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Kotsovolos Electronics quotes by Dan Brown
#1. Each of us is now electronically connected to the globe, and yet we feel utterly alone. #Quote by Dan Brown
Kotsovolos Electronics quotes by Ramez Naam
#2. Fortune Town IT Mall and buy software and electronics of all sorts very, very, very cheap, #Quote by Ramez Naam
Kotsovolos Electronics quotes by Ben Klassen
#3. It was the White Man who spanned the continents of the world with railroads and super highways and electrical power lines. It was the White Man who created the miraculous world of electronics, ushering in the telephone, the radio and television. It was the White Race, who in a combined burst of energy and genius sent rockets to the moon and planted the feet of the White Man on extra-terrestrial territory in the last decade. #Quote by Ben Klassen
Kotsovolos Electronics quotes by Richard Louv
#4. We are telling our kids that nature is in the past and it probably doesn't count anymore, the future is in electronics, the boogeyman is in the woods, and playing outdoors is probably illicit and possibly illegal. #Quote by Richard Louv
Kotsovolos Electronics quotes by Kevin Rollins
#5. Consumer electronics is a challenging one. #Quote by Kevin Rollins
Kotsovolos Electronics quotes by Young-Joon Choi
#6. Who needs electronics when you have books? #Quote by Young-Joon Choi
Kotsovolos Electronics quotes by Finn Murphy
#7. Books are completely disappearing. Remember in Fahrenheit 451 where the fireman's wife was addicted to interactive television and they sent fireman crews out to burn books? That mission has been largely accomplished in middle-class America and they didn't need the firemen. The interactive electronics took care of it without the violence, #Quote by Finn Murphy
Kotsovolos Electronics quotes by Norman Ralph Augustine
#8. Law Number XLIV: Aircraft flight in the 21st century will always be in a westerly direction, preferably supersonic, crossing time zones to provide the additional hours needed to fix the broken electronics. #Quote by Norman Ralph Augustine
Kotsovolos Electronics quotes by Bruce Sterling
#9. Since the Internet of Things is built on silicon, on the tremendous instability of modern electronics, it's built on literal sand. #Quote by Bruce Sterling
Kotsovolos Electronics quotes by Anna Meredith
#10. It's the balance between wanting the power of electronics and having something real happening - if you want people to engage in what you're doing, I think that's important. I want to have fun with people, but that's hard to do with a laptop. #Quote by Anna Meredith
Kotsovolos Electronics quotes by Steve Wozniak
#11. He [Steve Jobs] had come from the surplus electronics parts world.So he came from that world, and he said let's sell PC boards for $40. We'll build them for $20 and sell them for $40. #Quote by Steve Wozniak
Kotsovolos Electronics quotes by Thomas Pynchon
#12. It means this War was never political at all, the politics was all theatre, all just to keep the people distracted…secretly, it was being dictated instead by the needs of technology…by a conspiracy between human beings and techniques, by something that needed the energy-burst of war, crying, "Money be damned, the very life of [insert name of Nation] is at stake," but meaning, most likely, dawn is nearly here, I need my night's blood, my funding, funding, ahh more, more…The real crises were crises of allocation and priority, not among firms - it was only staged to look that way - but among the different Technologies, Plastics, Electronics, Aircraft, and their needs which are understood only by the ruling elite…
Yes but Technology only responds (how often this argument has been iterated, dogged, humorless as a Gaussian reduction, among the younger Schwarzkommando especially), "All very well to talk about having a monster by the tail, but do you think we'd've had the Rocket if someone, some specific somebody with a name and a penis hadn't wanted to chuck a ton of Amatol 300 miles and blow up a block full of civilians? Go ahead, capitalize the T on technology, deify it if it'll make you feel less responsible - but it puts you in with the neutered, brother, in with the eunuchs keeping the harem of our stolen Earth for the numb and joyless hardons of human sultans, human elite with no right at all to be where they are - "
We have to look for power sources here, and distr #Quote by Thomas Pynchon
Kotsovolos Electronics quotes by Trip Hawkins
#13. There's a basic principle about consumer electronics: it gets more powerful all the time and it gets cheaper all the time. that's true of all types of consumer electronics. #Quote by Trip Hawkins
Kotsovolos Electronics quotes by Kate Griffin
#14. The word spread.
It began with the techno-literates: young summoners who couldn't quite get their containment circles right and who had fallen back on Facebook to keep themselves occupied while the sacred incense was cooked in their mum's microwaves; eager diviners who scoured the internet for clues as to the future of tomorrow, and who read the truth of things in the static at the corners of the screen; bored vampires who knew that it was too early to go out and hunt, too late still to be in the coffin. The message was tweeted and texted onwards, sent out through the busy wires of the city, from laptop to PC, PC to Mac, from mobile phones the size of old breeze blocks through to palm-held devices that not only received your mail, but regarded it as their privilege to sort it into colour-coordinated categories for your consideration. The word was whispered between the statues that sat on the imperial buildings of Kingsway, carried in the scuttling of the rats beneath the city streets, flashed from TV screen to TV screen in the flickering windows of the shuttered electronics stores, watched over by beggars and security cameras, and the message said:
We are Magicals Anonymous.
We are going to save the city. #Quote by Kate Griffin
Kotsovolos Electronics quotes by Arthur C. Clarke
#15. Yet in a few milliseconds he could see the headlines of any newspaper he pleased. (That very word "newspaper," of course, was an anachronistic hangover into the age of electronics.) The text was updated automatically on every hour; #Quote by Arthur C. Clarke
Kotsovolos Electronics quotes by Jeff Lindsay
#16. This was Miami, after all. People come home every day to find their TVs gone, their jewelry and electronics all taken away; their space violated, their possessions rifled, and their dog pregnant. #Quote by Jeff Lindsay
Kotsovolos Electronics quotes by Kevin Rollins
#17. I think right now the jury is out on where and how much profit is available in the consumer electronics industry, because if you look at the current consumer electronics players, the biggest ones on the planet struggle to make profit consistently. #Quote by Kevin Rollins
Kotsovolos Electronics quotes by Lindsey Stirling
#18. I was classically trained. But more than just the fact that I play violin, there's a lot of classical elements in the way I write, in the way I hear chords. A lot of times, I think of my songs as a symphony made out of electronics rather than instruments. And I love to do orchestral arrangements of my songs after they're done. #Quote by Lindsey Stirling
Kotsovolos Electronics quotes by Clay Shirky
#19. The other is Shenzhen, the southern city most known for electronics manufacturing - it is the location of the largest Foxconn factory, where iPhones and iPads, among other devices, are assembled. #Quote by Clay Shirky
Kotsovolos Electronics quotes by Apolo Ohno
#20. I love to shop. Clothes, electronics, and I love jewelry, especially yellow gold. #Quote by Apolo Ohno
Kotsovolos Electronics quotes by Amy Heckerling
#21. With electronics, they just get smaller and smaller. #Quote by Amy Heckerling
Kotsovolos Electronics quotes by Jim Butcher
#22. The phone rang again almost the instant I put it down, making me jump. I peered at it. I don't trust electronics. Anything manufactured after the forties is suspect - #Quote by Jim Butcher
Kotsovolos Electronics quotes by John Hodgman
#23. It seems that every generation needs its public, tweedy, literary personality to sell its consumer electronics. To whatever degree I can live up to the Plimptonian legacy, I am humble and proud. #Quote by John Hodgman
Kotsovolos Electronics quotes by Frances M. Beal
#24. We live in a highly industrialized society and every member of the Black nation must be as academically and technologically developed as possible. To wage a revolution, we need competent teachers, doctors, nurses, electronics experts, chemists, biologists, physicists, political scientists, and so on and so forth. Black women sitting at home reading bedtime stories to their children are just not going to make it. #Quote by Frances M. Beal
Kotsovolos Electronics quotes by Anonymous
#25. Persons with Disability (PWD), Ex-Serviceman (XSM), Kashmiri Migrant (KM). Please refer to the Norms for the same. There are 394 vacancies for the above position (200 Electronics, 120 Mechanical, 57 Computer Science, #Quote by Anonymous
Kotsovolos Electronics quotes by William Shockley
#26. A basic truth that the history of the creation of the transistor reveals is that the foundations of transistor electronics were created by making errors and following hunches that failed to give what was expected. #Quote by William Shockley
Kotsovolos Electronics quotes by John Ringo
#27. On the deck was a skeleton. Some of the bugs seemed to be fighting for the last scraps of flesh but pretty much everything but bone and some scraps of skin and hair were gone. Bugs were even crawling in and out of the eye sockets, cleaning out the brains.

"Holy crap," Woodman said, "I don't want those getting on me!"

"I just figured out what they are," Gardner said, stepping through the hatch after a flash around with her light. Every step caused a crunch. "And they won't bite."

"They stripped that guy to the bone!" Woodman said.

"That's what they do," Gardner said, bending down and picking up one of the beetles. It skittered along her arm and she shook it off. "They're carrion beetles."

"Carrion?" Woodman said. "So they eat people?"

"They eat dead flesh," Gardner said. "I'd heard Wolf say he'd 'seeded' the boat. I didn't know it was with these."

"Wolf did this?" Woodman said angrily. "To our people?"

"Six of us came off, Woodie," Gardner said softly. "Ninety-four and twenty-six refugees didn't. You've carried bodies. You know how heavy they are. Now . . . they're not."

"That's horrible," Woodman said.

"No," Gardner said, flashing her light around. "It's efficient, simple and brutal. It's Wolf all over if you think about it. These things only eat dead flesh. They may get into some of the electronics but those are mostly thrashed by the infecteds, anyway. It cleans the #Quote by John Ringo
Kotsovolos Electronics quotes by Ray Kurzweil
#28. By the end of this decade, computers will disappear as distinct physical objects, with displays built in our eyeglasses, and electronics woven in our clothing, providing full-immersion visual virtual reality. #Quote by Ray Kurzweil
Kotsovolos Electronics quotes by Evan Davis
#29. The Germans are clear about what they do - cars and machine tools; the Japanese are clear about what they do - electronics; the Chinese are clear about what they do - they're the workshop of the world. #Quote by Evan Davis
Kotsovolos Electronics quotes by Ratan Tata
#30. I quite frankly enjoy the touch and feel of a store, so I am a big bookshop person. Or, I go to an electronics store; Best Buy and Croma are places I could spend a lot of time in. #Quote by Ratan Tata
Kotsovolos Electronics quotes by Erika Johansen
#31. Stick with hard copies; they're harder to alter after publication. In the better world, there won't be any electronics at all. #Quote by Erika Johansen
Kotsovolos Electronics quotes by Tim Brady
#32. The use of electronics is a natural extension of the instrument - it is an electric guitar. So we guitarists have been plugging into something since 1931, and we are not about to stop now. Current advances in technology means we can have a huge array of sounds at our fingertips, and this offers amazing possibilities to the contemporary composer. It is always a guitar (I don't play synthesizer) but it becomes something else all together - more like sculpting sound in real time using metal wires, 5 fingers and a pick. #Quote by Tim Brady
Kotsovolos Electronics quotes by Derrick Jensen
#33. Last December I saw an advertisement outside an electronics store. There was a little boy, delirious with delight, surrounded by computers, stereos, and other gadgets. The text read: "We know what your child wants for Christmas." I stared at the poster, then said to no one in particular, "What your child wants for Christmas is your love, but if he can't get that, he'll settle for a bunch of electronic crap. #Quote by Derrick Jensen
Kotsovolos Electronics quotes by L.M. Browning
#34. The pace of this modern age is not conducive to maintaining one's consciousness. Glued to our electronics, we are blind and deaf to the world around us. Run down by our long work days, we are too exhausted to think and too hurried to feel. The day ends in a haze of strained thoughts, numbness, and fatigue. And we rise the next morning only to start the cycle again.
In this age of distraction, if you desire to fritter away your life with empty diversions, there is an abundance of gadgets available to aid you. Quietness is a characteristic of ages gone by. Our generation is the one it died with. Connected to the virtual world, we ignore the presence of those in our home. One can only hope we will awaken to the need for balance before we look up from the screen to find our loved ones have gone, and our life has passed us by. #Quote by L.M. Browning
Kotsovolos Electronics quotes by Victor Davis Hanson
#35. We should note that almost every technological transformation of consequence has taken place under Western auspices - if not Western in the strict geographical sense, then Western in the notion of a cultural landscape shaped by free thought and the chance for profit. Even non-Western innovations, like stirrups and gunpowder, have been quickly modified and improved by Western militaries. Jet fighters, GPS-guided bombs, and laser-guided munitions are all products of Western expertise. Even the jihadists' most innovative and lethal weapons - improvised explosive devices and suicide belts - are cobbled together from Western-designed explosives and electronics. #Quote by Victor Davis Hanson
Kotsovolos Electronics quotes by Jerry Costello
#36. Since 2000, we have lost 2.7 million manufacturing jobs, of which 500,000 jobs were in high-tech industries such as telecommunications and electronics. #Quote by Jerry Costello
Kotsovolos Electronics quotes by Josh Klinghoffer
#37. I like really sparse electronics, lush arrangements, and interesting chord structures. #Quote by Josh Klinghoffer
Kotsovolos Electronics quotes by William Shatner
#38. I don't Twitter. I can't even remember my password name. I have problems with electronics, so what I've done is hire a young man out of college, whose very fingers are the extension of computer keys, and he Twitters. He does the mechanics, but I very carefully modulate what is said and have used Twitter to publicize stuff, have conversations and instigate competition. #Quote by William Shatner

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