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Kirstein Young quotes by Danielle De Niese
#1. One of the things I loved about my childhood was that I didn't feel like I lost my innocence too young, like some children these days. #Quote by Danielle De Niese
Kirstein Young quotes by John William Tuohy
#2. The next day I was driven down to New York City to take the physical. It was one of the strangest things I'd ever seen. Several hundred young men, maybe even a thousand, in their skivvies, walking around an enormous room, all of us lost, dazed, and confused.
Some of these guys had dodged the draft and were there under the watchful eyes of dozens of federal marshals lined up against one of the walls. After eight hours of being poked, prodded, stuck, and poked again, I was given a large red envelope. I had been rejected. I had the respiratory problems of an old man, high blood pressure, partial loss of hearing, very bad teeth, very flat, very wide feet and I tested positive for tuberculosis.
"Frankly," the doctor said, "I don't know how the hell you're even standing up," and that was when the sergeant told me that if they bottled everything that was wrong with me "we could take over the world without a shot. #Quote by John William Tuohy
Kirstein Young quotes by Danielle LaPorte
#3. Talk show host Charlie Rose asked folk rocker Neil Young about following his own muse. "So if you get an idea at, say, a dinner party, if you hear a tune or a lyric, do you excuse yourself from the party?" Charlie inquired. "Of course. You never know when she'll [the muse] come again. I'm responsible to her." Sometimes, Neil would hide out in a bathroom to scratch out a song that was coming to him and return to his dinner guests after he felt he'd captured it. When you feel an idea comin' on, excuse yourself. Pull over to the side of the road. Get lost in the creative flow. Be late. Barge in. #Quote by Danielle LaPorte
Kirstein Young quotes by Jose Bergamin
#4. To be young is to live in the hope of escaping youth; to be old, in the despair of having succeeded. #Quote by Jose Bergamin
Kirstein Young quotes by Robert Crumb
#5. I always had a sketchbook with me when I was young. I was hiding behind it, basically, hiding behind drawing because I couldn't cope with people in real life; I was very shy and very nervous around people. #Quote by Robert Crumb
Kirstein Young quotes by Nathaniel Hawthorne
#6. The door of the jail being flung open, the young woman stood fully revealed before the crowd. It seemed to be her first impulse to clasp the infant closely to her bosom that she might conceal a certain token which was wrought or fastened to her dress. In a moment, however, wisely judging that one token of her shame would but poorly serve to hide another, she took the baby on her arm, and, with a burning blush and yet a haughty smile, looked around at her townspeople and neighbors. On the breast of her gown, in fine red cloth, surrounded with an elaborate embroidery and fantastic flourishes of gold thread, appeared the letter A. #Quote by Nathaniel Hawthorne
Kirstein Young quotes by Douglas Adams
#7. Share and Enjoy' is the company motto of the hugely successful Sirius Cybernetics Corporation Complaints Division, which now covers the major land masses of three medium-sized planets and is the only part of the Corporation to have shown a consistent profit in recent years.
The motto stands
or rather stood
in three mile high illuminated letters near the Complaints Department spaceport on Eadrax. Unfortunately its weight was such that shortly after it was erected, the ground beneath the letters caved in and they dropped for nearly half their length through the offices of many talented young Complaints executives
now deceased.
The protruding upper halves of the letters now appear, in the local language, to read "Go stick your head in a pig," and are no longer illuminated, except at times of special celebration. #Quote by Douglas Adams
Kirstein Young quotes by Studs Terkel
#8. On the evening bus, the tense, pinched faces of young file clerks and elderly secretaries tell us more than we care to know. On the expressways, middle management men pose without grace behind their wheels as they flee city and job. #Quote by Studs Terkel
Kirstein Young quotes by Aristotle.
#9. Young men have strong passions and tend to gratify them indiscriminately. Of the bodily desires, it is the sexual by which they are most swayed and in which they show absence of control ... They are changeable and fickle in their desires which are violent while they last, but quickly over: their impulses are keen but not deep rooted. #Quote by Aristotle.
Kirstein Young quotes by Andrew Young
#10. The man with courage is a majority. #Quote by Andrew Young
Kirstein Young quotes by Jarod Kintz
#11. I'm going to name my firstborn son 0123456789, because I want him to learn to count before he learns the alphabet. And my second son I'll call 01, because I want him to get into computers at a young age. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Kirstein Young quotes by Brian Doyle
#12. When young we think there will come one person who will savor and sustain us always; when we are older we know this is the dream of a child, that all hearts finally are bruised and scarred, scored and torn, repaired by time and will, patched by force of character, yet fragile and rickety forevermore, no matter how ferocious the defense and how many bricks you bring to the wall. #Quote by Brian Doyle
Kirstein Young quotes by Edward Young
#13. The man that blushes is not quite a brute. #Quote by Edward Young
Kirstein Young quotes by Laura Ruby
#14. Once, a young man lost his wife and went to the Land of Dead to find her. He said his life wasn't worth living without her, and played the loveliest song to prove it. The song was so moving, the Lord of the Dead granted his request, though he had never done it before. He said the young man could go, and his wife would follow him, she would be right behind him. But he couldn't look back at her, he had to trust she was there. But he didn't. He didn't trust, he looked back, and so the woman had to stay. Obviously, he didn't love her the way he said he did. But then, I have found that people never love the way they say they do. They can't. They are just people. Full of lies and sentiment and fear. There is no reason for you to leave here, and no way for you to go. No one will come for you, and even if they did, I am not the sentimental sort. #Quote by Laura Ruby
Kirstein Young quotes by Ian Gillan
#15. After my early days of being a passionate young Elvis fan, Chuck Berry, Little Richard, etc. I got interested in Ray Charles and Ella Fitzgerald. Then I got turned on to the blues. I realized how important it was to our music in England at the time. Everyone was into the blues. Then you start looking at the different kinds of blues, and you follow the journey backwards from Chicago to earlier times back down to the Delta to the Memphis Blues. #Quote by Ian Gillan
Kirstein Young quotes by Tony Parsons
#16. And then the old man was standing in the doorway, still in his white coat and his French Foreign Legion hat, blinking at his wife and his son and his son's girlfriend, young Misty.
"Guess what?" Terry's mum said, as if she had been saving this up for a long time. "Guess what, Granddad?"
Yes, his father looked ancient these days. But when he heard the news and it had started to sink in, that kind, exhausted face lit up with a smile, and it was a smile that Terry knew would last the old man for years. #Quote by Tony Parsons
Kirstein Young quotes by David Foster Wallace
#17. Well O. the thing's sick. It's even sicker than 4. Was it 4? The one you said that Loach inspired, where you'd supposedly just that very day dropped out of Jesuit seminary after umpteen years of disciplined celibacy because of carno-spiritual yearnings you hadn't even been quite in touch with as carno-spiritual in nature until you just now this very moment laid eyes on the Subject? With the breviary and rented collar?'

'That was 4, yes. 4's pretty much of a gynecopia also, but within a kind of narrower demographic psychological range of potential Subjects. Notice I never said 4 was no-miss.'

'Well you must be a very proud young man. This is even sicker. The fake ring and fictional spouse. It's like you're inventing somebody you love just to seduce somebody else into helping you betray her. What's it like. It's like suborning somebody into helping you desecrate a tomb they don't know is empty.'

'This is what I get for passing down priceless fruits of hard experience to somebody who still thinks it's exciting to shave.'

'I ought to go. I have a blackhead I have to see to.'

'You haven't asked why I called right back. Why I'm calling during high-toll hours.'

'Plus I feel some kind of toothache starting, and it's the weekend, and I want to see Schacht before Mrs. Clarke's confectionery day in the sun tomorrow. Plus I'm naked. #Quote by David Foster Wallace
Kirstein Young quotes by Christine Meunier
#18. So I'm there, surrounded by all these young and old girls who are obviously in season and I don't know what to do."
The trained psychologist cleared his throat, his brows raised.
"Girls… in season?" he questioned dubiously.
"Yeah… and they're all backing up to me and I just know that if I let them fall pregnant the boss'll kill me, but I'm stuck."
"Umm… what exactly are we talking about?"
"My dream: me holding the teaser and all the clients' expensive mares-"
"Oh! So these are horses. Tell me, what's a teaser? #Quote by Christine Meunier
Kirstein Young quotes by Lorie Ann Grover
#19. Young lady, you are God's creation, beautiful and precious. When people hurt you, it's not because you should be hurt or you deserve it. They are the ones who have done wrong. #Quote by Lorie Ann Grover
Kirstein Young quotes by Jim Breuer
#20. You tell your guy friends you got engaged, it's like hearing someone died. 'What happened man? Wow. He was so young, man. What happened? He had his whole life ahead of him. Wow, I just saw him yesterday. #Quote by Jim Breuer
Kirstein Young quotes by Crystal Evans
#21. I tell my christian relatives that "churchianity" is the central reason the church is not teeming with young people. The hypocrisy within the church is not concealed from this growing, informed generation. The arrogance among church goers is unnerving, Jesus was such a humble individual to begin with, he did not discriminate. #Quote by Crystal Evans
Kirstein Young quotes by Charles Dickens
#22. How many young men, in all previous times of unprecedented steadiness, had turned suddenly wild and wicked for the same reason, and, in an ecstasy of unrequited love, taken to wrench off door-knockers, and invert the boxes of rheumatic watchmen! #Quote by Charles Dickens
Kirstein Young quotes by Marissa Meyer
#23. The young princess was as beautiful as daylight. She was more beautiful even than the queen herself. #Quote by Marissa Meyer
Kirstein Young quotes by Ivana Trump
#24. I feel young at heart, and I feel, like, you know, 40. #Quote by Ivana Trump
Kirstein Young quotes by George MacDonald
#25. They [mountains] are portions of the heart of the earth that have escaped from the dungeon down below, and rushed up and out. For the heart of the earth is a great wallowing mass, not of blood, as in the hearts of men and animals, but of glowing hot melted metals and stones. And as our hearts keep us alive, so that great lump of heat keeps the earth alive: it is a huge power of buried sunlight - that is what it is. Now think: out of that caldron, where all the bubbles would be as big as the Alps if it could get room for its boiling, certain bubbles have bubbled out and escaped - up and away, and there they stand in the cool, cold sky - mountains. Think of the change, and you will no more wonder that there should be something awful about the very look of a mountain: from the darkness - for where the light has nothing to shine upon, it is much the same as darkness - from the heat, from the endless tumult of boiling unrest - up, with a sudden heavenward shoot, into the wind, and the cold, and the starshine, and a cloak of snow that lies like ermine above the blue-green mail of the glaciers; and the great sun, their grandfather, up there in the sky; and their little old cold aunt, the moon, that comes wandering about the house at night; and everlasting stillness, except for the wind that turns the rocks and caverns into a roaring organ for the young archangels that are studying how to let out the pent-up praises of their hearts, and the molten music of the streams, rushing ever f #Quote by George MacDonald
Kirstein Young quotes by Miklos Banffy
#26. How would anyone believe that any good was to be obtained by adding the Balkan states to the already unwieldy Dual Monarchy and so increasing the Empire to a hundred million souls with differing cultures and traditions? Of course armies could be recruited and young men could die, but great States evolved only through centuries of social tradition and mutual self-interest; they were not imposed by bayonets. To believe the contrary would be as mad as the folly which had put the Archduke Maximilian on the throne of Mexico. #Quote by Miklos Banffy
Kirstein Young quotes by Jessica Brown Findlay
#27. Ever since I was young, I've read Austen and the Brontes. My friends laugh, but those books are always so tragic and wonderful - those stories, they're just incredible. #Quote by Jessica Brown Findlay
Kirstein Young quotes by Joe Haldeman
#28. -I die. My footprints are cursed. I walk around the village not knowing that all who cross where I have been will stay in estrous zero and bear no young. Eventually all die. O the embarrassment. #Quote by Joe Haldeman
Kirstein Young quotes by Jamie Scallion
#29. When sober, which he hadn't been for well over a week, Burt thought about Double B, and what it might be like to be a real father, to wake up with him in the morning, to watch him grow, to get to know the little soul."
Book 2 "Having it #Quote by Jamie Scallion
Kirstein Young quotes by Jenny Han
#30. Stormy, can you believe we were ever so young? #Quote by Jenny Han
Kirstein Young quotes by Mitch Albom
#31. There is no fair in life and death. If it were, no good men would die young. #Quote by Mitch Albom
Kirstein Young quotes by Edward Young
#32. All men think all men mortal, but themselves. #Quote by Edward Young
Kirstein Young quotes by A Starry Eyed April
#33. I love

how grown children
will still

their mothers

It is
as though,

their eyes
have met
the cascading

and golden
of every

their souls

to the beat
of their
and care. #Quote by A Starry Eyed April
Kirstein Young quotes by Damon Wayans, Jr.
#34. My uncle Shawn used to stay with us when we were really young, and I used to come downstairs and see him break dancing on this piece of a cardboard. I probably always thought they were cool since then. I never knew his comedy, but I used to always see him break dancing. And he was terrible at it. #Quote by Damon Wayans, Jr.
Kirstein Young quotes by Jack Kerouac
#35. As for his hobby, drawing, he was better at that than most artists alive today and I always knew he was really a great young artist pretending to be withdrawn so people would leave him alone, also so people wouldn't ask him to get a job. #Quote by Jack Kerouac
Kirstein Young quotes by Jeff Young
#36. One time I was painting a sign / graphics on a temporary wall over a store front being remodeled in a mall. This was in the old days, before digital graphics, when everything was hand painted. A guy watched me for a while and then asked : "Isn't that just a temporary wall?" "Yes", I replied. And he said: "They're paying you, probably a lot of money, to paint that on a temporary wall?" I said: " You know, this whole mall is temporary ... some day this will all be gone." He got sort of a frightened look on his face and walked awa #Quote by Jeff Young
Kirstein Young quotes by Bruno Bettelheim
#37. If only we could recall how we felt when we were small, or could imagine how utterly defeated a young child feels when his play companions or older siblings temporarily reject him or can obviously do things better than he can, or when adults - worst of all, his parents - seem to make fun of him or belittle him, then we would know why the child often feels like an outcast: #Quote by Bruno Bettelheim
Kirstein Young quotes by Jose Rizal
#38. Where are the young who must dedicate their roseate hours, their illusions and enthusiasm to the good of the country? Where are they who must generously spill their blood to wash away so much shame, so many crimes, so much abomination? Pure and spotless must be the victim for the holocaust to be acceptable. Where are you, you children who must embody the vigor of life that has fled from your veins, the purity of ideas that has become in our minds and the fire of enthusiasm that has gone out in our hearts? We await you, Oh youth! Come, we await you! #Quote by Jose Rizal
Kirstein Young quotes by Billy Graham
#39. Parents do overindulge their children, giving them a profusion of material things ... without the stabilizing effects of earning one's way, of making decisions, of sweating hard to attain some kind of goal, young people are grievously handicapped. #Quote by Billy Graham
Kirstein Young quotes by Frank Lucas
#40. Even a fool gets to be young once. #Quote by Frank Lucas
Kirstein Young quotes by Claudia Gray
#41. Leia Organa is not a child." Her voice carried through the room, commanding the kind of attention that would halt a more crowded gathering than this one. She slowly stood. "Leia has had her Day of Demand. She's growing into an adult -- a representative of the next generation. And make no mistake, they're the generation who will bear the brunt of what's to come. They're the ones who'll do most of the fighting and most of the dying. They're the ones who will do most of the rebuilding afterward, if we are so fortunate as to see an 'after.' We need the young with us. Without them, this war is lost before it's begun. #Quote by Claudia Gray
Kirstein Young quotes by Sandeep Sahajpal
#42. The ultimate Maturing comes only when we lose our parent(s); we can keep them young though by maturing earlier as a responsibility. #Quote by Sandeep Sahajpal
Kirstein Young quotes by Taisha DeAza
#43. I answered his question with a kiss that sealed off any hesitations. He was always going to have my heart and everything else inside. #Quote by Taisha DeAza
Kirstein Young quotes by Jenni Fagan
#44. The watching feeling is getting worse.

I am not an experiment.

I am not a stupid joke, or a trippy game, or an experiment. I will not go insane. Something bad is gonnae happen, though. I can feel it. It's in the way that crisp bag has faded from the rain. I am not an experiment. If I keep saying it, I'll start believing it. I have to try. I am not an experiment. It doesnae sound convincing. It sounds stupid.

Try it in German. Ich bin nicht eine experiment. My German's shite. Inhale slowly to the count of four, look hard at the tip of my nose and try again. This time I go for an official BBC broadcaster circa-1940 accent.

Today, one finds one is not, in actual fact, a social experiment. One is a real person. This is real actual skin as seen containing the bodily organs of a real actual human being with a heart and soul and dreams.

It's true that I came from real people once too, and they were a jolly old sort, with no naked psycho-ess in any way.

I, the young Miss Anais, understand wholly that I am just a human being that no one is interested in. No experiment. No outside fate. I am not that important, and that is just fine by me. I propose a stiff upper lip and onward Christian soldiers, quick-bloody-march! This is Anais Hendricks, telling the nation: to be me is really quite spiff-fucking-spoff, lashings of love, your devoted BBC broadcaster since 1938. #Quote by Jenni Fagan
Kirstein Young quotes by Li-Young Lee
#45. Where is his father?
When will his mother be home?

How is he going to explain
the moon taken hostage, the sea
risen to fill up all the mirrors?

How is he going to explain the branches
beginning to grow from his ribs and throat,
the cries and trills starting in his own mouth?

And now that ancient sorrow between his hips,
his body's ripe listening;
the planet
knowing itself at last. #Quote by Li-Young Lee

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