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Levels Of Energy quotes by Sylvia Earle
#1. When you think about the real cost of so-called cheap energy that has driven our prosperity to unprecedented levels, for some of us, to our horror, we've realized that this has the potential for burning brightly and then snuffing out. #Quote by Sylvia Earle
Levels Of Energy quotes by Robert Greene
#2. Fear creates its own self-fulfilling dynamic- as people give into it, they lose energy and momentum. Their lack of confidence translates into inaction that lowers confidence levels even further, on and on. #Quote by Robert Greene
Levels Of Energy quotes by Nalini Singh
#3. A single raised eyebrow. "You've defected, sweetheart. No use worrying about the big, bad wolf now."
She was aware of Judd speaking, but her attention never shifted off the man who was a predator, for all that he wore human skin. When he peeled open and held out a bar of some kind, she took it, aware low energy levels could be dangerous when it came to her ability to keep a handle on the cold fire.
"Thank you."
A faint smile, a strange amusement in those icy eyes. "You're welcome."
It was the most polite interaction they'd ever had. #Quote by Nalini Singh
Levels Of Energy quotes by John Robbins
#4. There is a great loneliness of spirit today. We're trying to live, we're trying to cope in the face of what seems to be overwhelming evidence that who we are doesn't matter, that there is no real hope for enough change, that the environment and human experience is deteriorating so rapidly and increasingly and massively. This is the context, psychically and spiritually, in which we are working today. This is how our lives are reflected to us. Meanwhile, we're yearning for connection with each other, with ourselves, with the powers of nature, the possibilities of being alive.

When that tension arises, we feel pain, we feel anguish at the very root of ourselves, and then we cover that over, that grief, that horror, with all kinds of distraction – with consumerism, with addictions, with anything that we can use to disconnect and to go away.

We've been opening ourselves to the grief, to the knowing of what's taking place, the loss of species, the destruction of the natural world, the unimaginable levels of social injustice and economic injustice that deprive so many human beings of basic opportunities. And as we open to the pain of that, there's a possibility of embracing that pain and that grief in a way that it becomes a strength, a power to respond. There is the possibility that the energy that has been bound in the repression of it can now flow through us and energize us, make us clearer, more alive, more passionate, committed, courageous, determined peo #Quote by John Robbins
Levels Of Energy quotes by Frederick Lenz
#5. The teacher is not a person; they're a field of energy. They're a series of levels of attention. While they have a body and appear to be there, they're not. #Quote by Frederick Lenz
Levels Of Energy quotes by Oprah Winfrey
#6. With his last breath, her son had said, "Oh, Mom, it's so simple." I believe we make our paths far more difficult than they need to be. Our struggle with and resistance to what is entangles us in constant chaos and frustration - when it's all so simple. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. And remember Newton's third law of motion: For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. The energy you create and release into the world will be reciprocated on all levels. Our main job in life is to align with the energy that is the source of all energies, and to keep our frequency tuned to the energy of love. This I know for sure. When that is your life's work, mystery solved - or at least, the mystery no longer mystifies you. It only heightens the rapture, reverence, and grace. #Quote by Oprah Winfrey
Levels Of Energy quotes by O. Carl Simonton
#7. When you're depressed, the whole body is depressed, and it translates to the cellular level. The first objective is to get your energy up, and you can do it through play. It's one of the most powerful ways of breaking up hopelessness and bringing energy into the situation. #Quote by O. Carl Simonton
Levels Of Energy quotes by Marianne Williamson
#8. Most of us feel on some level like race horses chomping at the bit, pressing at the gate, hoping and praying for someone to open the door and let us run out. We feel so much pent up energy, so much locked up talent. We know in our hearts that we were born to do great things, and we have a deep-seated dread of wasting our lives. But the only person who can free us is ourselves. Most of us know that. We realize that the locked door is our own fear. #Quote by Marianne Williamson
Levels Of Energy quotes by Duncan Sheik
#9. I'm fortunate I have this coterie of musicians around me to help take music to next level. Being surrounded by so much creative energy, so many creative people really feeds that creativity in me. #Quote by Duncan Sheik
Levels Of Energy quotes by Theodor Adorno
#10. It is one of the basic tenets of fascist leadership to keep primary libidinal energy on an unconscious level so as to divert its manifestations in a way suitable to political ends. #Quote by Theodor Adorno
Levels Of Energy quotes by Melissa Etheridge
#11. What I do believe in is other worlds and spirits. There is some other power in control - levels of energy that perhaps we don't see. #Quote by Melissa Etheridge
Levels Of Energy quotes by James Redfield
#12. You will learn that at higher levels of energy, our fields of prayer act very quickly to bring us exactly what we expect. If we fear, it brings to us what we fear. If we hate, it brings us more of what we hate. Thankfully when we go into these negative expectations, our prayer-fields collapse rather quickly because we lose our connection with the divine and are no longer outflowing love. But a fear expectation can still be powerful. That is why you must monitor your expectations carefully and set your field consciously. #Quote by James Redfield
Levels Of Energy quotes by Jonathan Goldman
#13. Knowing how you want to use music is extremely important, as is understanding the potential psychological and physiological effects that are inherent in the music. Slow pulsed New Age music is excellent, of course, for relaxation but it's not ideal for dancing. Yet, if dancing (and the extraordinary energy release found by dancing) is desired, slow New Age music is not ideal. What is your purpose for using a specific piece of music? Is it for meditation, guided imagery, dance, deep recollection, or for emotional release?

Realizing that every type of music has the ability to resonate with us on many different levels, it is possible that any type of music can have positive results. We should be open-minded about all music and the possible transformative and therapeutic results that can occur from it. #Quote by Jonathan Goldman
Levels Of Energy quotes by Rosalind McKnight
#14. There is a special purpose in nature for every being, and that purpose is to live in the fullness of your own creativity. As you are released into this fulfillment, you will know nothing but great joy and love. If every being does what it should be doing, working and sharing for the growth and good of all, it will live in the highest of its energy levels. If human beings get too caught up in their own selves and their own selfish fulfillments, they lose the sense of joy and accomplishment that comes with being in tune and in touch with all aspects of nature. #Quote by Rosalind McKnight
Levels Of Energy quotes by Damon Young
#15. If you are an office worker, exercise is not simply an antidote to stress or sedentary living. It is a training for the labour of work itself. It can help concentration, problem-solving skills and energy levels. #Quote by Damon Young
Levels Of Energy quotes by Catherine Carrigan
#16. Karma affects you on four levels:
-- Through the thoughts in your mind.
-- Through your DNA and the energy you carry forward from your ancestors.
-- Through your soul contracts.
-- And all the way to the core of your soul. #Quote by Catherine Carrigan
Levels Of Energy quotes by Jill Bolte Taylor
#17. As information processing machines, our ability to process data about the external world begins at the level of sensory perception. Although most of us are rarely aware of it, our sensory receptors are designed to detect information at the energy level. Because everything around us - the air we breathe, even the materials we use to build with, are composed of spinning and vibrating atomic particles, you and I are literally swimming in a turbulent sea of electromagnetic fields. We are part of it. We are enveloped within in, and through our sensory apparatus we experience what is.
Each of our sensory systems is made up of a complex cascade of neurons that process the incoming neural code from the level of the receptor to specific areas within the brain. Each group of neurons along the cascade alters or enhances the code, and passes it on to the next set of cells in the system, which further defines and refines the message. By the time the code reaches the outermost portion of our brain, the higher levels of the cerebral cortex, we become conscious of the stimulation. However, if any of the cells along the pathway fail in their ability to function normally, then the final perception is skewed away from normal reality. #Quote by Jill Bolte Taylor
Levels Of Energy quotes by Jamie Sams
#18. Forgiveness and the release of the past open the creative flow of life, supporting all levels of mind, heart, body, emotion, and spirit. This energy flow determines the state of our health, our desire to create and procreate, our willingness to develop our gifts, and how we use or deny the life force that we are given as human beings ... by choosing to let go of the past, our fears, and our negative patterns or reactions to life, we are suddenly funded with a resurgence of life force, which propels us into a newfound way of being and a very different way of understanding the world. #Quote by Jamie Sams
Levels Of Energy quotes by Ross Gelbspan
#19. Absent the rapid mobilization of climate advocates at every level - and the pooling of all their energy, creativity, and resources into a coordinated, no-holds-barred campaign - we will soon be crossing the threshold into climate hell. #Quote by Ross Gelbspan
Levels Of Energy quotes by Bruce Fife
#20. Numerous studies have clearly demonstrated that coconut oil has a neutral effect on cholesterol levels. The reason coconut oil does not adversely affect cholesterol is because it is composed primarily of medium-chain fatty acids (MCFA). These fatty acids are different from those commonly found in other food sources and are burned almost immediately for energy production, and so they are not converted into body fat or cholesterol to the degree other fats are and do not affect blood cholesterol levels. #Quote by Bruce Fife
Levels Of Energy quotes by Tony Dovale
#21. Negative self talk mangles your mindset, erodes your energy, destroys motivation, and meaning, limits your actions, and embeds even deeper levels of debilitating learned helplessness. #Quote by Tony Dovale
Levels Of Energy quotes by Mary Gaitskill
#22. I think the closest thing I can come to defining what that vital thing is for me - is that there's a sort of soul-quality in writing, if it's any good. It has a spirit or an energy to it that is very integral to who the writer is on a deep level. It's almost a cellular thing. It takes place in the cells of the writing, and it is what makes it alive or not. #Quote by Mary Gaitskill
Levels Of Energy quotes by Brian Tracy
#23. By the yard it's hard, but inch by inch, anything's a cinch
A journey of a thousand leagues begins with a single step

In addition, to keep your energy levels at their highest, be careful
about what you eat. Start the day with a high protein, low fat and
low carbohydrate breakfast. Eat saladswith fish or chicken at lunch.
Avoid sugar, salt, white flour products or deserts. Avoid soft drinks
and candy bars or pastries. Feed yourself as you would feed a world
class athlete before a competition, because in many respects, that's
what you are before starting work each day #Quote by Brian Tracy
Levels Of Energy quotes by Graham Farmelo
#24. When Dirac was an old man, younger physicists often asked him how he felt when he discovered the [Dirac] equation. From his replies, it seems that he alternated between ecstasy and fear: although elated to have solved his problem so neatly, he worried that he would be the latest victim of the 'great tragedy of science' described in 1870 by Thomas Huxley; 'the slaying of a beautiful theory by an ugly fact'. Dirac later confessed that his dread of such an outcome was so intense that he was 'too scared' to use it to make detailed predictions of the energy levels of atomic hydrogen - a test that he knew it had to pass. He did an approximate version of the calculation and showed that there was acceptable agreement but did not go on to risk failure by subjecting his theory to a more rigorous examination. #Quote by Graham Farmelo
Levels Of Energy quotes by Mark Plotkin
#25. Shiitake and reishi offer a diverse range of potential health benefits. You can take all of these supplements in perhaps eight to ten pills or capsules daily. If you take just three or four of these natural supplements at breakfast and the same number later in the day, you will have substantially increased your energy levels, boosted your immune system, lowered your risk of heart disease and cancer, and strengthened and balanced your overall system. #Quote by Mark Plotkin
Levels Of Energy quotes by Ben Marcus
#26. Intercourse with resuscitated wife for particular number of days, superstitious act designed to insure safe operation of household machinery. Electricity mourns the absence of the energy from (wife) within the household's walls by stalling its flow to the outlets. As such, an improvised friction need to take the place of electricity, to goad the natural currents back to their proper levels. This is achieved with the dead wife. She must be found, revived, and then penetrated until heat fills the room, until the toaster is shooting bread onto the floor, until she is smiling beneath you with black teeth and grabbing your bottom. Then the vacuum rides by and no one is pushing it, it is on full steam. Days flip past in chunks of fake light, and the intercourse is placed in the back of the mind. But it is always there, that moving into a static-ridden corpse that once spoke familiar messages in the morning when the sun was new. #Quote by Ben Marcus
Levels Of Energy quotes by Ken Robinson
#27. The combination of creative energies and the need to perform at the highest level to keep up with peers leads to an otherwise unattainable commitment to excellence. #Quote by Ken Robinson
Levels Of Energy quotes by David Spangler
#28. Love really is the answer to human problems: love of oneself, love of others, love of where one is, love of what one is doing, love of nature, love of life, love of the world, love of spirit in all its wonder and splendor. Love sets our energy free. It opens us and puts us in a flow with spirit and life on many levels. Love is the true secret behind manifestation. #Quote by David Spangler
Levels Of Energy quotes by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
#29. When the conscious mind expands to embrace deeper levels of thinking, the thought wave becomes more powerful and results in added energy and intelligence. #Quote by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
Levels Of Energy quotes by Assata Shakur
#30. I found that people had all kinds of levels of consciousness, all kinds of levels of education, but that Cubans in general were very educated politically. I could go sit in a bus and get into a conversation with someone and that person had a wealth of knowledge. And energy! #Quote by Assata Shakur
Levels Of Energy quotes by Barbara Brennan
#31. Through experiments over the past few decades physicists have discovered matter to be completely mutable into other particles or energy and vice-versa and on a subatomic level, matter does not exist with certainty in definite places, but rather shows 'tendencies' to exist. Quantum physics is beginning to realise that the Universe appears to be a dynamic web of interconnected and inseparable energy patterns. If the universe is indeed composed of such a web, there is logically no such thing as a part. This implies we are not separated parts of a whole but rather we are the Whole. #Quote by Barbara Brennan
Levels Of Energy quotes by Frederick Lenz
#32. The energy strands and bands of our being are linked in a certain way and makes us what we are. It causes us to perceive a certain level of the dream of life. But you can reorder those. That's magic, you see. #Quote by Frederick Lenz
Levels Of Energy quotes by Bill Gates
#33. The US in some ways has been the best. Who figured out shale gas? Although that wasn't a good thing [for CO2 levels], it was very innovative. It's led to low-cost energy. Who figured out nuclear power? Largely the United States. Once you get past the steam engine, which is mostly British, then the US has been at the center of most of the energy things that have happened. #Quote by Bill Gates
Levels Of Energy quotes by Ross Garnaut
#34. A revolution in humanity's use of fossil fuel-based energy would be necessary sooner or later to sustain and to extend modern standards of living. It will be required sooner if we are to hold the risks of climate change to acceptable levels. The costs that we bear in making an early adjustment will bring forward, and reduce for future times, the costs of the inevitable eventual adjustment away from fossil fuels. #Quote by Ross Garnaut
Levels Of Energy quotes by Nina Cherie Franklin
#35. I believe that human beings are designed to be physically active and that not doing so creates energy imbalances within the body that ultimately contribute to obesity and other health problems. As evidence, over 500,000 people die each year from diseases linked to physical inactivity and obesity. Furthermore, rates of hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, type 2 diabetes, and certain forms of cancer have all tripled over the past 30 years corresponding to decreasing levels of daily physical activity and increasing rates of obesity. #Quote by Nina Cherie Franklin
Levels Of Energy quotes by Neil Constantine
#36. Energy Drinks for Power Cyclist Cycling is a high intensity sport where huge amounts of calories are burned, muscle tissue broken up and a lot of water lost through sweat. To recover and regenerate energy and muscle tissue, your body undergoes a repair mechanism that depends on what you eat and drink. While eating proper foods keeps you healthy and builds your muscle stamina, taking energy drinks cannot be overemphasized as it increases energy and hydration needed for cycling and recovery. Energy drinks are formulated with ample supply of carbs and electrolytes ideal for maintaining high energy levels as well as replacing fluids lost during the rides. #Quote by Neil Constantine
Levels Of Energy quotes by Michael Angelo Batio
#37. Going on You Tube, you see a lot of my videos. And I'm glad; there's numbers there. And I get this all the time, that when I'm actually in concert, there's a whole new level to it. There's this whole new energy level. It's hard to describe. But I just love to play, and I never take it for granted. #Quote by Michael Angelo Batio
Levels Of Energy quotes by Wayne Dyer
#38. When you walk into the presence of people who calibrate at the very highest energy levels, just being in their energy field, everything that is diseased or in disharmony is healed. When you bring a higher and a more loving energy to the presence of disorder or disharmony or disease, you are really bringing a healing energy. And that's what healing is involved with: It's no longer allowing yourself to wallow around in a process in which you tell yourself that you don't have the capacity to be able to transcend whatever it is that's bothering you or hurting you or killing you. #Quote by Wayne Dyer
Levels Of Energy quotes by Ndamukong Suh
#39. I think it's very, very tough to compare postseason and in-season, just for the simple fact that there's the heightened levels of energy on both sides of the ball. #Quote by Ndamukong Suh
Levels Of Energy quotes by Shakti Gawain
#40. Personal healing on all levels - physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual comes when we get in touch with our disowned energies ... Through integrating all aspects of ourselves, we become whole. #Quote by Shakti Gawain
Levels Of Energy quotes by Neale Donald Walsch
#41. Thought is the first level of creation. Next comes the word. Everything you say is a thought expressed. It is creative and sends forth creative energy into the universe. Words are the second level of creation. Next comes action. #Quote by Neale Donald Walsch
Levels Of Energy quotes by Yannick Murphy
#42. THOUGHTS ON RIDE HOME: If my levels get too high, if they talk too much, then put me out of my misery and burn me on a pyre, that's how I want to go. Don't bother with a backhoe to try and dig the hole. Take down the trees to build the pyre off our land. Let the Newfoundlands have my bones. Let them walk the property drooling with my femur between their massive jaws. I am renewable energy. #Quote by Yannick Murphy
Levels Of Energy quotes by Jane Caro
#43. I have to hand it to the patriarchy. It has been a brilliant and comprehensive strategy to keep women under control, to create so many hurdles and levels of difficulty - both overt and covert, both in the workplace and in the home, both through the tax system and the lack of services - that women must expend much of their energy just overcoming them and have little left over for battling promotion and higher wages. Exhaustion is a feminist issue. #Quote by Jane Caro
Levels Of Energy quotes by Paul Laffoley
#44. I began to research the concept of dimensionality from the point of view of quality, and not just quantity, as a mathematician might do. Taking my clues from the theosophical use made of the Vedantic levels of reality, I identified the western notion of Energy (as someting which is effecatious by means of motion), with the idea of Time. The more comprehensive dimension 'eternity' I defined as a form of energy which is efficacious without motion. In this manner I began to establish the qualities of dimensions and open out the seemingly monolithic concept of energy. #Quote by Paul Laffoley
Levels Of Energy quotes by Cesar Millan
#45. Aggression is not a breed thing. It's a state of mind, and it comes from how the human is with the dog. There are four levels of energy, regardless of the breed: low, medium, high, very high. The idea is to get a dog in your same level or lower than you. #Quote by Cesar Millan
Levels Of Energy quotes by Jonathan Sadowski
#46. The one thing that I love about the live audience is the energy level. Like, from the minute of cast introductions, it's just constant energy being traded back and forth. When you do something funny, the audience laughs; when you're being serious, you can, like, feel the tension going through the audience. #Quote by Jonathan Sadowski
Levels Of Energy quotes by Wayne Dyer
#47. The ability to get to a higher level in our life means that we have to generate the energy to be able to do so, and generally, we do that by a fall. Spiritual advances are almost always proceeded by a fall of one kind or another. #Quote by Wayne Dyer
Levels Of Energy quotes by Elle Kennedy
#48. Hannah returns to our booth carrying our drink orders. Or rather, Allie and Dex's drink orders. Logan and I asked for sodas, but what we get is water.

"Where's my Dr. Pepper, Wellsy?" Logan whines.

She levels him with a stern look. "Do you know how much sugar is in a soft drink?"

"A perfectly acceptable amount and therefore I should drink it?" supplies Logan.

"Wrong. The answer is too damn much. You're playing Michigan in an hour - you can't get all hopped up on sugar before a game. You'll get a five-minute energy boost and then crash halfway through the first period."

Logan sighs. "G, why is your girl our nutritionist now?"

I pick up my water glass and take a sip of defeat. "Do you want to argue with her?"

Logan looks at Hannah, whose expression clearly conveys: you'll get a soda over my dead body. Then he looks back at me. "No," he says glumly. #Quote by Elle Kennedy
Levels Of Energy quotes by Steven Chu
#49. Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe. #Quote by Steven Chu
Levels Of Energy quotes by Robert Moss
#50. On a psychic level, we could be carrying energies and entities and cravings and habits and confusion and patterns of behavior from generation to generation that we don't want. We could also have picked up loose energies or entities from places we visit or live, and this could be very confusing. It could reinforce or even produce addictions and cravings that don't really belong to us. #Quote by Robert Moss
Levels Of Energy quotes by Liz Miller
#51. People who relax by watching TV instead of going out to engage with the world tend to be far less energetic. the benefits of exercise in protecting against depression and mental ill-health are huge. Those around you can also affect your energy levels. Self-talk also works wonders on energy levels. #Quote by Liz Miller
Levels Of Energy quotes by Candace Cameron
#52. I eat healthy and drink a lot of water. I eliminated most white sugar and dairy from my diet. It's done wonders for me not only in maintaining a healthy weight, but it's increased my energy levels and immunity. #Quote by Candace Cameron
Levels Of Energy quotes by Larry Fitzgerald
#53. My energy levels are off the charts. I can run all day, I breathe well, and I sweat a lot, so the toxins and impurities come out of my body. #Quote by Larry Fitzgerald
Levels Of Energy quotes by Justina Robson
#54. Matter is energy plus information. You and I, our bodies are matter. Our minds depend on that. There is no part of mind that is not the flux of information and energy at the classical level. At the classical level matter of a certain density may not share space with other matter. You and I cannot cross over. But at the quantum level, all things may pass through each other. But passing through causes a change in states, a change of information. Every change brings loss, creates anomalies. Losses pile up. Anomalies grow. Forgetting occurs. Without the information being isolated from the process, how can what was be made to the same pattern? It is similar, but it is not the same. New organization is possible, but old patterns are gone forever. The longer you stay at quantum level, interacting with lower levels of organization, the more you lose. Perhaps it's better. #Quote by Justina Robson
Levels Of Energy quotes by Dan Millman
#55. Every positive change - every jump to a higher level of energy and awareness - involves a rite of passage. Each time to ascend to a higher rung on the ladder of personal evolution, we must go through a period of discomfort, of initiation. I have never found an exception. #Quote by Dan Millman
Levels Of Energy quotes by Tom Rath
#56. People with high levels of wellbeing have been careful to work out early in the morning and not to have heavy meals throughout the day because you kind of fall off a cliff in terms of your energy by 2 or 3:00 if you have a lunch with a lot of heavy foods. #Quote by Tom Rath
Levels Of Energy quotes by Scott Adams
#57. If you don't drink coffee, you should think about two to four cups a day. It can make you more alert, happier, and more productive. It might even make you live longer. Coffee can also make you more likely to exercise, and it contains beneficial antioxidants and other substances associated with decreased risk of stroke (especially in women), Parkinson's disease, and dementia. Coffee is also associated with decreased risk of abnormal heart rhythms, type 2 diabetes, and certain cancers.12, 13 Any one of those benefits of coffee would be persuasive, but cumulatively they're a no-brainer. An hour ago I considered doing some writing for this book, but I didn't have the necessary energy or focus to sit down and start working. I did, however, have enough energy to fix myself a cup of coffee. A few sips into it, I was happier to be working than I would have been doing whatever lazy thing was my alternative. Coffee literally makes me enjoy work. No willpower needed. Coffee also allows you to manage your energy levels so you have the most when you need it. My experience is that coffee drinkers have higher highs and lower lows, energywise, than non–coffee drinkers, but that trade-off works. I can guarantee that my best thinking goes into my job, while saving my dull-brain hours for household chores and other simple tasks. The biggest downside of coffee is that once you get addicted to caffeine, you can get a "coffee headache" if you go too long without a cup. Luckily, coffee is one of th #Quote by Scott Adams
Levels Of Energy quotes by Elizabeth Kolbert
#58. The retreat of the Arctic sea ice, the warming of the oceans, the rapid shrinking of the glaciers, the redistribution of species, the thawing of the permafrost - these are all new phenomena. It is only in the last five or ten years that global warming has finally emerged from the background "noise" of climate variability. And even so, the changes that can be seen lag behind the changes that have been set in motion. The warming that has been observed so far is probably only about half the amount required to bring the planet back into energy balance. This means that even if carbon dioxide were to remain stable at today's levels, temperatures would still continue to rise, glaciers to melt, and weather patterns to change for decades to come. #Quote by Elizabeth Kolbert
Levels Of Energy quotes by John Marsden
#59. Light is important to us humans. It influences our moods, our perceptions, our energy levels. A face glimpsed among trees, dappled by the shadows and the green-tinged light reflected from the forest, will seem quite different to the same face seen on a beach in hard, dry, sunlight, or in a darkening room at twilight, with the shadows of a venetian blind striped across it like a convict's uniform. #Quote by John Marsden
Levels Of Energy quotes by Karen Kingston
#60. [What to do with] Unwanted Gifts

This can be a very sensitive issue for many people. However, here's my very best advice on what to do with unwanted presents: get rid of them. Here's why. Things you really love have a strong, vibrant energy field around them, whereas unwanted presents have uneasy, conflicting energies attached to them that drain you rather than energize you. They actually create an energetic gloom in your home.

The very thought of giving them the elbow is horrifying to some people. "But what about when Aunt Jane comes to visit and that expensive decoration she gave us isn't on the mantelpiece?" Whose mantlepiece is it anyway? If you love the item, fine, but if you keep it in your home out of fear and obligation, you were giving your power away. Every time you walk into the room and see that object, your energy levels drop.

And don't think that out of sight, out of mind will work. You can't keep that gift in the cupboard and just bring it out when Aunt Jane is due to visit. Your subconscious mind still knows you have it on the premises. If you have enough of these unwanted presents around you, your energy network looks like a sieve, with vitality running out all over the place.

Remember, it's the thought that counts. You can appreciate being given the gift without necessarily having to keep it. Try adopting a whole different philosophy about presents. When you give something to someone, give it with love and let it g #Quote by Karen Kingston
Levels Of Energy quotes by Howard Dean
#61. My energy level is very high ... how ambitious it all is depends on lots of different things. But pretty high energy level. I take on a lot of projects at the same time. #Quote by Howard Dean
Levels Of Energy quotes by John Little
#62. We evolved as an organism that had to expend energy to acquire energy. This was the work-based way by which we acquired food and shelter to survive. It required a minimal level of activity, with intermittent high levels of muscular exertion and intensity. A balance was struck between the catabolic state that was a by-product of the exertion necessary to sustain ourselves and the anabolic state of being able to rest and recoup the energy required to obtain the nutrition needed to fuel the activities involved in our survival. #Quote by John Little
Levels Of Energy quotes by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
#63. Through Transcendental Meditation, the human brain can
experience that level of intelligence which is an ocean of all
knowledge, energy, intelligence, and bliss. #Quote by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
Levels Of Energy quotes by Kevin Keck
#64. You know, there are those writers who work at writing every day. I'm not one of those guys. I tend to work at varying levels of intensity, based on the amount of time and energy I have available. #Quote by Kevin Keck
Levels Of Energy quotes by Hugh Aldersey-Williams
#65. Each element has a characteristic atomic spectrum, due to the absorption and emission of light associated with the unique energy levels of its orbiting electrons. #Quote by Hugh Aldersey-Williams
Levels Of Energy quotes by Amy Smart
#66. I read the script and I really liked it. It was high energy, crazy and it goes to any level to get people nuts and I thought Eve was an interesting character. At first I didn't get her, so it made me want to do the role because I wanted to dive in and see what she was about. On top of that I also wanted to work with Jason Statham because he's an amazing actor. #Quote by Amy Smart
Levels Of Energy quotes by Crystal Paine
#67. You need to consider the constraints on your time, your current family and work responsibilities, your energy levels, the ages of your children, and so forth. For instance, a mom of three young children, one of whom has special needs, should have a much different level of expectation for herself than a woman who is young, single, and has no kids. #Quote by Crystal Paine
Levels Of Energy quotes by Julie Cross
#68. I drag a finger over his chest and down his stomach, tracing the red, circular scar that, for three months of his life, was an opening that attached to a colostomy bag, an object that seemed to rob Marshall of his ability to be, well, Marshall - someone who lives for activity and vibrant levels of energy. He's got all that back now and is fully recovered. #Quote by Julie Cross
Levels Of Energy quotes by Frederick Lenz
#69. Enlightened teachers can do certain miracles, but they are not really miracles. They just know how to use energy on other levels of consciousness. A miracle is in the eye of the beholder, as is all of life. #Quote by Frederick Lenz
Levels Of Energy quotes by John O'Donohue
#70. In everyone's inner solitude there is that bright and warm hearth. The idea of the unconscious, even though it is a very profound and wonderful idea, has sometimes frightened people away from coming back to their own hearth. We falsely understand the subconscious as the cellar where all our repression and self-damage is housed. Out of our fear of ourselves we have imagined monsters down there. Yeats says, "Man needs reckless courage to descend into the abyss of himself." In actual fact, these demons do not account for all the subconscious. The primal energy of our soul holds a wonderful warmth and welcome for us. One of the reasons we were sent to earth was to make this connection with ourselves, this inner friendship. The demons will haunt us, if we remain afraid. All the classical mythical adventures externalize demons. In battle with them, the hero always grows, ascending to new levels of creativity and poise. Each inner demon holds a precious blessing that will heal and free you. To receive this gift, you have to lay aside your fear and take the risk of loss and change that every inner encounter offers. #Quote by John O'Donohue
Levels Of Energy quotes by Walter H Bowart
#71. Theta programming, Phillips said, "involved the surgical implantation of sodium/lithium powered high frequency receiver/transducers coupled to a multi-range discharge capacitor that , when signaled by remote control would electronically stimulate designated parts of the brain to signal the victim to respond according to his or her hypnotic program.
"These "Delgado" experiments were only partially successful," Phillips said, "with a high mortality and paralysis rate. However, the technical mind control equipment evolution has advanced to levels well beyond the grasp of most people. Non-implanted, non-programmed victims will hold the largest majority since, in the 1990's breakthroughs were made which allow mind control without either implant or trauma base".
The new Theta programming," Phillips said, "operates by computer driven satellite directed energy. Now, anybody can become a target of the new technology. #Quote by Walter H Bowart
Levels Of Energy quotes by Robert Greene
#72. The truth is that creative activity is one that involves the entire self - our emotions, our levels of energy, our characters, and our minds. #Quote by Robert Greene
Levels Of Energy quotes by Mark Walden
#73. I hope you are all having a nice sleep?' Franz ventured as he and Nigel sat down.

'Yes, fine thanks. You?' Laura replied.

'Ja, I am being able to sleep, despite my great hunger.' Franz gave them a serious look, obviously keen to stress the great hardship he was enduring. 'Have any of you seen a snack machine?'

Nigel sighed. 'Franz, we're going to breakfast in ten minutes, what do you need a snack machine for?'

'To be building up my energy levels for a long day of lessons, of course.' Franz gave Nigel a slap on the back that, judging by Nigel's pained expression, was a little overenthusiastic. 'And you will be needing building up too, my friend. Do not worry, Franz will turn you into a real man.' Otto noted the slightly frightened look on Nigel's face and guessed that he was less than keen to be the first person to try the Argentblum Diet.

'Anyway, why have vending machines when none of us have any money?' Otto asked. The apparent lack of any form of currency on H.I.V.E. was something that Otto had actually given a lot of thought. He had finally reached the conclusion that if money truly was the root of all evil it might just be adding fuel to the fire to introduce the concept to H.I.V.E.

'Ja, I have been thinking this too but I am hoping that the machines will be free of charge. That would be seeming sensible, ja?'

Otto doubted very much that the words 'free snack food vending machines' and 'sensible #Quote by Mark Walden

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