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Famous Quotes About Leadership

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Leadership quotes by Andy Stanley
#1. Who are you and what breaks your heart? #Quote by Andy Stanley
Leadership quotes by Robert Reich
#2. We never used to blink at taking a leadership role in the world. And we understood leadership often required something other than drones and bombs. We accepted global leadership not just for humanitarian reasons, but also because it was in our own best interest. We knew we couldn't isolate ourselves from trouble. There was no place to hide. #Quote by Robert Reich
Leadership quotes by N. R. Narayana Murthy
#3. Mahatma Gandhi was someone who demonstrated the tremendous power of leadership by example. #Quote by N. R. Narayana Murthy
Leadership quotes by H.W. Brands
#4. Gen. Scott saw more through the eyes of his staff officers than through his own. #Quote by H.W. Brands
Leadership quotes by William Julius Wilson
#5. But the person who scored well on an SAT will not necessarily be the best doctor or the best lawyer or the best businessman. These tests do not measure character, leadership, creativity, perseverance. #Quote by William Julius Wilson
Leadership quotes by Stephen Covey
#6. The exercise of true leadership is inversely proportional to the exercise of power. #Quote by Stephen Covey
Leadership quotes by Stephen King
#7. A cowardly leader is the most dangerous of men. #Quote by Stephen King
Leadership quotes by Miyamoto Musashi
#8. If you do not look at things on a large scale, it will be difficult to master strategy. #Quote by Miyamoto Musashi
Leadership quotes by Peter Block
#9. Change from the top down happens at the will and whim of those below. #Quote by Peter Block
Leadership quotes by Paul Ryan
#10. We need leadership. We don't need a doubling down on the failed politics of the past. #Quote by Paul Ryan
Leadership quotes by Benjamin Suulola
#11. Two categories of people can be found in the world today. There are those who make things happen and there are those who watch things happen. A spectator watch things happen while a player make things happen. In the same vein, history writers watch things happen and history makers make things happen. This is why history writers are always at the mercy of history makers. #Quote by Benjamin Suulola
Leadership quotes by J. Loren Norris
#12. Core values serve as a lighthouse when the fog of life seems to leave you wandering in circles; when you encounter that moment where every decision is a tough one and no choice seems to clearly be the better choice. #Quote by J. Loren Norris
Leadership quotes by Scott H. Dearduff
#13. There are few second chances when it comes to establishing your leadership legacy. #Quote by Scott H. Dearduff
Leadership quotes by Frank Sonnenberg
#14. Actions Matter: Do As I Do. Not As I Say. #Quote by Frank Sonnenberg
Leadership quotes by Tom Peters
#15. Gandhi and Mandela and Churchill and JFK and Reagan and Thatcher and Sarkozy and Franklin and Washington set the tone to an incredible degree-their "personal style" was their "brand." ("It" starts with personal style of the tip-top leadership team. Sorry to be politically insensitive, but who would give a hoot about Tibet if it weren't for the look and style of the Dalai Lama?) Boss at any level: You're either on the "it" boat-or not. #Quote by Tom Peters
Leadership quotes by Toyotomi Hideyoshi
#16. The final secret is that there is no secret. Devote yourself to your leader. Work hard. Be grateful. Act boldly. Some may deride such suggestions as commonplace, and they'd be right: They are common. But to see them successfully enacted in this world is rare indeed. #Quote by Toyotomi Hideyoshi
Leadership quotes by Kambiz Shabankareh
#17. People deserve their leaders. #Quote by Kambiz Shabankareh
Leadership quotes by Fabrizio Moreira
#18. No one can make you successful, the will to succeed comes from within #Quote by Fabrizio Moreira
Leadership quotes by Torron-Lee Dewar
#19. While you're worrying about becoming famous, there is someone out there putting in work and not wasting a second of their time. Which person will you be? #Quote by Torron-Lee Dewar
Leadership quotes by -Shandel Slaten
#20. Humble leaders trust more easily because they realize that the world does not rest solely on their shoulders. #Quote by -Shandel Slaten
Leadership quotes by Leonard Slatkin
#21. The conductor is the artistic leader and sometimes cultural arbiter of his or her community. It is their leadership that is looked to and should anything go wrong, they are the persons taking most of the heat. #Quote by Leonard Slatkin
Leadership quotes by Jack Ma
#22. Rather than having small smart tricks to get by, focus on holding on and persevering. #Quote by Jack Ma
Leadership quotes by Carmine Gallo
#23. Storytelling is not something we do. Storytelling is who we are. #Quote by Carmine Gallo
Leadership quotes by Pat Riley
#24. To have long term success as a coach or in any position of leadership, you have to be obsessed in some way. #Quote by Pat Riley
Leadership quotes by Ivan Lendl
#25. If I don't practice the way I should, then I won't play the way that I know I can. #Quote by Ivan Lendl
Leadership quotes by Laozi
#26. A good manager is best when people barely know that he exists. Not so good when people obey and acclaim him. Worse when they despise him. #Quote by Laozi
Leadership quotes by Parker J. Palmer
#27. The power for authentic leadership is found not in external arrangements, but in the human heart. #Quote by Parker J. Palmer
Leadership quotes by Ellen Hopkins
#28. Yes, it takes two to dance. But somebody has to lead. #Quote by Ellen Hopkins
Leadership quotes by Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum
#29. Our job is to provide an environment that unlocks women's potential – one that protects their dignity and femininity, helps them create the necessary balance in their lives, and values their talents and potential. Given this environment, I am confident that women will perform nothing short of miracles. #Quote by Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum
Leadership quotes by Dwight D. Eisenhower
#30. An intellectual is a man who takes more words than necessary to tell more than he knows. #Quote by Dwight D. Eisenhower
Leadership quotes by Barbara W. Tuchman
#32. He was always acting, always enveloping himself in artificiality, perhaps to conceal the volcano within. #Quote by Barbara W. Tuchman
Leadership quotes by Mark W. Boyer
#33. I am not smart, I pay attention.
I am not considerate, I listen.
I am not patient, I make time.
I'm not lucky, I work hard. #Quote by Mark W. Boyer
Leadership quotes by Robert Teeter
#34. Research has shown that the perceived style of leadership is by far the most important thing to most voters in evaluating officeholders and candidates. #Quote by Robert Teeter
Leadership quotes by Chris   Hutchinson
#35. Doing what's most important is the hardest and most rewarding work you will do as a leader. #Quote by Chris Hutchinson
Leadership quotes by John Mackey
#36. I think for leadership positions, emotional intelligence is more important than cognitive intelligence. People with emotional intelligence usually have a lot of cognitive intelligence, but that's not always true the other way around. #Quote by John Mackey
Leadership quotes by H.W. Brands
#37. Shiloh showed him what he could ask of his men, and indeed what he MUST ask of them. #Quote by H.W. Brands
Leadership quotes by Richmond Akhigbe
#38. Don't put forth for tomorrow what you can do today. #Quote by Richmond Akhigbe
Leadership quotes by James M. Kouzes
#39. Leaders strengthen credibility by demonstrating that they are not in it for themselves, instead they have the interests of the institution, department, or team and its constituents at heart. Being a servant may not be what many leaders had in mind when they chose to take responsibility for the vision and direction of their organization or team - but serving others is the most glorious and rewarding of all leadership tasks. #Quote by James M. Kouzes
Leadership quotes by Johnny Hunt
#40. We do a stewardship series every Sunday ... at offering time. #Quote by Johnny Hunt
Leadership quotes by Lee Ellis
#41. Leaders can choose to grow and change, but generally the most powerful predictor of future performance is past behavior. Evaluate them realistically. #Quote by Lee Ellis
Leadership quotes by John C. Maxwell
#42. 42% of college graduates never read a book after college. #Quote by John C. Maxwell
Leadership quotes by Gerald M. Weinberg
#43. Leadership is familiar, but not well understood. #Quote by Gerald M. Weinberg
Leadership quotes by Brian Tracy
#44. Dare to go forward. Courage is the mark of greatness in leadership #Quote by Brian Tracy
Leadership quotes by Tony Dovale
#45. Impossible is a perception based upon a limiting mental illusion. Possible is the belief in the potential of unseen possibility, #Quote by Tony Dovale
Leadership quotes by John Taliaferro
#46. John Hay on Lincoln: "He always worked with things as they were, while never relinquishing the desire to make them better. #Quote by John Taliaferro
Leadership quotes by Vince Lombardi
#47. A man is known by the company he owns. #Quote by Vince Lombardi
Leadership quotes by Laozi
#48. Practice non-action. Work without doing. #Quote by Laozi
Leadership quotes by Bob Hawke
#49. While society cannot provide employment for its members, the production/work/income nexus has to be abandoned as a justification for our present parsimony to the unemployed. An assumption cannot be used to justify making second-class citizens of those who are unfortunate enough to constitute living proof of the inaccuracy of that assumption. #Quote by Bob Hawke
Leadership quotes by Julie Winkle Giulioni
#50. Onward and upward has been replaced by forward and toward. #Quote by Julie Winkle Giulioni
Leadership quotes by Brian Sipe
#51. I learned a long time ago that one way to maximize potential for performance is to be calm in my mind. What I try to achieve during the season is a relaxed state of concentration. I simply try to cleanse my mind of the pressures that people are trying to heap on me. #Quote by Brian Sipe
Leadership quotes by John Wooden
#52. The most powerful leadership tool you have is your personal example. #Quote by John Wooden
Leadership quotes by Linda Vester
#53. The school made it very clear that women were entitled to positions of authority. That sense of entitlement allowed us to feel that we have a natural place in leadership in the world. That gave me a mental and emotional confidence. #Quote by Linda Vester
Leadership quotes by Hank Bracker
#54. Glenn Hammond Curtiss was a bicycle enthusiast before he started building motorcycles. Although he only attended grammar school to the 8th grade, his interests motivated him to move on to greater things. In 1904, as a self-taught engineer, he began to manufacture engines for airships. During this time, Curtiss became known for having won a number of international air races and for making the first long-distance flight in the United States. On September 30, 1907, Curtiss was invited to join a non-profit pioneering research program named the "Aerial Experimental Association," founded under the leadership of Dr. Alexander Graham Bell, to develop flying machines. The organization was established having a fixed time period, which ended in March of 1909. During this time, the members produced several different aircraft in a cooperative, rather than a competitive, spirit. #Quote by Hank Bracker
Leadership quotes by Alan G. Robinson
#55. Very few managers know how to effectively tap the biggest source of performance improvement available to them: namely, the creativity and knowledge of the people who work for them. #Quote by Alan G. Robinson
Leadership quotes by Ronald Reagan
#56. I was not a great communicator, but I communicated great things. #Quote by Ronald Reagan
Leadership quotes by James M. Kouzes
#57. The best way to lead people into the future is to connect with them deeply in the present. #Quote by James M. Kouzes
Leadership quotes by John J. Pershing
#58. A competent leader can get efficient service from poor troops, while on the contrary an incapable leader can demoralize the best of troops. #Quote by John J. Pershing
Leadership quotes by Susan Cain
#59. One highly successful venture capitalist who is regularly pitched by young entrepreneurs told me how frustrated he is by his colleagues' failure to distinguish between good presentation skills and true leadership ability. "I worry that there are people who are put in positions of authority because they're good talkers, but they don't have good ideas," he said. "It's so easy to confuse schmoozing ability with talent. #Quote by Susan Cain
Leadership quotes by Janna Cachola
#60. Professionalism shouldn't be defined by a persons paycheck, role or title. It should be defined by a persons work ethic #Quote by Janna Cachola
Leadership quotes by Vince Lombardi
#61. Character is the direct result of mental attitude. I believe that character is higher than the intellect. I believe that leadership is in sacrifice, in self-denial, in humility and in the perfectly disciplined will. This is the distinction between great and little men. #Quote by Vince Lombardi
Leadership quotes by Anyaele Sam Chiyson
#62. Take your leadership position, the time to establish your person-hood is now #Quote by Anyaele Sam Chiyson
Leadership quotes by Marlene Chism
#63. Knowing your feelings won't change the facts, but knowing the facts can change your feelings. #Quote by Marlene Chism
Leadership quotes by Marcia Conner
#64. In what is known as the 70/20/10 learning concept, Robert Eichinger and Michael Lombardo, in collaboration with Morgan McCall of the Center for Creative Leadership, explain that 70 percent of learning and development takes place from real-life and on-the-job experiences, tasks, and problem solving; 20 percent of the time development comes from other people through informal or formal feedback, mentoring, or coaching; and 10 percent of learning and development comes from formal training. #Quote by Marcia Conner
Leadership quotes by Marlene Caroselli
#65. True leaders have so much power they are willing to give it away. Power is not a fixed, quantifiable sum; instead it is an unlimited abstraction which grows as it is shared. #Quote by Marlene Caroselli
Leadership quotes by Azim Premji
#66. I was 21 and had spent the last few years in Stanford University Engineering School at California. Many people advised me to take up a nice, cushy job rather than face the challenges of running a hydrogenated oil business. Looking back, I am glad I decided to take charge instead. Essentially leadership begins from within. It is a small voice that tells you where to go when you feel lost. If you believe in that voice, you believe in yourself. #Quote by Azim Premji
Leadership quotes by George R.R. Martin
#67. To lead men you must know them. #Quote by George R.R. Martin
Leadership quotes by John Mott
#68. Among the qualities most needed among those who aspire to true leadership in the fostering of peace and goodwill among the nations and in overcoming racial and religious antagonism is the cooperative spirit and objective. #Quote by John Mott
Leadership quotes by Richard Branson
#69. A good leader leads from the front. Don't get stuck in the office. Get out, meet people and listen to their stories. #Quote by Richard Branson
Leadership quotes by Amit Ray
#70. Mindful leadership keeps you cool and energetic in any situation, so that you can make the best possible decisions. #Quote by Amit Ray
Leadership quotes by Joseph Stalin
#71. The art of leadership is a serious matter. One must not lag behind a movement, because to do so is to become isolated from the masses. But one must not rush ahead, for to rush ahead is to lose contact with the masses. He who wished to lead a movement must conduct a fight on two fronts
against those who lag behind and those who rush ahead. #Quote by Joseph Stalin
Leadership quotes by Angelo Sotira
#72. Listening is not a displacement for leadership. You have to have leadership. #Quote by Angelo Sotira
Leadership quotes by Mary Parker Follett
#73. The best leader does not ask people to serve him, but the common end. The best leader has not followers, but men and women working with him. #Quote by Mary Parker Follett
Leadership quotes by Napoleon Bonaparte
#74. A leader is a dealer in hope. #Quote by Napoleon Bonaparte
Leadership quotes by Scott Hammerle
#75. Sometimes servant leaders focus on the servitude part and forget the leader part. Great leadership isn't about abdication of power, it about the benevolent application of that power. #Quote by Scott Hammerle
Leadership quotes by Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
#76. Why are some countries able, despite their very real and serious problems, to press ahead along the road to reconciliation, recovery, and redevelopment while others cannot? These are critical questions for Africa, and their answers are complex and not always clear. Leadership is crucial, of course. Kagame was a strong leader–decisive, focused, disciplined, and honest–and he remains so today. I believe that sometimes people's characters are molded by their environment. Angola, like Liberia, like Sierra Leone, is resource-rich, a natural blessing that sometimes has the sad effect of diminishing the human drive for self-sufficiency, the ability and determination to maximize that which one has. Kagame had nothing. He grew up in a refugee camp, equipped with only his own strength of will and determination to create a better life for himself and his countrymen. #Quote by Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
Leadership quotes by Dalai Lama
#77. I believe that the time has come for women to take more active roles in all domains of human society, in an age in which education and the capacities of the mind, not physical strength, define leadership. This could help create a more equitable and compassionate society. #Quote by Dalai Lama
Leadership quotes by Abul A'la Maududi
#78. German Nazism could not have succeeded in establishing itself except as a result of the theoretical contributions of Fichte, Goethe and Nietzsche, coupled with the ingenious and mighty leadership of Hitler and his comrades. #Quote by Abul A'la Maududi
Leadership quotes by Orrin Woodward
#79. True leadership is the orchestration of truth into action to shine Light into darkness. #Quote by Orrin Woodward
Leadership quotes by Ian Fuhr
#80. If you do not treat people with the respect they deserve, do not expect any kind of commitment to your productivity goals and target. #Quote by Ian Fuhr
Leadership quotes by Janna Cachola
#81. Highly engaged teams have highly engaged leaders. Leaders must be about presence not productivity. Make meetings a no phone zone. #Quote by Janna Cachola
Leadership quotes by Donavan Nelson Butler
#82. The greatest risk most of us will take in our lifetime is that of repression or denial of basic rights of another person. The great risk is that you have no idea what will happen if that person you think so small or insignificant of stands up and totally eclipses the Sun in the universe of those lacking in empathy, humility, and humbleness. #Quote by Donavan Nelson Butler
Leadership quotes by Carrie Underwood
#83. It's hard to look at things that are too close. #Quote by Carrie Underwood
Leadership quotes by Cornelius Nepos
#84. The power is detested, and miserable the life, of him who wishes to be feared rather than to be loved. #Quote by Cornelius Nepos
Leadership quotes by Jeffrey R. Immelt
#85. The best thing you can give as a leader is a reason to trust. People want to trust. They're hungry for it. But they're selective. They'll only give it to a motivator, a communicator, a teacher, a real person. Someone who in good times and bad always does the right thing. #Quote by Jeffrey R. Immelt
Leadership quotes by Charles Haddon Spurgeon
#86. Jesus does not suffer so as to exclude your suffering. He bears a cross, not that you may escape it, but that you may endure it. #Quote by Charles Haddon Spurgeon
Leadership quotes by Colin Powell
#87. So has the strategic decision been made to disarm Iraq of its weapons of mass destruction by the leadership in Baghdad? ... I think our judgment has to be clearly not. #Quote by Colin Powell
Leadership quotes by Pearl Zhu
#88. Thought leadership is by nature evolutionary, in that it must always be part of an ever-evolving flow. #Quote by Pearl Zhu
Leadership quotes by Barack Obama
#89. One faction of one party, in one house of Congress, in one branch of government, doesn't get to shut down the entire government just to refight the results of an election. #Quote by Barack Obama
Leadership quotes by Michael Heseltine
#90. In the end leaders are leaders. They get the credit and they get the blame. #Quote by Michael Heseltine
Leadership quotes by Claudia Acevedo
#92. When a person is connected to its true essence, there is nothing more rewarding than continuously developing it; there is no money that can buy the pleasure of putting into practice the talents each person has. #Quote by Claudia Acevedo
Leadership quotes by Johnny Hunt
#93. There is no record in the Bible of a weak man falling. #Quote by Johnny Hunt
Leadership quotes by Dilip Bathija
#94. Dream without fear, love without limits, and let your life sing its song. #Quote by Dilip Bathija
Leadership quotes by Mike Krzyzewski
#95. Leadership is simple: Add value to people everyday. #Quote by Mike Krzyzewski
Leadership quotes by Gary Rohrmayer
#96. Great leaders are teachable leaders. #Quote by Gary Rohrmayer
Leadership quotes by David Cottrell
#97. If you want to make better use of your time, you need to be looking for the small increments of time ... a minute here, five minutes there, etc. #Quote by David Cottrell
Leadership quotes by Earl G. Graves, Sr.
#98. To have a successful career, you have to approach it as an entrepreneur, even if you are working for someone else. Your career is your own private business. You have to market yourself and your abilities and knowledge just as you would a product or service. #Quote by Earl G. Graves, Sr.
Leadership quotes by James MacGregor Burns
#99. Woodrow Wilson called for leaders who, by boldly interpreting the nation's conscience, could lift a people out of their everyday selves. That people can be lifted into their better selves is the secret of transforming leadership. #Quote by James MacGregor Burns
Leadership quotes by Abhijit Naskar
#100. When I quit my university, people in my neighborhood quite literally began to gossip about me being insane, while others pitied me as a lost soul. But mark this my friend, it's the lost souls that lay the foundation for a better tomorrow, because those beings are not afraid to be lost, they are not afraid to fail, in the pursuit of something greater, something grander, than to just survive no different than the dogs do on the streets. #Quote by Abhijit Naskar
Leadership quotes by Eric Shinseki
#101. I have spent a lifetime watching kids make mistakes because they were not trained or well led or properly motivated to do well. I never faulted the kids; rather, I saw opportunity to train, to motivate, to improve leadership - not to punish the individual. #Quote by Eric Shinseki
Leadership quotes by Rakesh Khurana
#102. Leadership is based on complex phenomena. #Quote by Rakesh Khurana
Leadership quotes by Bear Bryant
#103. We can't have two standards, one set for the dedicated young men who want to do something ambitious and one set for those who don't. #Quote by Bear Bryant
Leadership quotes by Frederick W. Smith
#104. My four years in the Marine Corps left me with an indelible understanding of the value of leadership skills. #Quote by Frederick W. Smith
Leadership quotes by Bill Jensen
#105. Future strong builds actions upon reflection,
questions, curiosity, seeking to understand root causes and systemic connections. #Quote by Bill Jensen
Leadership quotes by Rick Perlstein
#106. One of the ladies asked about that awful Bobby Kennedy, and Goldwater responded by speaking about the attorney general with touching affection. (Mary) McGrory recalled how Jack Kennedy behaved at a similar stage in his campaign: spouting statistics, attacking carefully chosen enemies and puffing all the right friends, quoting dead Greeks, never cracking a joke lest he remind the voters how young he was. #Quote by Rick Perlstein
Leadership quotes by Chancellor Williams
#107. Africans and persons of African descent must assume the primary responsibility and leadership in historical research ... if we are to continue to leave practically all important historical research and writing concerning the black race to the white man, then we must be prepared to accept, uncomplainingly, the white man's point of view. #Quote by Chancellor Williams
Leadership quotes by Laozi
#108. He who is attached to things will suffer much. #Quote by Laozi
Leadership quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#109. The greatest part of our existence enfold in service of humanity. #Quote by Lailah Gifty Akita
Leadership quotes by Phil Knight
#110. It's alright to be Goliath but always act like David. #Quote by Phil Knight
Leadership quotes by Barack Obama
#111. To all those watching tonight from beyond our shores, from parliaments and palaces, to those who are huddled around radios in the forgotten corners of the world, our stories are singular, but our destiny is shared, and a new dawn of American leadership is at hand. #Quote by Barack Obama
Leadership quotes by Thomas Narofsky
#112. As a leader, if you can no longer inspire your people it is time to step aside and let someone else take the lead #Quote by Thomas Narofsky
Leadership quotes by John C. Maxwell
#113. Leadership is influence, nothing more, nothing less. How do you gain influence from people? You invest in them. How do you invest in them? It starts with giving them time. #Quote by John C. Maxwell
Leadership quotes by Brendon Burchard
#114. Too often we don't call out a wrong or expect ourselves or others to act with routine integrity, excellence, or love. There has been a worldwide failure in leadership, birthing an apathetic populace, unjustifiable poverty, unconscionable greed, and a globe ravaged and booby-trapped by war. #Quote by Brendon Burchard
Leadership quotes by Robert L. Joss
#115. Real leadership is not about prestige, power, or status. It is about responsibility. #Quote by Robert L. Joss
Leadership quotes by Jag Randhawa
#116. To foster a solution mindset, tell employees that you are not interested in who or what caused the problem. You are only interested in hearing how we plan to go beyond the problem. #Quote by Jag Randhawa
Leadership quotes by Robin S. Sharma
#117. I bought my own home in 2004. It's a sanctuary for my family and a place of peace and calm. It's key for anyone committed to leadership and success to avoid the noise and focus on their best opportunities. #Quote by Robin S. Sharma
Leadership quotes by Abraham Lincoln
#118. Be with a leader when he is right, stay with him when he is still right, but, leave him when he is wrong. #Quote by Abraham Lincoln
Leadership quotes by Lisa A. Mininni
#119. Affirmation without discipline is like enthusiasm without direction. #Quote by Lisa A. Mininni
Leadership quotes by Honeya
#120. You can never grow and lead if you don't know how to train. #Quote by Honeya
Leadership quotes by Edward Bernays
#121. We have voluntarily agreed to let an invisible government sift the data and high-spot the outstanding issues so that our field of choice shall be narrowed to practical proportions. From our leaders and the media they use to reach the public, we accept the evidence and the demarcation of issues bearing upon public questions; from some ethical teacher, be it a minister, a favorite essayist, or merely prevailing opinion, we accept a standardized code of social conduct to which we conform most of the time. #Quote by Edward Bernays
Leadership quotes by Asa Don Brown
#122. Effective leadership begins with effective communication. #Quote by Asa Don Brown
Leadership quotes by Rush Limbaugh
#123. The Republican leadership thinks the best way to avoid losing elections is to let the Democrats win every controversial issue. #Quote by Rush Limbaugh
Leadership quotes by Paul Bryant
#124. If you whoop and holler all the time, the players just get used to it. #Quote by Paul Bryant
Leadership quotes by Dylan Callens
#125. Loki spoke, "I agree, we do need some leadership. But you've had your chance, Odin. I think it's time for fresh ideas, to get things going. Some Lokimotion, so to speak. #Quote by Dylan Callens
Leadership quotes by Ken Jennings
#126. One of the most significant barriers to progress is the lack of effective leadership. #Quote by Ken Jennings
Leadership quotes by John C. Maxwell
#127. The true measure of leadership is influence - nothing more, nothing less. #Quote by John C. Maxwell
Leadership quotes by Laozi
#128. The farther you go, the less you know. #Quote by Laozi
Leadership quotes by Erskine Bowles
#129. Leadership is the key to 99 percent of all successful efforts. #Quote by Erskine Bowles
Leadership quotes by Tupac Shakur
#130. I don't see myself being special; I just see myself having more responsibilities than the next man. People look to me to do things for them, to have answers. #Quote by Tupac Shakur
Leadership quotes by Jeff Henderson
#131. Talent matters. Systems matter. Strategies matter. We can't just bring nice people together and think we're going to solve the world's problems. #Quote by Jeff Henderson
Leadership quotes by Sandra Brown
#132. He made a costly error in judgement and sent an entire regiment into a virtual slaughterhouse. It happens frequently. Officers risk their troops' lives for the sake of a promotion. Not my father. He valued the life of every man under his command, from his officers to the humblest fresh recruit. When he realized what had happened, he was devastated. He couldn't ever forget that his error had cost the lives of so many men, created so many widows and orphans..."
"But, Lyon, measured against his valor, one mistake is forgivable."
"To us, yes. Not to him. He was sickened that the battle was hailed as one of the turning points of the war. He was decorated for it. It was considered a great victory, but it defeated him as a soldier, as a man. When he came home and was hailed a hero, he couldn't stand the conflict within himself. He didn't feel like a hero. He felt like a traitor."
"That can't be!"
"Not a traitor to his country, but to the men who had trusted his judgement and leadership. It was a conflict he never could reconcile, so he retired from the Army and came here and shut out the world and all reminders of the lie he was living."
They were quiet for a moment before she said,"No one would have thrown stones at him, Lyon. he was a respected man, a hero, a leader at a time in history when America needed heroes and leaders. It was a battleground that spread out for miles. Admist all the chaos he may have thought he made a mistake when he actually didn't. #Quote by Sandra Brown
Leadership quotes by T Jay Taylor
#133. Progress has a steep price. Success has an even steeper price. Your team won't be willing to pay it if you aren't willing to pay it. #Quote by T Jay Taylor
Leadership quotes by John Paul Warren
#134. Small thinking and big dreams is an oxymoron #Quote by John Paul Warren
Leadership quotes by M. Scott Peck
#135. Yet the opposite style of leadership, which the guilt-ridden neurotic so often exerts over his feelings, is equally self-destructive. In this style the slave-owner is so obsessed with the fear that his slaves (feelings) might get out of control and so determined that they should cause him no trouble that he routinely beats them into submission and punishes them severely at the #Quote by M. Scott Peck
Leadership quotes by Johnny Hunt
#136. You can't touch the world by giving up a Starbucks ... We've dumbed it down. #Quote by Johnny Hunt
Leadership quotes by Caroline Glick
#137. There is no precedent of a civilian population, displaced by a war that their leadership started and lost, claiming a right to return to territory that they failed to conquer. #Quote by Caroline Glick
Leadership quotes by Mike Krzyzewski
#138. You can't defer if you're the person who's in the leadership position. #Quote by Mike Krzyzewski
Leadership quotes by Amit Ray
#139. Divinity is recognizing that you're already successful, and you are on the way to achieve your highest potential. Divinity is keeping the objectives of the soul clear, beyond the guilt, shame and embarrassment of life. #Quote by Amit Ray
Leadership quotes by David Cottrell
#140. The success of any change depends, in large measure, on your attitude about that change. #Quote by David Cottrell
Leadership quotes by Margaret J. Wheatley
#141. I believe that the capacity that any organisation needs is for leadership to appear anywhere it is needed, when it is needed. #Quote by Margaret J. Wheatley
Leadership quotes by Stan Albeck
#142. As a player, remember that the bench is not a prison, but an extension of the first group. Concentrate on the quality of your play when you do get into the game. If you play 20 minutes, play the best 20 you can possibly play. #Quote by Stan Albeck
Leadership quotes by Craig D. Lounsbrough
#143. To lead solely on the behalf of those being led is the utter pinnacle of fatherhood, and it is sad that so few ever stand on the summit. #Quote by Craig D. Lounsbrough
Leadership quotes by Gary Rohrmayer
#144. A leaders gentle reaction and sound instruction are their greatest weapons. #Quote by Gary Rohrmayer
Leadership quotes by Eric Shinseki
#145. You must love those you lead before you can be an effective leader, you can certainly command without that sense of commitment, but you cannot lead without it. And without leadership, command is a hollow experience, a vacuum often filled with mistrust and arrogance. #Quote by Eric Shinseki
Leadership quotes by Louis V. Gerstner, Jr.
#146. The next thing is: we can make IBM even better. We brought IBM back but we're gunning for leadership. #Quote by Louis V. Gerstner, Jr.
Leadership quotes by George Friedman
#147. While you and I are allowed the luxury of our pain, president isn't. A president must take into account how his citizens feel and he must manage them and lead them, but he must not succumb to personal feelings. His job is to maintain a ruthless sense of proportion while keeping the coldness of his calculation to himself. #Quote by George Friedman
Leadership quotes by Clayton Christensen
#148. Because these firms listened to their customers, invested aggressively in new technologies that would provide their customers more and better products of the sort they wanted, and because they carefully studied market trends and systematically allocated investment capital to innovations that promised the best returns, they lost their positions of leadership. #Quote by Clayton Christensen
Leadership quotes by Archibald Marwizi
#149. Allow others to talk about themselves instead of being obsessed about telling them or bragging about yourself and your possessions and achievements. Show a genuine interest in others and allow them to tell their story so you can share the conversation. #Quote by Archibald Marwizi
Leadership quotes by J. Oswald Sanders
#150. The person who sees the difficulties so clearly that he does not discern the possibilities cannot inspire a vision in others. #Quote by J. Oswald Sanders
Leadership quotes by Amber Hurdle
#151. When you have a strong company culture it will shine through your brand and you can authentically say, "This is what our brand is about. #Quote by Amber Hurdle
Leadership quotes by Heather Simmons
#152. To the disrupters go the spoils. #Quote by Heather Simmons
Leadership quotes by Miles Anthony Smith
#153. The goal of leadership is not to be likable or loved but to be proven trustworthy and respected. #Quote by Miles Anthony Smith
Leadership quotes by Barbara W. Tuchman
#154. Connection was the cement of the governing class. #Quote by Barbara W. Tuchman
Leadership quotes by Davy Crockett
#155. I have always supported measures and principles and not men. #Quote by Davy Crockett
Leadership quotes by Lisa Bedrick
#156. Some people only go to church for the social life. They like having all the friends in church or getting the praises of men by doing certain things, but they don't go there to actually worship God. They go there so others can worship THEM instead. #Quote by Lisa Bedrick
Leadership quotes by Frank Herbert
#157. Some say," Scytale said, "that people cling to Imperial leadership because space is infinite. They feel lonely without a unifying symbol. For a lonely people, the Emperor is a definite place. They can turn toward him and say: 'See, there He is. He makes us one.' Perhaps religion serves the same purpose, m'Lord. #Quote by Frank Herbert
Leadership quotes by Lorenzo Victory
#158. TO GROW OUR MIND- We must learn new things. We must CARE for more things. We must TEACH more things. We must SHARE more things. We must RETAIN more things. To grow our mind - We don't need education, We need a good memory. #Quote by Lorenzo Victory
Leadership quotes by George Takei
#159. If leadership requires a fired-up sense of purpose and imagination, it also demands a profound connection to the society to be led. Like it or not, this is our culture, and we should embrace and celebrate it, even while we strive to refine and shape it. #Quote by George Takei
Leadership quotes by Robert M. Gates
#160. Self-discipline is central to the leadership of institutions and to reforming them. A favorite saying of mine is "Never miss a good chance to shut up." I won't tell you how many times in a congressional hearing I just wanted to scream. How often in the White House Situation Room I wanted to say, "That's the dumbest idea I ever heard." How often in a briefing at the CIA or the Pentagon I wanted to tell someone where to stick his PowerPoint slides. Senior leaders want to blow off steam-shout at people- all the time. But to be an effective leader, you have to suppress those urges. #Quote by Robert M. Gates
Leadership quotes by Robert S. Strauss
#161. What's going to happen is that county council and the county executive will be able to blame the judge. I think that's what's going to happen
they want to blame the judge for reassessment. That's not leadership, that's hiding. #Quote by Robert S. Strauss
Leadership quotes by Oghenovo Obrimah
#162. There is a time for everything. There is a time for a leader to allow those over whom he has authority to demonstrate what they are about and their capabilities. There also is a time for a leader to utilize knowledge garnered while silent to bring about stability in interpersonal relationships within the context of the achievement of organizational goals or institutional objectives. #Quote by Oghenovo Obrimah
Leadership quotes by Scott McNealy
#163. Get the best people and train them well. #Quote by Scott McNealy
Leadership quotes by Jocelynne Scutt
#164. If women don't lead, nobody else is going to, because nobody else feels as passionately as we do about injustices. We feel passionate about injustices to women and girls, and not in exclusion to injustices elsewhere. #Quote by Jocelynne Scutt
Leadership quotes by J. Oswald Sanders
#165. People of vision gauge decisions on the future; the story of the past cannot be rewritten. #Quote by J. Oswald Sanders
Leadership quotes by Bill Thrall
#166. Character – the inner world of motives and values that shapes our actions – is the ultimate determiner of the nature of our leadership. It empowers our capacities while keeping them in check. It distinguishes those who steward power well from those who abuse power. Character weaves such values as integrity, honesty, and selfless service into the fabric of our lives, organizations, and cultures. #Quote by Bill Thrall
Leadership quotes by Patrick Lencioni
#167. As important as it is for all members of a leadership team to commit to being vulnerable, that is not going to happen if the leader of the team, whether that person is the CEO, department head, pastor, or school principal, does not go first. If the team leader is reluctant to acknowledge his or her mistakes or fails to admit to a weakness that is evident to everyone else, there is little hope that other members of the team are going to take that step themselves. In fact, it probably wouldn't be advisable for them to do so because there is a good chance that their vulnerability would be neither encouraged nor rewarded. #Quote by Patrick Lencioni
Leadership quotes by Chris   Hutchinson
#168. Leaders who listen, look for, and uncover other's strengths create capacity and commitment. #Quote by Chris Hutchinson
Leadership quotes by Nancy Pearcey
#169. Beginning under the Roman Empire, intellectual leadership in the West had been provided by Christianity. In the middle ages, who invented the first universities - in Paris, Oxford, Cambridge? The church. #Quote by Nancy Pearcey
Leadership quotes by E.P. Thompson
#170. I don't care tuppence whether I'm forced into a leadership position or not. I'd much sooner not. #Quote by E.P. Thompson
Leadership quotes by M*A*S*H Episode Guide Team
#171. Inside that Colonel, there's a private that needs to be cuddled and held just like the rest of us." Hawkeye #Quote by M*A*S*H Episode Guide Team
Leadership quotes by Adolf Von Schell
#172. We know that psychology is tremendously important in war. It is a field unlimited in extent, to which every conscientious soldier should give much time and study. Yet it cannot be learned as one learns mathematics. It must be sensed. Unfortunately we cannot formulate a set of psychological rules; human reactions can never be reduced to an exact science. War is governed by the uncertain and the unknown and the least known factor of all is the human element. #Quote by Adolf Von Schell
Leadership quotes by Laozi
#173. The sage does not attempt anything very big, and thus achieves greatness. #Quote by Laozi
Leadership quotes by Nicholas D. Kristof
#174. Leadership must come from the developing world itself, and that is beginning to happen. In India, Africa, and the Middle East, men and women alike are pushing for greater equality. These people need our support. #Quote by Nicholas D. Kristof
Leadership quotes by Harriet Harman
#175. Jeremy [Corbyn] earned the right to take up the leadership of the party with a big majority. But he has failed and he has no right or mandate to stay in office despite his failure and take the party down with him. #Quote by Harriet Harman
Leadership quotes by John Stein
#176. Great journeys live long in the memory of those who participate in them #Quote by John Stein
Leadership quotes by J. Loren Norris
#177. So, what does it take to live a more excellent life? It takes a new way of thinking, speaking and acting. It takes a change in habits, and a better understanding of who you are and what you do each day. It takes a foolproof formula you can apply to every minute of your day, for the most excellent outcome every time. #Quote by J. Loren Norris
Leadership quotes by Susan Faludi
#178. What happened with Hurricane Katrina was the American electorate was forced to look at what lay behind the veneer of chest-beating. We all saw the consequences of having terrible government leadership. #Quote by Susan Faludi
Leadership quotes by Robin S. Sharma
#179. Leadership is a mindset that shifts from being a victim to creating results. Any one of us can demonstrate leadership in our work and within our lives. #Quote by Robin S. Sharma
Leadership quotes by Andy Stanley
#180. We want time in with our kids not time out. #Quote by Andy Stanley
Leadership quotes by Arnold Mindell
#181. Leadership is a group project, and all of us are necessary to fill it. Wise leaders will realize this and encourage their groups to develop their own evolving leadership potential. #Quote by Arnold Mindell
Leadership quotes by Kirsten Beyer
#182. Sometimes command means letting those under you do their jobs #Quote by Kirsten Beyer
Leadership quotes by Michael J. Sullivan
#183. If given a choice between a potentially great hardship and doing nothing, people gravitate toward what was most familiar and comfortable. That was why leadership was needed. To do what was necessary rather than what was easy. #Quote by Michael J. Sullivan
Leadership quotes by Spencer Fraseur
#184. Some choices are better than others and we, as mortal humans, cannot be expected to always choose the best ones. What we can control is how we evaluate past decisions. Our readiness to reflect and realize that we were wrong. Our ability to admit our wrongs and move forward. To say we are sorry or make amends for mistakes. To apply what we've learned from past follies and choose wiser in the present. I contend that in a random and often chaotic world of choices, that is what we can control. #Quote by Spencer Fraseur
Leadership quotes by Neville Bonner
#185. As they were leading me up, I looked up and around the galleries and I could feel the whole Aboriginal race, of those who had gone before, were all up there, and I could visualise, I could hear voices and amongst those voices was the voice of my grandfather saying, 'It's alright now boy, you are finally in the council with the Australian Elders. Everything is now going to be alright.' #Quote by Neville Bonner
Leadership quotes by Damaris Patterson Price
#186. Management or not, no matter what the next-level role is or what your organization calls it, it is a step into a higher degree of leadership. That's the first lesson. To be promotable, you must be seen as a leader. Period. Full stop. #Quote by Damaris Patterson Price
Leadership quotes by Wayde Goodall
#187. Your greatest area of leadership often comes out of your greatest area of pain and weakness. #Quote by Wayde Goodall
Leadership quotes by Adrian Wooldridge
#188. Peter Drucker once noted that "no institution can possibly survive if it needs geniuses or supermen to manage it. It must be organized in such a way as to be able to get along under the leadership of perfectly normal human beings." Warren Buffet made the same point more pithily: "I only invest in companies which any fool can run, because some day some fool will run it. #Quote by Adrian Wooldridge
Leadership quotes by Brian Tracy
#189. Flexibility in a time of great change is a vital quality of leadership. #Quote by Brian Tracy
Leadership quotes by Elbert Hubbard
#190. Most people like hard work, particularly when they're paying for it. #Quote by Elbert Hubbard
Leadership quotes by Deepak Burfiwala
#191. Leadership is all about leading your life with a cause greater than yourself and continuously doing self-development. #Quote by Deepak Burfiwala
Leadership quotes by Ivan Illich
#192. Leadership does not depend on being right. #Quote by Ivan Illich
Leadership quotes by John C. Maxwell
#193. People who are not leaders automatically gravitate toward lines
limitations set by others. Many people are taught this in kindergarten when they are instructed to stay within the lines while coloring. But leaders are more creative than that. They look for options and opportunities. They try to take things in a new direction, or beyond the limit. Progress and innovation are made by people who think without lines. #Quote by John C. Maxwell
Leadership quotes by Abhijit Naskar
#194. Mind you, o braveheart sibling of mine, courage, conscience and compassion, these are the real Trinity of a civilized society. One who has these three flowing in one's veins, is the one who can build a real world of peace, love and harmony. #Quote by Abhijit Naskar
Leadership quotes by Patrick Lencioni
#195. A job is bound to be miserable if it doesn't involve measurement. #Quote by Patrick Lencioni
Leadership quotes by Kent Ingle
#196. Discipline is "the systematic management of your life to prepare and position you for your divine design." Discipline and stewardship are one and the same. Discipline brings order to life and is absolutely required if we're going to be good stewards of the call to leadership. #Quote by Kent Ingle
Leadership quotes by J. Oswald Sanders
#197. Often the crowd does not recognize a leader until he has gone, and then they build a monument for him with the stones they threw at him in life. #Quote by J. Oswald Sanders
Leadership quotes by Michelle Tillis Lederman
#198. People like people who are like them. #Quote by Michelle Tillis Lederman
Leadership quotes by Miles Anthony Smith
#199. Be a Strong Leader, Even If You Follow a Weak Leader #Quote by Miles Anthony Smith
Leadership quotes by Chip Heath
#200. Big-picture, hands-off leadership isn't likely to work in a change situation, because the hardest part of change - the paralyzing part - is precisely in the details. #Quote by Chip Heath

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