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Kingdom Hearts quotes by Shiro Amano
#1. I really like kingdom hearts its like the best book ever #Quote by Shiro Amano
Kingdom Hearts quotes by Riku Kingdom Hearts
#2. We can't let fear stop us! I'm not afraid to the darkness! #Quote by Riku Kingdom Hearts
Kingdom Hearts quotes by Tetsuya Nomura
#3. The heart may be weak. And sometimes it may even give in. But I've learned that deep down, there's a light that never goes out! #Quote by Tetsuya Nomura
Kingdom Hearts quotes by Hikaru Utada
#4. Simple & Clean is the way that your making

Feel tonight

Its hard to let itgo

-Simple & Clean (Kingdom Hearts) #Quote by Hikaru Utada
Kingdom Hearts quotes by Shiro Amano
#5. A scattered dream that's like a far-off memory ... a far-off memory that's like a scattered dream ... i want to line the pieces up ... yours and mine. #Quote by Shiro Amano
Kingdom Hearts quotes by Tetsuya Nomura
#6. Sora, don't ever change. #Quote by Tetsuya Nomura
Kingdom Hearts quotes by Tetsuko Kuroyanagi
#7. Having eyes, but not seeing beauty; having ears, but not hearing music; having minds, but not perceiving truth; having hearts that are never moved and therefore never set on fire. These are the things to fear, said the headmaster. #Quote by Tetsuko Kuroyanagi
Kingdom Hearts quotes by Jun Mochizuki
#9. Echo is a servant of the Nightray house. #Quote by Jun Mochizuki
Kingdom Hearts quotes by Hugh Conway
#10. I know not when the day shall be,
I know not when our eyes may meet;
What welcome you may give to me,
Or will your words be sad or sweet,
It may not be 'till years have passed,
'Till eyes are dim and tresses gray;
The world is wide, but, love, at last,
Our hands, our hearts, must meet some day. #Quote by Hugh Conway
Kingdom Hearts quotes by Swami Vivekananda
#11. The kingdom of heaven is within us. The Jewish idea was a kingdom of heaven upon this earth. That was not the idea of Jesus. #Quote by Swami Vivekananda
Kingdom Hearts quotes by Khalil Gibran
#12. The heart's affections are divided like the branches of the cedar tree; if the tree loses one strong branch; it will suffer but it does not die; it will pour all its vitality into the next branch so that it will grow and fill the empty place. #Quote by Khalil Gibran
Kingdom Hearts quotes by Billy Graham
#13. How do we counter the trend of worldliness? We must saturate our minds, hearts, and souls with God's Word. The Bible says, "Train yourself to be godly" (1 Timothy 4:7). #Quote by Billy Graham
Kingdom Hearts quotes by David Brainerd
#14. Here am I, send me; send me to the ends of the earth; send me to the rough, the savage lost of the wilderness; send me from all that is called comfort on earth; send me even to death itself, if it be but in your service, and to promote your kingdom #Quote by David Brainerd
Kingdom Hearts quotes by Russell D. Moore
#15. We can learn to be pilgrims again, uneasy in American culture, as we should have been all along. But we are not pilgrims cringing in protective silos, waiting for the sound of trumpets in the sky. We are part of a kingdom, a kingdom we see from afar (Heb. 11:13) and a kingdom we see assembling itself all around us in miniature, in these little outposts of the future called the church. #Quote by Russell D. Moore
Kingdom Hearts quotes by Ole Hallesby
#16. When we in prayer seek only the glorification of the name of God, then we are in complete harmony with the Spirit of prayer. Then our hearts are at rest both while we pray and after we have prayed. Then we can wait for the Lord. #Quote by Ole Hallesby
Kingdom Hearts quotes by Michael S. Horton
#17. This requires a lifetime of divine therapy: having our minds and hearts transformed by God's Word. #Quote by Michael S. Horton
Kingdom Hearts quotes by Sam Keen
#18. To cultivate love, or whole-soul-fulness, we must resist the temptation to be upwardly mobile, to be always on the move, to pull up our roots and fly to the mythic kingdom of Elsewhere. #Quote by Sam Keen
Kingdom Hearts quotes by Bruce H. Lipton
#19. Perhaps if more people realized that coupling in higher organisms is fundamentally about bonding, not only about the drive to reproduce, there would be less prejudice against homosexuality. In fact, homosexuality is natural and common in the animal kingdom. In a 2009 review of the scientific literature, University of California at Riverside biologists Nathan W. Bailey and Marlene Zuk, who advocate more study about the evolutionary impetus for homosexual behavior, state, The variety and ubiquity of same-sex sexual behavior in animals is impressive; many thousands of instances of same-sex courtship, pair bonding and copulation have been observed in a wide range of species, including mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, insects, mollusks, and nematodes. #Quote by Bruce H. Lipton
Kingdom Hearts quotes by Helene Cixous
#20. Above all, one could hold onto everything: the suffering to the quick and its whims, the sticky shadows, somber viscosity of the veil drawn taut around cities, everything could be borne, since legal outings of a few hours might take place, I told myself. Of course, I thought, no point pretending one wasn't dead. But on the other hand, rather than yield to the maneuvers of the conservation instinct, strategies that make us flee the pain within by hiding from ourselves within ourselves from whom we flee, its poppies, its hypnotic operations that the powerful currents of day-to-day life reinforce with a thousand vulgar, pressing duties which turn us from our hearts.
do everything, I thought, on the contrary, whatever you can to resist the ingenious temptations of compromises, cling to the suffering, stir up the dread, for the monsters are also the benevolent guardians of the survivor's presence within me #Quote by Helene Cixous
Kingdom Hearts quotes by Tom Robbins
#21. Each time we exhale, the world ends; when we inhale, there can be, if we allow it, rebirth and spiritual renewal. It all transpires inside of us. In our consciousness, in our hearts. All the time. #Quote by Tom Robbins
Kingdom Hearts quotes by David Platt
#22. Let me amplify and paraphrase, then, what it seems Jesus was saying [Luke 12]: 'In light of the fact that you have a God in heaven who is set on caring for you as a shepherd does his sheep, as a father does his children, and as a king does who is passing on an entire kingdom, don't be anxious. Sell your possessions, give to the poor, and don't worry. Your God - your Shepherd, your Father your King - has everything under control. #Quote by David Platt
Kingdom Hearts quotes by Spencer W. Kimball
#23. We must be trained to clarify minds, heal broken hearts, and create homes where sunshine will make an environment in which mental and spiritual health may be nurtured. Our schooling must not only teach us how to bridge the Niagara River gorge, or the Golden Gate, but must teach us how to bridge the deep gaps of misunderstanding and hate and discord in the world. #Quote by Spencer W. Kimball
Kingdom Hearts quotes by Prakhar Srivastav
#24. Eyes can shed tears to reduce its pain while blubbering but what about my hearts, it does not have such capability ... it only wept into frustration and frustration #Quote by Prakhar Srivastav
Kingdom Hearts quotes by Elizabeth Gaskell
#25. All the earth, though it were full of kind hearts, is but a desolation and desert place to a mother when her only child is absent. #Quote by Elizabeth Gaskell
Kingdom Hearts quotes by Phil Volatile
#26. When Pisces go to war, there's never a shortage of broken hearts. #Quote by Phil Volatile
Kingdom Hearts quotes by Robin Jones Gunn
#27. Lord Jesus,' Christy whispered, 'I want You to hold the key. I want You to decide what should happen in my heart's garden. I want You to let in or send out anything or anybody You want. Especially with guys. I don't want to ever unlock that gate again. I want you to open it only when the right man comes along. Take the key, Lord. Take all my keys. I'll wait for you. #Quote by Robin Jones Gunn
Kingdom Hearts quotes by Gloria Steinem
#28. I think that part of everybody's success is due to their looks, but it just works in different ways. If you're whatever society calls attractive, then people say that you got ahead because of your looks-especially if you're a woman. If you're whatever society says is not attractive, then they say you got ahead because you're compensating, you couldn't get a man or whatever. So everybody pays the same penalty for the fact that women are assessed for their outsides rather than for what's in our heads and our hearts. #Quote by Gloria Steinem
Kingdom Hearts quotes by Shane L. Koyczan
#29. And as for romance? Well, I want that too.
I want to fall asleep next to you, 100 times a night,
so I can know you 100 times better before we hit the day light. And despite all of this,
I also want amnesia so I can relive each kiss with a perfect newness
that leaves me smashed in the arms of rapture. I want the sky to fracture under
the impossible weight of an apology because I'm sorry. I'm sorry that I want so much.
I'm sorry that I'm using "I'm sorry" as a crutch to lean on for so long
but if you sing me that song of sweet logic again then I promise to make the effort
to stand on my own. There is a reason that our hearts are more like a muscle
and less like a bone. I've known so many people who've have grown up flexing
in front of mirrors and falling for their own reflection as if that's adequate but that's bullshit.
Because we only get now until the time we go and if they've only got time to love themselves
then nobody is going to be around to hear the sound of their heartbeat echo.
So lady, don't expect an apology when I tell you I'm only held together
by a heart that pumps blue, it's the strongest muscle in my body and I'm flexing it for you #Quote by Shane L. Koyczan
Kingdom Hearts quotes by Philippa Gregory
#30. Because they will want me in Edinburgh to make sure that the Scottish king holds to the new alliance with England. They'll want me to hold him in friendship with Henry. They'll think that if I am queen in Scotland then James will never invade my son-in-law's kingdom." "And?" I whisper. "They're wrong," she says vengefully. "They're so very wrong. The day that I am Queen of Scotland with an army to command and a husband to advise, I won't serve Henry Tudor. I won't persuade my husband to keep a peace treaty with Henry. If I were strong enough and could command the allies I would need, I would march against Henry Tudor myself, come south with an army of terror. #Quote by Philippa Gregory
Kingdom Hearts quotes by John Eckhardt
#31. The primary reason Jesus came to earth was to inaugurate the Kingdom of God. Often, we hear that the reason Jesus came to the earth was to die on the Cross. Jesus did come to die on the Cross, but that death on the Cross was for the purpose of establishing the Kingdom of God. #Quote by John Eckhardt
Kingdom Hearts quotes by Jeannine Parvati Baker
#32. Women are the carriers of life. We hold the fruit of our loving beneath our hearts. #Quote by Jeannine Parvati Baker
Kingdom Hearts quotes by Elizabeth George Speare
#33. Daniel, he said. I would have you follow me.
Master! ... I will fight for you to the end!.
My loyal friend, he said, I would ask something much harder than that. Would you love for me to the end?
... I don't understand, he said again, You tell people about the kingdom. Are we not to fight for it?
The kingdom is only bought at a great price, Jesus said. There was one who came just yesterday and wanted to follow me. He was very rich, and when I asked him to give up his wealth, he went away.
I will give you everything I have!
... Riches are not keeping you from the kingdom, he said. You must give up your hate. #Quote by Elizabeth George Speare
Kingdom Hearts quotes by Thomas Merton
#34. A Christian society? Such a society is not one that is run by priests, not even necessarily one in which everybody has to go to Church: it is one in which work is for production and not for profit, and production is not for its own sake, not merely for the sake of those who own the means of production, but for all who contribute in a constructive way to the process of production. A Christian society is one in which men give their share of labor and intelligence and receive their share of the fruits of the labor of all, and in which all this is seen in relation to a transcendental purpose, the "history of salvation," the Kingdom of God, a society centered upon the divine truth and the divine mercy. #Quote by Thomas Merton
Kingdom Hearts quotes by Miguel Conner
#35. Jesus says, "Do not look here, do not look there, for the Kingdom of Heaven is within you. #Quote by Miguel Conner
Kingdom Hearts quotes by Charles Dickens
#36. There are quiet victories and struggles, great sacrifices of self, and noble acts of heroism, in it - even in many of its apparent lightnesses and contradictions - not the less difficult to achieve, because they have no earthly chronicle or audience - done every day in nooks and corners, and in little households, and in men's and women's hearts - any one of which might reconcile the sternest man to such a world, and fill him with belief and hope in it #Quote by Charles Dickens
Kingdom Hearts quotes by Emily Rodda
#37. Fire, water, earth, and air,
All meet in the dragon's lair.
Six brave hearts have failed the test;One continues in the quest.
Remember well the words you know
When on to find your fate you go. #Quote by Emily Rodda
Kingdom Hearts quotes by Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove
#38. People who are starving and dressed in rags don't want to hear someone read a list of propositional "good news." They want to see the good news in action. The church doesn't hold revival meetings and call it a day - we feed the hungry, clothe the naked, dig wells, and staff medical clinics. Social action isn't an optional part of evangelism; it is evangelism. This is an important correction to the overspirituality that dominated evangelical Christianity just a generation ago. But the both/and of holistic mission still misses the heart of Jesus if we don't see that the church needs the poor as much as the poor need the church. Jesus didn't embrace the poor only because he pitied them or because he knew he had the resources to help them. Jesus embraced the poor because they were rushing into the kingdom ahead of the scribes and Pharisees - those who called themselves God's people. Jesus welcomed people who knew poverty because they were ready to receive what he had to offer. Religious people, he said, could learn something from them. Our spiritual lives are linked to the material conditions of our life. When we feel like we don't need much materially, we often have trouble remembering why we need God. We comfortable Americans can go through an entire day without thinking of God. But Jesus gave the poor more than food to eat and relief from their sickness. He restored them to God's beloved community. #Quote by Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove
Kingdom Hearts quotes by Michael Timmins
#39. Two are born to cross their paths, their lives, their hearts. If by chance, one turns away, they are they forever lost. #Quote by Michael Timmins
Kingdom Hearts quotes by Brian K. Vaughan
#40. What cruel creatures men are. Our bodies tell us to love so many, but there's room in our hearts for so few. #Quote by Brian K. Vaughan
Kingdom Hearts quotes by Vaclav Havel
#41. Our social and economic statistics are telling us what we already know in our hearts: we have created a world that works for only a few. To change this, we must learn to act toward each other and our environment in profoundly different ways. #Quote by Vaclav Havel
Kingdom Hearts quotes by Romay Cupido
#42. Our hearts are the most sensitive organ and transcend emotions that cause our body to respond. Be very careful whose hands you place yours into. #Quote by Romay Cupido
Kingdom Hearts quotes by Elizabeth E. Castillo
#43. Flowers bloomed without glimpsing your smile in spring, leaves have fallen in autumn chiming in with the gloom, the chill of winter has gone and now is the first light of summer without you near but in our hearts will forever hold you dear ... Elizabeth's Shorter Poems #Quote by Elizabeth E. Castillo
Kingdom Hearts quotes by Dorothy Parker
#44. I know I have been happiest at your side;
But what is done, is done, and all's to be.
And small the good, to linger dolefully-
Gayly it lived, and gallantly it died.
I will not make you songs of hearts denied,
And you, being man, would have no tears of me,
And should I offer you fidelity,
You'd be, I think, a little terrified.
Yet this the need of woman, this her curse:
To range her little gifts, and give, and give,
Because the throb of giving's sweet to bear.
To you, who never begged me vows or verse,
My gift shall be my absence, while I live;
But after that, my dear, I cannot swear. #Quote by Dorothy Parker
Kingdom Hearts quotes by Jessica Khoury
#45. Wishes have a way of twisting themselves, and there is nothing more dangerous than getting your heart's desire. The question is, are you willing to gamble? How much are you willing to lose? What are you willing to risk everything for? #Quote by Jessica Khoury
Kingdom Hearts quotes by Menton3
#46. We do not hunt them because we want to save humanity. We hunt them because we like killing them. More than a calling, this is everything to us, our only true reason for living. The hollow place in our hearts are filled with each of their deaths.
We will never stop. #Quote by Menton3
Kingdom Hearts quotes by Catherynne M Valente
#47. You and I, being grown-up and having lost our hearts at least twice or thrice along the way, might shut our eyes and cry out: Not that way, child! But
as we have said, September was Somewhat Heartless, and felt herself reasonably safe on that road. Children always do. #Quote by Catherynne M Valente

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