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Famous Quotes About Kortmann Telecaster

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Kortmann Telecaster quotes by Bill Orcutt
#1. I did pull out my old Telecaster, and have been thinking I'd like to play that loud with a drummer. But I haven't actually done that yet. #Quote by Bill Orcutt
Kortmann Telecaster quotes by Roy Buchanan
#2. I was doing someones hair the day I first saw my guitar ... a guy was walking down the street with it, and knew that guitar was mine (a 1953 weathered Fender Telecaster) .. I said I'll get you the most beautiful guitar you've ever seen and I'll trade you straight across ... I found him a purple Telecaster and said here's your guitar ... that was it, it was like he knew that guitar belonged to me ... #Quote by Roy Buchanan
Kortmann Telecaster quotes by Lindsey Buckingham
#3. I was playing a Fender Telecaster when I first joined. #Quote by Lindsey Buckingham
Kortmann Telecaster quotes by Bruce Springsteen
#4. I wouldn't be windmilling a Fender Telecaster if it weren't for Pete Townshend. #Quote by Bruce Springsteen
Kortmann Telecaster quotes by Ross Lynch
#5. I have an electric Fender and a Telecaster. I have a Taylor and a Martin. I want to get more guitars for more sounds. #Quote by Ross Lynch
Kortmann Telecaster quotes by Kenneth Womack
#6. In the end - as in the beginning - it is the authentic performance of the Beatles' peculiar, elaborate, unfettered art that matters. It is the performance that makes the text possible in the first place, that imbues it with the heartbreaking reality of our transitory existence. It is the impermanence of the moment - rendered seemingly permanent by magnetic tape and celluloid - that is so vexing in its realness that it somehow seems immutable. Take the rooftop concert, with London's blustery, wintry winds swirling up from the streetscape as John, Paul, George, and Ringo make one last play for greatness after a month of soul-destroying misery. They climbed the stairs above 3 Savile Row and willed a final, breathtaking performance for the ages. It is the primal image of the Beatles having become lost in the pure joy of their sound, just as they had done so many years before in the Cavern and not so very long ago in Studio Two. Everything else - the gossip, the intrigue, the emotional collapse - suddenly becomes moot, irrelevant even, as Ringo keeps the backbeat strong and true on his Ludwigs, while George furrows his brow as he drives his Rosewood Telecaster home. And John and Paul, smiling at each other across the staves of memory, play their hearts out one more time. The rest is silence. #Quote by Kenneth Womack

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