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Krisheena King quotes by Joe Kita
#1. It's interesting to observe the fascination children have with fear. Whether it's movies, books, or Halloween, part of them wants to be scared at the same time another part doesn't. It's like being tickled. There's delight in fright. Perhaps it's their way of learning about fear, of gradually coming to know the difference between what's real and imagined. It's a knack that takes continual practice. But as we mature, society convinces us that fear is a weakness, and we stop exploring it. Sure, we may still go to horror movies and read Stephen King novels, but we no longer engage fear like we used to. And as a result, we lose our perspective. Instead of flinching when someone says, "Boo!" we slide further into our cocoons. #Quote by Joe Kita
Krisheena King quotes by Suki Michelle
#2. If wishes were horses, paupers would ride. If the queen had balls, she'd be king. If I didn't have to WORK, I'd write stories all day. #Quote by Suki Michelle
Krisheena King quotes by William Shakespeare
#3. A king of infinite space #Quote by William Shakespeare
Krisheena King quotes by Stephen King
Krisheena King quotes by Stephen King
#5. M-O-O-N Spells moon #Quote by Stephen King
Krisheena King quotes by Stephen King
#6. Then, as understanding began to trickle through his shock, he felt an escalating sense of horror. It had finally happened; he had finally lost enough of his mind so that other people would be able to *tell*. #Quote by Stephen King
Krisheena King quotes by Martin Luther King, Jr.
#7. Without God, all of our efforts turn to ashes and our sunrise into the darkest of nights. #Quote by Martin Luther King, Jr.
Krisheena King quotes by Stephen King
#8. Genius is a vastly overrated commodity. #Quote by Stephen King
Krisheena King quotes by Stephen King
#9. Then he shows up one night, drunk, and screams at Scott in a mixture of German and English, calling Scott the American Communist boiling-potter, a phrase her husband treasures to the end of his days. Scott, far from sober himself (in Germany Scott and sober rarely even exchange postcards), at one point offers the sonofabitching landlord a cigarette and tells him Goinzee on! #Quote by Stephen King
Krisheena King quotes by Jerry Hall
#10. I've always felt the man is king of the house and should be amused and treated well. #Quote by Jerry Hall
Krisheena King quotes by Herman Melville
#11. Better be secure under one king, than exposed to violence from twenty millions of monarchs, though oneself be one of them. #Quote by Herman Melville
Krisheena King quotes by Laurence J. Peter
#12. In the country of the blind, the one-eyed king can still goof up. #Quote by Laurence J. Peter
Krisheena King quotes by Cristina Rayne
#13. My hand was shaking as I accepted that perfect hand. I honestly felt that I had sold my soul the moment I felt his hand encircle mine. I was now utterly his; I felt it down to the very marrow of my bones. #Quote by Cristina Rayne
Krisheena King quotes by Anne Bradstreet
#14. #The Vanity of all Worldly Things.

As he said vanity, so vain say I,
Oh! Vanity, O vain all under sky;
Where is the man can say, "Lo, I have found
On brittle earth a consolation sound"?
What isn't in honor to be set on high?
No, they like beasts and sons of men shall die,
And whilst they live, how oft doth turn their fate;
He's now a captive that was king of late.
What isn't in wealth great treasures to obtain?
No, that's but labor, anxious care, and pain.
He heaps up riches, and he heaps up sorrow,
It's his today, but who's his heir tomorrow?
What then? Content in pleasures canst thou find?
More vain than all, that's but to grasp the wind.
The sensual senses for a time they pleasure,
Meanwhile the conscience rage, who shall appease?
What isn't in beauty? No that's but a snare,
They're foul enough today, that once were fair.
What is't in flow'ring youth, or manly age?
The first is prone to vice, the last to rage.
Where is it then, in wisdom, learning, arts?
Sure if on earth, it must be in those parts;
Yet these the wisest man of men did find
But vanity, vexation of the mind.
And he that know the most doth still bemoan
He knows not all that here is to be known.
What is it then? To do as stoics tell,
Nor laugh, nor weep, let things go ill or well?
Such stoics are but stocks, such teaching vain,
While man is man, he shall hav #Quote by Anne Bradstreet
Krisheena King quotes by Sebastien De Castell
#15. The First Law is that men are free, for without the freedom to choose, men cannot serve their heart, and without heart they cannot serve their Gods, their Saints, or their King. #Quote by Sebastien De Castell
Krisheena King quotes by John Stuart Mill
#16. To prevent the weaker members of the community from being preyed upon by innumerable vultures, it was needful that there should be an animal of prey stronger than the rest, commissioned to keep them down. But as the king of vultures would be no less bent upon preying upon the flock than any of the minor harpies, it was indispensable to be in a perpetual attitude of defense against his beak and claws. #Quote by John Stuart Mill
Krisheena King quotes by Don King
#17. He worked for the day when all people would be clothed in dignity. #Quote by Don King
Krisheena King quotes by Stephen King
#18. The world has moved on,' we say ... we've always said. But it's moving on faster now. Something has happened to time. #Quote by Stephen King
Krisheena King quotes by Connie Willis
#19. If King Harold had had swans on his side, England would still be Saxon. #Quote by Connie Willis
Krisheena King quotes by Niall Williams
#20. Because there's no pain yet. There's too much adrenalin and rhetoric in his bloodstream. There's whole chunky paragraphs of What it Means to King and Country. Never mind God. There's fine speeches still pumping up along his arteries, principal and subordinate clauses, the adjectival, the adverbial, in gorgeous Latinate construction and hot breath. It's the Age of Speeches. There's exclamation marks doing needle dancing in his brain, and so he gets twenty yards into the war. #Quote by Niall Williams
Krisheena King quotes by Stephen King
#21. The technological society has walked off the court, so to speak, but they've left all the basketballs behind. Someone will come along who remembers the game and teach it to the rest again. #Quote by Stephen King
Krisheena King quotes by James A. Michener
#22. It is difficult to be king when the gods are changing. #Quote by James A. Michener
Krisheena King quotes by Stephen King
#23. Animals. Let them burn, then. Let the streets be filled with the smell of their sacrifice. Let this place be called racca, ichabod, wormwood.
And power transformers atop lightpoles bloomed into nacreous purple light, spitting catherine-wheel sparks. High-tension wires fell into the streets in pick-up-sticks tangles ... #Quote by Stephen King
Krisheena King quotes by Howard Pyle
#24. So endeth the story of the winning of Excalibur, and may God give unto you in your life, that you may have His truth to aid you, like a shining sword, for to overcome your enemies; and may He give you Faith (for Faith containeth Truth as a scabbard containeth its sword), and may that Faith heal all your wounds of sorrow as the sheath of Excalibur healed all the wounds of him who wore that excellent weapon. For with Truth and Faith girded upon you, you shall be as well able to fight all your battles as did that noble hero of old, whom men called King Arthur. #Quote by Howard Pyle
Krisheena King quotes by Stephen King
#25. I kill with my heart, motherfucker #Quote by Stephen King
Krisheena King quotes by Harley King
#26. God is taking a nap within my soul. I ponder whether to wake Him or not. #Quote by Harley King
Krisheena King quotes by Sarah Vowell
#27. The history of the present King of Great Britain is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute Tyranny over these States." More important, all of Jefferson's specific digs at the king were preceded by one self-evident fact that obliterated any and all justifications for monarchy, aristocracy, and colonialism until the end of time, even though neither its author nor his comrades truly believed it: All men are created equal. A #Quote by Sarah Vowell
Krisheena King quotes by Julie King
#28. Working as a lawyer, you have a lot of pressure. But if you go crazy, you are not going to get anything done! When I am under pressure, I am the most determined person in the world. I function very well. #Quote by Julie King
Krisheena King quotes by Rodney Dangerfield
#29. She was so fat that her bikini is made out of two bed sheets (king-size). #Quote by Rodney Dangerfield
Krisheena King quotes by Martin Luther King, Jr.
#30. Violent revolts are generated by revolting conditions and there is nothing more dangerous than to build a society with a large segment of people who feel they have no stake in it, who feel they have nothing to lose. To the young victim of the slums, this society has so limited the alternatives of his life that the expression of his manhood is reduced to the ability to defend himself physically. #Quote by Martin Luther King, Jr.
Krisheena King quotes by Virginia Wade
#31. It's difficult for most people to imagine the creative process in tennis. Seemingly it's just an athletic matter of hitting the ball consistently well within the boundaries of the court. That analysis is just as specious as thinking that the difficulty in portraying King Lear on stage is learning all the lines. #Quote by Virginia Wade
Krisheena King quotes by Thomas Watson
#32. As, when king Uzziah would offer incense without a priest, God was angry with him, and struck him with leprosy (2 Chron 26:20). Just so, when we do not come to God in and through Christ, we offer up incense to him without a priest, and what can we expect but severe rebukes? #Quote by Thomas Watson
Krisheena King quotes by Stephen King
#33. Leaving for the night, it came to me. What I should have told her. Life goes on - that's what I should have said. That's what you say to people when a loved one dies. But, thinking it over, I was glad I didn't. Because maybe that's what she was afraid of. #Quote by Stephen King
Krisheena King quotes by Jim Butcher
#34. False gods!" she cried, her blue eyes blazing as she stared at the Red King and the Lords of Outer Night. "Pretenders! Usurpers of truth! Destroyers of faith, of families, of lives, of children! For your crimes against the Mayans, against the peoples of the world, now will you answer! Your time has come! Face judgment Almighty! #Quote by Jim Butcher

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