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Leap Day Birthday quotes by Amanda Blake Soule
#1. A big birthday party, a family vacation, or other large-scale events like those are all wonderful, precious, and such a treat. But it's the day-to-day little things that we do - cleaning our home and our bodies, caring for ourselves in sickness and in health, nurturing a new baby - that carry the biggest impact in our lives and the lives of our children. #Quote by Amanda Blake Soule
Leap Day Birthday quotes by Heather Wolf
#2. Just one act of kindness can change someone's whole world. #Quote by Heather Wolf
Leap Day Birthday quotes by ~Sw. Chidananda Tirtha
#3. Two days are the most important days of your life, first is the day when you were born and second is the day when you realized that you were never born. #Quote by ~Sw. Chidananda Tirtha
Leap Day Birthday quotes by Richelle E. Goodrich
#4. The day you were born
Heaven wept at its great loss,
Earth joyed at its gain. #Quote by Richelle E. Goodrich
Leap Day Birthday quotes by Susan Smith
#5. This card comes with best wishes
for a day that's fun all through,
a day of love and laughter
especially for you. #Quote by Susan Smith
Leap Day Birthday quotes by Edmond Manning
#6. The Forgiveness Castle remains open all day and all night, and the best thing is that there are so many entrances, usually found where you'd never thing to look: behind potted plants, in crayon drawings, and on old birthday cards. I have it on good authority that one entrance is through a tree fort. Many of the Forgiveness Castle's entry points remain secret, which is why you hunt around, press the blue walls gently, and wait. Sometimes saying the most obvious words, 'I'm sorry', opens a hidden door right where there seemed not possibility."
He looks away.
"You're welcome to visit this castle to wait for a friend, to sit in one of its orange and yellow gardens, or to find your own reflection in the polished blue rock and whisper, 'Please.Come home. #Quote by Edmond Manning
Leap Day Birthday quotes by Alan J. Heeger
#7. I have a strong memory of the day I was told that my father had a weak heart and that he had to go to the hospital. He died when I was nine years old on the same day that Franklin Roosevelt died; it was his 45th birthday. #Quote by Alan J. Heeger
Leap Day Birthday quotes by Elise Broach
#8. A person's birthday should be a special day, a wonderful day, a day of pure celebration for the luck of being born! #Quote by Elise Broach
Leap Day Birthday quotes by Brittany Cavallaro
#9. I brought her food, but it stayed untouched on the plate no matter how I tried to cajole her into eating. When I caught her taking twenty minutes to eat a single almond, I began wondering if there was some kind of Watsonian guide for the care and keeping of Holmeses.
When I sent my father an email to that effect (subject line I Need Your Help, postscript Still haven't forgiven you and won't). he responded that, yes, over the years he'd written down an informal series of suggestions in his journal; he'd do his best to adapt and type them up for me.
When the list arrived the next day, it was twelve pages long, single-spaced.
The suggestions ran from the obvious (8.
On the whole, coaxing works rather better than straightforward demands) to the irrelevant (39. Under all circumstances, do not allow Holmes to cook your dinner unless you have a taste for cold unseasoned broth) to the absurd (87. Hide all firearms before throwing Holes a surprise birthday party) to, finally, the useful (1. Search often for opiates and dispose of as needed; retaliation will not come often, though is swift and exacting when it does - do not grow attached to one's mirrors or drinking glasses; 2. During your search, always begin with the hollowed-out heels of Holmes's boots; 102. Have no compunctions about drugging Holmes's tea if he hasn't slept; 41. Be prepared to receive compliments once every two to three years;
74.) (underlined twice) (Whatever happens, remember it is not #Quote by Brittany Cavallaro
Leap Day Birthday quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#10. The day of birth is a sacred day. #Quote by Lailah Gifty Akita
Leap Day Birthday quotes by Will Rogers
#11. I was born on Nov. 4, which is election day ... my birthday has made more men and sent more back to honest work than any other days in the year. #Quote by Will Rogers
Leap Day Birthday quotes by Julie McGregor
#12. A Little Birdie
Told Me It's
Your Birthday!
So Enjoy Your
Special Day! #Quote by Julie McGregor
Leap Day Birthday quotes by Nikki Giovanni
#13. Ego Tripping

I was born in the congo
I walked to the fertile crescent and built
the sphinx
I designed a pyramid so tough that a star
that only glows every one hundred years falls
into the center giving divine perfect light
I am bad

I sat on the throne
drinking nectar with allah
I got hot and sent an ice age to europe
to cool my thirst
My oldest daughter is nefertiti
the tears from my birth pains
created the nile
I am a beautiful woman

I gazed on the forest and burned
out the sahara desert
with a packet of goat's meat
and a change of clothes
I crossed it in two hours
I am a gazelle so swift
so swift you can't catch me

For a birthday present when he was three
I gave my son hannibal an elephant
He gave me rome for mother's day
My strength flows ever on

My son noah built new/ark and
I stood proudly at the helm
as we sailed on a soft summer day
I turned myself into myself and was
men intone my loving name
All praises All praises
I am the one who would save

I sowed diamonds in my back yard
My bowels deliver uranium
the filings from my fingernails are
semi-precious jewels
On a trip north
I caught a cold and blew
My nose giving oil to the arab world
I am so hip even my errors are correct
I sailed west to reach e #Quote by Nikki Giovanni
Leap Day Birthday quotes by Robin Meyers
#14. After Constantine engineered the merger of Christ worshipers with sun worshipers in the fourth century, the creeds solidified and finalized the view of faith we hold today. Not only was this politically expedient, but it gave the church many elements of Mithraism that survive to this day. Christ is depicted in early paintings as the Sun (with rays bursting from his head), Sun-Day is the day of rest, and Christmas was moved from January 6 (still the date for Eastern Orthodox churches) to December 25, the birthday of Mithra. The ornaments of Christian orthodoxy today are nearly identical to those of the Mithraic version: miters, wafers, water baptism, altar, and doxology. Mithra was a traveling teacher with twelve companions who was called the "good shepherd," "the way, the truth, and the life," and "redeemer," "savior," and "messiah." He was buried in a tomb, and after three days he rose again. His resurrection was celebrated every year. #Quote by Robin Meyers
Leap Day Birthday quotes by Suzy Kassem

A great emperor is born from one tiny sperm.
A large eagle grows from one small egg.
A giant tree grows from one tiny seedling.
For the newborn and wise,
Everything begins small.
However, it is faith that builds
the staircase to your dreams.
Always have faith in yourself
and the universe,
For one will not get you anywhere
without the other.
Both must be equally strong to reach your desires,
For they are the wings that will lift you to your dreams.
Not a single bird makes its first leap From a tree without faith.
And not a single animal in the jungle
starts each day without faith.
Faith is the flame that eliminates fear,
And faith is the true emperor
of dreams. #Quote by Suzy Kassem
Leap Day Birthday quotes by Kiera Cass
#16. America, my love, you are sunlight falling through trees. You are laughter that breaks through sadness. You are the breeze on a too-war day. You are clarity in the midst of confusion.
You are not the world, but you are everything that makes the world good. Without you, my life would still exist, but that's all it would manage to do.
You said that to get things right one of us would have to take a leap of faith. I think I've discovered the canyon that must be leaped, and I hope to find you waiting for me on the other side.
I love you, America.
Yours forever,
Maxon #Quote by Kiera Cass
Leap Day Birthday quotes by John Green
#17. It's Thursday, March twenty-ninth!" she basically screamed, a demented smile plastered to her face. "You are really excited about knowing the date!" I yelled back. "HAZEL! IT'S YOUR THIRTY-THIRD HALF BIRTHDAY!" "Ohhhhhh," I said. My mom was really super into celebration maximization. IT'S ARBOR DAY! LET'S HUG TREES AND EAT CAKE! COLUMBUS BROUGHT SMALLPOX TO THE NATIVES; WE SHALL RECALL THE OCCASION WITH A PICNIC!, etc. #Quote by John Green
Leap Day Birthday quotes by Stephen King
#18. Once you saw the face of a god in those jumbled blacks and whites, it was everybody out of the pool - you could never unsee it. Others might laugh and say it's nothing, just a lot of splotches with no meaning, give me a good old Craftmaster paint-by-the-numbers any day but you would always see the face of Christ-Our-Lord looking out at you. You had seen it in one gestalt leap, the conscious and unconscious melding in that one shocking moment of understanding. You would always see it. You were damned to always see it. #Quote by Stephen King
Leap Day Birthday quotes by Seth
#19. Hard work is about risk. It begins when you deal with the things that you'd rather not deal with: fear of failure, fear of standing out, fear of rejection. Hard work is about training yourself to leap over this barrier, tunnel under that barrier, drive through the other barrier. And after you've done that, to do it again the next day #Quote by Seth
Leap Day Birthday quotes by Jonas Armstrong
#20. Jewellery's not a big thing for me. The only thing I wear is a gold cross on a chain that I got for my 21st birthday. You have to take it off every day for filming, but that's the only time I'm not wearing it. You won't find me in rings, bracelets or earrings. #Quote by Jonas Armstrong
Leap Day Birthday quotes by Herman Melville
#21. Often, when forced from his hammock by exhausting and intolerably vivid dreams of the night, which, resuming his own intense thoughts through the day, carried them on amid a clashing of phrensies, and whirled them round and round in his blazing brain, till the very throbbing of his lifespot became insufferable anguish; and when, as was sometimes the case, these spritual throes in him heaved his being up from its base, and a chasm seemed opening in him, from which forked flames and lightnings shot up, and accursed fiends beconed him to leap down among them; when this hell in himself yawned beneath him, a wild cry would be heard through the ship; and with glaring eyes Ahab would burst from his state room, as though escaping from a bed that was on fire. #Quote by Herman Melville
Leap Day Birthday quotes by Anamika Mishra
#22. Someone asked me when is my birthday?
The poet inside me replied,
My birthday is on the last day of the year,
It's 31st December my dear! #Quote by Anamika Mishra
Leap Day Birthday quotes by William A. Patterson
#23. I was engaged in what I believe to be the most thrilling industry in the world-aviation. My heart still leaps when I see a tiny two-seater plane soaring gracefully through the sky. Our great airlines awe me. Yet I know they were not produced in a day or a decade. #Quote by William A. Patterson
Leap Day Birthday quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
#24. Consider the cattle, grazing as they pass you by. They do not know what is meant by yesterday or today, they leap about, eat, rest, digest, leap about again, and so from morn till night and from day to day, fettered to the moment and its pleasure or displeasure, and thus neither melancholy nor bored. [ ... ] A human being may well ask an animal: 'Why do you not speak to me of your happiness but only stand and gaze at me?' The animal would like to answer, and say, 'The reason is I always forget what I was going to say' - but then he forgot this answer too, and stayed silent. #Quote by Friedrich Nietzsche
Leap Day Birthday quotes by Robin McKinley
#25. When you're feeding the second coachload of tourists that day you aren't thinking about the birthday party for fifty next week. #Quote by Robin McKinley
Leap Day Birthday quotes by Tullian Tchividjian
#26. I got my first tennis racket on my seventh birthday. And because we had a tennis court in our backyard, I played every day. By ten I was playing competitively. #Quote by Tullian Tchividjian
Leap Day Birthday quotes by Bijou Hunter
#27. Grinning again, Hayes walks back to his office. "I'll visit your douche-in-law after I get a few other things done." "Thank you." "Remember these heartwarming moments when I forget your birthday or name down the road. Oh, and I'm not giving you shit for Secretaries Day." "I'll steal some of your emergency cash from the sugar container and buy myself something for Secretaries Day." I hear Hayes laugh quietly. #Quote by Bijou Hunter
Leap Day Birthday quotes by Colleen Hoover
#28. Principal Brill, those costumes were made by my mother. My mother, who has stage four small-cell lung cancer. My mother, who will never watch her little boy celebrate another Halloween again. My mother, who will more than likely experience a year of 'lasts'. Last Christmas. Last birthday. Last Easter. And if God is willing, her last Mother's Day. My mother, who when asked by her nine-year-old son if he could be her cancer for Halloween, had no choice but to make him the best cancerous tumor-riden lung costume she could. So if you think it's so offensive, I suggest you drive them home yourself and tell my mother to her face. Do you need my address? #Quote by Colleen Hoover
Leap Day Birthday quotes by Susan Smith
#29. We send these birthday wishes for your special day, one that brings a world of love and joy and happiness your way. #Quote by Susan Smith
Leap Day Birthday quotes by Ovid
#30. Let your mistress's birthday be one of great terror to you:
that's a black day when anything has to be given.
However much you avoid it, she'll still win: it's
a woman's skill, to strip wealth from an ardent lover.
A loose-robed pedlar comes to your lady: she likes to buy:
and explains his prices while you're sitting there.
She'll ask you to look, because you know what to look for:
then kiss you: then ask you to buy her something there.
She swears that she'll be happy with it, for years,
but she needs it now, now the price is right.
If you say you haven't the money in the house, she'll ask
for a note of hand – and you're sorry you learnt to write.
Why - she asks doesn't she for money as if it's her birthday,
just for the cake, and how often it is her birthday, if she's in need?
Why - she weeps doesn't she, mournfully, for a sham loss,
that imaginary gem that fell from her pierced ear?
They many times ask for gifts, they never give in return:
you lose, and you'll get no thanks for your loss.
And ten mouths with as many tongues wouldn't be enough
for me to describe the wicked tricks of whores. #Quote by Ovid
Leap Day Birthday quotes by Cassandra Clare
#31. He took a napkin-wrapped package out of the bag and offered it to her. "Also," he added, "I make a mean cheese sandwich. Try one."

Clary smiled reluctantly and sat down across from him. The stone floor of the greenhouse was cold against her skin, but it was pleasant after so many days of relentless heat. Out of the paper bag Jace drew some apples, a bar of fruit and nut chocolate, and a bottle of water. "Not a bad haul," she said admiringly.

The cheese sandwich was warm and a little limp, but it tasted fine. From one of the innumerable pockets inside his jacket, Jace produced a bone-handled knife that looked capable of disemboweling a grizzly. He set to work on the apples, carving them into meticulous eighths. "Well, it's not birthday cake," he said, handing her a section, "but hopefully it's better than nothing."

"Nothing is what I was expecting, so thanks." She took a bite. The apple tasted green and cool.

"Nobody should get nothing on their birthday." He was peeling the second apple, the skin coming away in long curling strips. "Birthdays should be special. My birthday was always the one day my father said I could do or have anything I wanted."

"Anything?" She laughed. "Like what kind of anything did you want?"

"Well, when I was five, I wanted to take a bath in spaghetti."

"But he didn't let you, right?"

"No, that's the thing. He did. He said it wasn't expensive, and why not if that was #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Leap Day Birthday quotes by Debasish Mridha
#32. Always act like you are the king of your own world that you created on the day of your birth. Enjoy your kingdom. #Quote by Debasish Mridha

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