been eating smaller portions of food. I try to eat all locally raised and organic produce. #Quote by Norman Reedus
Locally quotes by Stephen Hawking
#131. Because gravity shapes space and time, it allows space time to be locally stable but globally unstable. On the scale of the entire universe, the positive energy of the matter can be balanced by the negative gravitational energy, and so there is no restriction on the creation of whole universes. Because there is a law like gravity, the universe can and will create itself from nothing in the manner described in Chapter 6. #Quote by Stephen Hawking
Locally quotes by Marcus Du Sautoy
#132. Some might question whether it makes sense to talk about setting up the experiment and running it again with exactly the same conditions--that it is, in fact, impossible. Locally, you might get the conditions exactly the same, but you have to embed the experiment in the universe, and that has moved on. You can't rewind the wave function of the universe and rerun it. The universe is a one-time-only experiment that includes us as part of its wave function, and there's no going back. #Quote by Marcus Du Sautoy

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