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Leugers Insurance quotes by Sarah Waters
#1. For was that all, she thought bleakly, that love ever was? Something that saved one from loneliness? A sort of insurance policy against not counting? #Quote by Sarah Waters
Leugers Insurance quotes by Jerrold Nadler
#2. Let's drive the message home: we need health insurance reform, we need a strong public option, and we won't settle for less. #Quote by Jerrold Nadler
Leugers Insurance quotes by David Mitchell
#3. Behold your future, Cavendish the Younger. You will not apply for membership, but the tribe of the elderly will claim you. Your present will not keep pace with the world's. This slippage will stretch your skin, sag your skeleton, erode your hair and memory, make your skin turn opaque so your twitching organs and blue-cheese veins will be semivisible. You will venture out only in daylight, avoiding weekends and school holidays. Language, too, will leave you behind, betraying your tribal affiliations whenever you speak. On escalators, on trunk roads, in supermarket aisles, the living will overtake you, incessantly. Elegant women will not see you. Store detectives will not see you. Salespeople will not see you, unless they sell stair lifts or fraudulent insurance policies. Only babies, cats, and drug addicts will acknowledge your existence. So do not fritter away your days. Sooner than you fear, you will stand before a mirror in a care home, look at your body, and think, E.T., locked in a ruddy cupboard for a fortnight. #Quote by David Mitchell
Leugers Insurance quotes by Hanadi Falki
#4. The best insurance that a girl can be given is a proper education and a steady career. That way she can assure a bright future for her family herself, instead of depending on her future groom to give her a comfortable life. #Quote by Hanadi Falki
Leugers Insurance quotes by Ron Wyden
#5. Americans are free to choose everything from what they eat, drive and watch on TV to the President of the United States. Yet, when it comes to allowing Americans to choose the health insurance that works best for them and their family, the freedom to choose suddenly becomes un-American. #Quote by Ron Wyden
Leugers Insurance quotes by Michelle Singletary
#6. Once you finish paying for college you could reduce your life insurance. #Quote by Michelle Singletary
Leugers Insurance quotes by Elizabeth Gilbert
#7. Faith is walking face-first and full-speed into the dark. If we truly knew all the answers in advance as to the meaning of life and the nature of God and the destiny of our souls, our belief would not be a leap of faith and it would not be a courageous act of humanity; it would just be ... a prudent insurance policy. #Quote by Elizabeth Gilbert
Leugers Insurance quotes by Julie Otsuka
#8. Overnight, our neighbors began to look at us differently. Maybe it was the little girl down the road who no longer waved to us from her farmhouse window. Or the longtime customers who suddenly disappeared from our restaurants and stores. Or our mistress, Mrs. Trimble, who pulled us aside one morning as we were mopping her kitchen and whispered into our ear, "Did you know that the war was coming?" Club ladies began boycotting our fruit stands because they were afraid our produce might be tainted with arsenic. Insurance companies canceled our insurance. Banks froze our bank accounts. Milkmen stopped delivering milk to our doors. "Company orders," one tearful milkman explained. Children took one look at us and ran away like frightened deer. Little old ladies clutched their purses and froze up on the sidewalk at the sight of our husbands and shouted out, "They're here!" And even though our husbands had warned us--They're afraid--still, we were unprepared. Suddenly, to find ourselves the enemy. #Quote by Julie Otsuka
Leugers Insurance quotes by Michael Moore
#9. If I were a capitalist I would not give my employees health insurance with no deductible, which I do, including dental, and paid pregnancy leave. That's not called capitalism, that's called being a Christian and someone who believes in democracy, so that everyone should get a fair slice of the pie. #Quote by Michael Moore
Leugers Insurance quotes by John Cornyn
#10. If Obamacare is allowed to stand - and Congress is allowed to make the purchase of government-endorsed health insurance compulsory - there will be no meaningful limit on Washington's reach into the lives of the American people. That is certainly not what the Founders intended. #Quote by John Cornyn
Leugers Insurance quotes by Melinda Clarke
#11. I did an action series back in '97, and did very intense training; weapons, knives, hand-to-hand combat. The more an actor trains in that way, the more we can do on screen and the better it looks. Nowadays, they want the actors to do as much as possible and stunt doubles are primarily used for the dangerous things that aren't covered by insurance. #Quote by Melinda Clarke
Leugers Insurance quotes by Ezekiel Emanuel
#12. Reasoning based on cost has been strenuously resisted; it violated the Hippocratic Oath, was associated with rationing, and derided as putting a price on life ... Indeed, many physicians were willing to lie to get patients what they needed from insurance companies that were trying to hold down costs. #Quote by Ezekiel Emanuel
Leugers Insurance quotes by P. J. O'Rourke
#13. When you pay a hospital bill, you're really paying two hospital bills - one bill for you because you have a job and/or insurance and can pay the hospital. and another bill, which is tacked onto your bill, to cover the medical expenses of someone who doesn't have a job and/or insurance and can't pay the hospital. #Quote by P. J. O'Rourke
Leugers Insurance quotes by Charles Stross
#14. Private ownerships of a ... slave chip is illegal in many polities. It tends to be a government monopoly, much like other forms of violence. But I had fallen among pirates and life insurance underwriters. #Quote by Charles Stross
Leugers Insurance quotes by Bill Halter
#15. Washington is broken. Bailing out Wall Street with no strings attached while leaving middle class Arkansas taxpayers with the bill. Protecting insurance company profits instead of patients and lowering health costs. #Quote by Bill Halter
Leugers Insurance quotes by Farshad Asl
#16. I don't call it "Life Insurance," I call it "Love Insurance." We buy it because we want to leave a legacy for those we love. #Quote by Farshad Asl
Leugers Insurance quotes by Joe Average
#17. At twenty-seven years old, I was diagnosed HIV. Three years later I decide to dedicate the remainder of my life to art. Leaving work and refusing the assistance of Unemployment Insurance or Welfare, I challenged myself to live completely through my art. #Quote by Joe Average
Leugers Insurance quotes by Michael Scott
#18. He smiled at the sudden image of Prometheus tossing cars from one side of the bridge to the other to build his barrier. He heard the tiny tinkle of glass and wondered if being tossed across the Golden Gate Bridge by an Elder was covered by insurance. #Quote by Michael Scott
Leugers Insurance quotes by Dwight D. Eisenhower
#19. We believe that our truly urgent need is to make our nation secure, our economy strong and our dollar sound. For every American this matter of the sound dollar is crucial. Without a sound dollar, every American family would face a renewal of inflation, an ever-increasing cost of living, the withering away of savings and life insurance policies. #Quote by Dwight D. Eisenhower
Leugers Insurance quotes by Dianne Feinstein
#20. Today we have a health insurance industry where the first and foremost goal is to maximize profits for shareholders and CEOs, not to cover patients who have fallen ill or to compensate doctors and hospitals for their services. It is an industry that is increasingly concentrated and where Americans are paying more to receive less. #Quote by Dianne Feinstein
Leugers Insurance quotes by P. J. O'Rourke
#21. The Republican convention, an event with the intellectual content of a Guns'n'Roses lyric attended by every ofay insurance brokerin America who owns a pair of white shoes. #Quote by P. J. O'Rourke
Leugers Insurance quotes by Samuel Epstein
#22. The asbestos industry ... has for decades successfully suppressed and manipulated information on the carcinogenicity and other hazards of asbestos. Involved in this conspiracy network were senior industry executives, their medical staff, attorneys, insurance companies, trade associations, scientific consultants, and commercial labs. #Quote by Samuel Epstein
Leugers Insurance quotes by Deepak Chopra
#23. If insurance companies paid for lifestyle-management classes, they would save huge sums of money. We need to see that alternative medicine is now mainstream. #Quote by Deepak Chopra
Leugers Insurance quotes by Kim Holden
#24. Is this blackmail or bribery?"
"Neither. It's insurance."
"Yeah. That's twelve cups of coffee. Twelve trips to Grounds. Twelve chances to see you. #Quote by Kim Holden
Leugers Insurance quotes by Grace Hightower
#25. I did everything. I worked at S.S. Kresge, the five-and-dime. I worked in a mailroom. I worked processing insurance claims. #Quote by Grace Hightower
Leugers Insurance quotes by Donald Trump
#26. We're going to have a lot of different options. Right now you have no options. You know why? Because the insurance company controlled Obama because they gave him a lot of money. That's why you have lines around the states. And you can't get competitive bidding. #Quote by Donald Trump
Leugers Insurance quotes by Ken Bruen
#27. My father believed a real man didn't read, and my parents hoped I'd get some sense and find a job in insurance. #Quote by Ken Bruen
Leugers Insurance quotes by Rajneesh
#28. Man has to create marriage because man is afraid of the unknown. On all levels of life and existence, man has created substitutes: for love there is marriage; for real religion there are sects - they are like marriages. Hinduism, Mohammedanism, Christianity, Jainism - they are not real religion. Real religion has no name; it is like love. But because love is dangerous and you are so afraid of the future, you would like to have some security. You believe more in insurance companies than in life. That's why you have created marriage. #Quote by Rajneesh
Leugers Insurance quotes by Elsa Maxwell
#29. Good manners - the longer I live the more convinced I am of it - are a priceless insurance against failure and loneliness. And anyone can have them. #Quote by Elsa Maxwell
Leugers Insurance quotes by Hans-Hermann Hoppe
#30. With the socialization of the health care system through institutions such as Medicaid and Medicare and the regulation of the insurance industry (by restricting an insurer's right of refusal: to exclude any individual risk as uninsurable, and discriminate freely, according to actuarial methods, between different group risks) a monstrous machinery of wealth and income redistribution at the expense of responsible individuals and low-risk groups in favor of irresponsible actors and high-risk groups has been put in motion. #Quote by Hans-Hermann Hoppe
Leugers Insurance quotes by Jim Ryun
#31. Skyrocketing insurance premiums are debilitating our Nation's health care delivery system and liability insurers are either leaving the market or raising rates to excessive levels. #Quote by Jim Ryun

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