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Like A Peacock quotes by Debasish Mridha
#1. My little heart, my little girl.
Dance with Daddy; dance, my pearl.
Hold my hand; dance with your feet.
Sing a little song; dance with the beat.
Dance with a smile; sing with joy.
Dance like a peacock; sing like a toy.
Dance with love; sing with kindness.
Life will be blissful, full with happiness.
Dance with Daddy; dance, my pearl.
My little heart, my little girl. #Quote by Debasish Mridha
Like A Peacock quotes by Nalini Singh
#2. I know exactly how strong he is ... He is like a peacock, spreading his feathers and squawking loudly to distract you from the back that his body is but weak.
-Jason to Mahiya #Quote by Nalini Singh
Like A Peacock quotes by Em Wolf
#3. Adonis watched her strut away, friend in tow, like a peacock with a stick wedged up its ass. Tessandra Scarlatti. He'd hoped in his absence, she'd fallen off the planet or died. Preferably both. #Quote by Em Wolf
Like A Peacock quotes by Kamala Nair
#4. A Rakshasi did not live here.
A princess did.
I was staring into the most dazzling garden I had ever seen. Cobblestone pathways meandered between rows of salmon-hued hibiscus, regal hollyhock, delicate impatiens, wild orchids, thorny rosebushes, and manicured shrubs starred with jasmine. Bunches of bougainvillea cascaded down the sides of the wall, draped across the stone like extravagant shawls. Magnolia trees, cotton-candy pink, were interspersed with coconut trees, which let in streaks of purplish light through their fanlike leaves. A rock-rimmed pond glistened in a corner of the garden, and lotus blossoms sprouting from green discs skimmed its surface. A snow white bird that looked like a peacock wove in and out through a grove of pomegranate trees, which were set aflame by clusters of deep orange blossoms. I had seen blue peacocks before, but never a white one.
An Ashoka tree stood at one edge of the garden, as if on guard, near the door. A brief wind sent a cluster of red petals drifting down from its branches and settling on the ground at my feet. A flock of pale blue butterflies emerged from a bed of golden trumpet flowers and sailed up into the sky. In the center of this scene was a peach stucco cottage with green shutters and a thatched roof, quaint and idyllic as a dollhouse. A heavenly perfume drifted over the wall, intoxicating me- I wanted nothing more than to enter. #Quote by Kamala Nair
Like A Peacock quotes by Debasish Mridha
#5. Like a peacock, dance with an open mind and a loving heart to reveal your incredible beauty. #Quote by Debasish Mridha
Like A Peacock quotes by Pamela Clare
#6. Miss Chauvenet. Morgan willed himself to speak his tongue near to tied.
He was unable to take his gaze from her. She looked as fresh as springtime, her dark hair hanging in a braid beyond her hips, her eyes wide with surprise. Then her gaze moved over him, and he knew a moment of utter mortification.
She's thinkin' you look like a peacock, laddie.
With lace cuffs, silk stockings and drawers, and shoes with shiny brass buckles, he did look like a bloody peacock or, worse, like somoene that whoreson Wentworth would invite to his supper table.
-Morgan #Quote by Pamela Clare
Like A Peacock quotes by Douglas Coupland
#7. The world was so unbearably pretty, and it continued being so all the way down the mountain to school. I felt slightly high because of the beauty, and the inside of my head tickled. I wondered if this is how artists go through life, with all of its sensations tickling their craniums like a peacock feather.. #Quote by Douglas Coupland
Like A Peacock quotes by Oliver Markus Malloy
#8. Everything we men do, everything we men have done for the past 100,000 years, is all about attracting a mate. When a guy tries to impress a girl with his fancy car, or his expensive suit, or his gold watch, or his flashy shirt at the club, or he flexes his biceps, or brags about how much money he makes, he's doing the same thing that animals have done for millions of years. Like a peacock, he's trying to make himself desirable and to attract a mate. #Quote by Oliver Markus Malloy
Like A Peacock quotes by Debasish Mridha
#9. To be a fantastic writer, live in your dreams and imaginations where you can dance like a peacock, swim like a shark, and fly like a butterfly. Live where reality has no power to change you. #Quote by Debasish Mridha
Like A Peacock quotes by Charles Dickens
#10. If I was a painter, and was to paint the American Eagle, how should I do it? ... I should want to draw it like a Bat, for its short-sightedness; like a Bantam. for its bragging; like a Magpie, for its honesty; like a Peacock, for its vanity; like an Ostrich, for putting its head in the mud, and thinking nobody sees it -' ... 'And like a Phoenix, for its power of springing from the ashes of its faults and vices, and soaring up anew into the sky! #Quote by Charles Dickens
Like A Peacock quotes by Debasish Mridha
#11. Be like a peacock and dance with all of your beauty. #Quote by Debasish Mridha
Like A Peacock quotes by T.E.D. Klein
#12. Then, idly scratching his nose, he walks to the bookcase in the living room and stoops before a set of drab brown Victorian volumes gathering dust on the second shelf from the bottom.

How amusing, he thinks, as he withdraws one of them-amusing that a key to dark and ancient rites should survive in such innocuous-looking form.

A young fool like Freirs would probably refuse to believe it. Like the rest of his doomed kind, he'd probably expect such lore to be found only in ancient leather-bound tomes with gothic lettering and portentously sinister titles. He'd search for it in mysterious old trunks and private vaults, in the "restricted" sections of libraries, in intricately carved wood chests with secret compartments.

But there are no real secrets, the Old One knows. Secrets are ultimately too hard to conceal. The keys to the rites that will transform the world are neither hidden nor rare nor expensive. They are available to anyone. You can find them on the paperback racks or in any second-hand bookshop. #Quote by T.E.D. Klein
Like A Peacock quotes by Pleasefindthis
#13. No protests in the streets, just a button marked 'like #Quote by Pleasefindthis
Like A Peacock quotes by Michael Ben Zehabe
#14. The dean put a finger to his chin as he studied this great and troubling mystery. The applicant's response reeked of insincerity, like, "Have a nice day!" with all the friendly burned off. "Okay, Mr. Darlington. I'll just be a minute. #Quote by Michael Ben Zehabe
Like A Peacock quotes by Eddie Izzard
#15. We need to become more open minded to the idea that many of us exist on a spectrum - a continuum - of gender. That for some of us the choice isn't just one or the other - completely male or completely female - but often a combination of both. In fact, it seems there are three different lines on the sexuality spectrum: how you self identify, who you're attracted to, and what you look like. And it seems the dial can be at any place on any of those three lines. #Quote by Eddie Izzard
Like A Peacock quotes by Chris Noth
#16. At this point in my life, I like the security of a job, while still having time for my young son and to pursue other creative work. #Quote by Chris Noth
Like A Peacock quotes by Grace Kelly
#17. Having a [teenage] daughter is like riding a young horse over an unknown steeplechase course. You don't know when to pull up the reins, when to let the horse have its head - or what. #Quote by Grace Kelly
Like A Peacock quotes by Christine Feehan
#18. You see more than most people," Mikhail said. "You are a great asset to me, Raven."
She shook her head, sitting up as well, her long hair sliding over her breasts like a cape. "Not yet, but I hope to be. Send for Jacques. But go feed before you see him. You made me weak with your lovemaking, and if you'll forgive a little crude Carpathian humor, I'll expect you to bring me home dinner."
Startled, he stared at her. For a long moment there was silence, and then they both burst out laughing. #Quote by Christine Feehan
Like A Peacock quotes by J.W. Lord
#19. To me Chocolate is like the quintessential ingredient necessary for a good life; almost equal in importance to water or the sun. Life without chocolate is like a zebra without stripes or a leopard without spots. Chocolates are to sweets what salts are to savories. They give life dimension, flavor, and color. Without chocolate life is bland, boring, and unexciting. #Quote by J.W. Lord
Like A Peacock quotes by Melissa De La Cruz
#20. Kingsley smiled his Cheshire smile. And without a word, he called up the white darkness - the subvertio - a spell that unlocked what could not be unlocked, that destroyed what could not be destroyed.
There was a rumbling, a shaking, like the strongest earthquake, and the iron gate crumbled, and the path began to melt. the demon shrieked, but Kingsley just looked at Mimi the entire time.
Azrael ... #Quote by Melissa De La Cruz
Like A Peacock quotes by Amanda   James
#21. Most people actively try to bury their differences and become like everyone else for fear of ridicule. They want to belong. They want to 'fit in'. They don't like to be singled out, have their differences scrutinised, put on microscope slides or in Petri dishes and poked by society. I on the other hand, rejoice in it. I don't want to belong if it means having to wrestle your individuality into a small space, paint it grey and make it... normal. #Quote by Amanda James
Like A Peacock quotes by Cao Xueqin
#22. Most common people oft he market-place much prefer light literature to improving books. The problem is, that so many romances contain slanderous anecdotes about sovereigns and ministers or cast aspersions upon man's wives and daughters so that they are packed with sex and violence. Even worse are those writers of the breeze-and-moonlight school, who corrupt the young with pornography and filth. As for books of the beauty-and-talented-scholar type, a thousand are written to a single pattern and none escapes bordering on indecency. They are filled with allusions to handsome, talented young men and beautiful, refined girls in history; but in order to insert a couple of his own love poems, the author invents stereotyped heroes and heroines with the inevitable low character to make trouble between them like a clown in a play, and makes even the slave girls talk pedantic nonsense. So all these novels are full of contradictions and absurdly unnatural. #Quote by Cao Xueqin
Like A Peacock quotes by James Purdy
#23. Just like children, he and the greatwoman Grainger longed, and especially demanded even, that something should happen, or again Parkhearst would cry, "A reward, I must have a reward. A reward for life just as I have lived it. #Quote by James Purdy
Like A Peacock quotes by Dora Okeyo
#24. My Grandmother says that love is like a bout of diarrhea, it needs neither an invitation nor privacy. #Quote by Dora Okeyo
Like A Peacock quotes by Walter J. Phillips
#25. I don't like to think that I am a slave to technique, or so inept that I have to restrict myself to one method. #Quote by Walter J. Phillips
Like A Peacock quotes by Louis C.K.
#26. People are too afraid of uptown. A lot of people will tell you, like, "Don't go to Harlem. You can never go there. 'Cause as soon as you get there, they kill you." That's what people think. As soon as you arrive in Harlem, someone just stabs you in the face right away. That's people's image of Harlem: just everyone standing around waiting for lost white people to kill all day. "Did you see any? I didn't either." #Quote by Louis C.K.
Like A Peacock quotes by Becca Fitzpatrick
#27. Nora & Patch:
N:Is everything a joke to you?
P:Not everything.
N:Like what?
P:You. #Quote by Becca Fitzpatrick
Like A Peacock quotes by Katherine Harris
#28. As long as I do a good job, I believe the future is going to take care of itself, but actually I like very much being in elected office and there is no consideration about doing anything different until I can be assured that we are going to have the best voting systems in the country. #Quote by Katherine Harris
Like A Peacock quotes by Richard Kadrey
#29. A gun is like love. The universal language. #Quote by Richard Kadrey
Like A Peacock quotes by Taraka Larson
#30. I really feel like there's a void in this world for music that acknowledges that spiritual aspect of these activities as well as just the sheer physicality of them. #Quote by Taraka Larson
Like A Peacock quotes by Eve Silver
#31. I look down and feel a sort of distant horror as I see a body that is mine but not mine. My limbs are bent at odd angles. Shards of bone poke out though my skin. When I try to move, I realize that I feel no pain because I feel nothing. Nothing at all. And no matter how hard I try, I can't move anything but my head.
I'm broken, like Luka. Broken and bloody.
The thought feels hazy, as though it ought to mean more to me than it does. #Quote by Eve Silver
Like A Peacock quotes by Jerry Dennis
#32. There's relief in not having to be outside. No gardening, no mowing the lawn, no tyranny of long daylight hours to fill with productive activity. We rip through summer, burning the hours and tearing up the land. Then snow comes like a bandage, and winter heals the wounds. #Quote by Jerry Dennis
Like A Peacock quotes by Phil Schiller
#33. It's a world where you're going to have a phone, a tablet, a computer - you don't have to choose. And so what's more important is how you seamlessly move between them all ... It's not like this is a laptop person and that's a tablet person. It doesn't have to be that way. #Quote by Phil Schiller
Like A Peacock quotes by Ramana Maharshi
#34. Non-action is unceasing activity. The sage is characterized by eternal and intense activity. His stillness is like the apparent stillness of a fast rotating gyroscope. #Quote by Ramana Maharshi
Like A Peacock quotes by Robert Crais
#35. Pike moved along the side of the house, looking into each window he passed, and checking for signs of tampering. The first room appeared to be a guest bedroom, and the next was the kitchen. The bedroom appeared undisturbed, but Pike's view was limited. He saw dirty dishes, three empty beer bottles, and a cutting board on the kitchen counter. Pike told himself the dishes indicated Wilson and Dru planned to return home, but the goat heads and flies hung over him like battlefield smoke. After #Quote by Robert Crais
Like A Peacock quotes by Jennifer McMahon
#36. I found many treasures in the woods over the years: shotgun shells, empty Colt 45 bottles, old railroad spikes, orange and black beetles eating a dead mouse, pebbles that looked just like teeth, old stone walls and cellar holes, a rusted out frying pan, the skull of a cat. #Quote by Jennifer McMahon
Like A Peacock quotes by Pio Of Pietrelcina
#37. Why fly like a hen when you can soar like an eagle? #Quote by Pio Of Pietrelcina
Like A Peacock quotes by Jonah Hill
#38. I directed my first music video for Sara Bareilles. I like writing and directing. I co-wrote '21 Jump Street' and I'm in that. To me, they all inform the other one. I think writing makes you a better actor, acting makes you a better writer, directing makes you better at both. To me, I'm just trying to learn as much as possible. #Quote by Jonah Hill
Like A Peacock quotes by Seth
#39. I'm over here in my unit, isolated and alone, eating my terrible tasting food, and I have to look over at that. That looks like the most fun I've ever seen in my entire life, and it's B.S. - excuse my language. I'm just saying that I wash and dry; I'm like a single mother. Look, we all know home-ec is a joke - no offense - it's just that everyone takes this class to get an A, and it's bullshit - and I'm sorry. I'm not putting down your profession, but it's just the way I feel. I don't want to sit here, all by myself, cooking this shitty food - no offense - and I just think that I don't need to cook tiramisu. When am I gonna need to cook tiramisu? Am I going to be a chef? No. There's three weeks left of school, give me a fuckin' break! I'm sorry for cursing. #Quote by Seth
Like A Peacock quotes by Kathleen Norris
#40. Exile, like memory, may be a place of hope and delusion. But there are rules of light there and principles of darkness ... The expatriate is in search of a country, the exile in search of a self. - Eavan Boland, OBJECT LESSONS #Quote by Kathleen Norris
Like A Peacock quotes by Katharine McGee
#41. At the mention of children, Connor halted his steps. For a moment Beatrice thought he was going to storm off, turn away from her and never look back.
Instead he fell to one knee before her. Time went momentarily still. In some dazed part of her mind Beatrice remembered Teddy, kneeling stiffly at her feet as he swore to be her liege man. This felt utterly different. Even kneeling, Connor looked like a warrior, every line of his body radiating a tensed power and strength.
"It kills me that I don't have more to offer you," he said roughly. "I have no lands, no fortune, no title. All I can give you is my honor, and my heart. Which already belongs to you."
She would have fallen in love with him right then, if she didn't already love him so fiercely that every cell of her body burned with it.
"I love you, Bee. I've loved you for so long I've forgotten what it felt like not to love you."
"I love you, too." Her eyes stung with tears.
"I get that you have to marry someone before your dad dies. But you can't marry Teddy Eaton."
She watched as he fumbled in his jacket for something - had he bought a ring? She thought wildly - but what he pulled out instead was a black Sharpie. Still kneeling before her, he slid the diamond engagement ring off Beatrice's finger and tucked it in the pocket of her jacket. Using the Sharpie, he traced a thin loop around the skin of Beatrice's finger, where the ring had been.
"I'm sorry it isn't a real ring, but I #Quote by Katharine McGee
Like A Peacock quotes by Kristen Callihan
#42. You're acting like a mother hen." Which I love. "Cluck, cluck," he deadpans #Quote by Kristen Callihan
Like A Peacock quotes by Jarod Kintz
#43. I think you're funny, and the toilet sounds like a soda can opening when it flushes. It's a diet soda, so it's less filling and more fattening. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Like A Peacock quotes by Holly Black
#44. I can feel the moment he gives in and gives up, pulling me to him despite the threat of the knife. He kisses me hard, with a kind of devouring desperation, fingers digging into my hair. Our mouths slide together, teeth over lips over tongues. Desire hits me like a kick to the stomach. It's like fighting, except what we're fighting for is to crawl inside each other's skin. #Quote by Holly Black
Like A Peacock quotes by Tove Jansson
#45. Sophia and Grandmother sat down by the shore to discuss the matter further. It was a pretty day, and the sea was running a long, windless swell. It was on days just like this
dog days
that boats went sailing off all by themselves. Large, alien objects made their way in from sea, certain things sank and others rose, milk soured, and dragonflies danced in desperation. Lizards were not afraid. When the moon came up, red spiders mated on uninhabited skerries, where the rock became an unbroken carpet of tiny, ecstatic spiders. #Quote by Tove Jansson
Like A Peacock quotes by Mitch Hedberg
#46. I went to a cigar store, the man behind the counter asked me, "What kind of cigars do you like?" I answered, "It's a Boys." #Quote by Mitch Hedberg
Like A Peacock quotes by Terry Eagleton
#47. What we consume now is not objects or events, but our experience of them. Just as we never need to leave our cars, so we never need to leave our own skulls. The experience is already out there, as ready-made as a pizza, as bluntly objective as a boulder, and all we need to do is receive it. It is as though there is an experience hanging in the air, waiting for a human subject to come alone and have it. Niagara Falls, Dublin Castle and the Great Wall of China do our experiencing for us. They come ready-interpreted, thus saving us a lot of inconvenient labour. What matters is not the place itself but the act of consuming it. We buy an experience like we pick up a T-shirt. #Quote by Terry Eagleton
Like A Peacock quotes by Robert Jackson Bennett
#48. You can be a girl at any age, you know. Girls at forty. Girls at fifty. There's a kind of flightiness to them, just like how a man at forty can have the impatience and belligerence of a five-year-old boy. But you can also be a woman at any age. #Quote by Robert Jackson Bennett
Like A Peacock quotes by Nichole Chase
#49. His lips were like a caress as he brushed them across mine; slow and soft.
He lingered, breathing in deeply as if he couldn't breathe without me. Eventually, he moved on to plant a tender kiss on my bottom lip, before pilling back and looking at me. His cocky grin was gone, replaced with something tender and nervous. His thumb ran over my lip once, before he let go, and smiled. -Loc 1471 ARC #Quote by Nichole Chase
Like A Peacock quotes by Colleen Houck
#50. In my experience," the lantern began, his voice soft, "places like the oceans or the heavens, an undiscovered forest, a great underground chasm, or the mystery of a woman's heart and mind are not the end of a journey, but a beginning. Do not let fear of the unknown prevent you from discovery, vampire; otherwise the story of your life will be a dull tale indeed. #Quote by Colleen Houck
Like A Peacock quotes by Jodi Picoult
#51. I may not have much say here, but I still can make the choice to not be a victim. The whole point of this examination is to make me feel lesser than, like an animal. To make me ashamed of my nakedness. But I have spent twenty years seeing how beautiful women are - not because of how they look, but because of what their bodies can withstand. So #Quote by Jodi Picoult
Like A Peacock quotes by Susan Ee
#52. In the long second before everyone absorbs what just happened, I see the angel rolling his eyes heavenward, like a teenager in the presence of overwhelming lameness. Some people just have no sense of gratitude. #Quote by Susan Ee

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