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Limp Bizkit Break Stuff quotes by Cherise Sinclair
#1. I'll rip the fucking asshole's dick off and stuff it down his douche-bag throat. Take my whip and cornhole the bastard peckerheaded fuckwad till his ass whistles "The Star Spangled Banner." Then I'll break the dried-up piece of jackwad's leg off and shove it up his ass. #Quote by Cherise Sinclair
Limp Bizkit Break Stuff quotes by Ross Perot
#2. Guys, just remember, if you get lucky, if you make a lot of money, if you get out and buy a lot of stuff
it's gonna break. You got your biggest, fanciest mansion in the world. It has air conditioning. It's got a pool. Just think of all the pumps that are going to go out. Or go to a yacht basin any place in the world. Nobody is smiling, and I'll tell you why. Something broke that morning. The generator's out; the microwave oven doesn't work ... Things just don't mean happiness. #Quote by Ross Perot
Limp Bizkit Break Stuff quotes by Diplo
#3. As a DJ, it's my job to break new music. And instead of it just being the stuff that's coming from the major labels or the big pop records, I've always gravitated to something that's just different, you know? #Quote by Diplo
Limp Bizkit Break Stuff quotes by Miley Cyrus
#4. I'm not saying you need to take a break because you're crazy. I'm saying you need to take a break so you can be crazy, and people aren't going to judge you. You're going to do dumb stuff from here on out. But do it in your own time. Do it safely. You can afford to protect yourself and still have fun. #Quote by Miley Cyrus
Limp Bizkit Break Stuff quotes by Roxrite
#5. That's what's gonna make me come up with new stuff, if you get a good break or a good beat, you get a certain energy, and you wanna release that energy. Freezes to me are like releasing a certain energy. That's me releasing energy that beat gives me, to come up with certain things. A good beat, a rare break, a dope song that I've never really breaked to before will give me a new feeling, a new movement. #Quote by Roxrite
Limp Bizkit Break Stuff quotes by Bryanna Reid
#6. - You know I don't like Limp Bizkit. I prefer good old rock: Beatles, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Grand Funk Railroad. OOMPH! and In Extremo, at the very least.
- Oh, come on. If everyone were like you we'd still be apes. Why do you hate new things? #Quote by Bryanna Reid
Limp Bizkit Break Stuff quotes by Mary Karr
#7. After Mother got her picture, we all stood around the fire truck eating moon-shaped cookies dusted with powdered sugar that the mayor's wife had brought in some Tupperware. It was stuff like that that'd break your heart about Leechfield, what Daddy meant when he said the town was too ugly not to love. #Quote by Mary Karr
Limp Bizkit Break Stuff quotes by Ken Marino
#8. The beauty of shooting on something that's not in front of an audience is that you can just cut out the times you're laughing. You can cut to the other person and try to use that moment, right before you break. There's an energy to those performances. There's a reason people were laughing. There was something very special. That little extra something was in that line delivery or in that improv, so you try to use that stuff. #Quote by Ken Marino
Limp Bizkit Break Stuff quotes by Jeff Foxworthy
#9. That's just something instinctual within men. We always feel like we've got to protect our stuff. Even if it's not worth protecting, we want to protect it. You ever seen people who have like a piece of crap Pinto with a Club on the steering wheel. Somebody breaks the window, steals the Club, leaves the Pinto in a pile of glass. #Quote by Jeff Foxworthy
Limp Bizkit Break Stuff quotes by Tim Seeley
#10. I'll take the devil over a goddamn Limp Bizkit fan any day, asshole! #Quote by Tim Seeley
Limp Bizkit Break Stuff quotes by Gregg Michaelsen
#11. The average person has 50 negative thoughts in a day, leading to stress, which leads to fear and anxiety. This is the bad stuff that can break our bodies down. #Quote by Gregg Michaelsen
Limp Bizkit Break Stuff quotes by John Cena
#12. You get my point now? Coz before I thought you missed it. I'ma viagra triple shot, you just a limp bizkit. WORD LIFE. #Quote by John Cena
Limp Bizkit Break Stuff quotes by Afrika Bambaataa
#13. I don't care if it's rap, metal, whatever. You still should play Beatles records mixed with Limp Bizkit mixed with Foghat mixed with Creedence Clearwater Revival, stuff like that. #Quote by Afrika Bambaataa
Limp Bizkit Break Stuff quotes by Jenny Han
#14. Maybe this is why Mommy told Margot not to go to college with a boyfriend. When you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend, you only want to be with that person, and you forget about everybody else, and then when the two of you break up, you've lost all your friends. They were off doing fun stuff without you. #Quote by Jenny Han
Limp Bizkit Break Stuff quotes by Toby Keith
#15. My fans have been very loyal to me, so I want 'em into the mix every song. I don't want 'em having breaks on stuff I'm trying to push on them. #Quote by Toby Keith
Limp Bizkit Break Stuff quotes by Stefan Kanfer
#16. The catalogue of miseries seems to cry out for commercial spots and a station break: the stuff of noonday soap opera. #Quote by Stefan Kanfer
Limp Bizkit Break Stuff quotes by Laurell K. Hamilton
#17. Dolph called out, "You be careful tonight, Anita. Wouldn't want you picking up anything." I glared back at him. The rest of the men waved at me and called in unison, "We loove you." "Gimme a break." One called, "If I'd known you liked to see naked men, we could have worked something out." "The stuff you got, Zerbrowski, I don't want to see." Laughter, and someone grabbed him around the neck. "She got you, man . . . Give it up, she gets you every time." I got into my car to the sound of masculine laughter, and one offer to be my "luv" slave. It was probably Zerbrowski. #Quote by Laurell K. Hamilton
Limp Bizkit Break Stuff quotes by Rebecca Miller
#18. I think it's very important to keep being frightened - if you're not frightening yourself, you should take a break. You need to keep experimenting. You also need to take time - that's how you do good stuff - layering and depth of knowledge. #Quote by Rebecca Miller
Limp Bizkit Break Stuff quotes by Aaron Blaylock
#19. Now as a slightly less young adult Valentine's Day is an oasis of sorts. I've become one of those rotten lovers who didn't keep his promise to stay connected no matter what life through at him. Between children, work, school and church each day just fills up. At day's end when the work is done and the kids are safely in bed it's time to unwind, decompress or just veg out. Sure we spend that time together but I forget to make time to take her in my arms and just stare into those beautiful eyes. I don't always take every shot I get to hold or caress her hand and tell her I've missed her today. I neglect to mention that when I catch a glimpse of her from across the room my heart still leaps in my chest. I don't remind her daily that she's the reason behind everything I do and she's given my life meaning. I fail to tell her that I smile every time I think of her or that I'm smiling right now as I type this because I'm thinking of her. Or that she's just as beautiful today as she was the day we got married, or how lucky I am to share a life with her. Valentine's Day is an opportunity to break from the dizzying array of stuff that crowds our day to day and say "I Love You". #Quote by Aaron Blaylock
Limp Bizkit Break Stuff quotes by Salman Rushdie
#20. This thing: information got abolished sometime in the twentieth century, can't say just when; stands to reason, that's part of the information that got abolsh, abolished. Since then we've been living in a fairy-story. Got me? Everything happens by magic. Us faeries haven't a fucking notion what's going on. So how do we know if it's right or wrong? We don't even know what it is. So what I thought was, you can either break your heart trying to work it all out, or you can go sit on a mountain, because that's where all the truth went, believe it or not, it just upped and ran away from these cities where even the stuff under our feet is all made up, a lie, and it hid up there in the thin thin air where the liars don't dare come after it in case their brains explode. #Quote by Salman Rushdie
Limp Bizkit Break Stuff quotes by Steve Gaynor
#21. When you're working on a game that has a budget of tens of millions of dollars and you have to sell millions and millions and millions of copies to break even, you have a lot more layers between you and the audience. You have a marketing department, and there's a different marketing department for every continent, and the parent company has stockholders, and all that kind of stuff. #Quote by Steve Gaynor
Limp Bizkit Break Stuff quotes by Fred Durst
#22. I'm 38 years old and Limp Bizkit is just something I do. If I was a painter, it would just be a type of painting I make. #Quote by Fred Durst
Limp Bizkit Break Stuff quotes by Heather Havrilesky
#23. Can I step away from this digital maw? Will my voice still matter if no one can hear it? Ca silence feel more pressing and important than a ping? Instead of imagining the next text, the next tweet, the next Instagram post, the next flash of what my cousin did over spring break or what my neighbour ate for breakfast, what if I could imagine living in this moment, without wanting more? The questions whether or not your stuff sparks joy. The question is: Can you spark joy all by yourself? Do you remember how that feels? #Quote by Heather Havrilesky
Limp Bizkit Break Stuff quotes by Terry Pratchett
#24. There was a wicked ole witch once called Black Aliss. She was an unholy terror. There's never been one worse or more powerful. Until now. Because I could spit in her eye and steal her teeth, see. Because she didn't know Right from Wrong, so she got all twisted up, and that was the end of her.

"The trouble is, you see, that if you do know Right from Wrong, you can't choose Wrong. You just can't do it and live. So.. if I was a bad witch I could make Mister Salzella's muscles turn against his bones and break them where he stood... if I was bad. I could do things inside his head, change the shape he thinks he is, and he'd be down on what had been his knees and begging to be turned into a frog... if I was bad. I could leave him with a mind like a scrambled egg, listening to colors and hearing smells...if I was bad. Oh yes." There was another sigh, deeper and more heartfelt.
"But I can't do none of that stuff. That wouldn't be Right."

She gave a deprecating little chuckle. And if Nanny Ogg had been listening, she would have resolved as follows: that no maddened cackle from Black Aliss of infamous memory, no evil little giggle from some crazed Vampyre whose morals were worse than his spelling, no side-splitting guffaw from the most inventive torturer, was quite so unnerving as a happy little chuckle from a Granny Weatherwax about to do what's best. #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Limp Bizkit Break Stuff quotes by Todd McFarlane
#25. That became a big time in comic books because it's when people were starting to break out into independent stuff, the market was getting choked with speculators and everybody was trying to do their own trick covers. #Quote by Todd McFarlane
Limp Bizkit Break Stuff quotes by Alan Thicke
#26. About 100 things that your kid will do that will surprise you and break your heart and it will be a combination of fact based therapy, medically advised kinds of passages accompanied by celebrity anecdotes and just some funny stuff to lighten the load. #Quote by Alan Thicke
Limp Bizkit Break Stuff quotes by Adam Carolla
#27. Everything seems overwhelming when you stand back and look at the totality of it. I build a lot of stuff and it would all seem impossible if I didn't break it down piece by piece, stage by stage. The best gift you can give yourself is some drive
that thing inside of you that gets you out the door to the gym, job interviews, and dates. The believe-in-yourself adage is grossly overrated. #Quote by Adam Carolla
Limp Bizkit Break Stuff quotes by Michael Grant
#28. Sam, can you, you know, like burn that concrete off her hands?"
"No. I can't aim that precisely."
"I don't even know what can be done," Edilio said as he fed the girl another microscopic bite of food. "You try and break that stuff off with a sledge hammer or something, or even a hammer and a chisel, it's going to really hurt. Probably break every bone in her hands, man."
"Who would have done this to her?" Lana wondered.
"That's a Coates Academy uniform," Astrid answered. "We're probably not far from there. #Quote by Michael Grant
Limp Bizkit Break Stuff quotes by Limp Bizkit
#29. Life is a lesson. You learned it when you're through. #Quote by Limp Bizkit
Limp Bizkit Break Stuff quotes by Jodi Picoult
#30. You'd be surprised." Charlie said.
"You go to bed one night singing her a lullaby, and she wakes up listening to Limp Bizkit."
"What the hell is Limp Bizkit? #Quote by Jodi Picoult
Limp Bizkit Break Stuff quotes by Wes Borland
#31. I could have probably gone on and still played the part of the guitar player of Limp Bizkit, but musically I was kind of bored. If I was to continue, it would have been about the money and not about the true music, and I don't want to lie to myself, or to them or to fans of Limp Bizkit. #Quote by Wes Borland
Limp Bizkit Break Stuff quotes by Chino Moreno
#32. A big problem for me was opening for Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park, two bands that wouldn't exist if it weren't for me, straight up! #Quote by Chino Moreno
Limp Bizkit Break Stuff quotes by Terrence Howard
#33. And I'm very surprised that all this stuff actually worked out to where I could have a career in film, gain the benefit of my education, and be thankful that I was able to break into my craft as an actor. #Quote by Terrence Howard
Limp Bizkit Break Stuff quotes by Bam Margera
#34. Sometimes when you're with somebody, and all their stuff is at your house, it's so hard to break up with them. You don't know what they're going to wreck and destroy. #Quote by Bam Margera

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