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Lluna Minecraft quotes by Markus Persson
#1. I definitely think 'Minecraft' is a freak thing. There's no way you could replicate it intentionally. #Quote by Markus Persson
Lluna Minecraft quotes by Rob Manuel
#2. Understand 'Minecraft,' and you'll begin to understand the power of games. Like any good story, this one begins with a man and a dream. Markus 'Notch' Persson first started on the project to create a three-dimensional world vast in scope, with elements that allowed you to customize your character into the way you want them. #Quote by Rob Manuel
Lluna Minecraft quotes by Olivia Holt
#3. I'm a huge 'Call of Duty' fan, 'Minecraft' and all those kinds of video games. I'm constantly playing video games every day. #Quote by Olivia Holt
Lluna Minecraft quotes by Max Minecrafty
#4. sliding door in Minecraft, you #Quote by Max Minecrafty
Lluna Minecraft quotes by Minecrafty Family
#5. You know how my first few minutes in a new Minecraft world are usually spent screaming, running for my life, and hiding from scary monsters - sometimes even GIANT ones! Well, not this time! Instead of a giant monster, I was plopped down in front of a giant MANSION! (Yay, Minecraft: Peaceful Paradise floating book!) And the best part was that it wasn't all dark and creepy like the Haunted House! It was an awesome modern mansion made of white stone and glass. Even better, it was built on a hillside overlooking an ocean! Actually, it reminded me of Tony Stark's house in one of my favorite movies, Iron Man. I guess you could say it's a MARVEL-ous mansion! (Heh, heh.) Anyway, #Quote by Minecrafty Family
Lluna Minecraft quotes by Zynga Poker Chips Generator.zip 47936 Disk 1 DVD9 Version
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Lluna Minecraft quotes by Minecraft Addict
#7. Pick one item, keep it in your hand then leave your house. Then "Quit to Title" and go back to the game again. Place the item anywhere and then go to your device's home screen. Close the app. Now start it again. You will realize you have duplicated the item now! #Quote by Minecraft Addict
Lluna Minecraft quotes by Cube Kid
#8. There was once a Minecraft Grass Block named Minecraft Grass Block. Minecraft Grass Block liked doing the things most Minecraft Grass Block children did. Minecraft Grass Block wanted to learn how to be a better Minecraft Grass Block, but how would Minecraft Grass Block become a better Minecraft Grass Block than the other Minecraft Grass Blocks who hoped to become better Minecraft Grass Blocks, or at least better Minecraft Grass Blocks than Minecraft Grass Block was at being a Minecraft Grass Block and hopefully even the best Minecraft Grass Blocks a Minecraft Grass Block could possibly become? Just turn the page, and follow the adventures of Minecraft Grass Block in this Minecraft Grass Block Diary of a 12-year-old Minecraft Grass Block named Minecraft Grass Block, a Minecraft Grass Block boy who hopes to become a true Minecraft Grass Block or at least a better Minecraft Grass Block than the other Minecraft Grass Blocks. #Quote by Cube Kid
Lluna Minecraft quotes by Rob Manuel
#9. One of the things 'Minecraft' is most noted for is the freedom it gives the players to build and experiment with the tools. You start off with simple objects; axes, torches, helmets and swords. With a little time and experimentation, you move to switches, complex machines, mine carts, glass. #Quote by Rob Manuel
Lluna Minecraft quotes by Alex Anderson
#10. existing simultaneously in the World of Minecraft. One timeline was of "Gang of Ninjas" and other was of "Minecraft Agent". Many centuries ago, Dark Lord who is the supreme Master of dark energy, lost its most powerful warrior "Vertigo". #Quote by Alex Anderson
Lluna Minecraft quotes by Ben Stark
#11. For example, if you name a sheep "jeb_", you will get a sheep with wool that is fading through color cycles, however, you will get the sheep's original color when you harvest wool from it. When you name a rabbit "toast", it will look like a skinned rabbit, a tribute to the legendary lost rabbit of a player's girlfriend, "toast the bunny". If you name a mob with "Grumm" or "Dinnerbone", you can make a mob turn upside down! These are awesome Minecraft secrets for players. #Quote by Ben Stark
Lluna Minecraft quotes by Jake Turner
#12. I'll have another real life Minecraft adventure. #Quote by Jake Turner
Lluna Minecraft quotes by Steve Minecraft
#13. False. 25% of dungeons are skeleton dungeons. #Quote by Steve Minecraft
Lluna Minecraft quotes by Satya Nadella
#14. We are really excited about being stewards to the community that is Minecraft. #Quote by Satya Nadella
Lluna Minecraft quotes by Steve Ranger Jr.
#15. 0.13.0 Minecraft #Quote by Steve Ranger Jr.
Lluna Minecraft quotes by Nusam Wele Ama Ina
#16. If you don't realize a deja vu, you have to realize you're creating a deja vu #Quote by Nusam Wele Ama Ina
Lluna Minecraft quotes by Mark Frauenfelder
#17. In this beginner-friendly book, called 'Learn to Program with Minecraft,' you will learn how to do cool things in Minecraft using the Python programming language. No prior programming experience is needed. #Quote by Mark Frauenfelder
Lluna Minecraft quotes by Markus Persson
#18. I wouldn't want to do anything like 'Minecraft' again, where it's, like, an on-going thing, and there are customers I have to keep happy. #Quote by Markus Persson
Lluna Minecraft quotes by Minecraft Books
#19. Here is a really cool single player trick. I'm not sure if this works on multiple players, because some servers disable it. If you fall from a really high place and you really don't want to lose all your stuff, get ready to exit out really quick, and then come back into your world again. You could still be falling, but you will safely arrive. You won't take any fall damage, because you just start the world, and it takes about 3 or 4 seconds until you can get started. It is a really cool trick to not dying from any fall damage or anything. #Quote by Minecraft Books
Lluna Minecraft quotes by Cube Kid
#20. Dude, Minecraft doesn't HAVE glow-in-the-dark-mushrooms. Those are REDSTONE ORE VEINS, noob!! #Quote by Cube Kid
Lluna Minecraft quotes by Just Steve
#21. MINECRAFT HOUSES A collection of blueprints by JUST STEVE #Quote by Just Steve
Lluna Minecraft quotes by Markus Persson
#22. 'Minecraft' certainly became a huge hit, and people are telling me it's changed games. I never meant for it to do either. It's certainly flattering, and to gradually get thrust into some kind of public spotlight is interesting. #Quote by Markus Persson
Lluna Minecraft quotes by Satya Nadella
#23. If you talk about STEM education, the best way to introduce anyone to STEM or get their curiosity going on, it's Minecraft. #Quote by Satya Nadella
Lluna Minecraft quotes by Ernest Cline
#24. I have to avoid things like 'World of Warcraft' or 'Minecraft', otherwise I'd never get any work done. #Quote by Ernest Cline
Lluna Minecraft quotes by Jimmy Boy
Lluna Minecraft quotes by Rob Manuel
#26. 'Minecraft' opens up a world of limitless possibilities, driven by the player and created by the fans who love it. #Quote by Rob Manuel
Lluna Minecraft quotes by Markus Persson
#27. If I had intended for 'Minecraft' to end up on consoles, I wouldn't have developed the game in Java. The decision to port the game to consoles came from a combination of player requests, a desire to play around with the brand on different platforms, and some interesting business deals. #Quote by Markus Persson
Lluna Minecraft quotes by Markus Persson
#28. 'Minecraft' is to a large degree about having unique experiences that nobody else has had. The levels are randomly generated, and you can build anything you want to build yourself. #Quote by Markus Persson
Lluna Minecraft quotes by Masters Of Minecraft
#29. Secret Minecraft Tricks 41-48 Who Turned Out The Lights -If you're in a room lit up only by lava, it's a good idea to place a few torches around before you extinguish it. The View Up Here Is Great -Tree houses are fun to build, but sometimes hard to find, be sure to remember their location. I Love Fishing -Since fish are unlimited in quantity, it's always a good time to go fishing. Just Like My Neighborhood -Watch out when you're killing zombie pigmen, whenever you attack one, you will find others will quickly close in, and gang up against you. Ouch, Ouch, Ouch! Hot Foot -When #Quote by Masters Of Minecraft

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