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Kronick Family quotes by Rosa DeLauro
#1. Evening the playing field for women workers is a matter of fairness and with women now providing a significant share of their family's income, it is a family issue. #Quote by Rosa DeLauro
Kronick Family quotes by Trisha Yearwood
#2. For me, cooking is very connected to my family and friends. #Quote by Trisha Yearwood
Kronick Family quotes by Philippa Gregory
#3. I am old enough to be married twice. I am old enough to be bedded without tenderness or consideration. I am old enough to face death in the confinement room and be told that my own mother
my own mother
has commanded them to save the child and not me! I think I am a woman now. I have a babe in arms, and I have been married and widowed and now bethrothed again. I am like a draper's parcel to be sent about like cloth and cut to the pattern that people wish. My mother told me that my father died by his own hand and that we are an unlucky family. I think I am a woman now! I am treated as a woman grown when it suits you all, you can hardly make me a child again. #Quote by Philippa Gregory
Kronick Family quotes by Willa Cather
#4. But now that the vivid consciousness of an earlier state had come back to him, the Professor felt that life with this Kansas boy, little as there had been of it, was the realest of his lives, and that all the years between had been accidental and ordered from the outside. His career, his wife, his family, were not his life at all, but a chain of events which had happened to him. All these things had nothing to do with the person he was in the beginning. The #Quote by Willa Cather
Kronick Family quotes by Kurt Vonnegut
#5. A husband, a wife and some kids is not a family. It's a terribly vulnerable survival unit. #Quote by Kurt Vonnegut
Kronick Family quotes by Gabor Mate
#6. The family therapist David Freeman once concluded a public lecture on intimacy and relationships by saying that if there was any one thing he hoped his audience would remember from his talk, it was the awareness that one does not know his or her spouse, his or her children. We may believe we have a perfect idea of why they act as they do, when in reality our beliefs reflect no more than our own anxieties. #Quote by Gabor Mate
Kronick Family quotes by E.K. Johnston
#7. I've never met any of these women before, and I will never see any of them after today. I don't know their names and they don't know mine. I've been on teams and in clubs my whole life, surrounded by people who are united by a common purpose, and I have never felt anything like this. Maybe it's the gas, but until this moment, I have never felt such a kinship with a person who was not actually family. I love every person in this room, and I'm pretty sure that if they asked, I'd do anything for them.

Anything, except have a baby. #Quote by E.K. Johnston
Kronick Family quotes by Anthony Marra
#8. The missing remained missing and the portraits couldn't change that. But when Akhmed slid the finished portrait across the desk and the family saw the shape of that beloved nose, the air would flee the room, replaced by the miracle of recognition as mother, father, sister, brother, aunt, and cousin found in that nose the son, brother, nephew, and cousin that had been, would have been, could have been, and they might race after the possibility like cartoon characters dashing off a cliff, held by the certainty of the road until they looked down -- and plummeted is the word used by the youngest brother who, at the age of sixteen, is tired of being the youngest and hopes his older brother will return for many reasons, not least so he will marry and have a child and the youngest brother will no longer be youngest; that youngest brother, the one who has nothing to say about the nose because he remembers his older brother's nose and doesn't need the nose to mean what his parents need it to mean, is the one who six months later would be disappeared in the back of a truck, as his older brother was, who would know the Landfill through his blindfold and gag by the rich scent of clay, as his older brother had known, whose fingers would be wound with the electrical wires that had welded to his older brother's bones, who would stand above a mass grave his brother had dug and would fall in it as his older brother had, though taking six more minutes and four more bullets to die, would be bur #Quote by Anthony Marra
Kronick Family quotes by Tyler Cowen
#9. The Christian right, which trumpets the theme of family values, damns contemporary culture for undermining older traditions. Yet many individuals from this camp are not concerned first and foremost about family values per se. Family is a codeword for constraint; families and family values place constraints on individuals more effectively than any other institution, including government. The Christian right seeks a society in which all are constrained; they reject big government for failing at constraint, and for undermining those institutions, like the family, that have a chance at succeeding. #Quote by Tyler Cowen
Kronick Family quotes by Miyavi
#10. Then to deliver the message to the audience is our mission. I tried to imagine, if they killed my family, daughters, I would do anything to protect my family. It's insane but that's the situation everybody was in. #Quote by Miyavi
Kronick Family quotes by Karen Maitland
#11. In the Middle Ages, I think the French kings murdered slightly fewer of their family members than the English kings, though I haven't actually counted the heads. #Quote by Karen Maitland
Kronick Family quotes by Sarah Dessen
#12. My first signing was at my hometown independent bookstore and everyone in the world came. It was so nice. My family was there, my parents, everybody I worked with, all my friends. So I had this great first reading with a like hundred people there. #Quote by Sarah Dessen
Kronick Family quotes by J.K. Rowling
#13. On this spot, on the night of 31 October 1981,
Lily and James Potter lost their lives.
Their son, Harry, remains the only wizard
ever to have survived the Killing Curse.
This house, invisible to Muggles, has been left
in its ruined state as a monument to the Potters
and as a reminder of the violence
that tore apart their family.

And all around these neatly lettered words, scribbles had been added by other witches and wizards who had come to see the place where the Boy Who Lived had escaped. Some had merely signed their names in Everlasting Ink; others had carved their initials into the wood, still others had left messages. The most recent of these, shining brightly over sixteen years' worth of magical graffiti, all said similar things.

Good luck, Harry, wherever you are.
If you read this, Harry, we're all behind you!
Long live Harry Potter.

"They shouldn't have written on the sign!" said Hermione, indignant.
But Harry beamed at her.
"It's brilliant. I'm glad they did. #Quote by J.K. Rowling
Kronick Family quotes by Anthony T. Hincks
#14. Love makes me believe in the impossible. #Quote by Anthony T. Hincks
Kronick Family quotes by Pope Francis
#15. The family is threatened by growing efforts on the part of some to redefine the very institution of marriage, by relativism, by the culture of the ephemeral, by a lack of openness to life ... These realities are increasingly under attack from powerful forces, which threaten to disfigure God's plan for creation. #Quote by Pope Francis
Kronick Family quotes by Zoe Kazan
#16. But my family's really close and I was interested in what Mommy and Daddy did for a living. So when Mommy and Daddy had a script that wasn't totally age inappropriate, they would let me read it. And we would talk about it. #Quote by Zoe Kazan
Kronick Family quotes by Charlotte Bronte
#17. Nothing refines like affection. Family jarring vulgarizes - family union elevates. #Quote by Charlotte Bronte
Kronick Family quotes by Kim Gordon
#18. Families are like little villages. You know where everything is, you know how everything works, your identity is fixed, and you can't really leave, or connect with anything or anybody outside, until your physically no longer there. #Quote by Kim Gordon
Kronick Family quotes by Melanie Conklin
#19. Once people knew about the cancer, I wouldn't be able to stop them from talking about Val every time they saw me. And then I would stop being me, because my time was something I could only buy at home. #Quote by Melanie Conklin
Kronick Family quotes by William Faulkner
#20. I can remember how when I was young I believed death to be a phenomenon of the body; now I know it to be merely a function of the mind
and that of the minds who suffer the bereavement. The nihilists say it is the end; the fundamentalists, the beginning; when in reality it is no more than a single tenant or family moving out of a tenement or a town. #Quote by William Faulkner
Kronick Family quotes by Thich Nhat Hanh
#21. When restless sexual desire arises, we pay attention to it with enough understanding and enough love that it dissipates and does not grow. #Quote by Thich Nhat Hanh
Kronick Family quotes by Jay Leno
#22. Hillary Clinton's opponent in the U.S. Senate race, the Republican she's going to be running against, has been married three times, had an affair with his chief of staff, had two kids with her while still married to his second wife. This is the first time in history that a Clinton is the 'family values' candidate. #Quote by Jay Leno
Kronick Family quotes by Rebecca Goldstein
#23. So Socrates was a kind of gadfly. He was a sort of philosophical urban gorilla hanging around in the middle of Athens, asking these peculiar questions of everybody - important people, young men, slaves - questions that had to do with ultimately what's the life that's worth living. And Plato was one of the young men who hung around him, a very aristocratic young man, came from a very old, important family. #Quote by Rebecca Goldstein
Kronick Family quotes by Nora Roberts
#24. You don't want some tacky Vegas fly-by. You're serious. You're serious about friendships, about your work, your family. You're serious about Star Wars, and you active dislike of Jar Jar Binks
"Well, God. Come on, anyone who
"You're serious," she continued before he went on a Jar Jar rant, "about living your life on your terms, and being easygoing doesn't negate that one bit. You're serious about what kind of kryptonite is more lethal to Superman."
"You have to go with the classic green. I told you, the gold can strip Kryptonians' powers permanently, but
" ...
... "Mkae all the lists you want, Cilla. Love? It's green kryptonite. it powers out all the rest. #Quote by Nora Roberts
Kronick Family quotes by Amy Poehler
#25. The accent is a really hard thing for me. It reminds me of my family and my childhood, but it's one of the worst-sounding accents out there. I love Boston, but we sound like idiots. #Quote by Amy Poehler
Kronick Family quotes by Michael Chabon
#26. I have come to see this fear, this sense of my own imperilment by my creations, as not only an inevitable, necessary part of writing fiction but as virtual guarantor, insofar as such a thing is possible, of the power of my work: as a sign that I am on the right track, that I am following the recipe correctly, speaking the proper spells. Literature, like magic, has always been about the handling of secrets, about the pain, the destruction and the marvelous liberation that can result when they are revealed. Telling the truth, when the truth matters most, is almost always a frightening prospect. If a writer doesn't give away secrets, his own or those of the people he loves; if she doesn't court disapproval, reproach and general wrath, whether of friends, family, or party apparatchiks; if the writer submits his work to an internal censor long before anyone else can get their hands on it, the result is pallid, inanimate, a lump of earth. The adept handles the rich material, the rank river clay, and diligently intones his alphabetical spells, knowing full well the history of golems: how they break free of their creators, grow to unmanageable size and power, refuse to be controlled. In the same way, the writer shapes his story, flecked like river clay with the grit of experience and rank with the smell of human life, heedless of the danger to himself, eager to show his powers, to celebrate his mastery, to bring into being a little world that, like God's, is at once terribly imperfec #Quote by Michael Chabon
Kronick Family quotes by Nobuyuki Fukumoto
#27. We men have always fought to protect others... since the ancient times. Even though we were naked, and only had sticks and stones to defend ourselves... we still had the elderly, the young, our wives, friends, family, and homes... and to protect all of that we braved any danger, no matter what... and fought! And even among those cavemen there were useless failures! Just like how we are today! But in the end, even they gathered their courage, and fought! And, not surprisingly, being incompetent... they were killed! Even thought it was the death of an idiot... it was also... the death of a selfless hero! #Quote by Nobuyuki Fukumoto
Kronick Family quotes by Tim Relf
#28. It's not like you're becoming a born-again Christian or teetotal or an accountant or something you can stop being after a while. You'll never not be a father now.'
'It feels great, Rob' he said. 'Just great. #Quote by Tim Relf
Kronick Family quotes by Boman Irani
#29. No affairs for me. It is so wonderful to have a family to come home to, to sit with them, pull each other's legs ... To lose all of that for what? Who's got the time? I'm having great fun working. #Quote by Boman Irani
Kronick Family quotes by Jim Gaffigan
#30. I'm the youngest, too. When you're the youngest of a big family, people are like, "You're the baby, you're spoiled!" The fact of the matter is, when you're the youngest of a big family, by the time you're a teenager, your parents are insane. You're like, "Hey, I'm going roller-skating-" "You're not going roller-skating or you'll end up pregnant like your sister. Why don't you smoke pot and become a lawyer?" #Quote by Jim Gaffigan
Kronick Family quotes by Jennifer Close
#31. And like most big families, they were loud and secretly thought they were funnier and a little more special than everyone else. #Quote by Jennifer Close
Kronick Family quotes by William Maxwell
#32. You cannot go to the cemetery and ask to be enlightened on matters of this kind, though it would ease my mind considerably if you could. #Quote by William Maxwell
Kronick Family quotes by Eva Burrows
#33. In family life, love is the oil that eases friction, the cement that binds closer together, and the music that brings harmony. #Quote by Eva Burrows
Kronick Family quotes by Rachel Gibson
#34. I'm Nathan Parrish and you're the most beautiful girl I've laid eyes on in my entire life. And at the risk of sounding like that crappy Partridge Family song, I think I love you. #Quote by Rachel Gibson
Kronick Family quotes by Aaron Douglas
#35. When I was fourteen years old, our family drove all the way from Vancouver to Newfoundland and back. I've been all across the great land of Canada. I absolutely love the Maritimes, and I'm very excited to go back, particularly in the fall when it's one of the most beautiful places on Earth. #Quote by Aaron Douglas
Kronick Family quotes by Carson Daly
#36. I'm from California, but my father, who passed away when I was young, was from Newark. When I was kid, we would go back east and catch Yankees games. His side of the family are big Yankees fans. But, the real connection came in '97 when I moved to New York and became friends with the team. #Quote by Carson Daly
Kronick Family quotes by Orson Scott Card
#37. That's how it goes within a family. You think you know each other so well, and so you don't bother hardly getting to know each other at all. #Quote by Orson Scott Card
Kronick Family quotes by Carmen J. Viglucci
#38. I Have Fought the Good Fight and Won #Quote by Carmen J. Viglucci
Kronick Family quotes by C.L. Stone
#39. But then she couldn't hear anyone coming," Luke said.
"God damn it," Gabriel said. He shifted his legs, moving me in the process until my body was tucked neatly into his chest, his hands against my back.
"Fuck all this. Let's just take her."
"Gabriel," I whispered. A chop landed on my head again.
"Shush," Gabriel said.
"Men are talking."

Stone, C. L. (2013-08-26). Friends vs. Family: The Ghost Bird Series: #3 (p. 58). Arcato Publishing. Kindle Edition. #Quote by C.L. Stone
Kronick Family quotes by T. S. Eliot
#40. There's no vocabulary For love within a family, love that's lived in But not looked at, love within the light of which All else is seen, the love within which All other love finds speech. This love is silent. #Quote by T. S. Eliot
Kronick Family quotes by Billy Graham
#41. When the family is destroyed, society eventually disintegrates. #Quote by Billy Graham
Kronick Family quotes by Anne-Marie Slaughter
#42. A man has to define himself as a breadwinner, as opposed to thinking that well, women used to be caregivers who also wanted to have careers; men have always had careers, so why shouldn't they also want much more family time? #Quote by Anne-Marie Slaughter
Kronick Family quotes by Joe Hart
#43. The trouble with being a family is when something terrible is bothering one of its members, it's liable to bother everyone else as well. Family is strong. One of the strongest things I can think of. But the weakness is the love that's shared within it. We care so much sometimes that it can break us. So #Quote by Joe Hart
Kronick Family quotes by Shweta Ganesh Kumar
#44. The reason why she had chosen journalism was because of those who had done so before her. Stalwart women and men who reported stories in the days before the Internet. Before it was fashionable to learn Mass Communication. A long time before being a TV reporter and calling up your family to see your face beamed to their homes was an in thing. They were those who had left their families behind as they pursued the truth, opting to go to jail when the government hounded them to reveal their sources. Men and women that would rather quit than write editorials the management wanted them to write. Journalists who never wrote a word they would have to disown. Journalists who took their last breath as they wrote an article was true to what they believed in. They would never sit down and take stock of the stories they had covered and written saying, So what if twenty of these are non-stories, I at least had five I believed in. #Quote by Shweta Ganesh Kumar
Kronick Family quotes by Paul Allen
#45. You've got to enjoy time with your family and friends, and if you're involved in sports franchises, those peak moments in playoff games. You have to enjoy life. #Quote by Paul Allen
Kronick Family quotes by Tracy Morgan
#46. A stand-up's job is to hold the mirror up to society and to look at what we're afraid of. That's why we had shows like 'All in the Family' and 'The Jeffersons.' We made fun of ourselves then. #Quote by Tracy Morgan
Kronick Family quotes by Yvonne De Gaulle
#47. The presidency is temporary - but the family is permanent. #Quote by Yvonne De Gaulle
Kronick Family quotes by Michelle Phan
#48. I want to be able to leave behind an infrastructure and a road map for any of my dreamers to follow. So that they can again take care of their family, pursue what they love and live a fulfilling life. Everyone is called, but not everyone answers. I was called, and I answered. #Quote by Michelle Phan

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