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Kvistad Family Crest quotes by Stephen Marley
#1. Bob Marley songs are my songs. These are the songs that have been passed on to me. Let me say, I wear my family crest, and I represent my family to the fullest. #Quote by Stephen Marley
Kvistad Family Crest quotes by Nora Roberts
#2. Come inside."
Shelby tilted her head just enough to rest it briefly on his shoulder as they walked to the door. "I'm relying on your word that I'll walk out again in one piece at the end of the weekend."
He only grinned. "I told you my stand on playing the mediator."
"Thanks a lot." She glanced up at the door, noting the heavy brass crest that served as a door knocker. The MacGregor lion stared coolly at her with its Gaelic motto over its crowned head. "Your father isn't one to hide his light under a bushel,is he?"
"Let's just say he has a strong sense of family pride." Alan lifted the knocker, then let it fall heavily against the thick door. Shelby imagined the sound would vibrate into every nook and cranny in the house. "The Clan MacGregor," Alan began in a low rolling burr, "is one of the few permitted to use the crown in their crest.Good blood. Strong stock. #Quote by Nora Roberts
Kvistad Family Crest quotes by Michelle Hodkin
#3. I was just going to say it reminds me of the symbols on a family crest."
Noah stopped mid-stride, and turned very slowly. "We're not related."
"I know, but - "
"Don't even think it. #Quote by Michelle Hodkin
Kvistad Family Crest quotes by Farley Mowat
#4. The Ilhalmiut do not fill canvases with their paintings, or inscribe figures on rocks, or carve figurines in clay or in stone, because in the lives of the People there is no room for the creation of objects of no practical value. What purpose is there in creating beautiful things if these must be abandoned when the family treks out over the Barrens? But the artistic sense is present and strongly developed. It is strongly alive in their stories and songs, and in the string-figures, but they also use it on the construction of things which assist in their living and in these cases it is no less an art. The pleasure of abstract creation is largely denied to them by the nature of the land, but still they know how to make beauty.
They know how to make beauty, and they also know how to enjoy it-- for it is no uncommon thing to see an Ilhalmio man squatting silently on a hill crest and watching, for hours at a time, the swift interplay of colors that sweep the sky at sunset and dawn. It is not unusual to see an Ilhalmio pause for long minutes to watch the sleek beauty of a weasel or to stare into the brilliant heart of some minuscule flower. And these things are done quite unconsciously, too. There is no word for 'beauty'--as such--in their language; it needs no words in their hearts. #Quote by Farley Mowat
Kvistad Family Crest quotes by Agatha Christie
#5. The motto of the mongoose family, so Mr Kipling tells us, is: 'Go and find out.' If Caroline ever adopts a crest, I should certainly suggest a mongoose rampant. One might omit the first part of the motto. Caroline can do any amount of finding out by sitting placidly at home. #Quote by Agatha Christie
Kvistad Family Crest quotes by Robert Thomas
#6. The family crest of none other than Professor James Moriarty." The very name filled me with fear, and my trousers with something that was certainly not fear. #Quote by Robert Thomas
Kvistad Family Crest quotes by Shannon Messenger
#7. Having a family crest meant a lot to a girl who'd been adopted. #Quote by Shannon Messenger
Kvistad Family Crest quotes by Jung-Myung Lee
#8. Books were cities I'd never visited, filled with pillars of great thoughts and streets of phrases, mazes of abstruse sentence structures and alleys of complicated syllables. They were stores that displayed a wide range of things, punctuation twinkling like the crest of a venerable family, sentences breathing peacefully, words whispering. #Quote by Jung-Myung Lee
Kvistad Family Crest quotes by Caitlin Doughty
#9. We need to reform our funeral industry, introducing new practices
that aren't so profit-oriented, and that do more to include the family.
But we cannot begin to reform - or even question!-our death systems
when we act like little Jean de Brébeufs, falsely convinced we have it
right while all these "other people" are disrespectful and barbarous.

This dismissive attitude can be found in places you'd never expect.
Lonely Planet, the largest guidebook publisher in the world, included the idyllic Trunyan cemetery in their book on visiting Bali. In Trunyan, the villagers weave bamboo cages for their dead to decompose in, and then stack the skulls and bones out in the lush
green landscape. Lonely Planet, instead of explaining the meaning behind these ancient customs, advised wise travelers to "skip the ghoulish spectacle. #Quote by Caitlin Doughty
Kvistad Family Crest quotes by Carmen Busquets
#10. My mother was a sociologist and an intellectual, and my father was an industrialist with a business in copper and aluminum wire. He was very strict and he wanted me to work in the family business - for him, the worst thing was having a daughter who worked in fashion. #Quote by Carmen Busquets
Kvistad Family Crest quotes by Dietrich Bonhoeffer
#11. Reproof is unavoidable. God's Word demands it when a brother falls into open sin. The practice of discipline in the congregation begins in the smallest circles. Where defection from God's Word in doctrine or life imperils the family fellowship and with it the whole congregation, the word of admonition and rebuke must be ventured. Nothing can be more cruel than the tenderness that consigns another to his sin. Nothing can be more compassionate than the severe rebuke that calls a brother back from the path of sin. It is a ministry of mercy, an ultimate offer of genuine fellowship, when we allow nothing but God's Word to stand between us, judging and succoring. Then it is not we who are judging; God alone judges, and God's judgment is helpful and healing. Ultimately, we have no charge but to serve our brother, never to set ourselves above him, and we serve him even when we must speak the judging and dividing Word of God to him, even when, in obedience to God, we must break off fellowship with him. We must know that it is not our human love which makes us loyal to the other person, but God's love which breaks its way through to him only through judgment. Just because God's Word judges, it serves the person. He who accepts the ministry of God's judgment is helped. #Quote by Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Kvistad Family Crest quotes by Dolly Parton
#12. Mama sewed the rags together, sewing every piece with love. She made my coat of many colors that I was proud of. #Quote by Dolly Parton
Kvistad Family Crest quotes by K.J. Charles
#13. Are. To have people cut you dead, or look at you with contempt, or have your friends and family turn their backs - You don't know what that's like. I don't want you to know what that's like. God damn it, I saw your face when you thought your uncles would get those bloody photographs! #Quote by K.J. Charles
Kvistad Family Crest quotes by Joan Cusack
#14. I think us gals need to stay in and just change the way it works, so men aren't being workaholics and avoiding life and relationships, and they can make films in a reasonable amount of time, so you can have a family and a life outside of work. And have more balanced, content-driven, enjoyable movies. #Quote by Joan Cusack
Kvistad Family Crest quotes by Ljupka Cvetanova
#15. Most people are willing to promise you a lot. A few are those who can promise you a little, just as much as they can. #Quote by Ljupka Cvetanova
Kvistad Family Crest quotes by Amy Bloom
#16. I've had a family my entire adult life; I started raising kids when I was 21. I suspect that being part of a family has probably informed my life as a writer as much as anything else has. #Quote by Amy Bloom
Kvistad Family Crest quotes by Renata Suerth
#17. I don't know what's worse, being ignored or stared at. #Quote by Renata Suerth
Kvistad Family Crest quotes by Victor LaValle
#18. I didn't grow up in a small New England town like the one in 'The Sundial.' I was raised in an apartment building in Queens, not in a sprawling, slightly sinister mansion like the one where the Halloran family resides. #Quote by Victor LaValle
Kvistad Family Crest quotes by Toba Beta
#19. If there were people become a real threat to my family,
then I would stop them from doing so in anyway I could. #Quote by Toba Beta
Kvistad Family Crest quotes by Marilyn Bay Wentz
#20. When we decided to move West, I worried about how to defend my family and my stock from Indians, but I never worried about inheriting one!"
--from Prairie Grace when Georgia's father Thomas realizes gravely ill Gray Wolf has been left at their doorstep #Quote by Marilyn Bay Wentz
Kvistad Family Crest quotes by Peg Bracken
#21. Travel never made a bore interesting; it only makes for a well-traveled bore, in the same way coffee makes for a wide-awake drunk. In fact, the more a bore travels, the worse he gets. The only advantage in it for his friends and family is that he isn't home as much. #Quote by Peg Bracken
Kvistad Family Crest quotes by Kim Kardashian
#22. Everything family does is reflection on the other people. #Quote by Kim Kardashian
Kvistad Family Crest quotes by Stephen R. Covey
#23. Keep in mind that when you're working with your family, "slow" is "fast" and "fast" is #Quote by Stephen R. Covey
Kvistad Family Crest quotes by Lucy Foley
#24. In many ways my life has been rather like a record of the lost and found. Perhaps all lives are like that. #Quote by Lucy Foley
Kvistad Family Crest quotes by James Dobson
#25. What is the biggest obstacle facing the family right now? It is over-commitment; time pressure. There is nothing that will destroy family life more insidiously than hectic schedules and busy lives, where spouses are too exhausted to communicate, too worn out to have sex, too fatigued to talk to the kids. That frantic lifestyle is just as destructive as one involving outbroken sin. If Satan can't make you sin, he'll make you busy, and that's just about the same thing. #Quote by James Dobson
Kvistad Family Crest quotes by Abigail George
#26. People break all the time, no lie there and when that wretched break happens something is usually lost, left behind confused or some is hurt, a member of the family, a child, pure and innocent of the cruel world, dangerous adult men and women. #Quote by Abigail George
Kvistad Family Crest quotes by Thich Nhat Hanh
#27. Whenever you find yourself judging your partner, go back to your in-breath and out-breath, and ask, How can I see this differently? Can I look more deeply to better understand her suffering and her difficulties? #Quote by Thich Nhat Hanh
Kvistad Family Crest quotes by Raul Labrador
#28. Any new pathway to citizenship is completely off the table ... [Illegal immigrants should be able to get citizenship] the same way as any other immigrant has to do it ... You have to apply for legal permanent residence, be it family-based or employment-based. You shouldn't be treated worse than the people doing it the right way, but I think it would be unconscionable for us to treat them better than the people who are doing it the right way. #Quote by Raul Labrador
Kvistad Family Crest quotes by Livy
#29. There, publicly throwing off the mask under which he had hitherto concealed his real character and feelings, he made a speech painting in vivid the cause of her death was an even bitterer and more dreadful thing than the death itself. He went on to speak of the king's arrogant and tyrannical behavior; of the sufferings of the commons condemned to labor underground clearing or constructing ditches and sewers; of gallant Romans - soldiers who had beaten in battle all neighboring peoples - robbed of their swords and turned into stone-cutters and artisans. He reminded them of the foul murder of Servius Tullius, of the daughter who drove her carriage over her father's corpse, in violation of the most sacred of relationships - a crime which God alone could punish. Doubtless he told them of other, and worse, things, brought to his mind in the heat of the moment and by the sense of this latest outrage, which still lived in his eye and pressed upon his heart; but a mere historian can hardly record them.
The effect of his words was immediate: the populace took fire, and were brought to demand the abrogation of the king's authority and the exile of himself and his family. #Quote by Livy
Kvistad Family Crest quotes by Chaz Bono
#30. A lot of parents never speak to their transgender kids again; that's not the case in my family. #Quote by Chaz Bono
Kvistad Family Crest quotes by Trevor Noah
#31. I was born in South Africa during apartheid, a system of laws that made it illegal for people to mix in South Africa. And this was obviously awkward because I grew up in a mixed family. My mother's a black woman, South African Xhosa woman ... and my father's Swiss, from Switzerland. #Quote by Trevor Noah
Kvistad Family Crest quotes by Tinie Tempah
#32. Every generation that comes from this family has to do better than the last. #Quote by Tinie Tempah
Kvistad Family Crest quotes by Blake Crouch
#33. It had been over fives years since they'd last been together. They talked and held one another and cried, all knowing in the back of their minds that they could sit on this bed for twenty years, for fifty, but it wouldn't matter. There would be no real catching up, no recovery of lost time, no understanding of the damage the separation had caused. They were different people now
haunted, ridden with scars and nightmares. There was no going back to that stormy July night in Ajo, Arizona. That Innis family was gone, and they would have to find themselves and one another again, start over, and pray that somehow the pieces fit back together. #Quote by Blake Crouch
Kvistad Family Crest quotes by Rosanna Ley
#34. Set between England and the Spanish Canary Islands, three women learn the truth about their shared past, and discover the importance of family. Spain, 1939. Following the wishes of her parents to keep her safe during the war, a young girl, Julia, enters a convent in Barcelona. #Quote by Rosanna Ley
Kvistad Family Crest quotes by Olivia Parker
#35. It took nearly a year to finish the ever-changing [marriage candidates] list, with the assistance of his sister and his aging spinster aunt, who lorded over their affairs as the self-appointed voice of cultivated reason. During this time, Gabriel struggled to convince straight-from-Oxford Tristan that he must marry, produce heirs, and maintain the family dukedom for Gabriel himself wouldn't marry. He knew he simply did not have the compulsion to inflict that sort of aggravation on a woman. #Quote by Olivia Parker
Kvistad Family Crest quotes by Sissy Spacek
#36. I wanted to put all my family stories down for my girls, and I remember everything so vividly. I just wanted to put everything down while I still can remember it all. #Quote by Sissy Spacek
Kvistad Family Crest quotes by Dieter F. Uchtdorf
#37. Of one thing we can be certain: every person we see - no matter the race, religion, political beliefs, body type, or appearance - is family. #Quote by Dieter F. Uchtdorf
Kvistad Family Crest quotes by Sun Yat-sen
#38. The whole world is one family. #Quote by Sun Yat-sen
Kvistad Family Crest quotes by Charlena E.  Jackson
#39. I am filled with so much gratitude and thankfulness in my soul. #Quote by Charlena E. Jackson
Kvistad Family Crest quotes by Sarah Dessen
#40. For me, family means the silent treatment. At any given moment, someone is always not speaking to someone else.'
Really,' I said.
We're passive-aggressive people,' she explained, taking a sip of her coffee. 'Silence is our weapon of choice. Right now, for instance, I'm not speaking to two of my sisters and one brother ... At mine [my house], silence is golden. And common.'
To me,' Reggie said, picking up a bottle of Vitamin A and moving it thoughtfully from one hand to the other, 'family is, like, the wellspring of human energy. The place where all life begins.' ...
Harriet considered this as she took a sip of coffee. 'Huh,' she said. 'I guess when someone else does something worse. Then you need people on your side, so you make up with one person, jsut as you're getting pissed off at another.'
So it's an endless cycle,' I said.
I guess.' She took another sip. 'Coming together, falling apart. Isn't that what families are all about? #Quote by Sarah Dessen
Kvistad Family Crest quotes by Elisabeth Shue
#41. Everyone at 'CSI' has been so great to work with, and so great in terms of scheduling. There's a real feeling of family on that set ... I've grown to have so much respect for the cast and crew - they're been together so many years and still care about the show and each other. #Quote by Elisabeth Shue
Kvistad Family Crest quotes by Hunter S. Thompson
#42. The Republican establishment is haunted by painful memories of what happened to Old Man Bush in 1992. He peaked too early and he had no response to "It's the economy, stupid." Which has always been the case. Every GOP administration since 1952 has let the military-industrial complex loot the Treasury and plunge the nation into debt on the excuse of a wartime economic emergency. Richard Nixon comes quickly to mind, along with Ronald Reagan and his ridiculous "trickle-down" theory of U.S. economic policy. If the Rich get Richer, the theory goes, before long their pots will overflow and somehow "trickle down" to the poor, who would rather eat scraps off the Bush family plates than eat nothing at all. Republicans have never approved of democracy, and they never will. It goes back to preindustrial America, when only white male property owners could vote. #Quote by Hunter S. Thompson

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