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Lean In quotes by Melissa Brown
#1. I want to hear you say it, I say, pushing her hair from her eyes. She sighs and I can't hold back any longer. I stroke her cheek with my hand and lean in to kiss her soft lips. I half expect her to push me back, but I can't stop myself right now. I have to do it. I have to kiss her. I need to kiss her. #Quote by Melissa Brown
Lean In quotes by Rachel Simmons
#2. Should I go to graduate school? What if I made the wrong choice? These questions arise not because there is no pat but because we expect there to be a single one. Uncertainty should invite curiosity and reflection, but instead it generates fear.
Learn to accept uncertainty as an important step to true self-discovery. To start finding your path, begin listening to that inner voice. Tap into what you think and feel, what you truly care about. Don't worry about finding your passion and life's calling immediately. Those usually takes time. But do avoid becoming a passenger in your own life. #Quote by Rachel Simmons
Lean In quotes by Augusten Burroughs
#3. Acceptance, when it comes, arrives in waves: Listen with your chest. You will feel a pendulum swing within you, favoring one direction or another. And that is your answer. The answer is always inside your chest. The right choice weighs more. That's how you know. It causes you to lean in its direction. #Quote by Augusten Burroughs
Lean In quotes by Abraham Lincoln
#4. If any personal description of me is thought desirable, it may be said, I am, in height, six feet, four inches, nearly; lean in flesh, weighing on an average one hundred and eighty pounds; dark complexion, with coarse black hair, and grey eyes
no other marks or brands recollected. #Quote by Abraham Lincoln
Lean In quotes by Elise Allen
#5. I lean in quickly and kiss him. "We may," I say. #Quote by Elise Allen
Lean In quotes by Joan Baez
#6. To sing is to praise God and the daffodils, and to praise God is to thank Him, in every note within my small range, and every color in the tones of my voice, with every look into the eyes of my audience, to thank Him. Thank you, God, for letting me be born, for giving me eyes to see the daffodils lean in the wind, all my brothers, all my sisters, for giving me ears to hear crying, legs to come running, hands to smooth damp hair, a voice to laugh with and to sing with ... to sing to you and the daffodils ... #Quote by Joan Baez
Lean In quotes by Jacqueline Woodson
#7. My sister's clear soft voice opens up the world to me. I lean in so hungry for it. #Quote by Jacqueline Woodson
Lean In quotes by Julie Kagawa
#8. I wanted to spend more time with her; she was constantly in my thoughts, and right now the only thing I wanted was to lean in and kiss her. Which was, of course, disastrous for the mission, but I couldn't help it. Somewhere between that day on the beach when I'd met her for the first time and the night of the party when we'd kissed in the ocean, she had become something more than a potential target. She had, very inexplicably, become the most important thing in my life.
And that terrified me. #Quote by Julie Kagawa
Lean In quotes by Elizabeth May
#9. His gaze is bottomless, unfathomable. I lean in, indecently close.
'You underestimate me,' I whisper. 'And that is a mistake. #Quote by Elizabeth May
Lean In quotes by Simone Elkeles
#10. Say something, Amy," Miranda insists. "Something positive. I'm sure it'll make you feel better."
"Okay, Miranda. I've got it." I motion the girls to lean in close to hear my words. "At least I'm not dead."
How's that for positivity?
I have to admit it does make me feel better. #Quote by Simone Elkeles
Lean In quotes by Sarah J. Maas
#11. There was a second scream then, from the mountains. From the Blueblood Matron, screaming for her daughter as she plummeted down to the rocks below. The other Bluebloods whirled, but they were too far away, their wyverns too slow to stop that fatal plunge.
But Abraxos was not.
And Manon didn't know if she gave the command or thought it, but that scream, that mother's scream she'd never heard before, made her lean in. Abraxos dove, a shooting star with his glistening wings.
They dove and dove, for the broken wyvern and the still-living witch upon it. #Quote by Sarah J. Maas
Lean In quotes by Sheryl Sandberg
#12. Women need to shift from thinking "I'm not ready to do that" to thinking "I want to do that- and I'll learn by doing it. #Quote by Sheryl Sandberg
Lean In quotes by Georgia Cates
#13. And how old are you, Miss Beckett?"
"What!" There is no way she's seventeen. I inspect her face, studying it intently, but don't know what it is I hope to find. Laugh lines maybe?
She watches my face. "Is my age a problem for you?"
"Hell, yeah, seventeen is a problem." I throw my napkin on the table. All of this has been a waste. "Forget it all. This whole thing is off."
"I don't act seventeen. I'm very mature for my age."
"No way. You're not even old enough to be drinking that wine." I lean in and whisper so no one will overhear. "I'm almost twice your age."
"I don't mind. I have daddy issues." She breaks into a huge grin and I hear a girlish giggle. That's when I realize she's fucking with me and has the ability to lie with a straight face. I'll have to remember that for future reference.
I'm not amused. "I see I have a comedienne on my hands. #Quote by Georgia Cates
Lean In quotes by Ashim Shanker
#14. The moon: in that luminous face one can behold those tired phases that bring only disappointment and no satisfaction; the impulses governing its expression remain patternistic, its cycles of transition easily predictable. With moderated temperament it commands the capricious sea: its diametric opponent, in whose helpless defiance, arises an empty, albeit elegant promise, an ever-changing flicker of reflected light, a simultaneous opening and closing of paths to be traversed, a vacillating hope and disillusionment in whose unsettling direction emerges something one might wish to call, even under the hardened visage of sky, a marginal sense of freedom. To walk upon the decks of ramshackle vessels rising and descending in patterns indeterminate, to lean in ecstasy over their shaky rails to witness the splendor of that which transforms immediately upon being witnessed and which transforms thereby the witness in question: it was these flights of reverie that appealed better to one's imagination than the lean pragmatism of predictable transition. #Quote by Ashim Shanker
Lean In quotes by Sheryl Sandberg
#15. When woman work outside the home and share breadwinning duties, couples are more likely to stay together. In fact, the risk of divorce reduces by about half when a wife earns half the income and a husband does half the housework. #Quote by Sheryl Sandberg
Lean In quotes by J.M. Darhower
#16. And what, you think you can fix me?" she asks, turning in her stool to face me, shifting her body closer, so close I can smell the liquor on her warm breath as she whispers, "Think you can make me whole again? Save me from the world? Save me from myself? Fill me up, maybe fuck the feeling back into me, like the big, strong, man you are? Make me a real woman, instead of a broken little girl?"
There's a sickening sweetness to her voice that sends a chill down my spine. If I never heard a thinly veiled 'fuck you' before, that was certainly one for the books. I move closer to her, uncomfortably so, cocking my head slightly as I lean in, watching as her body tenses. She thinks I'm about to kiss her, my mouth just inches from hers, before I stop, my voice gritty as I say, "On the contrary, Scarlet, I don't think you need to be fixed at all."
"No," I say. "I think you're perfect the way you are. #Quote by J.M. Darhower
Lean In quotes by Sheryl Sandberg
#17. You then will lean way in to your career. You will find something you love doing and you will do it with gusto. Find the right career for you and go all the way to the top. Start out by Aiming high. Try- and try hard. I hope you find true meaning, contentment, and passion in your life. I hope you navigate the difficult times and come out with greater strength and resolve. I hope you find whatever balance you seek with your eyes wide open. #Quote by Sheryl Sandberg
Lean In quotes by Pema Chodron
#18. The next time you lose heart and you can't bear to experience what you're feeling, you might recall this instruction: change the way you see it and lean in. Instead of blaming our discomfort on outer circumstances or on our own weakness, we can choose to stay present and awake to our experience, not rejecting it, not grasping it, not buying the stories that we relentlessly tell ourselves. This is priceless advice that addresses the true cause of suffering - yours, mine, and that of all living beings. #Quote by Pema Chodron
Lean In quotes by Ophelia London
#19. He turned his face my way, not having very far to lean in, and kissed me once, sweet and slow - a breeze off the ocean - almost like he was asking permission. He opened his eyes to look at me.
Permission granted, Lieutenant.
When we kissed again, it was totally different. He scooted closer, his warm hands on either side of my neck. The pressure of his fingers under my hair was solid and strong, yet always gentle. When his lips parted, I got dizzy, like he might positively absorb me. For a second I feared I might be swooning like those silly ladies in Jane Austen novels.
"That was rude of me to interrupt," he whispered, his lips on the corner of my mouth. "But I'm not about to make this decision easy for you."
How he managed to string together so many coherent words was beyond me; I couldn't even remember what day it was. His fingers combed through my hair, and I caught a flash of his green eyes as they flickered open. #Quote by Ophelia London
Lean In quotes by Pema Chodron
#20. ... feelings like disappointment, embarrassment, irritation, resentment, anger, jealousy, and fear, instead of being bad news, are actually very clear moments that teach us where it is that we're holding back. They teach us to perk up and lean in when we feel we'd rather collapse and back away. They're like messengers that show us, with terrifying clarity, exactly where we're stuck. This very moment is the perfect teacher, and, lucky for us, it's with us wherever we are. #Quote by Pema Chodron
Lean In quotes by Colleen Hoover
#21. I slowly lean in toward her when her lips part into a smile.
"Are you planning on using tongue this time?" she whispers.
I squeeze my eyes shut and take a step back, completely thrown off by her comment. I rub my palms down my face and groan.
"Dammit, Six. I was already feeling inadequate. Now you've just put expectations on it."
She's smiling when I look at her again. "Oh, there are definitely expectations," she says teasingly. "I expect this to be the most mind-blowing thing I've ever experienced, so you better deliver. #Quote by Colleen Hoover
Lean In quotes by Sheryl Sandberg
#22. My hope in writing 'Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead' was to change the conversation from what women can't do to what we can. #Quote by Sheryl Sandberg
Lean In quotes by Colin Trevorrow
#23. I like how you can go back and watch David Lean and John Ford and see the influence that had on Steven Spielberg, especially David Lean, in the camerawork, and yet, you don't watch any Spielberg movie and think of David Lean. Once you're looking for it, you see it all, but it's not in your face. #Quote by Colin Trevorrow
Lean In quotes by Sheryl Sandberg
#24. I hope you find true meaning, contentment, and passion in your life. I hope you navigate the difficult times and come out with greater strength and resolve. I hope you find whatever balance you seek with your eyes wide open. And I hope that you - yes, you - have the ambition to lean in to your career and run the world. Because the world needs you to change it. #Quote by Sheryl Sandberg
Lean In quotes by Dannielle Wicks
#25. Before I can over-think it, I lean in and kiss her. She's stunned at first, and then her lips come to life under mine. She's so soft and warm. Her arms wrap around my neck, bringing her closer.
I pull away slowly, holding her bright blue gaze. I feel as if I can't breathe, my hands are shaking. I don't know what I was expecting, but that definitely wasn't it. The kiss was short and quick, but it was different. I swallow and take a step back, turning my face away from her.
She presses her finger to my lips, silencing me.
"Don't Kristian. You'll ruin it." She watches me for a moment longer and then takes a slow step back, before spinning around and dashing away into the dark rain. #Quote by Dannielle Wicks
Lean In quotes by Alyson Noel
#26. And just as I start to move past him, my hip accidentally rubs against his, and his face is so close, and his eyes so deep, that I can't help but lift my fingers to his smooth, sculptured cheek. Then without even thinking, I close my eyes, lean in, and kiss him. #Quote by Alyson Noel
Lean In quotes by Isaac Marion
#27. If he were alive he would be sitting on a park bench with a mug of hot coffee reading his favorite book for the fifth or tenth time, glancing up now and then to watch the people stroll by, and the city would smmile and lean in and whisper: That bench was shaped for your body. That book was written for your mind. This city was built for your life, and all these people were born to share it with you. You are part of this, living man. Go live. #Quote by Isaac Marion
Lean In quotes by Daniel Handler
#28. Another gift, another secret, another time to lean in and kiss me. #Quote by Daniel Handler
Lean In quotes by Will Smith
#29. Something hurts, lean in. You just lean into that point until it loses its power over you. There's a certain amount of suffering that you have to be willing to sustain if you want to have a good life. And the real trick is to be able to sustain it with your heart open and still be loving. #Quote by Will Smith
Lean In quotes by Jennifer Niven
#30. I want to lean in and get a whiff of him and rest my head on his shoulder or maybe make out with his neck. #Quote by Jennifer Niven
Lean In quotes by Ursula Burns
#31. Dreams do come true, but not without the help of others, a good education, a strong work ethic, and the courage to lean in. #Quote by Ursula Burns
Lean In quotes by Jack London
#32. Captain West advanced to meet me, and before our outstretched hands touched, before his face broke from repose to greeting and the lips moved to speech, I got the first astonishing impact of his personality. Long, lean, in his face a touch of race I as yet could only sense, he was as cool as the day was cold, as poised as a king or emperor, as remote as the farthest fixed star, as neutral as a proposition of Euclid. And then, just ere our hands met, a twinkle of
such distant and controlled geniality quickened the many tiny wrinkles in the corner of the eyes; the clear blue of the eyes was suffused by an almost colourful warmth; the face, too, seemed similarly to suffuse; the thin lips, harsh-set the instant before, were as gracious as Bernhardt's when she moulds sound into speech. #Quote by Jack London
Lean In quotes by Bob Goff
#33. I think God sometimes uses the completely inexplicable events in our lives to point us toward Him. We get to decide each time whether we will lean in toward what is unfolding and say yes or back away. The folks who were following Jesus in Galilee got to decide the same thing each day because there was no road map, no program, and no certainty. All they had was this person, an idea, and an invitation to come and see. #Quote by Bob Goff
Lean In quotes by David Levithan
#34. Elliptical, adj.
The kiss I like the most is one of the slow ones. It's as much breath as touch, as much no as yes. You lean in from the side, and I have to turn a little to make it happen. #Quote by David Levithan
Lean In quotes by Brene Brown
#35. I kept asking myself: What do these people with strong relationships, parents with deep connections to their children, teachers nurturing creativity and learning, clergy walking with people through faith, and trusted leaders have in common? The answer was clear: They recognize the power of emotion and they're not afraid to lean in to discomfort. #Quote by Brene Brown
Lean In quotes by Shannon Messenger
#36. "Screw the oath." I lean in until I feel her breath against my face, then I stop. I don't want to rush her. "You've done enough for them. You're protecting me. Who cares about the rest?"
"I do." She closes her eyes,and her jaw quivers. "I swore to get you safely through this-and I will. And then you'll return with the Gales and meet your betrothed."
"They can take their betrothal and shove it. I want you."
Audra and Vane #Quote by Shannon Messenger
Lean In quotes by Albert Mohler
#37. You have no idea, right now, what some young person in your church will mean for the cause of Christ. Lean in, encourage, mentor, think big. #Quote by Albert Mohler
Lean In quotes by Lauren Blakely
#38. I should let go. But I don't. Because I can't help but notice he has that clean and freshly showered smell that makes any woman want to lean in and lick a guy's neck. #Quote by Lauren Blakely
Lean In quotes by Rachel Simmons
#39. Leaning to your true feelings isn't something you're born knowing how to do. It requires practice. The great news is that these skills are like muscles, the more you use them, the stronger they get.
... And trust me, the more you listen, the louder that voice will get. #Quote by Rachel Simmons
Lean In quotes by Kathy Freston
#40. You don't need to stick to tough rules or overnight changes; you need not rely on hardcore discipline that makes you hate your life. You need only focus on progress, not perfection. Lean in to the process of losing weight, and it will happen easily. #Quote by Kathy Freston
Lean In quotes by Colleen Hoover
#41. The sadness in her eyes that has consumed her for the past three weeks is nonexistent right now. There's hope in her eyes again, and I want nothing more than to somehow help her maintain whatever it is she's feeling right now. I slowly lean in and press my lips against hers. The sensation from the kiss both kills me and brings me back to life in the same breath. She quietly gasps, then parts her lips for me, taking a fist of my shirt in her hands, gently pulling me closer.
I kiss her.
I kiss her like it's the first time I've ever kissed her.
I kiss her like it's the last time I'll ever kiss her #Quote by Colleen Hoover
Lean In quotes by Eric Bana
#42. Without a doubt, rowing is the hardest thing you can attempt to lean in a short period of time. #Quote by Eric Bana
Lean In quotes by Rick Yancey
#43. I POINT OUT the embankment leading down to the water's edge. "All the way down to that walking trail," I say to Ringer. "And don't wait for me." She shakes her head, frowning. I lean in, keeping my expression as serious as I can. "I thought I had you with the zombie remark. One of these days, I'm going to get a smile out of you, Private." Very much not smiling. "I don't think so, sir." "You have something against smiling?" "It was the first thing to go." Then the snow and the dark swallow her. The rest of the squad follows. I can hear Teacup whimpering beneath her breath as Dumbo leads her off, going, "Run hard when it goes, Cup, okay? #Quote by Rick Yancey
Lean In quotes by Miles Millar
#44. People want to get immersed and lost in a world. They want to lean in and figure it out, and that's true of both of these shows. You don't know quite what it is, and that's great. #Quote by Miles Millar
Lean In quotes by Joelle Charbonneau
#45. turn to say as much to Tomas when his lips find mine in a gentle kiss. My heartbeat quickens. I can't see his face in the darkness, but I know Tomas is giving me the chance to pull away. But I don't. I lean in and feel Tomas's mouth smile against mine before the kiss deepens. I snake a hand around his neck and hold tight as a thrilling shiver travels through me. Despite our tenuous situation, nothing has ever felt this perfect. #Quote by Joelle Charbonneau
Lean In quotes by Wendy Sachs
#46. Sheryl Sandberg writes in her book Lean In that women need to shift from thinking "I'm not ready to do that" to thinking "I want to do that and I'll learn by doing it."17 #Quote by Wendy Sachs
Lean In quotes by Esther Hicks
#47. It is a common thing for people to begin to lean in the direction of recovery, only to stop and take score too soon. And when they still find unwanted symptoms or conditions, they then offer resistant thought and lose the improved ground they have gained. With consistent releasing of resistance, all unwanted conditions will subside, returning you to your natural state of Well-Being. #Quote by Esther Hicks
Lean In quotes by Sheryl Sandberg
#48. Research over the last forty years has consistently found that in comparison to children with less-involved fathers, children with involved and loving fathers have higher levels of psychological well-being and better cognitive abilities.14 When fathers provide even just routine child care, children have higher levels of educational and economic achievement and lower delinquency rates.15 Their children even tend to be more empathetic and socially competent.16 These findings hold true for children from all socioeconomic backgrounds, whether or not the mother is highly involved. We all need to encourage men to lean in to their families. #Quote by Sheryl Sandberg
Lean In quotes by Moira Young
#49. Like what you see, Angel? He says
I step to the fence. Hook my hands into the links, next to his. I lean in close. He's got tiny white lines around his eyes from squintin. Or maybe smilin. He smells of warm dust an sage.
You ain't my type, I says #Quote by Moira Young
Lean In quotes by Sheryl Sandberg
#50. Being confident and believing in your own self-worth is necessary to achieving your potential. #Quote by Sheryl Sandberg
Lean In quotes by Nina Lane
#51. I put my hands flat on the table. Lean in to look her in the eye. So she was a student when we met. She was also schlepping coffee. Best damn coffee I've ever had. One look at her and I was a goner. Done. Since that day, I've never had it so good. So don't try and put her down because you can't. She's everything you never were. Everything you'll never be. #Quote by Nina Lane
Lean In quotes by Suzanne Steele
#52. You still excite me after all this time, probably even more so now than in the beginning." My voice is a low threatening growl as the fingers on my free hand slide her panties over to reveal what I already know to be true; she is wet. "I love the way your body responds to me." I pull her from the wall and lead her to the fainting couch adorning the sitting area in my office. Brushing her hair back from her ear, I lean in and whisper, "Turn around, bend over, and put your hands on the end of the couch. I don't care what I do to you, those hands better not fucking move out of position. #Quote by Suzanne Steele
Lean In quotes by Grace Burrowes
#53. He wanted to ravish; she merely nibbled. He wanted to plunder her senses; she let one hand drift through his hair. "Oh, for God's sake." He raised himself up on his arms and glared down at her. "Stop thinking, Maggie Windham, and stop worrying or I'll make you stop." Her brows knit. "It isn't something I can - Benjamin? Where are you going?" He hiked himself off the bed, flipped up the hem of her chemise, and knelt between her spread legs. She braced herself on her elbows, peering at him. "Benjamin?" "Hush. I'm busy." He ran the backs of his fingers up and down the silken skin of her inner thighs. When she slumped back on the bed, he let himself lean in and nuzzle curls slightly darker than the magnificent mane on her head. "Not thinking now, are you?" "You #Quote by Grace Burrowes
Lean In quotes by Tahereh Mafi
#54. I touch his face, almost without meaning to, gently , like he might be a ghost, like this might be a dream and the tips of my fingers graze his cheek, trail the line of his jaw and I stop when his breath catches, when his body shakes almost imperceptibly and we lean in as if by memory eyes closing lips just touching
"Give me another chance, " he whispers, resting his forehead against mine.
My heart aches, throbs in my chest. "Please," he says softly, and he's somehow closer now, his lips touching mine as he speaks and I feel pinned in place by emotion, unable to move as he presses the words against my mouth, his hands soft and hesitant around my face and he says, "I swear on my life," he says, " I won't disappoint you" and he kisses me
Kisses me right here, in the middle of everything, in front of everyone. #Quote by Tahereh Mafi
Lean In quotes by V. Anton
#55. Al, close your eyes." He swallows. His eyes look excited and terrified at the same time.
He closes his own and leans towards me, his hands on the blanket, supporting the weight of his upper body. I lean in too until I can feel his breath on my lips. My hands are now joined in my lap. My eyes are still open. I want the memory of this moment burned in my mind forever. #Quote by V. Anton
Lean In quotes by Sara Bareilles
#56. I know that I'm very susceptible to getting caught up in storylines like, "I want him to be different. I want him to be more open. I want him to call." We have all of these storylines that kind of take over sometimes, and I think there's real grace and a peaceful heart at the center of just accepting what is, and knowing that everything's OK. The good, the bad, the ugly, the pain, the hurt, the frustration - all of that is valuable and part of this human experience, so we should lean in to all of it. #Quote by Sara Bareilles
Lean In quotes by Chelsea M. Campbell
#57. I'm partial to telling all the sharks they're not as cool as they think they are, and that it's people like them who bankrupt the tooth fairy and don't leave any tooth money for the rest of us. Or we can make out some more. I'm planning on moaning, 'oh, Salty! You bad sea demon!' next time. Just so you're prepared."
Kat grins. "Who says we can't do both?"
"I knew I loved you." I lean in and kiss her. And then a shark swims by and I shake my fist at it and ask it where all my quarters are. #Quote by Chelsea M. Campbell
Lean In quotes by Molly Newman
#58. Oh sweetheart, I know what failure is...But as hard as it is, you have to lean in to those feelings. You hadn't have much failure in your life, Sarah. It takes practice to get good at it. It hurts like holy hell, but it's important. It's the door that will lead you into your future. #Quote by Molly Newman
Lean In quotes by Sheryl Sandberg
#59. Sit at the table, seek challenges and lean in. #Quote by Sheryl Sandberg
Lean In quotes by Eden Finley
#60. I lean in and kiss him softly. His mouth moves lazily against mine, and I have to force myself to pull away. #Quote by Eden Finley
Lean In quotes by Chloe Neill
#61. Ethan arched an eyebrow and began to lean in ... Then he reached around to pluck something from the table behind me. When he pulled back, folder in hand, I rolled my eyes at my reaction. The man just unbalanced me. #Quote by Chloe Neill
Lean In quotes by Sheryl Sandberg
#62. We need to stop telling [women], "Get a mentor and you will excel." Instead, we need to tell them, "Excel and you will get a mentor. #Quote by Sheryl Sandberg
Lean In quotes by Henry Kimsey-House
#63. We are most effective when we are able to lean in fully to the resource of the other people in our lives. #Quote by Henry Kimsey-House
Lean In quotes by Pema Chodron
#64. Generally speaking, we regard discomfort in any form as bad
news. But for practitioners or spiritual warriors-people who
have a certain hunger to know what is true-feelings like disappointment,
embarrassment, irritation, resentment, anger,
jealousy, and fear, instead of being bad news, are actually
very clear moments that teach us where it is that we're holding
back. They teach us to perk up and lean in when we feel
we'd rather collapse and back away. They're like messengers
that show us, with terrifying clarity, exactly where we're
stuck. #Quote by Pema Chodron
Lean In quotes by S.E. Grove
#65. The blank face of the moon looked down wistfully on the pair and tried to lean in just a little closer. #Quote by S.E. Grove
Lean In quotes by Sanober  Khan
#66. lean in to kiss me
in all the places

where the ache
the most special. #Quote by Sanober Khan
Lean In quotes by Siobhan Davis
#67. Are you sure you want to do this?" She holds her palm against my chest. "I don't want to take advantage."
I throw back my head and laugh. "Babe. There isn't a scenario I can ever imagine where that would happen. Feel free to take advantage whenever you get the urge." I wink, and she narrows her eyes suspiciously. "Sweetheart." I lean in, planting a hungry kiss on her lips. "I need to lose myself in you." I run circles on her stomach with the tip of my finger, mentally fist-pumping the air when she trembles underneath my touch. "This is the best thing you can do to help me right now."
"Well." She grins seductively, reaching down to grab me. "When you put it like that, I can hardly refuse, now can I? #Quote by Siobhan Davis
Lean In quotes by Diana Gabaldon
#68. newly-farrowed sow, but Ian had managed to lean in and #Quote by Diana Gabaldon
Lean In quotes by Ilona Andrews
#69. William strode to her. That's how it's done. Drink it in.
She surveyed the carnage behind him. "Did you have fun?"
He showed her his teeth. "Yes. Now they won't take you anywhere."
Cerise stepped closer to him, so close he only needed to lean in and dip his head and he would kiss her. Since he saved her, maybe he could just grab her and
"That was the stupidest thing you have done since I've met you," she ground out through her teeth.
Belay the grabbing. #Quote by Ilona Andrews
Lean In quotes by Marie Wilson
#70. Show me a woman without guilt and I'll show you a man #Quote by Marie Wilson
Lean In quotes by Nina Boddin
#71. Lean in a bit so you can see the beautiful world, but don't lean in too far because you can fall #Quote by Nina Boddin
Lean In quotes by Willow Bay
#72. Sheryl Sandberg and Marissa Meyer have already accomplished more than most. I think the sky is the limit for them professionally. If they can inspire more women to "lean in," as Sandberg so famously describes it - to pursue a career and a family - that would be an incredible accomplishment. If they can, by their example as hands on mothers and high powered executives, show young women that they don't need to leave the workplace when they have children, they will be superheroes. #Quote by Willow Bay
Lean In quotes by Sheryl Sandberg
#73. If you're offered a seat on a rocket ship, don't ask what seat! Just get on. #Quote by Sheryl Sandberg
Lean In quotes by Victoria Scott
#74. I throw my head back and laugh long and hard. Then I lean in and whisper in her ear, You don't know who you're fucking with, princess. Ain't no one do bad like I do. #Quote by Victoria Scott
Lean In quotes by Sarah Jio
#75. I lift the lid of the chest. Inside, the air is musty and stale, held hostage for years in its three-foot-by-four-foot tomb. I lean in to survey the contents cautiously, then pull out a stack of old photos tied with twine. On top is a photo of a couple on their wedding day. She's a young bride, wearing one of those 1950's netted veils. He looks older, distinguished- sort of like Cary Grant or Gregory Peck in the old black-and-white movies I used to watch with my grandmother. I set the stack down and turn back to the chest, where I find a notebook, filled with handwritten recipes. The page for Cinnamon Rolls is labeled "Dex's Favorite." 'Dex.' I wonder if he's the man in the photo.
There are two ticket stubs from 1959, one to a Frank Sinatra concert, another to the movie 'An Affair to Remember.' A single shriveled rosebud rests on a white handkerchief. A corsage? When I lift it into my hand, it disintegrates; the petals crinkle into tiny pieces that fall onto the living room carpet. At the bottom of the chest is what looks like a wedding dress. It's yellowed and moth-eaten, but I imagine it was once stark white and beautiful. As I lift it, I can hear the lace swishing as if to say, "Ahh." Whoever wore it was very petite. The waist circumference is tiny. A pair of long white gloves falls to the floor. They must have been tucked inside the dress. I refold the finery and set the ensemble back inside.
Whose things are these? And why have they been left here? I thumb thro #Quote by Sarah Jio
Lean In quotes by Jeremy Courtney
#76. I don't lean left or right. I lean in. I lean forward, because that's where love lives. #Quote by Jeremy Courtney
Lean In quotes by Sheryl Sandberg
#77. As more women lean in to their careers, more men need to lean in to their families. We need to encourage men to be more ambitious in their homes. #Quote by Sheryl Sandberg
Lean In quotes by Christine Quinn
#78. You might as well go through life the way you want to. If what you want is to be engaged and forceful, to 'lean in,' well, do that. #Quote by Christine Quinn
Lean In quotes by Kunal Sen
#79. For feverish mornings after he left, she lay awake in that guest room in their house, in the rumples of the sheet he had slept in. She would get him on every turn: his aftershave lingering on the sides of the pillow that sometimes caught her, waking up from her dreams of him, in nuclear nights, his gaze: drenching her like water drops on burning rocks. She herself didn't have any smell. He had to really lean in the first time to make out the attar amidst the freckles on her neck. And then there would be at least two, never only one: Jasmine and that other thing that he could never place- a smell that was between imitation pearls and the insides of a Durga Puja afternoon. On some days even in Simla, this she, would waft in by his collars nonchalantly.'
('Left from Dhakeshwari') #Quote by Kunal Sen
Lean In quotes by John Green
#80. I lean in this time, and she doesn't turn away. It's cold, and our lips are dry, noses a little wet, foreheads sweaty beneath wool hats. I can't touch her face, even though I want to, because I'm wearing gloves. But God, when her lips come apart, everything turns warm and her sugar sweet breath is in my mouth, and I probably taste like hot dogs but I don't care. She kisses like a sweet devouring, and I don't know where to touch her because I want all of her. I want to touch her knees and hips and her stomach and her back and her everything, but we're encased in all these clothes, so we're just two marshmallows bumping against each other, and she smiles at me while still kissing because she knows how ridiculous it is, too. #Quote by John Green
Lean In quotes by Brigid Kemmerer
#81. I do not understand how she can fill me with such hope and fear simultaneously. I pull her hand to my chest and lean in to her, until we share breath. My lips brush across hers.
It is barely a kiss, but she is somehow closer to me, her body a pool of warmth against mine.
I want so desperately to turn it into more, to see where this blossoming attraction will lead. #Quote by Brigid Kemmerer
Lean In quotes by Bob Goff
#82. We get to decide each time whether we will lean in toward what is unfolding and say yes or back away. #Quote by Bob Goff
Lean In quotes by Michael Connelly
#83. Lean in, invade that foot and a half that is all theirs, their own space. Lean back when you get what you want. It's subliminal. Most of what goes on in a police interrogation has nothing to do with what is said. #Quote by Michael Connelly
Lean In quotes by Warsan Shire
#84. Fit in here, in my palm, in my shadow, don't be bigger than my idea of you, don't be more beautiful than i can accept, don't be more human than i am willing to allow you to be and be quiet, you're too loud, even your un-belonging is loud. quiet your dreams, your voice, your hair, quiet your skin, quiet your displacement, quiet your longing, your colour, quiet your walk, your eyes. who said you could look at me like that? who said you could exist without permission? why are you even here? why aren't you shrinking? i think of you often. you vibrate. you walk into a room and the temperature changes. i lean in and almost recognise you as human. but, no. we can't have that. #Quote by Warsan Shire
Lean In quotes by Dhyana Stanley
#85. True intelligence is pure love which does not exclude or waste anything.
Not even a grain of sand is excluded or wasted. There are no exceptions in what is set free and in what is in service to this setting free.
Life, the formless, form and fragrance, knows exactly what it is doing.
Life is pure, unfiltered Intelligence flowing as whatever shape is now appearing.
It is alive and it is all calling us Home.
Do you hear the grain of sand calling your name?
It says, "Love."
Do you sense the truth of it?
If not, lean in and 'listen' again -
this time with the whole of your being. #Quote by Dhyana Stanley
Lean In quotes by Sheryl Sandberg
#86. I realized that searching for a mentor has become the professional equivalent of waiting for Prince Charming. We all grew up on the fairy tale "Sleeping Beauty," which instructs young women that if they just wait for their prince to arrive, they will be kissed and whisked away on a white horse to live happily ever after. Now young women are told that if they can just find the right mentor, they will be pushed up the ladder and whisked away to the corner office to live happily ever after. Once again, we are teaching women to be too dependent on others. #Quote by Sheryl Sandberg
Lean In quotes by Vaughn R. Demont
#87. He looks at me, the circle, then me again. "It's really you, right? I didn't create some simulacrum that was inhabited by a demon? Prove it's you. Say something only Spencer would say."
"Like what?"
"Say something annoying."
I think about it. "Well, you claim to be British, there's really only one thing I can think of."
"That being?"
I lean in close, my lips gently brushing his ear. "Soccer."
He shoves me away. "Fuck. You. It's foot ... Yeah, it's you. #Quote by Vaughn R. Demont
Lean In quotes by Kristen Callihan
#88. I don't need you to fix me, Stella. I need you for everything else. I need your smiles, your laughter. I need you to be my best friend, my lover, my all. I need to take care of you, touch your skin, make you dinner, give you pleasure whenever you're in need."
I lean in, emotion clogging my throat. "You are the best thing that has ever happened to me, and I'd happily spend the rest of my life trying to be the best thing that has ever happened to you too. #Quote by Kristen Callihan
Lean In quotes by Jennifer Garner
#89. I don't know anyone who was never a geek, really, when they look at their own lives. I think that from the outside looking in, you think that you weren't necessarily a tragic geek, but yes, you did lean in that direction. #Quote by Jennifer Garner
Lean In quotes by Joe Abercrombie
#90. What's your name?'

She planted one elbow on the stretch of counter Zuri had wiped so she could lean closer and draw out both syllables. 'Savine.'

'That's a lovely name.'

'Oh, if you enjoy the tip, you'll go mad for the whole thing.'

'That so?' he purred at her. 'How does it go?'

'Savine… dan…' And she leaned even closer to deliver the punchline. 'Glokta.'

If a name had been a knife and she had cut his throat with hers, the blood could not have drained more quickly from his face. He gave a strangled cough, took a step back and nearly fell over one of his own barrels. #Quote by Joe Abercrombie
Lean In quotes by Diana Gabaldon
#91. His half-visible presence reminded me faintly of Jamie; he was nearly as tall as his uncle, and very nearly as strong, though still lean and gangling with adolescence. We #Quote by Diana Gabaldon
Lean In quotes by David Sedaris
#92. Still, there were moments when, against all reason, I thought I might be a genius. These moments were provoked not by any particular accomplishment but by cocaine and crystal methamphetamine - drugs that allow you to lean over a mirror with a straw up your nose, suck up an entire week's paycheck, and think, God, I'm smart. #Quote by David Sedaris
Lean In quotes by Ray Kroc
#93. If you've got time to lean, you've got time to clean. #Quote by Ray Kroc
Lean In quotes by Nalini Singh
#94. Trembling, Mahiya walked to lean her face against Jason's back, his wings strong and sleek and paradoxically soft on either side of her. 'I don't know what to think.' She passed him the letter without shifting from her position tucked against his back. He didn't force her to move, didn't attempt to turn and take her into his arms - as if he understood she just needed to lean on his strength a little until the world stopped spinning. #Quote by Nalini Singh
Lean In quotes by Lawrence Lipton
#95. All the misfits of the world--the too fat and too lean, the too tall and the too short, the jerk, the drip, the half-wit and the spastic, the harelip and the gimp. All the broken, the doomed, the drunk and the disillusioned--herding together for a little human warmth, where a one-room kitchenette is an apartment and the naked electric bulb hangs suspended from the ceiling like an exposed nerve #Quote by Lawrence Lipton
Lean In quotes by Stephanie Julian
#96. Damn, the guy was sexy as hell. Even his feet turned her on. They were lean and long and ... Oh, for chrissakes, she was lusting after his feet. #Quote by Stephanie Julian
Lean In quotes by Michelle Belanger
#97. Faith is a quiet certainty that there is both a higher purpose to life and a higher power that oversees that purpose. Faith is knowing that we do not have to go it alone during our darkest hours and, even when we feel utterly victimized and weak, there is still something brighter, purer, and more potent than anything we can imagine that cares enough to reach out and offer a shoulder for us to lean upon. The object of faith takes many forms and many names, but the universal truth is faith itself. #Quote by Michelle Belanger
Lean In quotes by Mimi Novic
#98. Laughter with those that understand us is music for the soul.
A hug at the right moment and a kind shoulder to lean on,
Is the sprinkle of magic that keeps us walking towards hope. #Quote by Mimi Novic
Lean In quotes by Liz Adams
#99. smooth, some lean, some stout, and all of them had ample muscles #Quote by Liz Adams
Lean In quotes by Rashmi
#100. Live like a Queen from teen to lean. #Quote by Rashmi
Lean In quotes by Roshani Chokshi
#101. I can't even see your face."
A strange chill still curled off of him like smoke and even though the glass garden was teeming with little lights, shades veiled him.
"Is that what you want?" he said. "Would it make you trust me?"
"It would be a start."
"You are impossible to please."
I said nothing. Amar leaned forward, and I felt the silken trails of his hood brush across my neck. My breath constricted. "Is that what you want? An unguarded gaze can spill a thousand secrets."
"I would know them anyway," I said evenly.
I waited for him to dissuade me, but when he remained silent, I reached out. Amar stood still, lean muscles tensed beneath his clothes. I could hear his breathing, see his chest rising and falling, smell that particular scent of mint and smoke that hung around him. Slowly, I untied the ends of the dove-gray hood. Small pearls snagged against the silk of his covering.
Suddenly, his hands reached around my wrist.
"I trust you," he said. #Quote by Roshani Chokshi
Lean In quotes by Bryan Lee O'Malley
#102. And sometimes I try to stop speculating the future out of existence, and other times I just lean back and run with it because maybe it's for the best. #Quote by Bryan Lee O'Malley
Lean In quotes by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
#103. We must lean on others to strive on our own #Quote by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
Lean In quotes by George S. Clason
#104. A lean purse is easier to cure than to endure. #Quote by George S. Clason
Lean In quotes by John Cale
#105. I want to get lean and mean, keep it minimalist. #Quote by John Cale
Lean In quotes by William Wilberforce
#106. Surely the experience of all good men confirms the proposition that without a due measure of private devotions the soul will grow lean. #Quote by William Wilberforce
Lean In quotes by Bob Moawad
#107. The best day of your life is the one on which you decide your life is your own. No apologies or excuses. No one to lean on, rely on, or blame. The gift is yours - it is an amazing journey - and you alone are responsible for the quality of it. This is the day your life really begins. #Quote by Bob Moawad
Lean In quotes by Barry Ritholtz
#108. Anyone can make an article longer; the skill is keeping it tight and lean. #Quote by Barry Ritholtz
Lean In quotes by Robert Penn Warren
#109. Against firelight, he sees the face of the woman / Lean over, and the lips purse sweet as to bestow a kiss, but / This is not true, and the great glob of spit / Hangs there, glittering, before she lets it fall.
The spit is what softens like silk the passage of steel / On the fine-grained stone. It whispers. #Quote by Robert Penn Warren
Lean In quotes by Nyrae Dawn
#110. I have to bite my lip not to lean down and kiss her. God, I want to kiss her so bad #Quote by Nyrae Dawn
Lean In quotes by Belle Aurora
#111. Don't push me, little girl. You don't wanna see my bad side."
I blink a second before my eyes widen and i lean back from him as I whisper hiss, "This is your good side? #Quote by Belle Aurora
Lean In quotes by T.F. Hodge
#112. Some lean back. But those who lean forward are poised to cross the finish-line, first! #Quote by T.F. Hodge
Lean In quotes by Susan Ee
#113. If I hadn't already flown with him, I'd be scared. I'm above the water with nothing but his arms between me and an icy plunge. But his arms are wrapped tightly around me and his chest is warm. I lean my head against his muscular shoulder and close my eyes.
He rubs his cheek against my hair #Quote by Susan Ee
Lean In quotes by Devney Perry
#114. Stay with me. Lean on me. I swear, I won't let you fall. #Quote by Devney Perry
Lean In quotes by Richard Watson Gilder
#115. We lean on Faith; and some less wise have cried, "Behold the butterfly, the see that's cast!" Vain hopes that fall like flowers before the blast! What man can look on Death unterrified? #Quote by Richard Watson Gilder
Lean In quotes by Dinah Maria Murlock Craik
#116. For truly, the greatest of all external blessings is it to be able to lean your heart against another heart, faithful, tender, true, and tried, and record with a thankfulness that years deepen instead of diminishing, "I have got a friend!" #Quote by Dinah Maria Murlock Craik
Lean In quotes by Audrey Niffenegger
#117. I hear a muffled sniffling noise and glancing at Claire I am astonished to see that tears are streaming across her face toward her ears. I sit up and lean over her. #Quote by Audrey Niffenegger
Lean In quotes by Jonathan Edwards
#118. I wanted not the favor of man to lean upon; for I knew Christ's favor was infinitely better, and that it was no matter when, nor where, nor how Christ should send me, nor what trials He should still exercise me with, if I might be prepared for His work and will. #Quote by Jonathan Edwards
Lean In quotes by Innocent Mwatsikesimbe
#119. It's quite a scary path to walk on,
When you have no one's past experience to lean on, or learn from.
It's all new and uncharted.
But nothing is finished unless it is started. #Quote by Innocent Mwatsikesimbe
Lean In quotes by Ulysses S. Grant
#120. The colored man has been accustomed all his life to lean on the white man, and if a good officer is placed over him, he will learn readily and make a good soldier. #Quote by Ulysses S. Grant
Lean In quotes by Donald E. Westlake
#121. Hoke Moseley is a magnificently battered hero. Willeford brings him to us lean and hard and brand-new. #Quote by Donald E. Westlake
Lean In quotes by Mary Shelley
#122. Men love a prop so well, that they will lean on a pointed poisoned spear; and such was he, the impostor, who, with fear of hell for his scourge, most ravenous wolf, played the driver to a credulous flock. #Quote by Mary Shelley
Lean In quotes by Scott Abel
#123. The security (emotional security, spiritual security, intrapersonal security) that you think being thin or lean will provide you is just an illusion. Leanness and weight-loss will not deliver these securities to you. #Quote by Scott Abel
Lean In quotes by Anne Tyler
#124. Houses need humans," Red said. "You all should know that. Oh, sure, humans cause wear and tear - scuffed floors and stopped-up toilets and such - but that's nothing compared to what happens when a house is left on its own. It's like the heart goes out of it. It sags, it slumps, it starts to lean toward the ground. #Quote by Anne Tyler
Lean In quotes by Ann Chamberlin
#125. What's left to lean together with, longing against, when life's outlines get swept away?
- Imru'l-Qays #Quote by Ann Chamberlin
Lean In quotes by Dr. Seuss
#126. The Lorax: Which way does a tree fall?
The Once-ler: Uh, down?
The Lorax: A tree falls the way it leans. Be careful which way you lean. #Quote by Dr. Seuss
Lean In quotes by James Sallis
#127. Get Carter remains among the great crime novels, a lean, muscular portrait of a man stumbling along the hard edge - toward redemption. Ted Lewis cuts to the bone. #Quote by James Sallis
Lean In quotes by Tracy K. Smith
#128. [ ... ] the body is what we lean toward,
tensing as it darts, dancing away.
but it's the voice that enters us. even
saying nothing. even saying nothing
over and over absently to itself #Quote by Tracy K. Smith
Lean In quotes by Sakura Tsukuba
#129. Now, can't you lean on me for once? #Quote by Sakura Tsukuba
Lean In quotes by Marissa Meyer
#130. But look at Ryu." The wolf had lain down and was gnawing at the stick. "His instincts lean as much toward playing and loving. If he had a mate and cubs, then his instincts would be to protect them at all costs." Scarlet twirled the cord of her hoodie around a finger. "That's what Wolf did. He protected me." She #Quote by Marissa Meyer
Lean In quotes by George R R Martin
#131. Dothraki hooves had torn the earth and trampled the rye and lentils into the ground, while arakhs and arrows had sown a terrible new crop and watered it with blood. Dying horses lifted their heads and screamed at her as she rode past. Wounded men moaned and prayed. Jaqqa rhan moved among them, the mercy men with their heavy axes, taking a harvest of heads from the dead and dying alike. After them would scurry a flock of small girls, pulling arrows from the corpses to fill their baskets. Last of all the dogs would come sniffing, lean and hungry, the feral pack that was never far behind the khalasar. #Quote by George R R Martin
Lean In quotes by James Thurber
#132. You might as well fall flat on your face as lean over too far backward. #Quote by James Thurber
Lean In quotes by Lemony Snicket
#133. I looked out the window at the dark and racing scenery and I thought of the city, where the train would eventually arrive. I hadn't seen the city since my apprenticeship began, and for a moment I felt so homesick I had to stop and lean my head against the glass. Dear Kit, I thought. And then I said it out loud.
"I wish you were here. #Quote by Lemony Snicket
Lean In quotes by Jack Du Brul
#134. Futurists are already predicting the day mankind builds its replacement, Artificial Intelligence. Daniel Wilson shows what might happen when that computer realizes its creators are no longer needed. Lean prose, great characters, and almost unbearable tension ensure that Robopocalypse is going to be a blockbuster. Once started I defy anyone to put it down. #Quote by Jack Du Brul
Lean In quotes by M. Night Shyamalan
#135. I love The Killing, I love Homeland and Mad Men, all those shows that lean into the tone of things. #Quote by M. Night Shyamalan
Lean In quotes by Beth Revis
#136. I just had to hope you'd find me, he says.
Then he can't talk any more because I'm kissing him, and I don't think I'll ever stop. But I do. I lean back and stare into his eyes, and it's not until I see the light within them that I realize the truth of it.
He's back.
Beth Revis (Shades of Earth pg. 440) #Quote by Beth Revis

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