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Knees quotes by Gordon B. Hinckley
#1. I don't know how to get anything done except getting on my knees and pleading for help and then getting on my feet and going to work. #Quote by Gordon B. Hinckley
Knees quotes by Michelle Dare
#2. Now wrap those luscious lips of yours around me. The sight of you on your knees is driving me wild. #Quote by Michelle Dare
Knees quotes by Kurt Vonnegut
#3. The arts, the arts, the arts - I don't know why it took me so long to realize how important they are. As a young man, I actually held them in supreme contempt. Now, whenever I think about them, I want to fall on my knees and weep. #Quote by Kurt Vonnegut
Knees quotes by John Green
#4. It's great," Colin said after a while. "About Katrina, I mean. You fugging kissed a girl. A girl. I mean, I always sort of thought you were gay," Colin acknowledged.
"I might be gay if I had a better-looking best friend." said Hassan.
"And I might be gay if I could locate your penis under the fat rolls."
"Bitch, I could gain five hundred pounds and you could still see Thunderstick hanging to my knees."
Colin smiled. "She's a lucky girl. #Quote by John Green
Knees quotes by Lisa Shearin
#5. The Guardian's eyes widened with amazement, and he tightened his grip on me. He had my arms, so the action I was forced to take was entirely his fault. It was as direct as my previous action, but not nearly as polite.
In the next instant, the Guardian was on his knees trying to remember how to breath. #Quote by Lisa Shearin
Knees quotes by Diana Gabaldon
#6. It was very, very peaceful, and all of a sudden I found myself shaking so hard that I had to sit down on the stream bank. Anytime. It could happen anytime, and just this fast. I wasn't sure which seemed most unreal; the bear's attack, or this, the soft summer night, alive with promise. I rested my head on my knees, letting the sickness, the residue of shock, drain away. #Quote by Diana Gabaldon
Knees quotes by Alden Bell
#7. There is no pain - just travel.
On her knees, she stays still as a supplicant ready for communion. It is very quiet. All of a sudden there is no hurry. There will be time for everything. For the breezes that blow and for the rainwater drying in the gutters, for Maury to find a place of safety in the world, for Malcolm to come back from the dead and ask her about birds and jets. For the big things too, things like beauty and vengeance and honor and righteousness and the grace of God and the slow spilling of the earth from day to night and back to day again.
It is spread out before her, compressed into one single moment. She will be able to see it all -- if she can keep her sleepy eyes open.
It's like a dream where she is. Like a dream where you find yourself underwater and you are panicked for a moment until you realize you no longer need to breathe, and you can stay under the surface forever.
She feels her body falling sideways to the ground. It happens slow - and she expects a crash that never comes because her mind is jumping and it doesn't know which way is up anymore, like the moon above her and the fish below her and her in between floating, like on the surface of the river, floating between sea and sky, the world all skin, all meniscus, and she a part of it too.
Moses Todd told her if you lean over the rail at Niagara Falls it takes your breath away, like turning yourself inside out -- and Lee the hunter told her that one time people used to stu #Quote by Alden Bell
Knees quotes by Melanie Dickerson
#8. His thumb brushed her chin. He leaned down and hovered, his breath on her temple. Then he pressed his lips to her cheek. Her heart stuttered and her breath froze in her chest. He kissed her other cheek. She lifted her face to look up at him. He cupped her face with one hand and pulled her closer with the other. He kissed the corner of her mouth, then gazed into her eyes. She slid her hand behind his head and closed her eyes. He kissed her full on the lips. Her knees went weak, and he lifted her feet off the ground, reminding her of their embrace when he had rescued her from the tower. #Quote by Melanie Dickerson
Knees quotes by Don Kardong
#9. In those long, lonely miles you put in during the off-season, and in those knife-in-the-gut track repetitions and hill repeats that buckle your knees - at that moment in almost every race when you ask yourself how much you're willing to hurt to catch one more runner - you can draw strength and inspiration from your running mates. #Quote by Don Kardong
Knees quotes by Maggie O'Farrell
#10. The women we become after children, she typed, then stopped to adjust the angle of the paper....We change shape, she continued, we buy low-heeled shoes, we cut off our long hair, We begin to carry in our bags half-eaten rusks, a small tractor, a shred of beloved fabric, a plastic doll. We lose muscle tone, sleep, reason, persoective. Our hearts begin to live outside our bodies. They breathe, they eat, they crawl and-look!-they walk, they begin to speak to us. We learn that we must sometimes walk an inch at a time, to stop and examine every stick, every stone, every squashed tin along the way. We get used to not getting where we were going. We learn to darn, perhaps to cook, to patch knees of dungarees. We get used to living with a love that suffuses us, suffocates us, blinds us, controls us. We live, We contemplate our bodies, our stretched skin, those threads of silver around our brows, our strangely enlarged feet. We learn to look less in the mirror. We put our dry-clean-only clothes to the back of the wardrobe. Eventually we throw them away. We school ourselves to stop saying 'shit' and 'damn' and learn to say 'my goodness' and 'heavens above.' We give up smoking, we color our hair, we search the vistas of parks, swimming-pools, libraries, cafes for others of our kind. We know each other by our pushchairs, our sleepless gazes, the beakers we carry. We learn how to cool a fever, ease a cough, the four indicators of meningitis, that one must sometimes push a swing for two ho #Quote by Maggie O'Farrell
Knees quotes by Nicole Krauss
#11. He had slept next to her for thirty-six years, and the mattress felt different without her weight, however slight, and without the rhythm of her breath the dark had no measure. There were times he woke feeling cold from the lack of the heat that once came from between her thighs and behind her knees. He might have even called her, if he could have momentarily forgotten that he already knew everything she could possibly say. #Quote by Nicole Krauss
Knees quotes by Jose Angel Manas
#12. The sun is high and I'm surrounded by sand.
For as far as my eyes can see
I'm strapped into a rocking chair
With a blanket over my knees
I am a stranger to myself
And nobody knows I'm here
When I looked into my face
It wasn't myself I'd seen
But who I've tried to be.
I'm thinking of things I'd hoped to forget.
I'm choking to death in a sun that never sets.
I clugged up my mind with perpetual grief
And turned all my friends into enemies
And now that past has returned to haunt me.

WHEN I DON'T EVEN KNOW MYSELF #Quote by Jose Angel Manas
Knees quotes by E. Lockhart
#13. One day when no one else was around, I went into the craft room at the back of the ground floor. I touched Gran's collection of fabrics, the shiny bright buttons, the coloured threads. My head and shoulders melted first, followed by my hips and knees. Before long I was a puddle, soaking into the pretty cotton prints. I drenched the quilt she never finished, rusted the metal parts of her sewing machine. I was pure liquid loss ... #Quote by E. Lockhart
Knees quotes by Kelley R. Martin
#14. It was the kind of smile that could stop your heart-slow, seductive, and flawless. Even I got a little weak in the knees...or vag, but whatever. #Quote by Kelley R. Martin
Knees quotes by Anthony Doerr
#15. sheets of yellow flowers glow in the fields, and Jutta wonders if any of them grow over the bones of her brother. Before dark, a well-dressed man with a prosthetic leg boards the train. He sits beside her and lights a cigarette. Jutta clutches her bag between her knees; she is certain that he was wounded in the war, that he will try to start a conversation, that her deficient French will betray her. Or that Max will say something. Or that the man can already tell. Maybe she smells German. He'll say, You did this to me. Please. Not in front of my son. But the train jolts into motion, and the man finishes his cigarette and gives her a preoccupied smile and promptly falls asleep. #Quote by Anthony Doerr
Knees quotes by Karen Abbott
#16. I thought both she [Gypsy Rose Lee] and her story would be ill-served by a conventional, birth-to-death narrative, and so I structured the book like one of her stripteases: revealing a peek of shoulder, then a glimpse of knee, pulling back a bit before you go a bit further, until all is revealed at the end. #Quote by Karen Abbott
Knees quotes by Emiliano Zapata
#17. I would rather die on my feet then live on my knees #Quote by Emiliano Zapata
Knees quotes by Scott Archer Jones
#18. He had to wait in the sitting room for forty-five minutes. The room smelled of disinfectant and potpourri - he had the outlandish sensation he was in a medicinal Indian restaurant. During this time, he sat back in the corner, poised on the edge of his seat. It made the waiting easier if he leaned forward on his elbows with his hands between his legs as his knees drummed up and down. The other patients spread out through the room, each maximizing the distance to another human. #Quote by Scott Archer Jones
Knees quotes by Alistair Begg
#19. Would anyone choose Hell over Heaven? YES! Why? Pride. They don't want to go in the only way you can go in, on your knees. They don't want to admit they are a failure, that their life is a mess. #Quote by Alistair Begg
Knees quotes by Amy Lowell
#20. The Wheel of the Sun"

I beg you
Hide your face from me.
Draw the tissue of your head-gear
Over your eyes.
For I am blinded by your beauty,
And my heart is strained,
And aches,
Before you.

In the street,
You spread a brightness where you walk,
And I see your lifting silks
And rejoice;
But I cannot look up to your face.
You melt my strength,
And set my knees to trembling.

Shadow yourself that I may love you,
For now it is too great a pain. #Quote by Amy Lowell
Knees quotes by Madeline Sheehan
#21. You didn't look at Xan and think, "Gosh, I want to make love to him" or "Wouldn't it be nice to have some sex with that guy".
No. You took one look at Xan and you fell to your quivering knees, thinking, "Holy shit, I need that man to fuck me. #Quote by Madeline Sheehan
Knees quotes by Victor Hugo
#22. Promise to give me a kiss on my brow when I am dead.
I shall feel it."
She dropped her head again on Marius' knees, and her eyelids closed. He thought the poor soul had departed. Eponine remained motionless. All at once, at the very moment when Marius fancied her asleep forever, she slowly opened her eyes in which appeared the sombre profundity of death, and said to him in a tone whose sweetness seemed already to proceed from another world:
"And by the way, Monsieur Marius, I believe that I was a little bit in love with you. #Quote by Victor Hugo
Knees quotes by Clare McNally
#23. Her arms groped forward to guide her when her tears blocked her vision in darkness. Then she couldn't run any more. She sank to her knees and began to cry in her terror. She wanted Gary.
She suddenly felt strong arms around her. She bent her head to bury it in Gary's shoulder, trembling in the darkness.
Whimpering like a small animal in a trap, she pushed herself closer to him and said in a choked voice, "I'm so frightened!"
"I know, my love," the voice said. "I'm so sorry you were hurt."
She felt herself being pulled up to him, his grip around her tight. It was a strange feeling in this pitch-black hallway, where not even the light of the moon cast any illumination. The lips she touched were cold and yet they responded to her with an unusual warmth. His hands massaged her back. Something, Melanie thought, was wrong with that. The hands were too smooth, not like a plastered wrist would feel.
"Gary?" she asked, backing away. She didn't trust what she couldn't see.
"My love," the voice whispered, "there is no need to fear now. I shall protect you from those who mean you harm. #Quote by Clare McNally
Knees quotes by Millicent Ashby
#24. I ceased the search to listen again, what the problem was. What's going on at home? Why was Luccas calling out Jane's name? What happened? Why could I hear him without connecting directly to him? I shook my head, but screams pierced through. I moved the shelf on its side, a loud crashing that startled the men outside. Falling to my knees, I covered my ears to them. My head banged against the metal and stayed there. "What in the name of Hera am I going to do?" I asked the air. The screams stopped but for how long? How long would silence be until they resumed? I raised my head, gently pulling my hands away and listened. Silence. Where were the men chasing me? Did they give in and go home? No, that would have been too easy. Saain would slay each man for leaving a traitor alive. #Quote by Millicent Ashby
Knees quotes by Debra Anastasia
#25. But then Cole ran for her, sliding on his knees to close the final distance between his hands and her skin. Kyle wrapped his head in her arms, cradling him.
"My sweet Cole. That's better. That's better." Kyle braced her hands on his shoulders and slowly lowered herself to her knees. She put her hands on his cheeks and waited until he looked at her. "You forgot something last night."
Cole looked puzzled.
"You made me promise you something. Now you owe me a promise."
Cole nodded somberly.
"Be the real Cole. Promise me you will be you." Kyle's voice was strong and sure.
Cole felt his heart soar with her embrace, settling the feelings inside him. "Kyle, I've done so much wrong. I think I'm done being the real Cole. How much hurt can I cause?" He could hardly speak through his fear.
She smiled again. "I've done my own share of wrong, but look. Look around. We're in the perfect place."
The church looked like paradise. A frame of broken rainbows arched above the lovers on their knees.
Cole held her face to his, whispering, "Help me."
Kyle gave him the absolution he needed with her lips. #Quote by Debra Anastasia
Knees quotes by Kay Stockham
#26. Liam stared at her, his gaze glittering hot with something she was afraid to identify because it made her knees weak and she couldn't breathe from the intensity and pace of her heart pounding away in her chest.
He wanted to kiss her.
He didn't want to want to kiss her - she could read that in his expression, as well - but she knew he did. And right, then. Cop or not - mistake that it would be - she wanted him to kiss her, too. #Quote by Kay Stockham
Knees quotes by Alisha Rai
#27. What are you doing?"
"What does it look like? I'm getting down on my knees."
His head butted against her stomach. Her muscles clenched, shocked at the touch, even through the layer of cotton.
"I've never begged a woman for anything before. Enjoy this."
She tried to think of something sufficiently sassy. "Enjoy it? I can't even see it."
"It's symbolic. #Quote by Alisha Rai
Knees quotes by Sylvain Reynard
#28. Agape, eros, and chastity, a heady combination that would make even the strongest man fall to his knees #Quote by Sylvain Reynard
Knees quotes by Cameron Jace
#29. You've never slept in a bed?" she wondered as he embraced her from behind, his arms caressing her, his knees bending to fit in the coffin.

"It's on my bucket list," Loki said.

"What's a bucket list?" She wrapped her hands around his.

"Oh I forgot, you're immortal. You don't ned a bucket list. It's a list mortals like me - now that I'm officially a Minikin - have of the things they want to do before they die."

"What else do you have on your bucket list?"

"Saving a princess," Loki teased her.

"And sleeping in a coffin with her?" she joked.

"If she'll let me grow old with her, then it doesn't matter where I sleep next to her - of course, I know you'll never grow old. #Quote by Cameron Jace
Knees quotes by Don Zimmer
#30. Everyone keeps me telling me how great a knee replacement is. Whitey Ford said it was great and so did Ralph Branca. If I had one of those, I don't know that I would retire. But if I left for a month or more, who's going to want me back? #Quote by Don Zimmer
Knees quotes by Wentworth Dillon, 4th Earl Of Roscommon
#31. Praise Him, each savage furious beast
That on His stores do daily feast;
And you tame slaves, of the laborious plough,
Your weary knees to your Creator bow. #Quote by Wentworth Dillon, 4th Earl Of Roscommon
Knees quotes by Q-Tip
#32. I'll have you weak in the knees that you could hardly speak,
Or we could do like Uncle L and swing an ep in my Jeep. #Quote by Q-Tip
Knees quotes by Kiran Desai
#33. The judge got down on his knees, and he prayed to God, he, Jemubhai Popatlal the agnostic, who had made a long hard journey to jettison his family's prayers; he who had refused to throw the coconut into the water and bless his own voyage all those years ago on the deck of the SS Strath-naver.
"If you return Mutt, I will acknowledge you in public, I will never deny you again, I will tell the world that I believe in you – you – if you return Mutt – "
Then he got up. He was undoing his education, retreating to the superstitious man making bargains, offering sacrifices, gambling with fate, cajoling, daring whatever was out there -
Show me if you exist!
Or else I will know you are nothing.
Nothing! Nothing! – taunting it. #Quote by Kiran Desai
Knees quotes by John Webster
#34. Heaven-gates are not so highly arched
As princes' palaces; they that enter there
Must go upon their knees. #Quote by John Webster
Knees quotes by Brian Dennehy
#35. I've got two artificial knees, I have an artificial shoulder, and I'm reasonably healthy given the damage I've done to myself. Everything hurts. #Quote by Brian Dennehy
Knees quotes by Brene Brown
#36. We've all fallen, and we have the skinned knees and bruised hearts to prove it. But scars are easier to talk about than they are to show, with all the remembered feelings laid bare. And rarely do we see wounds that are in the process of healing. I'm not sure if it's because we feel too much shame to let anyone see a process as intimate as overcoming hurt, or if it's because even when we muster the courage to share our still-incomplete healing, people reflexively look away. #Quote by Brene Brown
Knees quotes by Oprah Winfrey
#37. The true meaning of courage is to be afraid, and then, with your knees knocking and your heart racing, to step out anyway - even when that step makes sense to nobody but you. I know that's not easy. But making a bold move is the only way to truly advance toward the grandest vision the universe has for you. #Quote by Oprah Winfrey
Knees quotes by Tiffany Reisz
#38. You're not answering my question. It's getting irritating."
"Okay, serious answer. Ready? Here we go." Nora took a deep breath. She didn't want to talk about this stuff with Marie-Laure, but as long as she stayed interesting, as long as she stayed entertaining, she stayed alive. "I get off on submitting to Søren. I don't know how or why. I can't explain any more than you can explain why you like Irish breakfast tea instead of English breakfast or whatever you're drinking. It's a personal taste. I liked it. He's the most beautiful man on earth, he's got an inner drive and power that I'm drawn to, he can scare the shit out of someone with a glance, he can put someone on their knees with a word, he can see into your soul if you make the mistake of looking into his eyes. And it is a mistake because you will never want to look away again no matter how bare and naked he lays your most private self. I knelt at his feet because I felt like that's where I belonged. And no, not because I was so unworthy of him, but because he was so utterly worthy of my devotion."
A noble speech and a true one, Nora decided as her words settled into the room. True, yes, but not the whole truth. Might as well spill it all.
"Oh," she added a moment later. "And me submitting to pain gets him rock hard and the man fucks like a freight train when in the right mood. Not that you would know anything about that. #Quote by Tiffany Reisz
Knees quotes by Robert Jackson Bennett
#39. I love its potential. I hate its past. And I don't like what it is.' She hugs her knees close to her chest. 'The way you feel about the place you grew up in is a lot like how you feel about your family. #Quote by Robert Jackson Bennett
Knees quotes by Ted Cruz
#40. Any country that makes U.S. service members get on their knees will feel the full force and fury of the United States of America. #Quote by Ted Cruz
Knees quotes by Alina Klein
#41. Dr. Buckner stood between my legs while Francine shuffled her feet in the corner. Mom held my hand and smiled encouragingly, though her eyes looked strained and red. I kept drawing my knees together and Dr. Buckner kept prying them gently apart. All the while, he picked up foot-long swabs and slick metal devices of torture, inserting them and removing them without pause.

I felt a tear drip down my temple toward my hair. Mom quietly brushed it away. #Quote by Alina Klein
Knees quotes by Jonathan Safran Foer
#42. Some make their worlds without knowing it. Their universes are just sesame seeds and three-day weekends and dial tones and skinned knees and physics and driftwood and emerald earrings and books dropped in bathtubs and holes in guitars and plastic and empathy and hardwood and heavy water and high black stockings and the history of the Vikings and brass and obsolescence and burnt hair and collapsed souffles and the impossibility of not falling in love in an art museum with the person standing next to you looking at the same painting and all the other things that just happen and are. #Quote by Jonathan Safran Foer
Knees quotes by Stephen Malkmus
#43. I would just imagine there's a criticism for just about everything, if you want to take something down. No one's invincible. The Jicks are a work in progress and we don't think everything we do is the bee's knees or something, we're just trying our best to get turned on by what we're doing. #Quote by Stephen Malkmus
Knees quotes by P.L. Nunn
#44. Why?" he asked instead. "Why do such things when my death would have benefited you far more?"
Yhalen bent over his knees, resting forehead on his forearm, perhaps not willing to answer, or not able to, strange creature that he was.
"Is that the way your people think?" he asked finally, as he turned his head to peer up at Bloodraven through the thick fall of the hair around his face. "That death is more beneficial than life? #Quote by P.L. Nunn
Knees quotes by Robert Murray McCheyne
#45. What a man is on his knees before God, that he is, and nothing more. #Quote by Robert Murray McCheyne
Knees quotes by Roxy Sloane
#46. Be careful." The man winks again. " Or next time, you'll wind up on your hands and knees." He leans in to whisper, just for me. "Exactly where you belong." His words shock me, piercing the haze of desire. "What did you say?" I gasp. "You heard me." He tilts his head, giving me a lazy grin. "Take care, Keely. #Quote by Roxy Sloane
Knees quotes by Anne Bishop
#47. But that thread isn't Andulvar. It should be, since he's the Master of the Guard, but it's someone else. Someone who isn't here yet, someone who can guide me to the answers I need to walk that other path."
*The thread not tell you its name?*
"It says the mirror is coming. What kind of answer is - " Tensing, Jaenelle scrambled to her knees. "Daemon," she whispered. "Daemon. #Quote by Anne Bishop
Knees quotes by Nick Cave
#48. And I wish that I was made of stone
So that I would not have to see
A beauty impossible to define
A beauty impossible to believe
A beauty impossible to endure
The blood imparted in little sips
The smell of you still on my hands
As I bring the cup up to my lips
No God up in the sky
No devil beneath the sea
Could do the job that you did, baby
Of bringing me to my knees #Quote by Nick Cave
Knees quotes by Jane De Suza
#49. It is customary to have vampires in stories nowadays - they are quite the norm, just like wicked stepmothers used to be. Yes, vampires have sent wicked stepmothers into retirement homes, to brew cups of tea and tend to their arthritic knees. #Quote by Jane De Suza
Knees quotes by Julie Berry
#50. At our mothers' knees we learn the music that turns words into kisses or curses. #Quote by Julie Berry
Knees quotes by Joseph Williams
#51. I find afflictions to be good for me. I have always found them so. Afflictions are happy means in the hands of the Holy Spirit to subdue my corruptions, my pride, my evil passions, my inordinate love to the creature. Afflictions soften my hard heart, bring me to my knees, increase faith, increase love, increase humility, increase self-denial. Afflictions make me poor in spirit, and nothing in my own eyes. #Quote by Joseph Williams
Knees quotes by David Brainerd
#52. This morning about nine I withdrew to the woods for prayer. I was in such anguish that when I arose from my knees I felt extremely weak and overcome ... I cared not how or where I lived, or what hardships I went through, so that I could but gain souls for Christ. #Quote by David Brainerd
Knees quotes by Annie Dillard
#53. Father had stretched out his long legs and was tilting back in his chair. Mother sat with her knees crossed, in blue slacks, smoking a Chesterfield. The dessert dishes were still on the table. My sisters were nowhere in evidence. It was a warm evening; the big dining-room windows gave onto blooming rhododendrons.

Mother regarded me warmly. She gave me to understand that she was glad I had found what I had been looking for, but that she and father were happy to sit with their coffee, and would not be coming down.

She did not say, but I understood at once, that they had their pursuits (coffee?) and I had mine. She did not say, but I began to understand then, that you do what you do out of your private passion for the thing itself.

I had essentially been handed my own life. In subsequent years my parents would praise my drawings and poems, and supply me with books, art supplies, and sports equipment, and listen to my troubles and enthusiasms, and supervise my hours, and discuss and inform, but they would not get involved with my detective work, nor hear about my reading, nor inquire about my homework or term papers or exams, nor visit the salamanders I caught, nor listen to me play the piano, nor attend my field hockey games, nor fuss over my insect collection with me, or my poetry collection or stamp collection or rock collection. My days and nights were my own to plan and fill. #Quote by Annie Dillard
Knees quotes by Cassandra Clare
#54. The cycle hit the beach and spun out. Emma went into a rolling crouch as she flew free of it, keeping her elbows in, pushing the air hard out of her lungs. She turned her head as she hit the sand, slapping her palms down to roll herself forward, absorbing the impact of the fall through her arms and shoulders, her knees folding up into her chest. The stars wheeled crazily overhead as she spun, sucking in her breath as her body slowed its rolling. She came to a stop on her back, her hair and clothes full of sand and her ears full of the sound of the wildly crashing ocean ... #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Knees quotes by Mackenzi Lee
#55. You're still daft."
"Are you complaining?"
"No," he says, giving a quick tug on my sleeve that turns into his fingers pressed into my palm in a way that makes me weak in the knees. "I sort of love it. #Quote by Mackenzi Lee
Knees quotes by Nina Levine
#56. There were moments in your life that brought you to your knees. Moments that punched the absolute fuck out of you.
I was having one of those moments.
I thought life had already handed me my heart on a platter. Bleeding and bruised. Turned out life wasn't done with me yet. Bleeding and bruised wasn't enough. #Quote by Nina Levine
Knees quotes by Lemony Snicket
#57. There was still plenty of water in the basement, and I felt it soaking me from the knees on down. If someone wanted to torture me until I told them a critical piece of information, all they would have to do is get my socks wet. It feels terrible. #Quote by Lemony Snicket
Knees quotes by Jerome K. Jerome
#58. I plodded conscientiously through the twenty-six letters, and the only malady I could conclude I had not got was housemaid's knee. #Quote by Jerome K. Jerome
Knees quotes by Victor Borge
#59. I learned to play the piano on my mother's knee - that was before we got a piano. #Quote by Victor Borge
Knees quotes by Jeanette Winterson
#60. They say every snowflake is different. If that were true, how could the world go on? How could we ever get up off our knees? How could we ever recover from the wonder of it?

By forgetting. We cannot keep in mind too many things. There is only the present and nothing to remember. #Quote by Jeanette Winterson
Knees quotes by B. Justin Shier
#61. And then Dieter was like, 'Over my dead body!'
"And I was thinking my roomie was about to get his wish.
"And then Rei got super vampy and was like, 'Yield to my power!'
"And then Dieter started grunting and looked super uncomfortable.
"And then Rei took a step forward.
"And then Dieter dropped to his knees, but a moment later he started going 'Reee!'
"And I was like, 'Oh, for the love of God, please don't kill me.'
"And then Rei walked over and elbowed him in the head ...
"That's about it. Oh, and there were grenades. #Quote by B. Justin Shier
Knees quotes by Rachel Van Dyken
#62. Kissing you is terrifying, breathing your same air makes my knees weak, when I'm around you it's a tie between wanting to chase you down – or just kiss you until you can't breathe. #Quote by Rachel Van Dyken
Knees quotes by Michael Wilbon
#63. Both of us played basketball, and I played tennis and my knees are done. Now if you ask us head-to-head who wins at golf, I'm asking for a couple of strokes. #Quote by Michael Wilbon
Knees quotes by Amy Andrews
#64. His jerky breath hit her system like a drug and she was in thrall. Of his potency. And hers. She didn't want to stop. She wanted to keep going, keep touching him like this until he lost control. She wanted to bring him to his knees, this cocky young guy who called her baby and made her want things she hadn't even realized she'd been missing. #Quote by Amy Andrews
Knees quotes by Adyashanti
#65. We can't have an idea of what life should look like, about how spirit should be manifesting as our very life, because all of those ideas would just be products of the past - something we learned, imagined, or desired. Once again, we find ourselves back in the unknown - not in the idea of the unknown, but in the lived reality of it. It's the mind humbled, on its knees, with bare feet and free of the known. #Quote by Adyashanti
Knees quotes by Peter Ackroyd
#66. He was walking around in circles, the smell of the old furniture suddenly very distinct. There was a newspaper in his hand and he started reading it, paying particular attention to the headlines which seemed to be floating towards him so that now a band of black print encircled his forehead. He was curled upon the bed, hugging his knees, when the next horror came upon him: those who heard him last night would now have to report his theft, and his employer would call the police. He saw how the policeman took the telephone call at the station; how his name and address were spoken out loud; how he looked down at the floor as they led him away; how he was in the dock, forced to answer questions about himself, and now he was in a cell and had lost control of his own body. He was staring out of the window at the passing clouds when it occurred to him that he should write to his employer, explaining his drunkenness and confessing that he invented the story of theft; but who would believe him? It was always said that in drink there was truth, and perhaps it was true that he was a convicted thief. He began to sing,

One fine day in the middle of the night,
Two dead men got up to fight

and then he knew what was meant by madness. #Quote by Peter Ackroyd
Knees quotes by Kenneth Copeland
#67. He was not subordinate to God - Adam was walking as a god! What he said "went," what he did "counted"; and when he bowed his knee to Satan and put Satan up above him then there wasn't anything God could do about it because a "god" had placed Satan there. Adam, remember, was created in the god-class, but when he committed high treason he fell below the god-class. #Quote by Kenneth Copeland
Knees quotes by J.R. Ward
#68. Dear . . . God," she blurted as she recoiled. The hallway beyond was filled with the males of the house, the Brothers and other fighters and Manny sitting on the floor with their backs to the bare walls, their legs stretched out, propped up, crossed at the knees or crossed at the ankles. Apparently there had been quite a bit of drinking going on, empty bottles of vodka and whiskey littered around them, glasses in hands or on thighs. "This is not as pathetic as it looks," her Butch pointed out. "Liar," V muttered. "It so fucking is. I think I'm going to start knitting for reals." As the females emerged with her, each one of them registered shock, disbelief, and then a wry amusement. "Is it me," one of the males groused, "or did we just perform our own mass castration out here?" "I think that just about sums this shit up," somebody agreed. "I'm wearing panties under my leathers from now on. Anyone joining me?" "Lassiter already does," V said as he got to his feet and went to Jane. "Hey." And then it was group-reunion time. While the other pairs found one another, Butch smiled as Marissa came over to him and put out her hand to help him off the floor. As they embraced, he kissed her on the side of the neck. "Are you out of love with me now?" he murmured. "' Cuz I'm pussy-whipped?" She leaned back in his arms. "Why? Because you pined after me while I was watching a dirty movie with my girls that wasn't all that dirty? I think it's actually - and brace yourself - really pretty c #Quote by J.R. Ward
Knees quotes by Sierra Simone
#69. dropped to my knees. My face was level with her belly button, and I touched my forehead against her belly, breathing in and out as something so foreign I couldn't name it soared inside me, expanded until I thought my chest would crack open with it. #Quote by Sierra Simone
Knees quotes by Shaka
#70. I need no bodyguard at all, for even the bravest men who approach me get weak at the knees and their hearts turn to water, whilst their heads become giddy and incapable of thinking as the sweat of fear paralyses them #Quote by Shaka
Knees quotes by S.E. Jakes
#71. He walked back around and faced Prophet for a long moment, before putting a hand on his shoulder and pushing down. "On your knees." His voice sounded husky to his own ears. Rough too, and his throat was thick - with lust, with a million other emotions that only intensified when Prophet sank down as ordered and tugged at Tom's zipper with his teeth. Tom threaded his hand in Prophet's hair and pulled him back. Pulled his own zipper down with his free hand, slowly, exposing his piercings one by one as he freed his cock. "That what you're looking for?" "Yeah, Tommy," Prophet murmured. "Fucking let me." Tom #Quote by S.E. Jakes
Knees quotes by Hafsah Faizal
#72. Be as victorious as the name I have given you, and bring the desert to its knees. #Quote by Hafsah Faizal
Knees quotes by Glenn Beck
#73. Every night I get down on my knees and pray that Dennis Kucinich will burst into flames. #Quote by Glenn Beck
Knees quotes by C.D. Reiss
#74. My God. You have the heart of a capo, do you know that? You could have brought Sicily to its knees. No don would stand against you. #Quote by C.D. Reiss
Knees quotes by Samantha Towle
#75. I'm on my knees in front of Vaughan West. Sure, I'm only pinning his pants, but still… it's one for the books. #Quote by Samantha Towle
Knees quotes by Stephenie Meyer
#76. I thought about falling to my knees on purpose. This was the kind of beauty you worshiped. The kind you built temples for and offered sacrifices to. I wished I had something in my empty hands to give her, but what would a goddess want from a mediocre mortal like me? #Quote by Stephenie Meyer
Knees quotes by Bram Stoker
#77. When I came in he threw himself on his knees before me and implored me to let him have a cat; that his salvation depended upon it. #Quote by Bram Stoker
Knees quotes by Michelle Hodkin
#78. My fingers caught on something else as I withdrew them. It was his T-shirt, the white one with the holes in it. I filled my hands with the fabric and brought it up to my face.
I caught the barest, faintest scent of him, soap and sandalwood and smoke, and in that moment, I felt not loss but need. Noah was there for me when I had no one else. He believed me when no one else did. He could not be gone, I thought, but my throat began to hurt and my chest began to tighten and I curled up in bed, knees to chest, head to knees, waiting for tears that never came and sleep that did. #Quote by Michelle Hodkin
Knees quotes by Cassandra Clare
#79. Reparations," said Jem very suddenly, setting down the pen he was holding.
Will looked at him in puzzlement. "Is this a game? We just blurt out whatever word comes next to mind? In that case mine is 'genuphobia'. It means an unreasonable fear of knees."
"What's the word for a perfectly reasonable fear of annoying idiots?" inquired Jessamine. #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Knees quotes by Austin O'Malley
#80. Practical prayer is harder on the soles of your shoes than on the knees of your trousers. #Quote by Austin O'Malley
Knees quotes by George H. W. Bush
#81. Lincoln said you cannot be President without spending some item on your knees. I have repeated that and a bunch of Atheists got all over me. Wait a minute. Does that mean that you cannot be President if you are an Atheist? I say yea that does mean that. #Quote by George H. W. Bush
Knees quotes by Brock Lesnar
#82. I lift weights, but that's not my main focus. I'm a fighter now, and I want to evolve and make myself a well-rounded fighter, so obviously I'm not going to leave any stone unturned, when it comes to submissions, submission defense, striking, knees, leg kicks, and also learning to defend everything. It's not just an offensive sport because you're going to take some punches and you're going to give some punches. You've got to be able to handle both sides of the spectrum. I've brought in a number of highly trained trainers to help me evolve, and I believe we've left no stone unturned. #Quote by Brock Lesnar
Knees quotes by Andrew Levkoff
#83. Strange, is it not, how even those of us who scoff at divine intervention will fall to our knees and clasp our hands the moment we realize our futures are defined by uncertainty and hazard. A thoughtful man would never leave his knees. A wise man would never drop to them. In any case, it wasn't really a prayer, but one does like to follow convention now and then. #Quote by Andrew Levkoff
Knees quotes by Morgan Wootten
#84. You are the real teachers. You have these children when they are at their emotional peaks and lows. That's when they are the most pliable. It doesn't take any intelligence to send a kid home with his head hanging between his knees. But to send him home with his head up every night might show a little coaching. #Quote by Morgan Wootten
Knees quotes by Emiliano Zapata
#85. I'd rather die on my feet than live on my knees #Quote by Emiliano Zapata
Knees quotes by Emily Dickinson
#86. When a Lover is a Beggar Abject is his Knee. When a Lover is an Owner Different is he ... #Quote by Emily Dickinson
Knees quotes by Suzanne Harper
#87. This is what comes of making up conversations with frescoes, he chided himself as he dropped to his knees and bowed his head. Nothing but trouble. #Quote by Suzanne Harper
Knees quotes by Joanna Wylde
#88. One of her in dirty sweats is worth ten of you naked on your knees, so get the fuck out. #Quote by Joanna Wylde
Knees quotes by Kelly Creagh
#89. He opened his palm and saw that the watch remained. Still there. Still real.
Varen looked up at the figure that stood atop the fountain.
With a howl of rage, he made it burst apart.
He fell to his knees amid the wreckage and floating dust.
Crumpling into himself, he released a choking sob, knowing that he, too, belonged to the ruin. #Quote by Kelly Creagh
Knees quotes by Alexander McCall Smith
#90. She had always understood that love could have an intense physical effect; could fill a space somewhere in the chest, could turn knees weak, could raise the pulse; could intoxicate, just as could a strong martini or a glass of champagne. Could, she thought, and would ... but only if you allowed it, only if you opened whatever portals of the heart needed to be opened. And some people, of course, found it difficult to do that. #Quote by Alexander McCall Smith
Knees quotes by A.G. Howard
#91. Still on my knees, I droop against Morpheus's thighs - a solid support. The cool leather of his pants cushions my cheek. I close my eyes. Yes ... I've been here before, held safely against him.
At first, I think I'm imagining it when he bends over to scoop me into his arms. But when the scent of licorice and warm skin surrounds me, I know it's real.
"You left," I accuse him, fighting to stay awake. "I was hurt ... and you left me."
"A mistake I vow on my life-magic to never make again." Even though he's cradling me close, his response sounds far away. But distance doesn't matter; he gave his word. I'll be holding him to it. #Quote by A.G. Howard
Knees quotes by Lynn Povich
#92. Oz had arranged rows of folding chairs for the women facing one of the soft suede couches where he had placed himself and Kermit. "Big mistake," Oz later told me. "The sofa was about a foot and a half lower than the chairs and now Kermit and I are looking up at forty-seven women - our knees under our chins. #Quote by Lynn Povich
Knees quotes by Kathleen  Hale
#93. The truth is I don't want to talk about it - at least not with Dom, who might grab my knees at any second and start singing 'I'll Stand by You. #Quote by Kathleen Hale
Knees quotes by E.L. James
#94. Jones? Christian interrupts my train of thought. "I want you to kneel up on this," he says when we're at the table. Oh, okay. What does he have in mind? My inner goddess can't wait to find out - she's already scissor-kicked onto the table and is watching him with adoration. He gently lifts me onto the table, and I fold my legs beneath me and kneel in front of him, surprised by my own grace. Now we are eye to eye. He runs his hands down my thighs, grasps my knees, and pulls my legs apart and stands #Quote by E.L. James
Knees quotes by Cathy Maxwell
#95. She didn't want to see the blow coming, but refused to take the coward's way. She raised her lashes, meeting his gaze with a steady one of her own, even though her knees threatened to buckle from fear.
"You've made me very angry, Miss Constance," he said. "No one disrespects the name Lachlan. Not without paying a price."
And then he did something she had not anticipated.
He kissed her. #Quote by Cathy Maxwell
Knees quotes by Sara Gruen
#96. But then this Isabelle turned and laughed and in that instant I saw my wife. This made me weepy and these people whom I didn't recognize exchanged furtive glances and shortly thereafter announced that it was time to leave because Grandpa needed his rest. They patted my hand and they tucked my blanket in around my knees, and they left. They went out into the world, and they left me here. And to this day I have no idea who they were. I #Quote by Sara Gruen
Knees quotes by David Hume
#97. Men are much oftener thrown on their knees by the melancholy than by the agreeable passions. #Quote by David Hume
Knees quotes by Ann Voskamp
#98. I stop the spinning thoughts, the probing questions, the hands sorting, the laundry work, because God needs knees more than hands. #Quote by Ann Voskamp
Knees quotes by Dwight D. Eisenhower
#99. Ankles are nearly always neat and good-looking, but knees are nearly always not. #Quote by Dwight D. Eisenhower
Knees quotes by Corrie Ten Boom
#100. A man is powerful on his knees. #Quote by Corrie Ten Boom
Knees quotes by Liane Moriarty
#101. And on she went about the room, serving food and compliments, fixing every guest with that strange piercing gaze of hers, so that by the time she finished and was ready to do her demonstration, everyone obediently swung their knees in her direction, their faces attentive, ready to be sold Tupperware, as if a firm but fair teacher had taken control of a rowdy classroom. #Quote by Liane Moriarty
Knees quotes by Richelle Mead
#102. I mustered all my strength, drew back, and swung.
The sword's blade hit the side of her neck, hard and deep. She gave a horrible, sickening cry, a shriek that made my skin crawl. She tried to move toward me. I pulled back and hit again. Her hands clutched at her throat, and her knees gave way. I struck and struck, the sword digging in deeper into her neck each time. Cutting off someone's head was harder than I thought it would be. The old, dull sword probably wasn't helping.
But finally, I gained enough sense to realize she wasn't moving. Her head lay there, detached from her body, her dead eyes looking up at me as though she couldn't believe what had happened. That made two of us. #Quote by Richelle Mead
Knees quotes by John Steinbeck
#103. Behind him hobbled Granma, who had survived only because she was as mean as her husband. She had held her own with a shrill ferocious religiosity that was as lecherous and as savage as anything Grampa could offer. . . As she walked she hiked her Mother Hubbard up to her knees, and she bleated her shrill terrible war cry: "Pu-raise Gawd fur vittory. #Quote by John Steinbeck
Knees quotes by Eloisa James
#104. It was just that - Gabby's common sense came to the rescue. Quill was an uncommonly handsome man. His eyes made her feel weak in the knees and warm in the belly. / The problem, Gabby rationalized, is that Father never allowed me to have anything to do with men. So now I am overcome by the species in general. #Quote by Eloisa James
Knees quotes by Erica Stevens
#105. He grabbed hold of her, pulling her against him. A small gasp of surprise escaped her as he fell to his knees before her. He wrapped his arms around her waist as he rested his head against her stomach. "You humble me Arianna. I don't deserve you; I did nothing to earn your love, or the gift … that your presence has brought back to my life. #Quote by Erica Stevens
Knees quotes by Colleen Houck
#106. Home they brought her warrior dead: She nor swooned, nor uttered cry: All her maidens, watching, said, 'She must weep or she will die.' Then they praised him, soft and low, Called him worthy to be loved, Truest friend and noblest foe; Yet she neither spoke nor moved. Stole a maiden from her place, Lightly to the warrior stepped, Took the face-cloth from the face; Yet she neither moved nor wept. Rose a nurse of ninety years, Set his child upon her knee- Like summer tempest came her tears- 'Sweet my child, I live for thee.' -Alfred Lord Tennyson #Quote by Colleen Houck
Knees quotes by Lois Lowry
#107. JONAS DID NOT want to go back. He didn't want the memories, didn't want the honor, didn't want the wisdom, didn't want the pain. He wanted his childhood again, his scraped knees and ball games. #Quote by Lois Lowry
Knees quotes by Frank Ocean
#108. If it brings me to my knees, it's a bad religion #Quote by Frank Ocean
Knees quotes by Michael Farris Smith
#109. In the next hour, as he lay dying, he thought only of that moment of serenity, kneeling next to the church where he had been a boy before he grew into a man and realized the clarity of strength, his knees damp in the wet ground and in his palm the blue and red and purple glass.

As he lay dying, his flesh ripped like fabric, his blood flowing freely like the rain that came so often, he thought only of those beautiful shards of glass and the weight that they carried, and he found it difficult to comprehend that while he held those small holy things, how something so big and so powerful and so violent could have been so silent as it crept up behind him. #Quote by Michael Farris Smith
Knees quotes by Jayne Ann Krentz
#110. Readers understand that the books celebrate female power. In the romance novel, the woman always wins. With courage, intelligence and gentleness she brings the most dangerous creature on the earth, the human male, to his knees. #Quote by Jayne Ann Krentz
Knees quotes by The Notorious B.I.G.
#111. If I wasn't in the rap game,
I'd probably have a key knee-deep in the crack game.
Because the streets is a short stop:
Either you're slinging crack rock or you got a wicked jump shot. #Quote by The Notorious B.I.G.
Knees quotes by Bob Dylan
#112. When the jelly faced women all sneeze, hear the one with the mustache say I can't find my knees. #Quote by Bob Dylan
Knees quotes by Homer
#113. He lives not long who battles with the immortals, nor do his children prattle about his knees when he has come back from battle and the dread fray. #Quote by Homer
Knees quotes by Chuck Wendig
#114. Wade drops down off his bed - a bed handmade by a local boy down the road, a real autistic type who doesn't do well with people but can make a set of fresh-cut logs sing beneath saw and sandpaper. He groans and winces. He's old now, and feels the movements of the morning especially keenly; often he feels like a beater car that takes a while to start up. But this, this has him starting up - regardless of the arthritis squeezing his knees and the popcorn crackle of his back. #Quote by Chuck Wendig
Knees quotes by Melanie Dickerson
#115. Suddenly Lord Thornbeck rode straight up beside her and grabbed the reins. "Hold on to me!" While Lord Thornbeck forcefully pulled back on the reins and leaned on the horse's neck, Avelina clutched Lord Thornbeck's shoulders. His arm encircled her waist as he lifted her out of the saddle. He held her tight against his side until the stable workers were able to take the reins. Then he lowered her. Her feet touched the ground and her knees crumpled. #Quote by Melanie Dickerson
Knees quotes by Jamie McGuire
#116. I stumbled into the living room, and Thomas handed me a bottle of whiskey. They all had some in a glass
"You told them?" I asked Trenton, my voice broken.
Trenton nodded.
I collapsed to my knees, and my brothers surrounded me, placing their hands on my head and shoulders for support. #Quote by Jamie McGuire
Knees quotes by Mary Gaitskill
#117. One hot summer night in San Francisco, roughly 10 years ago, I was sitting in a crowded Pacific Heights restaurant when Alice Adams walked in with a man. She was about 60 at the time, and she was wearing a skirt that fell an inch or so above her knees and flat heels without stockings. #Quote by Mary Gaitskill
Knees quotes by Claire Thompson
#118. He wanted to share her grace and submissive charms with the people he'd come to regard as his family. And at the same time he wanted to possess her fully, to keep her in his bed at night, and by his side or on her knees in front of him when she wasn't serving the needs and pleasures of the household. #Quote by Claire Thompson
Knees quotes by Taryn Elliott
#119. She shut her eyes, digging her fingers into his shoulders as she slid herself down his length. He couldn't quite stop the quick shout of pleasure as her knees clamped his hips, crowding around him with her warmth. He wanted to hold her there, to drown in her, but she was already moving. She lifted herself higher and he took the clue and sucked her elegant neck, drawing in her scent as she took him inside her again. #Quote by Taryn Elliott
Knees quotes by Stendhal
#120. Punish me for my atrocious pride," she said to him, squeezing him in her arms as though to strangle him; "you are my master, I am your slave, I must beg pardon upon my knees for having sought to rebel." She slipped from his embrace to fall at his feet. "Yes, you are my master," she said again, intoxicated with love and joy; "reign over me for ever, punish your slave severely when she seeks to rebel. #Quote by Stendhal
Knees quotes by Michael Grant
#121. Sam was stiff and tired. He crept onto the houseboat, careful not to wake anyone, and sidled down the narrow passage to his bunk. The shades were drawn and of course there were no lights, so he felt his way to the edge of his bed and crawled across it on hands and knees to find his pillow.
He collapsed on his back.
But even at the edge of sleep he was aware of something different about the bed.
Then he felt soft breath on his cheek.
He turned and her lips were on his. Not gentle. Not soft. She kissed him hard, and it was like he'd been awakened by an electric power line.
She kissed him and slid on top of him.
Their bodies did the rest.
At some point in the hours that followed he said, "Astrid?"
"Don't you think you should have made sure of that about three times ago?" Astrid said in her familiar, slightly condescending tone.
They said many things to each other after that, but nothing that involved words. #Quote by Michael Grant
Knees quotes by Walter Farley
#122. They took pictures of Henry as he sat in the old canvas chair before the stall.
'Cross your knees and look sly,' they told Henry. #Quote by Walter Farley
Knees quotes by Kingsley Amis
#123. Time, plenty of it came to the rescue here: Kelly was to engage in self-expression. In Jake's vocabulary this was a vague term applied to activities like swearing and children's art but in the present context it evidently meant something more specific. The girl at once left her chair, sat down on one of the more affluent patches of carpet and clasped her knees. #Quote by Kingsley Amis
Knees quotes by Helen Macdonald
#124. I couldn't keep the dimensions of my car in my head. Or my own, for I kept having accidents. I cracked cups. I dropped plates. Fell over. Broke a toe on a door-jamb. I was as clumsy as I had been as a child. But when I was busy with Mabel I was never clumsy. The world with the hawk in it was insulated from harm, and in that world I was exactly aware of all the edges of my skin. Every night I slept and dreamed of creances, of lines and knots, of skeins of wool, skeins of geese flying south. And every afternoon I walked out onto the pitch with relief, because when the hawk was on my first I knew who I was, and I was never angry with her, even if I wanted to sink to my knees and weep every time she tried to fly away. #Quote by Helen Macdonald
Knees quotes by Chloe Thurlow
#125. There is nothing more feminine than a blowjob. You naked on your knees. Your guy with his hand resting on the back of your head. A really good blowjob confirms some primal nostalgia. It puts the world in balance. #Quote by Chloe Thurlow
Knees quotes by J.C. Ryle
#126. People are backsliders on their knees long before they backslide openly in the eyes of the world. #Quote by J.C. Ryle
Knees quotes by Rebecca Stead
#127. Bridge knew why she was here. It's why we're all here, she thought. Call it Mr. Partridge with his black-and-white cookies. Call it Em standing on that stage with her knees shaking but her voice strong. Call it Jamie looking awkward in the doorway of her bedroom after she'd had the mummy nightmare. Call it love. #Quote by Rebecca Stead
Knees quotes by Bono
#128. To touch is to heal, to hurt is to steal, if you want to kiss the sky, better learn how to kneel - on your knees boy! #Quote by Bono
Knees quotes by Joseph Ejiro
#129. I'm above crawling on my knees for certain favors. What you cannot give me: I cannot beg for it. This is not arrogance or pride. This is having a clear understanding of my self worth.‪ #Quote by Joseph Ejiro
Knees quotes by Cassandra Clare
#130. Alec pulled his knees up to his chest and looked thoughtfully at Jace. "I know," he said. "I'm not jealous. I always knew, from the first, that everyone thought you were better than me. My dad thought it. The Clave thought it. Izzy and Max looked up to you as the great warrior they wanted to be like. But the day you asked me to be your parabatai, I knew you meant that you trusted me enough to ask me to help you. You were telling me that you weren't this lone and self-sufficient warrior able to do everything alone. You needed me. So I realized that there was one person who didn't assume you were better than me. You. #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Knees quotes by John Steinbeck
#131. One night i rode home - it was a confession - and i came staggering across the yard and i fell into the rosebush and crawled up the stairs on my hands and knees and i was sick on the floor beside my bed. In the morning I tried to tell him I was sorry, and do you know what he said? 'Why, Tom, you were just jolly'. 'Jolly,' if I did it. A drunken man didn't crawl home. Just Jolly #Quote by John Steinbeck
Knees quotes by Nathan Myhrvold
#132. The ever-growing size of software applications is what makes Moore's Law possible: 'If we hadn't brought your computer to its knees, why would you go out and buy a new one?' #Quote by Nathan Myhrvold
Knees quotes by Sarah Fine
#133. We did not speak, but we did communicate. She shows me her pain with her fists and knees and elbows. I show her mine the same way. It was the most honest conversation we have had in a very long time. Both of us came away bleeding, and I wanted more of it. I wanted to taste her sweat and have her beneath me. I wanted her to scrape my skin with her fingernails. I wanted to feel her teeth in my flesh. I wanted her to punish me for loving her. I wanted her to beat it out of me. But even she is not strong enough for that. #Quote by Sarah Fine
Knees quotes by Shel Silverstein
#134. I've found my missin' piece So grease my knees and fleece my bees I've found my missin' piece! #Quote by Shel Silverstein
Knees quotes by Jewel E. Ann
#135. I came to Savannah to see where it all began ... where I began. But right now, I swear to God I flew to the other side of the pond just to see Theo in a dirty white T-shirt and faded blue jeans with holes in the knees, a red bandana wrapped around his head, and the most vulnerable look in his blue eyes. #Quote by Jewel E. Ann
Knees quotes by Aishabella Sheikh
#136. The moon rose above the canopy and a dreamy mist swirled around our knees as we danced, fingers entwined and hearts in sync with the universe; just a prince and his princess, a boy and a girl, learning to love in a beautiful world. #Quote by Aishabella Sheikh
Knees quotes by Sarah Kane
#137. Hippolytus: Do you believe in God?
Priest: (Looks at him.)
Hippolytus: I know what I am. And always will be. But you. You sin knowing you'll confess. Then you're forgiven. And then you start all over again.
How do you dare mock a God so powerful? Unless you don't really believe.
Priest: This is your confession, not mine.
Hippolytus: Then why are you on your knees? God certainly is merciful. If I were him I'd despise you. I'd wipe you off the face of the earth for your dishonesty.
Priest: You're not God.
Hippolytus: No. A prince. God on earth. But not God. Fortunate for all concerned. I'd not allow you to sin knowing you'd confess and get away with it.
Priest: Heaven would be empty.
Hippolytus: A kingdom of honest men, honestly sinning. And death for those who try to cover their arse. #Quote by Sarah Kane
Knees quotes by Shelly Crane
#138. I'm going to be in a better place. I'm going to see Daddy. But you are going to help people. You are the helper, Sophelia, the one who will take all the bad and ugly and make it what it was supposed to be in the first place. You will bring this world to its knees one day." I opened my mouth to say ... something. "I - " "One day you'll get to fly, Soph, just like Pan and Wendy. Fly away home to a better place where everything is brighter, boys are never lost, and mothers don't ever leave. But right now? Don't mourn me," she whispered. "I love you and I planned this. All is as it should be. One day, you will understand. #Quote by Shelly Crane
Knees quotes by Angela Elwell Hunt
#139. Tell me," he said, leaning forward with his elbows braced on his knees, "tell me how you were able to find peace about your situation. How did you forgive the man who hurt you?"

She studied him. Apparently he'd been thinking long and hard about something that disturbed him. The corners of his mouth were tight, and his eyes slightly shiny. Had he been putting himself through this sort of stressful heart searching every night?
"I struggled, yes." She closed her hands to resist the impulse to stroke his cheek. "But when I saw Buddy sitting there, I realized he had already paid a price. And I'm not his judge-I will never be. He has to answer to God, not only for what he did to me, but for how he treated everyone. Knowing that I'm only a tiny piece of the picture-knowing that, I could smile and let it go. I don't really think about him anymore, and I don't hate him. Truthfully, I mostly feel sorry for him."
Erik hung his head. "It sounds so easy when you say it. So sensible."
"I'm not saying what worked for me will for everyone-I mean, "I'm not much of an expert."
Aren't you?" His mouth twisted in wry amusement. "Let me see-instead of being angry at that church for running me off, I need to realize they've paid a price?
"They lost you as a minister. And who knows? Maybe what they did soured other people in town. #Quote by Angela Elwell Hunt
Knees quotes by Charles Martin
#140. If your knuckles are bloodier than your knees,then you're fighting the wrong battle. #Quote by Charles Martin
Knees quotes by Allen Eskens
#141. Now, as I walk back to him, carrying these rocks, I also carry the weight of Jenni's words to me: "I'd never want you to become someone bad because of me". That memory presses me down and threatens to buckle my knees more than any bundle or rocks ever could. #Quote by Allen Eskens
Knees quotes by Norman Mailer
#142. It was better than floods of misery that a son of her flesh had killed the sons of other mothers. That burned in her heart like the pain which flared in the arthritis of her knees. Pain was a boring conversationalist who never stopped, just found new topics. Bess #Quote by Norman Mailer
Knees quotes by Rihanna
#143. My knees on the ground, dear father, don't let me break, please make me stronger. #Quote by Rihanna
Knees quotes by L.M. Montgomery
#144. But I think I'll carry that book into the sitting room and lock it in the jam closet and give you the key. And you must not give it to me l, Matthew, until my lessons are done, not even if I implore you on my bended knees. It's all very well to say resist temptation, but it's ever so much easier to resist it if you can't get the key. #Quote by L.M. Montgomery
Knees quotes by John Logan
#145. I would rather die on my feet than spend a lifetime on my knees #Quote by John Logan
Knees quotes by Beth Morey
#146. I stand in my own power now, the questions of permission that I used to choke on for my every meal now dead in a fallen heap, and when they tell me that I will fall, I nod. I will fall, I reply, and

my words are a whisper
my words are a howl

I will fall , I say, and the tumbling will be all my own. The skinned palms and oozing knees are holy wounds, stigmata of my She.

I will catch my own spilled blood, and not a drop will be wasted. #Quote by Beth Morey
Knees quotes by Alice McDermott
#147. And then the thrashing of the wind against the house and then what might have been a volley of pistol shots, and then a sound like something slowly spilling from a great height. Jacob pulled his knees up into his arms and whimpered. Annie, dramatically, put her arms around her father's neck. "There went the tree," he said. #Quote by Alice McDermott
Knees quotes by Kamand Kojouri
#148. If you ask all the cells
in my body,
they only answer your name.
Follicles push the hair upwards
so they may brush
against your skin.
Nails grow faster as well.
Lungs breathe rapidly
in hopes of inhaling your scent.
Toes curl to smile and
knees form dimples when you are near.
Brain fireworks.
Stomach fills with flies of butter
and swallows, and
swans swoon.
Cattle, rhinos, and walruses too -
there's a stampede when you are near.
I love you from the bottom of my liver
to the tip of my lashes.
One wink from you and heart stops,
like a sneeze. Bless you.
I cannot even begin to tell you
what happens to soul,
for soul is off
flying with its mate. #Quote by Kamand Kojouri
Knees quotes by Chauncey L. Canfield
#149. I would like to have enough capital so that I would not have to slave from sunrise till dark as I did on dad's farm. I don't know as the work was any harder than what we do here, but there is a difference. There all we got was just about a bare living, at the best a few hundred dollars put away for a year's work, but here one don't know what the next stroke of the pick, or the next rocker full of dirt, may bring forth - an ounce or twenty ounces it may be. That is the excitement and fascination that makes one endure the hardships, working up to one's knees in cold water, breaking one's back in gouging and crevicing, the chance that the next panful will indicate the finding of a big deposit. #Quote by Chauncey L. Canfield
Knees quotes by Caroline Myss
#150. Poem from Rev. Jim Cotter, as listed on the opening pages of "Anatomy of the Spirit" by Caroline Myss:

~ God be in my head and in my understanding.

God be in my eyes and in my looking.

God be in my mouth and in my speaking.

God be in my tongue and in my tasting.

God be in my lips and in my greeting.

~ God be in my nose and in my smelling/inhaling.

God be in my ears and in my hearing.

God be in my neck and in my humbling.

God be in my shoulders and in my bearing.

God be in my back and in my standing.

~ God be in my arms and in my reaching/receiving.

God be in my hands and in my working.

God be in my legs and in my walking.

God be in my feet and in my grounding.

God be in my knees and in my relating.

~ God be in my gut and in my feeling.

God be in my bowels and in my forgiving.

God be in my loins and in my swiving.

God be in my lungs and in my breathing.

God be in my heart and in my loving.

~ God be in my skin and in my touching.

God be in my flesh and in my paining/pining.

God be in my blood and in my living.

God be in my bones and in my dying.

God be at my end and at my reviving. #Quote by Caroline Myss
Knees quotes by Daniil Kharms
#151. So, once Petrakov wanted to go to sleep but, lying down, missed the bed. He hit the floor so hard he lay there unable to get up.

So Petrakov mustered his remaining strength and got on his hands and knees. But his strength abandoned him and he fell on his stomach again, and he just lies there.

Petrakov lay on the floor about five hours. At first he just lay there, but then he fell asleep.

Sleep refreshed Petrakov's strength. He woke up invigorated, got up, walked around the room and cautiously lay down on the bed. "Well," he thought, "now I'll get some sleep." But now he's not feeling very sleepy. So Petrakov keeps turning in his bed and can't fall asleep.

And that's it, more or less. #Quote by Daniil Kharms
Knees quotes by Thomas L. Kay
#152. Saints"

Thank God for all who give relief
for those who really care
Who put their arms around the weak
and plead for them in prayer

Thank God for those who hear the heart
and listen to the words
Who know a look or gentle touch
mean more than all the world

Thank God for those who lift the hands
and strengthen feeble knees
Who go about restoring souls
in quiet ministry. #Quote by Thomas L. Kay
Knees quotes by Bede Griffiths
#153. God had brought me to my knees and made me acknowledge my own nothingness, and out of that knowledge I had been reborn. I was no longer the centre of my life and therefore I could see God in everything. #Quote by Bede Griffiths
Knees quotes by Billie Holiday
#154. My Man

It cost me a lot
But there's one thing that I've got
It's my man
It's my man

Cold or wet
Tired, you bet
All of this I'll soon forget
With my man

He's not much on looks
He's no hero out of books
But I love him
Yes, I love him

Two or three girls
Has he
That he likes as well as me
But I love him

I don't know why I should
He isn't true
He beats me, too
What can I do?

Oh, my man, I love him so
He'll never know
All my life is just a spare
But I don't care
When he takes me in his arms
The world is bright
All right

What's the difference if I say
I'll go away
When I know I'll come back
On my knees someday

For whatever my man is
I'm his forevermore #Quote by Billie Holiday
Knees quotes by Jason Luke
#155. Women don't want to be forced to their knees. They want to be made to feel weak at the knees. Husbands and lovers need to make the woman in their life feel conquered. #Quote by Jason Luke
Knees quotes by Virginia H. Pearce
#156. Keep it small. Keep it simple. Give it time. An exercise program such as yoga is a slow process. It is slow by design. But, in order to secure the gains and add to them, you have to keep it up. And guess what, the more you do it, the more your desire to do it grows. It is the same with building core spiritual muscles. You may have a period of intense growth - perhaps some adversity that drives you to your knees and calls forth the blessings of heaven. But to secure those gains, we must continue to invite the Holy Ghost into our lives - daily. #Quote by Virginia H. Pearce
Knees quotes by Caitlyn Jenner
#157. I used to play a lot of tennis and then, next thing you know, same thing with tennis. That banging on the knees, the jarring, twisting motion - I couldn't do it. All of a sudden, every time I played, my knee would swell up. #Quote by Caitlyn Jenner
Knees quotes by Ellen Hopkins
#158. I blamed the Bible,
when its words were not at fault,
only the way they're interpreted
by those too willing
to wield them like chain saws,
cutting others off at the knees. #Quote by Ellen Hopkins
Knees quotes by Sarah McLachlan
#159. So tired of this straight line, and everywhere you turn
There's vultures and thieves at your back
The storm keeps on twisting, you keep on building the lies
That you make up for all that you lack.
It don't make no difference, escaping one last time
It's easier to believe
In this sweet madness, oh this glorious sadness
That brings me to my knees. #Quote by Sarah McLachlan
Knees quotes by Patrick Fabian
#160. I hit my knees every morning and every night to give thanks for being alive and all the blessings I have. And in the middle of chaos, it's been suggested to me to stop and truly look around, notice the sky, the trees, the grass, and realize you're part of it all, which is hard when you really want to focus on what you think is bothering you. However, one of the smartest things I do is check in with my awesome wife, who is really good at screwing my head back on when needed. #Quote by Patrick Fabian
Knees quotes by Harry Belafonte
#161. We Have Got To Bring Corporate America To Its Knees #Quote by Harry Belafonte
Knees quotes by Dwight L. Moody
#162. The Christian on his knees sees more than the philosopher on tiptoe. God sends no one away empty except those who are full of themselves. #Quote by Dwight L. Moody
Knees quotes by Rick Perry
#163. I want people of faith on my side, not just voting on election day but by hoisting me up by getting down on your knees and lifting me up in prayer. Those who have a different view of things are already organizing ... Will you stand in the gap with those of us who believe there's a God, and a God who is strong? We can stand in the gap together and speak about issues we believe in and we will be victorious. #Quote by Rick Perry
Knees quotes by Katherine Dunn
#164. The child, screaming for refuge, senses how feeble a shelter the twig hut of grown-up awareness is. They claim strength, these parents, and complete sanctuary. The weeping earth itself knows how desperate is the child's need for exactly that sanctuary. How deep and sticky is the darkness of childhood, how rigid the blades of infant evil, which is unadulterated, unrestrained by the convenient cushions of age and its civilizing anesthesia.
Grownups can deal with scraped knees, dropped ice-cream cones, and lost dollies, but if they suspected the real reasons we cry they would fling us out of their arms in horrified revulsion. Yet we are small and as terrified as we are terrifying in our ferocious appetites. #Quote by Katherine Dunn
Knees quotes by Douglas William Jerrold
#165. Religion is in the heart, not in the knees. #Quote by Douglas William Jerrold
Knees quotes by Thierry Mugler
#166. The reason I quit fashion was that I had had enough of spending my time always being on my knees, making other people look amazing and fabulous. #Quote by Thierry Mugler
Knees quotes by Joseph Mitchell
#167. I was coughing and sneezing, my eyes were sore, my knees were shaky, I was as hungry as a bitch wolf, and I had exactly eight cents to my name. I didn't care. my history was longer by eleven thousand brand-new words, and at that moment I bet there wasn't a chairman of the board in all New York as happy as I. #Quote by Joseph Mitchell
Knees quotes by Karen Witemeyer
#168. Call me Levi." Duncan nodded. "Levi, then. 'Tis a fine name to be carrying." Levi shook his head and chuckled softly. "Keep your flattery for the women, Duncan." "Why do ye think I'm practicin'?" Duncan winked at him. "I got me a bonny lass to impress. She's a shy one, but I'm determined to coax her out of hiding." He wiggled his eyebrows and lifted his knees in a high-stepping jig as he danced his way through the doors, leaving Levi with a hearty dose of laughter rumbling in his chest. #Quote by Karen Witemeyer
Knees quotes by C.S. Lewis
#169. If a mother is mourning not for what she has lost but for what her dead child has lost, it is a comfort to believe that the child has not lost the end for which it was created. And it is a comfort to believe that she herself, in losing her chief or only natural happiness, has not lost a greater thing, that she may still hope to "glorify God and enjoy Him forever." A comfort to the God-aimed, eternal spirit within her. But not to her motherhood. The specifically maternal happiness must be written off. Never, in any place or time, will she have her son on her knees, or bathe him, or tell him a story, or plan for his future, or see her grandchild. #Quote by C.S. Lewis
Knees quotes by Kelly Elliott
#170. Ellie I have never in life ... ever sweetheart ... experienced these feelings that i have for you. You walk into a room and i have to catch my breath at the sight of you. You flash your beautiful smile at me and there's not a damn thing in this world I wouldnt do for you. Your laugh moves through my body like a jolt of electricity. Your eyes captivate mine; your lips bring me to my knee's. I want to know every part of you Ellie. I'm just as confused by these feelings as you are sweetheart but i want you to know something, I'll never push you or give up on us I promise you that. Please Ellie just let me in. Let me prove to you how much i want to be with you #Quote by Kelly Elliott
Knees quotes by Pat Conroy
#171. That's what a good book does-it puts readers on their knees. It makes you want to believe in a world you just read about-the one that will make you feel different about the world you thought you lived in, the world that will never be the same. #Quote by Pat Conroy
Knees quotes by Sabaa Tahir
#172. Fight back, Laia. For Darin. For Izzi. For every Scholar this beast has abused. Fight. A scream bursts from me, and I claw at Marcus's face, but a punch to my stomach takes the wind out of my lungs. I double over, retching, and his knee comer up into my forehead. The hallway spins, and I drop to my knees. Then I hear him laughting, a sadistic chuckle that stokes my defiance.

Sluggishly, I throw myself at his legs. It won't be like before, like during the raid when I let that Mask drag me about my own house like some dead thing.

This time, I'll fight. Tooth and nail, I'll fight. #Quote by Sabaa Tahir
Knees quotes by Rick Bragg
#173. I guess it is what you do if you grow up with warnings of damnation ringing from every church door and radio station and family reunion, in a place where total strangers will walk up to you at the Piggly Wiggly and ask if you are Saved. Even if you deny that faith, rebuke it, you still carry it around with you like some half-forgotten Indian head penny you keep in your pocket for luck. I wonder sometimes if I will be the same, if when I see my life coming to an end I will drop to my knees and search my soul for old sins and my memory for forgotten prayers. I reckon so. #Quote by Rick Bragg
Knees quotes by A.L. Davroe
#174. His fingers tighten, drawing my leg open so that ours knees touch and he leans closer to me. "Not at all," he whispers in a spine-tingling purr, eyes alight with secret sparkle. "It should scare you. It should scare you and enliven you. It should make you want to start a fire. Because you can. #Quote by A.L. Davroe
Knees quotes by Cameron Dane
#175. Christian didn't think he'd ever had a more perfect moment in his adult life than lying on that mattress, the two of them on their sides, so fucking close they touched everywhere from knees, to stomachs, to lips, kissing and learning each other. And God, for Christian, the moment felt damn close to loving too. #Quote by Cameron Dane
Knees quotes by M. Leighton
#176. I'm staring at him with my mouth open - again - as he tucks his shirt back in. When he's finished, he takes a step closer to me. I stand perfectly still. His grin dies into a seductive curve of his lips that makes my knees feel funny. I'm completely spellbound and embarrassingly turned on when he bends to whisper in my ear.
"You'd better close those lips before I'm tempted to kiss them and really give you something to be all hot and bothered about." -Cash #Quote by M. Leighton
Knees quotes by G.S. Jennsen
#177. He steadied himself by resting one palm on her thigh and the other on the armrest, and rose to his knees. "I'll be damned."

"Possibly. But not today, I think. #Quote by G.S. Jennsen
Knees quotes by Kathryn Lasky
#178. Every pellet has a story all its own.
Every pellet has a story all its own.
With its fur and teeth and bones
And one or two stones,
Every pellet has a story all its own.
We shall dissect every pellet with glee.
Perhaps we'll find a rodents knee.
And never shall we tire
In the sacred task that we conspire,
No do our work less perfectly
And those bright flecks at the core,
Which makes our hearts soar,
Shall forever remain the deepest mystery.
- The owlets in the Pelletorium at St. Aegolius #Quote by Kathryn Lasky
Knees quotes by Sheryl Crow
#179. I used to jog every day and call it my 'gratitude run.' I'd make my gratitude list as I ran. I never ran out of things to be grateful for. My knees aren't what they used to be, but I still do my gratitude list every day. #Quote by Sheryl Crow
Knees quotes by Suzy Welch
#180. When I first met Jack, I was terrified of him. I wasn't expecting a fun, laughing, enjoyable, exciting guy. I walked into his office like most people, with my knees knocking together. I was scared. #Quote by Suzy Welch
Knees quotes by Selenis Leyva
#181. I believe in God. I got down on my knees and I said, 'I get it. If this isn't for me, then it isn't for me.' And then a week later, I started working. I worked on 'The Following,' I worked on 'Elementary,' I worked on a pilot and then I got 'Orange.' So literally from that moment of deep surrender, that's when you're blessed. #Quote by Selenis Leyva
Knees quotes by Oswald J. Smith
#182. This last month I have felt the burden of a city. Its great sorrow has pressed in on my soul. Its vice and sin have bowed me upon my knees in tears. #Quote by Oswald J. Smith
Knees quotes by Dieter F. Uchtdorf
#183. May I invite you to rise to the great potential within you. But don't reach beyond your capacity. Don't set goals beyond your capacity to achieve. Don't feel guilty or dwell on thoughts of failure. Don't compare yourself with others. Do the best you can, and the Lord will provide the rest. Have faith and confidence in Him, and you will see miracles happen in your life and the lives of your loved ones. The virtue of your own life will be a light to those who sit in darkness, because you are a living witness of the fulness of the gospel (see D&C 45:28). Wherever you have been planted on this beautiful but often troubled earth of ours, you can be the one to "succor the weak, lift up the hands which hang down, and strengthen the feeble knees" (D&C 81:5). #Quote by Dieter F. Uchtdorf
Knees quotes by Holly Black
#184. Get down here before you're recognized."
"Playing hide-and-seek under the table? Crouching in the dirt? Typical of your kind, but far beneath my dignity."
He laughs unsteadily, like he expects I am going to laugh, too. I don't. I ball up my fist and punch him in the stomach, right where I know it will hurt. He staggers to his knees. The goblet drops to the dirt, making a hollow clanking sound. "Ow!" he shouts, and lets me tug him under the table. #Quote by Holly Black
Knees quotes by Slavisa Pavlovic
#185. We play in twelve rounds. The present against me. I lost the previous eleven. Defeat after defeat. And now I am waiting for the last round. The key round. The fact that I did not fall so far gives me more strength. It's only now that I hope to win, by knock-out, because the fate is too tired from punches that it will eventually fall by itself. And maybe it will fall on knees when it realizes that I am not going to fall. #Quote by Slavisa Pavlovic
Knees quotes by A.W. Tozer
#186. The believing man does not claim to understand. He falls to his knees and whispers, "God." The man of earth kneels also, but not to worship. He kneels to examine, to search, to find the cause and the how of things. #Quote by A.W. Tozer
Knees quotes by Abbi Glines
#187. Hello Rush," she said, breaking the silence. The sound of her voice almost sent me to my knees. God, I'd missed her voice.
"Blaire," I managed to say, terrified that I'd scare her away just by speaking. #Quote by Abbi Glines
Knees quotes by Kerry Greenwood
#188. She dropped on his chest with both knees and vengefully banged his head on the floor, once to knock him out and twice because it made her feel better. #Quote by Kerry Greenwood
Knees quotes by Frederick Busch
#189. Never use 'submit' as a verb for sending work to magazine or book publishers; say 'offer,' and never, ever submit. Keep your knees unbent. Be brave. #Quote by Frederick Busch
Knees quotes by Stacie Orrico
#190. I have always dressed a little bit differently, even when I was in school. I would wear skirts over pants because I went to a Christian private school and wanted to wear short skirts, but we had to wear skirts below our knees, so I put on a pair of jeans underneath so I could wear the skirt, too. When you become an artist you have to be so aware of what you're wearing all the time, but I've definitely wanted to stay classy, girlie, and feminine - I won't walk around in my bra or trashy clothes. I don't feel attractive that way. #Quote by Stacie Orrico
Knees quotes by Charles Haddon Spurgeon
#191. Behold the Lord of Life nailed to a cross, with the thorn-crown about his brow, with bleeding head, and hands, and feet. What! can you look upon this miracle of miracles, the death of the Son of God, without feeling within your bosom a marvellous adoration that language never can express? And when you feel the blood applied to your conscience, and know that he has blotted out your sins, you are not a man unless you start from your knees and cry, Let the whole earth be filled with his glory; Amen, and Amen. #Quote by Charles Haddon Spurgeon
Knees quotes by Leylah Attar
#192. God, he was intense. And deliberate. And he could say things with his eyes that made my knees tremble. #Quote by Leylah Attar
Knees quotes by Richard Scutari
#193. These guys (Muslims) are total fanatics. If they aren't on their knees groveling before their tribal God, they are walking around chanting in an attempt to memorize the whole Koran. The goal of the fanatics is to destroy the West and place us all under Muslim Sharia law. All others are to be slain. These people are not our allies and anyone who says "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" needs to have the stupidity slapped out of them. #Quote by Richard Scutari
Knees quotes by Timothy George
#194. Coram Deo means that while we are always at God's disposal, God is never at ours. "To believe in such a God," Luther said, "is to go down on your knees."23 #Quote by Timothy George
Knees quotes by James E. Faust
#195. We need to recognize and acknowledge angry feelings. It will take humility to do this, but if we will get on our knees and ask Heavenly Father for a feeling of forgiveness, He will help us. ... Only as we rid ourselves of hatred and bitterness can the Lord put comfort into our hearts. #Quote by James E. Faust
Knees quotes by Mark Twain
#196. Kings" and "Kingdoms" were as thick in Britain as they had been in little Palestine in Joshua's time, when people had to sleep with their knees pulled up because they couldn't stretch out without a passport. #Quote by Mark Twain
Knees quotes by Judi Dench
#197. I have a completely new knee. It's brilliant. I am not feeling my age at all. I feel about 43, a willowy blonde 43 years old with long legs. #Quote by Judi Dench
Knees quotes by Emmanuelle Soni-Dessaigne
#198. You will come
After the storm
You will lay your head
On my knees
You will come to seek
All I am

And I would breathe you like,
Opening the window,
I was breathing the rain. #Quote by Emmanuelle Soni-Dessaigne
Knees quotes by Cristina Rivera Garza
#199. Look at this: your knees. They are used for kneeling upon reality, also for crawling, terrified. You use them to sit on a lotus flower and say goodbye to the immensity #Quote by Cristina Rivera Garza
Knees quotes by Marya Hornbacher
#200. Soon madness has worn you down. It's easier to do what it says than argue. In this way, it takes over your mind. You no longer know where it ends and you begin. You believe anything it says. You do what it tells you, no matter how extreme or absurd. If it says you're worthless, you agree. You plead for it to stop. You promise to behave. You are on your knees before it, and it laughs. #Quote by Marya Hornbacher

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