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Learning To Know Yourself quotes by Milan Kundera
#1. I know, brother, that you are a straightforward man, and that you pride yourself on it. But put one question to yourself: why in fact should one tell the truth? What obliges us to do it? And why do we consider telling the truth a virtue? Imagine that you meet a madman, who claims that he is a fish and that we are all fish. Are you going to argue with him? Are you going to undress in front of him and show him that you don't have fins? Are you going to say to his face what you think? Well, tell me!'

His brother was silent and Edward went on: 'If you told him the whole truth and nothing but the truth, only what you really thought, you would enter into a serious conversation with a madman and you yourself would become mad. And it is the same way with the world that surrounds us. If I obstinately told a man the truth to his face, it would mean I was taking him seriously. And to take something so unimportant seriously means to become less than serious oneself. I, you see, must lie, if I don't want to take madmen seriously and become one of them myself. #Quote by Milan Kundera
Learning To Know Yourself quotes by Raymond Chandler
#2. Anybody home, son?" "You ought to know." "How would I know?" "Go - yourself." "That's how people get false teeth." He showed me his in a tight grin. #Quote by Raymond Chandler
Learning To Know Yourself quotes by Tennessee Williams
#3. People are not so dreadful when you know them. That's what you have to remember! And everybody has problems, not just you, but practically everybody has got some problems. You think of yourself as having the only problems, as being the only one who is disappointed. But just look around you and you will see lots of people as disappointed as you are. #Quote by Tennessee Williams
Learning To Know Yourself quotes by Oprah Winfrey
#4. I know for sure that you cannot give to everyone else and not give back to yourself. You will end up empty, or at best, less than what you can be for yourself and your family and your work. Replenish the well of yourself, for yourself. #Quote by Oprah Winfrey
Learning To Know Yourself quotes by Chris Martin
#5. If your wife went out with Brad Pitt, you'd want to prove yourself, you know what I mean? #Quote by Chris Martin
Learning To Know Yourself quotes by Bellamy Young
#6. You gotta love yourself, because when you're hurting - you never know who's gonna be around to do the lovin' for ya. You gotta love yourself through the pain. #Quote by Bellamy Young
Learning To Know Yourself quotes by Santino Hassell
#7. You can tell him we're not going to harm him, you know. It's not like he's some high risk captive."
"Tell him yourself."
"I don't speak Spanish," she complained.
"Well, he can just wait in suspense. #Quote by Santino Hassell
Learning To Know Yourself quotes by C. JoyBell C.
#8. There is such a thirst to be known, isn't there? What is it about being known that would cause us to hunger so much after it, at any cost? I'm afraid too many of us have forgotten that far more noble is the journey that one embarks on to know oneself; than the trip one goes on in the search for fame. Isn't it better to know and to know and to know yourself and if your heart is found to be noble, isn't it better that you know this on your own and truly; rather than for you to chase after the thoughts that others might have of you? To be a true royal in heart is better than to be a false royal with a throne. #Quote by C. JoyBell C.
Learning To Know Yourself quotes by Nenia Campbell
#9. If the whole world seems like it's against you, it helps to know that you've still got home. A safe place. It just takes one person - a teacher, a friend, a parent. If I didn't have you and Dad, if you hadn't made it so clear you loved me as much as you did, or if you'd said, 'yeah, why don't you do it, and put yourself out of our misery, just shut up,' I would have killed myself. I really would have. I spent most of those days wishing I were dead anyway, and what always stopped me was the fact that doing so would destroy the lives of the only people who ever cared about me. #Quote by Nenia Campbell
Learning To Know Yourself quotes by Zoe Heller
#10. Meir, let me ask you something," I said after a while.
"Do you think I'm a bad person?"
"Only God knows that for sure, Willy."
"So you don't have an opinion at all?"
"Not one that really matters."
"Okay, let me ask you something else. If the Polish peasant who hid Jews from the Nazis is a hero, what is the Polish peasant who turned the Jews away? Is he a coward?"
Meir smiled, "Of course."
"Really? A coward? A bad man?"
"A coward isn't a bad man, necessarily. You can't know if you're a bad man until you die."
"You've got to wait until you hear god's decision?"
"Well, yes, that's true. But I meant something else. Only when you die do you run out of chances to be good. Until then, there is always the possibility of turning yourself around. #Quote by Zoe Heller
Learning To Know Yourself quotes by Kabir Edmund Helminski
#11. Holistic, unconditional love, agape, is the unity in which duality disappears. It is as if a certain internal boundary has vanished. With agape what we love is ourselves, the way a mother loves her child as herself. This is the meaning of loving another as yourself – transcending our phenomenal borders and experiencing ourselves in another and the other in, not apart from, us. Eventually, if love is comprehensive, it unites us with everything and allows us to know that we are everything. Therefore, how can we support the illusion of this isolated, separate self that is threatened by and defends itself from everything outside? Love returns us to the unity that is actually Reality. Reality is not the isolation, suspicion, envy, selfishness, and fear of loss that we have come to accept as normal; it is that we are all part of one Life. The same Spirit moves in us all. You come to know this better when you realize that we all have the same kinds of feelings, the same wish to be known and respected, to share ourselves and let down our defenses. We are continually faced with a choice between personal achievement, personal security, and comfort on the one hand, and working for the whole and helping everyone and everything toward perfection on the other. We are faced with a choice between looking out for ourselves and contributing wholeheartedly to a common good. We are faced with focusing on self-love or increasing our love of all Life. (p. 191) #Quote by Kabir Edmund Helminski
Learning To Know Yourself quotes by Junot Diaz
#12. You don't know what it's like to grow up with a mother who never said a positive thing in her life, not about her children or the world, who was always suspicious, always tearing you down and splitting your dreams straight down the seams. When my first pen pal, Tomoko, stopped writing me after three letters she was the one who laughed: You think someone's going to lose life writing to you? Of course I cried; I was eight and I had already planned that Tomoko and her family would adopt me. My mother of course saw clean into the marrow of those dreams, and laughed. I wouldn't write to you either, she said. She was that kind of mother: who makes you doubt yourself, who would wipe you out if you let her. But I'm not going to pretend either. For a long time I let her say what she wanted about me, and what was worse, for a long time I believed her. #Quote by Junot Diaz
Learning To Know Yourself quotes by Toba Beta
#13. Wanna know the truth about yourself and this universe?
Just learn to understand your DNA code then you'll see. #Quote by Toba Beta
Learning To Know Yourself quotes by Rebecca Solnit
#14. A happy love is a single story, a disintegrating one is two or more competing, conflicting versions, and a disintegrated one lies at your feet like a shattered mirror, each shard reflecting a different story, that it was wonderful, that it was terrible, if only this had, if only that hadn't. The stories don't fit back together, and it's the end of stories, those devices we carry like shells and shields and blinkers and occasionally maps and compasses. The people close to you become mirrors and journals in which you record your history, the instruments that help you know yourself and remember yourself, and you do the same for them. When they vanish so does the use, the appreciation, the understanding of those small anecdotes, catchphrases, jokes: they become a book slammed shut or burnt. #Quote by Rebecca Solnit
Learning To Know Yourself quotes by Courtney Summers
#15. Times like these, you go so far out of your way to assure yourself you're not alone. You memorize the person you're with: the way they breathe, the way they move, the warmth of their body. All these things, you reach for every second of the day and when they're gone, you don't even have to open your eyes to know it. She's gone. #Quote by Courtney Summers
Learning To Know Yourself quotes by Catherine Marshall
#16. What do you do when strength is called for and you have no strength? You evoke a power beyond your own and use stamina you did not know you had. You open your eyes in the morning grateful that you can see the sunlight of yet another day. You draw yourself to the edge of the bed and then put one foot in front of the other and keep going. You weep with those who gently close the eyes of the dead, and somehow, from the salt of your tears, comes endurance for them and for you. You pour out that resurgence to minister to the living. #Quote by Catherine Marshall
Learning To Know Yourself quotes by Nick Hornby
#17. See, I've always been afraid of marriage because of, you know, ball and chain, I want my freedom, all that. But when I was thinking about that stupid girl I suddenly saw it was the opposite: that if you got married to someone you know you love, and you sort yourself out, it frees you up for other things. #Quote by Nick Hornby
Learning To Know Yourself quotes by Hannah Harrington
#18. You're nothing like your sister," he tells me. "She meant a lot to me, okay? It's true. But the things I like about you have nothing to do with her. You - you are so strong and stubborn it drives me crazy. You're the one going through all this and you still put Laney first every time, instead of throwing yourself the pity party we both know you deserve. You call me out on my shit, and I like that, because sometimes I need someone to call me out on my shit. And you get Johnny Cash, and you take these incredible photos, and everything about you makes me hurt, in a good way, and it blows my mind that someone can be so amazing and not even see it. #Quote by Hannah Harrington
Learning To Know Yourself quotes by Sunday Adelaja
#19. If you know who you are, you do not need to consider yourself to be worse or better than someone else #Quote by Sunday Adelaja
Learning To Know Yourself quotes by Sonali Dev
#20. When I was too young to know better, I dreamed of a white knight. Someone who'd rescue me, protect me, keep me from harm. By the time I found him, all I wanted was for him to know I didn't need protecting. #Quote by Sonali Dev
Learning To Know Yourself quotes by Michelle Rodriguez
#21. This crazy little party girl who loves to enjoy life actually has a purpose. So, that's really the core of why I've survived so many years and I can go and I can fall down and I can get back up. Why? Because I know why I'm here. That's the question that a lot of people need to answer when they do fall is, 'Why am I here?' If you can answer that question, you'll be able to dust yourself off and shine like a phoenix out of ashes. #Quote by Michelle Rodriguez
Learning To Know Yourself quotes by Sara Bareilles
#22. You are trying your best to make sense of a whole new world and a whole new self. It's scary to take steps towards independence and I wish I could help you feel softer towards yourself while you explore what that actually means. The dynamic nature of your experience right now is completely normal and those high highs and low lows are a ride that you will get used to and learn to appreciate. I know you are overwhelmed by your own emotions a lot these days , and that makes you angry with yourself. But a bird's eye view shows that there is a bottleneck building up, shepherding you toward your own discovery of songwriting as a part of your essence, not just a hobby. And you aren't alone. You are about to find a maze of people who share a love of the thing that will be your lifeboat: music. #Quote by Sara Bareilles
Learning To Know Yourself quotes by Instructions Étape Par Étape Pour Utiliser Les Pilules Amaigrissantes Biolife Keto [FR].
#23. We know there are individuals out there who imagine that taking an enhancement like this is a muddled program that is hard to adhere to. That isn't the situation. It's in reality only a few pills for each day, considerably more like a nutrient than a complex framework. Here's the way everything works:It's consistently a smart thought to snap a picture of yourself before you start taking the enhancement so you can follow your progress. Take two Biolife Keto diet pills every day with a glass of water. Make sure that you eat keto-accommodating suppers and snacks. Make sure that you are practicing as frequently as possible. After thirty days, contrast your new body with the one in your before photograph and you'll see some entirely inconceivable outcomes! Click here to order Biolife Keto Weight Loss Pills: #Quote by Instructions Étape Par Étape Pour Utiliser Les Pilules Amaigrissantes Biolife Keto [FR].
Learning To Know Yourself quotes by Mandy Hubbard
#24. And maybe it works the other way, too. Maybe being friends with someone can make you shut yourself off to stuff that you want to be a part of."
She doesn't speak, just shifts her weight back and forth a few times.
I look up at Nicole and give her what I hope is my most sincere look, because she has to know that I'm speaking the truth. "I never meant to turn you into someone you didn't want to be. I don't care what you do. If you want to be a cheerleader, then awesome. You can be a nun or a backup dancer for the Jonas Brothers. I don't care. I just don't want you to think you can't be my friend and the things you want to be. #Quote by Mandy Hubbard
Learning To Know Yourself quotes by David O. McKay
#25. Well,' you may ask, 'how may I know when I am in love?'

. . . George Q. Morris [who later became a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, gave this reply]: 'My mother once said that if you meet a girl in whose presence you feel a desire to achieve, who inspires you to do your best, and to make the most of yourself, such a young woman is worthy of your love and is awakening love in your heart. #Quote by David O. McKay
Learning To Know Yourself quotes by Taya Kyle
#26. May 5, 2006

I also hope you are being able to keep yourself a little bit happier. If you need to resent me to be able to make it through, I understand. I know you love me, and support me in whatever I do. I don't have to hear it all the time, or call home to hear just good things. If you need to unload on me when I call, then do it. Whatever it takes to make you feel better. #Quote by Taya Kyle
Learning To Know Yourself quotes by Stefan Molyneux
#27. What do woman say to little boys? " Stop fighting. Stop being so rough. Stop rough housing." They're boys you know, that's kinda what they're sapossed to do. So, men are sapossed to overcome all these biological drives and I'm just really interested in helping women overcome theirs caus' I think the spotlight of " Outgrow your bestial nature." has been pointed just a little bit too long at men and I think it's time to swivel that motherfucker around and point it at woman and say stop making yourself look like fucking sex clowns to milk money out of men's dicks. Stop lying about who you are and what you're about. Stop being flirty, manipulative, and trying to be sexy. Just stop doing it.

It's time for women to outgrow biology just as men have been instructed to for about the last 20,000 years to outgrow their biology. "Stop slamming doors. Stop yelling. Stop climbing trees. Stop being rude. Stop farting. Stop enjoying fart jokes. Just stop being men."

Ok, Well; women stop being women. Be people. Be people who have sex, absolutely but, don't be caricatures. Don't aim to be like a woman who looks like the outline of some playboy mudflap on a trucker's rig. Just be people. Be sexual. Enjoy your sexuality and bodies but, stop trying to bury us in tits so that we pass out and you can rifle through our bank accounts. Just stop doing that shit. I won't enable it anymore. Why does your face have to look like some half rained on Picasso water color? I don't need #Quote by Stefan Molyneux
Learning To Know Yourself quotes by Raven Lockwood
#28. What do you love?
If I asked you, I already know what you would say. You would roll of many answers, you love your parents, you love your children, you love your pets, your home. You love to read, you'd list the books, to write, you love the sun on a warm day, you love music, you'd list the songs, you love art, meals, you love holidays.
Then when you've finished I'd tell you that you have missed something, the most important thing of all.
How long would it be, on a list of things you love to say that you love yourself? #Quote by Raven Lockwood
Learning To Know Yourself quotes by Cora Carmack
#29. You simply must have the stronger heart. You must have no doubts, no fear. You must want to survive more than the storm does. When ou drive your hand into the heart of a storm, it in turn drives into you. It will search out every weakness, every insecurity. If you are afraid to die, it will know. I've seen hunters with tremendous skill-- fast and strong and calm under pressure-- crumble under the intensity of facing a storm heart to heart. The battle is different for every person, for every storm, but one thing always holds true-- only one heart gets to live on. So tell me, Roar, do you think you are ready? Look into yourself and decide-- are you willing to bet your life on it? #Quote by Cora Carmack
Learning To Know Yourself quotes by Tove Lo
#30. I've always wanted my music to have that desperation, where you just want to strip your clothes off and run down the highway. I want the feeling where you don't really know what to do with yourself - in the vocals, in the production. Everything. #Quote by Tove Lo
Learning To Know Yourself quotes by Martha Postlethwaite
#31. Do not try to save
the whole world
or do anything grandiose.
Instead, create
a clearing
in the dense forest
of your life
and wait there
until the song
that is yours alone to sing
falls into your open cupped hands
and you recognize and greet it.
Only then will you know
how to give yourself
to this world so worthy of rescue. #Quote by Martha Postlethwaite
Learning To Know Yourself quotes by Katherine Parkinson
#32. People don't realise what a nice thing it is for an actor to go to a job where they know or like everybody, because you're so often having to do new beginnings, starting off on set with people you don't know, having to introduce yourself and make friends. #Quote by Katherine Parkinson
Learning To Know Yourself quotes by Colin Wilson
#33. What, in fact, do we know about the peak experience? Well, to begin with, we know one thing that puts us several steps ahead of the most penetrating thinkers of the 19th century: that P.E'.s are not a matter of pure good luck or grace. They don't come and go as they please, leaving 'this dim, vast vale of tears vacant and desolate'. Like rainbows, peak experiences are governed by definite laws. They are 'intentional'.

And that statement suddenly gains in significance when we remember Thorndike's discovery that the effect of positive stimuli is far more powerful and far reaching than that of negative stimuli. His first statement of the law of effect was simply that situations that elicit positive reactions tend to produce continuance of positive reactions, while situations that elicit negative or avoidance reactions tend to produce continuance of these. It was later that he came to realise that positive reactions build-up stronger response patterns than negative ones. In other words, positive responses are more intentional than negative ones.

Which is another way of saying that if you want a positive reaction (or a peak experience), your best chance of obtaining it is by putting yourself into an active, purposive frame of mind. The opposite of the peak experience - sudden depression, fatigue, even the 'panic fear' that swept William James to the edge of insanity - is the outcome of passivity. This cannot be overemphasised. Depression - or neurosis - need #Quote by Colin Wilson
Learning To Know Yourself quotes by Bryant McGill
#34. You will never know anyone more intimately than yourself. Love yourself and be good to yourself. #Quote by Bryant McGill
Learning To Know Yourself quotes by Christopher Poindexter
#35. do you want to know how to seduce the night?
this is not a poem about the stars or the moon
because we all know i have overused those terms and i
believe with the abundance of anything brings
with it a deadly exhaustion we all cannot afford.
if you truly want to fuck the night and i mean
fuck it hard and with purpose so that fucking
becomes making love and making love becomes
forever then i suggest you get off your lazy ass and
create art. create it with your soul and your soul
alone and do not be afraid of what
spills out of it. no matter the absurdness or the
darkness or the sadness just let yourself be free. #Quote by Christopher Poindexter
Learning To Know Yourself quotes by Issai Chozanshi
#36. When you know yourself, you will be clear within and keep yourself well in check. Thus, there will be no reason for anyone to come and be your opponent. Even if your knowledge is insufficient and you make mistakes, it will not be your fault. Just entrust things to Heaven. #Quote by Issai Chozanshi
Learning To Know Yourself quotes by Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj
#37. You want to know yourself. For this keep steadily in the focus of consciousness, the only clue you have: your certainty of being. Be with it, play with it, ponder over it, delve deeply into it, till the shell of ignorance breaks open and you emerge into the realm of reality. #Quote by Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

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