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Lhermine Courted quotes by Toni Morrison
#1. All of our waste which we dumped on her and which she absorbed. And all of our beauty, which was hers first and which she gave to us. All of us--all who knew her--felt so wholesome after we cleaned ourselves on her. We were so beautiful when we stood astride her ugliness. Her simplicity decorated us, her guilt sanctified us, her pain made us glow with health, her awkwardness made us think we had a sense of humor. Her inarticulateness made us believe we were eloquent. Her poverty kept us generous. Even her waking dreams we used--to silence our own nightmares. And she let us, and thereby deserved our contempt. We honed our egos on her, padded our characters with her frailty, and yawned in the fantasy of our strength.

And fantasy it was, for we were not strong, only aggressive; we were not free, merely licensed; we were not compassionate, we were polite; not good, but well behaved. We courted death in order to call ourselves brave, and hid like thieves from life. We substituted good grammar for intellect; we switched habits to simulate maturity; we rearranged lies and called it truth, seeing in the new pattern of an old idea the Revelation and the Word. #Quote by Toni Morrison
Lhermine Courted quotes by Jane Austen
#2. You may as well call it impertinence at once. It was very little less. The fact is, that you were sick of civility, of deference, of officious attention. You were disgusted with the women who were always speaking, and looking, and thinking for your approbation alone. I roused, and interested you, because I was so unlike them. Had you not been really amiable, you would have hated me for it; but in spite of the pains you took to disguise yourself, your feelings were always noble and just; and in your heart, you thoroughly despised the persons who so assiduously courted you. There - I have saved you the trouble of accounting for it; and really, all things considered, I begin to think it perfectly reasonable. To be sure, you knew no actual good of me - but nobody thinks of that when they fall in love." "Was #Quote by Jane Austen
Lhermine Courted quotes by Hermann Hesse
#3. All the women of this fevered night, all that I had danced with, all whom I had kindled or who have kindled me, all whom I had courted, all who had clung to me with longing, all whom I had followed with enraptured eyes were melted together and had become one, the one whom I held in my arms. #Quote by Hermann Hesse
Lhermine Courted quotes by Harvey Mansfield
#4. One could understand feminism generally as an attack on woman as she was under "patriarchy" (that concept is a social construction of feminism). The feminine mystique was her ideal; in regard to sex, it consisted of women's modesty and in the double standard of sexual conduct that comes with it, which treated women's misbehavior as more serious than men's. Instead of trying to establish a single standard by bringing men up to the higher standard of women, as with earlier feminism, today's feminism decided to demand that women be entitled to sink to the level of men. It bought into the sexual revolution of the late sixties and required that women be rewarded with the privileges of male conquest rather than, say, continue serving as camp followers of rock bands. The result has been the turn for the worse. ... What was there in feminine modesty that the feminists left behind?

In return for women's holding to a higher standard of sexual behavior, feminine modesty gave them protection while they considered whether they wanted to consent. It gave them time: Not so fast! Not the first date! I'm not ready for that! It gave them the pleasure of being courted along with the advantage of looking before you leap. To win over a woman, men had to strive to express their finer feelings, if they had any. Women could judge their character and choose accordingly. In sum, women had the right of choice, if I may borrow that slogan. All this and more was social construction, to be sure #Quote by Harvey Mansfield
Lhermine Courted quotes by Nenia Campbell
#5. Woe to the deer who is courted by the charismatic wolf, or to the fly who is not immune to the sweet, sultry songs of the spider. #Quote by Nenia Campbell
Lhermine Courted quotes by Cathy Marie Hake
#6. A woman makes for a better wife if she's got memories stored up of how her man courted her. On cold nights when the babies are sick and the money's tight, a gal needs to harken back to her sweetheart days when her man promised he'd stand by her side through thick and thin. #Quote by Cathy Marie Hake
Lhermine Courted quotes by Kiersten White
#7. Dear Mama,
I am most certainly not dead. Thank you for your tender concern. I will try to write more often so you don't have to worry so between letters. (Because a week's silence surely means I have fallen prey to a wasting illness or been murdered in these boring, gray streets.)
School is going well. I am excelling in all of my classes. (Apparently, some things never change, and girls are not challenged in Albion in the same way they weren't on Melei.) My professors are all intelligent and kind. (Kind of horrible.) None stand out. (I refuse to mention him by name, no matter how many obviously "subtle" questions you ask.) The other students are also quite focused on their schooling, and none of us has much time for socializing. Boys and girls attend separate classes as well, so no, I have not met many interesting young men. (I am neither courting nor being courted. Please stop hoping.)
Tell Aunt Li'ne thank you for the mittens. They are very much appreciated in this cold, damp climate I am so unused to. And please tell the sun hello and I miss her very much! I also miss you, of course. (I do. Very much.)
All my love,
Jessamin #Quote by Kiersten White
Lhermine Courted quotes by Ilona Andrews
#8. Andrea exploded out of the staircase, her eyes huge.
"Someone broke into Curran's private quarters in the Keep and welded his weight bench together. They also melted the lock on the room where he entertains his women. Was it you?"
"He's making a big deal about never expecting me to behave like a shapeshifter. So I did."
"Are you out of your mind?"
It's not polite to lie to your best friend. "It's a possibility."
"You challenged him. The whole Keep is talking about it. He'll have to retaliate. He's a cat, Kate, which means he's weird, and he never courted anyone that way. There is no telling what he'll do. He doesn't operate in the same world you do. He might blow up your house because he thinks it's funny."
I waved my arm. "It doesn't matter. He didn't get it."
Andrea shook her blond head. "Oh no. He got it."
"How do you know?"
"Your office smells like him. #Quote by Ilona Andrews
Lhermine Courted quotes by Dennis Higgins
#9. I once courted a Victorian lass in old Chicago. I had to leave her, it just wasn't our time. #Quote by Dennis Higgins
Lhermine Courted quotes by Bonnie Tyler
#10. I've been successful, but I haven't had any unwanted attention. To be honest, I've never invited or courted attention. I think if you act normal, then people will treat you normally. If you go around with a big entourage all the time, you're not staying true to yourself. #Quote by Bonnie Tyler
Lhermine Courted quotes by Alan D. Eames
#11. This is all thousands of years old. It's the same the world over. Anyone who has ever walked upright has loved beer, celebrated over it, told talks over it, hatched plots over it, courted over it. It's what we do as a species. It's what makes us human. We brew. #Quote by Alan D. Eames
Lhermine Courted quotes by Toni Morrison
#12. And fantasy it was, for we were not strong, only aggressive; we were not free, merely licensed; we were not compassionate, we were polite; not good, but well behaved. We courted death in order to call ourselves brave, and hid like thieves from life. #Quote by Toni Morrison
Lhermine Courted quotes by Gail Carriger
#13. You're a wonderful dancer, Ria."
"Mademoiselle Geraldine's takes such things seriously."
"Ah. And how many ways do you know to kill me, while we dance?"
"Only two, but give me time."
"You have lovely eyes. Has anyone ever told you that?"
"What rot. They are a muddy green. What are you about, Lord Mersey?"
Felix sighed, looking genuinely perturbed. His air of ennui was shaken. "I am trying to court you. Truth be told, Miss Temminnick, you make it ruddy difficult!"
"Language, Lord Mersey." Sophronia felt her heart flutter strangely. Am I ready to be courted?
"See! #Quote by Gail Carriger
Lhermine Courted quotes by Thomas Campbell
#14. Better be courted and jilted Than never be courted at all. #Quote by Thomas Campbell
Lhermine Courted quotes by William Makepeace Thackeray
#15. Vanity Fair
Vanity Fair! Here was a man, who could not spell, and did not care to read
who had the habits and the cunning of a boor: whose aim in life was pettifogging: who never had a taste, or emotion, or enjoyment, but what was sordid and foul; and yet he had rank, and honours, and power, somehow: and was a dignitary of the land, and a pillar of the state. He was high sheriff, and rode in a golden coach. Great ministers and statesmen courted him; and in Vanity Fair he had a higher place than the most brilliant genius or spotless virtue. #Quote by William Makepeace Thackeray
Lhermine Courted quotes by Cathy Guisewite
#16. What happened to the good old days of "Woman as passive recipient?" What happened to being courted? What happened to sitting back under a parasol and granting someone a chance to try to win us over? #Quote by Cathy Guisewite
Lhermine Courted quotes by Charles Baudelaire
#17. You shall suffer for ever the influence of my kiss. You shall be beautiful in my fashion. You shall love that which I love and that which loves me: water, clouds, silence and the night; the immense green sea; the formless and multiform streams; the place where you shall not be; the lover whom you shall not know; flowers of monstrous shape; perfumes that cause delirium; cats that shudder, swoon and curl up on pianos and groan like women, with a voice that is hoarse and gentle! And you shall be loved by my lovers, courted by my courtiers. You shall be the queen of all men that have green eyes, whose necks also I have clasped in my nocturnal caresses; of those who love the sea, the sea that is immense, tumultuous and green, the formless and multiform streams, the place where they are not, the woman whom they do not know, sinister flowers that resemble the censers of a strange religion, perfumes that confound the will; and the savage and voluptuous animals which are the emblems of their dementia. #Quote by Charles Baudelaire
Lhermine Courted quotes by Samuel Richardson
#18. To be courted as princesses for a few weeks, in order to be treated as slaves for the rest of our lives. #Quote by Samuel Richardson
Lhermine Courted quotes by Mary Blakely
#19. If a woman is to know herself, then periods of solitude should be courted, planned, and embraced. #Quote by Mary Blakely
Lhermine Courted quotes by Helen Fisher
#20. The brain was not built to walk into a bar, where you know nobody, and start a conversation. That's not the way humanity has courted. #Quote by Helen Fisher
Lhermine Courted quotes by Sterling North
#21. George Washington was in love with one girl after another during his youth, but for some reason he was unsuccessful in all these early courtships. He was probably shy and awkward in the presence of Tidewater belles. He was never to become a fluent conversationalist, had not been educated in England and, comparatively speaking, was a poor young man. In fact he was not a particularly good "catch"--and the Virginia girls let him realize it.

This made him so miserable that he wrote at least two unhappy love poems in a perfect welter of bad grammar and emotional tumult. These poems make him seem far from the statuesque and wooden figure of the Stuart portraits or of the Weems' fables. In fact, they reveal a most human and even pitiable young man. . . .

[A]mong the other girls he courted, there must have been several who in later years wondered why they had been so cool and calculating in refusing the hand of the young man who was soon to become Virginia's greatest hero. #Quote by Sterling North
Lhermine Courted quotes by Robin Hobb
#22. One devoted to his cat would not leave it long alone. A cat's loyalty is not a thing to be taken for granted, but courted day by day. #Quote by Robin Hobb
Lhermine Courted quotes by C.S. Pacat
#23. Here in Aegina, they say Damianos takes the Prince every night, but that it's not seemly for a king to renounce his slaves and limit his appetites, denying himself all but one person.' 'I think it's romantic,' said Guilliame. 'Oh?' said Alexon. 'I heard Damianos disguised himself as a slave to uncover the secret of his brother's treachery, and the Prince of Vere fell in love with him not knowing who he was.' 'I heard that they allied themselves in secret months before,' said Alexon. 'And that the Prince hid Damianos from Kastor, pretending he was a slave, while they courted privately.' 'What do you think, Charls?' said Guilliame to the Prince. 'I think they had help,' said the Prince, 'along the way, from those who were loyal.' Charls #Quote by C.S. Pacat
Lhermine Courted quotes by Nicole Krauss
#24. I want to say somewhere: I've tried to be forgiving. And yet. There were times in my life, whole years, when anger got the better of me. Ugliness turned me inside out. There was a certain satisfaction in bitterness. I courted it. It was standing outside, and I invited it in. #Quote by Nicole Krauss
Lhermine Courted quotes by Elizabeth Hunter
#25. Gemma told me that women like being courted, so please read the following reasons that you should marry me. (I only included five. I didn't want to overwhelm you.) And yes, I realize this isn't a traditional courtship. It'll work anyway; I'm irresistible. #Quote by Elizabeth Hunter
Lhermine Courted quotes by Cassandra Clare
#26. Tessa exploded "I am not asking you to maul me in the Whispering Gallery! By the Angel, Will, would you stop being so polite?!"
He looked at her in amazement. "But wouldn't you rather-"
"I would not rather. I don't want you to be polite! I want you to be Will! I don't want you to indicate points of architectural interest to me as if you were a Baedecker guide! I want you to say dreadfully mad, funny things, and make up songs and be-" The Will I fell in love with, she almost said. "And be Will," she finished instead. "Or I shall strike you with my umbrella."
"I am trying to court you," Will said in exasperation. "Court you properly. That's what all this has been about. You know that, don't you?"
"Mr. Rochester never courted Jane Eyre," Tessa pointed out.
"No, he dressed up as a woman and terrified the poor girl out of her wits. Is that what you want?"
"You would make a very ugly woman."
"I would not. I would be stunning."
Tessa laughed. "There," she said. "There is Will. Isn't that better? Don't you think so?"
"I don't know," Will said, eyeing her. I'm afraid to answer that. I've heard that when I speak, it makes American women wish to strike me with umbrellas."
Tessa laughed again, and then they were both laughing, their smothered giggles bouncing off the walls of the Whispering Gallery. After that, things were decidedly easier between them, and Will's smile when he helped her down from the carriage on their return home, was b #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Lhermine Courted quotes by Julia Quinn
#27. Eloiseis getting married as well."
"Eloise?" Michael asked with some surprise. "Was she even being courted by anyone?"
"No," Francesca said, quickly flipping to the third sheet of her mother‟s letter. "It‟s someone she‟s never met."
"Well, I imagine she‟s met him now," Michael said in a dry voice. #Quote by Julia Quinn
Lhermine Courted quotes by Iain M. Banks
#28. I have a whole regimental intelligence service that's developed a fine line in rumour-mongering and story-placing over the last few years, and the ear of every media player you've courted so assiduously over the decades; they will ask the questions we've suggested, they will listen, and they will repeat what we tell them. The issue is whether people believe it. #Quote by Iain M. Banks
Lhermine Courted quotes by Marcel Proust
#29. What we love is too much in the past, consists too much in the time that we have spent together for us to require the whole woman; we wish only to be sure that it is she, not to be mistaken as to her identity, a thing far more important than beauty to those who are in love; her cheeks may grow hollow, her body thin, even to those who were originally most proud, in the eyes of the world, of their domination over beauty, that little tip of a nose, that sign in which is summed up the permanent personality of a woman, that algebraical formula, that constant, is sufficient to prevent a man who is courted in the highest society and is in love with her from being free upon a single evening because he is spending his evenings in brushing and entangling, until it is time to go to bed, the hair of the woman whom he loves, or simply in staying by her side, so that he may be with her or she with him, or merely that she may not be with other people. #Quote by Marcel Proust
Lhermine Courted quotes by Alonso Duralde
#30. If film critics could destroy a movie, Michael Bay and Adam Sandler would be working at Starbucks. If film critics could make a movie a hit, the Dardenne brothers would be courted by every studio in town. #Quote by Alonso Duralde
Lhermine Courted quotes by Kathryn Smith
#31. He hadn't been aware of staring, but when her questioning gaze locked with his, Grey felt as though he'd been smacked upside the head by the open palm of idiocy.
"Is something troubling you, Grey?"
He loved the sound of his name on her tongue, and hated that he loved it. She made him weak and stupid. One sweet glance from her and he was ready to drop to his knees.
It wasn't love. It wasn't even infatuation. It was pure unmitigated lust. He could admit that. Hell, he embraced it. Lust could be managed. Lust could be mastered. And lust would eventually fade once she was out of his care and out of his life. That was the cold, hard, blessed truth of it.
"I was wondering if you were eagerly anticipating Lady Shrewsbury's ball tomorrow evening?" How easily the lie rolled off his tongue as he lifted a bite of poached salmon to his mouth.
She smiled softly, obviously looking forward to it very much. "I am. Thank you."
Camilla shared her daughter's pleasure judging from her coy grin. "Rose has renewed her acquaintance with the honorable Kellan Maxwell. He requested that she save the first waltz of the evening for him."
The fish caught in Grey's throat. He took a drink of wine to force it down. "The same Kellan Maxwell who courted you during your first season?"
Rose's smile faded a little. No doubt she heard the censure in his tone, his disapproval. "The same," she replied with an edge of defensiveness.
The same idiot who abandoned his pursu #Quote by Kathryn Smith
Lhermine Courted quotes by Mason Cooley
#32. The writer is always courted by invitations from the all-too- familiar. #Quote by Mason Cooley
Lhermine Courted quotes by Beryl Markham
#33. In the family of continents, Africa is the silent, the brooding sister, courted for centuries by knight-errant empires - rejecting them one by one and severally, because she is too sage and a little bored with the importunity of it all. #Quote by Beryl Markham
Lhermine Courted quotes by Katy Perry
#34. I'm a woman who likes to be courted - strongly. #Quote by Katy Perry
Lhermine Courted quotes by Tricia Levenseller
#35. Not that anyone would notice. You stand out like a spark in a dark room all on your own. For someone like me? I have to try to stand out."

"Not anymore," he says. "You are being courted by the king. That fact alone makes you the most popular girl in the world. #Quote by Tricia Levenseller

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