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Kustok Case quotes by Steen Langstrup
#1. Meet me tonight, six o'clock sharp, at the gates of the municipal hospital. It is very important that you are precise. Not five minutes early, not five minutes late. In case I'm not there, you leave straight away. Got it?"

Ingrid aka 'Alis K'
The Informer #Quote by Steen Langstrup
Kustok Case quotes by Vince Flynn
#2. Abu, torturing guys and breaking them down is not something I look forward to, although your case is a little different. I think you're such a despicable fuck that I might actually enjoy our little session. (Mitch Rapp to Abu Haggani) #Quote by Vince Flynn
Kustok Case quotes by Charles Darwin
#3. It may be worth while to illustrate this view of classification, by taking the case of languages. If we possessed a perfect pedigree of mankind, a genealogical arrangement of the races of man would afford the best classification of the various languages now spoken throughout the world; and if all extinct languages, and all intermediate and slowly changing dialects, were to be included, such an arrangement would be the only possible one. Yet it might be that some ancient languages had altered very little and had given rise to few new languages, whilst others had altered much owing to the spreading, isolation, and state of civilisation of the several co-descended races, and had thus given rise to many new dialects and languages. The various degrees of difference between the languages of the same stock, would have to be expressed by groups subordinate to groups; but the proper or even the only possible arrangement would still be genealogical; and this would be strictly natural, as it would connect together all languages, extinct and recent, by the closest affinities, and would give the filiation and origin of each tongue. #Quote by Charles Darwin
Kustok Case quotes by Lucy Saxon
#4. One thing my father taught me that I actually bothered to listen to - always know what those who work for you do with their free time, just in case they're using it to betray you.'
Fox's eyebrows rose slowly.
'That's... really quite paranoid,' he told her, and she nodded.
'Completely, but it works. #Quote by Lucy Saxon
Kustok Case quotes by Walter Russell Mead
#5. Unlike some, I don't claim to hold the mystic key to the future. But judging from past events, it seems to me that those who want to prophesy the imminent end of America's unique global role have a harder case to make than those who think we will limp on for a while, making a mess of things as usual. #Quote by Walter Russell Mead
Kustok Case quotes by Max Nordau
#6. [H]istory is a melodrama on the theme of parasitism, characterized by scenes that are exciting or dull, as the case may be, and many a sudden stagetrick. #Quote by Max Nordau
Kustok Case quotes by Ralph Fiennes
#7. I have a great editor and I enjoy, in a masochistic way, being ruthless about my own performance. There's an initial point in the editing, if you're directing yourself, especially in my case, where you go, "Ouch, ouch, ouch, I can't watch this." And then, there's a point where you become hard-nosed and just take your neurosis away and go, "What's working? That's okay. That's okay. We can lose that, and lose that." You get objective about it. #Quote by Ralph Fiennes
Kustok Case quotes by Jon Krakauer
#8. Chastity and moral purity were qualities McCandless mulled over long and often. Indeed, one of the books found in the bus with his remains was a collection of stories that included Tol¬stoy's "The Kreutzer Sonata," in which the nobleman-turned-ascetic denounces "the demands of the flesh." Several such passages are starred and highlighted in the dog-eared text, the margins filled with cryptic notes printed in McCandless's distinc¬tive hand. And in the chapter on "Higher Laws" in Thoreau's Walden, a copy of which was also discovered in the bus, McCand¬less circled "Chastity is the flowering of man; and what are called Genius, Heroism, Holiness, and the like, are but various fruits which succeed it."
We Americans are titillated by sex, obsessed by it, horrified by it. When an apparently healthy person, especially a healthy young man, elects to forgo the enticements of the flesh, it shocks us, and we leer. Suspicions are aroused.
McCandless's apparent sexual innocence, however, is a corol¬lary of a personality type that our culture purports to admire, at least in the case of its more famous adherents. His ambivalence toward sex echoes that of celebrated others who embraced wilderness with single-minded passion - Thoreau (who was a lifelong virgin) and the naturalist John Muir, most prominently - to say nothing of countless lesser-known pilgrims, seekers, mis¬fits, and adventurers. Like not a few of those seduced by the wild, McCandless seems to have been driven by a va #Quote by Jon Krakauer
Kustok Case quotes by Jayson Blair
#9. It's hard to say what role race really played in my case. #Quote by Jayson Blair
Kustok Case quotes by Robert H. Jackson
#10. I used to say that, as Solicitor General, I made three arguments of every case. First came the one that I planned-as I thought, logical, coherent, complete. Second was the one actually presented-interrupted, incoherent, disjointed, disappointing. The third was the utterly devastating argument that I thought of after going to bed that night. #Quote by Robert H. Jackson
Kustok Case quotes by Robert Neelly Bellah
#11. While there are practical and sometimes moral reasons for the decomposition of the family, it coincides neither with what most people in society say they desire nor, especially in the case of children, with their best interests. #Quote by Robert Neelly Bellah
Kustok Case quotes by Sabrina Jeffries
#12. He kept stealing glances at Celia that were filled with longing and perhaps desire.
Jackson didn't like that one bit. When he gave her his report he would emphasize the viscount's utter unsuitability as a suitor. Devonmont's, too.
Lyons's unsuitability was more murky. But Jackson could still make a case against the man, and he fully intended to do so as soon as he could get her alone. Preferably in a public area where what happened between them last night couldn't occur again.
Liar. You want to kiss her so badly you can taste it.
It was a wonder he could shoot straight with her standing so near. She'd dressed to entice again today, this time in a heavy redingote the color of the forest. It turned her hazel eyes just green enough to remind him she was a Sharpe, with the same eyes as most of them. The expensive tailoring of her wool attire, a cross between a gown and a coat, reminded him she was a lady and an heiress, especially since she'd refrained from wearing her usual smock.
He'd never seen her shoot and had assumed that her prowess must be exaggerated. It was not. He hadn't been able to keep track of her kills while focusing on his own, but he was fairly certain the number came close to his. He noted her concentration, the care she took in aiming, the way she compensated for wind and other variables. He'd never met another woman like her. She was magnificent. #Quote by Sabrina Jeffries
Kustok Case quotes by Nathaniel Hawthorne
#13. No author, without a trial, can conceive of the difficulty of writing a romance about a country where there is no shadow, no antiquity, no mystery, no picturesque and gloomy wrong, nor anything but a commonplace prosperity, in broad and simple daylight, as is happily the case with my dear native land. #Quote by Nathaniel Hawthorne
Kustok Case quotes by Dan Wilbur
#14. Another case for the dumbness of reading, however, is that books do not contain answers, but rather pose more questions. And asking questions makes you look dumber, not smarter.
I thought Alice's Adventures in Wonderland would be a delightful romp through a child's subconscious, but while reading it I started to ask questions like "How do you really speak to other humans when our language often means the opposite of what is intended?" and "How do I really know anyone?" And so on, until I was asking the question "Why even exist at all?"
That didn't make me smarter! That made me wish for death, and being dead looks way dumber than being alive. #Quote by Dan Wilbur
Kustok Case quotes by Remi Aubuchon
#15. What we're going for, in those humorous moments, is the absurdity of it all. The craziness of the night manager offering them an umbrella in the height of what is a horrible disaster was like, "What?!" That's Andy Greenfield, and he nailed the audition. He's the sweetest guy in the world, as is often the case with those guys, but on camera, he's so creepy that a lot of us kept saying, "You know, Andy, don't look at us like that anymore, okay? You're scaring us." #Quote by Remi Aubuchon
Kustok Case quotes by Michael Shermer
#16. Thinking scientifically requires the ability to reason abstractly, which itself is at the foundation of all morality. Consider the mental rotation required to implement the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. This necessitates one to change positions - to become the other - and then to extrapolate what action X would feel like as the receiver instead of the doer (or as the victim instead of the perpetrator). A case can be made that the type of conceptual ratiocination required for both scientific and moral reasoning not only is linked historically and psychologically, but also that it has been improving over time as we become better at nonconcrete, theoretical reflection. #Quote by Michael Shermer
Kustok Case quotes by Mary E. Pearson
#17. I was about to reach in the basket to take one when a horse that had been grazing nearby suddenly charged at another horse. Kaden grabbed me and pulled me out of its path. We stumbled back, unable to regain our footing, and both tumbled to the ground. He rolled over me in a protective motion, hovering in case the horse came closer, but it was already gone.
The world snapped to silence. The tall grass waved above us, hiding us from view. He gazed down at me, his elbows straddling my sides, his chest brushing mine, his face inches away.
I saw the look in his eyes. My heart pounded against my ribs.
"Are you all right?" His voice was low and husky.
"Yes," I whispered.
His face hovered closer to mine. I was going to push away, look away, do something, but I didn't, and before I knew what was happening, the space between us disappeared. His lips were warm and gentle against mine, and his breath thrummed in my ears. Heat raced through me. It was just as I had imagined that night with Pauline back in Terravin so long ago. Before -
I pushed him away.
"Lia - "
I got to my feet, my chest heaving, busying myself with a loose button on my shirt. "Let's forget that happened, Kaden."
He had jumped to his feet too. He grabbed my hand so I had to look at him. "You wanted to kiss me."
I shook my head, denying it, but it was true. I had wanted to kiss him. #Quote by Mary E. Pearson
Kustok Case quotes by J.D. Salinger
#18. I'm not trying to tell you that only educated and scholarly men are able to contribute something valuable to the world. It's not so. But I do say that educated and scholarly men, if they're brilliant and creative to begin with- which, unfortunately, is rarely the case- tend to leave infinitely more valuable records behind them than men do who are merely brilliant and creative. They tend to express themselves more clearly, and they usually have a passion for following their thoughts through to the end. And- most important- nine times out of ten they have more humility than the unscholarly thinker. #Quote by J.D. Salinger
Kustok Case quotes by Philip Schaff
#19. There is prepossession on either side of the controversy, the one positive, the other negative, and history itself must decide between them. The facts must rule philosophy, not philosophy the facts. If it can be made out that the life of Christ and the apostolic church can be psychologically and historically explained only by the admission of the supernatural element which they claim, while every other explanation only increases the difficulty, of the problem and substitutes an unnatural miracle for a supernatural one, the historian has gained the case, and it is for the philosopher to adjust his theory to history. The duty of the historian is not to make the facts, but to discover them, and then to construct his theory wide enough to give them all comfortable room. #Quote by Philip Schaff
Kustok Case quotes by Robbie Kay
#20. To be honest, Peter Pan was one of those fairy tales that I sort of related to, and I think that's the case with a lot of kids. The whole idea of escapism really resonates with a lot of kids. #Quote by Robbie Kay
Kustok Case quotes by William Trevor
#21. There is an element of autobiography in all fiction in that pain or distress, or pleasure, is based on the author's own. But in my case that is as far as it goes. #Quote by William Trevor
Kustok Case quotes by Lori Handeland
#22. The sun glanced off a long, wicked looking knife in the Comanche's grip. At least Cash wouldn't have long to mourn. The other Indians held similar weapons, but they hung back as their leader knelt next to Sullivan. He muttered something, low and guttural, a single syllable that sounded like an insult, then picked up a lock of Sullivan's hair.
The knife descended toward his scalp.
"No!" Reese shouted. "Me."
The Comanche paused and stared at him with a spark of interest, almost admiration. But that couldn't be since the Indian had no idea what Reese was saying. He continued to try anyway.
"Me first." He struggled, wishing he could use his hands to point at himself.
"Shut the hell up, Reese," Sullivan said.
"What possible difference does it make who they kill first?" "Who knows what might happen. While they're working on me, anyone could show up and save the rest of you."
"In that case, me first," Cash drawled. "Me."
"No. Yo primero!"
"Kid, I'm the only one without a wife and far too many children. No one would miss me."
"I would." The words were punctuated by the distinct sound of a rifle being cocked. All eyes turned toward the man who had appeared at the edge of the clearing.
Cash's sigh of relief was in direct contrast to the sneer in his voice. "About damn time, Rev. We've been waitin' on you. #Quote by Lori Handeland
Kustok Case quotes by SuccessCoach Nilesh
#23. Believing in yourself truly means trusting your capability to think, learn, do, and deliver better results. In that case, it doesn't matter where you're starting from. As you keep going, you're developing into a better person. #Quote by SuccessCoach Nilesh
Kustok Case quotes by Arthur Schopenhauer
#24. It often happens that we blurt out things that may in some kind of way be harmful to us, but we are silent about things that may make us look ridiculous; because in this case effect follows very quickly on cause. #Quote by Arthur Schopenhauer
Kustok Case quotes by Julia Talbot
#25. Then again, wolf kids needed a wolf nanny. Or wolf manny in his case. The #Quote by Julia Talbot
Kustok Case quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#26. In case you haven't noticed, there's not a plethora of engineers here. (Devyn)
Plethora? What kind of girl word is that? (Sway) #Quote by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Kustok Case quotes by Colleen Masters
#27. I do believe that you've got a bad case of the Gottafuckems! #Quote by Colleen Masters
Kustok Case quotes by John Lennox
#28. People don't like preaching, but discussion, presenting a case, and that's important. Therefore, I think we need to learn to dialogue much more. #Quote by John Lennox
Kustok Case quotes by David Foster Wallace
#29. This is apparently a little promotional ¶ where we're supposed to explain "how and why we came to" the subject of our GD series book (the stuff in quotations is the editor's words). The overall idea is to humanize the series and make the books and their subjects seem warmer and more accessible. So that people will be more apt to buy the books. I'm pretty sure this is how it works. The obvious objection to such promotional ¶s is that, if the books are any good at all, then the writers' interest and investment in their subjects will be so resoundingly obvious in the texts themselves that these little pseudo-intimate Why I Cared Enough About Transfinite Math and Where It Came From to Spend a Year Writing a Book About It blurblets are unnecessary; whereas, if the books aren't any good, it's hard to see how my telling somebody that as a child I used to cook up what amounted to simplistic versions of Zeno's Dichotomy and ruminate on them until I literally made myself sick, or that I once almost flunked a basic calc course and have seethed with dislike for conventional higher-math education ever since, or that the ontology and grammar of abstractions have always struck me as one of the most breathtaking problems in human consciousness - how any such stuff will help. The logic of this objection seems airtight to me. In fact, the only way the objection doesn't apply is if these ¶s are really nothing more than disguised ad copy, in which case I don't see why anyone reading them should #Quote by David Foster Wallace
Kustok Case quotes by Meister Eckhart
#30. You should observe, and have observed, in which direction God urges you most of all to go, for, as St. Paul says, not all people are called to follow the same path to God. If you find then that the shortest way for you does not lie in many outward works, great endurance and privation (which things are in any case of little importance unless we are particularly called to them by God or unless we have sufficient strength to perform them without disrupting our inner life), if you do not find these things right for you, then be at peace and have little to do with them.

But then you might say: if they are not important, why did our forebears, including many saints, do these things? Consider this: if our Lord gave them this particular kind of devotional practice, then he also gave them the strength to carry it through, and it was this which pleased him and which was their greatest achievement. For God has not linked our salvation with any particular kind of devotion . . . Not everyone can follow the same way, nor can all people follow only one way, nor can we follow all the different ways or everyone else's way . . . It is the same with following the severe life-style of such saints. You should love their way and find it appealing, even though you do not have to follow their example. #Quote by Meister Eckhart
Kustok Case quotes by Innocent Mwatsikesimbe
#31. In life, most decisions are a case of let go to get. #Quote by Innocent Mwatsikesimbe
Kustok Case quotes by Louis Stokes
#32. There are, in the King case in particular, some names of confidential informants, persons to whom we promised confidentiality in return for their testimony. We have put their testimony in the public domain, but feel that their names should continue to be anonymous. #Quote by Louis Stokes
Kustok Case quotes by Don Luis Zavala
#33. Vincent knew he was dying. A horrendous fever overwhelmed him with intolerable pain throughout many sleepless hours. It came as a result of a malaria epidemic that erupted in his hometown during early nineteenth century Europe. The disease spread so fast, physicians had to ration their stocks of quinine only to use it on patients who weren't declared "hopeless". Vincent was one of the unlucky ones. Speculating his time on Earth may be short, he requested spiritual guidance, even if he wasn't a faithful man, nor did he believe in forgiveness. He appealed to the Church as a "just in case" like many other petrified atheists. #Quote by Don Luis Zavala
Kustok Case quotes by Samuel Beckett
#34. And he said also, by way of a rider, that even if he had the whole night before him, in which to rest, and grow warm, on a chair, in the kitchen, even then it would be a poor resting, and a mean warming, beside the rest and warmth that he remembered, the rest and warmth that he awaited, a very poor resting indeed, and a paltry warming, and so in any case very likely a source, in the long run, less of gratification, than of annoyance. #Quote by Samuel Beckett
Kustok Case quotes by George Orwell
#35. The whole incident could not have taken as much as half a minute. Not to let one's feelings appear in one's face was a habit that had acquired the status of an instinct, and in any case they had been standing straight in front of a telescreen when the thing happened. Nevertheless it had been very difficult not to betray a momentary surprise, for in the two or three seconds while he was helping her up the girl had slipped something into his hand. #Quote by George Orwell
Kustok Case quotes by Anna Kavan
#36. How intimately I experience in my heart just what he must have felt in all of those unknown rooms, some of them poor, perhaps, and some splendid, but all opposing him with the cold fearful indifference of other people's belongings, against which he has to defend himself as best he can with his poor lonely trunk and his case of books. #Quote by Anna Kavan
Kustok Case quotes by Jon Woodson
#37. Something refused to come into focus in my thinking. Indistinctly, as though in a fog, shapes moved toward me and retreated just beyond cognition. But that getting a hold of things is the uncertainty. As the Tractatus says right at the beginning, "The world is everything that is the case." It seemed as though the Mammy≈Divas were just like Steve Jobs, trying to have reality bent to their own wills. Objectively, the iPhone was a muddle of mysticism and logic - breakable glass, non-ergonomic design, lousy battery life, lousy irreplaceable battery, lousy headphone jack, lousy virtual keyboard, lousy email, lousy memory, lousy lice, etc., etc, and an interface that you had to adapt to by pretending as an article of faith that no adaptation was required. The Mammy≈Divas promised a seamless racial interface - eternal blackness ordered and majestic. They put a benign face on their lust for panoptic power. They promised to discipline and punish with pancakes. #Quote by Jon Woodson
Kustok Case quotes by Christine Jennings
#38. Utopians don't say, 'The world's corrupt, women make less money, people of color are oppressed at every turn.' You don't list the problems of the world; you describe a world in which those things aren't the case. The critique is implicit and as a result it's kind of a positive critique. You're not listing what's bad, but rather what would be good - you're oriented toward this positive vision. #Quote by Christine Jennings
Kustok Case quotes by Neal Stephenson
#39. It had come from one of two corgis who were even now slamming their preposterous bodies into each other not far away, trying to roll each other over, which runs contrary to the laws of mechanics even in the case of corgis that are lean and trim, which these were not.

This struggle, which appeared to be only one skirmish in a conflict of epochal standing, had driven all lesser considerations, such as guarding the gate, from the combatants' sphere of attention... #Quote by Neal Stephenson
Kustok Case quotes by David Graeber
#40. In other words, despite the dogged liberal assumption - again, coming from Smith's legacy - that the existence of states and markets are somehow opposed, the historical record implies that exactly the opposite is the case. Stateless societies tend also to be without markets. #Quote by David Graeber
Kustok Case quotes by Jonathan Auxier
#41. Serious readers know the singular pleasure of handling a well-made book - the heft and texture of the case, the rasp of the spine as you lift the cover, the sweet, dusty aroma of yellowed pages as they pass between your fingers. A book is more than a vessel for ideas; It is a living thing in need of love, warmth, and protection. #Quote by Jonathan Auxier
Kustok Case quotes by Candace Bushnell
#42. James is scared about his work. Every time he finishes a piece, he's scared he won't get another one. When he gets another assignment (he always does, but it doesn't make any difference), he's scared he won't make the deadline. When he makes the deadline, he's scared his editor (or editors-there are always faceless editors lurking around in dark little offices at magazines), won't like the piece. When they like the piece, he's scared that it won't get published. When it does get published, he's scared that no one will read it or talk about it and all his hard work will have been for nothing. If people do talk about it (and they don't always, in which case he's scared that he's not a great journalist), he's scared that he won't be able to pull it off again. #Quote by Candace Bushnell
Kustok Case quotes by Auberon Waugh
#43. The urge to pass new laws must be seen as an illness, not much different from the urge to bite old women. Anyone suspected of suffering from it should either be treated with the appropriate pills or, if it is too late for that, elected to parliament [or congress, as the case may be] and paid a huge salary with endless holidays, to do nothing whatever. #Quote by Auberon Waugh
Kustok Case quotes by Joseph Fink
#44. Jamillah was still holding the power drill. She liked to always carry it, just in case she found herself in a situation where it would be useful. And when you always carry a power drill, almost every situation seems like a situation in which a drill would be useful. #Quote by Joseph Fink
Kustok Case quotes by Mikhail Bulgakov
#45. Food, Ivan Arnoldovich, is a subtle thing. One must know how to eat, yet just think – most people don't know how to eat at all. One must not only know what to eat, but when and how.' (Philip Philipovich waved his fork meaningfully.) 'And what to say while you're eating. Yes, my dear sir. If you care about your digestion, my advice is – don't talk about bolshevism or medicine at table. And, God forbid – never read Soviet newspapers before dinner.' 'M'mm . . . But there are no other newspapers.' 'In that case don't read any at all. Do you know I once made thirty tests in my clinic. And what do you think? The patients who never read newspapers felt excellent. Those whom I specially made read Pravda all lost weight. #Quote by Mikhail Bulgakov
Kustok Case quotes by Art Hochberg
#46. Sometimes instead of creating a scene it's better to quietly slip out of the scene, practically unseen. It saves a lot of drama, unless of course you're into more drama in your life, in which case, go ahead and make a scene, see what happens. #Quote by Art Hochberg
Kustok Case quotes by Vladimir Putin
#47. If NATO troops walk in Crimea, they will immediately deploy their forces there. Such a move would be geopolitically sensitive for us because, in this case, Russia would be practically ousted from the Black Sea area. We'd be left with just a small coastline of 450 or 600km, and that's it! #Quote by Vladimir Putin
Kustok Case quotes by Karl Wiggins
#48. Unemployed people will use any number of excuses including discrimination for reasons such as disability, race, sexual orientation, religion, sex or age, or maybe there's a shortage of jobs in their area. Well if that's the case then they can travel to wherever the work is and go into digs. I work in construction management and regularly work with steel erectors from Ireland or Newcastle, electricians from Cardiff, fixers from Sheffield or Birmingham, steel fixers from Romania, carpenters from Poland, canteen girls from Romania, scaffolders from Lithuania, and concrete gangs of Indians, and they all travel wherever the work is and they all live in digs. We all do. It's the nature of our industry. #Quote by Karl Wiggins

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