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Kyle Kingsbury quotes by Alex Flinn
#1. Maybe we judge people too much by their looks because it's easier than seeing what's really important. #Quote by Alex Flinn
Kyle Kingsbury quotes by Alex Flinn
#2. When you're a kid, they tell you that it's what's on the inside that counts. Looks don't matter . But that's not true. Guys like Phoebus in The Hunchback, or Dorian, or the old Kyle Kingsbury
they can be scumbags to women and still get away with it because they're good-looking. Being ugly is a kind of prisoner. #Quote by Alex Flinn
Kyle Kingsbury quotes by Karen Kingsbury
#3. He would have to be real in his beliefs, real in his character. Real in the way he treated her and everyone #Quote by Karen Kingsbury
Kyle Kingsbury quotes by Karen Kingsbury
#4. The way of a fool seems right to him, but a wise man listens to advice. #Quote by Karen Kingsbury
Kyle Kingsbury quotes by Debra Anastasia
#5. Cole shut the bedroom door and gazed at Kyle. His eyes said he'd married his salvation, and Kyle knew what he meant. Two souls in need had finally found resolution with I do. #Quote by Debra Anastasia
Kyle Kingsbury quotes by Aryn Kyle
#6. That was the problem with getting used to people - you had to miss them when they were gone. #Quote by Aryn Kyle
Kyle Kingsbury quotes by Kyle MacLachlan
#7. When the audience first sees Cooper talking into his tape recorder at the beginning of 'Twin Peaks,' I think that's the greatest introduction to a character I've seen in my career. It tells you everything about the guy right there in a few minutes as well as bringing up a whole load of questions. #Quote by Kyle MacLachlan
Kyle Kingsbury quotes by Kyle MacLachlan
#8. I always liked the Raiders of the Lost Ark. I still want to be Indiana Jones. #Quote by Kyle MacLachlan
Kyle Kingsbury quotes by Chris Kyle
#9. WHEN YOU'RE IN A PROFESSION WHERE YOUR JOB IS TO KILL people, you start getting creative about doing it. #Quote by Chris Kyle
Kyle Kingsbury quotes by Taya Kyle
#10. February 22, 2005

Right now the rumor on leaving is the latest the 22nd, but I am still supposed to leave on the first. Hopefully. I want to get home to see my baby and my son. I miss both of y'all something awful. Time is going a little faster now because of working again. I had a long enough break and it's about time I got back out. I'm still making a name for myself by adding to my numbers. I know I never say it, but it does feel good to have all the people talking about me in a good way. Anyway, I love you and miss you. You mean the world to me. Please take care of yourself and I will call you soon. Smoooooooooch!!!!! I can't wait to give you a real one. Carefully go over every inch of your body. I am soooo horny! I love you, baby!
-XOXOXOXOXXXXX #Quote by Taya Kyle
Kyle Kingsbury quotes by Chris Kyle
#11. People back home, people who haven't been in war, or at least not that war, sometimes don't seem to understand how the troops in Iraq acted. They're surprised - shocked - to discover we often joked about death, about things we saw. Maybe it seems cruel or inappropriate. Maybe it would be, under different circumstances. But in the context of where we were, it made a lot of sense. We saw terrible things, and lived through terrible things. Part of it was letting off pressure or steam, I'm sure. A way to cope. If you can't make sense of things, you start to look for some other way to deal with them. You laugh because you have to have some emotion, you have to express yourself somehow. #Quote by Chris Kyle
Kyle Kingsbury quotes by John Brandon
#12. Why do people keep doing stuff?" he said, talking to himself it seemed.
Swin hesitated.
"Wiping counters down and taking pictures. Cheating. Defending things."
Swin couldn't see Kyle's face. It appeared he was about to say more, then thought better of it. It seemed he was going to laugh or cry; of course he was going to do neither. It was a moment of defeat, nothing more. Kyle looked back toward the woods where he'd thrown the gun. Swin felt he had to speak.
"It's involved," he said. "Many schools of thought. In layman's terms, being the most sophisticated monkey makes you the most confused monkey. Taking action, any at all, is a way to alleviate that confusion. You, you're one of the least sophisticated of us sophisticated monkeys, and therefore suffer less confusion, and have less use for the empty actions that alleviate confusion. I don't mean that as a put-down."
Though Kyle didn't move, Swin knew he was listening, knew the explanation was somehow helping. #Quote by John Brandon
Kyle Kingsbury quotes by Nicole Gulla
#13. Kyle clapped his hands together. "Goody! The Zoe dates back some 3000 years to when the Greek gods ruled."
"Who's Zoe?" I interjected.
Kyle huffed. "It's not a who, it's a what. #Quote by Nicole Gulla
Kyle Kingsbury quotes by Taya Kyle
#14. I can tell you that my family in the absolute worst of times has seen the absolute best in people. And, that has given us more strength than could ever imagine. #Quote by Taya Kyle
Kyle Kingsbury quotes by Taya Kyle
#15. I don't expect you to know what the future is going to bring," I told him. "And I'm not asking for a commitment right now. But I do want to know if it's possible for us to be something long term. If it's not a possibility, I'm not interested in doing this."
Chris didn't answer right away, but when he did, his answer was perfect.
"I love you," he said. "And I don't want to spend a day of my life without you."
Instead of feeling happy and confident, I suddenly felt something like fear.
In my mind, what he was saying was that he wanted to marry me.
Was I ready for that?
But I loved that I heard that he wanted to marry me and was so confident and open about it.
I quickly warmed up to the idea. But as the days and then weeks went by, I began to wonder. Did his answer really mean he wanted to get married? We didn't talk about it, and our relationship didn't change in any meaningful way.
So, were we headed toward marriage, or not?
Then came 9/11. The tragic attack, and the implications that going to war would have for Chris, pushed me to think harder about my future-our future.
One day I called him and said, "I just had this crazy idea-let's get married."
I thought he'd say, Hell yeah! Let's do it!
His actual reaction: "What?"
As in, What the heck are you talking about?
"Oh, it's just an idea," I said, quickly retreating. "I'm kind of kidding. We can talk about it later #Quote by Taya Kyle
Kyle Kingsbury quotes by Karen Kingsbury
#16. Reader loyalty will stay because I'm not changing. #Quote by Karen Kingsbury
Kyle Kingsbury quotes by Kyle West
#17. Without suffering, there can be no victory. But take heart: courage can be found in the unlikeliest of places." "Where #Quote by Kyle West
Kyle Kingsbury quotes by Karen Kingsbury
#18. A verse came to mind, one that has comforted Kari before. It was the shortest verse in the Bible: Jesus wept. If he cried over Jerusalem, if he cried over the death of Lazarus, surely he was crying now over the death of her dreams, the death of her marriage. #Quote by Karen Kingsbury
Kyle Kingsbury quotes by Marjan Kamali
#19. She would not have understood, then, that time is not linear but circular. There is no past, present, future. Roya was the woman she was today and the seventeen-year-old girl in the Stationery Shop, always. She and Bahman were one, and she and Walter were united. Kyle was her soul and Marigold would never die. #Quote by Marjan Kamali
Kyle Kingsbury quotes by Aryn Kyle
#20. You tell us about your other friends. You feel guilty speaking about them, but you are annoyed, frustrated. You don't always trust their motives. You feel pressured by their demands on you. You're worn out by the effort it takes to be with them, to feign interest in their stream of never-ending problems. #Quote by Aryn Kyle
Kyle Kingsbury quotes by Kyle MacLachlan
#21. I believe in fate. Sometimes that means an old bearded guy sitting on a cloud and pulling the strings; sometimes it means random atoms swirling through a cheerless universe; sometimes it means everything being preordained thanks to your karma credit from your previous lives. #Quote by Kyle MacLachlan
Kyle Kingsbury quotes by Debra Anastasia
#22. In the sanctity of this place, the center of his purpose, Kyle was everywhere he looked. He almost laughed when he remembered how he'd questioned Livia's devotion to Blake after knowing him such a short time, but he didn't make a sound. Even a week with Kyle would feel like forever. Cole looked over at the two pews where they'd stood when he first saw her.
When their eyes locked it had been like a head-on collision - jarring, shocking, and something he wasn't fast enough to stop. When their hands touched, their souls had stepped out of their bodies and joined. But Kyle and Cole could only stand in shocked stillness. Cole knew at some point he'd sent Livia on her way, his eyes never leaving Kyle.
His sole focus had been on keeping her. That was all he knew for sure. He had to keep her there until his soul was done seducing hers. Eventually they'd moved to sit next to each other. His soul had begun an intimate exploration of hers, without asking his permission, and Cole had to talk as if he wasn't affected at all. As he gazed at Kyle, her wide eyes made him believe she felt exactly the same. #Quote by Debra Anastasia
Kyle Kingsbury quotes by Patricia Briggs
#23. You're a dead man," Kyle said. "Warren doesn't take kindly to people who hurt me. #Quote by Patricia Briggs
Kyle Kingsbury quotes by Aryn Kyle
#24. That was the real bitch about time: Everything true would become false, if only you waited long enough. #Quote by Aryn Kyle
Kyle Kingsbury quotes by Adam Cole
#25. I've known Kyle O'Reilly since 2009. Me and him actually met each other when we had our very first match against each other for Gabe Sapolsyky's DragonGate USA show. Me and Kyle went in there and we had a match that kind of made waves throughout the independent scene as far as us getting our names out there. We both got signed to Ring of Honor at the exact same time. #Quote by Adam Cole
Kyle Kingsbury quotes by Karen Kingsbury
#26. Sometimes, life is so hard you can only do the next thing. Whatever that is, just do the next thing. God will meet you there. #Quote by Karen Kingsbury
Kyle Kingsbury quotes by Kyle Chandler
#27. What I do is not rocket science, but I sure do love it. #Quote by Kyle Chandler
Kyle Kingsbury quotes by Taya Kyle
#28. He could also be terrible romantic and thoughtful. My job was a real challenge. The work was difficult and the boss demanding: he thought nothing of calling or emailing at odd hours, even on the weekend; you ignored him at your peril.
There was a point at which everything got to me. And it was exactly at that moment that Chris stepped in and planned a weekend getaway. He found a little cabin out in the woods where there was no cell phone reception-yes!-and without telling anyone, we made our getaway.
Almost. I actually called the boss and told him my cell reception was giving out, and so I wouldn't be able to check messages, something he expected even on the weekends.
As soon as we got to the cabin, I headed to the bedroom. Inside, I opened my suitcase and changed into sexy white Victoria's Secret-style lingerie, complete with corset and thigh-highs. Feeling a little shy and silly, I walked out and leaned against the doorway of the living room where he was sitting.
"Yeah?" he mumbled from the couch, not bothering to look up from the magazine he was reading.
"Turn around," I said.
He turned around-slowly at first. But as soon as he caught sight of me in that lingerie, he hopped clear over the couch and chased me down the hall to the bedroom. I squealed and giggled the whole way. #Quote by Taya Kyle
Kyle Kingsbury quotes by Kyle Brindza
#29. I'm doing the exact same thing and adding a little bit more flexibility. I'm going to bench here. I'm not a kicker who's just going to hang out at practice. I'm going to be in the weight room pushing linebackers, defensive ends, tight ends. I'm going to push everyone. whatever I'm doing, I'm putting up numbers that someone else would do. Not only do I love working out, but at the same time it's able for others to maximize their potential. #Quote by Kyle Brindza
Kyle Kingsbury quotes by Justin Kyle McFarlane Beau
#30. Never once, did Christ ever utter, "I came here to start a religion"

Early Christians did not worship items, relics, wars, or governments. #Quote by Justin Kyle McFarlane Beau
Kyle Kingsbury quotes by Elizabeth Lowell
#31. approaching Kyle. The Tangs #Quote by Elizabeth Lowell
Kyle Kingsbury quotes by Kyle Idleman
#32. There is a tendency to treat our relationship with Jesus like the diet we keep meaning to start. I'm going to start eating right, as soon as I finish off this chicken chimichanga. Tomorrow for sure. We treat our relationship with Jesus like the workout program we keep meaning to start. We go to bed telling ourselves, "Tomorrow I'm going to wake up early and exercise." But the following night we find ourselves getting into bed promising, "Tomorrow for sure. #Quote by Kyle Idleman
Kyle Kingsbury quotes by Kyle Shewfelt
#33. The Olympics is about letting people believe in their own dreams. #Quote by Kyle Shewfelt
Kyle Kingsbury quotes by Chris Kyle
#34. I hope the legend of Chris Kyle continues to grow and touch more and more people. I hope, too, that the movie will give people a small understanding of the massive sacrifice these guys make in going to war. It's hard to comprehend the journey and hardship these servicemen and their families go through. There is tremendous patriotism behind it but beyond that there is a great sacrifice SEALs and all our military make. If this movie can offer a small window into that world, I'll be very happy. #Quote by Chris Kyle
Kyle Kingsbury quotes by Taya Kyle
#35. When it came time for Chris to leave, we drove his Yukon down to the base. Chris was excited to go to war-he'd spent years training for it, after all. He was somber and serious, but also looking forward to it.
I felt as if a part of myself was leaving, and there was nothing I could do about it. I longed to be with him, but knew that our separation would be deep, and perhaps permanent. I felt trapped by fate, a prisoner of whatever inevitability the future was bringing.
We sat together in the back of the SUV, waiting until it was time for him to board the bus waiting to take him to the plane. Finally, it was time to go. Chris was wearing sunglasses, but I could see his eyes leaking tears under them.
I thought he was nervous because he was going to war and was afraid that he would die. It wasn't until years later that he straightened me out: "I was afraid you wouldn't be there when I came back. #Quote by Taya Kyle

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