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Lewis Structure Generator quotes by Lewis Thomas
#1. The overwhelming astonishment, the queerest structure we know about so far in the whole universe, the greatest of all cosmological scientific puzzles, confounding all our efforts to comprehend it, is the earth. #Quote by Lewis Thomas
Lewis Structure Generator quotes by Michael Lewis
#2. The new structure of the U.S. stock market had removed the big Wall Street banks from their historic, lucrative role as intermediary. At the same time it created, for any big bank, some unpleasant risks: that the customer would somehow figure out what was happening to his stock market orders. And that the technology might somehow go wrong. If the markets collapsed, or if another flash crash occurred, the high-frequency traders would not take 85 percent of the blame, or bear 85 percent of the costs of the inevitable lawsuits. The banks would bear the lion's share of the blame and the costs. The relationship of the big Wall Street banks to the high-frequency traders, when you thought about it, was a bit like the relationship of the entire society to the big Wall #Quote by Michael Lewis
Lewis Structure Generator quotes by Robert Wright
#3. In a way, it's odd that the greatest sympathy for evolutionism is found among scholars who study the distant past. For events of this century, and especially of the last few decades, suggest that the arrow of history identified by some social scientists of the nineteenth century is roughly on target. Lewis Morgan's essential point was right: the endless impetus of cultural evolution has pushed society through several thresholds over the past 20,000 years. And now it is pushing society through another one. A magnificent new social structure - our future home - is being built before our eyes. #Quote by Robert Wright
Lewis Structure Generator quotes by C.S. Lewis
#4. The incalculable winds of fantasy and music and poetry, the mere face of a girl, the song of a bird, or the sight of a horizon, are always blowing evil's whole structure away. #Quote by C.S. Lewis
Lewis Structure Generator quotes by Lewis Nordan
#5. Self-blame is usually a way of avoiding something more hideous anyway, something you're willing to be punished for but unwilling to change, or even something terrible in the imperfect structure of the universe. #Quote by Lewis Nordan
Lewis Structure Generator quotes by Lewis Mumford
#6. Before modern man can gain control over the forces that now threaten his very existence, he must resume possession of himself. This sets the chief mission for the city of the future: that of creating a visible regional and civic structure, designed to make man at home with his deeper self and his larger world, attached to images of human nature and love. #Quote by Lewis Mumford
Lewis Structure Generator quotes by C.S. Lewis
#7. Medicine labours to restore 'natural' structure or 'normal' function. But greed, egoism, self-deception,and self-pity are not abnormal in the same sense as astigmatism or a floating kidney. For who, in Heaven's name, would describe as natural or normal any man from whom these failings were wholly absent? 'Natural,' if you like, in a quite different sense; archnatural, unfallen. We have only seen one such Man. And he was not at all like the psychologist's picture of the integrated, balanced, adjusted, happily married, employed, popular citizen. You can't really be 'well adjusted' to your world if it says 'you havea devil' and ends by nailing you up naked to a stake of wood. #Quote by C.S. Lewis
Lewis Structure Generator quotes by Daniel Day-Lewis
#8. I come from not just a household but a country where the finesse of language, well-balanced sentence, structure, syntax, these things are driven into us, and my parents, bless them, are great custodians of the English language. #Quote by Daniel Day-Lewis
Lewis Structure Generator quotes by Sarah Jio
#9. I placed the tubes of paint on the palette and selected a small canvas. I prepared the palette with an assortment of colors, then closed my eyes, remembering the way the moors had looked when I rode into town with Lord Livingston. He'd been so different on that drive into the village before he left for London. Had that been the side of him that Lady Anna had fallen in love with? I dipped my brush into the black paint and then mixed in some white until I'd created the right shade of gray, then touched the brush to the canvas. I loved the feeling of the paintbrush in my hand. He'd been kind to buy me the art supplies, but I remembered how he'd behaved in the dining room and at other times before that. 'How could he be so cruel, so unfeeling?'
Once I'd painted the clouds, I moved on to the hills, mixing a sage green color for the grass and then dotting the foreground with a bit of lavender to simulate the heather. I stepped back from the canvas and frowned. It needed something else. But what? I looked out the window to the orchard.
The Middlebury Pink. 'Who took the page from Lady Anna's book? Lord Livingston?' I dabbed my brush into the brown paint and created the structure of the tree. Next I dotted the branches with its heart-shaped leaves and large, white, saucer-size blossoms with pink tips. #Quote by Sarah Jio
Lewis Structure Generator quotes by C.S. Lewis
#10. Every service is a structure of acts and words through which we rceive a sacrament, or repent, or supplicate, or adore. And it enables us to do these things best
if you like, it 'works' best
when, through long familiarity, we don't have to think about it. As long as you notice, and have to count, the steps, you are not yet dancing but only learning to dance. #Quote by C.S. Lewis
Lewis Structure Generator quotes by John Lewis
#11. [O]ur revolt was as much against the traditional black leadership structure as it was against segregation and discrimination. #Quote by John Lewis
Lewis Structure Generator quotes by Gilbert N. Lewis
#12. A detective with his murder mystery, a chemist seeking the structure of a new compound, use little of the formal and logical modes of reasoning. Through a series of intuitions, surmises, fancies, they stumble upon the right explanation, and have a knack of seizing it when it once comes within reach. #Quote by Gilbert N. Lewis
Lewis Structure Generator quotes by Lewis Thomas
#13. Mistakes are at the very base of human thought, embedded there, feeding the structure like root nodules. If we were not provided with the knack for being wrong, we could never get anything useful done. We think our way along by choosing between right and wrong alternatives, and the wrong choices have to be made as often as the right ones. We get along in life this way. #Quote by Lewis Thomas
Lewis Structure Generator quotes by Damian Lewis
#14. Of course the lower classes have always felt downtrodden and aspired to a better life. But there is this theory that people respond to a class structure in England - there was a time when people knew who they were and knew whom they served and as long as management wasn't abusive, it was a good life for people. #Quote by Damian Lewis
Lewis Structure Generator quotes by Lewis Mumford
#15. While a great many other ideas and measures are of prime importance for the good life of the community, that which concerns its architectural expression is the notion of the community as limited in numbers, and in area ... To express these relations clearly, to embody them in buildings and roads and gardens in which each individual structure will be subordinated to the whole - this is the end of community planning. #Quote by Lewis Mumford
Lewis Structure Generator quotes by Ramsey Lewis
#16. They don't encourage quality today. When I was coming along, Columbia Records would sit with you and assume it would take two or three albums to get the act where it needed to be. Then the company would structure its promotion based on one, two or three years. They encouraged quality and innovation - that's why groups like the Beatles would use sitars, string orchestras and so forth. #Quote by Ramsey Lewis
Lewis Structure Generator quotes by Gwyneth Lewis
#17. The wordlessness of depression is a galling experience. You can't phone your friends, writing an e-mail is beyond you, you can't put pen to paper. The disease is a crash course in meaninglessness, lack of structure, the collapse of form. #Quote by Gwyneth Lewis
Lewis Structure Generator quotes by Sam Shepard
#18. Character is an essential tendency. It can be covered up, it can be messed with, it can be screwed around with, but it can't be ultimately changed. It's the structure of our bones, the blood that runs through our veins. #Quote by Sam Shepard
Lewis Structure Generator quotes by Matthew Lewis
#19. I wasn't bullied or anything at school, but I was quite shy and didn't speak up too much in class. #Quote by Matthew Lewis
Lewis Structure Generator quotes by Michael Patrick Lewis
#20. You can quote me on this. #Quote by Michael Patrick Lewis
Lewis Structure Generator quotes by Martin Rees
#21. There are strong reasons for believing that space goes on beyond the limits of our observational horizon. There are strong reasons because if you look in opposite directions, conditions are the same to within one part in 100,000. So if we are part of some finite structure then, if the gradient is so shallow, it is likely to go on much further. #Quote by Martin Rees
Lewis Structure Generator quotes by Francis Crick
#22. Trying to determine the structure of a protein by UV spectroscopy was like trying to determine the structure of a piano by listening to the sound it made while being dropped down a flight of stairs. #Quote by Francis Crick
Lewis Structure Generator quotes by Lewis B. Smedes
#23. When we forgive someone, we do not forget the hurtful act, as if forgetting came along with the forgiveness package, the way strings come with a violin. Begin with the basics. If you forget, you will not forgive at all. You can never forgive people for things you have forgotten about. You need to forgive precisely because you have not forgotten what someone did; your memory keeps the pain alive long after the hurt has stopped. Remembering is the storage of pain. It is why you need to be healed in the first place. #Quote by Lewis B. Smedes
Lewis Structure Generator quotes by C.S. Lewis
#24. It's not what I thought it would be, but it's alright, too. -- High King Peter in Prince Caspian, written by C.S. Lewis #Quote by C.S. Lewis
Lewis Structure Generator quotes by C.S. Lewis
#25. Eros will have naked bodies; Friendship naked personalities. #Quote by C.S. Lewis
Lewis Structure Generator quotes by Juliette Lewis
#26. [There's] this idea of "I want to take care of myself," but at the same time I want to be brave, daring, and expressive. #Quote by Juliette Lewis
Lewis Structure Generator quotes by David J. Vaughan
#27. (Patrick) Henry rightly understood that the moral condition of the American people was a direct product of their religious faith, and that politics and morality were inevitably intertwined. Thus, the political structure ultimately rested on a religious foundation. The "great pillars of all government and of social life, "Henry once observed, are virtue, morality, and religion. #Quote by David J. Vaughan
Lewis Structure Generator quotes by Terence Lewis
#28. I want to become actor not because I want money and become more famous. No I don't want that. It is not that l want stardom, I want to contribute to good cinema. #Quote by Terence Lewis
Lewis Structure Generator quotes by Millicent Fenwick
#29. When two working people decide to marry, their federal income tax is usually increased. As soon as one spouse earns at least 20 percent of a married couple's total income, the couple pays a 'marriage tax.' ... The United States is the only major industrialized nation in the free world in which the tax cost of the second [married] earner's entry into the work force is higher than that of the first. On one hand, our government's social policy is to help working women earn equal salaries to those of men, but on the other we have a tax structure that penalizes them when they do so. #Quote by Millicent Fenwick
Lewis Structure Generator quotes by Rossana Condoleo
#30. Time: no start no end, the most powerful force in nature, killing more people than 100 atomic bombs, generating thoughts & ideas. Devil&Good #Quote by Rossana Condoleo
Lewis Structure Generator quotes by Edward Sapir
#31. No important national language, at least in the Occidental world, has complete regularity of grammatical structure, nor is there a single logical category which is adequately and consistently handled in terms of linguistic symbolism. #Quote by Edward Sapir
Lewis Structure Generator quotes by Lewis Black
#32. Now, most of the time you couldn't be too sure of the quality of the drug. Although, in my experience the stuff was always of a very high quality, because back then we didn't have business majors peddling lower-quality stuff in an effort to increase profits. #Quote by Lewis Black
Lewis Structure Generator quotes by N. T. Wright
#33. You are called to be truly human, but it is nothing short of the life of God within you that enables you to be so, to be remade in God's image. As C.S. Lewis said in a famous lecture, next to the sacrament itself your Christian neighbor is the holiest object ever presented to your sight, because in him or her the living Christ is truly present. #Quote by N. T. Wright
Lewis Structure Generator quotes by William Irwin Thompson
#34. In the domain of cops and robbers, an interdiction serves to structure a black market and a shadow economy. #Quote by William Irwin Thompson
Lewis Structure Generator quotes by Flora Lewis
#35. Democracy may have arisen in the West as the way of striving for the universal aspiration to dignity and freedom, but it isn't alien to the underlying concepts that infuse religion and moral philosophy everywhere. #Quote by Flora Lewis
Lewis Structure Generator quotes by Lewis Carroll
#36. Take off your hat," the King said to the Hatter.
"It isn't mine," said the Hatter.
"Stolen!" the King exclaimed, turning to the jury, who instantly made a memorandum of the fact.
"I keep them to sell," the Hatter added as an explanation; "I've none of my own. I'm a hatter. #Quote by Lewis Carroll
Lewis Structure Generator quotes by C.S. Lewis
#37. God's will is determined by His wisdom which always perceives, and His goodness which always embraces the intrinsically good. But when we have said that God commands thing only because they are good, we must add that one of the things intrinsically good is that rational creatures should freely surrender themselves to their Creator in obedience. The content of our obedience - the thing we are commanded to do -- will always be something intrinsically good, something we ought to do even if (by an impossible supposition_ God had not commanded it. But in addition to the content, the mere obeying is also intrinsically good, for, in obeying a rational creature consciously enacts its creaturely role, reverses the act by which we fill, treads Adam's dance backward, and returns. #Quote by C.S. Lewis
Lewis Structure Generator quotes by Lewis Carroll
#38. It is the privilege of true genius, And especially genius who opens up a new path, To make great mistakes with impunity #Quote by Lewis Carroll
Lewis Structure Generator quotes by Roger Zelazny
#39. Between you and me,
the words,
like mortar,
separating, holding together
those pieces of the structure ourselves.
To say them,
to cast their shadows on the page,
is the act of binding mutual passions,
is cognizance, yourself/myself,
of our sameness under skin;
it rears possible cathedrals
indicating infinity with steeply-high styli.
For when tomorrow comes it is today,
and if it is not the drop
that is eternity
glistening at the pen's point,
then the ink of our voices
surrounds like an always night,
and mortar marks the limit of our cells. #Quote by Roger Zelazny
Lewis Structure Generator quotes by Knowledge Powerhouse
#40. In Lock splitting we use different locks for different parts of the application. In Lock striping we use multiple locks to protect different parts of the same data structure. ConcurrentHashMap #Quote by Knowledge Powerhouse
Lewis Structure Generator quotes by Clint Eastwood
#41. Politicians love regulating. That's part of the whole power structure. #Quote by Clint Eastwood
Lewis Structure Generator quotes by Mahatma Gandhi
#42. Nonviolence is the rock on which the whole structure of non-co-operation is built. #Quote by Mahatma Gandhi
Lewis Structure Generator quotes by C.S. Lewis
#43. If the world is meaningless, then so are we; if we mean something, we do not mean alone. #Quote by C.S. Lewis

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