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Lingua Latina quotes by Raquel Cepeda
#1. I guess it all depends on whom you ask and when you ask. Race, I've learned, is in the eye of the beholder. #Quote by Raquel Cepeda
Lingua Latina quotes by Demi Lovato
#2. I tried to conform to what everyone thinks is beautiful. But my genetics gave me a curvy figure, and I've come to understand that in the Latina culture, that is beautiful. #Quote by Demi Lovato
Lingua Latina quotes by Natalie Martinez
#3. Being Latina for me is also being a strong woman. #Quote by Natalie Martinez
Lingua Latina quotes by Patricia Mauceri
#4. As I got older, the role that I ended up (playing) on One Life to Live was a mother because, by then, I had a stable marriage - so I thought - and a beautiful son and mother roles became what I was doing well. I was still the Latina mom who very much related to people who love family. All those traditional values (were) coming back into my life. #Quote by Patricia Mauceri
Lingua Latina quotes by Adrienne Bailon
#5. Being Latina to me is living your life like it's a big old fiesta! #Quote by Adrienne Bailon
Lingua Latina quotes by Clarissa Pinkola Estes
#6. El duende is literally the goblin wind or force behind a person's actions and creative life, including the way they walk, the sound of their voice, even the way they lift their little finger. It is a term used in flamenco dance, and is also used to describe the ability to "think" in poetic images. Among Latina curanderas who recollect story, it is understood as the ability to be filled with spirit that is more than one's own spirit. Whether one is the artist or whether one is the watcher, listener, or reader, when el duende is present, one sees it, hears it, reads it, feels it underneath the dance, the music, the words, the art; one knows it is there. When el duende is not present, one knows that too. #Quote by Clarissa Pinkola Estes
Lingua Latina quotes by Wally Lamb
#7. La lingua non ha ossa, ma rompe il dorsol... The tongue has no bones but can break a man's back! #Quote by Wally Lamb
Lingua Latina quotes by Clarissa Pinkola Estes
#8. No Latina woman would be called 'Ms.' - that's an invention of middle-class Anglo women. Latina women are proud to be called 'Mrs.' That simply means that we have a family. #Quote by Clarissa Pinkola Estes
Lingua Latina quotes by William Golding
#9. I think they've got 250 languages in Nigeria, and so English is a sort of lingua franca between the 250 languages. #Quote by William Golding
Lingua Latina quotes by Dianne Harman
#10. The silver flask called to him.
Blue Coyote Motel #Quote by Dianne Harman
Lingua Latina quotes by Paula DeAnda
#11. I've always loved to sing in Spanish. To me, it's just my culture. It's what I am; I'm Latina. #Quote by Paula DeAnda
Lingua Latina quotes by Paz Vega
#12. I don't want to play only Latin women. I want to have roles in English. #Quote by Paz Vega
Lingua Latina quotes by Joseph Brodsky
#13. Throughout one's life, time addresses man in a variety of languages: in those of innocence, love, faith, experience, history, fatigue, cynicism, guilt, decay, etc. Of those, the language of love is clearly the lingua franca. Its vocabulary absorbs all the other tongues, and its utterance gratifies a subject, however inanimate it may be. Also, by being thus uttered, a subject acquires an ecclesiastical, almost sacred denomination, echoing both the way we perceive the objects of our passions and the Good Book's suggestion as to what God is. Love is essentially an attitude maintained by the infinite toward the finite. The reversal constitutes either faith or poetry. Akhmatova's #Quote by Joseph Brodsky
Lingua Latina quotes by Sonia Sotomayor
#14. I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn't lived that life. #Quote by Sonia Sotomayor
Lingua Latina quotes by America Ferrera
#15. I realized how Latina I was, and then also, at the same time, how not Latina enough I was, because I'm born and raised in Los Angeles. I speak Spanish, but I don't speak perfect Spanish, not like a native speaker. #Quote by America Ferrera
Lingua Latina quotes by Charlie Gonzalez
#16. We made history when President Obama appointed Sonia Sotomayor, a proud Latina, the first Hispanic Supreme Court justice. And as the President likes to say, 'Every single one of them wasn't just the best Latino for the job, but the best person for the job.' #Quote by Charlie Gonzalez
Lingua Latina quotes by Felipe Esparza
#17. Halloween is the only day I can dress up like a hot Latina woman with a beer belly. #Quote by Felipe Esparza
Lingua Latina quotes by Sena Jeter Naslund
#18. Darkroom: A Memoir in Black and White is remarkable for its truth-telling about two important issues concerning Alabama's past and present: the civil rights movement and immigration. These stories, rendered through the words and eyes of a young Latina girl who came from Argentina to Marion, Alabama, are made vivid and immediate through Weaver's highly accessible drawings and dialogue. This is a book-about maturation, family, education, and social change-every schoolchild, parent, and citizen should experience. #Quote by Sena Jeter Naslund
Lingua Latina quotes by Ovid
#19. Fools laugh at the Latin language. -Rident stolidi verba Latina #Quote by Ovid
Lingua Latina quotes by Newt Gingrich
#20. White man racist nominee would be forced to withdraw. Latina woman racist should also withdraw. #Quote by Newt Gingrich
Lingua Latina quotes by Grace Napolitano
#21. Almost half of all Latinas currently on Social Security rely exclusively on their benefit check in retirement. #Quote by Grace Napolitano
Lingua Latina quotes by Becky G
#22. 'Latina' has become part of the Becky G family, and I feel very proud to say that. #Quote by Becky G
Lingua Latina quotes by Junot Diaz
#23. They sounded a lot like me and my old girlfriend Loretta, but I swore to myself that I would stop thinking about her ass, even though every Cleopatra-looking Latina in the city made me stop and wish she would come back to me. #Quote by Junot Diaz
Lingua Latina quotes by Gabriela Isler
#24. I think the Miss Universe title not only gives me the opportunity to become a role model for Latina girls around the world, but to show that beauty isn't just about the outside. #Quote by Gabriela Isler
Lingua Latina quotes by Melonie Diaz
#25. I wrote a pilot for myself. It's about a Latina actress trying to make it in Hollywood. It's pretty funny. #Quote by Melonie Diaz
Lingua Latina quotes by Ann Brashares
#26. Barbara appraised her with critical eyes. 'Oh my. Well, this is going to need some work.' She went right to Carmen's hips and pulled the unfinished seams open. 'Yes, we'll have to take this way out. I'm not sure I have enough fabric. I'll check when I get back to my office.'
You are a horrible witch, Carmen thought.
She knew she looked absolutely awful in the dress. She was part Bourbon Street whore and part Latina first-communion spectacle. #Quote by Ann Brashares
Lingua Latina quotes by Sandra Cisneros
#27. I am a woman, and I am a Latina. Those are the things that make my writing distinctive. Those are the things that give my writing power. #Quote by Sandra Cisneros
Lingua Latina quotes by Daniel Pena
#28. This is the difference between U.S. Latina/o letters and Latina/o Letters from Latin America: In the United States, writing is a business. In Latin America, writing is life and death. #Quote by Daniel Pena
Lingua Latina quotes by Zoe Saldana
#29. People think of Latina women as being fiery and fierce, which is usually true. But I think the quality that so many Latinas possess is strength. I'm very proud to have Latin blood. #Quote by Zoe Saldana
Lingua Latina quotes by George Lopez
#30. Sarah Palin is Latina. Pay-leen. She has an infant and a grandkid the same age. Latina! #Quote by George Lopez
Lingua Latina quotes by Brittney Cooper
#31. And while it is okay to acknowledge that all kinds of women, whether white, Black, Indigenous, Latina, Asian, cis, gender nonconforming, trans, queer, bi, or straight might have different experiences, it's not cool to act as though transwomen are in some entirely separate category from the more general category of woman. That is something that feminism needs to be clear on - that it isn't feminism if all women's concerns, particularly the most marginalized women's concerns, aren't taken seriously. #Quote by Brittney Cooper
Lingua Latina quotes by Sonia Sotomayor
#32. Personal experiences affect the facts that judges choose to see. #Quote by Sonia Sotomayor
Lingua Latina quotes by Soledad O'Brien
#33. I'm black. I'm Latina. My mom is Cuban. Afro-Cuban. My dad is white and Australian. #Quote by Soledad O'Brien
Lingua Latina quotes by Martin Cruz Smith
#34. The most beautiful women in the world were African. #Quote by Martin Cruz Smith
Lingua Latina quotes by Nadine Velazquez
#35. I am Puerto Rican. I think Latinas are sexy, and being one, it has influenced a lot of my style, but being an official Los Angelite, this town has influenced most of my daily style, which is relaxed & easy. #Quote by Nadine Velazquez
Lingua Latina quotes by Emily Rios
#36. I want to steer away from the stereotypes that Latina women are categorized in. I feel like there are so many more opportunities for us. I like going out for those roles that says 'open ethnicity.' #Quote by Emily Rios
Lingua Latina quotes by Justina Machado
#37. I'm a wise Latina woman. Whatever, man. Thank God I'm not in politics, because the fact that you have to explain everything - I'd kill myself. I can't take all those little things they dissect. I'm like, 'Oh my God, get a life.' I don't have time for this. #Quote by Justina Machado
Lingua Latina quotes by Soledad O'Brien
#38. Audiences want great story telling; it's why white people watch my show 'Black in America.' It's why black people watch 'Latina in America.' All of that is statistically shown and proven but it was because it was good story telling about people who were outsiders. #Quote by Soledad O'Brien
Lingua Latina quotes by Bitsie Tulloch
#39. I definitely have some stereotypical qualities of being a Latina. I talk with my hands, which means I knock stuff over all the time. #Quote by Bitsie Tulloch
Lingua Latina quotes by Raquel Cepeda
#40. Being Latino means being from everywhere, and that is exactly what America is supposed to be about. #Quote by Raquel Cepeda
Lingua Latina quotes by Genesis Rodriguez
#41. I'm bicultural, and everyone sees me as a Latina, but in my head I see myself as both Latina and American. #Quote by Genesis Rodriguez
Lingua Latina quotes by Sofia Vergara
#42. Yes, I'm blonde. When I started as an actor, because of the accent and my body and my personality, it was not what the stereotype of the Latina woman in Hollywood is, so they didn't know where to put me. The blond hair wasn't matching. The moment I put my hair dark, it was better for my work. #Quote by Sofia Vergara

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