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Lamotta Boxer quotes by Alan Minter
#1. A boxer makes a comeback for two reasons: either he's broke or he needs the money. #Quote by Alan Minter
Lamotta Boxer quotes by Barbara Boxer
#2. I was a stock broker once. I think there is an absolute place for market investments. But they should never be the basis of one's retirement. They should be an additional piece on top of a basic, secure, guaranteed retirement benefit. #Quote by Barbara Boxer
Lamotta Boxer quotes by John Molina, Jr.
#3. My favorite was going as a boxer when I was 9 years old and wearing my dad's boxing gear. #Quote by John Molina, Jr.
Lamotta Boxer quotes by Joyce Carol Oates
#4. To be knocked out doesn't mean what it seems. A boxer does not have to get up. #Quote by Joyce Carol Oates
Lamotta Boxer quotes by Armada West
#5. Her heartbeat was a broken metronome. #Quote by Armada West
Lamotta Boxer quotes by Barbara Boxer
#6. Just look at the Judiciary Committee, You have some people on the Judiciary Committee who may well decide not to send the nomination to the floor, and now it all depends on what Democrats do. #Quote by Barbara Boxer
Lamotta Boxer quotes by Rick Riordan
#7. He looked like a hallucinating ballerina in boxer shorts, #Quote by Rick Riordan
Lamotta Boxer quotes by J.R. Ward
#8. I have a trainer," she confirmed while searching for an escape route.
Standing closer to this man is like being stuck in an elevator, she decided. You'd bargain with God to get free.
"But not just any trainer. Not only does this woman tackle a stallion no one else can seem to tame but she resurrects the dead, n'est-ce pas? You have done wonders to stir McCloud's blood again, or so I have heard."
A.J.'s mouth dropped open at the insinuation. "What are you talking about?"
"Surely you jest. The news is all around." He gesticulated with a limp wrist. "Although I must say, you are faithless to leave your family in favor of a man who is not your husband. No matter how good you find his services."
Her vision narrowed on the man's jugular. "Why, you little - "
Devlin appeared at her side. "A.J.! Time to go pace off the course."
"Ah," Philippe said grandly. "And here is your good teacher, the man you gave up so much for. Myself, I could not imagine leaving my family for someone else's stable, but I am French and we are known for our loyalty. Then again, I also don't need the particular kind of instruction this McCloud offers."
A.J. could sense her face tuning brick red and felt like a boxer winding up for a punch.
"Come on," Devlin said.
"Yes, run along, you two. I imagine there is much you must do to each other."
That did it. She lost it.
"Why, you tar-mouthed gossip hound - "
She was itching to go further but Devlin pu #Quote by J.R. Ward
Lamotta Boxer quotes by Matt Helders
#9. I think I'll got to Thailand for a year and become a Thai boxer. I'm gonna train for a year. #Quote by Matt Helders
Lamotta Boxer quotes by Charles Dickens
#10. Boxer, feeling that his attentions were due to the family in general, and must be impartially distributed, dashed in and out with bewildering inconstancy; now, describing a circle of short barks round the horse, where he was being rubbed down at the stable-door; now feigning to make savage rushes at his mistress, and facetiously bringing himself to sudden stops; now, eliciting a shriek from Tilly Slowboy, in the low nursing-chair near the fire, by the unexpected application of his moist nose to her countenance; now, exhibiting an obtrusive interest in the baby; now, going round and round upon the hearth, and lying down as if he had established himself for the night; now, getting up again, and taking that nothing of a fag-end of a tail of his, out into the weather, as if he had just remembered an appointment, and was off, at a round trot, to keep it. #Quote by Charles Dickens
Lamotta Boxer quotes by T. S. Eliot
#11. I was too slow a mover to be a boxer. It was much easier to be a poet. #Quote by T. S. Eliot
Lamotta Boxer quotes by Stephen Richards
#12. I had a burning desire in me to win and started to get him on the back foot. I was looking for that one special shot when I put him down with the famous Horsley Muckspreader right hand ... an unstoppable force. Incredibly, he got up and took the count and the ref waved us to continue. #Quote by Stephen Richards
Lamotta Boxer quotes by Jake LaMotta
#13. I fought Sugar Ray so often, I almost got diabetes. #Quote by Jake LaMotta
Lamotta Boxer quotes by George Orwell
#14. Last of all came the cat, who looked round, as usual, for the warmest place, and finally squeezed herself in between Boxer and Clover; there she purred contentedly throughout Major's speech without listening to a word of what he was saying. #Quote by George Orwell
Lamotta Boxer quotes by Jake LaMotta
#15. On the way here this guy steps up to us and says, 'Would you like to join Jehovah's Witnesses?' and Rocky (Graziano) says 'I didn't see nuttin!' #Quote by Jake LaMotta
Lamotta Boxer quotes by Samantha Towle
#16. The door opposite me opens and Tom stumbles out, looking half-asleep.

"What the fuck's going on out here?" he yawns, stretching his arms over his head, as he glances around taking in the scene.

Me in my pyjamas in Simone's arms crying. Jake bleeding from the mouth. Denny in his boxer shorts.

"Oh, right," he says putting two and two together, dropping his arms down. "Guess, I'll leave you guys to it then." Stepping back he closes his door. #Quote by Samantha Towle
Lamotta Boxer quotes by Antonio Villaraigosa
#17. Too many Californians are struggling to make ends meet, pay the bills, and send their kids to college. They are looking for progressive leaders in Washington who will fight for them, like Senator Boxer has done for over 20 years. #Quote by Antonio Villaraigosa
Lamotta Boxer quotes by Sylvain Reynard
#18. Gabriel gazed at his reflection in the mirror. To his shock and dismay, he was clad only in his underwear, a cheeky pair of boxer shorts that had the phrase 'Medievalists Do It in the Dark (Ages)' printed all over them in phosphorescent lettering. #Quote by Sylvain Reynard
Lamotta Boxer quotes by Douglas Preston
#19. PEE-WEE BOXER SURVEYED THE JOBSITE WITH DISGUST. THE FOREMAN was a scumbag. The crew were a bunch of losers. Worst of all, the guy handling the Cat didn't know jack about hydraulic excavators. Maybe it was a union thing; maybe he was friends with somebody; either way, he was jerking the machine around like it was his first day at Queens Vo-Tech #Quote by Douglas Preston
Lamotta Boxer quotes by Daniel Tosh
#20. Being a white boxer is like being a republican. No matter how hard you work, you'll always lose because of the Mexicans. #Quote by Daniel Tosh
Lamotta Boxer quotes by Barbara Boxer
#21. Look, all this is about is utilizing the rules of the Senate, using a majority of the senators, to make sure that we get health reform done. We cannot wait another day. #Quote by Barbara Boxer
Lamotta Boxer quotes by Leonard Gardner
#22. At times it was impossible for him to control the praise and predictions that issued from him like thanks, and he was aware of exaggerating; yet he felt a boxer needed someone who believed in him, and if it were true that confidence could win fights, then he could not be sure his overestimates were really that at all. Guiding #Quote by Leonard Gardner
Lamotta Boxer quotes by George Aaron Barton
#23. Gene Tunney called Gibbons 'the perfect boxer.' Gene said he learned more about the technique of boxing and punching from watching Mike training in New York gymnasiums and in actual fights in Gotham than he learned from any other individual associated with the fistic sport.
Moreover, Tunney has told me it was Gibbons' clean-cut victory over Jack Dillon, the mighty light heavyweight from Indianapolis, that inspired in him the belief he could whip Jack Dempsey. #Quote by George Aaron Barton
Lamotta Boxer quotes by Carrie Jones
#24. Hands grab me, steady me. I jerk back, but they are surprisingly gentle. He doesn't smile as I turn to see his face. He just stands there, letting me inspect him. He's tall with a wide forehead and dark blond hair that's cut short. His green eyes are deeply set beneath that forehead. His lips are wide and rugged like the rest of him. His hands have huge knuckles like he's a boxer or arthritic or hits walls. He looks like he did when he pulled me out of the car, but stronger, taller somehow. He must be completely healed. He looks my age and he looks good, like the guy in high school that everyone, even the teachers, fall in love with. #Quote by Carrie Jones
Lamotta Boxer quotes by Sonya Lamonakis
#25. Sure they say we (women) are life givers not takers, but guess what, most women can multi-task and be life givers and fighters. Boxing is not a life-taking sport. Boxing is not a violent sport; it's an art, a dance, a science. Sometimes the smarter boxer wins and sometimes the stronger boxer wins. Of course aggression is a feminine quality. It's a quality that exists in human beings whether they are men or women. #Quote by Sonya Lamonakis
Lamotta Boxer quotes by Barbara Boxer
#26. In the early stages of a pregnancy, the Government cannot intervene with a woman's right to choose. That is it, plain and simple. Guess what. We are not going to be big brother or sister, as the case may be. We are going to allow a woman, her doctor, and her God to make that decision. #Quote by Barbara Boxer
Lamotta Boxer quotes by David Mitchell
#27. The lounge is empty of bodies but full of debris: wineglasses, ashtrays, food wrappers, and a pair of silk boxer shorts over the Boer War rifle #Quote by David Mitchell
Lamotta Boxer quotes by Muhammad Ali
#28. This boldness in telling the truth overshadows sport greatly. You couldn't get Joe Frazier or no boxer on this show and get interest in a subject like this. He couldn't talk about it. #Quote by Muhammad Ali
Lamotta Boxer quotes by Barbara Boxer
#29. To win the cause we all believe in, the spread of true democracy all over the world, we need to win by example, not just with speeches but by example; not just with military might but by gaining the respect of the world. #Quote by Barbara Boxer
Lamotta Boxer quotes by Ann Benjamin
#30. Realizing he doesn't have any clothes on, James does a covert ninja move to retrieve his boxer shorts and is caught mid-roll as Penny emerges from the bathroom. #Quote by Ann Benjamin
Lamotta Boxer quotes by Barbara Boxer
#31. We have the greatest hospitals, doctors, and medical technology in the world - we need to make them accessible to every American. #Quote by Barbara Boxer
Lamotta Boxer quotes by Gary Vaynerchuk
#32. It's about stories. If I can tell the story to America, whether it's Riesling or a boxer from Harlem, it will sell. I know on my gravestone it's going to be, 'Storyteller.' #Quote by Gary Vaynerchuk
Lamotta Boxer quotes by Pawan Mishra
#33. Just like a boxer can't win without a few punches on his face, a student can't be fully trained without ups and downs. #Quote by Pawan Mishra
Lamotta Boxer quotes by Barbara Boxer
#34. The American people need to know the truth. The American people need to see the truth. In a democracy, letting the people know the truth is the essence of what it means to be free. #Quote by Barbara Boxer
Lamotta Boxer quotes by Scott Hildreth
#35. Why? Because, Michael whatever your middle fucking name is Ripton, there's something about that boxer fist bump handshake - something about that agreement we made - that tells me for the first time in your fucked up little life that you're not going to fuck me over, #Quote by Scott Hildreth
Lamotta Boxer quotes by Penny Watson
#36. Ami leaned into his side and inhaled the fresh scent of man. "Uh, no. Sometimes my biological clock threatens to explode like a ticking bomb, that's all. Rachel is so lucky. Nat is a doll. Doug adores them. Don't mind me, I'm just wishing my laundry pile was filled with boxer shorts and Cinderella T-shirts. I'll get over it."
"Why do you have to get over it," Marcus asked gently. "Sounds like a nice dream to me."
... a few pages later
Things were looking up. If he could just convince her his boxer shorts belonged in her laundry basket, he'd be right on board with her six-month plan #Quote by Penny Watson
Lamotta Boxer quotes by Barbara Boxer
#37. What they [Jim deMint and the oil lobby] do care about is the precedent. If they open up ANWR (Arctic National Wildlife Refuge), they'll think they can do anything to the environment - anything at all. Drilling in Yosemite? In the Grand Canyon? What's next? #Quote by Barbara Boxer
Lamotta Boxer quotes by Muhammad Ali
#38. I'm not the greatest; I'm the double greatest. Not only do I knock 'em out, I pick the round. #Quote by Muhammad Ali
Lamotta Boxer quotes by Armada West
#39. He was going to win this bout, then fuck her with the unchained, debauched craving of a man condemned to die at dawn. #Quote by Armada West
Lamotta Boxer quotes by Stephanie Miller
#40. I like fighters. That's why I love Russ Feingold. I love Barbara Boxer. And Howard Dean and John Conyers. Democrats I talk to around the country want their leaders to come out and fight for them. #Quote by Stephanie Miller
Lamotta Boxer quotes by Barbara Boxer
#41. Even if I have to stand alone, I will not be afraid to stand alone. I'm going to fight for you. I'm going to fight for what's right. I'm going to fight to hold people accountable. #Quote by Barbara Boxer
Lamotta Boxer quotes by Armada West
#42. She was ready to be kissed. Instead his hand touched her inner thigh. #Quote by Armada West

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