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Las Hijas quotes by Hans Ostrom
#1. They call each other 'E.' Elvis picks
wildflowers near the river and brings
them to Emily. She explains half-rhymes to him.

In heaven Emily wears her hair long, sports
Levis and western blouses with rhinestones.
Elvis is lean again, wears baggy trousers

and T-shirts, a letterman's jacket from Tupelo High.
They take long walks and often hold hands.
She prefers they remain just friends. Forever.

Emily's poems now contain naugahyde, Cadillacs,
Electricity, jets, TV, Little Richard and Richard
Nixon. The rock-a-billy rhythm makes her smile.

Elvis likes himself with style. This afternoon
he will play guitar and sing "I Taste A Liquor
Never Brewed" to the tune of "Love Me Tender."

Emily will clap and harmonize. Alone
in their cabins later, they'll listen to the river
and nap. They will not think of Amherst

or Las Vegas. They know why God made them
roommates. It's because America
was their hometown. It's because

God is a thing without
feathers. It's because
God wears blue suede shoes. #Quote by Hans Ostrom
Las Hijas quotes by Marco Rubio
#2. My Dad used to tell us: 'En este pais, ustedes van a poder lograr todas las cosas que nosotros no pudimos' 'In this country, you will be able to accomplish all the things we never could.' #Quote by Marco Rubio
Las Hijas quotes by James Howard Kunstler
#3. Phoenix and Las Vegas have grim long-term prospects. On top of oil-and-gas problems, they will have terrible problems with water and the ability to produce food locally. I suppose it shows how delusional the public is, and how our institutional controls have decayed - for instance, lending standards. #Quote by James Howard Kunstler
Las Hijas quotes by Michael Connelly
#4. The Strip was still lit by a million neon lights, though the crowds on the sidewalk had greatly decreased by this hour. Still, Bosch was awed by the spectacle of light. In every imaginable color and configuration, it was a megawatt funnel of enticement to greed that burned twenty-four hours a day. Bosch felt the same attraction that all the other grinders felt tug at them. Las Vegas was like one of the hookers on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood. Even happily married men at least glanced their way, if only for a second, just to get an idea what was out there, maybe give them something to think about. Las Vegas was like that. There was a visceral attraction here. The bold promise of money and sex. But the first was a broken promise, a mirage, and the second was fraught with danger, expense, physical and mental risk. It was where the real gambling took place in this town. #Quote by Michael Connelly
Las Hijas quotes by Michael Mina
#5. Guests love to be 'wowed' in Las Vegas. They enjoy and embrace new tastes, new flavors, and they come to expect the unexpected in Las Vegas. #Quote by Michael Mina
Las Hijas quotes by Michael Lewis
#6. It was in Las Vegas that Eisman and his associates' attitude toward the U.S. bond market hardened into something like its final shape. As Vinny put it, "That was the moment when we said, 'Holy shit, this isn't just credit. This is a fictitious Ponzi scheme.'" In Vegas the question lingering at the back of their minds ceased to be, Do these bond market people know something we do not? It was replaced by, Do they deserve merely to be fired, or should they be put in jail? Are they delusional, or do they know what they're doing? Danny thought that the vast majority of the people in the industry were blinded by their interests and failed to see the risks they had created. Vinny, always darker, said, "There were more morons than crooks, but the crooks were higher up. #Quote by Michael Lewis
Las Hijas quotes by John Van Hamersveld
#7. In 2009, I began creating 'Waterworks' with the new vernacular coming from the 'Signs of Life' work in Las Vegas. #Quote by John Van Hamersveld
Las Hijas quotes by Henry Petroski
#8. Betting on the success of innovative technologies in the marketplace can carry all the uncertainty and risk that betting on the next card in the deck does at a blackjack table in Las Vegas. There is a factor of randomness that must be factored in, but precisely how to do so is anyone's guess. #Quote by Henry Petroski
Las Hijas quotes by Lana Del Rey
#9. Off To The Races"

My old man is a bad man but
I can't deny the way he holds my hand
And he grabs me, he has me by my heart
He doesn't mind I have a Las Vegas past
He doesn't mind I have an LA crass way about me
He loves me with every beat of his cocaine heart

Swimming pool glimmering darling
White bikini off with my red nail polish
Watch me in the swimming pool bright blue ripples you
Sitting sipping on your black Cristal
Oh yeah

Light of my life, fire of my loins
Be a good baby, do what I want
Light of my life, fire of my loins
Give me them gold coins, gimme them coins

And I'm off to the races, cases of Bacardi chasers
Chasing me all over town
Cause he knows I'm wasted, facing
Time again at Riker's Island and I won't get out
Because I'm crazy, baby I need you to come here and save me
I'm your little scarlet, starlet singing in the garden
Kiss me on my open mouth
Ready for you

My old man is a tough man but
He's got a soul as sweet as blood red jam
And he shows me, he knows me
Every inch of my tar black soul
He doesn't mind I have a flat broke down life
In fact he says he thinks it's why he might like about me
Admires me, the way I roll like a Rolling Stone

Likes to watch me in the glass room bathroom, Chateau Marmont
Slippin' on my red dress, puttin' on my makeup
Glass film, per #Quote by Lana Del Rey
Las Hijas quotes by Frank Scoblete
#10. I sometimes think of Las Vegas as the Jerusalem of chance. A holy city. #Quote by Frank Scoblete
Las Hijas quotes by Howie Mandel
#11. I've spent more time in Las Vegas than any other city, almost including L.A. where I live. #Quote by Howie Mandel
Las Hijas quotes by Douglas Coupland
#12. I called Mom from the hotel during the period of peace, I'd turned out all of the lights and closed the curtains in pursuit of sensory deprivation. It was Black and sensationless. All There was in the room was my voice and mom's voice trickling out of the phone's earpiece, and this feeling passed through me-this feeling of what a gift it is that people are able to speak to each other while they're alive. These casual conversations, this familiar voice heard through a Las Vegas hotel room telephone. It was strange to realize that, in one since, all we are is our voice. #Quote by Douglas Coupland
Las Hijas quotes by Oliver Markus Malloy
#13. WTF is praying gonna do for Vegas? Apparently God likes mass shootings. #Quote by Oliver Markus Malloy
Las Hijas quotes by Hanna Rosin
#14. Hollywood is in somewhat the same position as Las Vegas these days. It went from being the capital of sin to Disneyland, and now it's landed somewhere in between. It tries to keep the sins hidden away and outwardly present itself as a defender of American virtues: justice, individual freedom, and the power of one innocent soul to save the world. #Quote by Hanna Rosin
Las Hijas quotes by Jeffrey Archer
#15. You've made yourself more available than a whore in a Las Vegas casino. #Quote by Jeffrey Archer
Las Hijas quotes by Michael Mina
#16. When I first went to Las Vegas, I thought I would never go to Las Vegas; you can't get anything. But then I realized that they were trucking in almost everything; you could get a lot of your product, and I think that's why a lot of chefs actually went there. #Quote by Michael Mina
Las Hijas quotes by Jesse Kaellis
#17. There are lots of special places and special jobs, but for me being a Las Vegas dice dealer was pretty sublime. It was somehow timeless. Timeless and imbued with the corrosive and bland patina of a mundane evil, a venality, a soulless mockery of human aspirations. What could be more useless than playing with money? #Quote by Jesse Kaellis
Las Hijas quotes by James Stanford
#18. discovered is that I'm an image maker, and I don't care how its made - whether it's through painting or photography or drawing - I just want to create images. #Quote by James Stanford
Las Hijas quotes by Deborah Coonts
#19. One more cockeyed optimist thrown under the reality bus. #Quote by Deborah Coonts
Las Hijas quotes by Ross Macdonald
#20. Jerkiness isn't as respectable as it used to be, not even in L.A. Which is why they had to build Vegas. #Quote by Ross Macdonald
Las Hijas quotes by Jenn McKinlay
#21. As you know from our trips to Belmont Park in San Diego, I can scream like a girl when required." he said.
Angie laughed then she grabbed him by the face and planted a kiss on the lips so fierce, Mel wondered if it was Angie's way of putting a lip-lock protective spell on her man. She hoped it was and she hoped it worked. #Quote by Jenn McKinlay
Las Hijas quotes by Terri Irwin
#22. Bindi and I had been in Oregon for a few days, visiting family, and we planned to catch up with Steve in Las Vegas. But she and I had an ugly incident at the airport when we arrived. A Vegas lowlife approached us, his hat pulled down, big sunglasses on his face, and displaying some of the worst dentistry I've ever seen.
He leered at us, obviously drunk or crazy, and tried to kiss me. I backed off rapidly and looked for Steve. I knew I could rely on him to take care of any creep I encountered.
Then it dawned on me: The creep was Steve. In order to move around the airport without anyone recognizing him, he put on false teeth and changed his usual clothes. I didn't recognize my own husband out of his khakis.
I burst out laughing. Bindi was wide-eyed. "Look, it's your daddy." It took her a while before she was sure. #Quote by Terri Irwin
Las Hijas quotes by Susannah Scott
#23. You can lead if you want." He whipped them around so he moved backward, pulling her with him across the floor.
"You're still leading," she said.
"Perception is a tricky thing." He kissed the side of her neck, and shivers followed.
"I know on way to lead."
She dropped her hand from his shoulder to the band of his shorts, and slipped her hand in his waistband. He sucked in a breath, and her hand snaked downward. She stroked the length of him, feeling him grow hard and rigid.
"Mei." He pulled her closer... #Quote by Susannah Scott
Las Hijas quotes by Howard Zinn
#24. Las Casas tells how the Spaniards "grew more conceited every day" and after a while refused to walk any distance. They "rode the backs of Indians if they were in a hurry" or were carried on hammocks by Indians running in relays. "In this case they also had Indians carry large leaves to shade them from the sun and others to fan them with goose wings." Total control led to total cruelty. The Spaniards "thought nothing of knifing Indians by tens and twenties and of cutting slices off them to test the sharpness of their blades." Las Casas tells how "two of these so-called Christians met two Indian boys one day, each carrying a parrot; they took the parrots and for fun beheaded the boys. #Quote by Howard Zinn
Las Hijas quotes by Paul Samuelson
#25. It is not easy to get rich in Las Vegas, at Churchill Downs, or at the local Merrill Lynch office. #Quote by Paul Samuelson
Las Hijas quotes by Sir Kristian Goldmund Aumann
#26. Prayers for the Victims and People Affected by Las Vegas Mass Shooting
The sudden death and the mournful grief is the lightning stroke of life. #Quote by Sir Kristian Goldmund Aumann
Las Hijas quotes by Meg Cabot
#27. Why can't you just get married in Las Vegas like normal Americans? #Quote by Meg Cabot
Las Hijas quotes by Brian Austin Green
#28. I was three years old. I was messing with my grandparents' dog in Las Vegas, and he decided to pick me up by my head and run around the backyard with me. #Quote by Brian Austin Green
Las Hijas quotes by Hunter S. Thompson
#29. Turn up the radio. Turn up the tape machine. Look into the sunset up ahead. Roll the windows down for a better taste of the cool desert wind. Ah yes. This is what it's all about. Total control now. Tooling along the main drag on a Saturday night in Las Vegas, two good old boys in a fireapple-red convertible ... stoned, ripped, twisted ... Good People. #Quote by Hunter S. Thompson
Las Hijas quotes by Hal Rothman
#30. In a city of illusion, where change is what the city does, it's no wonder Las Vegas is the court of last resort, the last place to start over, to reinvent yourself in the same way that the city does, time after time. For some it works; for some it doesn't, but they keep coming and trying. #Quote by Hal Rothman
Las Hijas quotes by Todd Phillips
#31. What it boils down to is that when you say the word Las Vegas it means something. You could say New York City and it doesn't really mean anything. When you say a word like Bangkok, in my mind it means something. There's not a lot of cities where the world literally brings a picture to your mind. #Quote by Todd Phillips
Las Hijas quotes by Jackie Chanel
#32. I am an Ivy league graduate. I have a Harvard MBA. I've opened casinos in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and the French Riviera. I've worked for the Santangelo's, the Lucchetti's and the Gambino's. #Quote by Jackie Chanel
Las Hijas quotes by Johnny Vegas
#33. My work's never been accepted by my family, but it's something I'll always carry on with. #Quote by Johnny Vegas
Las Hijas quotes by Jay Leno
#34. Oh, here's your tax dollars at work. This is what makes people furious. The head of the GSA, a woman named Martha Johnson, has resigned after they found out she spent over $830,000 on a four-day government conference in Las Vegas. And the president is furious. Not President Obama, the president of China. It's his money. It's his money she spent. #Quote by Jay Leno
Las Hijas quotes by Connie Stevens
#35. I love the live performances and Las Vegas. I also like making films that are being discovered by another generation. Having been a teen idol of the '60s is great because you realize you left your generation with a smile and good memories. #Quote by Connie Stevens
Las Hijas quotes by Hunter S. Thompson
#36. It seems like a lifetime, or at least a Main Era - the kind of peak that never comes again. San Francisco in the middle sixties was a very special time and place to be a part of. Maybe it meant something. Maybe not, in the long run... but no explanation, no mix of words or music or memories can touch that sense of knowing that you were there and alive in that corner of time and the world. Whatever it meant...

There was madness in any direction, at any hour. You could strike sparks anywhere. There was a fantastic universal sense that whatever we were doing was right, that we were winning...

And that, I think, was the handle - that sense of inevitable victory over the forces of Old and Evil. Not in any mean or military sense; we didn't need that. Our energy would simply PREVAIL. There was no point in fighting - on our side or theirs. We had all the momentum; we were riding the crest of a high and beautiful wave...

So now, less than five years later, you can go up on a steep hill in Las Vegas and look West, and with the right kind of eyes you can almost see the high water mark - that place where the wave finally broke, and rolled back. #Quote by Hunter S. Thompson
Las Hijas quotes by Floyd Mayweather, Jr.
#37. Las Vegas is the boxing capital. During a Floyd Mayweather fight weekend, you can shop, party, stay out late and do anything you want. The city of Las Vegas has everything. #Quote by Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

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