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Lady Rosamund quotes by Rosamund Pike
#1. It is interesting to break all the rules. I'm not married, I have a baby, and it feels infinitely more right. #Quote by Rosamund Pike
Lady Rosamund quotes by Rick Yancey
#2. It's the lady, then," he murmured. #Quote by Rick Yancey
Lady Rosamund quotes by Maya Rodale
#3. If you fainted, I would catch you, my Lady Scandalous, he murmured. #Quote by Maya Rodale
Lady Rosamund quotes by Michael Ondaatje
#4. Snap. Lady with dog. Lady on sofa half-naked. Snap. Naked lady. Lady next to dresser. Lady at window. Snap. Lady on balcony sunlight. (On New Orleans photographer E. J. Bellocq) #Quote by Michael Ondaatje
Lady Rosamund quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#5. It was Lillian Bowman-now Lady Westcliff- dashing and radiant in a wine-red gown. Her fair complexion was lightly glazed with color from the southern Italian sun, and her black hair was caught fashionably at the nape of her neck with a beaded silk-cord net. Lillian was tall and slender, the kind of raffish girl one could envision as captaining her own pirate ship... a girl clearly made for dangerous and unconventional pursuits. Though not as romantically beautiful as Annabelle Hunt, Lillian possessed a striking, clean-featured appeal that proclaimed her Americanness even before one heard her distinctly New York accent.
Of their circle of friends, Lillian was the one that Evie felt the least close to. Lillian did not possess Annabelle's maternal softness, or Daisy's sparkling optimism... she had always intimidated Evie with her sharp tongue and prickly impatience. However, Lillian could always be counted on in times of trouble. #Quote by Lisa Kleypas
Lady Rosamund quotes by Nathaniel Hawthorne
#6. The evening before my departure for Blithedale, I was returning to my bachelor-apartments, after attending the wonderful exhibition of the Veiled Lady, when an elderly-man of rather shabby appearance met me in an obscure part of the street. #Quote by Nathaniel Hawthorne
Lady Rosamund quotes by Nick Cave
#7. And I kissed away a thousand tears My lady of the Various Sorrows Some begged, some borrowed, some stolen Some kept safe for tomorrow. #Quote by Nick Cave
Lady Rosamund quotes by Sophie Barnes
#8. I cannot explain what's between us, Lady Newbury, other than to say that I have an uncanny urge to kiss you whenever we meet. #Quote by Sophie Barnes
Lady Rosamund quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#9. There was a difference between quality and mere showiness, he thought. That notion was reinforced immediately by the appearance of Lady Aline.
She was dazzling, with strands of white pearls in her lustrous dark hair, her voluptuous body wrapped in a blue dress that molded tightly over the swell of her breasts. A double circlet of fresh white rosebuds was wrapped around one of her gloved wrists. Extending her hands in welcome, she went to a group of guests near the door of the ballroom. Her smile was a flash of magic. As he watched her, McKenna noticed something about her that had not registered during their earlier meeting... she walked differently than he remembered. Instead of exhibiting the impetuous grace she had possessed as a girl, Aline now moved with the leisurely deliberateness of a swan gliding across a still pond.
Aline's entrance attracted many gazes, and it was obvious that McKenna was not the only man who appreciated her sparkling allure. No matter how tranquil her facade, there was no concealing the luminous sensuality beneath. #Quote by Lisa Kleypas
Lady Rosamund quotes by Kristen Ashley
#10. <…>Therefore he asked quietly, "Remember I told you about Tuku?" Julius nodded. Ty went on, "Got good friends, a lot of them, feel deep for them all. Only three people in my life got more from me, one of 'em's in the ground, one of 'em's sitting' on the deck and the last is standin' right in front of me."
Julius said not a word but held his eyes.
Then Ty whispered, "Gratitude, brother."
Julius kept his eyes locked with Ty's and whispered back, "Debt paid."<…> #Quote by Kristen Ashley
Lady Rosamund quotes by Gail Carriger
#11. While her own taste was, frankly, pedestrian, Lady Maccon did enjoy seeing what all the peacocks had arranged to drape themselves with. In the better parts of London, one could run into almost anything: the latest evening gowns from Paris, floating dresses to the extremes of practicality from the Americas, and the fullest, most complex cravat ties imaginable. One could witness a veritable cornucopia of visual delights merely by driving through the crowded streets. If #Quote by Gail Carriger
Lady Rosamund quotes by Lady Gaga
#12. I've had enough, this is my prayer, that I'll die living just as free as my hair. #Quote by Lady Gaga
Lady Rosamund quotes by Kelly Elliott
#13. You're in luck, my lady, for I am no longer a bachelor. I am very much taken by your eyes, your touch, and, most importantly, your love. #Quote by Kelly Elliott
Lady Rosamund quotes by James Joyce
#14. When I find a lady who is content with her own picture I will send a bouquet to the Pope #Quote by James Joyce
Lady Rosamund quotes by Suzanne Selfors
#15. I cant help but notice that you are not wearing a wedding ring, dear lady. Are you, by any chance, looking for a husband?' He smiled eagerly, his drenched hat clinging to his round head.

Looking for a husband? Why?' Grandma Maxine asked. 'Did I lose one? #Quote by Suzanne Selfors
Lady Rosamund quotes by Karen Kingsbury
#16. The last song by Lady Antebellum was "Just a Kiss." The lyrics talked about how they only needed a kiss - nothing more - because this love might be the kind that lasted forever. #Quote by Karen Kingsbury
Lady Rosamund quotes by Ambrose Bierce
#17. Belladonna, n.: In Italian a beautiful lady; in English a deadly poison. A striking example of the essential identity of the two tongues. #Quote by Ambrose Bierce
Lady Rosamund quotes by Jonathan Maberry
#18. When Tony lost it, it would be up to Ruger to take Lady Death by the tits and giver a good tweak. That's how he saw it. Give Lady Death's tits a good tweak. #Quote by Jonathan Maberry
Lady Rosamund quotes by Lori Foster
#19. I was in the car with Trace and heard his side of the conversation with you. Sounded clear enough to me."
"Apparently not, cuz I'm not sweet on her. What kind of dumb-ass thing is that to say? I like her, sure, even though she's not the easiest lady to be around."
Jackson didn't seem to hear her. He continued on as he pulled food from the tiny fridge and piled it on the counter. "She has her reasons for being prickly, and I know it."
"Those reasons are?"
"And there isn't a man alive who wouldn't want her. She's about the sexiest thing I've ever seen." He shook his head. "But I'm not sweet> about anything." He scoffed. "That sounds like some adolescent bullshit or something."
"You have a very limited vocabulary."
"My balls still hurt. It's affecting my brain."
"Your brain is located a little low, isn't it?"
He paused, then laughed. Shaking a loaf of bread at her, he said, "Good one. I'll have to try to remember this sharp wit of yours. #Quote by Lori Foster
Lady Rosamund quotes by Soman Chainani
#20. « "You see, it doesn't matter what we are, Sophie."
Lady Lesso leaned so close she just had to whisper.
"It's what we do. » #Quote by Soman Chainani
Lady Rosamund quotes by Samuel Taylor Coleridge
#21. Visit her, gentle Sleep! with wings of healing,

And may this storm be but a mountain-birth,

May all the stars hang bright above her dwelling,

Silent as though they watched the sleeping Earth!

With light heart may she rise,

Gay fancy, cheerful eyes,

Joy lift her spirit, joy attune her voice;

To her may all things live, from pole to pole,

Their life the eddying of her living soul!

O simple spirit, guided from above,

Dear Lady! friend devoutest of my choice,

Thus mayest thou ever, evermore rejoice. #Quote by Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Lady Rosamund quotes by Sara Shepard
#22. She felt like Lady in Lady and the Tramp, one of Hanna's favorite movies as a kid. When Jim Dear and Darling had a new baby, they kicked Lady to the curb. Except Hanna didn't even have a scruffy bad-boy stray she could run off with because her supposed boyfriend was going to be hundreds of miles away soaking up sunshine on a nude beach with a skank. #Quote by Sara Shepard
Lady Rosamund quotes by Shannon Hale
#23. She's as fetching as brown hair done up with ribbons blue
The mountain, my lady
She's as sweet as pink flowers made bright with morning dew,
Mount Eskel, my lady #Quote by Shannon Hale
Lady Rosamund quotes by Lady Augusta Gregory
#24. He sat beside me pleasantly and played his sweet music to me, and in the end he foretold things that put drunkenness on my wits. #Quote by Lady Augusta Gregory
Lady Rosamund quotes by Jenny Lawson
#25. Also, why did Mary Poppins even need such a huge bag if it's magically designed to fit everything? Seriously. I'm guessing that Mary asked for a magic pocket and the wizards were like, "What, like a dude? Nah. I don't think so, lady. You'll get a purse." Those guys were motherfuckers. #Quote by Jenny Lawson
Lady Rosamund quotes by Seth Grahame-Smith
#26. Elizabeth, having rather expected to affront him, was amazed at his gallantry; and Darcy had never been so bewitched by any woman as he was by her. He really believed, that were it not for the inferiority of her connections, he should be in some danger of falling in love, and were it not for his considerable skill in the deadly arts, that he should be in danger of being bested by hers
for never had he seen a lady more gifted in the ways of vanquishing the undead. #Quote by Seth Grahame-Smith
Lady Rosamund quotes by Wendy Starland
#27. I've collaborated with artists that truly run the gamut: from members of the Wu Tang Clan and Capone, to Moby, Lady Gaga, and opening for artists such as Sheryl Crow, Jack White, and Chris Shiflett of the Foo Fighters, etc. #Quote by Wendy Starland
Lady Rosamund quotes by Lady G
#28. I sing about what a holy fool I am, and that although moments in my life are so cruel and relationships can be so cruel I'm still in love with Judas. I still go back again to those evil things, #Quote by Lady G
Lady Rosamund quotes by Rosamund Lupton
#29. Mums answer is so unexpected and I am a litte stunned, actually. I wonder whether, had I known the reason for my name as a child, I would have tried to live up to it. Instead of being a failed Arabella, I might have become a Shakespearean plucky Beatrice. #Quote by Rosamund Lupton
Lady Rosamund quotes by Lady Gaga
#30. I'm drawn to bad romances. #Quote by Lady Gaga
Lady Rosamund quotes by Stephen King
#31. Time and ka and trains. I'm thinking about them and many other things.
(Lady of Shadows: Dark Tower, The Drawing of the Three) #Quote by Stephen King
Lady Rosamund quotes by Edna Ferber
#32. The leading lady had a large and saving sense of humor. But there is nothing that blunts the sense of humor more quickly than a few months of one-night stands. Even O. Henry could have seen nothing funny about that room. #Quote by Edna Ferber
Lady Rosamund quotes by Michelle Gable
#33. While the most important thing for a woman to have is money, the second most important is options. A lady must have her options. #Quote by Michelle Gable
Lady Rosamund quotes by Anne Bishop
#34. She looked down at him, smiling with exasperated amusement. *Stubborn, snarly male.*

*Stubbornness is a much-maligned quality,* he panted as he climbed toward her. Her silvery, velvet-coated laugh filled the land. Then he finally got a good look at her. He sank to his knees. *I owe you a debt, Lady.*

She shook her head. *The debt is mine, not yours.*

*I failed you,* he said bitterly, looking at her wasted body.

*No, Daemon,* Jaenelle replied softly. *I failed you. You asked me to heal the crystal chalice and return to the living world. And I did. But I don't think I ever forgave my body for being the instrument that was used to try to destroy me, and I became its cruelest torturer. For that I'm sorry because you treasured that part of me.*

*No, I treasured all of you. I love you, Witch. I always will. You're everything I'd dreamed you would be.*

She smiled at him. *And I - * She shuddered, pressed her hand against her chest. *Come. There's little time left.* She fled through the rocks, out of sight before he could move. He hurried after her, following the glittering trail, gasping as he felt a crushing weight descend on him. *Daemon.* Her voice came back to him, faint and pain-filled. *If the body is going to survive, I can't stay any longer.* He fought against the weight.


*You have to take this in slow stages. Rest there now. Rest, Daemon. I'll mark the trail for you. #Quote by Anne Bishop
Lady Rosamund quotes by Alexander McCall Smith
#35. Mma Ramotswe had a detective agency in Africa, at the foot of Kgale Hill. These were its assets: a tiny white van, two desks, two chairs, a telephone, and an old typewriter. Then there was a teapot, in which Mma Ramotswe – the only lady private detective in Botswana – brewed redbush tea. And three mugs – one for herself, one for her secretary, and one for the client. What else does a detective agency really need? Detective agencies rely on human intuition and intelligence, both of which Mma Ramotswe had in abundance. No inventory would ever include those, of course. #Quote by Alexander McCall Smith
Lady Rosamund quotes by William Shakespeare
#36. O, gentle lady, do not put me to't,/ For I am nothing, if not critical. #Quote by William Shakespeare
Lady Rosamund quotes by Charles Dickens
#37. With a weary and yet a pleased smile, and with an action as if he stretched his little figure out to rest, the child heaved his body on the sustaining arm, and seeking Rokesmith's face with his lips, said:
'A kiss for the boofer lady. #Quote by Charles Dickens
Lady Rosamund quotes by George Axelrod
#38. I don't see how My Fair Lady and Frankenstein are the same. Oh, wait a minute. Yes I do. #Quote by George Axelrod

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