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Kurnakov Test quotes by Mark Leyner
#1. He got a booklet out of a folder. 'This is the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory. It's a standardized psychometric test we use to assess and analyze an individual's personality dynamic. It's got about six hundred true-or-false questions. You fill this out and then the computer will generate a report.' Well, I thought this was absolutely perfect! I was just delighted with the idea that psychodiagnostic algorithms would generate a posthumanist psychiatric profile for me for the autobiography. And both the Imaginary Intern and I felt this would really streamline the process, that it would save us a tremendous amount of work, and obviate the need for all that cloying introspection and redemptive candor that we both found so nauseating and counterrevolutionary. #Quote by Mark Leyner
Kurnakov Test quotes by Georges St-Pierre
#2. The real test is this one: When you're alone in a room, when you're in a private place and nobody else can see you, what do you choose to do? Eat well, or eat poorly? Exercise, or watch television? Practice something, or do nothing? The best version of the truth appears to you and you alone, when nobody else can see. This is the test of discipline, and it's what makes the difference in your life. It's what regulates your own system and guides it. The individual alone comprehends it. #Quote by Georges St-Pierre
Kurnakov Test quotes by Jane Addams
#3. I have come to believe ... that the stage may do more than teach, that much of our current moral instruction will not endure the test of being cast into a lifelike mold, and when presented in dramatic form will reveal itself as platitudinous and effete. That which may have sounded like righteous teaching when it was remote and wordy, will be challenged afresh when it is obliged to simulate life itself. #Quote by Jane Addams
Kurnakov Test quotes by Randy Frazee
#4. This serves as a great reminder that regardless of our actions, we must first bring our hearts before God and ask him to test our motives. We will be never experience true community just because people give up their resources for others. But when people give up their resources because the power of the resurrection of Jesus Christ has penetrated their lives, they are overwhelmed by the grace that leads to a lifestyle of generous giving. #Quote by Randy Frazee
Kurnakov Test quotes by Jessa Stephens
#5. Creating love stories that stand the test of time. #Quote by Jessa Stephens
Kurnakov Test quotes by Peter Rodman
#6. Obviously the extremists want to provoke sectarian warfare, and I am struck by the fact that over a three-year period, leaders of the (Iraqi) communities have been quite resistant to this. The test is whether the political process continues. #Quote by Peter Rodman
Kurnakov Test quotes by Cherie Hill
#7. to you; (Matthew 9:29 AMP) The miracle in the storm on the Sea of Galilee revealed the Disciples' lack of faith in Jesus as the Son of God. Although they had witnessed Jesus perform many miracles, they still had doubt about who He really was. It was through this miracle that their faith was truly put to the test. The Disciples believed, just as most people did, that many miracles are understandably possible, but only God could control the wind and the waves. There #Quote by Cherie Hill
Kurnakov Test quotes by Graham Moore
#8. Why, of course, if the reader were smart enough, he could figure the whole thing through after just the first few pages! But in his heart Arthur knew that his readers didn't really want to win. They wanted to test their wits against the author at full pitch, and they wanted to lose. To be dazzled. #Quote by Graham Moore
Kurnakov Test quotes by Richard Owen
#9. But, as we have before been led to remark, most of Mr. Darwin's statements elude, by their vagueness and incompleteness, the test of Natural History facts. #Quote by Richard Owen
Kurnakov Test quotes by Annie Jacobsen
#10. Area 51 is located in southern Nevada desert about 75 miles north of Las Vegas. It's set inside a greater land parcel that's about the size of the state of Connecticut that's called the 'Nevada Test and Training Range.' #Quote by Annie Jacobsen
Kurnakov Test quotes by Michael Hussey
#11. Test cricket is bloody hard work, especially when you've got Sachin batting with what looks like a three metre wide bat. #Quote by Michael Hussey
Kurnakov Test quotes by Franz Kafka
#12. Test yourself on mankind. It is something that makes the doubter doubt, the believer believe. #Quote by Franz Kafka
Kurnakov Test quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#13. About a hundred or so years before you were born, a Dark-Hunter made the mistake of falling in love with his Talpina. Unfortunately for the rest of us, she didn't pass Artemis's test. Artemis was so angry, she stepped in and banished the Talpinas from us, and implemented the oh so wonderful you're-only-supposed-to-sleep-with-them-once rule. As further backlash, Acheron came up with the never-touch-your-Squire law. I tell you, you haven't lived until you've tried to find a decent one-night stand in seventh-century Britain. (Talon) #Quote by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Kurnakov Test quotes by Wayne Dyer
#14. Every obstacle is a test. #Quote by Wayne Dyer
Kurnakov Test quotes by Kimberly Karalius
#15. Final exams,huh? It seems pointless to think about real life again."
"I find test taking relaxing," she said.
"I'm not surprised. You probably study. #Quote by Kimberly Karalius
Kurnakov Test quotes by John Jeremiah Sullivan
#16. People hate these shows, but their hatred smacks of denial. It's all there, all the old American grotesques, the test-tube babies of Whitman and Poe, a great gauntlet of doubtless eyes, big mouths spewing fantastic catchphrase fountains of impenetrable self-justification, muttering dark prayers, calling on God to strike down those who would fuck with their money, their cash, and always knowing, always preaching. Using weird phrases that nobody uses, except everybody uses them now. Constantly talking about 'goals.' Throwing carbonic acid on our castmates because they used our special cup annd then calling our mom to say, in a baby voice, 'People don't get me here.' Walking around half-naked with a butcher knife behind our backs. Telling it like it is, y'all (what-what). And never passive-aggressive, no. Saying it straight to your face. But crying...My God, there have been more tears shed on reality TV than by all the war widows of the world. Are we so raw? It must be so. There are simply too many of them-too many shows and too many people on the shows-for them not to be revealing something endemic. This is us, a people of savage sentimentality, weeping and lifting weights. #Quote by John Jeremiah Sullivan
Kurnakov Test quotes by Anonymous
#17. The point is to test different hypotheses to determine which craving is driving your routine. Are #Quote by Anonymous
Kurnakov Test quotes by Tony Bishop
#18. Despite my mentors advice that I would never go to heaven fishing with a weighted nymph and a float, I took it up. (As an aside, it is now amazing to me how much of the advice from my elders in those days has not come true. I have not gone blind or deaf, despite some early teen advice to the contrary. The only time I was ever involved in a car accident, I was taken to hospital, but no one seemed to take the slightest bit of notice as to whether I had on clean underwear or not. I have, as yet, been unable to test the nymph and heaven advice.) #Quote by Tony Bishop
Kurnakov Test quotes by Khaled Ahmed
#19. Whether you extrapolate from Machiavelli or Castiglione, a kind of unworthy wisdom has stood the test of time in statecraft: you should have principles to make your conduct predictable, but at the same time know that you are limiting your options. It works if you are strong because you can force others to conform; but if you are weak, then having no principles means you have limitless options for action and can adjust through flexibility to acts dictated by others. #Quote by Khaled Ahmed
Kurnakov Test quotes by E.L. Doctorow
#20. I knew he was unreliable, but he was fun to be with. He was a child's ideal companion, full of surprises and happy animal energy. He enjoyed food and drink. He liked to try new things. He brought home coconuts, papayas, mangoes, and urged them on our reluctant conservative selves. On Sundays he liked to discover new places, take us on endless bus or trolley rides to some new park or beach he knew about. He always counseled daring, in whatever situation, the courage to test the unknown, an instruction that was thematically in opposition to my mother's. #Quote by E.L. Doctorow
Kurnakov Test quotes by Tyra Banks
#21. I used to really panic about finals. I didn't understand the concept of how you could have one test that encompasses the entire semester. #Quote by Tyra Banks
Kurnakov Test quotes by Ryan Knighton
#22. Cash was running low, so I'd applied for a job as an administrative assistant for a nonprofit arts group. Without question, my organizational skills were as sharp as my vision, and I had no office experience to speak of. Luckily for me, none of this surfaced during the interview.

'Ryan, pretend it's a rough morning for a sec. Handle this situation for me. When you arrive at work to open the arts resource centre, several people are already at the door. Two clients want immediate help with grant applications - you know those artists, they just can't wait! - and a third wants to use our library, which isn't open till noon. Entering the office, you hear the phone is ringing and see the message light is blinking. The fax machine looks jammed again, and we're expecting an important document. Among the people waiting is a courier with a package you need to sign for. Think about it, though. The lights haven't been turned on yet, and the sign put out front. The alarm needs the code within a minute, too. So, wow, rough morning. I'd like to know what you'd do first.'

'First I'd tell everybody how weird this is. I'm in the same test situation from my job interview. What are the chances?'

I started the next day. #Quote by Ryan Knighton
Kurnakov Test quotes by George Carlin
#23. Test of Metal: Will of Iron, Nerves of Steel, Heart of Gold, Balls of Brass. #Quote by George Carlin
Kurnakov Test quotes by E. Lockhart
#24. Why did you do all that, Frankie?" asked Porter. "I mean, it was brilliant, what you did, what you made us do - but why would you bother? That's what I can't figure out."
Frankie sighed. "Have you ever heard of the panopticon?" she asked him.
Porter shook his head.
"Have you ever been in love?"
He shook his head again.
"Then I can't explain it," Frankie said.
They went inside and took the geometry test. #Quote by E. Lockhart
Kurnakov Test quotes by Niaaaa Babieee
#25. a relationship is not a test , so why cheat? #Quote by Niaaaa Babieee
Kurnakov Test quotes by Jim Rohn
#26. No one else 'makes us angry.' We make ourselves angry when we surrender control of our attitude. What someone else may have done is irrelevant. We choose, not they. They merely put our attitude to a test. #Quote by Jim Rohn
Kurnakov Test quotes by Todd Haynes
#27. I'm not ready to give up gayness in and of itself as something unique and different. A litmus test for me for all of it was the bisexual imagination and the androgynous imagination of the Glam era. Because that meant everybody was implicated in this uncertain sense of sexual self, and it meant that everything was unstable. I guess I'm just not that interested in stable notions of identity, whatever they are. #Quote by Todd Haynes
Kurnakov Test quotes by Jimmy Breslin
#28. The test of a good idea is its ability to last through a hangover #Quote by Jimmy Breslin
Kurnakov Test quotes by Sourav Ganguly
#29. Dhoni is one of the greatest captain I have ever seen. Dhoni's record is praiseworthy. Twenty-two Test wins is not a small achievement. And the success against Australia has come against the backdrop of the not-so-good times he went through in the last two years #Quote by Sourav Ganguly
Kurnakov Test quotes by Hazrat Ali Ibn Abu-Talib A.S
#30. Life consists of two days, one for you one against you. So when it's for you don't be proud or reckless, and when it's against you be patient, for both days are test for you. #Quote by Hazrat Ali Ibn Abu-Talib A.S
Kurnakov Test quotes by Jodi Picoult
#31. My high school guidance counselor, Mrs. Inverholl, once had me take an aptitude test to figure out my future. The number one job recommendation for my set of skills was an air traffic accident investigator, of which there are fewer than fifty in the world. The number two job was a museum curator for Chinese-American studies. The number three job was a circus clown. #Quote by Jodi Picoult
Kurnakov Test quotes by Neal Boortz
#32. During most election seasons, one group of researchers or another will generate a voter questionnaire highlighting planks from the Republican, Democrat, and Libertarian election platforms. Using excerpts from the party platforms, these pamphlets propose to present three alternative ways to address specific issues--without identifying which plank comes from which party. The people taking the survey merely have to choose the positions that most clearly mirror their own.
Interestingly enough, the majority of those taking this blind test tend to favor positions taken from the Libertarian platform over those from the Democrats or Republicans. #Quote by Neal Boortz
Kurnakov Test quotes by Adrian Peterson
#33. I'm always aware of trying to put my body in different positions to test it and strengthen muscles that you don't get when you do dumbbell press or pulls or weight-type exercises. #Quote by Adrian Peterson
Kurnakov Test quotes by Joe Thorn
#34. At times God will delay granting you relief in order to draw you closer to himself. He might want to teach you just how helpless you really are and how all-sufficient he really is. Sometimes God will allow you to suffer for a season to test and strengthen your faith. #Quote by Joe Thorn
Kurnakov Test quotes by Nathaniel Kahn
#35. There are a lot of bad films out there. There's a lot of bad architecture out there, and I think sometimes it takes a lot of time to begin to see what's really good. And I think what the test seems to be is, what really sticks with you. And what really becomes a part of your life. #Quote by Nathaniel Kahn
Kurnakov Test quotes by Herb Elliott
#36. Training was a time where resolutions made in the enthusiasm of an inspired moment were put to personal test. #Quote by Herb Elliott
Kurnakov Test quotes by Boyd K. Packer
#37. All are born with the Light of Christ, a guiding influence which permits each person to recognize right from wrong. What we do with that light and how we respond to those promptings to live righteously is part of the test of mortality. #Quote by Boyd K. Packer
Kurnakov Test quotes by Mos Def
#38. The test in life nowadays is just trying to keep yourself charged up with enough good feeling. It's like, "OK what am I going to do to feel really good today?" Not like, some chick or a drink ... #Quote by Mos Def
Kurnakov Test quotes by Dan Patrick
#39. I believe that requiring those already in Texas to obtain driver's licenses would ensure they pass a driver's test and meet the requirements to obtain auto insurance. #Quote by Dan Patrick
Kurnakov Test quotes by Natasha Mostert
#40. The store owner had settled himself behind the counter again and was reaching for his
book. "The journey will test your sanity." He spoke in a matter-of-fact tone, as though
there were nothing extraordinary about his words. "And once you start walking down
that road, there is no turning back. You will start craving the rush. One can become
addicted to madness, you know. Develop a taste for it." He looked down at the book
in his hands, frowned and turned a page. #Quote by Natasha Mostert
Kurnakov Test quotes by Ken Wilber
#41. I had my own test, better than Turing's: when a computer could genuinely convince me that it wanted to commit suicide. #Quote by Ken Wilber
Kurnakov Test quotes by Steve Martin
#42. Scientists at first were skeptical that a kitten-type being could exist in the rare Martian atmosphere. As a test, two Earth kittens were put in a chamber that simulated the Martian air. The diary of this experiment is fascinating:
6:00 A.M.: Kittens appear to sleep.
7:02 A.M.: Kitten wakes, darts from one end of cage to another for no apparent reason.
7:14 A.M.: Kitten runs up wall of cage, leaps onto other kitten for no apparent reason.
7:22 A.M.: Kitten lies on back and punches other kitten for no apparent reason.
7:30 A.M.: Kitten leaps, stops, darts left, abruptly stops, climbs wall, clings for two seconds, falls on head, darts right for no apparent reason.
7:51 A.M.: Kitten parses first sentence of daily newspaper that is at bottom of chamber.
With the exception of the parsing, all behavior is typical of Earth kitten behavior. The parsing activity, which was done with a small ball-point pen, was an anomaly. #Quote by Steve Martin
Kurnakov Test quotes by Michael Pollan
#43. There's always a tension in my world between the pragmatic and the practical and the theoretical. I have a very theoretical turn of mind, but I also like to test things in place. #Quote by Michael Pollan
Kurnakov Test quotes by A. Antares
#44. A good way to test the Truth in relationships is to behave the way the other person does for a while, maybe in person or by letter. If the friend is True they will behave True to themselves. If on the other hand this "friend" has been using you on an energetic level to "get you" to fulfil their needs or to dump their responsibilities. Well, then they were unreal, not a friend at all, just a fiction. Just an illusion and a lesson to be learned and thankful for. Everything you experience in life can be used for your betterment as a human being, to enable you to be Truly you. Not some false gathering and bundle of words, borrowed beliefs, thoughtforms and false actions. #Quote by A. Antares
Kurnakov Test quotes by George Will
#45. We are given children to test us and make us more spiritual. #Quote by George Will
Kurnakov Test quotes by Peter Drucker
#46. The final test of greatness in a CEO is how well he chooses a successor and whether he can step aside and let the successor run the company. #Quote by Peter Drucker
Kurnakov Test quotes by Tad R. Callister
#47. You cannot pray for an A on a test and study for a B. You cannot pray for a celestial marriage and live a telestial life. You cannot pray for something and act less. #Quote by Tad R. Callister
Kurnakov Test quotes by Colleen Hoover
#48. But we're also going to have bad days and sad days and days that test our resolve. Those are the days I want you to feel the absolute weight of my love for you. #Quote by Colleen Hoover
Kurnakov Test quotes by David J. Schwartz
#49. The test of a successful person is not an ability to eliminate all problems before they arise, but to meet and work out difficulties when they do arise. #Quote by David J. Schwartz

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