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Kyle Vidrine quotes by Kyle Vidrine
#1. Never live in fear or regret, live in lessons learned that make you better and keep going forward #Quote by Kyle Vidrine
Kyle Vidrine quotes by Chris Kyle
#2. You forget how beautiful life is, if you don't get a chance to see things like that. #Quote by Chris Kyle
Kyle Vidrine quotes by Debra Anastasia
#3. Let's get a move on," Kyle yelled from the front door. "The party doesn't start until I get there. #Quote by Debra Anastasia
Kyle Vidrine quotes by Kyle MacLachlan
#4. Helmut Lang does a lot of very military-influenced things. You have to find the designer that suits your body the best, and he works for me. #Quote by Kyle MacLachlan
Kyle Vidrine quotes by Shelly Crane
#5. You do realize that you completely 'threw Kyle under the bus,' I told him. 'Like threw him under and then put it in reverse #Quote by Shelly Crane
Kyle Vidrine quotes by Kyle Chandler
#6. I want to find material that piques my interest, keeps me outside the box and challenges me. #Quote by Kyle Chandler
Kyle Vidrine quotes by Nicole Douglas
#7. The longer she was around him the harder it would be to let go when it finally came to an end. And with Kyle everything came to an end eventually. #Quote by Nicole Douglas
Kyle Vidrine quotes by Taya Kyle
#8. He had only three days off, which meant our honeymoon was only two days. We went to Lake Tahoe, and one of the highlights was a snowmobile tour in the mountains. In theory, we had to ride our separate vehicles very placidly, with no horsing around. But Chris-or maybe it was me-discovered that by maneuvering carefully, it was possible to splash up a lot of snow, and as we went up to the top we managed to cover each other with snow. It was the sort of simple joy you vow to repeat as often as you can, even as you realize the moment will be impossible to duplicate.
They were a great two days, though I wished there were more.

I happened to be reading a book around that time that theorized that humans live through many lives. I asked Chris what he thought about the concept. Did he think he had many past lives?
"Oh, I don't know," he said. "That's not in the Bible."
"No, it's not."
"I guess anything's possible," he told me after a little thought. "I don't think we have all the answers. But I do know this: if we get more than one life, I can't wait to spend the rest of them with you. #Quote by Taya Kyle
Kyle Vidrine quotes by Kyle Thomas Miller
#9. It seems that anonymity prompts people to disregard civility. #Quote by Kyle Thomas Miller
Kyle Vidrine quotes by Chris Kyle
#10. What I couldn't stand was being cold. Lying out on the beach in the surf, stripped down, freezing my ass off - that was the worst. I'd lock arms with the guys on either side of me and "jackhammer," my body vibrating crazily with the chills. I prayed for someone to pee on me. Everybody did, I'm sure. Urine was about the only warm thing available at that point. If you happen to look out on the surf during a BUD/S class and see a bunch of guys huddled together, it's because somebody out there is pissing and everybody is taking advantage of it. #Quote by Chris Kyle
Kyle Vidrine quotes by Kyle Chandler
#11. We run into some pretty tough arguments sometimes, but the idea is that at the end of the day, my wife and I realize that we'll always be holding each other's hand. #Quote by Kyle Chandler
Kyle Vidrine quotes by Kyle MacLachlan
#12. I already felt disengaged with my contemporaries. #Quote by Kyle MacLachlan
Kyle Vidrine quotes by Taya Kyle
#13. He brought them a lot of joy, whether by tossing a ball around or tickling them, teaching them how to hunt or just watching TV. Angel loved to climb into his lap and cuddle. His tensions and cares would melt away as he held her.
I know there's a saying about "Daddy's little girl wrapping him around her finger." Chris and Angel didn't have that kind of relationship, exactly. She was definitely his girl--he was closer to her than probably any other female on the planet, including me. But he also held her to high standards. She couldn't get away with being bad or taking advantage of him.
She could see in his face that he was absolutely delighted by her. He "got" her humor, and he definitely got her.
One day he had to leave on an overnight trip. We said good-bye and closed the door; Angel and I went into the kitchen.
She had tears in her eyes.
"Okay, honey?" I asked.
"Yeah. I know he's coming back tomorrow," she said. "I guess I just miss him already."
I told Chris what she'd said later on that night when he called to check in. It was something cute she'd done.
"Wow," he said. "I feel like I've just been punched in the stomach."
He slid down the wall to the floor, hand to his face, devastated by his daughter's simple statement of love.
"I wasn't trying to make you feel bad," I told him. "I'm sorry."
"It's okay."
We talked a little more, then he hung up the phone. The man he was traveling with said later that he looked w #Quote by Taya Kyle
Kyle Vidrine quotes by Stephen Colbert
#14. Senator John Kyle claiming that over 90 percent of what Planned Parenthood does is abortion.
Stephen Colbert: Over 90 percent, that is unbelievable ... in that it is not true. Only 3 percent of what Planned Parenthood does is abortion. Kyle just rounded it up to the nearest 90. #Quote by Stephen Colbert
Kyle Vidrine quotes by Alex Flinn
#15. Trust me? I held my breath for her answer. She had every reason not to trust me. I'd been her kidnapper, her captor, yet I'd rather have died than hurt a single hair on her head. #Quote by Alex Flinn
Kyle Vidrine quotes by Taya Kyle
#16. Driving my daughter to a friend's house one evening, she asked me about God.
"Why doesn't God stop bad things from happening?"
I glanced back at her in the seat. Her eyes were big, her expression pensive.
"I'm sure he could, but that would break his promise to us," I said, working the answer out. "Because he promised to give us free will, and that means that we are free to do bad things as well as good."
"But other people?"
"Other people, too. All people have free will." I worked to explain it, not just to her but to myself. "God promised not to leave us alone," I said, coming back to an idea that has often comforted me. "It doesn't mean we'll always be happy. But He will always support us."
Angel was thinking about her father and his death. I wondered if she was going to cry.
"It's okay to cry," I told her.
"I'm not going to cry," she said. "I have a lot of questions about God. But I can't think about them now."
"You can always ask."
"I know."
"Are you angry with God?"
"No. He didn't do this to us."
"It's okay to be mad at God," I admitted finally--to myself. "He can handle it. #Quote by Taya Kyle
Kyle Vidrine quotes by Kyle Cease
#17. I saw Hulk Hogan the other day in a parking lot, and I couldn't tell from a distance if it was Hulk Hogan or not. And I realized I've never had that dilemma before. I've always been able to tell immediately when looking at anybody if they were or were not Hulk Hogan. #Quote by Kyle Cease
Kyle Vidrine quotes by Celia Kyle
#18. Unlike some of the bigger weres, a werehedgehog's change was elegant and refined. #Quote by Celia Kyle
Kyle Vidrine quotes by Kyle Labe
#19. The sunsets here were always deep, passionate, and rich - always colors Camila thought she could take a shovel to and dig at for days. #Quote by Kyle Labe
Kyle Vidrine quotes by Anna Kyle
#20. You cannot talk to me like that." She straightened her spine, calling on her many years of slapping down countless insults, direct and sly, in the Fae Court. "I have a name and it is Princess Skye Naa, beloved daughter of King Elhi Naa, ruler of the Fae. If you call me fairy princess in that snide tone again, I will kick your junk so hard your balls will fly out of your mouth, through the window, and onto the street where they will be flattened by a Prius and then eaten by crows who then will crap. On. Your. Car. #Quote by Anna Kyle
Kyle Vidrine quotes by Wilson Rawls
#21. Men," said Mr. Kyle, "people have been trying to understand dogs ever since the beginning of time. One never knows what they'll do. You can read every day where a dog saved the life of a drowning child, or lay down his life for his master. Some people call this loyalty. I don't. I may be wrong, but I call it love - the deepest kind of love."
After these words were spoken, a thoughtful silence settled over the men. The mood was broken by the deep growling voice I had heard back in the washout.
"It's a shame that people all over the world can't have that kind of love in their hearts," he said. "There would be no wars, slaughter, or murder; no greed or selfishness. It would be the kind of world that God wants us to have - a wonderful world. #Quote by Wilson Rawls
Kyle Vidrine quotes by Aryn Kyle
#22. Every time you answer the phone, someone is crying, someone is raging, someone is begging you to solve their problems. #Quote by Aryn Kyle
Kyle Vidrine quotes by Kyle Harper
#23. And the connections we have progressively built between human societies not only link old germ pools, but more profoundly they have turned separate groups into a metapopulation for roving killers to explore. The main drama of disease history has been the constant emergence of untried germs from wild hosts, finding human groups linked in ever-larger pacts of mutually assured infection. #Quote by Kyle Harper
Kyle Vidrine quotes by Cassandra Clare
#24. That ones yours,huh?"he asked,pointing to 3A."How come it just says 'Kyle'?Doesnt he have a last name?"
"Kyle wants to be a rock star,"Simon said,heading down the stairs."I think his working the one-name thing.Like Rihanna. #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Kyle Vidrine quotes by Cassandra Clare
#25. Fine," Kyle said. "I'm a werewolf. I'm not part of a pack, but I do have an alliance. Have you heard of the Praetor Lupus?"
"I've heard of lupus," said Simon. "Isn't it a kind of disease? #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Kyle Vidrine quotes by Chris Kyle
#26. My dad has a story about hearing from me at work one day when I hadn't had a chance to call in a while. He picked up the phone and was surprised to hear my voice. He was even more surprised that I was whispering. "Chris, why is your voice so hushed?" he asked. "I'm on an op, Dad. I don't want them to know where I'm at." "Oh," he answered, a little shaken. #Quote by Chris Kyle
Kyle Vidrine quotes by Kyle Chandler
#27. I'm in a great position now where I've got recognition. I'm not recognized too much. #Quote by Kyle Chandler
Kyle Vidrine quotes by Debra Anastasia
#28. When he got to her dress strap, he watched her eyes as he slid it off her shoulder. She smiled her unquestionably Kyle smile. Still present.
"I'm still here," she said in a playful voice. But she was. She was still there.
"Kyle, will you come to my bed?" Cole would take this so slowly.
"I will." Kyle followed as he led her to his simple twin bed, covered in a plain tan comforter. #Quote by Debra Anastasia
Kyle Vidrine quotes by Debra Anastasia
#29. Oh my God! I'm engaged! I'm marrying Cole!"
"What?!" Livia squeezed her sister hard. "Let me see. When did this happen? Did you tell Dad? When is it going to be? How did he propose?"
The men stopped their congratulatory handshake to stare at the speed-talking ladies.
"Last night, not yet, four weeks from today, naked!" Kyle blurted in response
The girls became a moving, jumping circle of hug.
"Cole, you popped the question in your birthday suit?" Blake teased.
Cole put his face in his hands. "Did not think she would share that bit of information. #Quote by Debra Anastasia
Kyle Vidrine quotes by Kate McCarthy
#30. Kyle Davis is like malware. He's infiltrated my brain in a sneak virus attack. Every time I try and focus, he pops in my head the same way internet windows pop up faster than you can shut them down. You know when that happens you've opened something you shouldn't have. #Quote by Kate McCarthy
Kyle Vidrine quotes by Kyle MacLachlan
#31. The most appealing thing to me about food is combining and layering flavors, tastes, and textures. So the perfect sandwich has to be toasted. It has to have Emmenthal Swiss cheese and a combination of sweet and savory - some cranberry or fig thing happening - with different kinds of meats like Black Forest ham and roast beef. #Quote by Kyle MacLachlan
Kyle Vidrine quotes by Patricia Briggs
#32. He didn't hurt me before."
Which let everyone in the room, except Kyle, know just how much Warrren cared about him. Even a crazed werewolf won't harm his mate. #Quote by Patricia Briggs
Kyle Vidrine quotes by Kathleen Peacock
#33. I had been brought up to believe that caring about people was a weakness, but loving Kyle didn't make me weak. It made me strong. #Quote by Kathleen Peacock
Kyle Vidrine quotes by Jeff Lindsay
#34. Either Kyle was lucky or his mojo had bowled over the headwaiter, because he and Deborah were waiting outside at one of these tables working on a bottle of mineral water and a plate of what appeared to be crab cakes. I grabbed one and took a bite as I slid into a chair facing Kyle. "Yummy," I said. "This must be where good crabs go when they die. #Quote by Jeff Lindsay
Kyle Vidrine quotes by Taya Kyle
#35. The blessing is that my kids have a lot of strong men and strong marriages around them, so I feel like they are getting what they need as far as role modeling. So I don't feel the pressure for them. #Quote by Taya Kyle
Kyle Vidrine quotes by Kyle Shewfelt
#36. I was so focused and so driven, there was this fire inside of me that was burning so brightly. #Quote by Kyle Shewfelt
Kyle Vidrine quotes by Celia Kyle
#37. Best friends are the chicks who make your problems theirs so you guys can form a gangsta posse and beat those problems to hell. #Quote by Celia Kyle

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