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Ladies quotes by James Clavell
#1. Men don't apologize to ladies. Whatever they do is correct. #Quote by James Clavell
Ladies quotes by Rick Rude
#2. What I'd like to have right now is for all you fat, out of shape, (insert city) sweathogs to keep the noise down while I take my robe off and show all the ladies what a real man is supposed to look like. #Quote by Rick Rude
Ladies quotes by Megan Whalen Turner
#3. What would you do if you were King's Thief, Gen? Chew with your mouth open in the royal presence? Chat with the court ladies, dropping the h's at the beginning of your words and garbling the ends of most of them? Everything about you reveals your low birth. You'd never be comfortable at the court. #Quote by Megan Whalen Turner
Ladies quotes by Sabrina Jeffries
#4. Did he suggest taking you for a walk in the moonlight?"
"How did you know?"
Virginia sighed. "That's what he does. I think it's a kind of challenge for him-to see if he can get young women to let him steal a kiss. If he succeeds..." She trailed off with a frown.
"If he succeeds, then what?" Celia prodded.
"Frankly, I'm not sure. That's as far as the girls ever get in complaining to me about him. First, they tell me he kissed them and it was like communing on some 'ethereal plane.'" She snorted. "Then they protest that they were sure he loved them. And then they start crying. It all goes downhill from there."
"You don't think he actually-"
"No!" She chewed on her lip. "That is, I don't think so. It's hard to know with Pierce. He's so unpredictable." Her gaze met Celia's. "But I'd hate to think of him getting you off alone and attempting-"
"You needn't worry about that," Celia said. "That's what I have Betty for."
Celia reached into her reticule and pulled out her ladies' pocket pistol.
Virginia leapt back. "Oh, my word! Does your family know you carry that around?"
"I doubt it. I don't think they'd approve."
"I should say not!" Virginia surveyed it curiously. "Is it loaded?"
"Only with powder. There's no ball."
"Thank heaven for that. Still, aren't you worried it will go off by itself?"
"No. It has two protections to keep it from firing accidentally. I made sure of that when I purchased it." Sh #Quote by Sabrina Jeffries
Ladies quotes by Antoinette Brown Blackwell
#5. If woman's sole responsibility is of the domestic type, one class will be crushed by it, and the other throw it off as a badge of poverty. The poor man's motto, 'Woman's work is never done,' leads inevitably to its antithesis - ladies' work is never begun. #Quote by Antoinette Brown Blackwell
Ladies quotes by Eve Langlais
#6. You're talking about denuding me in front of a crowd." He lowered his voice. "A man shouldn't show off his naked parts to the ladies. It isn't proper." A man his age should practice modesty. "But everyone's seen your junk," Katie remarked. "There are dozens of sex shops in the merchant ring that have modeled their vibrator collection after it. #Quote by Eve Langlais
Ladies quotes by Christopher Parker
#7. I'm not confident with the ladies. I can't just ask someone out in a club. I'd like to say I'm a gentleman. #Quote by Christopher Parker
Ladies quotes by Lewis Carroll
#8. Ladies & gentlemen," the Professor began, "the Other Professor is so kind as to recite a Poem. The title of it is 'The Pig-Tale.' He never recited it before!" (General cheering among the guests.) "He will never recite it again!" (Frantic excitement, & wild cheering all down the hall, the Professor himself mounting the table in hot haste, to lead the cheering, & waving his spectacles in one hand & a spoon in the other.) #Quote by Lewis Carroll
Ladies quotes by Rosa Luxemburg
#9. The railway trains full with reservists are no longer accompanied by the loud acclamations of the young ladies; the soldiers no longer smile at the populace out of their carriage windows; instead they slink silently through the streets, their packs in their hands, while the public follows its daily preoccupations with dour faces. In the sober atmosphere of the morning after, another chorus takes the stage: the hoarse cries of the vultures and hyenas which appear on every battlefield: ten thousand tents guaranteed to specification! A hundred tons of bacon, cocoa, coffee substitute, instant delivery but cash only, hand grenades, tools, ammunition belts, marriage brokers for the widows of the fallen, agencies for government supply--only serious offers considered! The cannon fodder inflated with patriotism and carried off in August and September 1914 now rots in Belgium, in the Vosges, in the Masurian swamps, creating fertile plains of death on which profits can grow. Hurry, for the rich harvest must be gathered into the granaries--a thousand greedy hands stretch across the ocean to help. #Quote by Rosa Luxemburg
Ladies quotes by Charles Bukowski
#10. they simply couldn't tell me that they didn't have a cigarette. they had to give me their pitch, their religion: cigarettes were for cubes. they were going to Malibu, to some seeming loose and easy shack in Malibu and burn a bit of grass. they remind me, in a sense, of old ladies standing on a corner selling "The Watchtower." the whole LSD, STP, marijuana, heroin, hashish, prescription cough medicine crowd suffers from the "Watchtower" itch: you gotta be with us, man, or you're out, you're dead. this pitch is a continual and seeming MUST with those who use the stuff. it's no wonder they keep getting busted – they can't use the stuff quietly for their pleasure; they have to make it KNOWN that they are members. #Quote by Charles Bukowski
Ladies quotes by Ronald Reagan
#11. When you see all that rhetorical smoke billowing up from the Democrats, well ladies and gentleman, I'd follow the example of their nominee; don't inhale. #Quote by Ronald Reagan
Ladies quotes by Rick Yancey
#12. See him now, his face lit up with delight at the parade advancing on every side, of cart and carriage, delivery truck and spacious brougham, of ladies in their colorful crinoline and dandies dandier than the foppish fop astride boneshaker bicycles weaving between the vendors' carts as expertly as rodeo barrel racers. Sunset was still almost two hours hence, but the buildings on the western side cast long engulfing shadows, between which the granite pavement glowed honey gold in smoky shafts of slanting light, the light painting the facades along the eastern side the same Hyblaean hue. #Quote by Rick Yancey
Ladies quotes by Julieanne O'Connor
#13. We will all experience the judgment of others when we fall in love. Love with your whole being anyway. #Quote by Julieanne O'Connor
Ladies quotes by Julia Quinn
#14. Eloise," Penelope said, somewhat breathless from trying to shake off
"Penelope." But Eloise's voice sounded curious. Which did not
surprise Penelope; Eloise was no fool, and she was well aware that her
brother's normal modes of behavior did not include beatific smiles in her
"Eloise," Hyacinth said, for no reason Penelope could deduce.
Penelope turned to her husband. "Colin."
He looked amused. "Penelope. Hyacinth."
Hyacinth grinned. "Colin." And then: "Sir Phillip."
"Ladies." Sir Phillip, it seemed, favored brevity.
"Stop!" Eloise burst out. "What is going on?"
"A recitation of our Christian names, apparently," Hyacinth said. #Quote by Julia Quinn
Ladies quotes by John Gardner
#15. Yes! Clumly had thought. There it was. Whatever it meant, spiritualistic trash for old ladies or the roaring secret of life and death, for a minute there Clumly had believed he wanted to know. #Quote by John Gardner
Ladies quotes by Marcel Proust
#16. Now my uncle knew many of them [actresses] personally, and also ladies of another class, not clearly distinguished from actresses in my mind. #Quote by Marcel Proust
Ladies quotes by Leonard Cohen
#17. My reputation as a ladies' man was a joke that caused me to laugh bitterly through the ten thousand nights I spent alone. #Quote by Leonard Cohen
Ladies quotes by Daniel O'Brien
#18. Only one president in this book was a supervillain. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Chester A. Arthur, the Lex Luthor of the American Presidency. #Quote by Daniel O'Brien
Ladies quotes by James Herriot
#19. But Siegfried held up a restraining hand. "Just one moment," he slurred. "The windscreen is very dirty. I'll give it a rub for you." The ladies watched him silently as he weaved round to the back of the car and began to rummage in the boot. The love light had died from their eyes. I don't know why he took the trouble; possibly it was because, through the whisky mists, he felt he must re-establish himself as a competent and helpful member of the party. But the effort fell flat; the effect was entirely spoiled. He was polishing the glass with a dead hen. #Quote by James Herriot
Ladies quotes by John Mayer
#20. I am beginning to know what it feels like to be a woman. To have people looking at you all the time. And I'm sorry ladies, I had no idea! But people are looking at me all the time. It's like I have musical boobies! #Quote by John Mayer
Ladies quotes by Jane Austen
#21. Perhaps you are not sitting in this room, and I am not sitting by you. These are points in which a doubt is equally possible. Not keep a journal! How are your absent cousins to understand the tenour of your life in Bath without one? How are the civilities and compliments of every day to be related as they ought to be, unless noted down every evening in a journal? How are your various dresses to be remembered, and the particular state of your complexion, and curl of your hair to be described in all their diversities, without having constant recourse to a journal? My dear madam, I am not so ignorant of young ladies' ways as you wish to believe me; it is this delightful habit of journaling which largely contributes to form the easy style of writing for which ladies are so generally celebrated. Everybody allows that the talent of writing agreeable letters is peculiarly female. Nature may have done something, but I am sure it must be essentially assisted by the practice of keeping a journal. #Quote by Jane Austen
Ladies quotes by Serena Williams
#22. I am here to play women's tennis. I'm a lady. Predominantly, most of the time I always like to play ladies. #Quote by Serena Williams
Ladies quotes by Jandy Nelson
#23. We were partners in sewing. And partners in luck-hunting: four-leaf clovers, sand-dollar birds, red sea glass, clouds shaped like hearts, the first daffodils of spring, ladybugs, ladies in oversized hats. Best to bet on all the horses, dear, she'd say. Quick, make a wish, she'd say. I bet. I wished. I was her disciple. I still am. #Quote by Jandy Nelson
Ladies quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#24. Grinning at her sister's haste, Pandora cupped her hands around her mouth and shouted after them in her best imitation of Lady Berwick, "Ladies do not gallop like chaise horses!"
Cassandra's reply floated back from a distance, "Ladies do not screech like vultures! #Quote by Lisa Kleypas
Ladies quotes by Debra Holland
#25. Seth stepped out of the church. "Are you ladies ready?" He cocked an eyebrow at his wife. "The Viking's chomping inside, aye, chomping on his chainmail." His voice slid into a drawl for he obviously wanted to banish any female displays of emotion. "Another minute, he's liable to toss Grace over his shoulder and carry her off. Reverend Norton will have to chase after them, calling out the words to sanctify the rampaging abduction. #Quote by Debra Holland
Ladies quotes by Tessa Dare
#26. Tranquility is the soul of our community."
Not a quarter mile's distance away, Susanna Finch sat in the lace-curtained parlor of the Queen's Ruby, a rooming house for gently bred young ladies. With her were the room house's newest prospective residents, a Mrs. Highwood and her three unmarried daughters.
"Here in Spindle Cove, young ladies enjoy a wholesome, improving atmosphere." Susanna indicated a knot of ladies clustered by the hearth, industriously engaged in needlework. "See? The picture of good health and genteel refinement."
In unison, the young ladies looked up from their work and smiled placid, demure smiles.
Excellent. She gave them an approving nod.
Ordinarily, the ladies of Spindle Cove would never waste such a beautiful afternoon stitching indoors. They would be rambling the countryside, or sea bathing in the cove, or climbing the bluffs. But on days like these, when new visitors came to the village, everyone understood some pretense at propriety was necessary. Susanna was not above a little harmless deceit when it came to saving a young woman's life.
"Will you take more tea?" she asked, accepting a fresh pot from Mrs. Nichols, the inn's aging proprietress. If Mrs. Highwood examined the young ladies too closely, she might notice that mild Gaelic obscenities occupied the center of Kate Taylor's sampler. Or that Violet Winterbottom's needle didn't even have thread. #Quote by Tessa Dare
Ladies quotes by Michel De Montaigne
#27. Kings and philosophers shit - and so do ladies. #Quote by Michel De Montaigne
Ladies quotes by M. Leighton
#28. That, ladies and gentlemen, is called denial. Ain't she a bitch? #Quote by M. Leighton
Ladies quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#29. At sixteen, the youngest Hathaway sibling was at that vulnerable age between childhood and adulthood. A sweet-natured little scamp, she was as inquisitive as one of the many pets she had accumulated. Since Amelia's marriage to Rohan, Beatrix had been begging to go to finishing school. Kev suspected she had read one too many novels featuring heroines who acquired airs and graces at "academies for young ladies." He was doubtful that finishing school would turn out well for the free-spirited Beatrix. #Quote by Lisa Kleypas
Ladies quotes by Italo Calvino
#30. In Maurilia, the traveler is invited to visit the city and, at the same time, to examine some old postcards that show it as it used to be: the same identical square with a hen in the place of the bus station, a bandstand in the place of the overpass, two young ladies with white parasols in the place of the munitions factory. If the traveler does not wish to disappoint the inhabitants, he must praise the postcard city and prefer it to the present one, though he must be careful to contain his regret at the changes within definite limits: admitting that the magnificence and prosperity of the metropolis Maurilia, when compared to the old, provincial Maurilia, cannot compensate for a certain lost grace, which, however, can be appreciated only now in the old postcards, whereas before, when that provincial Maurilia was before one's eyes, one saw absolutely nothing graceful and would see it even less today, if Maurilia had remained unchanged; and in any case the metropolis has the added attraction that, through what it has become, one can look back with nostalgia at what it was. #Quote by Italo Calvino
Ladies quotes by Annie Barrows
#31. But what can I do? I can - she leapt into the abyss - join a ladies' club. There! That's respectable! That's something I can do! I can be ladylike. Why, I can be more ladylike than anyone, as long as I can keep myself from saying the first thing that pops into my mind. #Quote by Annie Barrows
Ladies quotes by Rick Perlstein
#32. One of the ladies asked about that awful Bobby Kennedy, and Goldwater responded by speaking about the attorney general with touching affection. (Mary) McGrory recalled how Jack Kennedy behaved at a similar stage in his campaign: spouting statistics, attacking carefully chosen enemies and puffing all the right friends, quoting dead Greeks, never cracking a joke lest he remind the voters how young he was. #Quote by Rick Perlstein
Ladies quotes by Andy Kindler
#33. I don't know if it's the weather or what's going on - the summer or something like that - but recently I've been feeling extremely bisexual. I don't know what it is. I don't know what's going on, but I walked down the street and, suddenly, the ladies are looking awfully good to me. #Quote by Andy Kindler
Ladies quotes by Sarah Rees Brennan
#34. I'd like to be better," Jared said abruptly. "I'd like to be better, to you. I want to make things better for you."

"That would be nice," said Kami. "However, you could not have faced down the sorcerer with me today."

"Why not?" Jared asked, and looked at her under his lashes. "As long as I was with you, and I hadn't run off to do something suicidal on my own. As long as we were together, wouldn't that be better?"

"Usually yes, today no," Kami told him. "Because it was in a ladies' bathroom, and that would be scandalous #Quote by Sarah Rees Brennan
Ladies quotes by Amy Reed
#35. This place has its own mini version of a cafeteria, complete with a couple of old ladies in hairnets dishing out tasteless gruel from behind a counter. The food looks like it's been sitting out for days, and there's always a weird smell like floor wax and soggy vegetables. #Quote by Amy Reed
Ladies quotes by Holly Black
#36. Lords and ladies who walk unseen, lords and ladies all in green, three times I stamp upon the earth..." Hazel hesitated and then gave the only reason she could think of why the Folk might grant her entry to their revel."Let me in for the sake of mirth. #Quote by Holly Black
Ladies quotes by Libba Bray
#37. I often imagine what sort of position Nightwing might seek out were she not currently torturing us as headmistress of Spence Academy for Young Ladies. Dear Sirs, her letter might begin. I am writing to inquire about your advert for the position of Balloon Popper. I have a hatpin that will do the trick neatly and bring about the wails of small children everywhere. My former charges will attest to the fact that I rarely smile, never laugh, and can steal the joy from any room simply by entering and bestowing upon it my unique sense of utter gloom and despair. My references in this matter are impeccable. If you have not fallen into a state of deep melancholia simply by reading my letter, please respond to Mrs. Nightwing (I have a Christan name but no one ever has leave to use it) in care of Spence Academy for Young Ladies. If you cannot be troubled to find the address on your own, you are not trying your very best. Sincerely, Mrs. Nightwing. #Quote by Libba Bray
Ladies quotes by Kami Garcia
#38. My mom had told me the stories about the first few years she'd lived here. The way she told it, she was such a criminal even the most God-fearing church ladies got bored of reporting on her; she did the marketing on Sunday, dropped by any church she liked or none at all, was a feminist (which Mrs. Asher sometimes confused with communist), a Democrat (which Mrs. Lincoln pointed out practically had "demon" in the word itself), and worst of all, a vegetarian (which ruled out any dinner invitations from Mrs. Snow). Beyond that, beyond not being a member of the right church or the DAR or the National Rifle Association, was the fact that my mom was an outsider. #Quote by Kami Garcia
Ladies quotes by Sunday Adelaja
#39. Most ladies do not understand that first and primary they need to find and fulfil their life calling #Quote by Sunday Adelaja
Ladies quotes by Kenneth Grahame
#40. The pageant of the river bank had marched steadily along, unfolding itself in scene-pictures that succeeded itself in stately procession.

Purple loosestrife arrived early, shaking luxuriant locks along the edge of the mirror whence its own face laughed back at it. Willow-herb, tender and wistful, like a pink sunset-cloud was not slow to follow. Comfrey, the purple hand-in-hand with the white, crept forth to take its place in the line; and at last one morning the diffident and delaying dog-rose stepped delicately on the stage, and one knew, as if string music has announced it in stately chords that strayed into a gavotte, that June at last was here.

One member of the company was still awaited; the shepherd-boy for the nymphs to woo, the knight for whom the ladies waited at the window, the prince that was to kiss the sleeping summer back to life and love. But when meadow-sweet, debonair and odorous in amber jerkin, moved graciously to his place in the group, then the play was ready to begin. #Quote by Kenneth Grahame
Ladies quotes by Anne Bronte
#41. The next visit I paid to Nancy Brown was in the second week in March: for, though I had many spare minutes during the day, I seldom could look upon an hour as entirely my own; since, when everything was left to the caprices of Miss Matilda and her sister, there could be no order or regularity. Whatever occupation I chose, when not actually busied about them or their concerns, I had, as it were, to keep my loins girded, my shoes on my feet, and my staff in my hand; for not to be immediately forthcoming when called for, was regarded as a grave and inexcusable offence: not only by my pupils and their mother, but by the very servant, who came in breathless haste to call me, exclaiming 'You're to go to the school-room directly, mum- the young ladies is WAITING!!' Climax of horror! actually waiting for their governess!!! #Quote by Anne Bronte
Ladies quotes by Hillary Clinton
#42. In an excess of examples, the walk to globalization has additionally implied the minimization of women and young ladies. What's more that must change. #Quote by Hillary Clinton
Ladies quotes by B.B. King
#43. If there was no ladies, I wouldn't wanna be on the planet. Ladies, friends, and music - without those three, I wouldn't wanna be here. #Quote by B.B. King
Ladies quotes by Ellie Keaton
#44. This is war, ladies and gentlemen, so the first thing you do is forget about behaving 'properly'. We are not interested in winning a fight fairly, we just want to win. #Quote by Ellie Keaton
Ladies quotes by Henry James
#45. When the congregation began to disperse, a number of persons, chiefly ladies, waited for him near the pulpit, and, as he came down, met him with greetings and compliments. Nora watched him from her place, listening, smiling and passing his handkerchief over his forehead. At last they relieved him, and he came up to her. She remembered for years afterward the strange half-smile on his face. There was something in it like a pair of eyes peeping over a wall. It seemed to express so fine an acquiescence in what she had done, that, for the moment, she had a startled sense of having committed herself to something. He gave her his hand, without manifesting any surprise. "How #Quote by Henry James
Ladies quotes by Gina Lollobrigida
#46. Sophia Loren plays peasants. I play ladies. #Quote by Gina Lollobrigida
Ladies quotes by William A. Rusher
#47. I think the fact that she [Eleanor Roosevelt] was a woman probably in those days would have been an additional criticism, although first ladies by definition in those days were women. There's always been a problem and still is, about the role the first lady should play, of course. Everybody's seen it in Jackie Kennedy and Nancy Reagan and, heaven knows, Hillary Clinton. So the problem has not been solved. #Quote by William A. Rusher
Ladies quotes by Emma Chase
#48. You ladies ought to know-going commando? That's sexier than leather and lace and whips and chains all put together. #Quote by Emma Chase
Ladies quotes by Billy Williams
#49. Mobile is a seaport town, and we ate a lot of seafood. We'd go fishing, we'd catch our fish and we'd eat our fish. It was a ritual on Saturday morning for all my family - my grandfather, my brothers, my uncles, my father - to go fishing, and then the ladies of the family would clean the fish and fry them up. #Quote by Billy Williams
Ladies quotes by Amy E. Spiegel
#50. I know it's to hang out, talking into the wee hours, being "just friends," but ladies, ladies; we just don't work that way. We bond through words. For the female mind, these late night are like verbal make-out sessions. #Quote by Amy E. Spiegel
Ladies quotes by Anais Nin
#51. Nothing endures unless it has first been transposed into a myth, and the great advantage of myths is that they are ladies with portable roots. #Quote by Anais Nin
Ladies quotes by Lydia Maria Francis Child
#52. One great cause of the vanity, extravagance and idleness that are so fast growing upon our young ladies, is the absence of domestic education. #Quote by Lydia Maria Francis Child
Ladies quotes by Elle Parker
#53. Seth rolled his eyes. "Because you're such a ladies man."
"I can be. I just have standards, is all. I'm very selective about who I choose to spend time with, whereas you'll fuck anything that moves. And several things that don't. #Quote by Elle Parker
Ladies quotes by Celia Cruz
#54. I always clean before the cleaning lady comes. If not, when I come home, I can't find anything. Cleaning ladies are always hiding things you leave out. #Quote by Celia Cruz
Ladies quotes by Sarah Rees Brennan
#55. Bros before hoes," said Jared. "By which of course I mean gardening tools, because I hold all the fine ladies of Sorry-in-the-Vale in the highest regard. #Quote by Sarah Rees Brennan
Ladies quotes by Laura Linney
#56. My family is from the South, and I can remember all those ladies I grew up with, like my great-aunts, who had handkerchiefs. There's something sweet about them. #Quote by Laura Linney
Ladies quotes by Jennifer Echols
#57. Your confidence in me is heartwarming.
Makes me want to return all the money I stole from the little old ladies and kick the heroin. #Quote by Jennifer Echols
Ladies quotes by Suzanne Farrell
#58. I had two sisters, and we would love to get dressed up and pretend that we were chic, sophisticated ladies. And I think that was a great sort of preparation, in a way. #Quote by Suzanne Farrell
Ladies quotes by John Flanagan
#59. He waited while Gilan and Will moved the cloaks experimentally, eyeing each other and studying the unusual colors, seeing how they would blend into the landscape of rock and desert that surrounded Al Shabah.
All right, ladies," he said, "if you're finished with the fashion show, let's go meet the Wakir. #Quote by John Flanagan
Ladies quotes by Bill Bryson
#60. The dandelion was long popularly known as the 'pissabed' because of its supposed diuretic properties, and other names in everyday use included 'mare's fart', 'naked ladies', 'twitch-ballock', 'hounds-piss', 'open arse', and 'bum-towel'. #Quote by Bill Bryson
Ladies quotes by Chris Wooding
#61. Once upon a time there was a young lady who lived in a marsh, and her name was Poison. #Quote by Chris Wooding
Ladies quotes by William Makepeace Thackeray
#62. It is quite edifying to hear women speculate upon the worthlessness and the duration of beauty. But though virtue is a much finer thing, and those hapless creatures who suffer under the misfortune of good looks ought to be continually put in mind of the fate which awaits them; and though, very likely, the heroic female character which ladies admire is a more glorious and beautiful object than the kind, fresh, smiling, artless, tender little domestic goddess, whom men are inclined to worship - yet the latter and inferior sort of women must have this consolation - that the men do admire them after all; and that, in spite of all our kind friends' warnings and protests, we go on in our desperate error and folly, #Quote by William Makepeace Thackeray
Ladies quotes by Belle Aurora
#63. We've been chatting about our men and wedding stuff. Terah says, "God, sometimes I look at Jon and think 'how the Hell did I manage to get you?' We're so lucky."
Mom adds, "They are very handsome."
Terah and I scoff. Shaking my head, I say, "Handsome is something. And Nox is handsome most times. But, by God, he is hot. Hotter than Hell, Mom. I never thought I could love someone so much. I can hardly keep my hands off him."
Mom chastises on a gasp, "Lily! That's inappropriate! You're a lady and ladies do not speak that way."
Terah chuckles, "Screw being a lady. I love my special cuddle time with Jon."
Mom covers her ears, but barks out an embarrassed laugh, "I cannot hear this! You girls can clean the rest up while I powder my nose."
Terah and I chuckle, watching her leave. #Quote by Belle Aurora
Ladies quotes by James Ellroy
#64. Lose thirty pounds within the next thirty days, or I'll have Chief Horrall put you on the 'Fat Husband's Diet' recently extolled in the Ladies' Home Journal. #Quote by James Ellroy
Ladies quotes by Fred Allen
#65. The average girl would rather have beauty than brains because she knows the average man can see much better than he can think- Ladies' Home JournalI'd rather have two girls at seventeen than one at thirty-four #Quote by Fred Allen
Ladies quotes by Rick Riordan
#66. Hades," Kronos growled. "I hope you and the ladies have come to pledge your allegiance." "I'm afraid not." Hades sighed. "My son here convinced me that perhaps I should prioritize my list of enemies." He glanced at me with distaste. "As much as I dislike certainupstart demigods, it would not do for Olympus to fall. I would miss bickering with my siblings. And if there is one thing we agree on - it is that you were a TERRIBLE father. #Quote by Rick Riordan
Ladies quotes by Majorie Hillis
#67. Be a Communist, a stamp collector, or a Ladies' Aid worker if you must, but for heaven's sake, be something. #Quote by Majorie Hillis
Ladies quotes by Alison Goodman
#68. I have never heard a lady say 'arse,'" the emperor said mildly.
"I haven't been a lady for long," I reminded him. A little demon–made of exhaustion and the emperors smile– pushed me into adding,"For five years I've been saying 'arse.' It's hard to stop saying 'arse' after that many years. I suppose I should stop saying 'arse,' since ladies don't say-"
"'Arse'," he finished for me.
I met his grin. #Quote by Alison Goodman
Ladies quotes by Susanna Clarke
#69. Sometimes you my graciously permit all the most beautiful ladies in the land to wait in line to kiss your hands and fall in love with you. #Quote by Susanna Clarke
Ladies quotes by Barenaked Ladies
#70. Old at being young, young at being old. #Quote by Barenaked Ladies
Ladies quotes by Sarah MacLean
#71. She steeled her spine. "Like Boleyn to the chopping block."
Anna smirked. "Queen of England, are we?"
Mara shrugged. "Something to aspire to. #Quote by Sarah MacLean
Ladies quotes by V. Theia
#72. He brings me calm and I give him wild and in that mix we're pretty fucking amazing together.

Gray Ellison is a knock your panties off at fifty paces kind of stunning.

I'm talking 'make you a drooling mess' level of attractive.

Protect your ovaries, ladies. Gray Ellison is walking by.
It's ludicrous that a man like him actually exists in the human world to drive women out of their horny minds. #Quote by V. Theia
Ladies quotes by Tessa Dare
#73. Thank you," she forced herself to say. "I would be most . . . relieved." He led her to the floor, where they queued up for the country dance. "Relieved?" he murmured with amusement. "Ladies usually find themselves 'delighted' or 'honored' to dance with me. Even 'thrilled.' " She shrugged helplessly. "It was the first word that came to mind. #Quote by Tessa Dare
Ladies quotes by Robert Downey, Jr.
#74. I think I just never wanted to be the creepy guy where people say, 'Why do his leading ladies keep getting younger and younger, and why do they think he's so hot even though we know that the girl who's playing this part actually has a handsome boyfriend?' #Quote by Robert Downey, Jr.
Ladies quotes by Sandra Bullock
#75. Usually comedy is only available to us ladies in the romantic comedy. That's why I hate romantic comedies. #Quote by Sandra Bullock
Ladies quotes by Shannon Hale
#76. No matter that we could be beheaded for this," said Esa. "Heads are overrated."
"Yes, they are so unfashionable," said Miri, imitating an Aslandian accent. "This spring, ladies of style are wearing their feathers in their necks. #Quote by Shannon Hale
Ladies quotes by Neal Boortz
#77. Ladies and Gentlemen, Hillary Clinton is a crook. #Quote by Neal Boortz
Ladies quotes by Julia Quinn
#78. Your talents are for pointing guns and removing necklaces off ladies' necks?'
'I charm the necklaces off their necks ... Kindly make the distinction.'
'Oh, please.'
'I charmed you.'
She was all indignation. 'You did not.'
'Recall the night in question, Miss Eversleigh. The moonlight, the soft wind.'
'There was no wind.'
'You're spoiling my memory,' he growled.
'There was no wind,' she stated. 'You are romanticizing the encounter.'
'Can you blame me? he returned, smiling at her wickedly. 'I never know who is going to step through the carriage door. Most of the time I get a wheezy old badger. #Quote by Julia Quinn
Ladies quotes by Patrick Rothfuss
#79. With his eyes and those hands there won't be a woman safe in all the world when he starts hunting after the ladies.'
'Courting, dear,' my father corrected gently.
'Semantics,' she shrugged. #Quote by Patrick Rothfuss
Ladies quotes by Neil Strauss
#80. The right lifestyle is something that is worn, not discussed. Money, fame, and looks, though helpful, are not required. It is, rather, something that screams: Ladies, abandon your boring, mundane, unfulfilled lives and step into my exciting world, full of interesting people, new experiences, good times, easy living, and dreams fulfilled. #Quote by Neil Strauss
Ladies quotes by Chanda Hahn
#81. Ladies first"
Mina Hesitated. "Uh, age before beauty."
"Grimms never win."
"Prince before pauper."
"Oh, fine. Just don't say chivalry is dead. 'Cause you had your chance. #Quote by Chanda Hahn
Ladies quotes by Mickey Rourke
#82. The ladies love me and I love the ladies! #Quote by Mickey Rourke
Ladies quotes by Lorraine Heath
#83. She indicated that she fantasized about men. Now I'm left to wonder if women would pay to have their fantasies realized. Perhaps we should expand our business to include offerings for ladies. #Quote by Lorraine Heath
Ladies quotes by Kiersten White
#84. Lend finished texting someone and slipped his phone into his back pocket, then stood up. I'd never paid much attention to guys' jeans before (not for lack of desire, but rather lack of opportunity in the Center), but in the past few months I'd come to realize that most guys' jeans are really, truly horrendous. Too baggy, too tight, too low, etc. It's like guys don't realize that they can look great in a good pair of jeans. Shockingly enough girls, too, enjoy a well-framed butt.
Another area Lend was perfect in. His jeans choice, I mean. Well, his butt, too.
I smiled and stared at his face, watching his two profiles - the glamour one, which fit snugly over his real one. He looked down and caught me staring.
"You, my dear boyfriend, are kind of beautiful, you know that?"
"That's what all the old ladies tell me before pinching my cheek."
"Which cheek?" I reached out and goosed him. He jumped and swatted my hand away, laughing. #Quote by Kiersten White
Ladies quotes by Alice  Simpson
#85. For the company to assemble at a late hour and engage in unusual, exciting and severe exercise throughout the entire night, is often too great a tax upon the physical system. To dress too thinly, and in a state of perspiration to be exposed, as ladies at the ball frequently are, to draughts of cold, is oftentimes to plant the seeds of a disease from which they never recover. Again, to come in contact, as ladies are liable to, more especially at the public ball, with disreputable men, is sometimes to form alliances that will make a lifetime of sorrow.' - Thomas E. Hill, Evils of the Ball, 1883 #Quote by Alice Simpson
Ladies quotes by Fumio Sasaki
#86. The Great East Japan Earthquake was said to be so large that it should only happen once every thousand years. I recall hearing someone say that our history from the year 0 through 2000 is the equivalent of twenty old ladies living to the age of one hundred. If that earthquake really was a once-in-a-thousand-years event, it would mean that two of those twenty old ladies would have been affected. Is that a high ratio or is it low? #Quote by Fumio Sasaki
Ladies quotes by Queen Victoria
#87. I positively think that ladies who are always enceinte quite disgusting; it is more like a rabbit or guinea-pig than anything else and really it is not very nice. #Quote by Queen Victoria
Ladies quotes by Jenna Dewan
#88. Ladies, please remember that every single picture you see in a magazine is airbrushed ... we do not look like that. Love yourself! #Quote by Jenna Dewan
Ladies quotes by Gina Robinson
#89. Look at that butt! That's a Bond butt. Don't tell me you haven't noticed? You have to have a great butt to be Bond." She looked incredulous. "And you call yourself a Bond aficionado!"

"James has sensitive eyes," I said. "Think Pierce Brosnan. That's what gets the ladies." And me.

~ (And me, too!) "Spy Candy #Quote by Gina Robinson
Ladies quotes by Ozzy Osbourne
#90. I open the door for old ladies, I help old ladies across the road. I do a show for leukemia every year, but I don't broadcast that because it's against my image. #Quote by Ozzy Osbourne
Ladies quotes by Mrs. Oliphant
#91. Dear Mrs Chiley," said Lucilla, "it doesn't matter in the least what you wear; there are only to be gentlemen, you, know, and one never dresses for gentlemen. (...) Their vanity is something dreadful-but it is one of my principles never to dress unless there are ladies. #Quote by Mrs. Oliphant
Ladies quotes by Margaret Mitchell
#92. for she could never long endure any conversation of which she was not the chief subject. But she smiled when she spoke, consciously deepening her dimple and fluttering her bristly black lashes as swiftly as butterflies' wings. The boys were enchanted, as she had intended them to be, and they hastened to apologize for boring her. They thought none the less of her for her lack of interest. Indeed, they thought more. War was men's business, not ladies', and they took her attitude as evidence of her femininity. Having #Quote by Margaret Mitchell
Ladies quotes by Lauren Smith
#93. Where the bloody hell is my wife?" Godric yelled into the aether.
As if in response, a footman came up the stairs and handed Cedric a slip of paper. Dumbfounded, Cedric opened it and read it aloud.

My Dear Gentlemen,
We await you in the dining room. Please do not join us until you have decided upon a course of action regarding the threat to Lord Sheridan. We will be more than delighted to offer our opinions on the matter, but in truth, we suspect you do not wish to hear our thoughts. It is a failing of the male species, and we shan't hold it against you. In the future, however, it would be advisable not to lock us in a room. We simply cannot resist a challenge, something you should have learned by now. Intelligent women are not to be trifled with.
Fondest Regards,
~ The Society of Rebellious Ladies ~

"Fondest regards?" Lucien scoffed.
A puzzled Jonathan added, "Society of Rebellious Ladies?"
"Lord help us!" Ashton groaned as he ran a hand through his hair. "They've named themselves."
"I'll wager a hundred pounds that Emily's behind this. Having a laugh at our expense," Charles said in all seriousness.
"Let's go and see how rebellious they are when we're done with them." Cedric rolled up the sleeves of his white lawn shirt as he and the others stalked down the stairs to the dining room. They found it empty. The footman reappeared and Cedric wondered if perhaps the man had never left. At the servant's polit #Quote by Lauren Smith
Ladies quotes by Elizabeth McCracken
#94. They
the books I mean, not the ladies of Technical Services, though maybe those ladies too
might have dreamed of a different life in a private home, beloved and displayed and well dressed and only occasionally, dreamily read, but they belonged to the city now and had to work for the common good. #Quote by Elizabeth McCracken
Ladies quotes by Douglas Coupland
#95. Jesus, Neal, watching you eat with a spork is like seeing Helen Keller at a ladies' afternoon tea. #Quote by Douglas Coupland
Ladies quotes by Kami Garcia
#96. It was like being born in Germany after World War II, being from Japan after Pearl Harbour, or America after Hiroshima. History was a bitch sometimes. You couldn't change where you were from. But still, you didn't have to stay there. You didn't have to stay stuck in the past, like the ladies in the DAR, or the Gatlin Historical Society, or the Sisters. And you didn't have to accept that things had to be the way they were, like Lena. Ethan Carte Wate hadn't, and I couldn't either. #Quote by Kami Garcia
Ladies quotes by Rush Limbaugh
#97. Kurt Cobain was, ladies and gentleman, I just
he was a worthless shred of human debris ... #Quote by Rush Limbaugh
Ladies quotes by Helen Thomas
#98. Early on in Carter's presidential bid, I tried to cover a Bible study class that he taught in Plains, Georgia. All of the male reporters were allowed in, but when I tried to enter, a man standing at the door blocked my way and told me ladies were not allowed in. 'I'm no lady, I'm a reporter,' I told him, and he stepped aside for me. #Quote by Helen Thomas
Ladies quotes by Richelle Mead
#99. Not true," said Adrian. "All guys mean the same thing when they want to 'get to know a girl better.' You're a wellbred young lady, so I understand why you'd be too innocent to understand. Good thing you've got me here to interpret. #Quote by Richelle Mead
Ladies quotes by Marcel Proust
#100. The costumes of these two ladies seemed to me like the materialisation, snow-white or patterned with colour, of their inner activity, and, like the gestures which I had seen the Princesse de Guermantes make and which, I had no doubt, corresponded to some latent idea, the plumes which swept down from her forehead and her cousin's dazzling and spangled bodice seemed to have a special meaning, to be to each of these women an attribute which was hers and hers alone. #Quote by Marcel Proust
Ladies quotes by Kurt Vonnegut
#101. The troops and their ladies had first drunk champagne. There were also remains of sandwiches, and I stepped on one, which I think was either cucumber or watercress. I scraped it off on the curbing, left it there for germs. I'll tell you this, though: No germ is going to leave the Solar System eating sissy stuff like that.
Plutonium! Now there's the stuff to put hair on a microbe's chest. #Quote by Kurt Vonnegut
Ladies quotes by Jennifer Ashley
#102. Ye have to be bold, lad. We're told that ladies want cringing politeness from a gentleman, but what they really want is a bit of forwardness, even carnality. It's exciting for them. #Quote by Jennifer Ashley
Ladies quotes by Honore De Balzac
#103. The secret of the nobility and beauty of great ladies lies in the art with which they can shed their veils. In such situations, they become like ancient statues. If they kept the merest scarf on, they would be lewd. Your bourgeois woman will always try to cover her nakedness. #Quote by Honore De Balzac
Ladies quotes by Liesel Schwarz
#104. Marsh touched the rim of his hat and smiled at them. The ladies tittered at each other and cast long glances at him from behind their lace gloves as they made their way to the row of ornate passenger dirigibles that sat urging against their moorings in the fading light.

"Do try not to attract too much attention to yourself, Mr. Marsh," Elle said.
"Easier said than done," he responded without taking his eyes off the ladies.
Elle took a deep breath to dispel her annoyance. #Quote by Liesel Schwarz
Ladies quotes by Murasaki Shikibu
#105. In a certain reign there was a lady not of the first rank whom the emperor loved more than any of the others. The grand ladies with high ambitions thought her a presumptuous upstart, and lesser ladies were still more resentful. Everything she did offended someone. #Quote by Murasaki Shikibu
Ladies quotes by Kwame Kilpatrick
#106. I know in the Christian church the old ladies use to say "what the devil meant for bad God meant for good." So some of the things that I think they went out and tried to be detrimental to my life saved me in a lot of ways. #Quote by Kwame Kilpatrick
Ladies quotes by Waylon Jennings
#107. Ladies love outlaws, like babies love stray dogs. Ladies touch babies like a banker touches gold, outlaws touch ladies somewhere deep down in their soul. #Quote by Waylon Jennings
Ladies quotes by Ben Tripp
#108. Fellow Englishman. Ladies and gentleman. You gather here today to see a live man become a dead one, and for my part you shall have satisfaction. But I would offer you a moral lesson to commemorate my passing; otherwise it might as well be bull baiting you witness here today. However I shall not deliver a warning that crime does not pay, for it pays very well; nor that a life of drink and debauchery leads inevitably to destruction, for I haven't led such a life. Here's what this little life of mine has taught me. There is only one reason to live, and there is only one reason to die, and that is love. If you have not known love, you have not lived. But if, when death comes to take your soul, you have loved someone dearly, then your soul is safe; for it lives in the bosom of your sweetheart, and death can make no claim upon it. That is all I know, and it is enough. Farewell. #Quote by Ben Tripp
Ladies quotes by Par Lagerkvist
#109. It is incomprehensible that he should want to have these futile people here, and still more incomprehensible that he should be able to sit and listen to them and their stupid chatter. I can understand that he may occasionally listen to poets reciting their verses; they can be regarded as buffoons such as are always kept at court. They laud the lofty purity of the human soul, great events and heroic feats, and there is nothing to be said against all that, particularly if their songs flatter him. Human beings need flattery; otherwise they do not fulfill their purpose, not even in their own eyes. And both the present and the past contain much that is beautiful and noble which, without due praise, would have been neither noble nor beautiful. Above all, they sing the praises of love, which is quite as it should be, for nothing else is in such need of transformation into something different. The ladies are filled with melancholy and their breasts heave with sighs; the men gaze vaguely and dreamily into space, for they all know what it is really like and realize that this must be an especially beautiful poem. #Quote by Par Lagerkvist
Ladies quotes by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
#110. No, it was not the money that I valued - what I wanted was to make all this mob of Heintzes, hotel proprietors, and fine ladies of Baden talk about me, recount my story, wonder at me, extol my doings, and worship my winnings. #Quote by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Ladies quotes by Gail Carriger
#111. We could come up with a reasonable explanation for your wearing it. Would that help?" wheedled Sophronia.
"Justification for my trotting around wearing a lady's undergarments? I hardly see how."
Soap's eyes were sparkling with amusement, and Vieve was dimpling openly at the very idea of Pillover in a skirt. Pillover stood holding the petticoat between thumb and forefinger as if it were contaminated with some dreaded chemical.
"Go on, pull it on over you clothes and go out there," Sophronia urged.
"You could say you were running some experiment dangerous to your nether regions," suggested Vieve.
"You could say you were testing the response time of the maid mechanicals," suggested Sophronia.
"You could say you like ladies' undergarments," suggested Soap.
"I'm doomed." Pillover rolled his eyes and flapped the petticoat. #Quote by Gail Carriger
Ladies quotes by Jane Austen
#112. I hate to hear you talk about all women as if they were fine ladies instead of rational creatures. None of us want to be in calm waters all our lives. #Quote by Jane Austen
Ladies quotes by M.K. Schiller
#113. Why do you have a blanket in your car?"
"In case I need it."
"Have you ever had sex on it?" I asked, staring at the soft plush material with narrowing eyes.
Ethan laughed, "Of course I have."
"Oh, I said, holding the material further away.
"It's my sex blanket. Whenever I'm int he mood, I just lay it on the ground, take off my clothes, and the ladies line up. #Quote by M.K. Schiller
Ladies quotes by Jack Nicholson
#114. I respect the social graces enormously. How to pass the food. Don't yell from one room to another. Don't go through a closed door without a knock. Open the doors for the ladies. All these millions of simple household behaviors make for a better life. We can't live in constant rebellion against our parents - it's just silly. I'm very well mannered. It's not an abstract thing. It's a shared language of expectations. #Quote by Jack Nicholson
Ladies quotes by Jess Connolly
#115. Ladies, this is what scares me. When a horse is finally tamed and trained, bearing the burden of saddle and human expectations alike, she is called broken. It is only then that she performs the duties expected of her. #Quote by Jess Connolly
Ladies quotes by Philip Roth
#116. You think you know what a man is? You have no idea what a man is. You think you know what a daughter is? You have no idea what a daughter is. You think you know what this country is? You have no idea what this country is. You have a false image of everything. All you know is what a fucking glove is. This country is frightening. Of course she was raped. What kind of company do you think she was keeping? Of course out there she was going to get raped. This isn't Old Rimrock, old buddy - she's out there, old buddy, in the USA. She enters that world, that loopy world out there, with whats going on out there - what do you expect? A kid from Rimrock, NJ, of course she didn't know how to behave out there, of course the shit hits the fan. What could she know? She's like a wild child out there in the world. She can't get enough of it - she's still acting up. A room off McCarter Highway. And why not? Who wouldn't? You prepare her for life milking the cows? For what kind of life? Unnatural, all artificial, all of it. Those assumptions you live with. You're still in your olf man's dream-world, Seymour, still up there with Lou Levov in glove heaven. A household tyrannized by gloves, bludgeoned by gloves, the only thing in life - ladies' gloves! Does he still tell the one about the woman who sells the gloves washing her hands in a sink between each color? Oh where oh where is that outmoded America, that decorous America where a woman had twenty-five pairs of gloves? Your kid blows your nor #Quote by Philip Roth
Ladies quotes by Marie Rutkoski
#117. I'd better have a glass then. To complete my ensemble." Kestrel didn't quite forget her promise to Arin not to drink, but rather willed it away along with everything else about him.
"Oh, yes," said Jess. "You must. Don't you think so, Ronan?"
"I don't think. I am thinking of nothing other than what Kestrel could be thinking, and whether she will dance with me. If I'm not mistaken, there is one final dance before this legendary wine is served."
Kestrel's happiness faltered. "I'd love to, but…won't your parents mind?"
Ronan and Jess exchanged a glance. "They're not here," Ronan said. "They've left to spend the winter season in the capital."
Which meant that, were they here, they would object--as would any parents, given the scandal.
Ronan read Kestrel's face. "It doesn't matter what they think. Dance with me."
He took her hand, and for the first time in a long while, she felt safe. He pulled her to the center of the floor and into the motions of the dance.
Ronan didn't speak for a few moments, then touched a slim braid that curved in a tendril along Kestrel's cheek. "This is pretty."
The memory of Arin's hands in her hair made her stiffen.
"Gorgeous?" Ronan tried again. "Transcendent? Kestrel, the right adjective hasn't been invented to describe you."
She attempted a light tone. "What will ladies do, when this kind of exaggerated flirtation is no longer the fashion? We shall be spoiled."
"You know it's not mere flirtat #Quote by Marie Rutkoski
Ladies quotes by Anna Wintour
#118. Previous first ladies seemed to feel the need to wear a sort of uniform, whereas Michelle Obama likes fashion and is very comfortable in fashion. She's happy to mix high and low, and she loves emerging designers. That will do nothing but good for our industry. #Quote by Anna Wintour
Ladies quotes by Anna Godbersen
#119. A young lady's most natural ally is her sister although sometimes our own relatives are as inscrutable to us as an antipodean. #Quote by Anna Godbersen
Ladies quotes by Beth Hoffman
#120. A small patch of sunflowers came into view. Dozens of tall stalks topped with heavy golden flower heads swayed in they hot breeze. From a distance they looked like a group of ladies with their heads hung low, as if embarrassed that they'd arrived at a party wearing identical hats. #Quote by Beth Hoffman
Ladies quotes by Margaret Truman Daniel
#121. First ladies are doing a lot. But the job remains undefined, frequently misunderstood, and subject to political attacks far nastier in some ways than those any President has ever faced. #Quote by Margaret Truman Daniel
Ladies quotes by Mel Allen
#122. Ladies and gentlemen, the great number seven, Mickey Mantle. #Quote by Mel Allen
Ladies quotes by Barry M. Goldwater
#123. Those who seek absolute power, even though they seek it to do what they regard as good, are simply demanding the right to enforce their own version of heaven on earth. And let me remind you, they are the very ones who always create the most hellish tyrannies. Absolute power does corrupt, and those who seek it must be suspect and must be opposed. Their mistaken course stems from false notions of equality, ladies and gentlemen. Equality, rightly understood, as our founding fathers understood it, leads to liberty and to the emancipation of creative differences. Wrongly understood, as it has been so tragically in our time, it leads first to conformity and then to despotism. Fellow Republicans, it is the cause of Republicanism to resist concentrations of power, private or public, which enforce such conformity and inflict such despotism. It is the cause of Republicanism to ensure that power remains in the hands of the people. #Quote by Barry M. Goldwater
Ladies quotes by Marc Cameron
#124. President Clark rubbed his eyes with a thumb and forefinger. "This is really something," he said. " Just days until I address Congress and the nation. What am I supposed to say? 'Ladies and gentlemen, the state of the union is...infected.', #Quote by Marc Cameron
Ladies quotes by Mark M. Bello
#125. Ladies and gentlemen, after Columbine, Newtown, Sandy Hook, Virginia Tech, San Bernardino, Orlando, Vegas, Parkland and now in our own community, one thing should be clear to citizens and politicians alike. Our society needs stricter laws for people who purchase guns for the purpose of perpetrating criminal acts. We need tougher laws for people who buy guns to sell to criminals or kids. These laws should severely punish anyone in these categories - neither suggestion steps on the Second Amendment . . . #Quote by Mark M. Bello
Ladies quotes by Kate Andersen Brower
#126. Just as presidents are part of a lifelong club, so too are first ladies: presidents are members of the world's most selective fraternity, and first ladies are members of the world's most elite sorority. #Quote by Kate Andersen Brower
Ladies quotes by Ogden Nash
#127. But all ladies think they weigh too much. #Quote by Ogden Nash
Ladies quotes by Mandy Hale
#128. The only thing we single ladies need to be rescued from is the notion that we need to be rescued. #Quote by Mandy Hale
Ladies quotes by Boris Pasternak
#129. In the waiting room, ladies in a picturesque group surrounded a table with magazines. They stood, sat, or half reclined in the poses they saw in the pictures and, studying the models, discussed styles. #Quote by Boris Pasternak
Ladies quotes by Dennis Reynolds
#130. I want to talk about faith. It's not about whether something is true, or-or-or based in fact or reality or the laws of physics or nature or even basic common sense. It's about whether or not we're dumb enough to believe in it that matters. Oh, folks, who the hell am I to say that there is no God? Who am I? Or to say that anybody's belief in the church doesn't make their life better? Maybe it does. Or that this man, Dr. Jinx - who am I to say that he can't cure diseases with his sorcery? I don't know. I say maybe he can. And I believe that maybe he can.

Ladies and gentlemen, if we believe... if we just believe... then we can do anything!

Oh, yeah, ladies and gentlemen. I feel it now! Do you feel it? Do you feel the spirit? Do you feel the invisible things around you that don't really exist? Oh, it doesn't matter! #Quote by Dennis Reynolds
Ladies quotes by Louise Rennison
#131. The tannoy is crackling but I can only hear heavy breathing and snuffling.
Uh-oh, the tannoy is crackling again.
Sorry about that, ladies and gentlemen, I momentarily lost hold of my pie. #Quote by Louise Rennison
Ladies quotes by Leon Black
#132. I brings the ruckus to the ladies. #Quote by Leon Black
Ladies quotes by Jimmy Fallon
#133. While he was in Utah, Obama discussed immigration reform with leaders of the Mormon Church. Obama introduced the first lady. Then the church's president introduced HIS first lady. And his second lady. And his third, fourth, and fifth ladies. #Quote by Jimmy Fallon
Ladies quotes by Rita Ora
#134. 'Roc The Life' is a song I wrote with The Dream, who made 'Umbrella,' 'Single Ladies' and loads more. #Quote by Rita Ora
Ladies quotes by Sabrina Jeffries
#135. I can only imagine the sort of havoc Oliver must have wreaked as a boy."
Oliver handed Minerva in, then climbed in to sit beside her. "We weren't that bad."
"Don't listen to him," Minerva exclaimed, her eyes twinkling. "One dull evening, he and his friends went to a ball dressed in the livery of the hired footmen. Then they proceeded to drink up the liquor, flirt and wink at the elderly ladies until they were all blushing, and make loud criticisms of the entertainment. After the lady of the house caught on to their scheme and rounded up some stout young men to throw them out, they stole a small stone cupid she had in her garden and sent her a ransom note for it."
"How the devil do you know that?" Oliver asked. "You were, what, eleven?"
"Twelve," Minerva said. "And it was all Gran's servants could talk about. Made quite a stir in society, as I recall. What was the ransom? A kiss for each of you from the lady's daughter?"
A faint smile touched Oliver's lips. "And she never did pay it. Apparently her suitors took issue with it. Not to mention her parents."
"Good heavens," Maria said.
"Come to think of it," Oliver mused aloud, "I believe Kirkwood still has that cupid somewhere. I should ask him."
"You're as bad as Freddy and my cousins," Maria chided. "They put soap on all the windows of the mayor's carriage on the very day he was supposed to lead a procession through Dartmouth. You should have seen him blustering when he discovered it."
#Quote by Sabrina Jeffries
Ladies quotes by Brigid Kemmerer
#136. You boys need anything else?"

Nick started. The older waitress was there beside the table.

He hadn't heard her approach. Worse - he hadn't felt her approach. Would she say something? He should probably start disentangling himself from Adam. His voice wouldn't work and his face felt like his cheeks were going to burn clean off.

"No, thanks," Adam said. He sounded amused.

She ripped a piece of paper from her pad and set it on the table. "You two are just the cutest ever."

Nick froze. She didn't care. They'd been head to head at this table, and she hadn't batted an eye.

Adam winked at her. "Sounds like someone's looking for a tip."

"Here's a tip," she said. "Don't flirt with old married ladies when you've got a sure thing in your arms."

"Am I the sure thing in this scenario?" said Nick.

"I don't know," Adam said. "Are you?"

The waitress laughed and left them with the check.

"She didn't care," said Nick softly. "I know it's stupid, but I thought - "

"What, that people would come out with pitchforks? Flaming torches?"


Adam kissed him on the cheek. "You're adorable. People surprise you sometimes. Especially when you give them the chance."

The words hit Nick hard, the way words you need to hear usually do. He held them in his head for examination later.

When they walked back to Adam's apartment, he re #Quote by Brigid Kemmerer
Ladies quotes by Ally Carter
#137. The older man cocked his head and gave a laugh, "We get all the ladies. But for some reason I don't think you're here looking for me." "I don't know," Kat said. "I'm always in the market for good rappelling harness." "For you, my dear, nothing but the best." "But you are right about something. I'm actually trying to find
" "Young Mr. Hale, I'm assuming." Kate blushed. "Let me guess
I'm not the only one?" "Maybe. But you're the one i hope finds him." He gave a wink and walked away, and Kat didn't feel alone anymore in the big room full of people. #Quote by Ally Carter
Ladies quotes by William Makepeace Thackeray
#138. To know nothing, or little, is in the nature of some husbands. To hide, in the nature of how many women? Oh, ladies! how many of you have surreptitious milliners' bills? How many of you have gowns and bracelets which you daren't show, or which you wear trembling?
trembling, and coaxing with smiles the husband by your side, who does not know the new velvet gown from the old one, or the new bracelet from last year's, or has any notion that the ragged-looking yellow lace scarf cost forty guineas and that Madame Bobinot is writing dunning letters every week for the money! #Quote by William Makepeace Thackeray
Ladies quotes by Kevin Hart
#139. What women need to understand is that men don't communicate. It's not intentional or on purpose. We're just not as emotional. You ladies feel like you have to express yourselves. #Quote by Kevin Hart
Ladies quotes by Jeanne Birdsall
#140. I do, too, understand. Rosalind wants to find creepy ladies for Daddy so we don't have to worry about stepmothers. #Quote by Jeanne Birdsall
Ladies quotes by Julie Kagawa
#141. Ladies and Felines," he stated grandly, grasping the doorknob, "Welcome to Tir Na Nog. Land of endless winter and shitloads of snow. #Quote by Julie Kagawa
Ladies quotes by Julie Berry
#142. A toast," Smooth Kitty cried, feeling almost giddy, "to self-government. Saint Etheldreda's School for Young Ladies will be run by young ladies from this point forward. Hear, hear!" Great applause.

"To independence!" added Pocked Louise. "No fussy old widows telling us when not to speak, and how to set the spoons when an Earl's niece comes to supper. And telling us to leave scientific experiment to the men." Teacup toasts in support of Louise.

"To freedom!" chimed in Disgraceful Mary Jane. "No curfews and evil eyes and lectures on morals and propriety." Loud, if nervous, cheering.

"To womankind," proclaimed Stout Alice. "Each of us girls free to be what she wishes to be, without glum and crotchety Placketts trying to make us into what we're not." Tremendous excitement.

"To sisterhood," said Dear Roberta, "and standing by each other, no matter what. #Quote by Julie Berry
Ladies quotes by Conan O'Brien
#143. Ladies and Gentlemen this fellow combines the classic stylings of a 1950's robot with the dynamic flair of a 1970's street pimp ... that's right, boys and girls every where, your friend Pimpbot 5000! #Quote by Conan O'Brien
Ladies quotes by Kerrelyn Sparks
#144. Did those ladies claim that I slept with them?"
"No." She shook her head, and her blush deepened. "But they want to. Along with hundreds of others."
"Hundreds?" He tried not to laugh. "I'm not much of a playboy, am I, if I've neglected to sleep with hundreds of willing victims?"
She tilted her head, considering. "That would depend on how large a pool of volunteers you started off with."
He lifted his eyebrows. Did she think he was operating in the thousands? #Quote by Kerrelyn Sparks
Ladies quotes by Melissa Jensen
#145. Well," he asked, "whaddya expect?"
It was so obviously a rhetorical question that of course I answered it. My truth impulse seemed stronger around this boy,my impulse control way under par.
"I would expect you to be dancing."
His expression was unreadable in the limited light. "Is that an invitation?"
"No. An observation."
He shrugged. "Okay. I needed a break. It was either keep an eye on Chase while he pukes up a fifth of cheap rum in the guys' bathroom or follow the girls into the ladies' room."
I almost smiled and told him about Willing's bathrooms and me. Instead, some truly horrific and irresistible impulse had me announcing, "Amanda looks really pretty tonight."
"So do you."
Bizarrely, I felt my breath catch in my chest, and for a long, awful second, I thought I might cry. I gripped the top of my pad tightly, concentrated on the spiral metal binding where it dug into my skin.
"It's a cool costume," he said. "Water nymph?"
"Sea goddess," I answered quietly. "Roman."
"Hmm." Alex was staring out toward the garden now,looking so at ease that I went from pretzel to knot. Could it really be that easy for him? To say things like he did without thinking? Without meaning them at all? "Too many mermaids tonight. Not that I have anything against mermaids.Mermaids are hot. I mean,you saw my drawing."
I nodded.
"You know," he went on, "that day in the hall,you compared my stuff to two Japanese artists-"
I nodded a #Quote by Melissa Jensen
Ladies quotes by William Shakespeare
#146. But pearls are fair; and the old saying is:
Black men are pearls in beauteous ladies' eyes. #Quote by William Shakespeare
Ladies quotes by S.C. Gwynne
#147. Some of them screamed for locks of his hair, to which the blushing general replied, "Really, ladies, this is the first time I was ever surrounded by the enemy! #Quote by S.C. Gwynne
Ladies quotes by J. Cole
#148. There was the time I bought three cars in the span of three or four weeks. It was crazy; it wasn't greedy. It was mine, my girl's, my mom's. I got Benzes for my ladies. But I felt crazy. You have to understand I come from a world where we're very modest. But that's not greedy. That's nice, right? #Quote by J. Cole
Ladies quotes by Joan Rivers
#149. Girls just want to have fun. Well, so do old ladies! #Quote by Joan Rivers
Ladies quotes by Bram Stoker
#150. You are clever man, friend John; you reason well, and your wit is bold; but you are too prejudiced. You do not let your eyes see nor your ears hear, and that which is outside your daily life is not of account to you. Do you not think that there are things which you cannot understand, and yet which are; that some people see things that others cannot? But there are things old and new which must not be contemplate by men's eyes, because they know – or think they know – some things which other men have told them. Ah, it is the fault of our science that it wants to explain all; and if it explain not, then it says there is nothing to explain. But yet we see around us every day the growth of new beliefs, which think themselves new; and which are yet but the old, which pretend to be young – like the fine ladies at the opera. #Quote by Bram Stoker
Ladies quotes by Ree Drummond
#151. Later, when the party had thinned out and Betsy and I ran to the ladies' room to primp, she remarked on Marlboro Man's chivalry, sighing over his sweet display of kindness.
Then she moved closer to me, zeroing in and focusing on the general area of my chin.
"Oh…my…God," she said, covering her mouth with her hand. "What's wrong with your face?"
My stomach fell to the floor. I found a bottle of Jergens on the bathroom counter and began rubbing it in, determined to beat the flaking skin into submission. #Quote by Ree Drummond
Ladies quotes by Madison Thorne Grey
#152. Me? With only one woman forever and ever, blah, blah, blah. I don't think so, brother. I am having too much fun with all the ladies in Johobin.
-Madison Thorne Grey, Sustenance (Breccan) #Quote by Madison Thorne Grey
Ladies quotes by Alexander Pope
#153. Two women seldom grow intimate but at the expense of a third person; they make friendships as kings of old made leagues, who sacrificed some poor animal betwixt them, and commenced strict allies; so the ladies, after they have pulled some character to pieces, are from henceforth inviolable friends. #Quote by Alexander Pope
Ladies quotes by Kevin Kwan
#154. Siem began to play the first familiar chords of "Theme from Out of Africa," and sighs of delight could be heard from the audience, Oliver noted, "It's all about that chin, isn't it, clenched against the violin as if he's makine savage love to it. That marvelous chin is what's making all the ladies cream their knickers. #Quote by Kevin Kwan
Ladies quotes by Dizzy Gillespie
#155. Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, for your magnificent indifference. #Quote by Dizzy Gillespie
Ladies quotes by Rebecca Solnit
#156. I was arguing not that everyone should read books by ladies - though shifting the balance matters - but that maybe the whole point of reading is to be able to explore and also transcend your gender (and race and class and orientation and nationality and moment in history and age and ability) and experience being others. #Quote by Rebecca Solnit
Ladies quotes by George Gordon Byron
#157. I have not written for their pleasure ... I have never flattered their opinions, nor their pride; nor will I. Neither will I make "Ladies' books" al dilettar le femine e la plebe. I have written from the fulness of my mind, from passion, from impulse, from many sweet motives, but not for their "sweet voices."
I know the precise worth of popular applause, for few scribblers have had more of it; and if I chose to swerve into their paths, I could retain it, or resume it. But I neither love ye, nor fear ye; and though I buy with ye and sell with ye, I will neither eat with ye, drink with ye, nor pray with ye. #Quote by George Gordon Byron
Ladies quotes by Stephanie Coontz
#158. For every nineteenth-century middle-class family that protected its wife and child within the family circle, there was an Irish ora German girl scrubbing floors in that home, a Welsh boy mining coal to keep the home-baked goodies warm, a black girl doing the family laundry, a black mother and child picking cotton to be made into clothes for the family, and a Jewish or an Italian daughter in a sweatshop making "ladies" dresses or artificial flowers for the family to purchase. #Quote by Stephanie Coontz
Ladies quotes by Sarah J. Maas
#159. He shook the hair out of his face. "I'm not interested in court ladies," he said thickly, and kissed her. His mouth was warm, and his lips were smooth, and Celaena lost all sense of time and place as she slowly kissed him back. He pulled away for a moment, looked into her eyes as they opened, and kissed her again. It was different this time - deeper, full of need. #Quote by Sarah J. Maas
Ladies quotes by Jana Deleon
#160. Ladies don't shake hands," She said finally.

"I'm sorry," I said as I drew my hand back. "No one told me you were a lady. #Quote by Jana Deleon
Ladies quotes by Richelle Mead
#161. Rose? Is that you?" I peered behind him. Lissa. "What are you doing here?"
"What are you doing here?" She asked
"Ladies, ladies" he said teasingly. "No need to fight over me."
I glared. "We're not. #Quote by Richelle Mead
Ladies quotes by Bill Engvall
#162. Ladies, you wake up tomorrow and the newspaper reads Scientists have discovered a way for men to experience childbirth. That would be awesome. #Quote by Bill Engvall
Ladies quotes by Steve Coogan
#163. I knew lots of Irish ladies in my life who would say daft things and then would just say something incredibly truthful in a very simple way with simple language - a few well chosen words that would take an intellectual five minutes to express. I like that. #Quote by Steve Coogan
Ladies quotes by A.C. Williams
#164. Mrs. Panabaker is ten years older than God and probably smarter. She stops into the offices every other Thursday to tell my dad what she didn't like about his sermon the previous Sunday. She makes fudge-covered marshmallows at Christmas time and force feeds them to anyone too slow to escape. I've never seen her out of a suit dress and floral scarf, and on Sundays she always wears a matching hat. Last week was a salmon-colored number, and her hat was draped in fake fruit. I wanted to try to eat one of the grapes just to see what she'd do, but I value my life. #Quote by A.C. Williams
Ladies quotes by Alexander McCall Smith
#165. She moved, so that they were now standing arm in arm: two ladies, she thought, a brown lady from Botswana and a white lady from somewhere far away, America perhaps, somewhere like that, some place of neatly cut lawns and air conditioning and shining buildings, some place where people wanted to love others if only given the chance. #Quote by Alexander McCall Smith
Ladies quotes by George Eliot
#166. What could two men, so different from each other, see in this "brown patch", as Mary called hereself? It was certainly not her plainness that attracted them (and let all plain young ladies be warned against the dangerous encouragement given them by Society to confinde in their want of beauty) #Quote by George Eliot
Ladies quotes by Karen Blixen
#167. The young (Somali) women were very inquisitive as to European customs, and listened attentively to descriptions of the manners, education, and clothes of white ladies, as if out to complete their strategic education with the knowledge of how the males of an alien race were conquered and subdued. #Quote by Karen Blixen
Ladies quotes by Jane L Rosen
#168. Stop and think. Who is your nemesis? Even the most popular, confident, put-together adult can call to mind that one girl who made her feel inadequate. She'll get hers, you said to yourself, praying that it was true as she walked away from you, leaving you feeling like roadkill to be scraped off the pavement. Well, fill in the blanks ladies 'cause today, I promise, she will get hers. Today the road-killer becomes roadkill. #Quote by Jane L Rosen
Ladies quotes by Susanna Kearsley
#169. No matter what the bards may say, there's no romance in dying for a man. #Quote by Susanna Kearsley
Ladies quotes by John O'Hara
#170. Little old ladies of both sexes. Why do I let them bother me? #Quote by John O'Hara
Ladies quotes by Michelle Obama
#171. I want the young people to pay attention because, see, back when I first met Barack, we started dating, he had everything going for him. All right, ladies, listen to this. This is what I want you to be looking for. Yes, he was handsome-still is. I think so. He was charming, talented, and oh-so smart, truly. But that is not why I married him. Now, see, I want the fellas to pay attention to this. You all listening? What truly made me fall in love with Barack Obama was his character. You hear me? It was his character. It was his decency, his honesty, his compassion and conviction. #Quote by Michelle Obama
Ladies quotes by Nilantha Ilangamuwa
#172. Ladies and gentlemen, it is time for us to change the mindset which has tended to create ad hoc solutions for the political madness and social farce. In fact, our age of tragedy which has been represented by the so-called "Marxists" in the Sinhalese community and "liberalists" in Tamil community since the 70s to the late 90s, has been replaced by the age of farce. #Quote by Nilantha Ilangamuwa
Ladies quotes by Amanda McCabe
#173. You do not see any improvements you would make?"
Miss Harding's smile turned mischievous. "Not at present. But I should have to see the inside. That is where ladies really excel, you know, in curtains and cushions and such."
"Indeed," David murmured, remembering how Maude had filled the London house with bolts and piles of fabrics and wallpapers and pillows the instant they arrived. Everything in the very latest style.
And then he thought of Emma's cosy sitting room, all books and family portraits and dog beds. #Quote by Amanda McCabe
Ladies quotes by Honore De Balzac
#174. Where some one else's welfare is concerned, a young girl becomes as ingenious as a thief. Guileless where she herself is in question, and full of foresight for me,
she is like a heavenly angel forgiving the strange incomprehensible sins of earth. #Quote by Honore De Balzac
Ladies quotes by Lori Foster
#175. Hoping to soothe her, Joe said, "Whatever it is I'll get it. Just tell me."
Joe stalled. Tampons. But she was only ... well, fourteen. He had no idea when young ladies needed such things. He said, "Uh ... '
"I know," she all but wailed. "I'm sorry. But there aren't any here, and you're already there."
"Yeah, of course." He glanced at Austin. "No problem at all, hon." He swallowed. "Any particular kind?"
Hell, he could kick ass on felons, play bodyguard and bounty hunter, so surely he could buy a stupid box of tampons. #Quote by Lori Foster
Ladies quotes by Gail Carriger
#176. Dear Genevieve," she would say, "I love that you are full of finer feelings and insist upon protecting me from myself, but if you do not rodger me this instant, I may perish away for the lack."
Although, did two ladies together call it rodgering? Or was there a proper, more feminine word? Gertruding, perhaps? #Quote by Gail Carriger
Ladies quotes by Annette Marie
#177. They came to the door of the ladies' club and Ash reached for the handle. Before he could touch it, the door flew open and Lyre fell out, still dressed in the white waiter "uniform" and his arms full of his clothes and weapons. Shouts burst from the building's interior.

"There you are!" Lyre blurted, wild-eyed. "Time to go."

"What happened?" Ash barked.

Clio was still gawking when Lyre launched down the alley, leaving her and Ash to rush after him.

"Some women react poorly to rejection," Lyre explained breathlessly. "Especially when they've paid a lot of money to not be rejected."

"You blew your cover by rejecting her?" Ash snapped.

They fled down several alleys before Lyre skidded to a stop and whirled on Ash, still clutching his belongings.

"I'll dress up in stupid costumes," the incubus snarled with unexpected temper, "and I'll pretend to be a paid whore, and I'll even let a crucial informant pinch and paw at me." He thrust an accusatory finger at Ash. "But I will not allow that nasty old hag's tongue anywhere near me, not even to save the damn world!"

Ash blinked.

Scowling blackly, Lyre shoved his armload at Ash, then pulled a dagger from the pile and cut his leather-strap top off. "Next time, you can do the nasty stuff and I'll kill people. #Quote by Annette Marie
Ladies quotes by Chloe Neill
#178. Who are they?" I whispered, as we took seats opposite each other.
Scout glanced up as she pulled notebooks and books from her bag. "The dragon ladies. They monitor lights-out, watch us while we study, and generally make sure that nothing fun occurs on their watch."
"Awesome," I said, flipping open my trig book. "I'm a fun hater myself. #Quote by Chloe Neill
Ladies quotes by Mercedes Lackey
#179. Cats," he said succinctly. "You two-legs think they're so inscrutable. They are the world's worst gossips. And they are everywhere."
Andie had to agree to that statement. The Palace was full of cats. Lean, hardworking cellar cats, energetic kitchen cats, pampered, aloof darlings of Cassiopeia's ladies- you couldn't walk ten feet without seeing a cat somewhere. The Queen didn't mind, because cats didn't demand attention the way dogs did, nor were they noisy, and as long as her maids could keep her gowns cat-hair free, she tolerated the creatures.
And as if they understood the limits of that tolerance, they kept their territorial squabbles and amorous serenades out of earshot of the Queen's Wing. #Quote by Mercedes Lackey
Ladies quotes by Margaret Mitchell
#180. It was this feminine conspiracy which made Southern society so pleasant. Women knew that a land where men were contented, uncontradicted ans safe in possession of unpunctured vanity was likely to be a very pleasant place for women to live. So, from the cradle to the grave, women strove to make men pleased with themselves, and the satisfied men repaid lavishly with gallantry and adoration. In fact, men willingly gave ladies everything in the world except credit for having intelligence. #Quote by Margaret Mitchell
Ladies quotes by Maggie Smith
#181. It's true I don't tolerate fools but then they don't tolerate me, so I am spiky. Maybe that's why I'm quite good at playing spiky elderly ladies. #Quote by Maggie Smith
Ladies quotes by Zack Love
#182. Oh. Well was this your first time painting a live model?"
She nodded her head, with an almost guilty look on her face.
"What's it like?"
"Hard," she replied. #Quote by Zack Love
Ladies quotes by Richelle Mead
#183. My wife, ladies and gentlemen. Beauty, brains, and now brawn. #Quote by Richelle Mead
Ladies quotes by Lynn Westmoreland
#184. I think these ladies, that group of 130 women, are going to make a difference in what goes on down there, because they're going to hold the locals' feet to the fire. #Quote by Lynn Westmoreland
Ladies quotes by Stephen Sondheim
#185. So here's to the girls on the go- Everybody tries Look into their eyes and you'll see what they know: Everybody dies. A toast to that invincible bunch - The dinosaurs surviving the crunch - Let's hear it for the ladies who lunch - Everybody rise! #Quote by Stephen Sondheim
Ladies quotes by Robin Bielman
#186. Pull your pants up, would you?" Honor said, tugging on his low-slung shorts. "They're about to fall off."
"That's how the ladies like 'em. #Quote by Robin Bielman
Ladies quotes by Felicia Day
#187. And all that time I was lying to my support group. I told the ladies, "Sure! I'm writing!" when I wasn't. Yes, I could have filled all those newfound minutes with actual work, but I had no confidence in myself. I was a fraud. Who was I to pick up a pen and expect anything good to come out of it? I expected perfection as soon as the pencil hit the paper, and since that's impossible, I couldn't get myself to start. Then I felt guilty about not starting, which made me want to start even less. And with no game to bury the feelings, I got very depressed. No wonder I didn't book any acting jobs in the last half of 2006. No one wanted to hire a clinically depressed person to sell snack foods. #Quote by Felicia Day
Ladies quotes by Tessa Dare
#188. What are you doing abovedecks, anyhow?"
"The cry went up for all hands."
"You're not a hand. You're a passenger."
"I may not be a hand, but I've got two perfectly good hands, and if I sit on them a second longer, I'll go mad."
Joss stared at Gray's open collar, where his cravat should have been knotted. "She's really getting to you, isn't she?"
"You have no idea," Gray muttered.
"Oh, I think I do."
Gray ignored his brother's smug tone. "Damn it, Joss, just put me to work. Send me up to furl a sail, put me down in the hold to pump the bilge…I don't care, just give me something to do."
Joss raised his eyebrows. "If you insist." He lifted the spyglass to his eye and began scanning the horizon again. "Batten the hatches, then."
Gray tossed a word of thanks over his shoulder as he descended to the quarterdeck and went to work, dragging the tarpaulins over the skylights and securing them with battens. As he labored, the ship's motions grew more violent, hampering his efforts. He saved the vent above the ladies' cabin for last, resisting the urge to peer down through the grate. Instead, he first secured one end, then blanketed the entire skylight with one strong snap on the canvas.
"Ahoy! Ahoy!" Wiggins leaned forward over the prow, hailing the approaching ship, its puffed scudding sails a stark contrast against the darkening sky.
Gray moved to cover the companion stairs, reaching inside the gaping black hole and groping for the #Quote by Tessa Dare
Ladies quotes by Ma Jun
#189. Like in those cancer villages, a group of old ladies kneeling down in front of me, you know, holding a bottle of polluted water and hoping that they would get help, this is the voice that got drowned in this complex, globalized supply chain system. #Quote by Ma Jun
Ladies quotes by Gail Carriger
#190. Apparently, gentlemen not only liked to kiss and touch women everywhere, they did that and more, on a regular basis, and mostly not with ladies at all, but with women of less genteel breeding. Some gentlemen, her brothers had whispered, even did it with each other. Although this was considered quite uncouth, Sophronia gathered, once one left Eton. #Quote by Gail Carriger
Ladies quotes by Marilyn Monroe
#191. Sometimes I've been to a party where no one spoke to me for a whole evening. The men, frightened by their wives or sweeties, would give me a wide berth. And the ladies would gang up in a corner to discuss my dangerous character. #Quote by Marilyn Monroe
Ladies quotes by Eliza Leslie
#192. When in company with literary women, make no allusions to 'learned ladies,' or 'blue stockings,' or express surprise that they should have any knowledge of housewifery, or needle-work, or dress; or that they are able to talk on 'common things.' It is rude and foolish and shows that you really know nothing about them, either as a class or as individuals. #Quote by Eliza Leslie
Ladies quotes by Captain Hank Bracker,
#193. ….On my walks to the village, I got to know some of the villagers a little better. It didn't take very long before they became friendlier and so I took the opportunity to stop and chat with them. Since I had many of their children in school we had a mutual interest but I still couldn't get used to their immodest bathroom practices. Once while talking to a young man and his new bride, he felt the sudden urge to relieve himself. Not wanting to interrupt the conversation he simply turned his back on us and urinated directly onto the pavement, never skipping a word! I soon discovered that it wasn't just here, but without very many public restrooms available, it was customary for people to do so in many parts of Europe during that time.
Many years later and after the war had ended, my second husband John, who was a minister's son, related a story concerning his father's visit to the Alsace. Most towns had unisex toilet facilities installed directly on the pavement of the sidewalk. They were constructed so as to only shield the lower torso of the person using it and necessitated the people using them to urinate directly onto the pavement. My father-in-law said that he had seen men actually tip their hats, as was the custom, to ladies as they passed by. At the time he was taking a medication for a common urinary infection that caused his urine to turn a deep shade of purple. Of course, when he needed to use this open type of public facility, it became quite evident and caused h #Quote by Captain Hank Bracker, "Suppresed I Rise"
Ladies quotes by Edward O. Wilson
#194. Here indeed is a major difference between people and ants: where we send our young men to war, ants send their old ladies. No moral lesson there, unless you are looking for a less expensive form of elder care. #Quote by Edward O. Wilson
Ladies quotes by Melissa McCarthy
#195. I think there's so many points of view that you want to make sure your stories are being told from men and women ... you get all of the different backgrounds. You don't want every story being told from the same point of view. So just for better storytelling, I'm like, 'Yes, please, bring some more ladies on.' #Quote by Melissa McCarthy
Ladies quotes by Grady Hendrix
#196. You ladies read a strange assortment of books," James Harris said. "We're a strange assortment of broads," Kitty replied. #Quote by Grady Hendrix
Ladies quotes by Drake
#197. And you're wasted with your ladies. Yeah I'm the reason why you always getting faded. #Quote by Drake
Ladies quotes by Katharine Ashe
#198. Pickaxes?" Alex screwed up his brow. "What do you plan to do with those in Bristol, Pooele? Beat upon little old ladies? #Quote by Katharine Ashe
Ladies quotes by Christine Feehan
#199. I'm used to doing things my way, and Aidan is set in his medieval ways."
"What's medieval?" Joshua wanted to know.
"Ask Aidan. He's good with answers," she replied resentfully.
"Medieval refers to the days of knight and ladies, Joshua. Alexandria thinks I would have made a great knight. They were men who served their homeland with honor and always recued and took care of their fair maidens." Aidan drained the contents of a third glass of ruby liquid. "A fitting description, and quite a compliment. Thank you, Alexandria."
Stefan coughed behind his hand, and Marie hastily turned to look out the window.
Alexandria found a reluctant smile curving her soft mouth. "That's not all I could call you, but for now, we'll leave it at medieval. #Quote by Christine Feehan
Ladies quotes by Prophetess Dina Rolle
#200. Ladies, it is NOT in your DNA to be a CHASER!!!
You are chosen, hand-picked and peculiar pearls.
Know who you are in the True and Living God.
You are a Royal Diadem. #Quote by Prophetess Dina Rolle

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