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Life Can Surprise You quotes by Frank Herbert
#1. The joy of living, its beauty, is all bound up in the fact that life can surprise you. #Quote by Frank Herbert
Life Can Surprise You quotes by Julie Kagawa
#2. Running away?" He taunted, as I drew my glamour to me, feeling it surge beneath my skin. "Always a coward, weren't you, prince? Never had the guts to really go for the kill."
"You're right," I murmured, startling him. He frowned in wary surprise, and I smiled. "I always regretted my words against Puck. There was always a part of me that didn't want to go through with it." I lowered my blade, touching the tip to the floor. Ice spread from the point of the weapon, coating the ground and the walls, freezing the mirrors with sharp crinkling sounds.
"But with you," I continued, narrowing my eyes, "it's different. You're the part of him that I hate. The part that revels in the chaos you cause, the lives you destroy. And I can say this with complete certainty - killing you will be a pleasure. #Quote by Julie Kagawa
Life Can Surprise You quotes by Roz Savage
#3. My advice is don't keep asking yourself if you can do something. Just get out there and do it. You can really surprise yourself. #Quote by Roz Savage
Life Can Surprise You quotes by Tamara Lejeune
#4. You're so ugly," Be­linda whined, briefly claim­ing his grace's at­ten­tion.

"Who are you?" he de­manded.

She blinked in sur­prise. "I'm Be­linda, of course."

"I'm not ugly, young Be­linda," he cor­rected her sternly. "I have a unique manly beauty that few can ap­pre­ci­ate."

"Oh," said Be­linda. "I thought you were just ugly. What a pity I'm not one of the few who can ap­pre­ci­ate your unique manly beauty," she added glumly. #Quote by Tamara Lejeune
Life Can Surprise You quotes by Abigail Roux
#5. She turned and looked at Deuce, giving him a helpless gesture. "What the hell is going on?" "Livi, you remember my brother, Ty. This is his partner, Zane Garrett."
"Hi," Zane offered in a low voice that sent a shiver up Ty's spine.
"And these are their… friends, Julian and Cameron," Deuce said as he waved at the other two men.
"Nice to meet you," Cameron mumbled. She greeted them each, overwhelmed by the surprise, then looked at the doorknob and the string of straws, shaking her head.
"What is all this?"
"It was a security measure. We're running from the CIA," Ty told her, not even attempting to spare her. "They're trying to kill us."
"Well, kill him, specifically," Zane added as he pointed at Julian.
"I sell antiques," Julian said, monotone.
She narrowed her eyes, looking amongst them and then at Deuce.
"Is this some sort of boys' weekend that I'm not supposed to intrude on? Because I can totally leave before they hurt themselves trying to lie convincingly."
Deuce gave her a warm smile and shook his head. "I think the only one lying is him," he said, pointing at Julian. #Quote by Abigail Roux
Life Can Surprise You quotes by Ed Brubaker
#6. When you're reading a good noir, the shocks and twists have a way of feeling deja vu-like, as if you saw them coming, but hoped the characters would take a left turn ... not answer the phone, not sleep with that woman, not sell drugs to those cops ... but knew they would. It would have been wrong if they didn't, and the real surprise can be that you care about someone you know is in for hell. You relate to them, even when their hell is so much bigger than your own. But we're all going to die, and we all make mistakes.
The best noir stories make you forget plot entirely by giving you characters that feel so well-realised you can't look away as they fall. #Quote by Ed Brubaker
Life Can Surprise You quotes by Dan Barker
#7. People are invariably surprised to hear me say I am both an atheist and an agnostic, as if this somehow weakens my certainty. I usually reply with a question like, 'Well, are you a Republican or an American?' The two words serve different concepts and are not mutually exclusive. Agnosticism addresses knowledge; atheism addresses belief. The agnostic says, 'I don't have a knowledge that God exists.' The atheist says, 'I don't have a belief that God exists.' You can say both things at the same time. Some agnostics are atheistic and some are theistic. #Quote by Dan Barker
Life Can Surprise You quotes by Joel Osteen
#8. You have to remember, you are in a controlled environment. It may seem that your circumstances are out of control, but the Creator of the universe is in complete control. He has you in the palm of His hand. Nothing can happen to you without God's permission.
In fact, God is even in control of our enemies. The Scripture talks about how God caused Pharaoh to harden his heart and not let the people go. Notice that God caused him to be difficult. Why was that? So God could show His power in extraordinary ways.
When something unexpected happens and catches you off-guard, instead of falling apart and blaming God and panicking, your attitude should be: God, I know You are still on the throne. This is not a surprise to You. I know You wouldn't have allowed this unless You had a purpose. The surprise may look like a setback, but I know the truth. It's a setup for You to show Your power in a greater way. It's a setup for You to show my unbelieving co-workers Your greatness.
God's purpose in crises is to show not just His power but to show other people what He can do. If you will view that adversity as an opportunity for God to display His greatness, God will use you as an example. He wants your neighbors to say, "How in the world did she make it? The medical report said 'impossible,' but look at her today. She's as strong and healthy as can be." Or, "He was laid off at the worst possible time, but look at him now. He has an even better job than before."
God wants to #Quote by Joel Osteen
Life Can Surprise You quotes by Vivian Arend
#9. Seriously. Poor little me can deal with having mated a millionaire."
"Oh, you found someone else? With less money? #Quote by Vivian Arend
Life Can Surprise You quotes by Lynn Kurland
#10. (Background: Morgan is a female warrior looking for a fight. Adhémar is your garden variety male.)

A man near the door leered at her. Adhémar immediately stepped in front of her, but Morgan pushed him aside. She looked at the man and smiled pleasantly. Ah, something to take her mind off her coming journey.
"Did you say something?" she asked.
"Aye," he said, "I asked it you were occupied tonight, but I can see you have a collection of lads here to keep you busy - "
Adhémar apparently couldn't control his chivalry. He took the man by the front of the shirt and threw him out the door. The man crawled to his feet and started bellowing. Adhémar planted his fist into the man's face.
The stranger slumped to the ground, senseless. Morgan glared at Adhémar.
"You owe me a brawl," she said.
"What?" he asked incredulously.
"A brawl," Morgan said. "And it had best be a good one."
"With me?" he asked, blinking in surprise.
"I'd prefer someone with more skill, that I might not sleep through it, but you'll do."
Paien laughed out loud and pulled him away.
"Adhémar, my friend, you cannot win this one. Next time, allow Morgan her little pleasures. She cannot help the attention her face attracts, and thus she has opportunities to teach ignorant men manners. In truth, it is a service she offers, bettering our kind wherever she goes. #Quote by Lynn Kurland
Life Can Surprise You quotes by Matthew Specktor
#11. Much to my surprise, there's a sense for people in the cable industry that fiction writers might actually be good at script writing. You can write dialogue! #Quote by Matthew Specktor
Life Can Surprise You quotes by Catherine Coulter
#12. I was thinking he was a hit man, like that," Angel said, looking over Savich's right shoulder, her voice calm. "I can see him blowing it, too. I mean even in bed he was always too fast off the mark, didn't really think things through, you know? No surprise he'd screw up a hit." "Did he tell you about this situation he had to handle?" Savich asked. He pulled a pack of sugarless gum from his pocket, offered her a stick. She took it, peeled the wrapper with long white fingers, stuck it into #Quote by Catherine Coulter
Life Can Surprise You quotes by Alice Taylor
#13. Mrs. Casey, do you love Christmas?
Well you know, she answered reflectively, Christmas can be a sad time for people too. It's a remembering time for us older ones. We remember the people who are gone.
Oh, I never thought of that, I told her in surprise.
Well that's youth for you, she said; you don't start to look back over your shoulder until there is something to look back at, and around Christmas I tend to think of the Christmases past and the people gone with them. #Quote by Alice Taylor
Life Can Surprise You quotes by Elly Blake
#14. Are you extremely furious or just angry?"


Another step closer. "I hope you don't blame anyone else. Brother Thistle didn't know about my little game."

"Oh, I know! He would never do anything so idiotic. Pretending to be a monk so you can surprise me with a kiss!" He raised his head and glared. "When I've ridden here half-mad with worry, all the while wondering whether I'd make it in time. #Quote by Elly Blake
Life Can Surprise You quotes by Jenny Han
#15. When I come down the stairs, Peter is sitting on the couch with his mom. He is shaking his knee up and down, which is how I know he's nervous too. As soon as he sees me, he stands up.
He raises his eyebrows. "You look--wow." For the past week, he's been asking for details on what my dress looks like, and I held him at bay for the surprise, which I'm glad I did, because it was worth it to see the look on his face.
"You look wow too." His tux fits him so nicely, you'd think it was custom, but it's not; it's a rental from After Hours Formal Wear. I wonder if Mrs. Kavinsky made a few sly adjustments. She's a marvel with a needle and thread. I wish guys could wear tuxedos more often, though I suppose that would take some of the thrill away.
Peter slides my corsage on my wrist; it is white ranunculus and baby's breath, and it's the exact corsage I would have picked for myself. I'm already thinking of how I'll hang it over my bed so it dries just so.
Kitty is dressed up too; she has on her favorite dress, so she can be in the pictures. When Peter pins a daisy corsage on her, her face goes pink with pleasure, and he winks at me. We take a picture of me and her, one of me and Peter and her, and then she says in her bossy way, "Now just one of me and Peter," and I'm pushed off to the side with Trina, who laughs.
"The boys her age are in for it," she says to me and Peter's mom, who is smiling too.
"Why am I not in any of these pictures?" Daddy wonders, so o #Quote by Jenny Han
Life Can Surprise You quotes by James Anderson
#16. I knew from experience that if you're about to do something you probably shouldn't do, the best advice you can give yourself is not to think about it too long. It ruins the surprise when the worst happens. #Quote by James Anderson
Life Can Surprise You quotes by Simon R. Green
#17. I've been here a long time," I said finally. "But I think what I truly believe in is people. They can always surprise you. They have such potential . . . They can change and grow and become so much more than they or anyone else would ever have thought possible. Unlike gods. And at the end of the day, I believe that people should be kind to each other. #Quote by Simon R. Green
Life Can Surprise You quotes by Susan   Mallery
#18. I'll go," Thad said.
Zane looked at him in surprise. "I appreciate the offer, but this isn't part of your vacation. This is hard, dangerous work. Cold and wet, too."
Thad shrugged. "I want to help. I can ride and point the steers in the right direction. Will that be enough?"
"I'll go, too," Martin said.
"Me, too."
The last voice came from behind him. Zane turned to see Phoebe leaning against the wall.
Maya groaned. "Dammit, Phoebe, if you go, I'll have to, as well. Do you know what this weather is going to do to my hair?"
Phoebe smiled. "Wear a hat."
"Oh, yeah, that'll help in this rain."
"You don't have to do this," Zane said. "Not any of you."
"We know that," Thad said. "We're all in this together. Now I say we head out and save us some cattle."
Chase nodded. "They're greenhorns, Zane, but there's plenty of them. Without them, we can't get the herd to safety."
Zane knew his brother was right. He didn't have a choice. Not if he wanted to save the steers.
"Get the horses saddled up," he told Chase. "We'll be out in five minutes." He turned back to everyone else. "Dress warmly. Make the top layer as waterproof as you can." He nodded at Eddie and Gladys. "We'll need some food."
Eddie nodded, then grabbed Andrea and C.J. and pulled them toward the stairs.
Zane turned to Phoebe, who smiled at him. "They're going to help," she said.
He frowned. "I know."
"They like you. We all like you."
"Oh. #Quote by Susan Mallery
Life Can Surprise You quotes by Will Young
#19. Always look up! Every time I step out-side, that's the first thing I do. Ask your-self, "what star is that?", grab a star chart and try to figure it out. That is basically how I started. Learn your planets and learn how to distinguish them from the stars. Study star charts even during the day and that night, go and see if you can find them. You may surprise yourself! #Quote by Will Young
Life Can Surprise You quotes by Rian Johnson
#20. There's something about the sci-fi genre that gets an audience interested in it, so maybe you can take some risks that you couldn't, if you were just doing a drama. It lets you maybe reach a little further and surprise people a little bit more because there's still that little safety base of working on that genre that everybody loves. #Quote by Rian Johnson
Life Can Surprise You quotes by Stephen Colbert
#21. I'm not a standup. I didn't start off as a writer, I learned to write through improvisation, and so that's the part of the show that can most surprise me. The written part of the show, I know I can get wrong. You can't really get the interview "wrong." #Quote by Stephen Colbert
Life Can Surprise You quotes by Illuminatiam
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Life Can Surprise You quotes by Deb Caletti
#23. Sometimes love is a surprise, an instant of recognition, a sudden gift at a sudden moment that makes everything different from then on. Some people will say that's not love, that you can't really love someone you don't know. But, I'm not so sure. Love doesn't seem to follow a plan; it's not a series of steps. It can hit with the force of nature
an earthquake, a tidal wave, a storm of wild relentless energy that is beyond your simple attempts at control. #Quote by Deb Caletti
Life Can Surprise You quotes by Ally Condie
#24. I keep my eyes down, looking now at my fingers as they twist the fabric into a knot."I'm sorry. About the way I acted yesterday." When I straighten up, Ky has already moved on.
"Don't be," Ky says, pulling a tangle of climbing green vines away from a shrub so that we can pass through. He throws the vines at me and I catch them in surprise. "It's good to see you jealous once in a while." He smiles, #Quote by Ally Condie
Life Can Surprise You quotes by Jodi Picoult
#25. May I ask you something?" I say. "Why do you read books, when you could be outside, living a million different adventures every day?"
"Because you can always count on a book to stay the same. EVerything else changes when you least expect it," she replies, bitter. "Families split apart, and nothing's forever. In books, you always know what's coming next. There are no surprises. #Quote by Jodi Picoult
Life Can Surprise You quotes by Philip Roth
#26. This place where she worked certainly didn't make it look as if she continued to believe her calling was to change the course of American history. The building's rusted fire escape would just come down, just come loose from its moorings and crash onto the street, if anyone stepped on it - a fire escape whose function was not to save lives in the event of a fire but to uselessly hang there testifying to the immense loneliness inherent to living. For him it was stripped of any other meaning - no meaning could make better use of that building. Yes, alone we are, deeply alone, and always, in store for us, a layer of loneliness even deeper. There is nothing we can do to dispose of that. No, loneliness shouldn't surprise us, as astonishing to experience it as it may be. You can try turning yourself inside out, but all you are then is inside out and lonely instead of inside in and lonely. My stupid, stupid Merry dear, stupider even than your stupid father, not even blowing up buildings helps. It's lonely if there are buildings and it's lonely if there are no buildings. There is no protest to be lodged against loneliness - not all the bombing campaigns in history have made a dent in it. The most lethat of manmade explosives can't touch it. Stand in awe not of Communism, my idiot child, but of ordinary, everyday loneliness. On May Day go out and march with your friends to its greater glory, the superpower of superpowers, the force that overwhelms all. Put your money on it, bet on it, #Quote by Philip Roth
Life Can Surprise You quotes by Kevin Hearne
No, she knows you're here. She can see through the camouflage. But I think she's hiding something from me, and I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop.
Never mind. Just listen. Once she drinks the tea, she will try ot surprise me with something. She is waiting for the contrast to be fully in effect before she says anything.
I knew I never should have let you watch The Wizard of Oz.
#Quote by Kevin Hearne
Life Can Surprise You quotes by Elle Kennedy
#28. Do you want me to drive you home? Because I was thinking of taking you somewhere else first, if you're interested."

My curiosity is piqued. "Where?"

His blue eyes twinkle mischievously. "It's a surprise."

"A good surprise?"

"Is there any other kind?"

"Um, yeah. I can think of a hundred bad surprises off the top of my head."

"Name one," he challenges.

"Okay - you're set up on a blind date, and you show up at the restaurant and Ted Bundy is sitting at the table."

Logan grins at me. "Bundy is your go-to answer for everything, huh?"

"It appears so."

"Fine. Well, point taken. And I promise, it's a good surprise. Or in the very least, it's neutral."

"All right. Surprise away then. #Quote by Elle Kennedy
Life Can Surprise You quotes by Veronica Roth
#29. Are you conceding?' he says, his mouth falling open with mock surprise. 'Seems like that serum did you some good after all ... ' I shove him as hard as I can. 'Take that back. Take it back now.' 'Okay, okay!' He puts up his hands. 'It's just ... I'm not very nice either, you know. That's why I like you so- ' 'Out!' I shout, pointing at the door. #Quote by Veronica Roth
Life Can Surprise You quotes by Kresley Cole
#30. Lachlain: 'And you must be the soothsayer - '
Nix: 'I prefer predeterminationally abled, thank you.' Her hand shot out, ripping a button from his shirt, so fast it was a blur. She'd taken the one closest to his heart, and for a moment her face turned very cold. She'd made a point - she could have gone for his heart.
Then she opened her hand and gasped in surprise. 'A button!' She smiled delightedly. 'You can never have enough of these!'
Lachlain: 'How did you find this place?'
Regin: 'A phone tap, satellite imaging, and a psychic,' she said, then immediately frowned. 'How do YOU find places? #Quote by Kresley Cole
Life Can Surprise You quotes by George W. S. Trow
#31. A tease is a con. You press a spot because you know that it can be pressed, and while the sucker is feeling the pleasure or the pain resulting from the pressure, you take something from him ... A flirt doesn't do that. A flirt does a dance within the context of giving pleasure. Referring to this, referring to that. And suddenly, following the references, you find a little surprise. Nothing enormous. Nothing like 'Feed on me.' Nothing like that. Something small with a bow on it. It's a pleasure. A surprise, and a *gift*. #Quote by George W. S. Trow
Life Can Surprise You quotes by Joseph Heller
#32. I'm probably just as good an atheist as you are," she speculated boastfully. "But even I feel that we all have a great deal to be thankful for and that we shouldn't be ashamed to show it."

"Name one thing I've got to be thankful for," Yossarian challenged her without interest.

"Well..." Lieutenant Scheisskopf's wife mused and paused a moment to ponder dubiously. "Me."

"Oh, come on," he scoffed.

She arched her eyebrows in surprise. "Aren't you thankful for me?" she asked. She frowned peevishly, her pride wounded. "I don't have to shack up with you, you know," she told him with cold dignity. "My husband has a whole squadron full of aviation cadets who would be only too happy to shack up with their commanding officer's wife just for the added fillip it would give them." Yossarian decided to change the subject. "Now you're changing the subject," he pointed out diplomatically. "I'll bet I can name two things to be miserable about for every one you can name to be thankful for."

"Be thankful you've got me," she insisted.

"I am, honey. But I'm also goddam good and miserable that I can't have Dori Duz again, too. Or the hundreds of other girls and women I'll see and want in my short lifetime and won't be able to go to bed with even once."

"Be thankful you're healthy."

"Be bitter you're not going to stay that way."

"Be glad you're even alive."

"Be furious you're going to die."< #Quote by Joseph Heller
Life Can Surprise You quotes by Heather Moehn
#33. Shyness is not necessarily a problem. It can be a very nice aspect of your personality. Many introverted celebrities, such as Chelsea Clinton and the late Princess Diana, are considered sophisticated and classy because of their reserved personalities.
Shyness can make you appear intelligent, discreet, and circumspect. Shy people are valued as good listeners and are more likely to be considered kindhearted, conscientious, and trustworthy. They rarely are overaggressive or obnoxious and usually try not to act in ways that hurt others. A degree of shyness also allows you to be cautious and judge situations before jumping into them. You can stand back, observe, make careful decisions, and then act deliberately.
With all of these positive qualities, it is no surprise that between 10 and 20 percent of those who consider themselves shy like their personalities and don't want to change. They are comfortable with being quiet and are confident that when they do have something to say others will pay attention.
Distinguishing social anxiety from normal shyness is sometimes difficult. It has to do with the level of distress and impairment associated with social fears. If you prefer being quiet and listening to others and you feel comfortable with that role, you probably don't have social anxiety. On the other hand, if you don't speak up because you are afraid others won't like what you say or you are terrified of sounding foolish, you most likely have a degree of social an #Quote by Heather Moehn
Life Can Surprise You quotes by Jeff Lindsay
#34. So there would be two of them, probably armed, which probably meant guns, since this was Miami. And it might mean Bobby Acosta, too, who would have some kind of weapon, since he was a wealthy fugitive. And I was in a small room with no place to hide, and I was burdened with Samantha, who would probably yell, "Watch out!" at them if I tried to surprise them. On the plus side, my heart was pure and I had a bent tire iron. It wasn't much, but I have learned that if you examine the situation carefully, you can almost always find a way to improve your odds. I stood up and looked around the room, thinking that someone might have left an assault rifle lying on a shelf; I even made myself touch the jars and look behind them, but no such luck. "Hey," Samantha said. "If you're thinking, like, you know - I mean, I don't want to be rescued or anything. #Quote by Jeff Lindsay
Life Can Surprise You quotes by Thomas Pynchon
#35. Slothrop hears a girl singing. Accompanying herself on a balalaika. One of those sad little Parisian-sounding tunes in 3/4: Love never goes away, Never completely dies, Always some souvenir Takes us by sad surprise. You went away from me, One rose was left behind - Pressed in my Book of Hours, That is the rose I find. . . . Though it's another year, Though it's another me, Under the rose is a drying tear, Under my linden tree. . . . Love never goes away, Not if it's really true, It can return, by night, by day, Tender and green and new As the leaves from a linden tree, love, that I left with you. #Quote by Thomas Pynchon
Life Can Surprise You quotes by Elizabeth Elliott
#36. There is also the fact that red and gold are my colors," he went on. "They are the colors on my family's banners and devices, worn by all Chiavari males when they ride into battle, and worn by their ladies at tournaments or other important occasions. You can imagine my surprise when a lady wearing Chiavari colors fell into my arms inside a drafty castle in England."
"I doubt the color of my gown was the first thing you noticed," she teased.
"No, that was not the first thing I noticed." His voice had gone soft with the memory. The first thing he had noticed was how right she had felt in his arms, the realization that his arms had been empty until that moment when he found what belonged there, who belonged there. #Quote by Elizabeth Elliott
Life Can Surprise You quotes by L.M. Augustine
#37. We can be friends for now. But West Ryder, if you think this means I won't fight for you with every last breath I have, you're in for a hell of a surprise. #Quote by L.M. Augustine
Life Can Surprise You quotes by Rick Riordan
#38. Hunding, stop skulking in the hallway and get in here."
The bellhop poked his head around the doorway. "I wasn't skulking," he said defensively. "I was lingering."
"Come in. I need you to do three things. One: Find a way to track Thor's FitnessKnut. Report his whereabouts at all times."
"Won't he just circle the worlds in order?"
I made a face. "Thor's sense of direction is terrible. His path will likely be erratic. Moving on. Two: Have squads of einherjar launch surprise attacks on the Bifrost. I want to know that Heimdall is on guard."
"Very good, sir. And the third thing?"
"Inform the thanes that as of tomorrow, I will be unavailable for a while." I transformed my appearance from a rugged one-eyed god of wisdom to a beautiful two-eyed woman clad in chain mail. "I will be living with my Valkyries to decide for myself which of them deserves to be captain."
Hunding raised a hairy eyebrow. "An idea from Utgard-Loki, Lord Odin?"
"Wisdom can be gleaned from any source if one only looks hard enough." I paused, thinking. "Let's put that on a T-shirt. And, Hunding?"
"My lord?"
I transformed back into my true form. "Download cute baby goat videos to my phablet. I must learn what all the fuss is about. #Quote by Rick Riordan
Life Can Surprise You quotes by Karen Marie Moning
#39. You want to believe in black and white, good and evil, heroes that are truly heroic, villains that are just plain bad, but I've learned in the past year that things are rarely so simple. The good guys can do some truly awful things, and the bad guys can sometimes surprise the heck out of you. #Quote by Karen Marie Moning
Life Can Surprise You quotes by Vita Sackville-West
#40. The shortest day has passed, and whatever nastiness of weather we may look forward to in January and February, at least we notice that the days are getting longer. Minute by minute they lengthen out. It takes some weeks before we become aware of the change. It is imperceptible even as the growth of a child, as you watch it day by day, until the moment comes when with a start of delighted surprise we realize that we can stay out of doors in a
twilight lasting for another quarter of a precious hour. #Quote by Vita Sackville-West
Life Can Surprise You quotes by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
#41. Your eyes surprise me every time I look into them and they're looking back at me. Your mouth surprises me, because you always seem to smile more with one half that with the other, like part of you knows a funny secret that none of the rest of us, not even your other half, can guess. #Quote by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
Life Can Surprise You quotes by Israelmore Ayivor
#42. Don't despise those little things you can do well; they contain tiny miracles that can amaze you and you will change the world. Be a world changer in your own way! We look up to you! #Quote by Israelmore Ayivor

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