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Life Terbaik quotes by Nicole Richie
#1. I grew up with him and I've spent a lot of time at Neverland and nothing has ever happened with me in any way. You have to look at both sides. I do think it is very convenient that his album came out and all this stuff is happening. I definitely do think that's very convenient. It really hurts me to see that his whole life is ruined. #Quote by Nicole Richie
Life Terbaik quotes by Plutarch
#2. Politics is not like an ocean voyage or a military campaign ... something which leaves off as soon as reached. It is not a public chore to be gotten over with. It is a way of life. #Quote by Plutarch
Life Terbaik quotes by Dean Koontz
#3. You won't find the truth of life in morbidity, only in hope. #Quote by Dean Koontz
Life Terbaik quotes by Diane Ackerman
#4. At some point, one asks, "Toward what end is my life lived?" A great freedom comes from being able to answer that question. A sleeper can be decoyed out of bed by the sheer beauty of dawn on the open seas. Part of my job, as I see it, is to allow that to happen. Sleepers like me need at some point to rise and take their turn on morning watch for the sake of the planet, but also for their own sake, for the enrichment of their lives. From the deserts of Namibia to the razor-backed Himalayas, there are wonderful creatures that have roamed the Earth much longer than we, creatures that not only are worthy of our respect but could teach us about ourselves. #Quote by Diane Ackerman
Life Terbaik quotes by Ken Burns
#5. Nothing in our daily life offers more of the comfort of continuity, the generational connection of belonging to a vast and complicated American family, the powerful sense of home, the freedom from time's constraints, and the great gift of accumulated memory than does our National Pastime. #Quote by Ken Burns
Life Terbaik quotes by Paul Auster
#6. No one can ever amount to anything in this life without someone else to believe in him. That #Quote by Paul Auster
Life Terbaik quotes by Arianne Cohen
#7. Toward the end of Carmel's life, the perception of super talls shifted dramatically, thanks largely to televised NBA games, By 1975, pretty much everyone had seen super tall people on TV, in the context of being celebrated in front of sold-out basketball arenas. This new frame of reference could not have been more positive. By 1995 Shaquille O'Neal was known as The Man of Steel, not the Traveling Human Giant. The idea of super tall people as freaks was replaced by the idea of super tall people as amazing athletes. #Quote by Arianne Cohen
Life Terbaik quotes by Sarah Hall
#8. This is your first and final chance, your one and only biography. #Quote by Sarah Hall
Life Terbaik quotes by Jase Robertson
#9. One night, Kevin and I were at a pool hall where we saw a guy playing pool by himself; this guy looked like a hustler. He asked me if I wanted to play for twenty dollars.
"I'll tell you what," I told him. "You can play my buddy Kevin. If you win two out of three games, I'll give you twenty dollars. If he wins, you have to leave with us and go to a Bible study."
The guy looked at me like I was nuts. He walked around the pool table a few times, pondering my offer. I took a twenty-dollar bill out and placed it on the table.
"Okay," he said. "Let's do it."
What he didn't know was that Kevin is quite the player and that I don't make bets with eternal consequences on the line unless I know we're going to win! Of course, my buddy Kevin beat him. In fact, Kevin broke and ran the table in two straight games. The other guy never even took a shot! To my surprise, the guy followed through on his bet, although he didn't seem too happy about it. As we walked to my truck to leave, he threw a full can of beer across the road and declared he was ready for a change in his life anyway. I thought that was a powerful statement since he didn't even know what we were going to share with him. He knew how we rolled, despite our presence in such a rugged place. We studied the Bible with him for several hours and baptized him the same night. What I didn't know was that the guy was sentenced to prison for an earlier crime the very next day! I wouldn't see him again until he showed up #Quote by Jase Robertson
Life Terbaik quotes by Pope John XXIII
#10. O Jesus, come back into our society, our family life, our souls and reign there as our peaceful Sovereign. Enlighten with the splendor of faith and the charity of Your tender heart the souls of those who work for the good of the people, for Your poor. Impart to them Your own spirit, a spirit of discipline, order and gentleness, preserving the flame of enthusiasm ever alight in their hearts ... May that day come very soon, when we shall see You restored to the center of civic life, borne on the shoulders of Your joyful people. #Quote by Pope John XXIII
Life Terbaik quotes by Richard Foster
#11. The primary purpose of prayer is to bring us into such a life of communion with the Father that, by the power of the Spirit, we are increasingly conformed to the image of the Son. #Quote by Richard Foster
Life Terbaik quotes by Aleksander Wat
#12. But my life, oh, my life, had been a constant search for an enormous dream in which my fellow creatures and animals, plants, chimeras, stars, and minerals were in a pre-established harmony, a dream that is forgotten because it must be forgotten, and is sought desperately, and only sporadically does one find its tragic fragments in the warmth of a person, in some specific situation, a glance - in memory too, of course, in some specific pain, some moment. I loved that harmony with a passion; I loved it in voices, voices. And then, instead of harmony, there was nothing but scraps and tatters. And perhaps that alone is what it means to be a poet. #Quote by Aleksander Wat
Life Terbaik quotes by Irvin D. Yalom
#13. Life can be compared to a piece of embroidered material of which, every-one in the first half of his time, comes to see the top side, but in the second half, the reverse side. The latter is not so beautiful but it is more instructive because it enables one to see how the threads are connected together. #Quote by Irvin D. Yalom
Life Terbaik quotes by David Levithan
#14. I know that of all the great shifts that have occurred in America
the freedom of slaves, the rights of women, the equality of gays and lesbians
none has happened easily, and certainly none has happened instantly and without serious attacks and backlash. But the reason we have these things is because the fair-minded people who came before us would not give up. In my life, I have seen elections stolen
either outright or through the electoral college. I have seen wars fought because there was no other way to get peace. I have seen the rich get richer and I have seen the poor get poorer. I have seen facts get harder and harder to hide
and easier and easier to manipulate. I have been angry and I have been frustrated and I have been ecstatic and I have been proven right and wrong and back again. I have given up on some things, but I have refused to give up on most things. And I can honestly say that all of it
all of it
seems to have led me to where we are, here and now. #Quote by David Levithan
Life Terbaik quotes by Willie Donaldson
#15. When aren't we acting?' he asked in his diary. 'When aren't we concealing? Would you like me to have been a fly on your wall yesterday? Did you do nothing shameful? Of course you did. The version of ourselves that we present to the world bears no resemblence to the truth. If we knew the truth about each other we could take noone seriously. There isn't one of us who could afford to be caught. That's all life is. Trying not to be found out. #Quote by Willie Donaldson
Life Terbaik quotes by Michael Cunningham
#16. The kiss was innocent
innocent enough
but it was also full of something not unlike what Virginia wants from London, from life; it was full of a love complex and ravenous, ancient, neither this nor that. It will serve as this afternoon's manifestation of the central mystery itself, the elusive brightness that shines from the edges of certain dreams; the brightness which, when we awaken, is already fading from our minds, and which we rise in the hope of finding, perhaps today, this new day in which anything might happen, anything at all. #Quote by Michael Cunningham
Life Terbaik quotes by Leo Buscaglia
#17. I exist, I am, I am here, I am becoming, I make my own life and no one else makes it for me. I must face my own shortcomings, mistakes, transgressions. No one can suffer my non-being as I do, but tomorrow is another day, and I must decide to leave my bed and live again. And if I fail, I don't have the comfort of blaming you or life or God. #Quote by Leo Buscaglia
Life Terbaik quotes by J.A. Redmerski
#18. What you wear doesn't really matter much. All that matters is where you're going what you're doing while you're wearing it. #Quote by J.A. Redmerski
Life Terbaik quotes by Dallas Willard
#19. God has yet to bless anyone except where they actually are, and if we faithlessly discard situation after situation, moment after moment, as not being "right",we will simply have no place to receive his kingdom into our life. #Quote by Dallas Willard
Life Terbaik quotes by Kevin Costner
#20. I haven't lived a perfect life. I have regrets. But that's from a lifetime of taking chances, making decisions, and trying not to be frozen. The only thing that I can do with my regrets is understand them. #Quote by Kevin Costner
Life Terbaik quotes by Victor West
#21. Even so, to an astonishing extent the government was successful in suppressing the truth. It's a pretty amazing accomplishment, when you think about it. The average American knows there are millions of planets in the universe. He also believes it ridiculous to even consider the possibility that one of those planets might be able to support life intelligent enough to get here. . . The idea will take its rightful place in history one day, next to the flat Earth society and those afraid of falling off the edge." A #Quote by Victor West
Life Terbaik quotes by Lebo Grand
#22. Once you fully embrace your sensuality, life becomes an adventure. #Quote by Lebo Grand
Life Terbaik quotes by Iyanla Vanzant
#23. Nothing destroys self-worth, self-acceptance and self-love faster than denying what you feel. Without feelings, you would not know where you are in life. Nor would you know what areas you need to work on. Honor your feelings. Allow yourself to feel them. #Quote by Iyanla Vanzant
Life Terbaik quotes by Joseph Joubert
#24. Imagination is the eye of the soul #Quote by Joseph Joubert
Life Terbaik quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
#25. Let not the tie be mercenary, though the service is measured in money. Make yourself necessary to somebody. Do not make life hard to any. #Quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson
Life Terbaik quotes by Gareth Gates
#26. Speech and having a stammer is obviously a big part of my life. #Quote by Gareth Gates
Life Terbaik quotes by Lindsey O'Connor
#27. There's always a mystery there as to why one person is more fortunate than another. All one can do is say I have been given a gift. A new gift of life. And all I can do is use that gift in the best way possible. Not selfishly for myself but for the sake of other people. And . . . I will do it not only because I've gotten that life, but for the sake of those who didn't get that life as well. #Quote by Lindsey O'Connor
Life Terbaik quotes by Debasish Mridha
#28. To live a wonderful life, be curious and impregnate your thoughts with kindness, compassion, and pure love. #Quote by Debasish Mridha
Life Terbaik quotes by Donald Knuth
#30. Email is a wonderful thing for people whose role in life is to be on top of things. But not for me; my role is to be on the bottom of things. What I do takes long hours of studying and uninterruptible concentration. #Quote by Donald Knuth
Life Terbaik quotes by Steve Maraboli
#31. There is nothing better for your family than for you to be at your best, for you to be at your own peace, for you to be showing them in every way who you are, and what you stand for. #Quote by Steve Maraboli

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