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Kinda Romantic quotes by Tommy Wallach
#1. Life would take everything from you eventually. So who would be so stupid to leave someone they loved by choice? #Quote by Tommy Wallach
Kinda Romantic quotes by Ellie Messe
#2. I swear to God, Haley!" He fumes, "Stop fucking saying that! You are not some piece of ass! You're the woman I want to fucking marry some day! The woman I want to have kids with, a future! " Stunned into silence, I lose all words, all my anger as they slide down my throat, clogging my airways. "There's your declaration of love."

Drew whistles next to me, I look over and see him smiling broadly at the both us like a child on Christmas, "Awe, the big idiot's kinda romantic. #Quote by Ellie Messe
Kinda Romantic quotes by Ted Williams
#3. It's a funny thing, but, as years go by, I think you appreciate more and more what a great thing it was to be a United States Marine ... People will tell me what a shame it was I had to go back into the service a second time, but I'm kinda glad I did.. Besides, I am a U.S. Marine and I'll be one till I die. #Quote by Ted Williams
Kinda Romantic quotes by Rachel Cusk
#4. I have a romantic conception of the writer's life, and the sort of writer's life that I admire is probably a childless life, possibly a marriageless life, certainly a travelling life - I'm in awe of how much D.H. Lawrence managed to get around. But that's never been something I'm capable of doing. #Quote by Rachel Cusk
Kinda Romantic quotes by Tori Amos
#5. The romantic myth of the artist says that you are the Source. I have no illusion about that. Native Americans don't believe they are the Source. They have access to the Source. Endless access. But don't get confused. #Quote by Tori Amos
Kinda Romantic quotes by Madonna Ciccone
#6. I'm constantly exploring spirituality, sexuality, different aspects of love, whether it's romantic love or the love you have for your children. And love can be as devastating and destructive as it can be rejuvenating and life-giving. I guess I try to capture all of that. #Quote by Madonna Ciccone
Kinda Romantic quotes by Bella Andre
#7. Suddenly, he had to ask himself, was love at first sight actually possible #Quote by Bella Andre
Kinda Romantic quotes by Bailey Chase
#8. I went to church as a kid, but it was as much a social thing as anything going to the youth group with the other kids and whatnot. It wasn't until I got out of college that I got on my own religious trip and started finding other things out there as well as philosophies. I've kinda been on my own spiritual path since then. #Quote by Bailey Chase
Kinda Romantic quotes by Wataru Watari
#9. Now the situation could be resolved, and we could put this behind us -- both the awkward misunderstandings and the misguided attempts at self-preservation. Though both of those would probably happen in the future anyway. #Quote by Wataru Watari
Kinda Romantic quotes by Roland Barthes
#10. A romantic painting shows a heap of icy debris in a polar light; no man, no object inhabits this desolate space; but for this very reason, provided I am suffering an amorous sadness, this void requires that I fling myself into it; I project myself as a tiny figure, seated on a block of ice, abandoned forever. "I'm cold," the lover says, "Iet's go back"; but there is no road, no way, the boat is wrecked. There is a coldness particular to the lover, the chilliness of the child (or of any young animal) that needs maternal warmth. #Quote by Roland Barthes
Kinda Romantic quotes by Munia Khan
#11. Lovers are the best birds in the world when they know how to fly higher... #Quote by Munia Khan
Kinda Romantic quotes by M. Leighton
#12. Ah-ha! I knew it! Penis problems"
"Well, it seems that the cause of some of my problems happens to have a penis. Well, two actually,"
"Oh sweet Mary! You're dating a guy with two dicks?"
"Ginger, no! It's about two different guys."
"Oh," she says, obviously disappointed. "Damn. That woulda been kinda cool. #Quote by M. Leighton
Kinda Romantic quotes by Jennifer Shirk
#13. I know it must seem completely idiotic to you," Maddie said, hoping to coax at least a grunt from her, "hiring a date to your only sister's wedding and all."
Louise slowly nodded.
"I mean, who does such things nowadays, right? Women don't need men for anything. Well, they do need them for one thing. But that's all - and, really, debatable depending on your sexual orientation. #Quote by Jennifer Shirk
Kinda Romantic quotes by Flume
#14. Sometimes you can just tell there's something unique about it, but you can never really truly tell until you show it to a third party - you show it to you friends, or you show it to people you know that know about music like my label or those kinda people. #Quote by Flume
Kinda Romantic quotes by Siobhan Vivian
#15. It was just my reality, to never have a boy be interested in me romantically for more than one random moment. Like a TV show you don't like but you end up watching anyway, because there's nothing else on. #Quote by Siobhan Vivian
Kinda Romantic quotes by Alexandra Potter
#16. It wasn't just the big romantic gestures that made a relationship, it was all the little things. #Quote by Alexandra Potter
Kinda Romantic quotes by Rachel Cohn
#17. When people say right person, wrong time, or wrong person, right time, it's usually a cop-out. They think that fate is playing with them. That we're all just participants in this romantic reality show that God gets a kick out of watching. But the universe doesn't decide what's right or not right. You do. Yes, you can theorize until you're blue in the face whether something might have worked at another time, or with someone else. But you know what that leaves you?" "Blue in the face?" I asked. "Yup. #Quote by Rachel Cohn
Kinda Romantic quotes by Jennifer L. Armentrout
#18. I kinda like the arm-grabbing thing," he replied, shoving his hands into the pockets of his jeans. "Very dominant of you. Maybe I'm the submissive type in, you know, the- #Quote by Jennifer L. Armentrout
Kinda Romantic quotes by Boy George
#19. The New Romantic scene was so tiny. Although it got lots of mileage in the media, it was a really small club with only a core group of people. As it got more popular, kids started to come from the suburbs all dressed up, but it -really wasn't as big as it looked. #Quote by Boy George
Kinda Romantic quotes by Mary Wortley Montagu
#20. We travellers are in very hard circumstances. If we say nothing but what has been said before us, we are dull and have observed nothing. If we tell anything new, we are laughed at as fabulous and romantic. #Quote by Mary Wortley Montagu
Kinda Romantic quotes by Avery Flynn
#21. So tell me, Tamara darlin', what other needs can I help you take care of? #Quote by Avery Flynn
Kinda Romantic quotes by Kate Rorick
#22. At least we can engage in that most Bennet of traditions tonight,' Lizzie offered. 'Eating our feelings while watching bad movies. Usually romantic comedies, but you can pick. #Quote by Kate Rorick
Kinda Romantic quotes by Karen Quan
#23. You be the sun, I'll be the moon, let's share the stars and dance in the sky. #Quote by Karen Quan
Kinda Romantic quotes by Reinhold Niebuhr
#24. Liberalism makes this mistake in regard to private property and Marxism makes it in regard to socialized property ... The Marxist illusion is partly derived from a romantic conception of human nature ... It assumes that the socialization of property will eliminate human egotism ... The development of a managerial class in Russia, combing economic with political power, is an historic refutation of the Marxist theory. #Quote by Reinhold Niebuhr
Kinda Romantic quotes by Ilya Atani
#25. In all of your relationships, romantic or not, GIVE. Practice it. You get good at what you practice, and sometimes you even become great. #Quote by Ilya Atani
Kinda Romantic quotes by Hugh Walpole
#26. She was young enough and inexperienced enough to make many demands upon life - that it should be romantic, that it should, in the issues that it presented, be honest and open and clear, that it should allow her to settle her own place in it without any hurt to anyone else, that it should, in fact, arrange any number of compromises to suit herself and that it should nevertheless be so honest that it would admit of no compromises at all. She approached life with all the reckless boldness of one who has never come into direct contact with it. #Quote by Hugh Walpole
Kinda Romantic quotes by Helen Fisher
#27. Men are so visual, they see a woman who appeals to them physically, and it will trigger the romantic love system faster. #Quote by Helen Fisher
Kinda Romantic quotes by Scarlett Brukett
#28. Right now I'll just be happy if you let me know what would you like to have in breakfast ." She swiftly moved from the platform to the fridge and took some bell peppers out of it. I spotted a bowl of boiled noodles. Perhaps, I would be fine with some change in my menu.
"some noodles will just be fine,a glass of orange juice." I put my glass in the sink and stepped back to have a better view of her amazing body. "and a bed full of you." I added.
Oops, I think that was pretty shameless.
-Abstruse. #Quote by Scarlett Brukett
Kinda Romantic quotes by J.R. Ward
#29. V's smile didn't last long. "Don't get your romantic side fired up about me and Jane, buddy.
She's human."
Butch's jaw dropped and he pulled a bobble. "No, really? That's such a shocker! And here I thought she
was a sheep."
V shot Butch a fuck-ya stare. #Quote by J.R. Ward
Kinda Romantic quotes by Mary MacLane
#30. One's thoughts are one's most crucial adventures. Seriously and strongly and intently to contemplate doing murder is everyway more exciting, more romantic, more profoundly tragic than the murder done. #Quote by Mary MacLane
Kinda Romantic quotes by Margaret Atwood
#31. Romantic people are not supposed to laugh, I know that much from looking at the pictures. #Quote by Margaret Atwood
Kinda Romantic quotes by Erin Nicholas
#32. He'd been waiting all his life to meet a girl who made him want to act like a crazy, romantic ass for her. #Quote by Erin Nicholas
Kinda Romantic quotes by Jennifer Lopez
#33. I'm a hopeless romantic and passionate person when it comes to love. #Quote by Jennifer Lopez
Kinda Romantic quotes by Jennifer Love Hewitt
#34. I'd like to do 'My Best Friend's Wedding,' 'Pretty Woman,' Meg Ryan type stuff. Romantic comedies. I'd love to do some action stuff as well. #Quote by Jennifer Love Hewitt
Kinda Romantic quotes by Aziz Ansari
#35. In today's romantic climate, many people are plagued by what we will call "the upgrade problem". Singles constantly wonder whether there is a better match, an upgrade. #Quote by Aziz Ansari
Kinda Romantic quotes by Hannibal Buress
#36. God sounds kinda like a shitty father to me. If God was so powerful why'd he have to give his son up? It sounds like God owed someone some money and they couldn't get to him, so they murked his son. That's what I really think happened. Jesus got stabbed up in an alley ... but it's easier to sell crucifixes. You can't sell a pendant of someone getting shanked up In the alley. It's a marketing scheme. #Quote by Hannibal Buress

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