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Let Me Die quotes by Matthew Arnold
#1. Calm soul of all things! make it mine To feel, amid the city's jar, That there abides a peace of thine, Man did not make, and cannot mar! The will to neither strive nor cry, The power to feel what others give! Calm, calm me more! nor let me die Before I have begun to live. #Quote by Matthew Arnold
Let Me Die quotes by Gail Simone
#2. If I am to die tonight, let me die a fighter. #Quote by Gail Simone
Let Me Die quotes by Augustine Of Hippo
#3. O Lord my God, tell me what you are to me. Say to my soul, I am your salvation. Say it so that I can hear it. My heart is listening, Lord; open the ears of my heard and say to my soul, I am your salvation. Let me run toward this voice and seize hold of you. Do not hide your face from me: let me die so that I may see it, for not to see it would be death to me indeed. #Quote by Augustine Of Hippo
Let Me Die quotes by Kingsley Amis
#4. Work was like cats were supposed to be: if you disliked and feared it and tried to keep out if its way, it knew at once and sought you out and jumped on your lap and climbed all over you to show how much it loved you. Please God, he thought, don't let me die in harness. #Quote by Kingsley Amis
Let Me Die quotes by Hugo Chavez
#5. I don't want to die. Please don't let me die. #Quote by Hugo Chavez
Let Me Die quotes by Sara Raasch
#6. I'm asking you to love me and let me... die. #Quote by Sara Raasch
Let Me Die quotes by Carmen Bernos De Gasztold
#7. Lord, No one but you and I understands what faithfulness is. Do not let me die until, for them, all danger is driven away. #Quote by Carmen Bernos De Gasztold
Let Me Die quotes by Swami Vivekananda
#8. Let me die fighting. Two years of physical suffering have taken from me twenty years of life. But the soul changes not, does it? It is there, the same madcap - Atman - mad upon one idea, intent and intense. #Quote by Swami Vivekananda
Let Me Die quotes by Bernie Morris
#9. Recovery

The time has come for tears to start again,
Those faithful tears that always ease the pain.
Release the raging rivers of my soul!
Let me drown and then rise up again.

Let me drown until the river dries,
Until the numbing coldness settles in.
See the world once more with empty eyes,
No spark of warmth can penetrate the skin.
Crash the thunder! Howl the wind!
Freeze my heart and beat the driving rain!
Let me know these dreams are empty lies.
Let me die and come to life again.

In the silent darkness of my mind,
Let me wonder who you really are.
Let me feel that you were just a dream.
That fades on waking like the morning star… #Quote by Bernie Morris
Let Me Die quotes by John Bunyan
#10. And as I was thus in a muse, that scripture also came with great power upon my spirit, Not by works of righteousness that we have done, but according to His mercy He hath saved us, etc. 2 Tim. i. 9; Tit. iii. 5. Now was I got on high, I saw myself within the arms of grace and mercy; and though I was before afraid to think of a dying hour, yet, now I cried, Let me die: #Quote by John Bunyan
Let Me Die quotes by Nadia Murad
#11. Since leaving Kocho, I had begged for death, I had willed Salman to kill me or asked God to let me die or refused to eat or drink in the hopes I would fade away. I had thought many times that the man who raped and beat me would kill me. But death had never come. In the checkpoint bathroom, I began to cry. For the first time since I left Kocho, I thought I actually might die. And I also knew for sure that I didn't want to. #Quote by Nadia Murad
Let Me Die quotes by Anthony Doerr
#12. Every second a million petitions wing past the ear of God. Let it be door number two. Get Janet through this. Make Mom fall in love again, make the pain go away, make this key fit. If I fish this cove, plant this field, step into this darkness, give me the strength to see it through. Help my marriage, my sister, me. What will this fund be worth in thirteen days? In thirteen years? Will I be around in thirteen years? And the most unanswerable of unanswerables: Don't let me die. And: What will happen afterward? Chandeliers and choirs? Flocks of souls like starlings harrying across the sky? Eternity; life again as bacteria, or as sunflowers, or as a leatherback turtle; suffocating blackness; cessation of all cellular function. #Quote by Anthony Doerr
Let Me Die quotes by Benjamin Disraeli
#13. All Paradise opens! Let me die eating ortolans to the sound of soft music! #Quote by Benjamin Disraeli
Let Me Die quotes by Franz Kafka
#14. Thin, without fever, not cold, not warm, with empty eyes, without a shirt, the young man under the stuffed quilt heaves himself up, hangs around my throat and whispers in my ear, Doctor, let me die. #Quote by Franz Kafka
Let Me Die quotes by Rick Yancey
#15. Don't let them get me, Cassie. Don't let me die.'
'You're not going to die, Sams.'
I Promised. #Quote by Rick Yancey
Let Me Die quotes by T.L. Shreffler
#16. Stupid girl, you should have let me die, he thought. Specks of light could be seen against the night sky, distant windows and flickering streetlamps. How many times had he wished for death, for a killing blow? But it seemed the gods weren't done with him yet. #Quote by T.L. Shreffler
Let Me Die quotes by Mary Zimmerman
#17. Let me die the moment my love dies.
Let me not outlive my own capacity to love.
Let me die still loving, and so, never die. #Quote by Mary Zimmerman
Let Me Die quotes by Aphra Behn
#18. WILLMORE: Nay, if we part so, let me die like a Bird upon a Bough, at the Sheriff's Charge. By Heaven, both the Indies shall not buy thee from me. I adore thy Humour and will marry thee, and we are so of one Humour, it must be a Bargain - give me thy Hand - [Kisses her hand.] And now let the blind ones (Love and Fortune) do their worst. #Quote by Aphra Behn
Let Me Die quotes by Stephen King
#19. The gunslinger is the truth. Roland is the truth. The Prisoner is the truth. The Lady of Shadows is the truth. The Prisoner and the Lady are married. That is the truth. The way station is the truth. The Speaking Demon is the truth. We went under the mountains and that is the truth. There were monsters under the mountain. That is the truth. One of them had an Amoco gas pump between his legs and was pretending it was his penis. That is the truth. Roland let me die. That is the truth. I still love him. That is the truth. #Quote by Stephen King
Let Me Die quotes by Jennifer Reeser
#20. I have heard queens' swans, moved a man to cry,
heard Bach played in the Metro on guitars.
I have made love in Paris. Let me die. #Quote by Jennifer Reeser
Let Me Die quotes by George Orwell
#21. Room 101" said the officer.
The man's face, already very pale, turned a color Winston would not have believed possible. It was definitely, unmistakably, a shade of green.
"Do anything to me!" he yelled. "You've been starving me for weeks. Finish it off and let me die. Shoot me. Hang me. Sentence me to twenty-five years. Is there somebody else you want me to give away? Just say who it is and I'll tell you anything you want. I don't care who it is or what you do to them. I've got a wife and three children. The biggest of them isn't six years old. You can take the whole lot of them and cut their throats in front of my eyes, and I'll stand by and watch it. But not room 101!"
"Room 101" said the officer. #Quote by George Orwell
Let Me Die quotes by Ignatius Of Loyola
#22. If, one day, I should offend God in any way, or grow remiss, though ever so little, in that which concerns His holy service and glory, I solemnly implore Him, rather let me die. #Quote by Ignatius Of Loyola
Let Me Die quotes by Lisa Pulitzer
#23. And then it finally did happen. I just lay there in shock. It hurt so bad, and I thought, "God, please, let me die." As he put himself inside me, I wanted to scream for help, but there was no one to help me. I had nowhere to hide. My mother's room, my little sister's embrace, Uncle Fred, Uncle Warren, nothing and no one would save me, and so I lay there silently, staring at the cracks in the ceiling, watching a part of me die. #Quote by Lisa Pulitzer
Let Me Die quotes by James   Cox
#24. If we need food, we walk."
"Through … through
the forest?" Gaston visibly shivered.
"You fear it?"
"After my ordeal - "
Gaston lifted his chin. "Yes."
It was brave of
him to admit that. "Don't worry, Gaston, the wolves respect me. I'll keep you
"Or let me die,"
Gaston mumbled.
"So, you're
convinced I'm going to try to kill you and I'm convinced you're trying to do
the same to me." It was a crazy, interesting conundrum they found
themselves #Quote by James Cox
Let Me Die quotes by Steven Erikson
#25. [T]he unnamed soldier is a gift. The named soldier
dead, melted wax
demands a response among the living ... a response no-one can make. Names are no comfort, they're a call to answer the unanswerable. Why did she die, not him? Why do the survivors remain anonymous
as if cursed
while the dead are revered? Why do we cling to what we lose while we ignore what we still hold?
Name none of the fallen, for they stood in our place, and stand there still in each moment of our lives. Let my death hold no glory, and let me die forgotten and unknown. Let it not be said that I was one among the dead to accuse the living. #Quote by Steven Erikson
Let Me Die quotes by Dhananjay Singh
#26. My vengeance will not let me die, and I will not allow anyone of you to live, you just need to come beyond life and death, and you are a walking god on earth, without any weakness, without any fear, just a crystal clear vision and I will reach there, yes, no doubt, I will sit on the piled up dead bodies of all you corrupt, disgraced pigs and I will laugh #Quote by Dhananjay Singh
Let Me Die quotes by Harold E. Hughes
#27. Let me die because I do not want to see the sun again. #Quote by Harold E. Hughes
Let Me Die quotes by Suzanne Collins
#28. The realization that I'd have nothing to take home had finally sunk in. My knees buckled and I slid down the tree trunk to its roots. It was too much. I was too sick and weak and tired, oh, so tired. Let them call the Peacekeepers and take us to the community home, I thought. Or better yet, let me die right here in the rain. #Quote by Suzanne Collins
Let Me Die quotes by Lucy Christopher
#29. But I'll tell them of your other side, too. The side I saw sometimes when you spoke softly to the camel, and when you gently touched the leaves of the saltbush,only picking what you needed. And the times you rescued me. I will tell them how you chose prison rather than let me die. Because you did, didn't you? You knew, right from when that snake bit me, it was all over. When I asked you to stay with me in the plane, you did it knowing you were turning yourself in. #Quote by Lucy Christopher
Let Me Die quotes by Jill Shalvis
#30. You scared the shit out of me."
"Why, because you nearly let me die without fulfilling your promise to Sara?"
Luke dropped his hands from his face. "What promise?"
"To give me a hug."
"You want a hug," Luke said with disbelief.
"You deaf, boy?"
Luke stared at him. "If I hug you, do you promise not to die on me?"
Edward's smirk faded, and he set the Jell-O down. "I promise not to die today. How's that?"
"Good enough," Luke said, and hugged him tight. #Quote by Jill Shalvis
Let Me Die quotes by Samuel Garth
#31. Dear gentlemen, let me die a natural death. #Quote by Samuel Garth
Let Me Die quotes by Debasish Mridha
#32. Let me love or let me die. #Quote by Debasish Mridha
Let Me Die quotes by Edna St. Vincent Millay
#33. Stranger, pause and look; From the dust of ages Lift this little book, Turn the tattered pages, Read me, do not let me die! Search the fading letters finding Steadfast in the broken binding All that once was I! #Quote by Edna St. Vincent Millay
Let Me Die quotes by Rick Riordan
#34. But Grover's voice was already growing fainter. 'Sweet dreams. Don't let me die! #Quote by Rick Riordan
Let Me Die quotes by Rachel Van Dyken
#35. ."Holy crap." Char grabbed Jake's hand. "We have to make a run for it."
"It's like hell, only worse." Jake agreed grabbing her arm.
"Welcome, welcome!" Came a voice over a loudspeaker.
"Holy shit, we're officially in the Hunger Games." Jake grabbed Char and put her behind him. "Just let me die first. Please God, let me die first."
"I've been expecting you!" the female voice happily announced.
"Somehow that doesn't make me feel better," Char whispered from behind Jake. "Oh, and by the way, it's only romantic to sacrifice yourself for me if death isn't the better option, twinkle toes!". #Quote by Rachel Van Dyken
Let Me Die quotes by Chris Dee
#36. People who live in the night are acquainted with all kinds of quiet. There's quiet enough to hear the distant traffic. Quiet enough to hear your breathing. Quiet enough to hear a lover's heartbeat. There's please-god-don't-let-me-die quiet, and can't-remember-her-name quiet. Is-he-lying quiet and can't-make-rent quiet. There's the quiet that inspires poets, and quiet that torments the lonely. #Quote by Chris Dee
Let Me Die quotes by Kahlil Gibran
#37. O love, whose lordly hand
Has bridled my desires,
And raised my hunger and my thirst
To dignity and pride,
Let not the strong in me and the constant
Eat the bread or drink the wine
That tempt my weaker self.
Let me rather starve,
And let my heart parch with thirst,
And let me die and perish,
Ere I stretch my hand
To a cup you did not fill,
Or a bowl you did not bless. #Quote by Kahlil Gibran
Let Me Die quotes by Sanober Khan
#38. let me die
from having being drunk on
indigo skies, my liver...
overflowing with stars. #Quote by Sanober Khan
Let Me Die quotes by Mumford & Sons
#39. But do not ask the price I pay,
I must live with my quiet rage
Tame the ghosts in my head
That run wild and wish me dead
Should you shake my ash to the wind
Lord, forget all of my sins
Oh, let me die where I lie
Neath the curse of my lover's eyes. #Quote by Mumford & Sons
Let Me Die quotes by Duff McKagan
#40. When I was thirty, I asked a nurse to let me die. In a couple days, I'm going to play "Cheap Sunglasses" alongside the man who wrote it. #Quote by Duff McKagan
Let Me Die quotes by Lora Leigh
#41. I wanted to die," she suddenly wailed, feeling him flinch, seeing the pain that tightened his face and made his own tears run faster. "I begged them to kill me." He rolled her to the bed, his arms wrapping tightly around her, sheltering her, holding her steady as her soul collapsed and her sobs echoed around them. "I begged them to let me die because I couldn't face it ... I couldn't survive without you ... " She was beating at his chest, her blows weak and ineffectual as the years of resounding agony poured free. "I wanted to die without you ... And now, I don't know how to accept that you're here ... I don't know how to live ... "
-sherra #Quote by Lora Leigh
Let Me Die quotes by Debasish Mridha
#42. Oh! let me love forever.
Let me die in love.
Life is valueless dust
if love touched you never. #Quote by Debasish Mridha
Let Me Die quotes by Alexander Pope
#43. Thus let me live, unseen, unknown;
Thus unlamented let me die;
Steal from the world, and not a stone
Tell where I lie. #Quote by Alexander Pope
Let Me Die quotes by Kimberly Russell
#44. It seems sort of unnecessary to prolong my life but I guess they can't just let me die. I'm sure there would be paperwork. #Quote by Kimberly Russell
Let Me Die quotes by Maya Banks
#45. Trying to drown me woman?
'You can't drown a SEAL,' she said. 'How embarrassing would that be?'
'God yes. Shoot me, hang me, let me die of infection from a hangnail, but don't let me die in the water. They'd send me to hell on principle. #Quote by Maya Banks
Let Me Die quotes by J.A. Huss
#46. When I wake I ask myself, how much longer before they will just let me die? - Tier, Clutch #Quote by J.A. Huss
Let Me Die quotes by Karen Swart
#47. Chax, I want this. If I am going to die, let me die with a memory that will make all other bad things irrelevant. Let me die knowing I was loved." -Kasadya #Quote by Karen Swart
Let Me Die quotes by Dominic Savio
#48. Mary, I give you my heart. Always keep it yours. Jesus, Mary, always be my friends. I beg you, let me die rather than be so unfortunate as to commit a single sin. #Quote by Dominic Savio
Let Me Die quotes by Victor De Riqueti, Marquis De Mirabeau
#49. Let me die to the sounds of the delicious music. #Quote by Victor De Riqueti, Marquis De Mirabeau
Let Me Die quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#50. Why do you bear Merripen such ill will? Is it his charming disposition, or the fact that he's a Roma? Or is it because he was taken in by your parents and raised as one of you?"
"None of that. I despise Merripen because he refused the only thing I ever asked of him."
"Which was?"
"To let me die."
Cam pondered that. "You must mean when he nursed you through the scarlet fever."
"You blame him for saving your life?"
"If it makes you feel any better," Cam said dryly, settling back in his seat, "I'm sure he's had second thoughts about it. #Quote by Lisa Kleypas
Let Me Die quotes by Alfred Tennyson
#51. I fain would follow love, if that could be;
I needs must follow death, who calls for me;
Call and I follow, I follow! let me die. #Quote by Alfred Tennyson
Let Me Die quotes by P.C. Cast
#52. His eyes opened when it was all over. "You should have let me die."
"I couldn't," she said.
"He took my soul."
"No, love, he couldn't. Your soul is safe with me. #Quote by P.C. Cast
Let Me Die quotes by Kristin Cashore
#53. Living is too hard right now. Dying is easy. Let me die. #Quote by Kristin Cashore
Let Me Die quotes by Aime Cesaire
#54. And let me die suddenly, to be born again in the revelation of beauty ... And the revelation of beauty is the wisdom of the ancestors. #Quote by Aime Cesaire
Let Me Die quotes by Catherine Anderson
#55. That's an L, as in love, and I love you more than I'll ever be able to tell you with words. I want to tell you in other ways. In the way I kiss you. In the way I touch you. In the way I hold you. Won't you let me say it my way, just once? - Swift to Amy #Quote by Catherine Anderson
Let Me Die quotes by Lorna Seilstad
#56. Now, I'm going to walk you home, and you're going to let me. And tomorrow night I'll make sure you're not walking home alone, and you're going to trust me to take care of that. Understand? She simply nodded, because for the first time in her life, she was speechless. #Quote by Lorna Seilstad
Let Me Die quotes by E.L. James
#57. I need you, Anastasia," he whispers.
"I need you, too." And as I say the words, I am struck how true they are. I cannot imagine being without Christian, ever.
"Let me love you." he says hoarsely.
"Yes," I answer. #Quote by E.L. James
Let Me Die quotes by Janet Morris
#58. Shed your mortal skin and let me take you beneath the waves. #Quote by Janet Morris
Let Me Die quotes by M. Leighton
#59. You are my dream, Miracle, and i love you more than anyone I've ever known. I'll spend the rest of my life loving you. Forever. But right now, let's start with tonight. Let me love you tonight. #Quote by M. Leighton
Let Me Die quotes by Julie Murphy
#60. I knew how to die. It was the living that scared me. #Quote by Julie Murphy
Let Me Die quotes by Elle Kennedy
#61. Why would I? Seriously, what guy turns down Die Hard? The only thing that could sweeten this deal is if you offered me some booze."
"I don't have any." She stops to think. "But I've got a whole bag of gummy bears hidden in my desk drawer."
"Marry me," I say instantly. #Quote by Elle Kennedy
Let Me Die quotes by Anna Banks
#62. You'll teach me to drive your car if I let you get in the water?"
"Uh, no. I'll teach you how to drive Galen's car if you let me get in the water. You're not touching my car without a license. A real one, not some shiny plastic thing Rachel made between afternoon talk shows." Even if Galen doesn't have insurance, he's got enough in his wallet to buy a new one. I, on the other hand, have just enough in saving to cover my deductible.
Her eyes go round. "You'll let me drive his little red one? The combustible?"
Why not? I nod. "Yep. The convertible. Deal?"
She grabs my hand from the couch to pull us both up. Then she shakes it. "Deal! I'll go get the keys from Rachel. #Quote by Anna Banks
Let Me Die quotes by Katie McGarry
#63. In two easy strides, I reach her, weave my arms around her waist and lift her feet off the ground. My angel is so light she practically floats. "Isaiah! You're crazy!"
"Insane," I answer.
She rests her forehead against mine and braids her hands tightly on my neck. "That was close. He almost got you in the end."
I love the sensation of her body against mine. Tonight, I'm going to kiss her again and, if she'll let me, I'll explore a little further. "Were you doubting me?"
She smiles when she notices the lightness in my voice. "Never."
That's right, angel. I'll never let you down. #Quote by Katie McGarry
Let Me Die quotes by Joseph Conrad
#64. This, let me remind you again, is a love story; you can see it by the imbecility, not a repulsive imbecility, the exalted imbecility of these proceedings, this station in torchlight, as if they had come there on purpose to have it out for the edification of concealed murderers. #Quote by Joseph Conrad
Let Me Die quotes by Rachel Caine
#65. He let Shane drop back down in his chair, and walked out, back stiff. Furious.
Shane sat with his hands clutching at the armrests. He exchanged a stunned look with Eve, and they both stood up at once. "No," Shane said. "I did it. Let me fix it."
He went off after Michael. Eve chewed her lip and said, "Well, we're either going to see half the house destroyed, or their bromance is going to go all the way. #Quote by Rachel Caine
Let Me Die quotes by Tijan
#66. No one said a word, and I waited a beat, then pushed forward. Screw Kevin. Screw Maggie. Screw whatever happened to them now. I went after Caden.
He didn't have to push his way through the crowd. It automatically opened for him. Not so much for me. I was at a disadvantage, and when I ran to the parking lot, he was already in the car and peeling past me.
"HEY!" I yelled, raising my hands in the air.
He braked, a little too close for comfort, right next to me. The passenger window rolled down. "What?"
I reached for the door. "Let me in."
His eyebrows pinched together. "Why?"
"Let me in."
He unlocked the door.
I opened it and climbed in. "Okay. I'm with you." I had no idea what I was doing.
"Excuse me?"
"I'm with you." I clapped the dashboard, pointing ahead. "Whatever you're going to do, I'm in. You seem to need a friend. You're in luck. I could use one myself. So I'm in."
"I'm going to get drunk and have sex."
He cocked an eyebrow. "You still in?"
He was laughing now. He was still mad, but he was laughing.
For whatever reason - maybe I did want to go with him, or maybe I heard my own voice calling me boring and pathetic again - I sat back and folded my hands in my lap. "I'm in."
He shook his head. "You have no idea what you're getting yourself into.." He shifted his Land Rover into drive and started forward. "But that's your problem, not mine."
He careened out of the parking lot, and I f #Quote by Tijan
Let Me Die quotes by R.C. Lewis
#67. ...My choice wasn't supposed to include you coming along and getting killed, too, and when I'm probably going to die anyway, you shouldn't waste your feelings on me.

You're brilliant, Essie, but you're still dim on a few things. Feelings can't be wasted. Knowing they're real for however long they last makes them worth having. #Quote by R.C. Lewis
Let Me Die quotes by Rachel Hawkins
#68. Mom frowned, and I wanted to give her a thumbs-up to let her know I was okay. All I could manage was raising my bound hands in her general direction, clocking Cal on the chin as I did so. "Sorry."
"No problem. Must be weird for you, having your mom here."
"Weird for me, weird for her, probably weird for you since you had to give up your swinging bachelor pad."
"Mrs. Casnoff let me install my heart-shaped Jacuzzi in my new dorm room."
"Cal," I said with mock astonishment, "did you just make a joke?"
"Maybe," he replied. We'd reached the end of the pier. I looked down at the water and tried not to shudder.
"I'll be pretending, of course, but do you have any advice on how I'm supposed to not drown?" I asked Cal.
"Don't breathe in water."
"Oh,thanks,that's super helpful."
Cal shifted me in his arms, and I tensed. Just before he tossed me into the pond, he leaned in and whispered, "Good luck."
And then I hit the water.
I can't say what my first thought was as I sunk below the surface, because it was mostly a string of four-letter words. The water was way too cold for a pond in Georgia in May, and I could feel the chill sinking all the way into my bones. Plus my chest started burning almost immediately, and I sunk all the way to the bottom, landing in the slimy mud.
Okay,Sophie,I thought. Don't panic.
Then I glanced over to my right, and through the murky water, made out a skull grinning back at me.
I panicked. #Quote by Rachel Hawkins
Let Me Die quotes by Sandra Cisneros
#69. You know how sometimes you're talking to people who love you and give you unconditional love, and you say, "But you know what? Let me back up. I forgot to say ... "You can do that, right? You don't hesitate and say, "Oh my God! I forgot to say that!". You just speak! And you say it all, until you have nothing more to say. And that's your first draft. It's done. #Quote by Sandra Cisneros
Let Me Die quotes by C.C. Gibbs
#70. After a lifetime of docile women, he didn't actually mind her intransigence. He liked the challenge. But then he was on the distant shore of fucked-up.
'Let me file that away,' he murmured sardonically , 'for future reference. Right now, I'm waiting. He's waiting. Move. #Quote by C.C. Gibbs
Let Me Die quotes by V.C. Andrews
#71. Angel, saint, Devil's spawn, good or evil, you've got me pinned to the wall and labeled as yours until the day I die. And if you die first, then it won't be long before I follow. #Quote by V.C. Andrews
Let Me Die quotes by Bear Grylls
#72. Just let me get moving, I thought, and the pumping blood will shake the stiffness and pain from my back and feet. #Quote by Bear Grylls
Let Me Die quotes by Lisa McMann
#73. I've got a huge, terrible problem."
Oh no! Not that horrible toenail fungus that takes six months to cure?"
No, no, no. Much worse. This is shocking news. Are you sure I should tell you while you're driving?"
I've got my headset on. Both hands on the wheel. Windows rolled up. Go for it."
Okay, here goes ... Principal Abernethy called me this morning to let me know I'm in the running for valedictorian."
There is silence.
A rather loudish snort.
And guffaws.
Congratulations," she finally says, laughing. "What ever are you going to do?"
Fail ever assignment from today onward."
You won't be able to."
Watch me. #Quote by Lisa McMann
Let Me Die quotes by Amy Tan
#74. What are ghosts if not the hope that love continues beyond our ordinary senses? If ghosts are a delusion, then let me be deluded. #Quote by Amy Tan
Let Me Die quotes by Renee Carlino
#75. Maybe after I was gone, she would remember me and be tormented. Or maybe I'd have to watch her die, and I'd be tormented. And then I realized, that is love. That is life. Brutal and beautiful all in the same.. #Quote by Renee Carlino
Let Me Die quotes by Bob Keeshan
#76. Let me introduce myself. My name is, uh, Kangaroo ... Kangaroo - Captain Kangaroo ... I'm the keeper here of the Treasure House. #Quote by Bob Keeshan
Let Me Die quotes by Anais Nin
#77. I am apparently gentle, unstable, and full of pretenses. I will die a poet killed by the nonpoets, will renounce no dream, resign myself to no ugliness, accept nothing of the world but the one I made myself. I wrote, lived, loved like Don Quixote, and on the day of my death I will say: 'Excuse me, it was all a dream,' and by that time I may have found one who will say: 'Not at all, it was true, absolutely true. #Quote by Anais Nin
Let Me Die quotes by Jodi Lynn Anderson
#78. Did you know I always thought you were braver than me? Did you ever guess that that was why I was so afraid? It wasn't that I only loved some of you. But I wondered if you could ever love more than some of me.

I knew I'd miss you. But the surprising thing is, you never leave me. I never forget a thing. Every kind of love, it seems, is the only one. It doesn't happen twice. And I never expected that you could have a broken heart and love with it too, so much that it doesn't seem broken at all. I know young people look at me and think my youth seems so far away, but it's all around me, and you're all around me. Tiger Lily, do you think magic exists if it can be explained? I can explain why I loved you, I can explain the theory of evolution that tells me why mermaids live in Neverland and nowhere else. But it still feels magic.

The lost boys all stood at our wedding. Does it seem odd to you that they could have stood at a wedding that wasn't yours and mine? It does to me. and I'm sorry for it, and for a lot, and I also wouldn't change it.

It is so quiet here. Even with all the trains and the streets and the people. It's nothing like the jungle. The boys have grown. Everything has grown. Do you think you will ever grow? I hope not. I like to think that even if I change and fade away, some other people won't.

I like to think that one day after I die, at least one small particle of me - of all the particles that will spread everywhere #Quote by Jodi Lynn Anderson
Let Me Die quotes by Kindle Alexander
#79. I only let myself think about this moment one time on the way here. I told
myself if you gave me another chance, I would take this slow and somehow prove to you that you're the only one that ever mattered to me. I'm willing to spend the rest of my life showing you how much you mean to me. I'll work every single day to be the man you deserve, but let me make love to you tonight. Let me know what it's like to feel you again. Please. #Quote by Kindle Alexander
Let Me Die quotes by Tiffany Snow
#80. He glanced down at me, a tiny smirk on his face. "I thought you like it when I go all Batman," he teased. "Yeah, well, all Batman's girlfriends die," I retorted. "You watch too many movies. #Quote by Tiffany Snow
Let Me Die quotes by Albert Camus
#81. For by giving it some hard thought, by considering the whole thing calmly, I could see that the trouble with the guillotine was that you had no chance at all, absolutely none. The fact was that it had been decided once and for all that the patient was to die. It was an open-and-shut case, a fixed arrangement, a tacit agreement that there was no question of going back on. If by some extraordinary chance the blade failed, they would just start over. So the thing that bothered me most was that the condemned man had to hope the machine would work the first time. And I say that's wrong. And in a way I was right. But in another way I was forced to admit that that was the whole secret of good organization. In other words, the condemned man was forced into a kind of moral collaboration. It was in his interest that everything go off without a hitch. #Quote by Albert Camus
Let Me Die quotes by Virginia Woolf
#82. The dawn, even when it is cold and melancholy, never fails to shoot through my limbs as with arrows of sparkling piercing ice. I pull aside the thick curtains, and search for the first glow in the sky which shows that life is breaking through. And with my cheek leant upon the window pane I like to fancy that I am pressing as closely as can be upon the massy wall of time, which is for ever lifting and pulling and letting fresh spaces of life in upon us. May it be mine to taste the moment before it has spread itself over the rest of the world! Let me taste the newest and the freshest. From my window I look down upon the Church yard, where so many of my ancestors are buried, and in my prayer I pity those poor dead men who toss perpetually on the old recurring waters; for I see them, circling and eddying forever upon a pale tide. Let us, then, who have the gift of the present, use it and enjoy it ... #Quote by Virginia Woolf
Let Me Die quotes by Georgette Heyer
#83. How cross you are!' marvelled Miss Thane. 'I suppose when one reaches middle age it is difficult to sympathize with the follies of youth.'
Sir Tristram had walked over to the other side of the room to pick up his coat and hat, but this was too much for him, and he turned and said with undue emphasis: 'It may interest you to know, ma'am, that I am one-and-thirty years old, and not yet in my dotage!'
'Why, of course not!' said Miss Thane soothingly. 'You have only entered upon what one may call the sober time of life. Let me help you to put on your coat!'
'Thank you,' said Sir Tristram. 'Perhaps you would also like to give me the support of your arm as far as to the door? #Quote by Georgette Heyer
Let Me Die quotes by Ottessa Moshfegh
#84. You want to stay here and sleep your life away? That's it?"

"If you knew what would make you happy, wouldn't you do it?" I asked her.

"See, you do want to be happy. Then why did you tell me that being happy is dumb?" she asked. "You said that to me more than once."

"Let me be dumb," I said, glugging the NyQuil. "You go be smart and tell me how great it is. I'll be here, hibernating."

Reva rolled her eyes.

"It's natural," I told her. "People used to hibernate all the time."

"People never hibernated. Where are you getting this?"

She could look really pathetic when she was outraged. She got up and stood there holding her stupid knockoff Kate Spade bag or whatever it was, her hair pulled back into a ponytail and crowned with a useless, plastic, tortoiseshell headband. She was always getting her hair blown out, her eyebrows waxed into thin, arched, parentheses, her fingernails painted various shades of pink and purple, as though all of this made her a wonderful person.

"It's not up for discussion, Reva. This is what I'm doing. If you can't accept it, then you don't have to. #Quote by Ottessa Moshfegh
Let Me Die quotes by Sara Majka
#85. It was silly to remember the stories of us not getting along. The melodrama of any couple breaking apart. My feelings for the man who stayed for a month in the neighboring apartment who made jewelry. He lay earrings on the bedspread and let me pick a pair. Feathers I picked and even wore. Mistaking the relief from loneliness that meeting another fragile soul can bring about, mistaking that for love, but who's to say it wasn't love, or what I felt for Richard, that it was love. Who's to say. #Quote by Sara Majka
Let Me Die quotes by Paula Hawkins
#86. Sometimes I want to scream at him, Just let me go. Let me go. Let me breathe. So I can't sleep, and I'm angry. I feel as though we're having fight already, even though the fight's only in my imagination. And in my head, thoughts go round and round and round. And I feel like I'm suffocating. #Quote by Paula Hawkins
Let Me Die quotes by Charlyn Khater
#87. I worry if we die and become stars,
how will you hold me? and how will I kiss you? #Quote by Charlyn Khater
Let Me Die quotes by Alex Rosa
#88. He grabs my face, watching my watering eyes. "No, no, I knew you wouldn't let me go without a fight. It was just going to take some time. I'd do the same for you. In a way, I hope that someday maybe I can save your life."
I laugh, trying my damnedest not to kiss him. It's simple, isn't it? "Jeremy, you already have. #Quote by Alex Rosa
Let Me Die quotes by Cory Booker
#89. My father was not going to let me sit back and just consume my blessings. He wanted me to contribute, and to do that, you have to be mission-oriented. #Quote by Cory Booker
Let Me Die quotes by Kim Harrison
#90. Jenks made a face as he levered himself up on the sill. Much as I enjoy this horrific outpouring of estrogen, I'm going to go say good-bye to my wife. Let me know when you're ready. I'll be in the garden - probably next to the stink weed. #Quote by Kim Harrison
Let Me Die quotes by George Bernard Shaw
#91. I was told that my diet was so poor that I could not repair the bones that were broken and operated on. So I have just had an Xradiograph taken; and lo! perfectly mended solid bone so beautifully white that I have left instructions that, if I die, a glove stretcher is to be made of me and sent to you as a souvenir #Quote by George Bernard Shaw
Let Me Die quotes by Neal Shusterman
#92. It sets me off giggling, which gets everyone else laughing. And it occurs to me that even in these do-or-die moments, there's still space for us to laugh. I guess that means we still have some fight left in us. #Quote by Neal Shusterman

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