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Lebrons Mom quotes by Ann Coulter
#1. That is the theme of the Million Mom March: 'I don't need a brain - I've got a womb'. #Quote by Ann Coulter
Lebrons Mom quotes by Karen Joy Fowler
#2. So this is what I said to Mom; this is what I meant to say -
That there was something inside Fern I didn't know.
That I didn't know her in the way I'd always thought I did.
That Fern had secrets and not the good kind.
Instead I'd said I was afraid of her. That was the lie that got her sent away. #Quote by Karen Joy Fowler
Lebrons Mom quotes by Tim Allen
#3. My mom said the only reason men are alive is for lawn care and vehicle maintenance. #Quote by Tim Allen
Lebrons Mom quotes by Leonardo DiCaprio
#4. You do need parental guidance and I was in a great position with both my mum and dad. They split when I was a baby but even though I stayed with my mom they were both very much involved in my upbringing. #Quote by Leonardo DiCaprio
Lebrons Mom quotes by Katie Ashley
#5. It was the way your sweet, soft hands wiped away my tears, and the way your body just curved into mine when you let me hold you. It all made me feel, for just an instant, that everything really was going to be all right. No one has ever comforted me like that ... except my mom." What the fuck? Did I just say all that out loud? I shook my head furiously from side to side as the room started spinning me like a Tilt-a-Whirl at the county fair back home.
Abby grabbed my shoulders to steady me. I blinked my eyes trying to focus on her blurry, but beautiful image. "Most of all, it's that I want someone like you to want me - just for me, not for Jake Slater the singer of Runaway Train." I smacked my hand hard against my chest. "For what's really inside me. #Quote by Katie Ashley
Lebrons Mom quotes by Mac Barnett
#6. A clue! From M!"
"Who's M?"
"Maybe M is for Mackintosh! Maybe Grabes ans Mackintosh are in cahoots!"
"Or maybe M is for Mom. Also, who says 'cahoots'? #Quote by Mac Barnett
Lebrons Mom quotes by Rebecca Romijn
#7. Being a mom makes me feel whole and like I understand the meaning of life. #Quote by Rebecca Romijn
Lebrons Mom quotes by Steve Breen
#8. My dad was an FBI agent. My mom and dad were straight arrow types, and I had a conservative, suburban Orange County upbringing. #Quote by Steve Breen
Lebrons Mom quotes by Stacey Kade
#9. Not five minutes after Alona had vanished through the far wall of my bedroom, my mom had poked her head in my room to say good night, and let's face it, probably check up on me. Her face was glowing with happiness. She must have had a good time Sam at the movies. Where I was absolutely sure they did nothing but actually watch the movie, and refused to believe any evidence to the contrary. It was too ... weird. #Quote by Stacey Kade
Lebrons Mom quotes by Steven James Taylor
#10. I have been fortunate, he thought. I have known many mothers. Alice and Lora and Oota Dabun, but I will always recall my first mom when I was but a Lost Boy. Of all my mothers, I will always remember my Wendy most. #Quote by Steven James Taylor
Lebrons Mom quotes by Andrea O'Reilly
#11. 'A mother must put on her oxygen mask first, in order to be able to help her children' - I see this instruction on airplanes as an appropriate metaphor for feminist mothering. Mothers, empowered, are able to better care for and protect their children #Quote by Andrea O'Reilly
Lebrons Mom quotes by Gaspard Mermillod
#12. A mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take. #Quote by Gaspard Mermillod
Lebrons Mom quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#13. Adron! Don't you hurt him. (Kiara)
I'm not going to hurt him, Mom. I'm going to kill him. (Young Adron) #Quote by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Lebrons Mom quotes by Amy Winehouse
#14. I know I'm talented, but I wasn't put here to sing. I was put here to be a wife and a mom and look after my family. I love what I do, but it's not where it begins and ends. #Quote by Amy Winehouse
Lebrons Mom quotes by Amy Harmon
#15. You're right. You and Millie look more like your mom," I said...
"That's because we spent more time with her," Henry said seriously, as if it were common knowledge, as if resemblances were based on nurture instead of nature. It was true, to a point. Mannerisms, quirks, style. All those things could be learned and copied.
"So if I spend a lot of time with Kathleen, do you think she'll start to look like me?" I asked him, steering the focus away from his father.
Henry looked doubtfully from me to my grunting, banana-bearded child and back again.
"I hope so," he said.
Georgia snickered, and I hooted and held my hand in the air so Henry could give me five.
"You hear that, Georgia? Henry hopes so," I crowed. "I guess that means your baby daddy is a beautiful man."
Henry obviously didn't mean to be funny, and he totally left me hanging. Georgia reached up and slapped my hand and winked at me. #Quote by Amy Harmon
Lebrons Mom quotes by Leslie Morgan Steiner
#16. The most important experience for learning to be a mother is your own mom's experience. #Quote by Leslie Morgan Steiner
Lebrons Mom quotes by Jessica Capshaw
#17. I love the surprise element of being a mom. #Quote by Jessica Capshaw
Lebrons Mom quotes by Nyrae Dawn
#18. Still I pulled her into a hug, because I knew she let me off the hook on purpose and yeah, I'm a guy and I love my mom. So shoot me. I'm man enough to hug her without feeling like a mama's boy. #Quote by Nyrae Dawn
Lebrons Mom quotes by Various
#19. Hate

I hate the way my family acts.
I hate feeling like I'm wearing a mask.
I hate that no one knows.
I hate not knowing where time goes.
I hate that my fathers dead.
I hate that I'll never see him again.
I hate bouncing from home to home.
I hate not saying bye before I go.
I hate not telling anyone.
I hate a lot of the shit I've done.
I hate the fact my mom is the only one who show she cares.
I hate feeling there's no one there. #Quote by Various
Lebrons Mom quotes by Taya Kyle
#20. The next morning, I went over to pick them up. I'd spent the night thinking of more things I should tell them--everything about Chris I thought they needed to know.
It was all too much.
"I don't know how to tell you everything," I confessed to Bradley as he got into the car. I started to cry. "There's so many things and we have such a short amount of time."
"Just being here is all we need," he said. "I'm not an impersonator. I'm just here to feel Chris's life--I feel him here with me right now."
Bradley put me at ease and I calmed down. Back at the house, he and Clint became almost like family. Little bits of their personality came out as well--and I saw a glimmer of Clint's famous Dirty Harry character later on in the day when I had to leave to go to Bubba's basketball game.
They'd talked about coming with me--which frankly would have created an impossible circus. But I did give them the option. As they stood trying to make up their minds, I snapped into anxious mom mode.
"All right," I told them both. "You're welcome to come. But if you're coming, we're leaving now."
I guess my tone was a little too strident.
"So you want to get tough with me, huh, lady?" said Clint in his best Dirty Harry voice as he raised his eyebrow.
It's amazing how threatening a simple facial tic can be.
I left them home to study some of Chris's replica guns and gear. Our own already had its ample share of lawmen. #Quote by Taya Kyle
Lebrons Mom quotes by Albert Einstein
#21. You are the only person I know who has the same attitude towards physics as I have: belief in the comprehension of reality through something basically simple and unified ... It seems hard to sneak a look at God's cards. But that He plays dice and uses 'telepathic' methods ... is something that I cannot believe for a single moment. #Quote by Albert Einstein
Lebrons Mom quotes by Jennifer Egan
#22. I'm very interested in the way the Internet has changed teenage life. Obviously it's very different from when I grew up, when there weren't even answering machines, much less computers. I was telling my children this the other day, and the little one said, "Did you have electricity, Mom?" and I was like okay, enough, kid. #Quote by Jennifer Egan
Lebrons Mom quotes by Allison Burnett
#23. Once I entered the house late at night and overheard Mark and my mom having sex by the fireplace. She was moaning like she was flying on a magic carpet. I almost puked into the kitchen sink. I would give anything for her to dump him. Jade's mom says it will never happen because women over 45 have a better chance of getting blown up by a terrorist than finding a man. Haha! If I ever get that desperate, I will buy a giant vibrator and never leave the house. #Quote by Allison Burnett
Lebrons Mom quotes by Susan Ee
#24. You should go,' Raffe says to me. 'This is no place for a human.'
'What about me being your second for the contest?'
'Nobody will remember that once they see the Watchers.'
'Are you sure you're not just trying to avoid getting back into the truck with me and my mom?'
He almost smiles. #Quote by Susan Ee
Lebrons Mom quotes by John Jeremiah Sullivan
#25. People hate these shows, but their hatred smacks of denial. It's all there, all the old American grotesques, the test-tube babies of Whitman and Poe, a great gauntlet of doubtless eyes, big mouths spewing fantastic catchphrase fountains of impenetrable self-justification, muttering dark prayers, calling on God to strike down those who would fuck with their money, their cash, and always knowing, always preaching. Using weird phrases that nobody uses, except everybody uses them now. Constantly talking about 'goals.' Throwing carbonic acid on our castmates because they used our special cup annd then calling our mom to say, in a baby voice, 'People don't get me here.' Walking around half-naked with a butcher knife behind our backs. Telling it like it is, y'all (what-what). And never passive-aggressive, no. Saying it straight to your face. But crying...My God, there have been more tears shed on reality TV than by all the war widows of the world. Are we so raw? It must be so. There are simply too many of them-too many shows and too many people on the shows-for them not to be revealing something endemic. This is us, a people of savage sentimentality, weeping and lifting weights. #Quote by John Jeremiah Sullivan
Lebrons Mom quotes by Paris Hilton
#26. I'd love to have a family one day. Having kids is the meaning of life and I can't wait to be a mom. #Quote by Paris Hilton
Lebrons Mom quotes by Judith Viorst
#27. My mom says I'm her sugarplum.
My mom says I'm her lamb.
My mom says I'm completely perfect
Just the way I am.
My mom says I'm a super-special wonderful terrific little guy.
My mom just had another baby.
Why? #Quote by Judith Viorst
Lebrons Mom quotes by Emma Chase
#28. Steven's words slush together as he gets to his feet. "Crossing this one off the bucket list." Then he
unbuckles his belt and grabs the waist of his pants - yanking the suckers down to his ankles - tighty
whities and all.
Every guy in the car holds up his hands to try to block the spectacle. We groan and complain. "My
eyes! They burn!"
"Put the boa constrictor back in his cage, man."
"This is not the ass I planned on seeing tonight."
Our protests fall on deaf ears. Steven is a man on a mission. Wordlessly, he squats and shoves his lilywhite
ass out the window - mooning the gaggle of grannies in the car next to us.
I bet you thought this kind of stuff only happened in movies.
He grins while his ass blows in the wind for a good ninety seconds, ensuring optimal viewage. Then
he pulls his slacks up, turns around, and leans out the window, laughing. "Enjoying the full moon, ladies?"
Wow. Steven usually isn't the type to visually assault the elderly.
Without warning, his crazy cackling is cut off. He's silent for a beat, then I hear him choke out a single
strangled word.
Then he's diving back into the limo, his face grayish, dazed, and totally sober. He stares at the floor.
"No way that just happened."
Matthew and I look at each other hopefully, then we scramble to the window. Sure enough, in the
driver's seat of that big old Town Car is none other than Loretta P. Reinhart. Mom #Quote by Emma Chase
Lebrons Mom quotes by Jenna Bush
#29. I'm sure there were times when I wish I had thought, 'Gosh, that might really embarrass mom and dad,' but our parents didn't raise us to think about them. They're very selfless and they wanted us to have as normal of a college life as possible. So really, we didn't think of any repercussions. #Quote by Jenna Bush
Lebrons Mom quotes by Cynthia Hand
#30. You and I have a connection that nothing, not on heaven or earth, or even hell, could ever break. If you want to talk to me, talk to me. I'll hear you ... #Quote by Cynthia Hand
Lebrons Mom quotes by A.E. Via
#31. I want you to know that I appreciate you trusting me with this, and understand that it doesn't change a goddamn thing between us. But it kills me that you would rather your mom hate you for the rest of her life than tell her the truth." Leo ran his strong hands up and down God's thighs. God put his large palm on that gorgeous face and placed his forehead gently against Leo's. "Thank you, sweetheart, but I'm okay with this. This is the hand life dealt me. But now I have you, right." God said it more as a statement of fact. "Yes. You have me for as long as you want me." Day held him back. God #Quote by A.E. Via
Lebrons Mom quotes by Colleen Hoover
#32. Karen shuts the back door and turns to me. "You know I trust you, but please ... "
"Don't get pregnant," I interrupt. "I know, I know. You've been saying that every time you leave for the past two years. I'm not getting pregnant, Mom. Only terribly high and cracked out."
She laughs and hugs me. "Good girl. And wasted. Don't forget to get really wasted. #Quote by Colleen Hoover
Lebrons Mom quotes by Janel Moloney
#33. At one point in my 20s, I was about to quit acting. I'd had a crappy couple of years and I was depressed. My mom said, 'Don't give up! You'll be so mad at yourself.' #Quote by Janel Moloney
Lebrons Mom quotes by Mindy Kaling
#34. As my mom has said, when one person is unhappy, it usually means two people are unhappy but that one has not come to terms with it yet. #Quote by Mindy Kaling

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